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After Our Kiss

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He isn't my savior. He's the man who's here to break me.

I was thirteen when I was kidnapped.

Fourteen when he helped me escape.

Twenty-three before I ever saw him again.

His face is all over the news: he's a wanted man, now. Maybe my memory played tricks on me… but he looks so different. The boy who saved me years ago had a shy smile and dark, soulful eyes full of secrets.

This man has a hard jaw and a harder mouth. Lips that could never whisper sweet promises.

I knew him as a hero—my savior. I refuse to believe he could become a villain.

Not him.

Then he abducts me, proving me wrong.

He tells me he's going to take me apart and put me back together again. Make me what he needs me to be: a plaything for a monster.

It's the fate I escaped when I was fourteen. And that's when I finally understand.

He was never my hero.

He's the man who's going to break me.

Author's Note: This is a Dark Romance. Approach with that in mind. I believe in happy endings in all my stories, but the trip there might make some uneasy... and I do care about your feelings. I honestly do. Please read some reviews first to gauge your comfort level. <3 <3

Kindle Edition

First published August 29, 2017

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About the author

Nora Flite

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A USA Today Bestselling Author, Nora Flite lives in Burbank, California where the weather is warm and she doesn't have to shovel snow—something she never grew to love in her tiny home-state of Rhode Island.
All of her romances involve passionate, filthy, and slightly obsessive heroes.

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October 22, 2017
Hmm... This book is one of those books that leaves me feeling pretty conflicted. On the one hand, there were things I thought were very well done. On the other, it seemed to take a turn into the realm of over-the-top ridiculousness at some point, which kind of put a damper on things. All things said it was good, but it could have been better.

The story centers on the heroine, Georgia Mary King. At 13 years-old, she is abducted by a madman and kept at his remote home with his two sons, Conway and Lonnie. Although it is clear that a very sinister fate awaits her, it never comes to fruition...at least, not then.

During her captivity, Georgia befriends the oldest son, Conway. At 14 years-old, Conway is well aware of his father's cruelty. He's been forced to partake in his father's twisted activities on more than one occasion. Like Georgia, he is terrified of his father, Facile.

The two share stolen, innocent, moments. They read together and discuss their fears. Conway tries to give Georgia advice on how to avoid the wrath of his father and the sadistic interest of his younger brother. Eventually, Conway even helps Georgia escape captivity, making himself the target of his father's anger.

Imagine Georgia's shock when she is taken again years later. Only this time, her savior is her abductor. All traces of the sweet boy from her childhood seem to have been eradicated. He is out to break her and finish what was started by his father years earlier.

It doesn't take long to figure out that there is far more going on than meets the eye. Now partnered with his crazy brother, Lonnie, Conway is more villain than hero. Their father also seems to be pulling the strings from the periphery. It was impossible to reconcile the present-day Conway with the gentle boy from Georgia's past.

Every time I thought I knew what was going on, there would be another twist. I sensed pretty early-on that Conway was putting up a front and that he wasn't nearly as unaffected by Georgia's suffering as he acted. However, it took much longer for all of the pieces to fall into place.

Although this book was enjoyable and kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end, I did find it to be pretty unbelievable at times. I definitely had to suspend reality with this one. There were too many things that I just couldn't believe would have been plausible. I just went with it, but be prepared to roll your eyes a lot near the end.

All things considered, I still thought that this was a great story. I would have changed a few things to make it more believable, but I still enjoyed it. Mostly, I felt like it was shocking enough already without the author adding in some of the content near the end.

Check out more of my reviews at www.bookaddicthaven.com
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August 14, 2017


descriptionSmokin' hot cover on this one. Good representation of the hero. Good composition and title work.description

descriptionWhat a deliciously good book this turned out to be. I had to take a peek because I wasn't sure if I had read anything by this author before. I had, but just one book and it was awhile back. Needless to say after reading this one I'll be (hopefully) adding a few more to my READ list shortly.


On to the deets about this one. The author referred to it as a "dark romance" and depending on your reading habits this would probably fall anywhere from mildly dark to medium dark. I didn't find it particularly dark, but I tend to read a lot of extremely dark books so do keep that in mind. It was very well written and paced. I was never bored or felt the need to skim. There were some twists and turns. No OW/OM drama. There were some hot sex scenes, but I wish we had gotten a few more. I was digging the mildish BDSM vibe some of the sex scenes had. The book isn't heavy on secondary characters, but I found Lonnie extremely interesting. The twisted soul that lives inside me would love to see a book about him. Not sure how the author could spin that, but I would undoubtedly read it.

Both main characters were likable (for the most part). There were times I struggled a bit with Georgia. I found her acceptance at times a little too EASY I guess. I wanted her to push back more. Fight more. Especially towards Conway. That said it didn't overly bother me. Conway I loved. He was a great tortured hero. The author did a good job of keeping me guessing as to his motives. Lastly, it was all wrapped up in a satisfying ending. All in all a very enjoyable way to spend a few hours. Two thumbs up from yours truly.description


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August 12, 2017

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I was thirteen when I was kidnapped.

My name is Georgia Mary King and I was whisked away from my bed in the early hours of the morning curled up under my covers surfing the internet when I should've been asleep, a knock and just mere seconds later a cloth pressed over my face knocking me out instantly no time to scream, no time to struggle, everything turned black.

That was how he came for me in the dark - a phantom who heralded no warning, and a man who left no mark...no evidence.


To waking up bound, hands and feet with a mirror above throwing her reflection back at her. Scared, powerless to escape. Barely kept alive, befriended by one of the sons, Conway who would sneak in little tidbits of food and drink and they'd lie on the threadbare mattress and read out loud, her only friend in the darkness of hell where she was kept, days turn into months. She was held in a house in the middle of nowhere, isolated, it held a male and his two sons.


Scared that I would die and never having experienced at least one kiss

"Conway," I said softly. "You could do it."
"Do what?"
"Kiss me."
"You could be my first."

That kiss changed everything. That kiss shaped her escape. That kiss moulded her to Conway for years to come. That kiss brought her freedom.

Fourteen when he helped me escape.

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Twenty-three before I ever saw him again..

Here is where I'm going to leave my review and urge you to take that plunge come release day and one click, you won't regret it!!

First off I have to say that I love the cover!! Ok onto my review, this book ticked all my boxes, i loved how effortlessly I connected with the story, the characters, it wasn't what I would class as dark but that's only because I tend to go where some reviewers are too scared to tread, but if it's a reader's first step into the darkness then this would be the perfect stepping stone for them. The perfect blend of suspense, romance, and an HEA that had me glad how the story was wrapped up.

I found myself hooked, her use of words and the flow of the story made it very hard to put down once started which is the kind of books I love to encounter. This is a first time read for me by this author but after reading this one I’m definitely going to be reading more of her works in the future.

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August 29, 2017
3.5 Surrogate Stars
"My life equals your suffering."

Kidnapped from her bed in the middle of the night without warning, waking up in some strange room tied to a bed is something 13 year old Georgia Mary King never thought would happen to her.

 photo saveme_zpseu1portj.gif

There is one saving grace in the hell hole Georgia is trapped in and his name is Conway. Conway is the eldest son of Fecile the man who took Georgia. It's at this point I found out that Conway is only 14 and with Georgia only being 13 I was just hoping nothing sexual happened cause I am not into kiddy porn, but all good. Georgia manages to get away with a little help.

 photo runningaway_zpswpsgu5ko.gif

Does Lightning strike twice? Well it does for Georgia Mary King and she is re-kidnapped at the age of 21!!!

Conway was a hard one to figure out, I thought of him as a lost little boy in the beginning and that only changed to him being a lost, weak man as he got older.
I was a traitor. I saw it on my face whenever I stared in the mirror. I could see it dancing in the deepest grooves of my irises. In the lines of my teeth and in the way I frowned.

Lonnie is Conway's looney brother and he gave me the creeps, I didn't really understand the relationship between Lonnie, Conway and their father Facile or the massive hold Facile had over them. I think this could have been done better but everything is revealed in the end.

 photo wavescrashing_zpshbacuhae.gif

So here's the thing, I just couldn't take this book seriously. I am not sure what the author was going for but it was all way to unrealistic and a little ridiculous for me. In saying that I enjoyed this book it entertained me even if it was not in the desired way. 😜

〰️ Reviewed on behalf of the 1-Click Addict Support Group 〰️
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August 29, 2017
Georgia Mary King is abducted at the age of thirteen for several months. Her captor, Facile Adam’s, son Conway, in a surreal nature of compassion “befriends” her in captivity, protects her, and ultimately helps her escape. While Georgia spends years wondering what became of him, nine years later she finds out when he takes her captive again.

The blurb, highly intriguing, does contain an author’s note at the end acknowledging that this is dark romance. Well, it’s dark. The romance part—not so much. Be careful not to confuse torment and abuse with romance, or love with psychological damage. I also have issues with this part of the disclaimer: “I fully believe you're strong enough to experience it without any hand-holding.” This kind of reader goading that’s popping up in the romance world disguised as content warnings is not cool. It’s offensive to readers who have valid triggers, and it pits readers against each other. There’s enough division and polarizing in the real world; a genre devoted to love doesn’t need it. A little social consciousness can go a long way.

So to give my fellow readers a more helpful content warning, here goes. While the story skirts a fine line of perverse, it thankfully never crosses into outright rape. But there are multiple incidents where the heroine is threatened with rape and faces would-be rapists. There are scenes that are not consentual which I would describe as sexual abuse and/or torture. Absolutely reader discretion is advised, and this book will not be for everyone. That doesn’t make the readers who abstain weak or the readers who endure it strong. It makes one human. And I’m not even going to spoiler tag the above sentences because no one should belittle a serious issue by viewing it as a riveting plot twist like ‘will she or won’t she get raped.’

There are other real reveals in the story as it has a suspense angle. I’ll admit, some were decent while others felt underwhelming. A lot of that might fall on the lack of character development in places and required suspension of disbelief.

The opening scenes with teenage Georgia and Conway held a lot of potential for a compelling dark romance. At that point and even the initial re-abduction, the tale kept me engaged. But then some of the scenes (like the one in chapter 11) that detail her abuse took the story in a different direction. The attraction between them diminished for me, and their interactions became a turn-off. It moved the story from dark romance and into erotic thriller.

Conway had immense potential in the beginning to become a sympathetic lost dark hero, but that was chipped away at by certain scenes and his intended goal. Perhaps more chapters from his point of view and earlier on would have made the ending attempt at redemption not appear so rushed.

Georgia’s fast decent into Stockholm Syndrome was bothersome. I wasn’t sure if statements like “the hot steam made the room damn near romantic” when referring to Conway allowing her a bath after her own stench bothered her, was written as bad humor, a measure of her decent into loss with reality, or a disgusting and misguided attempt at suggesting a moving moment. This is also a woman who suffers serious self-worth and body image issues. The multiple incidents where she sees her own inner and exterior beauty through the sexual abuse that’s imposed on her was disturbing and did more to convince me how badly therapy and lack of justice had failed her rather than to root for her to have an HEA with this man. Make no mistake; she is an epitome of women presented as victims, no matter how much the characters eventually try to assert that she’s strong. When a woman feels more concern for her captor rather than her own well being, that’s not love or romance, that’s the result of emotional abuse and prolonged torment.

All in all, while the potential was there from the initial concept, the execution failed to deliver characters worth rooting for, other than rooting for them to get some serious therapy and attempt to heal themselves first and rebuild their lives. (What they suggest they are ready for after only a month is immature and irresponsible.) More development and less porn dialogue could have brought this story up another star level.

Safety Recap:

*I volunteered to review this ARC. All reviews written by Book-Bosomed Book Blog are honest opinions. In the interest of providing unbiased book reviews and to avoid misleading other readers, it is the blog’s policy not to withhold or delay any reviews no matter the star rating. To the best of my knowledge, this title was presented to the blog without any conditions or stipulations.
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August 28, 2017
1.5 stars

In short:
Hero 2/5 | Heroine 1/5 | Plot (Point, Originality) 2/5 | Writing Style 2/5 | Steam 3/5 | Romance 1/5 | Angst-Suspense 2/5 | Darkness 2/5 | Humor 0/5 | Secondary Characters 2/5 | Drama-Conflict 2/5 | Mystery 2/5 | Twists 2/5 | Pacing Fast | Action 2/5
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3,749 reviews444 followers
August 29, 2017
3.5 Surrogate Stars
"My life equals your suffering."

Kidnapped from her bed in the middle of the night without warning, waking up in some strange room tied to a bed is something 13 year old Georgia Mary King never thought would happen to her.

 photo saveme_zpseu1portj.gif

There is one saving grace in the hell hole Georgia is trapped in and his name is Conway. Conway is the eldest son of Fecile the man who took Georgia. It's at this point I found out that Conway is only 14 and with Georgia only being 13 I was just hoping nothing sexual happened cause I am not into kiddy porn, but all good. Georgia manages to get away with a little help.

 photo runningaway_zpswpsgu5ko.gif

Does Lightning strike twice? Well it does for Georgia Mary King and she is re-kidnapped at the age of 21!!!

Conway was a hard one to figure out, I thought of him as a lost little boy in the beginning and that only changed to him being a lost, weak man as he got older.
I was a traitor. I saw it on my face whenever I stared in the mirror. I could see it dancing in the deepest grooves of my irises. In the lines of my teeth and in the way I frowned.

Lonnie is Conway's looney brother and he gave me the creeps, I didn't really understand the relationship between Lonnie, Conway and their father Facile or the massive hold Facile had over them. I think this could have been done better but everything is revealed in the end.

 photo wavescrashing_zpshbacuhae.gif

So here's the thing, I just couldn't take this book seriously. I am not sure what the author was going for but it was all way to unrealistic and a little ridiculous for me. In saying that I enjoyed this book it entertained me even if it was not in the desired way. 😜
-Alicia, 3.5 Stars
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Author 42 books15.3k followers
August 29, 2017
Super Hot Five Stars!

Very sexy. Very mysterious. (I know I shouldn't use "very", but man, it's just so VERY!!!

Dark and twisty, this gritty romance had me in knots from page one. It's real and raw and will rip your heart out.

Nora is an auto buy and this was my first "dark" romance from her. It won't be my last...here's to hoping she writes more for us!

xoxo Ilsa
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1,368 reviews104 followers
August 30, 2017
*3.5 Stars*

ARC kindly received in exchange for an honest review.

I’m liked this book, but I’m not 100% sure if I should have liked it or not. The idea of a girl falling in love with her kidnapper is a little weird to me.

The story was well written, and without giving spoilers, there is a lot more to it than just a girl and her kidnapper falling in love, but it still feels a bit odd reading it.

The book flows well and the story line is well explained, and I did enjoy reading it, I’m just not sure it will be everyone’s cup of tea. Well, actually I know it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. And thats ok, because we all like different things.

I haven’t read a Nora Flite book before this and I will definitely try more of hers in the future, her writing style is well developed and this book was easy to read. I read the whole thing in a couple of hours.

Georgia and Conway as characters weren’t characters I fell in love with, but I didn’t hate them either. I did hate Lonnie and of course Facile.

If you’re going to go into this one, just go into it with open eyes, and you won’t be disappointed. I didn’t dislike it, but I didn’t love it either.

Review also on my blog - Escape into a Booksite - After our Kiss by Nora Flite

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949 reviews726 followers
August 31, 2017

The giddy delight I get when I meet a new or new-to-me author’s words is BOOKWORM BLISS! That rush during that initial read is off-the-charts incredible! I just popped my Nora Flite book cherry that was more of an explosion because HOLY ADRENALINE-FILLED ADVENTURE!!! After Our Kiss is HAUNTING and HEART-POUNDING, a hard-fought love story that will render you BREATHLESS!

The After Our Kiss Prologue broke my heart, sending it and me into a black hole in a story that sank into my soul from the start. As a mother, I was petrified. As a reader, I was utterly enthralled. As a romantic, I was hopeful.

This the tale of a man labeled a monster and a kidnapped girl who are thrown together, perhaps by fate, as they battle good and evil while wading through the dark to see the light.

I sensed his self-hatred. I recognized it because I'd worn the same uniform for years.

I broke for both a boy and girl robbed of a childhood....robbed of a family...robbed of innocence.

If I did end up in Hell, at least I'd find him there.

Insanely inked and muscular, hot, raw, caring, and devoted, Conway is a fusion of sinner and savior. He is all alpha. Intense and intoxicating, Conway is a force that filters dark with the light.

"You're a monster."

"Yes," he said calmly. "I know."

I wanted to loathe Conway, but I could not help but love this mixed-up man.

A collision of chemistry cements with a kiss between the an abductor and his abducted. A kiss that says what words can't. A kiss of hope and heart. A kiss I felt slice through me.

Conway made me BURN!!! A fire lit inside of me by his smoldering kisses and words while this broken boy-inside-a-man's heart called to me. This fallen alpha is possessive and passionate, and oh did Conway POSSESS me!!! I was owned by this devastatingly beautiful and broken hero. I WAS HIS!!!

"Nothing changes! Nothing can change. Do you get that?"

"It's too late."

After our kiss, everything had changed.

Conway may be Georgia's worst nightmare or her biggest salvation. A wolf disguised in sheep's clothing or a saint to set her free.

"You're going to ruin me."

From the very first page, After Our Kiss is a RIVETING RUSH OF A RAW READ! The INTENSITY cuts like a knife! This story split me wide open, tearing my heart apart and shattering my soul, where my emotions bled everywhere. The push and the pull built me up and then broke me again and again. Heartbreak ... hope ... happiness rotated like a Russian roulette wheel. The angst bled over the pages, bleeding over me, and I LOVED every tortuous and tender minute! I only wish that Georgia and Conways' story was a longer as I needed more background before they met and a longer ending as it was abrupt with the closing coming too soon.

After Our Kiss PUSHES EVERY EMOTION TO THE EDGE in a dark roller coaster of a romance that soars straight to the heart. Scintillating and smoldering, After Our Kiss is the SWEETEST TORTURE!!!Hot, heady, haunting, and hopeful, you must get touched by After Our Kiss. This kiss of a romance leaves its mark everywhere.

"If you searched every star in the sky, you couldn't find one more glorious than you. Not if you looked for a thousand years."

💋💋💋💋deliciously dark kisses

Go grab After Our Kiss now!

➡️ http://amzn.to/2woQP1X

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Author 74 books6,447 followers
August 20, 2017
Fantastic writing, unique descriptions, and a page turning/clicking plot.

I hadn't read the blurb, so after the initial setup (Georgia is kidnapped, then her kidnapper's son helps her escape), I expected a second-chance romance... It is a little bit of that, but way darker.

If you like gritty romance or what I called "dirty Brontë," you'll love this story. It's a nail-biter, the tension is high as is the suspense, and it's loads of fun... in a dark and twisted way.

A very sexy gothic romance with a beast of a hero you can't help but fall for.

Don't miss this five-star, must-read!

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7,863 reviews16 followers
August 27, 2017
After Our Kiss After Our Kiss by Nora Flite

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

'AFTER OUR KISS' by Nora Flite this is the story of Georgia Mary King and Conway.

This is a Dark Romance and there can be some triggers for some readers so please beware before deciding to read.

When Georgia was 13 years old she was taken from her bed at night and woke up in a room tied to the bed. There she was not molested but kept tied to the bed and given very little to eat.

Facile Adams was the person that took her and he had two sons named Conway and Lonnie. Conway was the older son who Georgia met on first awaking from being taken. Conway tried to tell her what to do to keep his father from hurting her and they became 'friends' of sort. Lonnie was the younger brother who didn't see Georgia until she had been there for several months. Georgia had begged Conway to help her escape but he always warned that they lived to far from anyone and the one car was always locked up. But a day came after Lonnie saw her that Conway felt he had to help her escape. Georgia got away and now years later after Facile Adams was never caught and the brothers disappeared she sees a news story saying they are looking for Conway who is suspected of kidnapping women. The next thing Georgia knows is that Conway is back and has kidnapped her. Conway isn't the same young boy he was the last time she seen him. Now he was a man with tattoos, scars and not a innocent look in his eye.

"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."










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3,900 reviews394 followers
August 31, 2017
I do believe this is my first Nora Flite read and I do know it won't be my last as this is an awesome read.

From start to finish I was gripped. This author certainly knows how to tell a story and capture her readers. There were characters my heart broke for and then there was characters I wanted to thump.

Georgia Mary King was kidnapped not once but twice by the same family. Facile the father kidnapped her first where she made friends with his son Conway who helped her escape. Years later Conway kidnaps her himself. I kept asking why and it's later on in the story everything is revealed. Lonnie who is Conways brother is creepy and downright bad. Did not like him at all.

I was conflicted with my thoughts on Conway. He was her hero but I'd liked him to be a bit stronger. Having said that I can't give this anything less than 5 star as I loved it.

Looking forward to reading more from this author.
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732 reviews126 followers
August 30, 2017
“My life equals your suffering.”

DARK. TWISTED. SORDID. HEARTWRENCHING. DIRTY. DEPRAVED. BRUTALLY TENDER. HAUNTINGLY BEAUTIFUL. After Our Kiss by Nora Flite is all that and so much more!!! It's the kind of all-consuming romance that infuriates you, wrecks you, obliterates your heart and soul, and is so BRILLIANTLY crafted it leaves you breathless!

I had so many visceral feels throughout I was on SENSORY OVERLOAD. My pulse raced. Butterflies fluttered through my belly. Chills wracked my core. Shivers raced up and down my spine. And my heart nearly burst out of my chest as I was on pins and needles from one moment to the next, fearful of what terrible fate lay ahead for our beautiful brave heroine and her dark, tarnished knight!

At the age of 13 ,Georgia Mary King is kidnapped from her bed, bound and tied up in a dark basement, barely given enough sustenance to survive. But she was not alone. The terrified teen forged an unlikely bond with her cruel captor’s troubled, yet tenderhearted son who was the only one to show her mercy during her horrific ordeal . Through his small acts of kindness, Conway Adams made her captivity bearable, and after giving Georgia her first magical kiss, he gave her hope for freedom. And on day 187 of her captivity, he risked everything to help her escape, pleading with her to “Run and don’t look back.”

But now, 9 years later, the unthinkable happens. She is abducted AGAIN. Except this time she is taken to a remote island by the same boy who helped her escape. Once again she wills Conway to save her ... to do something to keep the boogie man from hurting her, but this time her pleas fall on deaf ears because he IS the boogie man. And there are no remnants of the sweet boy she'd once sought solace with in the dark hours of the night. He is big and brawny, hard and menacing and cruel, and is there to break her, ruin her, train her to be the perfect sex toy, before handing his captive over to his sadistic father. And as the days and nights blend together and hope dwindles, Georgia fears her savior has become her very worst nightmare.

He’d gone from being the one person she believed in, to showing her “that monsters are real.”

But not all is quite as it seems…

Nora Flite, a new to me author, truly blew me away with this wildly addictive page turner! This dark and deliciously twisty plot swept me up in a PERFECT STORM of chaotic emotion. It’s so raw and palpable, passionate and provocative, and deeply disturbing, I am still reeling! There is a fine line between love and hate, lust and corrupted desire, sin and redemption in this book, and I was never quite sure what to think or feel.

I was fascinated by Conway’s valiant struggle to battle the sadistic beast from within while trying to protect his precious prisoner at all costs from his creepy dad and slimeball brother. Part demon, part savior, he is dark and broody, fiercely dominant and predatory, but is also so profoundly tortured and exquisitely gentle and achingly tender too. He’s brought on so much turmoil in Georgia's life yet it’s literally impossible to loathe him because he is drowning in so much guilt and self hatred and regret. And eventually as the author chisels away at Conway’s layers of armor and exposes his beautifully damaged heart, which only ever beats for Georgia, I ended up rooting 100% for him! But he is caught between a rock and a hard place, faced with an impossible, EXCRUCIATING choice that could send them all STRAIGHT TO HELL!

Conway’s chemistry with his beguiling captive is ELECTRIFYING. At times their sexual encounters are so LEWD AND HOT you need a cold shower, at others their exchanges are so sweet and pure you feel your heart melting!!!!!! What I relished was even at Georgia’s lowest point she NEVER gave up or gave in. She has such guts and fire and vitality that cannot be diminished….not even by the menacing lover whose job was to break her. Georgia would do anything to stay alive and fight for the soulmate she knows deep down in her marrow is not the monster he appears to be.

For as much as she should despise the man who’d betrayed her, she can't because she sees a haunting anguish in his eyes that mirrors her own desperation. And and out of such depraved, twisted ugliness is borne a once in a lifetime love that burns brighter than every darkness.

“You're more beautiful than anyone I've ever known, Georgia Mary King. If you searched every star in the sky, you couldn't find one more glorious than you. Not if you looked for a thousand years.”

There are so many epic feels and nail biting twists and turns that unfold on “Horror Island,” and I could not turn the pages fast enough as the author ensnares us in her wickedly warped labyrinth of soul deep love and spine tingling suspense, which finally culminates in a jaw dropping climax that leaves you gasping!!!

Bottom line: After Our Kiss is NOT for the faint of heart but is oh so hauntingly beautiful and sinfully delicious, and I highly recommend it for romance readers who enjoy walking on the dark side!!!!

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390 reviews92 followers
Shelved as 'did-not-finish'
August 31, 2017
DNF 75%
** spoilers **

Así que...

La heroína fue raptada cuando tenía trece años de edad. Un tipo malote entró a su casa y la sacó de su habitación. Lo que me dio risa de esta parte del libro fue que, una de las cosas que la protagonista pensó cuando se dio cuenta de que la habían secuestrado, fue: "oh, es culpa de mi madre, se le olvidó cerrar bien las puertas."


O sea, ¿tu madre es la única que vive en la casa, tú estás de adorno? ¿Por qué demonios si sabes que tu madre ha estado angustiada por el abandono de tu padre, no la ayudas un poco y en vez de quedarte viendo la laptop hasta las 3AM 'sin razón alguna', sales de tu cuarto y te seguras TÚ de que las puertas y ventanas no estén abiertas?

Bueno, dejando eso atrás...

Estuvo bien la parte en que ella y el héroe simpatizaron y socializaron y toda la cosa. Fue lindo, a pesar de que también fue un poco irreal (¿le traía libros y le daba de comer, y me van a decir que de verdad el psicótico del padre nunca se dio cuenta de eso? PORFAVOORRRR.)

El resto del libro ya fue un enorme NO ME JODAS, ME ESTÁS TOMANDO EL PELO.

Sobre todo la parte en que el héroe mágicamente decide matar al psicótico de su padre. O sea, ¿por qué no se te ocurrió eso antes? Como cuando estabas obligándola a ver porno hardcore y haciéndole cosas en contra de su voluntad.

Just saying.
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August 25, 2017
After our kiss by Nora Filte a dark and deep four-star read. This is the first book by this author I have read, and it won’t be the last. I love me a good dark and gritty read, with a story that keeps you hooked. There is so much darkness in this book, the characters are all described in such detail that you can picture every detail. The way things go has you second guessing if what you are reading is right, if the baddie is actually that bad.
In all of the darkness there is a speck of light, the light in this story is the thing that makes it such a great story. I don’t want to give the story away or rehash the blurb, which I do recommend reading so you know what to expect.
There is scenes of an adult nature in this book, and some scenes that not everyone will like as they are about being kidnapped and that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you want your romance dark and hot this is the one for you.
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August 25, 2017
Beautifully written storyline with very detailed characters that captured my attention from the very beginning and kept me totally enthralled until the very end! This was a hard book to put down once I started it, unfortunately I had to go to bed sometime! This story stays with you well beyond the last page!

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.
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August 29, 2017
This is definitely my favorite book by Nora Flite so far! This was completely different then what I'm use to by her. The other books I've read by her were much lighter and humorous, this isn't. It's darker and I completely loved it. I personally haven't read much authors that can do light and dark and pull both off, Nora did, for me at least.

Georgia is kidnapped at 13 by Conways monster of a father but, she formed a unlikely bond with Conway. He was only a bit older but he became her savior. He protects her and tries his hardest to shield her from his family. Conway was young but, had a old soul due to what he's witnessed. After their first kiss things change and Georgia finally thinks she's safe, until she realizes how terribly wrong she's been.

I adored Georgia!! So strong and resilient and Conway was so incredibly damaged but, also a little lost boy you can't help but root for.

I voluntarily reviewed a advanced readers copy of this book
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August 9, 2017

I was honored to receive the ARC from this book for review.
It's my first book author's. But it will definitely not be the last. I started without knowing what to expect, but what a pleasant surprise.

Loved it. I simply loved. It was a nice dark surprise.
It was dark, but in the right measure. Some people may think she did not fight. But I really understood the author's intention to choose her battles.

I did not think less of Georgia for that. She chose her battles, and did everything to stay alive.

It was an intense story, I got stuck and I could not stop until I finished the book.
Oh the Conway, so tortured. I love broken heroes. He grew so enveloped in the darkness of his psychotic father and brother. That the lines have become hazy. Blaming himself for sins that were not his.

But her confidence, like a balm, brings light and peace to her life.

The twists of history have left me constantly trying to understand this complex plot.

I recommend to you who loves dark books, with the right dosage of darkness, intensity, and warm scenes that will make you hold your breath until the end.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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August 11, 2017


* takes a deep breath, looks around, whispers to self " didn't see that coming "*

I just read an unexpected beautifully haunting dark tale that not only captured my attention but my heart as well.
This thought provoking, hotter than Hades, full on frustrating read had me wanting one thing, but changing my mind on the next page!
Once I started I. COULD. NOT. PUT IT. DOWN. Much like the characters in this story, it quickly became an obsession.
Having read other books by the magnificent Nora Flite in the past, couple times I had to remind my self who's book I was reading, but honestly, it just shows her diverse writing abilities in this fantastic novel!
IMO, this is a 5++ STAR read
She blew me away with the sexy dark layers, deep twists, and love in the midst of it all!
I highly recommend this to anyone who can do dark themes!!

I was lucky enough to receive an advance readers copy of this book, which I am voluntarily reviewing

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August 19, 2017
"After our kiss, everything had changed."
None spoilers here, but a message to readers who dislike difficult or dark romances. After Our Kiss is dark to a point, and even though it’s a beautiful testament to love in the face of adversity, I have to admit to struggling with the concept of it’s content for parts of the book. I had one big question as I read through the book – WHY? W H Y ?

Until that ‘aha’ moment where the plot is pulled together, questions are answered, and, the roles of the characters in this book are bought into focus. If you hang in there, and appreciate the story for what it is – a dark romance, your questions will pretty much be answered, and the end of the book will be your reward.

For me, it’s also on the edge of my tolerance, if not for the similarities to Criminal Minds (I love that show) with a romantic twist. Where love can thrive in most treacherous of conditions between the unlikeliest of partners. Where some people have it in them to be brave and resilient, and find the best in any situation they find themselves in.

Where the line between the kidnapper and the taken victim blur, and defined roles break down into the relationship that mirrored their past. All is not as it seems and the roles of the characters definitely change.

I honestly couldn’t see how Nora Flite could pull an HEA out of the hat with this book, but she most certainly did. Even the though the writing and plot were immaculate, it was that uncomfortable feeling that I was voyeuristic enabler who couldn’t rescue Georgia from her situation, and instead watched from the side-lines, that has me giving After Our Kiss a less than perfect score. And that is on me, not on the writing talent of Nora Flite, an author I absolutely admire, and whose books I have enjoyed. Thank you for the Advance Readers Copy of After Our Kiss, and my voluntary review is 4.5 stars.

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August 18, 2017
This book is absolutely heart-wrenching and completely consuming. I was never sure who to trust or what to feel. My emotions were all over the place. I was totally invested from page one and couldn't put it down once I started it.

It's hard to believe that in this dark, sad story with some very disturbed characters, somehow a sweet friendship and eventually a powerful love developed between Georgia and Conway. Things are not always as they seem though. When I thought she was finally happy, her nightmare started all over again and just when I thought things couldn't get worse for poor Georgia, they did.

Both Georgia and Conway lost their innocence far too soon and at the hands of the same monster. Georgia lives in constant fear and Conway lives with guilt and regret eating away at his soul. Is it possible for these two damaged people to find real love or will Conway's true loyalty always be to the monster?

Graphic, disturbing, raw and intense, this is a fabulously gripping, dark, suspenseful romance read.
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August 28, 2017
After Our Kiss is a powerful heart breaking story of choosing the correct battles and surviving at any cost.
This is a very powerful story that will grip you from the very beginning and keep you hooked throughout.
The story is extremely well written and the character development was excellent.
You really connect with the characters and feel what they are feeling.
Georgia May King for me is one strong individual who is a born survivor and will do anything to get through another day.
Some people may think she was weak at times but I see a true warrior who is extremely strong and smart.
Conway Adams god my heart broke for this character and I actually wanted to cry for him.
He is a victim of his upbringing and the stuff he went through as a child no one should see let alone a young boy.
Their story was beautifully crafted by the very talented Nora Flite and I highly recommend you one click this book when you can.
I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.
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August 26, 2017
Nora Flite did a terrific job on this story. The book is well written. After Our Kiss has a great story plot. The story is filled with emotions. I couldn't put this book down. This book is raw, dark, and heartbreaking. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. I was on an emotional rollercoaster. Loved Georgia and Conway. Their both great strong characters. This is an amazing story. I really enjoyed it. I recommend reading it. Thank you, Nora Flite. Wonderful work :) 5 Stars. Great book
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August 26, 2017
This was a pretty dark romance story for me. A lot of it made me a little nervous to even keep reading. Nora, the author, does a terrific job of keeping you wanting to turn the pages and read in one sitting.

I loved Conway - he was a broken soul with a lot of healing to do. Georgia - not so much.

Overall, it was a quick read for the morning.
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August 29, 2017
I was so excited to read After Our Kiss as the blurb sounded dark and sexy and so exhilarating! I absolutely love dark romance as you never quite sure what direction the story will take. That's exactly what we got in this story. Georgia Mary and Conway were so sexy together. You could tell they had a dark and intense connection and were so in tune with one another.

Georgia Mary and Conway have a history. She was kidnapped at 13 and he helped her escape at 14. Now its 9 years later and her "savior" is back but he is now her abductor and the villain in her story. Will the hero inside him come out to once again rescue her or was he her monster from the beginning?

I really liked this story. It was dark, sexy and so hot. Conway had secrets and was so broody and soulful. I could not get enough. All in all this was a great read and I can't wait for more from this author in the future! 4 stars! ~Ratula
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