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Doll Face

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Hide the sharp objects and prepare your alibi, the Doll Face Series is your newest dark delight.

Most kids don't grow up wanting a dead-beat dad. Those kids don't understand how much worse it can truly be. How it feels to grow up wishing your father was a neglectful dead-beat and not a living nightmare.

I did. I do. And my safest place is to hide among the monsters. So, that's what I do. I blend into a sea of criminals and the depraved. Any of them are far better company than my father.

It's been over two years I've stayed safe, over two years of keeping the balance, over two years of being someone else and living their life.

Then he walks through the dark red lacquered doors of my hiding place. His eyes searching, probing, and knowing. Now, this temptation swirls on the tip of my tongue, teasing my taste buds, making me want to confess all my sins to a man who could punish me and free me in the most wonderfully worst ways.

This isn't a romance. This isn't a love story.
This is primal. This is raw. This is obsession.

~*~ Doll Face is a dark erotic tale suitable for ages 18+. This contains DARK subjects. If you require trigger warnings, guaranteed HEAs, are easily turned off by dark subjects, or just have any hard 'limit/requirement for a story, this isn't the book for you (Check out The Falling Stars Series instead). If you like dark subjects, over the top obsessive controlling alpha males, and aren't afraid of how bloody love can truly get... Then enjoy. ~*~

355 pages, Kindle Edition

First published August 17, 2017

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About the author

Sadie Grubor

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I'm a self professed foul mouthed, book nerd who seeks world domination with her sinister side kick, evil minions, fatal depth dwelling felines, hell hound, and fanged lagoon creature.

Oh-Kay, so in reality...I'm a foul mouthed, wife, book nerd, mother of two children, two cats who refuse to leave our basement, a fluffy white ankle biter named Puff, and a carnival goldfish who has survived for two years. We are still seeking world domination - No Seriously, we are.

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Sadie Grubor is the adult alter-author of Young Adult Writer Saewod Tice.

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3,262 reviews2,269 followers
August 19, 2017

descriptionI like this cover even if it's a bit too "cutsy" for the story found within. *lol* Still it is a good representation of the story. Good composition and title work.description

descriptionChrist on a fucked up cracker this had to be one of THE best books I have read ALL year. It was fantastically well written and paced. It had an interesting and well developed main plot. It had several interesting subplots. One in particular that I *think* we will get more development on in book two. It had twists and turns. It was smokin' hot. It was dark. It was bloody. It was gory and gruesome. It had an excellent cast of secondary characters. Some of which I hope will get their own twisted books.


It had two extremely deranged main characters that were complex and multi layered. Call me sick, but I loved both these main characters. Saint was sexy, alpha, and CRAZY and Mei was his perfect companion. Lastly, it was all wrapped up in a bit of a cliffhanger. I assume there is going to be another book because I NEED these two to get a in whatever twisted form that takes.

Nothing much left to say. Two HUGE thumbs up from yours truly.description


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1,863 reviews1,192 followers
August 22, 2021
There really are not enough good things I can say about this Book.
"Doll Face" By Sadie Grubor is the first thing I have ever read by this author and boy was this one action-packed non-stop gruesome bloody read.
This was so deliciously wrong but felt so freakishly right.
And I would have to say this is hands down one of my favourite reads of this year.
But just be warned this is dark stuff and it doesn't pull its punches.
So Doll face revolves around "Mei" a stripper/dancer whos rather cray cray and also "Saint" whos a mob enforcer and boss and even more cray cray.
These two have the type of Loony tunes sadistic natures that just recognise and bask in each other's dark auras.

The evil lurking within recognizes and wants him. Even now, the urges swirl beneath my skin in a choreographed dance designed just for him. He grins, walking around the bed, and my eyes follow every languid movement of his large body. Stopping at the right of the bed, he leans down, fists burrowing into the mattress. "I've been in hell for years, dead girl," he informs. "Now, I'm bringing you with me."

This is it. She finally understands. She sees the creature at its worst. The very thing grown men cower from and my absolute jubilation in the acts I perform.

Each have their own reasons for the way they are and together they just fit, like two pieces of a puzzle.
Mei is in hiding, on the run, lying low when she catches saint's eye, he decides he wants her for his own, so he just takes her and installs her in his penthouse.
together they slowly learn to welcome each others brand of nuts.

"That was all you, my pretty, dirty, little dead girl," I say, bringing my face so close each of her heavy breaths warms my mouth. "I've glimpsed your darkness," I whisper, feeling her body tense, "and it's fucking beautiful."

"The ground will be littered with the bodies of those who have and would hurt you," he vows. "I will lay each one at your feet and carve your name into their flesh as a reminder to others."

So this was fantastically written, I hung on to every gruesome bloody word written.
The world-building was amazing and it also had great secondary characters that I would love to see centre stage in their own stories.
There were so many twists and turns I was getting dizzy.
And as we approached the end things really started to heat up fast barreling towards a giant cliffhanger, which I found so bloody annoying.
The way this was left I imagine and hope there will be a continuation of this story, there just has to be, It cant be left here.
I for one will be waiting for the next delicious instalment with bated breath.
I will leave you with this delicious declaration from Saint

"I don't care about your sins," he says, "I have my own." His fingers flex against my scalp. "And quite honestly, I need your soul to be as dark and corrupted," he confesses. "It's the only way mine won't destroy you. I can't destroy you." Tears fill my eyes, one blink setting them free. "You're so fucking perfect, and I'm terrified of you," he admits, bringing his left hand to the other side of my face. "It's like my demons conjured you just to torment me and I'm scared they'll take you away." "You resurrected all my demons and ghosts," I sniff. "He'll come for me." "I hope so," he growls. "Because there isn't a god or devil who will save him from The Saint."

I so need more Saint and his deadly little Doll.
 photo download 1_zpsn5p4qbxx.jpg

Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm
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2,732 reviews1,478 followers
December 20, 2017
A strong 3.5 Stars

I went back and forth with my rating. At some parts the book was a solid 4 and some parts it was lacking and I figure a 3, so I picked something in the middle.

I picked up this book because of all of the raving reviews. This book is dark, twisted and very steamy, so it hit all the marks in that area.

I’ll say this, this book as potential. It wasn’t a flawless book and there were a lot of stuff I kind of glossed over because I wanted to finish.

Let’s begin shall we?

The items I loved about this book

This is a dark romance and yes and yes. I love dark books, but I’m starting to see some out of the box stuff dark, but this one hit all the right notes. I was uncomfortable at times, but it was a good to be uncomfortable.

The Hero was slightly obsessive and very damaged I LOVE a hero chasing after the Heroine storyline. Yes, take her away. Yes be crazy alpha when another man watches her. Yes, use her in front of men. I’m all game. I really liked Saint. I found him the perfect balance of harsh, charming and male. He hit all the right notes for me.

the STEAM! There are so many “new adult” books now that are so tame but they have wild covers. What’s up with that? If you have a half naked person on the cover, I expect steam. I loved the kinky, I loved the rawness of it and I love the right amount.

The stuff I thought could use some work

About 20% of the book could have been edited out. And shocking to say, I could have done away the last part of the book. Some parts were overly descriptive and repetitive.

The forced dialogue and romance I do like the chemistry and heat between the h and H, but there are some forced dialogue that I found awkward and a little forced. This is my personal preference. I like an alpha male, but I dunno, maybe it was just a little too much. Maybe if half of it was edited out I would have been fine.

The crazy added stuff There’s a lot stuff that happened, especially the ending and I was like rubbing my head with confusion. Too much went on and the plot seemed so forced.

The secret, not so secret Almost all the book the Saint was pressuring Mei who she was. Newsflash we knew and newsflash what is the big deal? I felt like that should not have lasted as long as it did. This hurt the book a lot. This was such a huge focal point of the book, but it was not needed in my opinion and it just dragged the story down down down.

Overall, I liked the book that is why I finished it. I enjoyed many elements, but there are some parts that kind of made me tired. I don’t think I will be continuing on with the series, I will explain later in the spoiler section.

Spoiler section

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227 reviews224 followers
December 8, 2021
5 unforgettable stars

Sadie, bish. If you see this…

I swear the best books are always the ones that are incomplete.
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970 reviews232 followers
October 7, 2017

4.5 stars

"The moment she tore away the mask and revealed the dark and dirty beneath that lovely costume, she became mine."

When I first read the blurb I was so intrigued. I love dark romances, but lately I can't find any that are original and keep me interested until the end. I was so glad that wasn't the case with Doll Face. I don't even know how to explain it, but I loved everything about this book. First of all I really appreciated the author taking her time to tell the story of Mei and The Saint. They both are such complicated characters and nothing is as it seems. I was especially intrigued by Mei, she had so many secrets and as a reader you have to wait for them to be uncovered. The Saint wants to know everything about her, but she makes him work for her secrets. Both of them are dark and twisted, there are many scenes in this book that were gory and violent. What I loved most about this book, was how much Mei and The Saint fit together. They found their match and I was really excited to see how their relationship would develop.

"Our bodies covered in blood and her wrapped around me, we'd emerged like something nightmares and horror stories are made of. The Saint and his Deadly Little Doll."

Every time I found a piece to the puzzle, I was getting more and more addicted to the story. The author did such an incredible job in hooking me, and leaving me wanting more. I loved every character in this book, and I really liked that the secondary characters played important roles as well. Mei, looks like a very innocent young woman, but has a very dark side to her as well, which she is trying to control. She was a very complicated character. The Saint doesn't let anything or anyone control him, however he finds his match with Mei. I love The Saint, he is a villain but it wasn't his own choice, he was forced to become this monster to survive. The story was unpredictable and the author hit me with plot twists left and right. I was on the edge of my seat and couldn't wait to see how this story would end. The ending has me dying to get my hands on the next book. I just need to know what is going to happen next.
Profile Image for Ness.
78 reviews
September 9, 2017
It has been exactly 4 hours since I finished reading this book yet I cant seem to find the words that would justify how good this book is. I love it so much. Things I want to find in a book were all here. The complexity of the characters, the bloody sex and THAT ENDING,definitely deserves 5 bloody dark stars.

P.S If the second book would be about The Geisha and Saint I WILL FUCKING RIOT
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525 reviews31 followers
August 4, 2017
This one is for shattering comfort zones, exploring new parts of yourself and celebrating every part that makes you YOU.

Well, I did NOT expect THAT out of this book! This is my first book by, Sadie Grubor, writing as V. Fiorello. I can see why she would want to use a pen name for this book! Holy, welcome to hell, Batman!

Lets start with that cover. It's beautiful. It fits this story better than anything I've ever seen. A better cover could not have been chosen for this book.

Mei, this poor woman. She's been a pet all her life. Always told what to do, how to act, how to dress. Will she ever be free? She was, kinda, for a while and then she meets Saint, a man that commands your attention without words. She must choose between two men, the lesser of two evils if you will. Her entire life is about to change and she is going to die, again.

Saint. He is not the one you want knocking on your door, at any time of the day. When he walks into a room you should pray, to whatever you believe in that he doesn't look your way. I am 100% in love with, Saint and a little in love with Mei, his obsession. Oh, yes. He is completely obsessed with Mei, it's scary but ridiculously hot!

Without giving anything away, I'm still trying to figure out if Saint is/was trying to fix Mei or himself. Both characters have secrets, HUGE secrets that are going to come out, and they do, all of them come out into the light.

Warning: this book is dark, it's dirty, it has themes, scenes and flashbacks that will make you cringe. This book, if you're into that kinda thing, is hot AF!

Darkness: 5
Characters: 5
Story Line: 5
Overall: 5

This book was read and reviewed on behalf of, Twisted Book Reviews
August 17, 2017

For all you dark junkies, this is the book for you!
I think....
For me ....this was 100 shades of FUCKED UP! I should pay more attention to WARNING signs.

If you are wondering how life looks like in hell....

In the meantime i'll go search for the unicorns!

Profile Image for Court.
417 reviews46 followers
August 19, 2017
Notice: this book involves sensitive subjects like realistic murder/psychological episodes and could basically be considered a kinky episode of Criminal Minds, so ... you've been warned.

Oh. My. GOD. This was a random read, but it turned out to be so deliciously fucked up I couldn't stop reading. Categorizing it as a dark romance wouldn't really do it justice. It's more like Dexter with a side of Hot n' Ready; Hot n' Ready obviously referring to the primal sex scenes that happened to my own two eyes.

Meet Mei, a 19 year old girl living in hiding while working at a gentleman's club owned by some very scary men. Constantly haunted by memories of her past, it's hard to tell whether her life now - surrounded by murder and violent sex - is in any way worse than her previous life as a human doll. Kept by her father in a pink wonderland of fuckery, she grew up in a home thinking her father's kidnapped and bound women were her own personal dolls, never knowing any better. That is, until she escaped and learned the truth.

One of the head honchos of said scary group of men is Dante, or The Saint as he's affectionately known by most everyone. But goodness me, he's the Devil himself wrapped in a black suit. Referring to his battle persona as the beast, he's not shy of a little (a lot of) blood ruining his outfit, and when he meets Mei - a girl with the same crazytown gleam in her eye - he believes he's met his match.

This isn't a story of saving each other from their own demons, oh no . This is a story of allowing each other to embrace them. To thrive and survive off of them. Because for both Mei and Dante, the world is a very ugly place, and it's been very unfair.

So they're taking matters into their own hands.

As I mentioned before, this is not a story for fans of lighthearted romance. There will be blood. There will be dark romance. There will be revenge.
Profile Image for  ✰  Charlie  ✰ Chisholm.
1,982 reviews22 followers
July 28, 2017

Wow what a story, can I just say the cover fits this book perfect and the cover is stunning?
I have never read anything by this Author before but this is my first book and will not be my last this book...This book is so good it will take you on a messed up intense, sometimes sick journey.

I really enjoyed Dante and Mei when they meet you just know there is a lot of chemistry between them and together they are hot. I am not going to give away any of the story, I really think you need to go into this book with an open mind and just enjoy the crazy rollercoaster of a ride.
I loved Mei she is such a great character, she doesn't take shit off anyone she is feisty. I just love her... I think I would be a little scared of her but I would not mind her as a friend. Dante is so possessive of Mei once he has her he is not going to let her go and he will do anything to keep her.
So much happens this book. It is fast paced... There are characters you will like, some you will not trust, some you will hate... this book is so intense in places you will be sitting holding your breath wondering how it going play out.
I will recommend this book to my friends a top read for me for sure. It is so well written I was so invested I could not stop turning the pages... I cannot wait for book 2.
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475 reviews18 followers
August 15, 2017
I am familiar with Sadie Grubor's work as a Rockstar Romance author - and a huge fan. Her sense of humor seems to match mine well, and her books are always a joy to read. When she started teasing about writing this very different kind of romance, I was quickly lured on over to the dark side.

Yes, it is a dark romance. For those that like their romances sweet and happy, this isn't the one. Want a well written, creepy - sometimes to the point of making you cringe or you skin crawl - completely dysfunctional romance? You, that reader, don't hesitate on that one click button for one more second. You need this one in your collection.

I honestly am not sure who I like more - Saint or Mei. Both are outstandingly unique characters who will be with you long after you turn the last page of this book. Mei is still running from an unspeakable childhood, and has found her place working in a strip club, but staying out of the spotlight. Saint is the best in the business at his job, though I am not sure how to translate "mob enforcer" into professional resume speak. There is undeniable chemistry when they meet, but will even stone cold Saint be safe when Mei's past comes to take her back.

I go back and forth when it comes to reading dark romances, but I have read many over the years. I would very honestly put Doll Face up against the best of them. Ms. Grubor has a gift for the twisted, on top of her already proven talents as an author, and from the moment I first heard about this project I was sure it would be fantastic, but I don't think I had quite realized the depths of depravity it would hit, and I certainly wasn't prepared for just how much I would enjoy wallowing in the deep end.

Highest recommendations for anyone who can embrace their dark side.
Profile Image for ✴ Cindy ✴  .
391 reviews
December 8, 2018

I’ve never read anything like this. I can’t even give it a normal review. It was very well written and psychologically interesting. The author made everything plausible except the Geisha at the end. She was a weird character insertion which I assume will be further explained in the next book. If I read it.
Profile Image for kat.
462 reviews160 followers
August 2, 2021
⭒ 5 stars ⭒

“Go to hell," I growl, not angry at the truth he speaks, but that he knows it at all.”
“I've been in hell for years, dead girl," he informs. "Now, I'm bringing you with me.”

my my my! If it weren't for exams, I would have read this in one sitting— and even though I hate dolls, I still enjoyed it. It's dark, very twisted, and utterly disturbing.


Sketch and Mei taunting each other was everything!
I need more of them.

“Sketch, have you finished your task?" A muscle jumps in Sketch's jaw.
"Someone's gonna get grounded," I taunt in a whisper.
"I hate you," he growls low.
"Aw, but I love you..."

and I thought book 2 was out in 2018, but it's not, and it's almost 2021. where is it?!
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245 reviews16 followers
April 14, 2018
10 effing stars for Sadie Grubor for this dark, twisted bloody brilliant story.......what I loved the most was you found fondness and kindness with the characters right in the middle of the darkness of brutality and the depraved

Love love loved it, can’t wait for the next instalment!!!!!
Profile Image for Kym.
516 reviews12 followers
March 15, 2018
I loved it!!! I can’t even describe the depravity of the story but I absolutely couldn’t put it down! It’s captivating and wild and so damn disturbing that it was right to come with a warning label.

However, it wasn’t quite as dark as I thought it would be but it was a definite line crosser. Let me rephrase that, Saint wasn’t as dark as i wanted him to be. Yes he was vicious and he enjoyed doing his job, but when it came to Meissa, he never really crossed into the extreme (except for the only blood play scene which made Mei more depraved than him).

Its seems to me that this installment was more focused on Mei, all the extra family difficulties with Saint were just to give him a word in. It was nice to have but unnecessary. The story was good with or without his family input. Now as for Mei, this was all about her. I love the way her character developed, or in better words fell apart. I felt it happening and i could see the glass shattering every step of the way.

This story was pure brilliance to the dark souls of the readers. I cannot wait for the next book!!!!
Profile Image for Erika P.
1,018 reviews161 followers
August 4, 2017
I jumped in this one and immediately loved the well-written, haunting tone shrouded in mystery, and then my little dark heart fell in love with this couple right away. Saint was the perfect combination of danger, overbearing alpha that showed some transformation by finding his female equal in all sense of the word...These two were burning up my kindle, my evil grin equaled theirs as they maneuvered through what seemed to be a fantastic mafia romance with a really entertaining couple, with her past being a refreshing twist to your typical tale.

"The edges of his darkness dance across my skin, wrapping around my limbs, drawing out the depravity I lock away."

Not your regular bad guy meets broken girl, this story had secondary stories shooting off creating, at times a whole lot going on for these characters. When I say these characters did not pass go, and went straight to lovably sadistic and psychopathic, I'm not lying. These two were forces of nature that I couldn't turn away from even if I wanted to!! Twists and turns galore, there was not a dull moment to be found!!

"My demons burn within every cell of my body, ready to combust with the urge to devour her, but
it's not the typical need to maim and destroy. His hunger is for ownership, possession. He's found the solace of another broken soul. Not one that will stifle his need, but revel in our dark oblivion."

My only complaint was that towards the end sprouted all these secondary stories running together that kind of made it muddled, and one of which was a little over the top for me. The ending felt unresolved for me, but it didn't take away from all the excellence of the first three quarters of the book that I absolutely loved!! I thank the Author for providing a copy to review!!

~~~Erika, Book Haven Book Blog
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807 reviews39 followers
August 21, 2017
Let me preface this review by saying I am not a big fan of dark romance. Most of those books to me never make the "hero" redeemable enough in my eyes. The couple of books that I have read that many people loved were just ehh to me. Weak heroines and a-hole heroes in my opinion. Not romance not erotic to me. When an author goes outside of their normal realm of writing and asks you to trust them, they need to deliver. I feel that this book really delivered on that front. I really loved this book.

Saint is not someone you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. He has a bad side and a badder side. Made mafia men are afraid of him. From an early age he was crafted to be a killer. When he sees Mei for the first time he just knows he has to make her his whether she likes it or not.

What can I say about Mei. She is one of the strongest heroines I have ever read. She knows dangerous men and is not afraid of them but afraid of what they can make her do. She is hiding some real secrets here. Saint was afraid to truly show her his dark side but she was afraid of what his dark side would bring out in her. When you say a messed up past, I mean Mei had it in spades. But I feel her past really made her into the woman she is now. That ending…wow. Fair warning it ends in a cliffhanger that I don’t think anyone would see coming.

Favorite scenes: Knife scene in the strip club, knife scene in the basement; scene with Mei and her doll near the end. The reason I like these scenes is because I can see a pivotal change in Mei after each one.

Not only were the hero and heroine well written to me but I think this book had very well crafted side characters. I need to know more about The Geisha, Sketch, Jacob, Felix and his whole family situation and this sister Saint keeps bringing up. Let’s just say I definitely look forward to reading the next book.

ARC provided for review.
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10 reviews2 followers
August 13, 2017
I received an unedited version for my honest review. Well here we go.....

I don't know many authors that can write about cupcakes and cutesy stories one minute then to release something so devious and dark. Takes balls and mad skill.
The evil genius mastermind that created Mei's and The Saint's dark tale blew me away.
You guys, this world, these characters.... It's raw, and sinister.
I devoured the words and I still can't get enough. I want more, I want to know what happens next. the twists and turns captivated me and I became part of their nightmare.
I highly recommend reading this glorious tale about devotion and things that go bump in the night.
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7 reviews11 followers
August 26, 2017
Dark and twisted.

Well written. Dark and twisted romance. Didn't realize this was NOT a standalone. Now to wait till 2018 for book 2..... sighhhhh.... 😒😒😒
28 reviews1 follower
June 25, 2018
I loved this story. it had mystery, horror and a whole lot of steam. I like the main character Mei. She was so damaged yet in her own way she found a way to keep living. The character Saint was very much the same way. They both did deplorable things. But there were some sparks of good in them. The secondary characters were awesome. I want to know more about Sketch and Jacob.

I recommend this book it kept me very interested from beginning to end. The author truly knows how to tell a story. I can't wait until the next one.
Profile Image for Carly Wakefield.
Author 6 books7 followers
December 30, 2017
This was dark, twisted, graphic and quite honestly I thoroughly enjoyed it!
I will definitely be picking up Geisha.
Profile Image for Shanisa.
38 reviews3 followers
January 26, 2019
Amazing!! I could not put this book down! Every emotion...I felt it. I laughed, I cried, I smiled, I was excited, shocked...I absolutely loved this book and everything it gave me. I am in dire need for the next book!
Profile Image for Amy.
1,155 reviews26 followers
August 11, 2017
WARNING - May contain some spoilers!
You were warned!!!

Holy $hit!

This is a dark romance. There is a lot going on in this book. A lot. Murder, revenge, lust, love, understanding, camaraderie - this book has it all.

Mei is a stripper who doesn't get involved with anyone. She keeps her eyes down and just dances to her song. She doesn't go to the VIP room, until curiosity kills her and lands her at the feet of the man called, Saint. He is no Saint, he is nothing but a monster. A monster that calls to her monster in a sick twisted way. By the time she realizes it, it's too late. She is caught in his game and she has no where to turn and no one to help her. Eventually he will grow tired of her and carve her up like the other girls. If Saint doesn't finish the job, no doubt her daddy will. He's still looking for her too.

Saint knew the moment he saw her, she was his and his alone. Not his cousin, Felix, but HIS. He saw the kindred monster in her and liked it. Liked it? Hell no, Loved the hell out of it. They were one in the same and no matter how much he tried to keep her away, she crawled under his skin and loved the monster within him. He wants to know who she is, but she is giving him nothing. Sharing nothing, she's an enigma that no one can figure out. But he will crack her, he will break her down and find out everything there is to know about her. Saint tries to protect Mei, but when they figure out who she is things go down hill quickly and she is taken away.

The last 25% of this book I held my breath trying to figure out all the twists and turns of the book and how things were falling into place. I wasn't prepared for the book to end the way it did. I figured Saint and Mei would ride off into the sunset together and live out their lives. Big Fat NO! But the way it ends is perfect, because it's not really an end, it's a beginning to the story of Saint and Mei.

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