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Strip You #2

Strip Me Bare

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"I may have had more lovers than you, and I may take my clothes off for countless women, but you are the only one who can strip me bare."

Do you ever stop loving someone just because they’re gone?

Five years ago, Ryan Pierce disappeared from Alana Remington’s life without a trace. He was the one she gave her heart to, her soul to — and her virginity to. So, imagine her surprise when she finds him dancing at one of NYC’s hottest male revues as ‘Jack the Stripper.’

Ryan never stopped loving Alana, and now that she has serendipitously dropped back into his life, he’s vowed never to lose her again. But being together has its costs, and challenges Alana isn’t sure she can handle. She finally has Ryan back. But how in the world is she supposed to share the love of her life with half of the women in New York City?

Strip Me Bare is a second chance, standalone romance. It contains angst, heat, humor, heartbreak, and one seductive male stripper who will not only have you handing over your panties, but also your heart.
You’ve been warned.

276 pages, Kindle Edition

First published October 5, 2013

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About the author

Marissa Carmel

9 books434 followers
Marissa Carmel has loved writing ever since a young age. She has a duel degree in History and Political Science, but took as many creative writing classes in college as she could. She spent most of her twenties bartending which is where she met her husband and a multitude of interesting people. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s hanging out with her family, experimenting in her kitchen or doing yoga on the living room floor.

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975 reviews35 followers
October 4, 2017
Whoah!! I was not expecting that book at all... I went into this pretty blind, not even reading the blurb, yet having been a follower of M.Never's writing for some time I was pretty sure it would be an enjoyable read. Well I think it has just become my favourite book of hers!

A story that started off well, following a great plot, steady, but nothing physically blowing me away... then suddenly it just switched for me and I just had to keep turning the pages. I could not put it down, have devoured it in less than a day and am now a blubbering mess of emotion, tears, and happiness.

Ryan and Alana's relationship is beautiful, although met with so many struggles and issues to overcome. After an initial meeting 5 years ago where their relationship started, they have not seen each other in years. Alana was left heartbroken and it has had a huge impact on her life, but were there reasons outside of Ryan's control?

As the layers unfold and the story unravels, we learn more and more about these two as a couple and as individual. Why they have done the things they have done, do the things they do and what makes them tick.

Ryan has had an extremely unsettled past, as has Alana, yet in two totally different ways. Their 2 worlds could not be more different from one another. This story proves that there really is chance for everyone, and second chances really can exist, even in the most unlikely of events.

This book is hugely emotional, especially towards the end where the build-up and tension created by M.Never is superb. My heart was racing, and the tears were flowing! This is a story about families, love and overcoming even the biggest of obstacles in the way. With some humour and the sexiest of scenes thrown in, it has it all!

Absolutely brilliant story with so much more - LOVED IT HARD!!! Highly recommend to all!


4TLOReading Blog
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169 reviews133 followers
October 17, 2013
What a breath of fresh air that just might strip you bare ;0) I really really enjoyed this book. It was a nice change for me with extremely likable characters, witty dialogue between them and some issues that hit home for me personally. I was laughing and swooning at only 10% in and in my book that's a great start.

The story starts out with Emily, her friends, and her cousin, Alana, on their way to Culture, a male strip club, for Emily's bachelorette party. These ladies have quite the time and I was instantly laughing especially at Alana who seemed a little uptight at first.

I'm not even capable of an auditory response; my vocal cords have shorted out and my jaw has dropped to the floor. Raunch-y.

Alana is smart, beautiful, polite, the essential good girl if you will. I mean after all she is the daughter of a judge but something or should I say someone has been missing in Alana's life, actually for about five years to be exact, and what she doesn't know is she is about to come face to face with that something or someone, known as Jack the Stripper aka Ryan Pierce, a man she fell in love with, gave her heart and soul to, the realest thing in her entire life, but sadly she wakes up one day and he is gone. This brings on several issues for Alana but most of all she has questions! Lots of them. Why is he a stripper, why he never contacted her and most importantly why he left?

Ryan is sexy, loving, energetic, protective and certainly not perfect, but he loves Alana and that is as clear as day.

"I never thought I would touch you again, " he says smoothly, his tone laced with emotion.

Naturally they are both shocked and Ryan has some serious explaining to do which he fully intends too and hopefully Alana will understand. I enjoyed these two so much, in every way and the banter between them had me laughing and smiling. Their relationship never really ended, if you know what I mean.

"I've been dead for five years Alana." "You look pretty alive to me." He shakes his head, "I came back to life five minutes ago."

As Alana ponders what to do she decides to meet with him in hopes to have all her questions answered. Ryan slowly explains things to Alana and as they both take their time getting to know one another again, they find themselves in a relationship that is so natural and meant to be.

Ryan and Alana worked as a couple, they had chemistry, understood each other and loved each other unconditionally. She came from money, her father paid for everything and that included law school, somewhere she desperately wanted to go.

"I'm not lucky, I'm just privileged. There's a big difference," I clarify indifferently.

Ryan came from a home where his father wasn't around, his mother was a functioning alcoholic and his twin brother was a drug addict. All of which touched me in a very personal way. I laughed and I cried. These two have a lot to work through and they do. They learn to trust each other and fight for everything they have ever wanted. I envied them both for their unconditional love and strength.

Alana amazed me, especially when it came down to the fact that he was a stripper because let's face it, how many women could handle that. Ryan wasn't exactly thrilled about it but he had a plan and everything made sense. They both had insecurities and strive to love one another and I was completely in love with both Ryan and Alana, their determination in life, progress in their relationship and their ability to trust one another and work through the good times and bad.

I want to be the father I never had and the husband my mother was cheated out of. So if I have to take off my fucking clothes to make the money I need, I'll do it. And I pray you want me enough to suffer through it. Because I promise I'll make it up to you for the rest of my life."

Marissa Carmel did a fantastic job writing a story that I devoured in a day and fell in love with wholeheartedly. She has extreme talent, writes with passion, emotion, humor, love, reality and it all shows through her characters and the story being told.

Why did Ryan leave, what kind of future do they have, will he continue his life as a stripper, will their families approve of their relationship? All of these questions will be answered when you read this book. It is a standalone with no cliffhanger and I highly recommend you go buy it and read it for yourself.

So many quotes I loved in this book as well so I will leave you with just one more.

"You have power, you have force, and you irreversibly own my heart."

One more thing this is undoubtedly one of the best stories I have read about unconditional love!!

Profile Image for Natalie  ~ The Biblioholic.
2,493 reviews1,208 followers
October 3, 2017
3.5 “We meet again” stars!!

M. Never shocked the heck out of me with the surprisingly warm, heartfelt, charming and sweet story found within the pages of Strip Me Bare. I found strippers, lawyers, broken hearts, injustice, heartache, family strain, family ties, and an amazingly wholesome attempt at a second chance at love.

Ryan and Alana fell in love five years ago. It was the stuff of legends, the type of love that everyone searches for. One night they went all the way and the next morning he was gone, without a trace, never to be heard from again. When they had met, Alana had an emotional wall made of steel, one that Ryan easily penetrated. His seeming abandonment erected those walls again almost instantly. In the present, Alana’s out with her cousin for her bachelorette party, which happens to be at the hottest strip club in NY. When her cousin is up on stage being treated to her own strip show, imagine their surprise when the stripper is none other than the love of Alana’s life - Ryan.

There was never a question of Ryan’s love. When he explained what had happened to keep them apart for the last five years, it was easy to forgive and understand his actions. Their love story was back on track, but there were a lot of obstacles standing in their way. However, somehow these two knew that if they stood together, if they concentrated on their everlasting love, that everything else would work out.

The characters were easy to like… Ryan most of all. I think I would have given my left nut to get his perspective. If I had nuts, that is. There were so many moments of hilarity and I enjoyed the ways that Ryan chose to show his affections. I asked myself repeatedly if I could be with a stripper and dream of happily ever after. If I could get past the many women who would see and touch his body. If I could see through his whoring past. Well, if the man was someone like Ryan... ;D

Release Date: October 5, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance - Second Chance
POV: Heroine - 1st person
Heat: 3 out of 5
Type: Standalone

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865 reviews289 followers
December 23, 2013
I really, really liked this! It was nothing like I'd thought it'd be. I was expecting a sweet and light romance. It was that, but so much more. It was realistic, angsty and sexy. Second chances are beautiful.
It wasn't your typical stripper story and the ending was very realistic. It wasn't a fairytale, it wasn't overdone but it was completely satisfying.

I really liked Alana. She knew the risks involved in being with Ryan, but she went after what she knew was right. She was wealthy but lacked love and emotional stability from her father. Ryan was great! He did everything he could to make his relationship work with Alana, and although he stripped for a living, he never let it define him.

There was quite a bit of drama happening above and beyond Ryan and Alana's relationship. His family was complicated but I admired Ryan for the things he did for them, even if it wasn't right. Alana had a difficult relationship with her father, but at least she had an extended family that supported her emotionally. I loved the ending and the epilogue, very sweet.

The only thing I would say bothered me was the concept of time. I would be reading something and then the next paragraph would see Ryan and Alana a year and a half later with no prior mention of how the time passed. By the climax they had been together for 2 years but I found myself questioning the timeline. It was confusing but not enough to detract from how good the story was or how much I ended up enjoying it.

I did think of 'Magic Mike' a lot, but maybe that movie was the inspiration. Regardless, a great book and characters I loved!
Profile Image for Nashoda Rose.
Author 24 books4,153 followers
October 6, 2017
"M. Never delivers an emotional, sexy, and passionate second chance romance that’ll have you fighting for Ryan and Alana's love right along side them."
Profile Image for Michelle.
2,082 reviews857 followers
July 19, 2014
I think I will settle at around 3.5 stars.

So let's just let this sink in. Our hero, well he's stripper. Yep. A hip-rolling-crotch-gyrating-pants-taking-off stripper. And he's hot and he knows it.

When Alana shows up at Culture for her cousins bachelorette party the last thing she expected was to find the man who took her virginity and disappeared five years ago.

But there he is, decked out in jeans and a cowboy hat riding her cousin like it's going out of style.

When Alana flees from the club he chases, bound to explain what took him away from her for all those years and bound to make sure that now that he's found her, that he won't let her go again. Alana never stopped loving Ryan, but him leaving her the way he did made her insecure and more emotionally closed off than ever before. There are too many secrets in the details of what happens throughout this story to really say more than that. The reasons for being away are not sealed in his past, but resurface to threaten their relationship once again.

I did enjoy this story. But there was one thing that kept me a bit reserved in fully enjoying it. The prologue was very intense. It's one of those that is a clip from a future scene in the book. So you have to work your way back to it, knowing it is coming and constantly trying to figure it out before it happens. But the intensity of the prologue didn't really exist in the rest of the story. Their love was a sweet story that had me more melty and squishy than on the edge of my seat. The set up left me wanting something more gritty, so waiting for that to happen kept me off balance for most of the book.

It was a good stand alone novel with a different sort of story. I can honestly say that the plot and themes were original and you get a complete story tied up in a nice little bow. Nothing is left unanswered or unresolved.
Profile Image for Shabby  -BookBistroBlog.
1,424 reviews742 followers
September 24, 2017

That's what this book will do to ya!!. Don't say I didn't warn you ;) nobody writes hot sexy , panty melting alphas like M. Here she creates Ryan Pierce out of her imaginative mind . He's hot AF , he's smoulderingly sexy and he can mooooooove baby! . Gyrating, dry humping ladies to make them scream and shriek. Yeah cause he's the hottest stripper at Culture , an upscale club in Manhattan. In walks in Alana Remington, a prim and poised Law student who was his dream once.
Dreams shatter and life gets trampled
Time to rekindle fire from the dead embers.
She's leading a dismal , dry life, no love , no moral support , just a Daddy who's there as a Letterhead figure

I saw black and white for so long that I didn’t recognize pigment even when it was splashed right in front of me. The first time I saw a rainbow since my mother’s death was when I met Ryan.

But time travels in one direction and lost time never gets recovered, sadly!
The story is full of thermonuclear passion and deep running emotions. M brings out the feelings big guns to situate a heart in the overtly sexual profession of stripping . Trust & Loyalty would be the last thing you'd expect in this world since it's overflowing with horny , crazed women whipped into a frenzy by undulating almost naked , perfect bodied , sexy men.
She writes imperfect people in imperfect world and still we fall in love with them perfectly.

“the pauper doesn’t end up with the princess, he ends up on his ass.”
Maybe ....but then that story wasn't written by our M , was it :)
4.5 Jack The Stripper Stars
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75 reviews32 followers
July 3, 2015
Rating: 1.25 / 5 stars

Not my cup of tea. Disliked the fact that heroine was a wishy-washy doormat character to her father; disliked the fact that she let her insecurities/jealousy get the better of her one minute, and the ignore it the next; disliked the protagonist (who came off as snobby and elitist, in my opinion); disliked the slut shaming.

The second I saw the protagonist slut-shame characters, I was pretty much #done with the book. She was catty, petty, over jealous, and so "perfect and amazing and too good for the hero" that she exuded a snobby, pretentious attitude toward Ryan and others in the novel.

The timeline of the overall story felt disconnected, with the time skipping around from a few weeks to a few months to, pretty much, half of a year.

I get that this is a story that you have to suspend your beliefs in order to read it, but I drew the line the second it became OTT angst and drama fueled around the hero and heroine both being TSTL characters with martyr syndromes. I get it. You two both want to make the people you care about happy. Jesus. It's as if neither one of them had backbones.

What I don't understand is the wishy-washy behavior from any of the characters. Everybody was just OTT. Everybody was just flat. I like characters that are flawed, realistic, or have personality. If you want to read about two types of doormats that keep professing their love for each other, based solely on a short relationship that happened years before the setting/time the book takes place--than this book is for you.

If you want to read about strong, kickass female characters and tortured heroes, than this book is not for you.

I would not recommend. Not unless you like doormats.
Profile Image for Aestas Book Blog.
1,059 reviews74.8k followers
Want to read
October 16, 2013
Male stripper alert!!!! OMG!! Love the sound of this!

“I may have had more lovers than you, and I may take my clothes off for countless women, but you are the only one who can strip me bare.”

Do you ever stop loving someone just because they’re gone?

Five years ago Ryan Pierce disappeared from Alana Remington’s life without leaving so much as a post-it note behind. He was the one she gave her heart to, her soul to and her virginity to. So imagine her surprise when she finds him dancing at one of NYC’s hottest male reviews as Jack the Stripper.
Ryan never stopped loving Alana, and now that she serendipitously dropped back into his life, he’s vowed never to lose her again. But being together has its costs, and challenges Alana isn’t sure she can handle. She finally has Ryan back; but how in the world is she supposed to share the love of her life with half of the women in New York City?
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1,434 reviews599 followers
June 30, 2021
This was totally ridiculous. H/h never deal with his career. We never see it on page after they reunite. We never get to see what he gets up to on shift. Everything that’s important takes place off page or occurs during one of the annoying AF time jumps that aren’t even explained. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the “gets paid for it” trope and if this hadn’t glossed over EVERY-FUCKING-THING I might have given it more stars…as is, it was just dumb and he could’ve been a barista for all his job was showcased in this.

I think this author is a hard pass for me.
Plotting and writing sucked.

0 stars
Profile Image for Romance Readers Retreat.
2,346 reviews213 followers
October 5, 2017
I've read a number of books by this author and I've loved them. They are griping, compelling and gritty.

With this book, I'm really torn. I really struggled to get into it to begin with. I found Ryan a little deficient, for want of a better word. I couldn't put my finger on why but I just couldn't feel that connection. I found him frustrating.

As for Alana, I'm not often a big fan of the female lead in books and this wasn't any different. She capitulated far too quickly. I think that her family relationship could have been explored a little deeper and earlier in the story. I was dying to know more about their dynamics.

I felt the story dragged and without getting the real substance that I've become accustomed to from M Never, I was left feeling a little flat. However, this book suddenly took a turn about two thirds of the way in. That suspense, that palpable tension, was there! As if woven from thin air, this book hits its stride.

The last third of this book is filled with everything that was missing from it before. That earlier relationship is delved into and there's a surprisingly emotional edge to all of the characters. Not literally characters crying, but a deeper and more poignant contour to their core. There's s more tangible connection to the characters. This is what I was expecting and looking forward to!

Although it was a slow burner, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will certainly seek out even more by M Never.
Profile Image for Dre.
988 reviews44 followers
October 21, 2013
So I'm not going to rate this book because I should have DNF'd it from the first few pages, but I'm a glutton for punishment, so I kept reading. I greatly did not like this book because I am so against this weak, needy female lead who forgives too easily, and Alana is one of them.

Alana meets Ryan, they fall in love, and he takes her virginity, only to disappear the next morning. He's gone for 5 years when Alana sees him at a strip club as Jack the Stripper. Now, instead of leaving, she runs backstage to look for him, and when she sees him, she bolts the club. He, of course, comes after her. She wants answers, and he won't give them in the alley, so she agrees to meet him for coffee the next day. Ummm... he told you he loves you, took your virginity and disappeared, and you're going to look for him backstage instead of leaving and then meet him for coffee the next day?! Then when she gets her explanation that he got busted for his twin brother's drugs and was in jail for 3.5 years, but he never called her or looked for her after, she's all forgiving. I guess it's me who clearly has issues because there is no way in HELL that he'd get to explain, or even if he did explain, the fact that once he got out of jail but never contacted me loses him any chance he had at getting back together. His stripping job becomes an issue for her, but every time she brings it up to talk about it with him, he somehow changes the subject, and she just let's it go. She even goes to the club once, sees him leaving a back room with a girl who kisses him on the cheek. When she finds out that they kiss and do other things behind the beads, she goes back with him and they start going at it on a couch that countless strippers have made out with and had sex with customers. And even though the job bothers her, she continues to let it go and fall all over herself to be with him. Honey, have some pride and grow a pair and tell him that it bothers you and why is it ok for him to go to a back room and kiss and do god-knows-what with patrons at a strip club while you're home waiting for him?! Oh because he makes great money, and he's an ex-con, so he couldn't possibly get another job.

I had been looking for a stripper book forever, and I finally came across this book, so I was really excited to read it, and now that I have, I really wish I would have DNF'd it at the beginning because all it did was annoy me and make me mad.
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940 reviews149 followers
September 20, 2017
Strip Me Bare
By: M. Never
4.5 Stars

M. Never has become one of the Authors who I can guarantee a satisfied one-click purchase. This one doesn’t disappoint!!

Alana is on track to becoming the successful lawyer her father set out to make her. Starting law school in the spring, moving into her own place, life is getting better. It’s taken a toll on Alana’s life but for 5 years, she has wondered why… Why did he leave?

Ryan has fought his demons, tried to carry all the burden a twin brother could handle. Now he seems to be doing better. Jack the Stripper is his money making, woman staking, way to survive in this world.

“The pauper doesn’t end up with the princess, he ends up on his ass.”

When two people come from two totally different sides of the track, can a meeting in the middle happen and a successful relationship happen?

This story is a great, easy flowing, unable to put down book. These two characters really spoke to me and had me reading non stop till the last page.

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175 reviews22 followers
October 7, 2013
This book is in the top favorites for 2013. I absolutely loved this book. I never wanted it to end and couldn’t put it down. To see what Alana went through and what she had to deal with from her father was heart breaking. But to see her grow as a character and realize certain things was amazing. She was a great character and I loved reading about her.

Now on to the really good stuff. Ryan also known as Jack the Stripper. Ohh how I loved him. The way that Alana finally saw him at the beginning of the book after not seeing him for years was hilarious. I wouldn’t know what I would of done if I was in her place. Ryan is of course hot as sin (duh he’s a stripper) but also sweet. He has a twin brother that I wanted to punch the crap out of and a mother that should be ashamed of herself but that is life. Ryan makes himself better. He makes his life better. Even if doing it a little strangely with stripping.

This book was abo-freaking-lutely amazing. This book had me giggling, falling in love, and swooning like crazy. I will be telling everyone about this book. This is a must read in my eyes. I can’t wait till it is out and I can read it over again because I will definitely be re-reading this one.
Profile Image for Janey.
1,283 reviews
October 18, 2013
Great "Magic Mike" concept with a sad backstory.

Alana and Ryan are a happy coupling until he disappears...just after they consummated their relationship.

5 years on, and Alana is at her cousin and best friends bachelorette party at Culture, NY's male stripping venue. Her cousin, Emily, is on the stage being subjected to Jack the Stripper's pelvic undulations, when he rips off his mask. He's hot, he's ripped, he's sex on a stick....he's a very familiar face!

Rich girl meets poor boy from the other side of the tracks.. If you like sweet, you will love this. Ryan's devotion is unquestionable, to Alana, to his family. This is an enjoyable, easy read with an element of steam that is not graphically detailed.
October 10, 2017
Sexy stripper with a clever stage name who isn't afraid to love one woman? Yes please!
I must confess it took me a little warming up to get into this story. The intrigue was there. Why did Ryan disappear from her life suddenly all those years ago? I didn't have to wonder long. That question was answered quickly. But Alana left me a little bit frustrated. She has this amazing guy and I must give her credit for her mature attitude towards the fact that her boyfriend is basically the hottest male stripper in New York and he has women throwing themselves at him. What frustrated me was that she didn't revolt against her father's control. She basically played a role with him to ensure that he continued to pay for her school and bills. Until she explained it in a way I understood. So then, I cut her some slack and things felt much better.
Alana and Ryan both come from dysfunctional families, but vastly different economic circumstances. Between the two of them, Ryan is open more emotionally, while Alana is more guarded. Not only is she afraid of getting her, but her stone-cold father did his best to strip her of any kind of vulnerability. Tears were not allowed. But eventually the floodgates end up breaking and I was swept away with her in a deluge of emotion where the tears seemed endless. Here I was reading this story, going with the flow, most of which I sort of saw coming. roving once again, that M. Never always hits me with an excruciating dose of heartbreak that I never see coming. Strip Me Bare delivers swoon, raw emotion and super-charged chemistry, all in abundance.
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951 reviews64 followers
October 2, 2017
3.5 stars

I enjoyed this second chance romance.

Alana and Ryan's relationship started five years ago. They were fire and gasoline. The two were combustible but perfect for each other and then Ryan left Alana with no word as to where in the hell he was going. It didn't help matters that she handed him her V card the night before.

Now five years later, Alana is closed off still tending to her bruised heart and wondering what went wrong. Her best friend's bachelorette party is the perfect distraction. That is until a stripper catches her attention. A stripper who she is soon to realize is Ryan.

Ryan has one regret and that is walking away from Alana five years ago. But to be honest, the man really didn't have a choice in the matter. Now that Alana is back in his life, he refuses to let her go.

I really enjoyed this novel. M. Never doesn't disappoint when it comes to steamy chemistry and scorching sexy time scenes. I loved Ryan and his tenacity to keep fighting for Alana and tearing those walls she reconstructed around her heart.

Even though I enjoyed this novel, I found myself getting whiplash with the pace. Some chapters where incredibly fast paced while others were really slow. I was also thrown off with the background of Alana and Ryan's start. I wanted more from that point of their relationship.

Overall, this novel is a like, not a love.

Profile Image for Marnie.
1,057 reviews17 followers
September 17, 2017
When your ex-love becomes Jack the F^cking Stripper – 5 Stars

I simply love second chance romances. Yep. And MNever’s latest offering had me hooked in the Prologue and sprinting through the book almost in one sitting. I was so excited that I started to skim pages, and had to force myself to stop and re-trace steps. It was simply too good to not glean every bit of the story that M. provided for me.

Alana and Ryan met when they were young. Their relationship was short, intense and passionate. He was good for the closed hearted Alana, and they fell completely into an all encompassing love where Ryan made all the best promises. Until inexplicably, he disappeared.

Strip Me Bare, for me was a relatively easy read. There was all the feels from laughter to anger, to just enough anguish not to drown me in sorrow, because Alana’s devastation and heartbreak happened in the past. When she finally came across Ryan again, what we saw from her was anger, pure and simple. And that is where I think we could all relate:

“Am I okay?” I repeat, “Am I okay?” I yell shoving him away. ... “No I am not f^cking okay! I spent the last five years wondering what the hell happened to you. And when I finally find you, you’re, you’re..” I can barely breathe out the words. “Jack the f^cking stripper?”

Legendary reaction!

And Ryan? A male revue performer he may be, but he mixes up all that hot, semi-nude, tasselled meat and two vege in the most romantic and persistent, yet vulnerable book boyfriend that any woman could desire. Unfortunately, as in-love with that package that Alana may be, she knows that’s not who her father wants to see her with. Especially as Dad the high court judge has already met him in his official capacity!

Their path to love and a future is not an easy one, especially when family tend to throw you under the bus to make living their own lives easier, you know, in the actions without consequences kind of way. And for Alana, she had some amazing family on her side.

If you love those second chance romances with hot heroes who work their backsides off to prove to the women they love that they are worth a second chance, then this is definitely for you. Great read that moved at a great pace.
Absolutely 5 Stars!
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340 reviews160 followers
October 11, 2013
** I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. **

I've got three words for you: Jack The Stripper. Enough said. Holy hotness! You seriously can't ever go wrong with male strippers. Especially when they're super intense alpha-males intent on staking their claim.

I'm not going to lie, I was so ready to hate Ryan for just up and disappearing on Alana for 5 freakin years! Who does that?! He needed to have one hell of an excuse just to win ME over, forget Alana. Needless to say he succeeded and I was a hot swooning mess the whole time. As they fall into their old habits after reuniting their chemisty becomes extremely evident. You can't help but root for these two who have all the odds stacked against them.

I must give Alana a standing ovation for not going all psycho-jealous-girlfriend at the thought of hundreds, if not thousands, of women seeing her boyfriend strip & getting a little too close for comfort. I probably would have been running around after him picking up his clothes and throwing them back at him, and slapping away the hands that tried to cop a feel. She's a better woman that I am! LOL.

I loved the story line and Ms. Carmel's writing style. For a story that was equal parts funny and dramatic the characters were deep and very real. The author covered a variety of situations that we all deal with from time to time: doing what's expected of you instead of what makes you happy, building walls to keep people out, avoiding relationships for fear of having your heart broken, addictions and unexpected loss of a loved one. The range of emotions covered in this book round out to what a complete novel shoud be and I was absolutely hooked.

I seriously could not have asked for a better ending. It may have gotten ugly for a bit but it was all necessary for things to work out the way they did. You can rest assured that there is no cliffhanger (which I appreciate more than words can possibly explain) and you will absolutely LOVE this story. All in all Strip Me Bare is a well written sexy yet emotional read. I would highly recommend it.
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September 28, 2013
First off, I loved this book, secondly I was kinda happy when someone met their demise that may be a little cruel but I was still happy, also I kept waiting for Ryan to do something stupid but he did me proud and didn't. "Alana the girl has no damn filter, "no. I am not okay, I spent the last five years wondering what the hell happened to you, and when I finally find you, you're, you're..." I can barely say the words, "Jack the effing Stripper?" When we see Ryan again we can see the persistence in him to get his girl back, "look, Alana, you can throw all the dumpsters you want," he gets in my face, "but hear me, now that I've got you back, I'm not letting you go again." Well Ryan if you want to get all technical you kinda don't have her back you've just seen her for like five minutes after five years. The way he explains what he does at his job is kind of amusing I mean I've never been to a strip club (Granny made sure I was guarded from certain things growing up and even now I won't go into one) "that was before you walked back into my life. You're the only woman I want to touch now. The others, like you saw before, it's just an act. A business transaction. It's what I have to do to get what I want." He's considerate, "because, I don't want our first time to be on a leather couch that has a hundred thousand miles on it in the back of a crowded night club. Or anyone getting a glance at your a** in the air either, it's mine." Or he's just protecting his assets. Some of the moves the boy has though is seriously just plain HOT, "in one swift, unexpected move, he rips my leggings in two. I gasp as he deftly undoes his fly and pushes himself inside me." Oh yeah, that's hot.
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October 5, 2017
Title: Strip Me Bare
Author: M. Never
Rating: 3 1/2 Stars
Main Characters: Ryan/Alana
Favorite Character(s): N/A
Hero's Traits: Sweet, Kind, Passionate, Determined, Loyal and Loving
Heroine's Traits: Kind, Smart, Funny, Loyal and Caring
Release Date: Tuesday, October 3rd
Others By This Author: Ghostface Killer
*All Highly Recommended*

I really enjoyed this second chance romance, it was super romantic and a kinda insta-lovey in my opinion, I also loved the humour! As this was a second chance romance I expected a lot of chemistry already but I do think that Alana gave in a little too quick.

Alana and Ryan were so adorable together! I love how Ryan and Alana reunited, it was so funny and cringey at the same time but I loved it!! I also thought it was super cool that the author was inspired by the TV show Suits for Alana's occupation! I LOVE that show so much #YouJustGotLitUp Enjoy this quick contemporary romance when it comes out in early October!
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July 23, 2013
I was lucky to be a beta reader for this book

The Princess and the Pauper

Well if I am honest I was not sure what I would be getting with this book. For one I did not expect to cry, which I did on two occasions near the end.

Marissa has a great way of telling the story of an emotionless rich girl called Alana and a sexy stripper called Ryan.

When Alana goes to her cousins bacholerette party at her a strip club the last person she expected to see what Ryan who ran out on her five years ago after taking her virginity.

Where has he been for the last five years? and why did he just up and leave?

Follow Alana on her emotional roller coaster as all she wants to do is please her father who is a well known Judge, but a cold, wet, dead fish has more feeling than this man ;)

This book is definitely a must read.

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December 1, 2013
Now this is what I'm talkin' about . . . lots of fun-to-read moments, a complete package of elements for a sexy, romantic and angst-ridden romance all rolled into "Strip Me Bare." Whew! Jack the Stripper was a whole lotta hotness but Ryan was the real deal! I'm so glad that Alana wasn't the picture perfect daddy's little rich girl. She had strength and worked it hard. Together they faced down some pretty difficult situations and met life face-on.

And after all that, a picture perfect HAPPILY EVER AFTER epilogue!

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October 14, 2019
This duet was spectacular. It gave me those old skool feels. Those 2011 - 2013 indie romance feels. Feels that I haven't had in a long, long time. Don't know how I just found out about this duet, but thank God I did. Totally loved and thoroughly enjoyed it.
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October 5, 2017
Incredible. Delectable. Divine. Gratifying. Lascivious. Libidinous. Steamy. Tragic. Sorrowful. Beautiful. Alluring. Magnificent. Genuine. Undisguised. Sublime. These are just some of the words that describe Strip Me Bare.

Ryan and Alana fell in love as young adults. Their lve was a fairytale waiting to be written. Until it wasn't. WHen Ryan disappars, leaving Alana with a crushed heart and many unanswered questions. She has never been able to forget and move on. So when she discovers he is a stripper, she leaves him no choice but to explain his houdini act all those years ago. His confession answers some questions, but can Alana fully give herself to him again when she is not sure she can trust him not to disappear again. Their love has never wained, but is it enough?? Time will tell. Lucas is dogged in his determination to prove his love and his commitment to Alana. Reading this book had me on a rollercoaster of emotions. One I never wanted to get off. It was edgy. It was sexily sweet. It was eventful. It was NOT meek. It was sizzlingly lascivious. It was imperfect perfection at it's finest.

Strip Me Bare was a speeding freight train of feelings, expressions and deep connections. The scenes played outfastand hard and felt so real, like they would come bursting from the pages at any second. The excitement almost too much. Kidding. It can never be too much. I will never stop being amazed and struck speechless after reading an M. Never novel. It is always and incredibly arousing adventure and I hope they never stop. 5 stars
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October 30, 2013

Alana, her cousin and friends go to a strip club to celebrate her cousin's bachelorette party. When one of the strippers comes out on stage Alana is shocked to see her first love, Ryan. She gave everything to Ryan 5 years ago including her virginity and he just disappeared the next day. When Ryan realizes Alana is there he tells her he has always loved her and can explain his disappearance.

"I've been dead for five years Alana."
"You look pretty alive to me."
"I came back to life five minutes ago."

When you find out why Ryan disappeared you will probably have the same reaction I did which was pretty much WTF!?? The reason he disappeared didn't seem plausible to me and at that point I was thinking this was a three star book. I have to say by the end I really loved this book. It brought me to tears twice. I even found my self having a tiny bit of sympathy for the people I hated at the beginning which was mainly Alana's father, Sean, and Ryan's mother. I still didn't like them but I did feel for them. Most of all I was heartbroken for Ryan.

"Is that what you thought when you bailed on me?"
" I'll take whatever you want to throw at me."
"If I could pick up that dumpster it would be flying towards your head."

I am not a big fan of second chance romances mostly because if it didn't work out the first time I have a hard time believing in undying, super romantic love and I like all that mushy stuff. I really liked Alana and Ryan together aside from Alana being wishy washy in the beginning. I could totally understand that she had a right to be mad at Ryan and to have trust issues but it was just annoying that she went back and forth on beginning with him when she obviously wanted to be with him. I also had a hard time believing in Ryan's circumstances but as I continued to read the story really pulled through in the end.

I like my book boyfriends with more of a spine and a little more possessiveness. Ryan showed a little bit of that spine at one point but it would have been nice to see him show her who's boss. Let his innermost alpha male out! That would have made me super happy and it would have made this book a 5 star read.

"Just take your damn clothes off and lay on the bed."
" Bossy, bossy. I thought I was supposed to own you tonight?"
" Baby, you not only own me, you possess me.

This was a good read. It was a little unbelievable at times but brought me to tears a couple of times and if a book can get that kind of emotion from the reader then it is definitely worth reading.

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February 16, 2014
As a blogger, Strip Me Bare was one of those books I live for. It was by a new to me author with an interesting plot- first loves ripped apart only to find each other five years again inside the strip club as he's shaking his money maker for strange women. Can this work? An emotionally closed off law student and a dancer who disappeared five years ago without a trace? The answer is YES it works! It works so much I've already read this book twice this week alone. I loved Ryan and Alana, I loved them individually and I loved them together as a couple. I loved Alana's cousin, Emily and her Uncle John. Alana's dad, Judge Remington, I wouldn't really give you two cents for. He wasn't very fatherly.
A lot of the story takes place in NY and Marissa describes everything and everyplace in perfect detail, you feel like you're there. I could smell the street vendor pretzels and the roasted nuts (my favorite is the roasted nut cart on 40th)
Like I said, I loved Alana, she was smart, loving, protective of Ryan, strong and determined. She was supportive, while she wasn't crazy about Ryan's profession she supported him 100% in it. He explained his reasons for doing it. He told her it's just a job and he showed her it was just that; a means to an end.

*sigh* Ryan, how can you not love him! He's selfless (we learn just how much when we learn the reason behind his disappearing act) and he's completely head over heel in love with Alana. More than just telling her that he shows he constantly. He makes her feel loved and secure. She is IT for him and him for her despite their background difference. One of the things I liked most is once they decided to give their relationship another try they were together. No on and off again, I love you but I can't be with you. They were solid and faced whatever trials came their way together. I truly do think this is a book more should know about, the writing flowed easily, it was engaging and kept me swiping that Kindle screen. I laughed at the conversations between Alana and Emily and swooned with Ryan's professions of love. I even learned to like Judge Remington at the end *gasp*
With each reading of Strip Me Bare I read in one sitting, lost in the world of the Princess and the pauper.
I can't wait for the prequel, Stripped From You to see how Ryan and Alana's relationship began five years prior!
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