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An attraction that threatens the future of the pack…

Spirited, stubborn, and deeply loyal wolf shifter, Sasha feels the pressure from her pack to claim another pureblood, yet no one is brazen enough to defy the elders and toy with her . . . no one besides a hotheaded half-breed. 

Tabor, a rebellious outcast, is the hollow's only wizard shifter. Constantly overlooked despite his strengths, Tabor believes Sasha is as shortsighted as the rest of the pack until she proves there's more to her than a blindly obedient lapdog.
Unable to resist the proud and sensual pureblood, Tabor would risk everything to claim her. Despite her vanishing bloodline, Sasha can't resist the charismatic half-breed, even as the elders set her up to breed with another pureblood.
Predators are closing in, threatening the strength and stability of their pack, and there are shifters within Wolf Hollow willing to do anything to prevent the pair from mating.

414 pages, Paperback

First published October 23, 2017

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About the author

Nikki Jefford

61 books980 followers
Reality is overrated ... which is why I write!

Vampire hunters, wolf shifters, witches, elves and Fae with humor, romance, snark and steam. I love bad boys with hearts of gold and heroines who kick ass.

To get in on the fun and adventure, visit my website for release alerts, updates, exclusive giveaways, and a free story when you become a VIP newsletter subscriber: http://nikkijefford.com/

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2,318 reviews93 followers
December 10, 2018
A dystopian paranormal romance... it is quite the interesting read, except I totally could have done with more background information. What happened? Why are things the way they are? Seriously, there is so much potential with this world, yet we are stuck in the backwoods with shifters who don't care. In fact, they scorn human invention and the metal cities, YET they scavenge in those cities for CLOTHING and potentially other things. HUH, REALLY? Such a contradiction... Why not make your clothing the old way unless sheep don't exist anymore??? Who knows... because I sure don't.

Then we move onto the romance. These two have known each other all their lives, yet one encounter in this book and BAM, Tabor needs to have her and Sasha is cool with that. Where is the build up?! Where is the romance?

Yet, the world was so interesting I had to keep reading just to find out more about it. In fact, I might read the next book too since I hear the books get better? maybe? Anyhow, if you don't mind insta-love set in an interesting dystopian world, give this a try.
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554 reviews43 followers
February 24, 2022
It's full of many interesting ideas, but lacks any finesse.

The romance is lackluster and the instalove is extra dumb. Instalove only works (the few times it actually does) if they just met. They live in a tiny community and are both well known figures within it. Slow burn would have been perfect for the two acquaintances.

World building feels like an unfinished thought. I figured it was just shifters living in the woods like normal, but "oh by the way the rest of the world is post apocalyptic." Wait what?? How can you drop that bomb and not spend more time detailing this??

The shapeshifter community itself is awful. Most of the people are mean, selfish, bigoted. Why even bother sticking around? I was hoping a revolt or exodus would happen.

I stuck around because some of the ideas were interesting and I was hoping for more development, but ultimately nothing really happened. Maybe the author fixes some of this in the later books?
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Author 41 books2,589 followers
April 10, 2021
I loved loved loved Jefford’s take on wolves. Tabor was perfection, worthy of his alpha female mate. If you need your next shifter romance fix, look no further than Wolf Hollow.
2,822 reviews42 followers
December 3, 2018
It starts with a trigger, H is with another woman at the start, and the h watches. Too casual for me, and the story line was all over the place. Perhaps the series improves but I couldn't finish this book.
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47.1k reviews4 followers
Want to read
July 27, 2020
🎁 FREE on Amazon today (7/27/2020)! 🎁
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Author 23 books83 followers
December 6, 2017
Ehhh I did not love this.

The beginning was pretty promising, though it was weird how it set up Aden as love interest and Actual Love Interest (I LITERALLY just finished and I can't remember his name) as antagonist. Pretty jarring. I didn't mind Sasha but never connected to her, and it was odd how she went from super against Love Interest to jumping his bones. Plus there was a LOT of gratuitous sex, which would have been fine if I liked the characters. The story itself ... there were so many of plot points one after another but even with so much happening, the book dipped in the middle. I just got bored, which was sad because I thought I'd love this book.

I guess this book and I were just a bad match.
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3,939 reviews13 followers
September 14, 2019
Very much in turmoil

I really enjoyed the story it was well written and the characters are amazing. We see Sasha struggling through everything and underneath it all she is lonely. Tabor struggles on the outside with the pack because of his heritage. Towards the end we see how similar they are and it is just so romantic how they accept each other.
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233 reviews79 followers
August 18, 2018
I never imagined dystopia and paranormal could be combined into one book, but then I read about Wolf Hollow and I was intrigued.

Wolf Hollow is at its core a story about the struggles of a wolf pack to live. There are a number of things that endanger the pack: from wild vicious animals called vulhenas, to wizards, humans and rabid wolves, and even their own dwindling numbers. This world had some new to me rules. Wolves could only get pregnant during the full moon, there were a lot of steps to go through in order to participate in the full moon celebration. There was also a council formed by the alpha, Sasha, and the elders of the pack, that actually ruled the pack. That was new for me. It seemed to me like Sasha was alpha in name only, because she didn't have all that much power to speak of.

Sasha is an interesting character. She's strong and she's a very capable warrior, even though the elders in her pack don't see her as such, because she's a female. I wanted to understand Sasha more, but I can't really say I connected with her all that much. I liked her, but I didn't fully understand her. I liked that she didn't sit on the sidelines, but she participated in the protection of the pack and in the supply runs whenever they were being made. I liked seeing her in that role, because that's what showed me she could be a strong leader, not just her lineage or the title she has.

Tabor is a half-wizard/half-wolf male, and for that most pack mates hate him. He is a good guy, that unfortunately because of his heritage is being hated on by everyone, being accused of bewitching the females of the pack, or of endangering the pack just by existing. I truly felt for him. So I was glad when towards the end his friends step in to save him, especially when he saved the pack.

The thing I didn't enjoy all that much was the constant reminder that Sasha had a duty towards the pack to mate with someone the pack deemed worthy of an alpha. Everybody else had a choice of accepting a mating or not, she didn't. And it wasn't just the elders that reminded her of that, it was the other pack members too, both males and females. It got to the point where I wanted to be able to jump in the book and smack a few people around. It was enough to pull me out of the story a few times, and that doesn't happen quite so often for me. I talked about how this story had some new elements, and some new ideas for how a pack should function, but I didn't fully understand those rules. We also aren't told all that much about where the shifters and the wizards come from, they just exist, and we also don't have a lot of information about the apocalypse itself. So a lot of times I didn't understand what was going on and how exactly does this world function outside of the pack.

There was a lot of potential to this story, but I admit that, sadly, I didn't fully click with this book. I hope that the next book in the series sheds some more light into the mythology of this world and that we learn more about the wizards and the shifters.

All in all, an interesting start for a new series.
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434 reviews21 followers
June 11, 2021
This was an interesting premise - post apocalyptic world that was ravaged by disease of some sort. Some urban shifters who used to live among humans have merged with the pure blood shifters (those who have always lived and been born in the wild) in order to survive.

There are:
- some surviving humans who are scary & try to steal shifters for fights (and worse)
- multiple packs of wolves
- a group of wizards, only 1 of which that makes an appearance
- bear shifters that are just mentioned & have a tiff with the wizards
- a werewolf, which it took me half the book to realize that the one werewolf is not a normal shifter because he remains a bit human(?)
- some diseased cougar-like-animals that attack wolves.

We don’t get much background on why/how the world is this way, instead the story is mostly focused on the relationship between Sasha (purebred shifter & which are inherently stronger than the urban shifters) and Tabor (wolf shifter, wizard hybrid) and primarily takes place in the Wolf Hollow pack. Lots of prejudice & conflict in the pack that drives the story forward, but overall I liked it & will likely continue on.

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134 reviews2 followers
September 30, 2020
Premier tome d’une série bit lit qui s’annonce palpitante, je me suis jetée dessus !!!

Dès le départ, la première chose que j’ai ressenti fût l’aspect très sombre qui se dégage de l’écriture. L’histoire évolue dans une atmosphère plutôt obscure.

Sasha est la dernière sang pure de sa tribu de métamorphes. Alors que la pleine lune approche, elle doit absolument trouver avec qui s’accoupler mais la situation est loin d’être simple.

Tabor est un métamorphe sorcier et le seul de la tribu. Considéré comme un étranger, il est loin de se douter de sa puissance. Son attirance pour Sasha s’avérera compliqué pour cet homme blessé.

Sasha et Tabor devront lutter contre les préjugés, les moeurs anciennes et surtout combatte leurs propres émotions avant d’espérer un happy end.

J’ai eu un peu de mal avec le début de ma lecture. La narration à la troisième personne m’a un peu gênée mais au fil de ma lecture j’ai pris plaisir à découvrir cette histoire. Pour les amatrices de romances érotiques, vous serez gâtés par les scènes décrites avec beaucoup de sensualité. Je me suis prise au jeu de cette atmosphère assez particulière et de cette romance qui m’a donné quelques suées froides.

Les personnages sont hyper attachants particulièrement le héros principal qui se dévoile peu à peu. La romance se met en place lentement pour mieux savourer totalement le récit.

J’ai pris plaisir à découvrir ce premier tome avec une écriture très fluide et très agréable. Le rythme est très bien mené sans lourdeur et sans redondance.

Si vous aimez la bit lit, n’hésitez pas à découvrir ce livre !


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4,021 reviews75 followers
January 15, 2020
I loved this book. This was an amazing read that had me hooked from the moment that I started reading it. It moves along at a great pace, making for an enjoyable read. The characters are interesting and unique and you want to know more about them and what makes them the way that they are. The story is amazing. Once you start reading you will not be able to put the book down. It grabs you and keeps you interested all the way till the end. This is a must read, no doubt about it.
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1,098 reviews72 followers
October 14, 2017
Oh man, oh man..

Right off the bat the chemistry between Sasha and Tabor was sizzling.

Both struggling to find something and well they must definitely find eachother.

I loved how in different ways,both were facing the same problems.
Tabor trying to get accepted. Sasha trying to get recognized and have her own choices.

This one was really good!

ARC recieved for review
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102 reviews2 followers
November 1, 2017
I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Wolf Hollow is the first in a new shifter series by Nikki Jefford. In a post-apocalyptic world, Sasha is a pure blood shifter who is next in line to take over the pack. She is literally a princess. The shifter council is intent to have her mate with another pure blood to strengthen there pack. But Sasha has other things in mind. She falls hot and heavy for Tabor, a half breed shifter who is basically shunned by the pack. They not only face opposition from the council and most of the pack but they are fighting creatures and humans that live on the perimeter of Wolf Hollow. It’s a lot to deal with.

Okay, so here is the thing. This book started out very slow. In the beginning it was all about her undying love for Aiden, a popular werewolf in her pack. She was so in love or in lust. One or the other. Tabor wasn’t even on her radar. I don’t think she even knew him. For the first few chapter, she annoyed me and I was having a hard time liking her. Tabor was just what I would call a shifter who slept around. Or so I thought.

As the story progressed and Tabor’s obsession with Sasha began to unfold, I started hoping that he would win Sasha’s heart. And after the hot mating dance, I was done, fried, hooked on this book. Things started to rock and roll and the action. THe book would not let me put it down. The sizzle between Sasha and Tabor was hot and unforgettable. The book was not all about passion and sex. There are great fight scenes and interactions between all the characters. I believe readers just have to get passed the slow beginning and they will love this book as much as I do.

I can’t wait for the next book, The cliff hanger has me salivating.
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631 reviews22 followers
January 1, 2018
This was a racy, addictive read that I simply couldn’t put down. Plenty of action and wolf-type antics kept me entertained and left me wanting more.
Profile Image for Punkin.
962 reviews
January 24, 2022

This one was violent and a bit mean. Minorly mushy
with the miscommunication thing I love so much ( sarcasm). Bit of mystery but not all bad guys get their dues. Not a huge fan of any of the characters they two main ones were wishy washy.
393 reviews2 followers
October 30, 2017
Really enjoyed this book. Lots of good ol’ fashioned shifter action! I have two complaints but I’m not sure it would bother anyone else. First and foremost I feel like there’s a paragraph or two missing to differentiate or explain the difference between a shifter and werewolf. There was a couple comments about Aden being a werewolf and therefore immune to going rabid like another one of the pack members.
Secondly- be advised that this was down and dirty shifter culture. Meaning these creatures were set in a post apocalyptic setting where they lived off the land. (Think caves, bathing in creeks, etc) I much prefer shifter books where they still have some level of sophistication or elevation in society due to their special talents.
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1,153 reviews162 followers
November 7, 2017
Nikki Jefford is an author that I have heard of but I hadn't read any of her books and when I saw Wolf Hollow was described as both shifter and post apocalyptic I was intrigued how the genres would mix together.

The cover is set in a forest, which we later discover is wolf hollow. There is a wolf in the background who is looking towards the male in the foreground. I did wonder how post apocalyptic the book would be as it seems to be showing a very healthy looking green forest so was looking forward to finding out more. The title & author name font stand out well along with the series title at the very bottom of the cover. There is a tagline/recommendation from author Karen Lynch, though I haven't read anything by Karen so it didn't really sway me either way. I think the cover should catch your eye when on a bookstore shelf enough to make me want to pick it up and read the blurb.

The genres I have found listed for this book are mystery, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, dystopia, & post apocalyptic. I agree with most of the genres listed but feel I should point out that though the world has been devastated by an apocalyptic event, in this case a disease there isn't a great deal more post apocalyptic issues within the book. I wouldn't really label it dystopian either, I would say it falls more into the shape-shifter category. Maybe more post apocalyptic elements will work there way in later in the series. In this book the humans are the ones more affected by the post apocalyptic component in the book.

A disease brought devastation to the world twenty eight years before, meaning there are many empty houses and buildings to be scavenged for useful items for the remaining human survivors and the different shifter survivors. There are two types of shifters in this recovering world, pure-blood shifters who are born and brought up in the wild, and the more urban shifters who are considered half-breeds. The humans that survived the disease have been hardened and are cruel to shifters if they manage to catch them. Making shifter fight shifter and forcing male shifters to mate and create shifter pups for the humans to use for security or to make money from fighting each other.

The Wolf Hollow pack live in the forest and are suffering with reduced numbers. The pack were attacked by a group of vulhena's years ago and their pack numbers have never gotten back to what they were. The Wolf Hollow Pack have a council which is made up of the three surviving elders, Jager, Garrick and Palmer. Also on the council are Garrick's son Raider and the only remaining pure-blood she-wolf Sasha. There's a lot of pressure being put on Sasha to claim a pure-blood wolf and procreate to continue her family's bloodline. However the only pure-blood male Wolfrik disappeared not long after the Vullhena attack that killed their parents saying he would not be told what to do and no one would tell him who to mate with too. Sasha was devastated, and has remained so for three long years. Sasha has continued with life in Wolf Hollow providing security to those that live in the den with their pups and preventing vulhena's attacking. It's during such an attack that Tabor a half breed shifter/wizard finishes off killing a vulhena Sasha had begun fighting. It's then that Sasha truly looks at Tabor thinking perhaps she will never find a pure-blood to mate with and that maybe it's time she look around at the other males available in Wolf Hollow as potential partners. Sasha feels she wants to settle down, but she is a strong willed woman who doesn't appreciate being told who she should or shouldn't choose as a mate. There are quite a lot of pack rules, policies and traditions at play within Wolf Hollow. When the elders reveal they have finally persuaded Hector a pure-blooded male from the Glenn Meadows pack to visit during a moon ceremony Sasha is somewhat annoyed. It becomes more and more apparent that the elders plan to quite literally present Sasha to Hector during the dance in the hope they will claim each other. Sasha has other idea's and removes a necklace she has been given to wear so that Hector will recognise her. Sasha has no intention on mating with Hector now she has her eyes set firmly on someone else. Tabor also is feeling a strange sudden attraction to Sasha ans when the opportunity arises to replace one of the ceremonial dancers and dance with Sasha during the mating ritual he takes it. Just when you think all is well and Sasha and Tabor may have a chance at happiness, Wolfrik returns to Wolf Hollow. Tabor is tricked by one of the cunning elders who wishes to rid the pack of the half shifter/wizard along with another male wolf called Zachary.

There's such a lot going on in this book with the shifter relationships, the mating and claiming of shifter partners, the pure-blood vs half-breed shifter politics, the vulhena. mad wolf and human problems along with unscrupulous elders and the need to change and modernise the pack to ensure it's future.

I of course loved the kick butt female lead character of Sasha who is as tough as any of the males who provide the security patrols to keep men, mad dog and vulhena situation under control. She is a loyal friend to Wolfrik even though he abandoned her years before she is still there to offer her help and support as a friend. Sasha is also in agreement that the pack needs more democracy and more people on the elder council. Sasha is also prepared to put her life on the line to rescue Tabor when he is being held by humans. You also see a softer side to Sasha when she visits the trees of the ancestors where her parents are buried. I'd have to say she is my favourite character in the book. Though I also like den mother Heidi who isn't scared to stick up for half breed friends when needed, nor unafraid to either put her thoughts for changes within the pack across, or back others such as Sasha that suggest them. Heidi being a den mother also means she has two cute pups, Amy and Eric, who I hope we get more of in the next book too.

Of the male characters I liked Aden, who was Sasha's patrolling partner at the beginning of the book, who seems to accept what the elders have instructed him that as the packs only large tough werewolf he will be expected to not claim a partner or mate as he will always be needed for patrols and security. I hope to see Aden meet a suitable partner later in the series! Tabor is also a favourite, the way he has always been regarded and treat as an outcast. It's no wonder he is quick to believe the lies of Garrick about whats best for the pack. He is a true asset to the pack even if they don't all realise that. I loved the fact when he is given the option of a different life elsewhere he follows his heart.
The main character I loved to hate was Garrick, the elder, father to Raider. In fact Garrick is so bad even his own son, Raider does not speak up on his fathers behalf. I think the new council members will see to it that he doesn't step out of line again. The other character that gets his comeuppance is Zachary. Though I felt a little sorry for him as he was kind of blackmailed into helping Garrick in his attempt to rid the pack of Tabor. Zachary's sentence is one of the harshest that can be handed out to a male shifter. Judging by his apparent immediate infatuation with Tabor's relative arriving near the end of the book I'm thinking maybe he will redeem himself in some way in the coming book series.

I read this book in just two reading sessions, I really didn't want to put it down, it quickly became addictive reading. I will be checking out other books by Nikki Jefford as soon as I get the chance and the Wolf Hollow Series is firmly on my WTR list. This is an 18+ read due to the content, descriptions and certain acts described in the book. It is a little steamy in places but all such scenes etc are within a great plot. I could seriously go on and on about this book, it is crammed with plot and action. There are so many ways this series could take, I am sooo looking forward to reading more.

My immediate thoughts upon finishing this book were . . . When can I read the next one? and What else has Nikki Jefford wrote that I could read whilst I'm waiting for book two in the Wolf Hollow Series?
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398 reviews23 followers
December 14, 2021
DNF. post apocalyptic shifter novel but did not hold my interest.
895 reviews1 follower
August 9, 2020
Good and Bad in a Pack OVER 18+READING

Loved this wolf pack story. You have Tabor part of the pack but as the only half breed (wolf/wizard) he was still looked down on by the full wolves. Then there is Sasha daughter of alphas who were lost during an attack where a lot of the pack were lost $ years before. Their growing attachment and all the things trying to keep them from claiming each other. They must face Sasha trying to be forced mated to another full blooded from another pack, pack leaders trying to shame her from choosing Tabor, leaving her a good -bye letter from Tabor when then had kidnapped or wolfnapped him and thrown him into a pit after a three day forced walk though the dessert without food or water by packmates worse signaling the humans he was there. Finally he meets the father he never met before, discovers a younger sister also a half breed just like him but she has spend her whole life with the wizards and knows nothing of bring a wolf so his father leaves her with his pack when he refused to leave and go live with the wizards. This story is continuously changing for different reasons that center around keeping these two apart for really no other reason than he knows magic (and she is the only unmated pure blood in their pack) until he saves the pack with his magic though they don't know it till the end because a pack leader plans to get rid of him and not tell. I want to read more of Wolf Hollow.

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2,307 reviews
November 11, 2019
This is a unique combination of dystopian and paranormal romance. The first half of this flowed slowly. The second half had a good flow. I felt the world building needed more than was given. There were some things that seemed repetitive to the story, some things that made no sense, then there were things that were not given enough details in my opinion. One of those lacking details, the distinction between were-wolf, pure-bred wolf, and regular wolf shifter was too muddied to really understand the differences & why it was such a big deal for Sasha the pure-bred to not be allowed to mate with anything but another pure-bred, or why there was a difference between them at all? I didn't really like Tabor from the get go, I just never really connected with him as a great main character. Sasha was too easily manipulated & too much on the fence on her decisions until she's forced to do something. I also really didn't feel their "love connection" to understand how their relationship evolved. I am interested in Wolfrick's story, and also in Elsie's story (if she gets one). Those two seemed like they would be very interesting main characters.
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320 reviews1 follower
March 23, 2019
In a post-apocalypse future, most humans have died from some kind of disease and it seems like supernatural types are the only ones left. In Wolf Hollow you get pure blood shifters like Sasha who rule because their ancestors never moved to the burbs, regular shifters whose ancestors came back after all the humans died, and one half-breed, who is part wizard-part shifter.

Anyway, this book really grated on me; it's a racist (there is a distinct social order based on which category you fit into), misogynistic (our main character is breeding stock and although a member of the ruling council, rarely treated as such by all the men on it) culture and if the survival of your species is at the sake of your culture, maybe it's not so bad that it goes.

It feels a bit like this book, the first in a series, might be trying to start a cultural shift in Wolf Hollow, but I just couldn't finish the book to find out. I got about half way through and just had to quit. It was all too much for me.
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366 reviews9 followers
October 24, 2017
What an enthralling and awe-inspiring read full of adventure, romance, loyalty, and intrigue! I couldn't put it down and finished it in one day. Jefford's ability to immerse the reader in a world perfectly balanced between story and details practically brings the book to life with ease. Her characters are so complex yet relatable that you're sure to connect with them. I also adored the relationship and chemistry between Sasha and Tabor. Having humans cast as dangerous and barbaric was also a nice addition to the story. It does contain nudity (uh, shifters, duh) but it was so tastefully done that it didn't feel overly erotic or immature. This book demonstrates the author's incredible talent for storytelling and masterful writing abilities. I look forward to whatever Jefford writes next!

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for my review. All opinions are my honest, unbiased own.
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856 reviews1 follower
October 3, 2019
I feel like this book could have been so much better than it was. I liked the h well enough, but it really didn't float my boat that the H was such a beta. I feel like he really should have been a more roughish, alpha personality to match that of the strong, independent h. I also didn't love that there were so many minor side characters that the author presents in a way like we should already know their entire life stories and how everyone connects to the next person, even though this is the first of a series and really shouldn't care. The language killed me. Not only was it super stiff/robotic (not a single "can't" or "we'll" in sight), but it was actually distracting that the author refused to use any kind of curse word. They used insults like "lily-liver", and despite the fairly explicit steamy scenes, they "humped". It was a little weird, not going to lie.
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628 reviews317 followers
May 9, 2020
This was bad. I’m very frustrated I read this book.

It started out with a lot of promise and the concept wasn’t a bad idea but god this was hard to read.

I’ve never read a book filled with such hateful people. Outside of the two MCs, EVERYONES was just nasty and mean and angry all the damn time. Shifter boss are usually about family, comradery and belonging. This book was filled with bigotry, anger, let’s call it xenophobia, and selfishness.
I can’t for the life of me figure out why these MCs wanted to stay in this pack when everyone is miserable all the time and there’s no joy or life to be had.

Then the MCs characterization were messy as well. Who they were at the beginning of the book didn’t even last until halfway through.
I literally only finished the book for the sake of confirming that it sucked the whole way through.
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2,050 reviews12 followers
May 27, 2019
Postapocalyptic shifter romance

The story was great, as was the world. The emotions were realistic and you could feel the confusion and heart break of some characters. The twist at the end was partially foreshadowed but in while still unexpected. Great new series from a new writer to watch.
2,183 reviews4 followers
July 16, 2019
Always have enjoyed reading anything paranormal especially shifters. Sasha and Tabor’s story is about two individuals who everyone says are not matchable but maybe they are. Who is to say is the right one for your mate?
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466 reviews4 followers
January 25, 2021
Super découverte j'ai vraiment adoré ma lecture
Je noterais juste comme un flottement au début, le temps de m'adapter au style de l'auteure, une série prometteuse :p
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578 reviews4 followers
November 4, 2020
Chroniqueuse pour le blog Speedy Reading Addict voici mon avis

Merci à Juno Publishing de leur confiance pour ce service presse.

C’est compliqué pour moi aujourd’hui car j’ai un avis très mitigé pour cette histoire. J’ai bien aimé certains personnages, d’autres beaucoup moins mais le pire c’est que j’ai eu beaucoup de mal avec l’intrigue ou plus précisément avec les raisons de celle-ci.

On fait la connaissance de Sacha métamorphe loup et l’une des dernières dites sang pur. Elle est façonné pour ne vouloir s’accoupler qu’à un autre sang pur pour faire perdurer la race. Elle protège sa meute mais ses actions ne sont jamais reconnue. Les anciens attribuent ses mérites à son coéquipier dont elle est… Chut je ne peux rien vous dire. Elle ne souhaite qu’une chose protéger sa meute et faire de celle-ci un endroit de tolérance et de paix.

J’ai bien aimé ce personnage qui je dois dire a un fort caractère mais parfois elle n’a énervé par ses réactions.

Tabor lui est un sorcier métamorphe et n’est pas très bien vu par les autres membres de la meute. Souvent prit pour cible, méprisé il a du mal à voir le bien chez les autres. Attiré par Sacha il va faire tout ce qu’il peut pour l’avoir car il sait qu’elle est différente de tous les autres.

C’est le personnage que j’ai le plus apprécié dans ma lecture. Il est honnête, drôle et ne se laisse pas faire. Il enfreint les règles quand celle-ci le condamne à n’être que la moitié de lui même. Pour comprendre de quoi je parle vous devrez lire le livre.

J’ai eu beaucoup de mal avec les personnages secondaires. Beaucoup m’ont fait grincer des dents, en même temps je pense que c’était le but recherché mais c’est principalement leur façon de pensé qui m’a mis en rogne. Ils servent l’histoire et rendent les événements plus sombre avec plus de compréhensions.

L’intrigue sympathique nous emmène dans un monde dévasté ou tout le monde essaie de survive du mieux qu’il peut. Ceci dit si cette partie de l’intrigue m’a plu j’ai eu un peu plus de mal de la voir tourné autour de l’accouplement de Sacha pour sauver la race. Comme si il suffisait de cela pour que tout soit réglé et que si elle ne prend pas la bonne décision cela sera la fin pour tout le monde. Bref c’est ce côté de l’intrigue qui m’a franchement mis les nerfs.

La plume fluide de l’auteure nous emporte au fil des pages à vivre une aventure hors du commun ou menace, peur, angoisse, joie et amour ce mélange pour notre plus grand plaisir.

Je ne vais pas vous en dire plus car le résumé vous donne déjà une idée de ce que l’histoire propose. Je vais conclure en vous disant que si vous aimez les histoires de métamorphes dans un monde apocalyptique ce livre est fait pour vous. Car malgré les petites choses qui m’ont dérangé j’ai comme même passé un bon moment en compagnie des héros.
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