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Adventures of the PSS 118 #1

Seventh Grade vs. the Galaxy

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Percy Jackson meets Star Trek PSS 118 is just your typical school—except that it's a rickety old spaceship orbiting Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter. Jack's dad used to be the science teacher, until he got fired for tinkering with the ship. Now Jack just wants to get through the last day of school without anything else going wrong. But when the school is mysteriously attacked, Jack discovers that his dad has built humanity's first light-speed engine—and given Jack control of it. To save the ship, Jack catapults it hundreds of light-years away . . . and right into the clutches of the first aliens humans have ever seen. School hasn't just gotten out: it's gone clear across the galaxy.

And now it's up to Jack and his friends to get everyone home. "[T]his middle-grade action-adventure space opera is just plain fun."— Booklist "A perfect bridge for readers looking for a Percy Jackson–esque work of science fiction."— School Library Journal

288 pages, Hardcover

First published March 5, 2019

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About the author

Joshua S. Levy

6 books81 followers
Joshua S. Levy is the author of several middle grade novels: SEVENTH GRADE VS. THE GALAXY and EIGHTH GRADE VS. THE MACHINES, as well as the upcoming THE JAKE SHOW (May 2023) and LAST SUMMER IN OUTER SPACE (August 2023). He lives with his wife and children in New Jersey, where he practices as a lawyer. Visit him at www.joshuasimonlevy.com or on Twitter @JoshuaSLevy.

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Author 4 books152 followers
November 27, 2018
What I Liked
The setting was great! Believable and fun, the near-ish future-humanity society that's been set up is easy to fall into. There is fun tech--holographic wallpaper, 3D printer pens, sassy robots--alongside very relatable modern-day teen struggles. The main characters are a great foursome! (I have included Doctor Shrew, the hamster, as a main character, because frankly the entire adventure would have frizzled to a halt without him.)

What I Would Have Liked to See
Nothing much to request! The ending is clearly a setup for a sequel or series, but it was well done and left just enough unanswered questions without leaving too much unaddressed.

My Favorite!
The tech was a hoot! Daydreaming about future advancements in technology is a fun pastime, and the stuff in this book was all super fun to get into.

Middle school students fend off corrupt alien government so they can get their school spaceship back home. But first, you gotta hit that alien supermall! Great read for sci-fi fans!
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Author 2 books85 followers
February 17, 2019
There’s a laugh on every page of Joshua Levy’s delightful debut sci-fi novel for middle graders, and quite a few tongue-in-cheek critiques of our contemporary culture. Although the story is set in the distant future, seventh grade hasn’t changed much in spirit, except for a few (sort-of) high-tech gadgets and games of zero-gravity dodgeball. The school-on-a-spaceship, PSS118, may be in orbit around Ganymede, but it’s still recognizably run down and supply-deprived; the teachers are just as cranky, rule-obsessed, or, in some cases, incompetent and cowardly; and the kids are just as restless and bored with their unimaginative curriculum.

But protagonist Jack has plenty to keep him busy once alien Elvidians arrive to quarantine his school. Jack and his buddies manage to catapult PSS118 into another galaxy, and then they’ve got to figure out a way to get home again. Along the way they have run-ins with alien bureaucracy at its finest (these aliens may be technologically advanced, but they’re not always the brightest bulbs in the box); visit a 700-story mall (featuring seven floors of shredded hand towels, a time machine, and a pet store selling giant sea monsters); and get on the bad side of The Minister, who has the entire population of Elvidians brainwashed. Their wild adventures are impressive to everybody except placid, celery-chomping Dr. Shrew, their pet hamster.

Levy’s narrative is full of wit and twisty jokes, the plot moves at the speed of light, and the three main characters are adorable. SEVENTH GRADE VS THE GALAXY is a wonderful addition to the genre, great for fans of The Wild Robot, Jon Scieszka’s Frank Einstein series, and Kevin Emerson’s Dark Star books. The novel publishes March 5th.

I was lucky to read an Advance Readers Copy provided by the publisher.
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186 reviews42 followers
November 24, 2018
This was so much fun!!!

Levy's book details the adventures of Jack, Ari, and Becka after they accidentally transport their schoolship into a hostile alien galaxy. And yes, it's just as awesome as it sounds.

The voice was perhaps my favourite element of this book; it's funny, clever, and totally organic. The characters themselves are so loveable and distinct, with a great dynamic (although I think the ship itself was my favourite?) And each page absolutely bursts with imagination: gum-chewing alien queens, massive pet dragons unleashed in shopping malls, a time-travel arcade....I could go on and on!

Another thing I loved about this book was the confidence. Sci-fi often falters when authors try to over-explain, but Levy added just enough terminology to make things believable whilst creating a fantastic, accessible world. Occasionally Jack's plans felt a touch too confusing (or maybe it's my brain's inability to wrap itself around time warps) but overall, the tone and content felt perfect for middle grade readers. Great stakes, great breathless pace, and again, great FUN!

I'll definitely be recommending this one to sci-fi and adventure lovers! Thank you to Netgalley and Lerner Books for access.
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Author 2 books71 followers
December 3, 2018
What a wild and crazy ride! Levy has taken sci-fi tropes and turned them on their heads. The year is 2299, and three well-developed tweens (Jack, Ari and Becca) have to save their outer space school! The fabulous concept is as fun as it is creative. Levy's imagination has no bounds. My personal favorite character is Dr. Shrew, a hamster who plays an unexpected part in the story. There are so many twists and laugh out loud moments - but also some very real and honest emotions as the three leads explore what it means to be a real friend. This is a wonderful book on so many levels.
Profile Image for Steve Tetreault.
1,285 reviews
May 1, 2019
What it's about: Jack is about to graduate seventh grade. That means finally getting to leave the broken down spaceship he's been going to school on for the past three years. It also means a chance to see his father, who was thrown off the ship for experimenting on its engines without permission. But right as the students are getting ready to leave for the summer, things get really strange. Jack, along with friend Ari and enemy Becka, find themselves lost in space, surrounded by possibly hostile aliens, and trying to figure out how to save their classmates and get back home. Summer vacation is not going as planned...

What I thought: This was a fun middle grades book. The protagonist starts out pretty self-centered, but as the story progresses, is able to see his actions and behaviors as being less-than-wonderful, and he learns from them.

The future world imagined by Levy feels just different enough to come across as believable, without being so different that it requires readers to completely reconceptualize their understanding of how the world works. There is a great moment where Jack complains that the future isn't what he thought it would be - because to him, flying around the Jovian moon Ganymede on a spaceship to attend middle school is just par for the course. But even in this future, there are schools that are better and worse, and readers are probably going to be able to empathize with Jack and his classmates when they discuss other schools that think they're so much better than PSS (Public School Spaceship) 118.

Why I rated it like I did: The story was quite entertaining, particularly as it got closer to the climax and resolution. I found myself staying up late to see how everything would turn out!

This is clearly meant to be the first book of a series. Sometimes, a series book will leave a major unresolved cliffhanger to try to drive the audience to the next book for the resolution. Levy has crafted an ending that, while leaving the door wide open to sequels, still feels solid and satisfying.
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Author 6 books174 followers
January 3, 2019
Do you know any fans of Percy Jackson or Star Wars? If so then please put SEVENTH GRADE VS. THE GALAXY in their hands, and they will love you forever.

Hilarious and hard to put down, this story is action packed with strong friendship themes. Jack is a lovable, honest main character. I started rooting for him on page 1 and never stopped!

I don’t want to spoil any of the fun details and world building that make this book so memorable, but know there are a ton of awesome, quirky characters. There are moments that will make you laugh out loud. And the technology is astounding—both in its coolness and how incredibly well thought out and executed it is.

Can’t wait to share this with the kids in my life. And P.S.—
I really hope someone makes SEVENTH GRADE VS. THE GALAXY lunch boxes and action figures because I will be first in line to buy them. Dibs on Doctor Shrew!! And the cafeteria robots!
Profile Image for Chris Baron.
Author 11 books122 followers
December 30, 2018
Wow-SEVENTH GRADE VS THE GALAXY is full of so many amazing and fun sci-fi references that I had to read it twice to catch them all. Sharply crafted and full of wit, this book is an adventure!

As someone who attended P.S. 6 in real life, I immediately connected with the heroes of SEVENTH GRADE VS THE GALAXY who go to P.S. 118. A starship (okay--maybe a little different) that plays a crucial role in this wild and futurist ride about friendship, family dynamics, future tech, alien invasions, arcades, and the biggest mall in the universe.

This book is intense, hilarious and takes readers on such an imaginative and action-packed ride full of surprises and full of heart. I can't wait to get this book into the hands of teachers and kids I know!
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1,080 reviews21 followers
November 26, 2018
Publishing Date: March 2019

Publisher: Lerner


Genre: SciFi/YA

Rating: 3.0/5

Publisher’s Description: PSS 118 is just your typical school—except that it’s a rickety old spaceship orbiting Jupiter. When the school is mysteriously attacked, thirteen-year-old Jack receives a cryptic message from his father (the school’s recently-fired-for-tinkering-with-the-ship science teacher). Amidst the chaos, Jack discovers that his dad has built humanity’s first light-speed engine—and given Jack control of it. To save the ship, Jack catapults it hundreds of light-years away and right into the clutches of the first aliens humans have ever seen. School hasn’t just gotten out: it’s gone clear across the galaxy. And now it’s up to Jack and his friends to get everyone home.

Review: A fun read with the usual teen angst/heroes surrounded by a Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy kind of vibe. You will not get any resolution with this novel as it is poised for a series.

Profile Image for Liz Friend.
970 reviews82 followers
January 16, 2019
The story: Jack's dad has secretly installed a faster-than-light drive on PSS (Public Space School) 118. When the school is attacked, the kids find themselves traveling faster than light and ending up 400 light years away. The good news? They got away from their attacker--for the moment. The bad news? They still give parking tickets in this part of the galaxy.

June Cleaver's ratings: Language PG; Violence PG; Sexual content G; Nudity, G; Substance abuse G; Magic & the occult G; GLBT content G; adult themes (parental disgrace) PG; overall rating PG.

Pre-pub review: available February 2019.

Liz's comments - Hand this one to kids looking to bridge the gap between Percy jackson-esque fantasy and science fiction. Although it's full of sci-fi tropes, there's a good reason those stereotypes exist: they move the story forward at light speed...and 6th grade kids generally won't be saying, "Huh. They did this in episode 204 of Deep Space Nine." (Yet.)
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Author 21 books440 followers
May 8, 2020
I was incredibly lucky to read an advance copy of this book prior to publication. Sure, it's a rollicking space-adventure featuring P.S.S. 118, a broken-down middle school spaceship orbiting Jupiter's moon Ganymeade. Sure, it features 3 funny 7th grade protagonists -- Jack, Ari, and Becka -- who have to save their school and all the people in it for space-tastrophies. Sure, the details and the writing are pitch-perfect hilarious middle grade voice. But what surprised me about this book is how it is filled with heart and human (and non-human) connections: what does it mean to be a friend, or a son, or a human being in the the vast universe? Josh Levy manages to pull all of this off in a hold-onto-your-seat page turner that had be laughing on every page. What an accomplishment! Kids won't be able to put this one down!
Profile Image for Michelle.
322 reviews
February 4, 2019
Seventh Grade Vs. The Galaxy by Joshua S. Levy
Available March 5, 2019 from Lerner Publishing Group

Jack is your typical seventh grader except that his school is anything by typical. Jack attends PSS 118, a middle school that is currently orbiting Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter. That’s right-middle school in space!
What could possibly go wrong when you put several hundred middle school aged children on a ship in space? Just the ship suddenly launching into light speed and being attacked by mysterious aliens who are intent on brainwashing all the students and placing them in prison.
Are all of the highly dedicated and highly trained teachers going to save the day? Of course not! This is a middle grade science fiction adventure-the kids are going to save the day!
Jack’s dad was the science teacher on board the ship until he was caught making modifications to the ship’s engines without permission. With the ship under attack, Jack discovers that those engine modifications weren’t the only thing that Jack’s dad altered. He also gave Jack special access to the computers in case of emergency. It’s with this new discovery, and the help of his amazing friends, that Jack will try to save his classmates and teachers from the evil Minister.
This book was a lot of fun-there’s tons of action, snarky attitude, friendship drama, and crabby lunch lady robots. I found Jack to be a very relatable character. He has a mom who left the family, is being bullied at school because of a mistake his father made, and is trying to find his place in the world. All of this stress has placed a strain on his friendships with Ari and Becka and their relationships are tested over and over.
There is a lot that goes on this book that will interest young readers. There’s time travel, alien shopping malls, and even an alien arcade. I really enjoyed the crabby lunch lady robots and their constant complaints about working conditions.

Full disclosure time: I received an advanced copy of this book from Netgalley. Thank you to Netgalley and Lerner Publishing Group for the opportunity to read and review this title.
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97 reviews8 followers
June 8, 2020
Seventh Grade VS. The Galaxy Book Review

Even though the book idea and plot were a bit childish, the execution of the writing was good, and it turned out to be a pretty interesting book.

One thing that the author did well wrote out the thoughts and feelings of the characters, and I connected with some characters and how they felt at certain points. I like the concept of the book and how it played out, because there was a lot of suspense and action throughout the whole story, making it more engaging.

Some parts didn't seem realistic and seemed a bit unfitting since it is targeted for younger kids. There also was not a lot of descriptive language that helped convey the background or the setting, and the book did not make me visualize anything, though I usually visualize what is happening a lot when I read. There also were some parts that were confusing and needed some more detail or explanations.

I did like the ending because it was a cliffhanger that builds up tension and mystery to the next book, which is always good for a good book. Overall, I think it was an interesting plot with some things that could be improved on and I think it is generally targeted for a younger audience like 6th grade. I would rate it 3.5 stars.
Profile Image for Jessica.
8 reviews1 follower
November 29, 2018
Wow! What an adventure!

The space world that Joshua Levy has created is definitely one I want to explore. Described so intricately with such technical specifications, I felt like I was truly there. Wonderful imagery in a crazy new world, I loved exploring space with Jack, Ari and Becka.

Great diversity in the characters, I found myself identifying with several as the story went on. Everything was so relate-able even though it was children, in space. The witty humor in their banter was so fun and Jack (or Joshuas?) voice was truly hilarious and yet so brilliant. He thought of answers to problems that I would never have considered (time travel? of course!). How he interacted with his peers whether it was Ari, Becka, the authority figures, or even the ship itself. The dialogue was a real winner for me. I also found the relationships between characters so real. Everyday ridiculous issues even in the moments of utter danger. Jack worrying about the random things (the world may be ending but the hamster is doing great!)

Action packed, clever dialogue, inspiring relationships! Perfect mix of fun, humor, and adventure. I would recommend to young and older readers alike.

Levy is 100% one to watch and I cannot wait to see what happens next to my favorite schoolship!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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Author 14 books172 followers
January 6, 2019

This book is hilarious and action packed. I can't help but laugh everytime come up.

Middle grade readers will definitely eat this up!
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2,599 reviews55 followers
June 11, 2019
Seventh-grade buddies Jack and Ari, along with the class bully T-Bex (Becka), are all that stand between their space-station school (P.S.S. 118) and the galaxy-controlling Elvidian Minister's brand of punishment for Jack's dad's tinkering with forbidden science.
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Author 3 books52 followers
January 29, 2019
This books was fantastically zany and laugh out loud funny, but also carried the important message that kids can do important and amazing things.
Profile Image for Hannah.
26 reviews8 followers
January 28, 2019
I loved Levy’s debut! Highly recommended for middle grade readers looking for high stakes adventure and accessible science fiction. I’m eagerly anticipating the sequel!
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169 reviews1 follower
December 8, 2018
This week I read Seventh Grade vs. the Galaxy by Joshua Levy. I received an ARC through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This book was also really fun but had a very different tone from the other space book that I read this week.

"PSS 118 is just your typical school--except that it's a rickety old spaceship orbiting Jupiter. When the school is mysteriously attacked, thirteen-year-old Jack receives a cryptic message from his father (the school's recently-fired-for-tinkering-with-the-ship science teacher). Amidst the chaos, Jack discovers that his dad has built humanity's first light-speed engine--and given Jack control of it. To save the ship, Jack catapults it hundreds of light-years away and right into the clutches of the first aliens humans have ever seen. School hasn't just gotten out: it's gone clear across the galaxy. And now it's up to Jack and his friends to get everyone home."

This book had a very fun, youthful narrator that made it a really entertaining read. I feel like in some ways it is a very casual science fiction story. A lot of science fiction works really hard to explain all the background of it and how things work. Joshua Levy just goes along with it. We learn about aspects of the PSS 118 just as Jack and his friends do. The friendship (and arguments) between them seem very similar to what I see as a 7th grade teacher so I'm sure that my Junior High students would really enjoy this. I do have to say that one of the funniest most relatable characters is the ship itself--PSS 118.

There were a lot of twists and turns that I didn't see coming as well that kept me on my toes. It leaves you at an interesting point since it is obviously planned to be a sequel so it's hard to feel like everything is resolved at the end of this book.

If you're interested in reading this book, you'll have to wait just a little longer since the expected publication isn't until March 2019. But it's on its way!!
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Author 4 books448 followers
December 24, 2018
Hold onto your spaceships ... this one flings you through a galaxy of fun. The characters are pitch perfect middle graders facing a not so typical challenge with nothing but their wits, friendship and a handy hamster! Tons of things to love about this book but the humor and voice is my absolute fave. Loved it!
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Author 10 books667 followers
December 13, 2018
This book had me laughing (out LOUD, like for real!) from the very first paragraph. I can't remember the last time a middle grade novel had me laughing that much, except when I read the PERCY JACKSON series the first time (and that's, like, my all-time favorite series). And I thoroughly enjoyed myself for the rest of this zany outerspace journey!

In SEVENTH GRADE VS. THE GALAXY, a trio of friends (a little bit remniscent of the infamous Golden Trio from HARRY POTTER), must navigate through the galaxy and escape corrupt aliens in order to get back home safely. The writing is fast-paced, sharp, and witty - the perfect combination for an action-packed middle grade adventure story. Jack, Ari, Becca, and even Dr. Shrew's antics had me laughing at some parts, and gasping at others, always cheering on the trio. I love that there's also an exploration of a complex father-son relationship between Jack and his father, which I think will be important for young readers to grapple with. Even those who don't typically gravitate toward sci-fi (hello, meeee) will find something to love about this heartfelt, hilarious, and wonderful middle grade tale.

Make sure you don't miss out on this fantastic debut. Josh Levy is a middle grade author to keep an eye on. I have a feeling this book will be a huge hit with kids, particularly fans of PERCY JACKSON and sci-fi!
195 reviews2 followers
June 4, 2019
This was an enjoyable middle grade book. It is setting itself up for a series, and so while I wasn’t thrilled with how it concluded, I will probably stick with the next book to see what happens.
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312 reviews10 followers
May 16, 2019
This book was just so unbelievably fun! As a lover of Percy Jackson and Star Wars, I felt like this was totally the best book for me! The humour was very reminiscent of Percy Jackson and I was laughing in every single chapter at these three characters that shouldn’t work well together but do! And come on, the hamster🐹!

Seventh Grade vs The Galaxy is a high speed sci-fi that does have some pretty high stakes, considering everyone the characters know from school have been captured and in-prisoned! But, it also manages to be so much fun, it is jam packed with humour and our three main characters are great!

If you are looking for a fun middle grade story with incredible writing, setting and characters, I cannot recommend this one enough and I hope we’re getting a sequel because honestly, that cliffhanger had me so shook.
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Author 6 books60 followers
Want to read
January 7, 2019
A laugh-out-loud space adventure that will prepare your reader to become lifelong sci-fi fans. If Louis Sachar decided to take a stab at writing Star Wars, I'd like to think SEVENTH GRADE VS. THE GALAXY would be the result. This would be a perfect read for sci-fi fans or reluctant readers.
Profile Image for Jess Redman.
Author 7 books270 followers
January 7, 2019
I loved this fast-paced, zany, witty and wonderful MG sci-fi book so much! Full review to come soon.
Profile Image for Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*.
6,001 reviews186 followers
November 6, 2019
Seventh Grade Vs. The Galaxy by Joshua Levy. 282 pages, Carolrhoda Books (Lerner), 2019 $18 Language: G; Mature Content: G; Violence: G



Jack goes to school on a spaceship called PSS 118. It orbits one of Jupiters Moons, Ganymede. Its sounds cooler than it is, in truth it’s run down and not well run either. After the ship is mysteriously attacked, Jack and his best friend Ari, and Ari’s crush Becka, discover that the ship is capable of light speed. To get away, Jack uses it and they suddenly find themselves light-years away and in the clutches of some not so friendly alien species. Even if they do escape they need fuel for the ship but Jack, Ari, and Becka are pretty resourceful and creative.

This is a great sci-fi with a multi-faceted plot that lends itself to a continuing series. Its fast paced, interesting, creative, fun, and full of humor. I really like the time travel machine, the pet hamster, and the stunning ending (which is a cliffhanger). The characters are well written and easy to root for, with many fleshed out characters like the school kitchen robots. The cover is appealing and will yield many checkouts on that alone.

Reviewer: Stephanie MLS & Author
Profile Image for CR.
2,859 reviews28 followers
February 22, 2019
My Review: This was a very fun book that my son loved. He had a fun time with the characters and the ship. And he said it was just the right amount of over the top. I could hear him laughing at times (sometimes when he was supposed to be sleeping) but that was ok since he was reading and still got up for school. This is going to be one of those books that you have to pry out of your kid's hands to get them to go to bed.

He said that he loved the humor and explanation of what is going on. I know that reading sci-fi sometimes has its issues with the terms they use. But he said he understood everything that was going on. His favorite characters were the Queen who chewed gum and the ship.

The setting was great and he loved how everything flowed. And he can not wait to get his hands on another book from this author.

He did say however that he took away a star because at times it was a little confusing to follow Jack and what he was doing. But by the end it was ok.

*Review is from Brian a 12-year-old boy who loves to read.*
Profile Image for Jenn.
840 reviews22 followers
March 3, 2019
Leon's year in school started out well, but when it was discovered that his father had been meddling where he shouldn't have been, he was fired from the school and Leon was left adrift. It's almost the summer holidays and Leon is looking forward to some time away from everyone and their pitying looks.

But during the end of year assembly the school comes under attack. Leon and his friends find a hidden defense mechanism left by his father. When they activate it, they end up far across the galaxy under the 'care' of an alien race. They have to figure out a way to get back to their school-ship and back home, with the fate of the human race resting on their shoulders.

A fun sci-fi adventure story. The tech is nicely explained without being overwhelming and I love this vision of the future where even schools are on ships but some are still better than others. The ending left me eager to find out what happens next. A great read.
44 reviews3 followers
May 21, 2019
This book was SO much fun! I would have absolutely adored it as a kid--exactly the kind of thing I would have snatched up and gobbled in a single sitting. As an adult, I adored it too, appreciating the fluid writing and frequent nods to famous sci-fi films and books. Levy's sarcasm is fantastic--such a clear, carefully developed voice.

The characters are not only lovable and diverse, but they have heart. Jack, the protagonist, must make several difficult choices while also dealing with complicated relationships--like the one he has with his father, as well as his best friend. Also, shout out to the cafeteria robots and Doctor Shrew, since I absolutely couldn't have loved them more.

This book is fast-paced and exciting with high stakes throughout. It's also really, really funny. You definitely don't want to miss it!
Profile Image for Wendy.
Author 7 books160 followers
March 18, 2019
I think most middle school kids sometimes wonder if their schools are from outer space but Jack doesn’t have to wonder. His middle school is orbiting Ganymede (a moon of Jupiter).

When aliens attack and try to brainwash the whole school before stuffing them into prison, the kids must save the day! Thankfully Jack’s dad modified the engines and gave Jack special access to the computers on the ship in case of emergencies like alien invasions, and jack is smart enough to use it! Grumpy robot lunchladies, an absentee mom, action, adventure, sci-fi , and friendships made and kept even when the strain is big, are just some of the life lessons in this book. Well done!
Profile Image for M.R. Pilot.
Author 1 book11 followers
January 1, 2021
This felt like a Guardians of the Galaxy for middle grade, and I loved it! The characters are so well done that I felt their frustrations, and I adored each of them—flaws and all. The relationships between characters are fleshed out and relatable. This book is filled to the brim with creative contraptions, witty schemes, intelligent/quirky robots (& punny space ship), I even loved Doctor Shrew.

And the COVER! It’s so fun and is a perfect representation of the story.
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