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The explosive finale of the New York Times bestselling Frostblood Saga, perfect for fans of Three Dark Crowns, Red Queen, and A Court of Thorns and Roses.

Ruby's world has changed more than she ever could have imagined. She's in love with a powerful Frost King. She's the heir to the Fire Throne. And she may be a Nightblood--the spawn of a vengeful deity hellbent on releasing an imprisoned army of shadowy wraiths. Once freed, these beasts will roam the earth, devouring the spirits of every last person until he or she is nothing but an empty husk.

Ruby is able to control the shadows to a degree, even hosting one in her own body. But will this tenuous connection--which threatens to consume her--be enough to hold the beasts back? With time running out, she must bring Frostbloods and Firebloods together to make a stand against an immortal foe more deadly than any she's faced. And the price of peace may be her very life.

In this heart-pounding finale of Elly Blake's gorgeously written and action-packed Frostblood Saga, the fate of Frostbloods, Firebloods, and all of humanity is at stake.

440 pages, Hardcover

First published August 21, 2018

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About the author

Elly Blake

12 books1,973 followers
NYT bestselling author of the Frostblood Saga. Elly Blake loves fairy tales, old houses, and owls. After earning a BA in English literature, she held a series of seemingly random jobs, including project manager, customs clerk, graphic designer, reporter for a local business magazine, and library assistant. She lives in Southwestern Ontario with her husband, kids and a Siberian Husky mix who definitely shows Frostblood tendencies.

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1,597 reviews6,645 followers
August 6, 2022
This is very good book. I really loved the first 2 books of this series so it is possible that my expectations for this book were too high. If the first 310 pages were at a little faster pace I would have easily given this book 5 stars, but these pages were just a little too slow for me. The last quarter of this of this book was amazing I could not put it down.

I do understand why the book was done like this, there are subtle changes in Ruby's character. It was a clever idea that even though Ruby is narrating the book there are times when as the reader I was not sure if how much influence the Minax was exerting.

This is great ending to the series. I would have given this series 5 stars. This book is a good conclusion, slightly slower then the other books, but building up to the main event that defiantly did not disappoint.
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549 reviews324 followers
February 19, 2019
"I trusted you with my icy heart, and instead of melting it, you set it ablaze.”
This series took me so long to finish. Whenever I started it, I always got something important to do. But now I've finished it, I'm feeling so relieved.
I loved this series. In my opinion, this book was the best one. The writing was still amazing. Most importantly, I liked its mythology very much.

--Arcus and Ruby are the great characters. Arcus is super insecure about Ruby, I admit. But still they both look so great together.
Ruby is a very strong heroine. She proved herself at every stage while considering the fact that she went through a lot in this book.

--I really felt sorry for Kai at various occasions. But I liked his ending.

It's a good series. I highly recommend! Really want more books from Elly Blake. ^__^

17 February, 2019
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539 reviews401 followers
May 21, 2019
4,5 Sterne

Welch ein gelungenes Ende für eine der besten Jugendbuch-Trilogien, die ich in letzter Zeit gelesen habe. Jaaaa die Reihe und auch der finale Band hatte in meinen Augen die ein oder andere kleinere Schwäche. Das schreibe ich aber einfach dem Jugendbuch-Genre zu...
Was mir wirklich positiv aufgefallen ist der Spannungsbogen in diesem Buch. Es ist in 3 Teile eingeteilt mit jeweils relativ kurzen Kapiteln. Dadurch und durch die konstant aufrecht gehaltene Spannung kam man suuuuuper schnell durch das Buch. Natürlich tut auch Elly Blake´s Schreibstil sein übriges dazu. Den mochte ich in den vorigen Büchern ja schon sehr gerne. Die zweite Hälfte des Buches habe ich auch direkt in einem Rutsch weggelesen.
Das Buch schließt lückenlos an seinen Vorgänger an und wir begleiten wieder Ruby, Arcus und Kai sowie andere altbekannte und liebgewonnene Charaktere. Ich liebe diese drei Charaktere sowie ihre Dynamik untereinander. Genauso wie die Welt in der die Geschichte spielt.
Alles in allem hat mich das Buch, sowie die gesamte Reihe sehr gut unterhalten können und ich würde definitiv wieder etwas von der Autorin lesen.
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195 reviews140 followers
September 23, 2018
Full Review

First of all, I used to really ship Arcus and Ruby but it was clear that he loved her more than she loved him. I just felt bad for him in this and thought that he deserved better. Secondly, the book read like it was the second to the last book and not the last. Majority is spent making sure something bad doesn't happen. I expected more action from this. This had more relationship drama than actual drama. Don't get me wrong, I love relationship drama but it was too much in this. Thirdly, I was confused sometimes. This book had some contradictory things happening. The author had established rules in this book and series, and then doesn't abide to them or breaks them without explaining the reason. I had a-lot of "how' and 'why' thoughts while reading this

Not all is bad, I did enjoy how it ended and there was a twist I did not see coming.

Overall, this was an average read.

********************************************************************************This is one of those books where I won't really know how I feel until I write a review lol. I'm gonna wait on that before rating it but its probably in the 3-4 range
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346 reviews1,050 followers
August 19, 2021
This series can be both amazing or dull depends on how much books of the same trope you have read on it. Personally, the fulfilling prophecy trope is a familiar territory to me but I still think the series is underrated. As average this series can be, I still find myself to enjoy them even though I do get nonchalance somewhere towards the end. The characters were well established, the pace, the plot and the climax weren't all too bad either. The book had a solid start, just a pretty average finish.

I really dig in the love triangle in this book. It's usually easy for me to pick a side but Elly Blake drafted both the male characters' dynamic very well with Ruby. It seems like you're gonna like Arcus, but then you will like Kai as well. It just hits me hard when I read what Ruby had to tell Arcus on one of his jealous episode about Kai:

"That may be true. But it's not that I'm judging you for being possessive. I feel that way about you too." I took a deep breathe. "But I do judge how you act on that feeling. You hurt my friend who is already hurting. I chose you, Arcus. Over him. He is the one left behind, despite being good and true to me. He was only arguing for a chance, thinking he had one. He doesn't."

Like as if that doesn't strike you to the heart already. I would love triangle trope if they're done right and I'll always root for the lead male characters, it's no argument. At different times, I will dislike Kai presence in the picture but he is funny, supportive, caring and overall just a lovely character and I ache for him. He actually reminds me a bit of Nikolai Lantsov from S&B. To be honest, he can be good for Ruby as Arcus is. It's just sad her heart never really belongs to him in the first place.

To make things worse, I find Arcus to be infuriating in the last book. Yes, I personally love possessive man if not overdone. But Arcus is getting too much protective and a little annoying and demanding. Like… you don't have to look so insecure. Therefore, this series is giving me mix emotions on the male characters but that just show how well they were accentuated as a character. I just hope in another life, Kai gets his happy ending and all the good things in the world.

Ruby also developed very well. The first book was kinda disappointing because through times and times, we don't get to see Ruby evolved tremendously until the second book. And now, I feel like she managed to control herself better and seem more sure and self-reliant, like truly the one who was supposed to fulfill the prophecy. Although, that part, had a little twist on it and I definitely did not expect it. This book has lots of surprises and I like it can offer me that.

This isn't like a Nobel Prize worthy kind of book if I have to be frank, but I still enjoy them. Hence, the four stars.
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858 reviews3,759 followers
July 19, 2019
My experience of listening to the audiobook and having it expire with only about an hour and a half left, and not being able to get it again until a month later to finish was not enjoyable. BUT, I tried to rate it based on how much I remember enjoying the first two books. I was really into this story and wish I had been able to binge them all straight through. I do think it's a good series to check out if you like elemental magic.

Audiobook: 4 stars. Very pleasant to listen to, would recommend.
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87 reviews1 follower
September 22, 2018
So impatient I want this now!!! Ruby and Arcus all the way!! Also is he the child of light??
This book did not disappoint I loved it. I loved the way the relationships were written. A beautiful ending to a wonderful story.
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980 reviews1,810 followers
March 1, 2022
✅ Magic / Powers
✅🆗 Plot
✅🆗 Characters
✅🆗 Kind of love triangle / Angst and drama
✅🆗 Politics
✅🆗 World-building
🆗 Action

3.5 stars

I was expecting more action in Nightblood since it is the last book of the series. Ruby, Arcus, and Kai spent most of the story planning and trying to prevent The Minax from escaping, but there was little action until the last part of the book. It is still a satisfying ending to a good series.

Also, the relationship drama was getting old. Don't get me wrong, I love drama, but it felt more like superficial teenager drama than real angsty drama (I know that Ruby is technically a teenager, but still). The fact that they made such a big deal about saying “I love you” out loud got on my nerves a little as if they didn’t know yet that they loved each other after everything they’ve been through... I also felt that their relationship was almost toxic since they were both lying to the other and going behind their back "to protect the other's feelings".

The ending is predictable, but there are still some events that I didn't see coming and overall, I did enjoy reading Nightblood, but I am glad to be done with this series because I still don't like Arcus that much even after 3 books and the silly drama between Ruby and him was getting on my nerves. I also wish that there were more Kai moments in this book, I really like him and he was relegated to the role of a second character whereas he was one of the main characters in Fireblood.

This series as a whole is light and entertaining to read and I would recommend it, but you can't have too high expectations. It is your usual YA fantasy book with the good vanquishing the evil and the main character ending with the first love interest introduced.

Frostblood ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Fireblood ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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October 16, 2019
**Yeah…I think I finished this a month after it came out, but it got lost in my ‘completed reviews’ section. Oops.**

**Also, I’m too lazy and too pregnant to type out quotes or look up gifs (atm). I have failed my darling characters in their final journey**

It’s always with a heavy heart I finish a series-for both good and bad reasons. It’s either the end of one of my favorite series and I’m loathe to part with it, or it’s a failure-like most. But, for once, I’m happy to say this trilogy ended on an astoundingly high note and was actually a pretty consistently strong series.

Three years ago I had no idea that a book I loved so much would actually have a worthy trilogy to stand behind-we all know how that goes. We fall hard for a book that is the beginning of a series, then we either deal with or connect to the second, not knowing what’s to come, then we have to read that final book that almost NEVER wraps things up correctly or fails on so many levels you write if off and consider the first book a standalone and forget the other two (or three or four, depending on the size of the series) ever existed. I do that a lot, you know? Being as picky as I am. It happened recently, actually-did I mention that The Red Queen series is actually a duology? No? Well, it is-and man was that duology epic!!! What other two books??? Those pieces of crap *Cue rage and anger*?

ANYWAY. I digress. Arcus stole my heart immediately, when I was sent a copy of this in the mail. Nothing could harness the raging inferno of my BBF loving soul, because the enemies to lovers trope was done so beautifully, so wonderfully, I couldn’t find a flaw for miles. I loved Ruby. I adored Arcus. And the peril just made my masochistic little heart soar. I’ll admit that, while I loved the Arcus moments in book two more than is acceptable for my health, I didn’t care much for the second book-I thought Ruby was rash (a typical YA heroine, if I’m being honest), and the way she shit on Arcus was not okay with me-at all. I’ll admit I rage-skimmed a bit. But all is well that ends well, and I gave the third book the benefit of the doubt, letting IT decide if it was worth calling this a successful trilogy or not.

I now think it’s safe to say this was a winner and it totally rounded out the series, for me, and I now can call this one of my favorite series ever. Yeah, people called it cliché….but is it cliché if the author makes it unique, heart-wrenching, and soul-shattering? I don’t think so-but I’ve always said that if a story has characters that steal my heart and make me happy, then I’m happy. I may be snooty about a lot of bookish things, but I don’t believe in calling books cliché, overdone, or overused in certain tropes. Every author deserves to try their hand at a tried and true story-line (seeing as there area bajillion?), it’s what they choose to do with it and how they write it that matters.

So, here we are-Arcus is possessive, protective, jelly, and all-around the most perfect and adoring king. Ruby is….dealing with some things-the result of book two, if you will. She came off as a total a-hole, to be honest, and it was hard to take, at times. It truly isn’t her fault, but my God did my heart break on multiple occasions for Arcus. It was almost unbearable, in some moments. And, okay, it was super heavy-handed on the romance in this one but-look at it this way-in book one they were enemies most of the book, I guess, and in book two there is that second book trope where they aren’t in the same place for some time, and now we finally get to see them together andddd…I’m sorry-I loved every minute of their adorableness together. Even though Ruby did her best to ruin every moment. Sigh.

And, I think it’s worth mentioning here that I actually thought that the author did a great job of tying up loose ends and making it all seem….dare I say it? Authentic. I didn’t feel like it was rushed. I didn’t love all the info we had to take in, but it was necessary and it truly felt like she put her heart and soul into making this a seamless ending, and I think it worked. Yeah, there’s always an air (heir?? I don’t know) of unbelievability, but, okay, without that air of unbelievability? I’d have crushed this author under my shoe and buried these books in the darkest part of the forest. Not a joke.

About that-MY HEART. MY FRIKKIN’ HEART. I sobbed for two hours straight, making it so difficult to finish, hoping and praying and wishing and….oh yeah. I was a blubbering mess. I always say I love a good romantic peril-especially one that yields such strong emotions that they make me cry-and I was a goner for this book. I can’t say, obviously, what it was but…yeah. This one ripped my heart to shreds. Ouch.

I’m sad to say that after years of pining for Arcus it’s all over, but that is sadly the case here. Good. Bad. Ugly. Beautiful. It doesn’t matter-it’s all over…and my heart is still lying in pieces all over the floor. So, I hope if you were waiting for the final book to come out to make your decision, you can now rest assured that I give this my stamp of approval (if that means anything to you) and I hope you will meet my darling, scarred, and overprotective Arcus-he is as icy as stone…but he has a vulnerable heart, so please don’t break it. Sigh.

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THAT WAS A DIRTY DIRTY TRICK. I was bawling so hard I couldn’t even read...and, in the end, I was still crying-but for a totally different reason.

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247 reviews192 followers
September 18, 2018
This book freed me from the biggest reading slump of my life, so I think it is fair to say that I absolutely loved it!!

(Really am not a fan of this cover though... :( )

Ruby and Arcus are both two of the biggest idiots in the existence of literature, with like 100000 insecurities each and SO MUCH BAD DECISION MAKING so obviously I ship them like 300%!!! Every scene with them had far too much cringe and too much drama and I was so over that... BUT I STILL SHIPPED IT SO HARD I AM ACTUAL TRASH!!

I honestly COULD NOT count the amount of times that Ruby did something extremely stupid. I feel like Ruby's moments of idiocy detracted from the main plot quite a bit...

But the overall big picture plot was absolutely amazing!! The stakes in the series have built up so much and the ending was just !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ASFDGHJagdhfsuaytfdgakshia THE ENDING!! 10/10 would recommend!!

(I still hate Kai. What a loser. I was most displeased by the way his character ended up in this book. Just so much hate on him!!!)

Overall though, LOVE LOVE LOVE, defs go read it!
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301 reviews57 followers
February 3, 2019
The romance and love triangle in this is absolutely terrible and reminds me of Twilight. There. I said it. Now come burn me for my unpopular opinion lol.

I don't know how this happened guys. I absolutely loved Arcus in Frostblood, the first book of the trilogy! In this book though... . Arcus is terrible, and way too controlling. He won't let Ruby do anything, even when she's doing it for the greater good, to be selfless and save the entire world, he's like nOPE. You aren't doing this because you might get hurt. The only rare occasion when he'll consider allowing her to do anything is when he's with her, because apparently she can't be trusted to be independent and strong on her own terms--no, Arcus thinks she can only accomplish anything when he's there. He's so controlling that Ruby has to lie to him on numerous occasions, lie to the person who "loves" her.

Furthermore, she is actively scared to lie to him and go against him, worried that he's going to freak out and make a ruckus over her actually doing anything. She even puts herself in danger because of this!! In literally the first chapter of the book, Ruby is shown to sleepwalk and have nightmares often, and almost throws herself over the side of a ship and dies, but won't allow guards or people to watch outside her door and make sure she doesn't, you know, fall off the ship and die in her sleep, because she's worried Arcus will know she's suffering and freak out. Furthermore, one time she's terribly sick and delirious, but doesn't want Arcus to know because she's worried about his reaction.

FURTHemore, Arcus doesn't trust her to do anything. He acts all jealous and manipulative, and when Ruby has to kiss someone else in a terrifying and unpleasant situation necessary to help save the world, he doesn't let her explain, assuming the worst of her. And when she says cruel things to him because she is possessed outside of her own accord, instead of helping her through it, he hurts her and leaves her.

I am so hardcore Team Kai guys. Kai is the one to push her to be her best, to let herself feel and live, while Arcus is the one she has to tiptoe around because he's always trying to control her. But this book makes it very clear just like it did at the end of Fireblood that Ruby only has eyes for Arcus. Yet for some reason the book keeps trying to push Kai at her and show he loves her even though it's very clear she doesn't feel the same? This is Twilight status, really. Two guys like girl, one of them always trying to control her, but she only likes that guy and the other guy stands no chance but forced love triangle anyways just to love triangle.

Anyway, at this point you may be wondering why I'm spending so much time rambling about romance in a fantasy book. Well, to that I would question why the book spends so much time angsting about romance when it's supposed to be a fantasy book? The fantasy is amazing! But I feel like every other chapter Ruby is angsting about her love life, with a bunch of stupid arguments and forced conflict, tension, and drama just because. Honestly, this book would be SO MUCH BETTER without any romance or love triangle, ngl.

Aside from that, the stakes are so much higher here than in the past two books and it was amazing! Ruby has really developed and grown as a character so much since the first book, and has to accomplish amazing feats, traveling in search of a mythical isle to defeat a cruel god, all the while fighting against the darkness growing in her, in her very nature.

I loved seeing the mythology and lore of the gods in this book too! We got a bit of backstory in the first two books, but we really get to experience them them in person here, and see the full scope of their powers as Ruby attempts to fight against them. A lot more is revealed about the Minax too, and the strength Ruby must muster to keep it under her control.

The ending of this book was, for the most part, absolutely insane! I was on the edge of my seat, turning pages as quickly as possible to try and discover what would happen next. The ending was so twisty that I definitely didn't guess or anticipate beforehand what would happen!

3 stars
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210 reviews50 followers
April 29, 2020
Another book that could have been great but suffered from poor writing and unnecessary fillers. It seemed to me as if the writer just said f*ck it and gave up on the series altogether after the event of Fireblood. The plot just kept going downhill as it went, not to mention all those ruined potential of the characters.

The plot & characters
Seriously, the whole book was a chaotic mess. I have no idea what point the writer was trying to prove here except the fact that all characters were plain stupid and one dimensional. Every "big revelation" was so anti-climatic and predictable. I sometimes even wondered if she was just making up stuff as she went.

The romance
Arcus and Ruby's relationship in the whole series is literally one step away from being toxic AF and this entire book proved it. I saw someone's post on Tumblr that this couple is basically the alternate version of Feyre and Tamlin from Sarah J Maas's ACOTAR series if she had chosen him instead of Rhysand and I kinda agree? I know that they loved each other and all that, but they were both too selfish, overprotective, childish AND stubborn (mostly Arcus).

I believe the entire series was actually a light and fun read as long as you don't have too much expectation for it. But if you're looking for a good fantasy with a strong-willed heroine, then it's definitely not for you.
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908 reviews164 followers
September 2, 2018
Really good finale to this series. I love the Gods aspect to this one a lot more than in did in the previous two book. Ruby, Arcus, & Kia took this finale to awesome heights and give readers a satisfying conclusion. Everything really wraps up in this book with not only the main characters but we get more on the sub-characters.

My quick and simple overall: great finale that helped me get a little more out of my reading slump.
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1,730 reviews295 followers
October 26, 2018
Overall this series was just Meh for me.

Having found out her heritage and now knowing what she must do to save her world, Ruby sets off to align Frostbloods and Firebloods. With her for this ride are King Arcus and Prince Kai - a Frostblood and a Fireblood, respectively, who both have a thing for Ruby. (Shocking, I know)

I have to say that I was not really a fan of Ruby. I felt she was very selfish and immature, not really thinking before acting and just made stupid decisions. While I love flawed characters, Ruby, to me, was flawed in all the wrong places. The whole "I can do this on my own" needed to go and once again, listening to other people makes for a strong and smart character.

Then there was the love story. I'm sorry, but I still don't feel the connection between Ruby and Arcus - and I've said this since book one. You can't just tell me they love each other, I need to feel it and I didn't. I honestly felt more between her and Kai but I didn't want them together because I really didn't want a love triangle sort of story. But alas...

And then there was the ending. Everything kind of wrapped up in a pretty little bow, didn't it? The villain was dealt with quickly and nothing was lost. I didn't feel the heart-pounding terror of "will they all make it??" because based on how the story was going, I knew they would.

So what did I like? The concept, for one. I liked the mythology that surrounded the story. The history of how the Frostbloods and Firebloods were created was a very good backstory, I just wished that when the Gods finally showed up there was more of them. They were built up to be this huge power and then were like hi, bye.

Then there were the side characters - I loved the Monks! They rounded out the story and added a touch of vulnerability to the story along with wisdom. I also really liked the character of Kai because he had personality. He was alive which was totally different from Arcus who just kind of blundered around.

I also liked Blake's writing style. Her world was easy to visualize and the words flowed well. I would definitely be interested in seeing what comes next from her.
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6,317 reviews215 followers
July 24, 2019
I'd like to be proud that I just dove into this book and finished it. However, I'm not because it came almost a year ago.. and now all I can think about is that I'm seriously slacking in the reading department. I feel so off my groove.. and I have no idea what to do about it.

Nightblood was unsurprisingly amazing. I knew it was going to be because I'm absolutely in love with this entire series. I'm just super upset with myself for taking 800 years to finally dive into it. It's not like I was that busy last August.. so yeah - wtf self?

Back to the book - Ruby, I love her. She continues to grow in front of my eyes. I will admit thought that I was a bit skeptical about the whole Minax influence thing.. but it eventually worked itself out. Another thing I noticed was the random roller coaster dip in this book. For example, the beginning was a bit fast paced that I'm surprised I didn't end up with whiplash. The middle was kind of eh.. like I was on a lazy river tube ride or something. Then as we are inching closer to the ending, wham - again it was a bit intense. So basically it was a crazy but enjoyable ride.

Speaking of that ending, hot damn guys. I wasn't expected to be stabbed like that. Definitely loved the happily ever after (in a way) but can you warn a sister next time?
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135 reviews261 followers
September 4, 2022
drama, angst, and relationships.
If you like all that, you’d probably like this book much better than I did.

Ruby, Arcus, and Kai, along with a small group of ships, are setting sail for the Isle of Night in order to finally defeat the evil spirits plaguing both the Frostbloods and Firebloods and the god that created them.

For me, it wasn’t the best finale. Ruby is still a fiery brat and now she’s ridiculously superpowered and politically important and just so special I could barely handle all her specialness. Yes, I know she had an evil being inside her that was influencing her words and actions, but she still said stuff and hurt Arcus and Kai, who’ve literally been there for her. All. The. Time. Even more than usual, I felt like she didn’t deserve either of them, especially Arcus. To have a healthy relationship, he needs to be able to trust her, and she broke that trust every other page. She’d apologize, and he’d forgive her, and then she’d do it all over again with no remorse.

It was infuriating.

Star Rating: ★☆☆☆☆
If This Book Was a Movie Rating: PG-13
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3,001 reviews370 followers
October 30, 2018
A pretty strong if not neatly wrapped up conclusion to what turned out to be an amazing series!

Loved the character growth, the friendships, the monks, the romance, the mythology, just all of it. So glad I took a chance and read (and loved!) it!
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2,422 reviews384 followers
September 18, 2018
3.5 stars

NIGHTBLOOD was a satisfying end to what has been a great series overall. There was plenty of dramatic action, a consistent plot tethering the previous books with some new aspects added in. The crop of characters in this series have become beloved companions: Arcus, Ruby, Kai, Brother Thistle to name a few. It is these characters that make this series memorable.

Ruby took me on an up and down journey in this book, sometimes I was frustrated with her, but I had to keep reminding myself, this could be Minax-related or this could be her being flippy-floppy. She won me over in the end. The triangular-shaped parts were easier to deal with in this final book because there was clarity about where the feelings lay. Arcus is a bit of an all-round, cannot-do-any-wrong guy to me and my love remained strong for this man.

I don't know why I didn't have the same connection with book three as I did with the other two but whilst I was interested, I wasn't gripped. I think it was storyline-orientated because as I have said, the character draw was strong.

I look forward to what else Elly Blake can write, because she has shown such talent with this series and I am excited to see more from her.

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.
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22 reviews
December 13, 2017
Can’t wait for this book to come out! REALLY NEED KAI TO END UP WITH RUBY
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121 reviews101 followers
November 14, 2019
p e r f e c t!

what an amazing ending for this amazing trilogy. pacing, characters, plot, you name it. everything was on point.
and it made me uglily sob twice, so... worth it.
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1,663 reviews355 followers
August 29, 2018
Nightblood is the final book in the Frostblood series by Elly Blake and I have been waiting to get this book in my hands since I turned the last page of the second book. If you haven’t started this series, now is a great time for you to pick it up since it is finished, and you won’t have to have an agonizing wait between books. No spoilers here for this book but I can’t promise anything for the first two.

Nightblood picks up shortly after Fireblood finishes and Ruby, Arcus, and Kai are headed back to Tempesia to see Brother Thistle as well as meet with Arcus’ court. He needs the court’s agreement to partner with Sudesia and the Queen’s forces to go after Eurus and stop him from opening the Gate of Light.

Ruby has grown quite a bit since book one and now that she is carrying the Minax around inside of her, she is also fighting against the darkness and feelings that the Minax loves and thrives on, so her level of self-control gets tested throughout this book. I thought Blake did a fantastic job of reflecting the struggle that Ruby has trying to maintain who she is and not give over control. Ruby does her best to hide just how much the Minax is affecting her, but she isn’t always successful, and her friendships / relationship suffers because of this.

Arcus is still swoony…in case you were wondering. All he wants to do is protect his people and keep Ruby safe. Unfortunately, he has little control over what happens with Ruby and more often than not, he is trying to figure out what is going on with her because she isn’t telling him everything. Ruby’s situation forces him to face the fact that he can’t always control everything, and he has to trust her. Add to this, the fact that Kai still has feelings for Ruby and isn’t necessarily hiding it, he is continually trying to balance his jealousy with the fact that he knows Ruby loves him.

If you know me at all, you know I like my fantasy with a bit of romance and this series definitely comes through. The relationship between Arcus and Ruby was lovely and swoony and I loved that they weren’t afraid to talk to each other about everything.

Outside of the relationship stuff, Ruby and Arcus are working to bring the frost court and fire court together in the fight against Eurus. The only way to stop him is to get to the Gate of Light and keep him from releasing the darkness inside. Along the way they find out key things that put their lives at risk and because of who Ruby is, she is the only one who can prevent the disaster from happening if Eurus were successful.

This installment brings back some characters from previous books as well as introduces ones we haven’t officially met before. I thought Blake did a good job of bringing all the secondary characters into the main story and giving them a purpose. There were some twists throughout the story which is always a plus.

A LOT happens in this book with regard to the fight with Eurus but I can’t tell you anything for fear of ruining any bit of the story. Just know that I had lots of feelings about everything and I wasn’t sure how Blake was going to wrap this up. I was worried…okay?

Overall, I really enjoyed this series and thought Blake did a fantastic job of creating the world, developing the characters, and writing a story that kept me turning the pages. If you are looking for a fantasy series to start, I highly recommend this one. There is magic, danger, and plenty of swoony bits to land this one in my favorites list. I look forward to checking out whatever Blake writes next.
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October 5, 2018
This is such a satisfying finale book! Everything wrap up together nicely.. every questions on the previous books answered on this book. I love how this series own the right amount of magic and romance.

Ruby still annoyed and frustrated me but in the end I like her still, while Arcus.. no word… I JUST LOVE THIS GUY!

The banter between Kai and Ruby were so much fun too!

Wish Elly Blake will write more books in the future
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May 5, 2022
"He frowned. "You don't win a coronation."
"Watch me.""
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September 9, 2018

When I started the Frostblood saga, the first two books were already out so I devoured them one after the other. Having to wait for the third book after the cliffhanger in Fireblood was torture. I couldn’t wait to dive in when Nightblood was finally, finally released.

First off, I love all the covers in the trilogy. They’re so cool and they fit each story like a glove, especially Nightblood, which showcases the darker tone of the story and Ruby’s struggles with the Minax.

Nightblood continued where Fireblood left off. With newfound revelations and trials overcome, Ruby, Arcus and Kai are faced with the fate of both the Frostblood and Fireblood kingdoms hanging on their shoulders.

Tensions rise as the three are thrown together. Relationships are put to the test as they all deal with the choices they have to make and facing the consequences of those decisions.

Nightblood was a roller-coaster ride. I couldn’t guess what would happen next and was kept at the edge of my seat. New revelations came to light adding further depth to the story. Arcus is still my favorite character and I absolutely adored him. Nightblood was entertainting with exceptional writing – an incredible finale to the Frostblood saga.

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