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The Hundred-Year-Old Man #2

The Accidental Further Adventures of the Hundred-Year-Old Man

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What's next for Allan Karlsson? Turns out this centenarian has a few more adventures in store . . .

It all begins with a hot air balloon trip and three bottles of champagne. Allan and Julius are ready for some spectacular views, but they’re not expecting to land in the sea and be rescued by a North Korean ship, and they could never have imagined that the captain of the ship would be harboring a suitcase full of contraband uranium, on a nuclear weapons mission for Kim Jong-un. Yikes!

Soon Allan and Julius are at the center of a complex diplomatic crisis involving world figures from the Swedish foreign minister to Angela Merkel and President Trump. Needless to say, things are about to get very, very complicated.

Another hilarious, witty, and entertaining novel from bestselling author Jonas Jonasson that will have readers howling out-loud at the escapades and misfortunes of its beloved hundred-year-old hero Allan Karlsson and his irresistible sidekick Julius.

448 pages, ebook

First published August 22, 2018

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About the author

Jonas Jonasson

16 books3,431 followers
After a long career as a journalist, media consultant and television producer, Jonas Jonasson decided to start a new life. He wrote a manuscript, he sold all his possessions in Sweden and moved to a small town by Lake Lugano in Switzerland, only a few meters from the Italian border.

The manuscript became a novel. The novel became a phenomenon in Sweden, and now it is about to reach the rest of the world.

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765 reviews1,141 followers
May 9, 2019
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I'm glad I saw a friend's review about this book before reading it, in which she said this book isn't as funny as The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared. Rather, it is quite political. Had I gone into this one expecting it to be like its predecessor, I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much. My friend Betsy was right, it's not laugh-out-loud funny. It does however, contain some very smart wit which had me chuckling at times, especially the parts that poked fun at the man currently posing as the president of the USA. Our quirky now-101-year-old protagonist Allan Karllson has the displeasure of meeting up with Dorito-Man and, outspoken as he is, tells Trump exactly what he thinks of him (spoiler alert: he's not a fan). Along his travels, he also meets Kim Jung-un (also not a fan of), Angela Merkel (of whom he is a fan), and other politicians.

Whereas The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared told Allan's story of the first 100 years of his life,
The Accidental Further Adventures of the Hundred-Year-Old Man​
begins with his 101st birthday, where a slight but fortuitous accident has him set sail above the Indian Ocean in a hot-air balloon.

​Thus begins the further adventures of the 100-year-old man who climbed out a window and disappeared. If you enjoyed the first book, you will probably enjoy this one too -- just don't expect it to be as funny. If you like clever writing that makes light (as much as can be made) of current events, this is the book for you.
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713 reviews1,085 followers
February 9, 2020
I enjoyed Allan's adventures, however, this time the political background left me confused at times. Still, I needed a good chuckle and the duet Allan-Julius did not fail.
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1,179 reviews106 followers
August 27, 2018
The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared is one of my favourite books ever, it was a laugh a minute, Allan is a fantastic bloke and has the past that we all crave. So when I spotted this sequel I grabbed a copy and started reading right away.

In the intro Jonas Jonasson explains that he never planned a sequel but with the way the world seems to be falling apart with crazy political leaders the Hundred-Year-Old Man was jumping at the chance to speak out.

The book is incredibly political, Trump and Kim Jong-un receive a lot of abuse, I assume if they could read then they might have put a stop to this book. It was great to read about Allan again and to witness his care-free adventures, but this time around it is missing something. I eventually figured out what, the first book had his current adventure but also had his past, together they balanced each other out. This time though there is nothing about his past and things end up not being as interesting, the parts that would have had a scene from the past were very bland. The plot is pretty tight and the characters were good as expected, it was also great to see well known people included. The treatment of Trump had me laughing each time.

It was a good effort, it's just a shame it suffers from the sequel syndrome.

Blog post is here> https://felcherman.wordpress.com/2018...
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54 reviews3 followers
September 23, 2018
This isn’t a good book.

I loved the original story, setting Allan the one hundred year old man accidentally at odds with a cash-laden criminal whilst looking back over his past. I’ve also enjoyed other books by the author and would recommend them. Not the case here though.

This is just too unbelievable. Allan experiences as many countries and world leaders in what seems like a few weeks, compared with his entire life in the first book. He’s 101 not 31 - I doubt he even had adapter plugs sockets for his iPad (makes sense if you’ve read it).

The character is no longer Allan anyway. The author hints in the prologue that the world is changing so much that this character spoke to him and he decided to write about world events through Allan. What this really meant was the author used the brand of the 100 year old man to sell more books and express his political views (most I agree with). Bad form to do this to the readership.

It is funny and the first half is ok. After that it gets very slow, more unbelievable and more boring as a consequence.

If the 102 year old man comes out I won’t buy it.
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605 reviews111 followers
August 13, 2019
In a word; hysterical! Having read the first Hundred Year Old Man book which was funny in its own right, this story goes far beyond. For those familiar, when we first meet Alan, he escapes from a nursing home in Sweden and in the process stumbles across a suitcase with millions. In this story, Alan bonds with Julius, an asparagus importer/exporter and together they fumble their way around the world. Similar to the first book, Jonasson bends genre with a quasi-Monty Python approach. As a result, many of the chapters are outlandish. Better yet, nothing is held back when it comes to bashing world leaders, Trump included. If you enjoy laughing out loud, plots that twist and turn in the most outrageous manner, you'll enjoy the antics of Alan and Julius in this story. Highly recommended!
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16 reviews16 followers
January 3, 2020
Ως φανατικός αναγνώστης του γιούνας γιούνασον δεν μπορώ να μην πω τα καλυτερα λόγια για το βιβλίο του. Το χιούμορ είναι μοναδικό με αρκετές δόσεις αλήθειας για τα πραγματικά πρόσωπα και πραγματικά μέχρι στιγμής δεν έχω διαβάσει ποτέ τόσο ευχάριστο βιβλίο.
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1,393 reviews
September 26, 2018
Once again I have picked up the trail of Allan Karlson, the 100-year old man, who is now 101. A good time to read a diversion, a comedy, a good laugh.

Where the first book took a stab at world events in the 20th century, this book looks at recent events. Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel are the featured players. This book is a comedy but the retelling of recent world events often made me want to cry.

Allan and his buddy Julius venture off in a hot-air balloon, get lost at sea and before you know it, end up in North Korea. On board the ship that rescued them is a cargo of uranium, meant for the North Korean leaders obsession with nukes. Things just get carried away with silliness. Allan has nine lives and counting. At 101, he has gone way overboard in the believability factor but Jonas Jonasson spins a yarn that you just want to know what happens to Allan.

Sadly the actual events woven together with the improbable made me wonder, “we really are living in sad times.” The Russians spew online lies to both Democrats and Republics that put Trump in power. They repeat it with the Brexit campaign. Putin is not so much villain but the smartest of them all (and I am sure that would make him happy). People are polarized. Nazis are put up against right wing extremists that make the right wing look good. We are being played. We are all being duped.

And humble Allan bumbles through various accidents to keep the actual humour flowing. Otherwise this would be a very dark novel. Comedy is only one step away from tragedy. Allan saves the day. And yet Jonasson is laying things down as he sees them. Our real world has become a fiction no one ever dared to write. That is the real sadness about this book. Is it better to laugh then to be sullen? Nowadays we need all the humour we can.

3.5 rating.
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998 reviews76 followers
October 18, 2019
Divreiz vienā upē iekāpt nevar - kaut grāmta bija izklaidējoša un vietām lika pasmaidīt (t.i. nodomāt "smieklīgi", nevis smieties), negribot to salīdzināju ar pirmo, kura viennozīmīgi bija daudz labāka. Mūsdienu politikas aktualitātes gan attainotas ļoti trāpīgi.
Paralēli to arī klausījos un sapratu, ka mani ļoti kaitina, manuprāt, nevietā lasīti akcenti. Ja divi vācieši runā savā starpā, tad viņi runā vāciski un mēs to grāmatā maģiski saprotam, nevis viņi runā angliski, kā man liek domāt vācu akcents.
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386 reviews48 followers
March 31, 2020
The author said he felt that Alan had more things to say but I wish he kept his silence!
Not funny as the first one, the characters felt like they were missing something essential in their personality and the addition of Sabine wasn't something I enjoyed!
Also the new translator of this second installment in my opinion made a mediocre story even worse!
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7 reviews17 followers
December 24, 2020
Δεν μπορώ να πω ότι εντυπωσιάστηκα με τη συνέχεια του εκατοντάχρονου.Είχε κάποιες καλές στιγμές,αλλά μέχρι εκεί.Τίποτα παραπάνω,τίποτα λιγότερο.
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565 reviews101 followers
December 10, 2020
Ο εκατοντάχρονος που είχε βάλει σε περιπέτειες όλο τον κόσμο τον 20ό αιώνα, επιστρέφει, και γίνεται ξανά ο πιο ακατάλληλος άνθρωπος στα πιο ακατάλληλα μέρη. Σημαντική είναι η απουσία του Ερντογάν, που πιστεύω πως αν το βιβλίο είχε γραφτεί 1 χρόνο μετά θα είχε πρωταγωνιστικό ρόλο. Κατά τα άλλα, συναντάμε τον Κιμ Γιονγκ Ουν με πολλούς Βορειοκορεάτες συνεργάτες του, που μην βιαστείτε να δεθείτε γιατί αυτοκτονούν, και τον Ντόναλτ Τραμπ με πολλους Αμερικανούς συνεργάτες του, που μην βιαστείτε να δεθείτε γιατί απολύονται. Η Άγκελα Μέρκελ είναι η φωνή της λογικής, ο Πούτιν σε φιλική συμμετοχή, κάμποσοι ακροδεξιοί επίσης δίνουν δυναμικό παρόν. Το θέμα σε όλα αυτά είναι ότ�� ο συγγραφέας παρουσιάζει διεφθαρμένα κράτη και δεν βάζει πουθενά την Ελλάδα... μάλλον και ο Άλαν έχει ακόμα να μάθει πολλά...

Πολύ ευχάριστο βιβλίο, ιδίως με τον τρόπο που είναι γραμμένο, όχι τόσο καλό όσο το πρώτο, αλλά αξίζει τον κόπο! Μπορείτε να το απολαύσετε τρώγοντας σπαράγγια, από αυτά τα ντόπια σουηδικά που καλλιεργεί ο Γιούλιους, ο έτερος παππούς, στην Ινδονησία!
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Author 3 books71 followers
November 6, 2022
Ο μοναδικός Άλαν Κάρλσον επιστρέφει με νέες περιπέτειες οι οποιές ξεκινούν σε ένα αερόστατο που βγαίνει εκτό�� πορείας παρέα με τον κολλητό του. Οι δυο ήρωες είχαν πολλή πλάκα μεταξύ τους με τις ατάκες που αντάλλασσαν ωστόσο θεωρώ ότι σε κάποια σημεία είχε υπερβολικά πολλές πληροφορίες που δεν χρειάζονταν στον αναγνώστη. Η εμπλοκή διάφορων πολιτικών προσώπων έδεσε με ενδιαφέρον τρόπο όπως και τα ταξίδια των ηρώων. Επιπλέον, μπορεί να το διαβάσει κανείς χωρίς να έχει διαβάσει το πρώτο μέρος (like me 😂) αν και μου κίνησε το ενδιαφέρον και για το άλλο βιβλίο. Συνολικά είναι μια έξυπνη ιστορία που όμως θα μπορούσε να είναι λιγότερο λεπτεμερής και να είχε και άλλους σπιρτόζικους διαλόγους.
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Author 3 books117 followers
March 24, 2020
الن دوست داشتنی باز می‌گردد.
حتما باید کتاب قبلی را خوانده باشید.
شخصیت دوست داشتنی پیرمرد صد ساله حالا تبدیل می شود به پیرمرد صد و یک ساله و باز هم همان سرخوشی و بی خیالی و نوشیدن افراطی سبک زندگی اش را تشکیل می دهند و باعث جان به در بردنش هم می شوند مثل ۱۰۰ سال قبلی عمرش.
الن، حتما تنها شخصیتی بوده که تا حالا در زندگی ام شناخته‌ام (حقیقی و مجازی) که سبب شده از پیری خوشم بیاید. همیشه‌ی زندگی ام فکر کردم و می‌کنم که پیری مزخرف است، به جز وقت هایی که این دو جلد را می‌خواندم.
شیرین است و بر خلاف کتاب قبلی دیگر از فلش بک های پشت سرهم خبری نیست، بلکه مساله در زمان حال مطرح است.
مثل کتاب قبلی به شدت سیاسی و تاریخی است و اگر اهل سیاست و تاریخ نیستید این دو کتاب را نخوانید بهتر است، پر است از ارجاعات و متلک ها و تکه انداختن ها به چنین مسائلی که اگر پیشتر در جریانش نباشید گیج می‌زنید و شاید به نظرتان مشتی چرند بیاید.
اما اگر اهل این حرف ها باشید و به صورت کلی از تاریخ قرن بیستم سر در بیاورید و اخبار سیاسی روز را هم دنبال می‌کنید بسیار شیرین است. مثل قند.
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169 reviews353 followers
March 22, 2019
Já vám nevim. Za mě teda ne. Táhne se to, je to "kostrbatě" napsané tak, že se autor snaží události poskládat, aby se mu to hodilo, ale mě to hrozně bilo do očí. Ne, fakt ne. 2* dávám proto, že autor se snaží čtenáře dobře uvést do souvislostí současné politické situace ve světě, ale upřímně, pokud bych si chtěla přečíst něco takového, sáhnu asi raději po něčem "skutečně odborném" a ne po Staříkovi.
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1,007 reviews86 followers
April 29, 2020
En tiempos de confinamiento, hay que buscar lecturas algo más ligeras y entretenidas, que nos hagan disfrutar (y si es posible, reir). Y no mucho más es lo que propone esta novela: otra acumulación de anécdotas, con una ácida reflexión acerca de este mundo interconectado.
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226 reviews81 followers
June 16, 2021
Ο αιωνόβιος Άλαν ξαναχτυπά!

Η εμπειρία μου με το σίκουελ του Εκατοντάχρονου ήταν παρόμοια με το πρώτο βιβλίο. Ξεκίνησα να το διαβάζω, άρχισε να με ταξιδεύει, μετά το έβαλα στην άκρη για αρκετό καιρό, μέχρι που μου ήρθε η όρεξη να το τελειώσω. Με κοίταζε από το κομοδίνο μήνες τώρα, τι να έκανα;

Για να λέμε τα σύκα σύκα και τη σκάφη σκάφη: Πρέπει να δεχθεί κανείς τον αιωνόβιο πρωταγωνιστή Άλαν γι' αυτό ακριβώς που είναι: ένα μέσο για να βιώσουμε τις ιστορίες και τις γνωριμίες του με τους τρανούς ηγέτες των εποχών. Τι κι αν έχει περάσει σχεδόν μια δεκαετία από τα δρώμενα του πρώτου βιβλίου κι ο Εκατοντάχρονος δεν έκλεισε ούτε τα 101; Τι κι αν δεν καταλαβαίνουμε ποτέ πώς καταφέρνει να ξεγελάει τους πάντες (όχι δεν είναι αυτός πονηρός, οι υπόλοιποι είναι χαζοί). Ο Άλαν ήταν και θα είναι ο ορισμός του "πλέουμε στο άγνωστο με βάρκα την ελπίδα". Και πάντα τα καταφέρνει.

Με τον Εκατοντάχρονο vol 2, λοιπόν, το δημοσιογραφικό υπόβαθρο του συγγραφέα καθίσταται εμφανές από τη γραφή του. Ένα τουρνέ στο σύγχρονο γίγνεσθαι πασπαλισμένο με πολιτική και μια δόση χιούμορ, το είδος που δε σε κάνει να γελάς δυνατά, αλλά να μειδιάζεις σχεδόν συνωμοτικά.
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1,330 reviews6 followers
August 1, 2019
Allan Karlsson is back! His accidental further adventures begin on his 101st birthday when a balloon he and his pal Julian are on for his birthday celebration is inadvertently blown out to see. In a another series of funny, improbable events and circumstances he is once again involved with nuclear materials, as well as world leaders, a couple of neo-Nazi terrorists and various and sundry other people as he travels to Asia, North America, Europe and Africa from he same place we left him at the end of the first book.

While this wasn't quite as good as the first for me at times, at others I was chuckling out loud, and overall it deserves the four stars. While it is NOT the same as the first book, it is still Allen Karlsson being Allen Karlsson, and the other characters are all well done, even the ones based on real people (but used completely fictionally in this tale).
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702 reviews47 followers
December 27, 2019
Dosť veľké sklamanie, len veľmi málokedy to bolo aj zábavné.... Ako buďme otvorený Storočný starček, ktorý vyliezol z okna a zmizol bol buď uff, neskonale dobré alebo hovadina, aspoň čo tak sledujem názory. No ja som v skupine, akceptujem, že svet je dostatočne nevyspytateľný, takže prečo nie?
Len v tomto prípade asi platí, že druhé diely málokedy dosiahnúť na diel prvý a toto je jeden z tých prípadov. Smiať som sa nesmiala, historicky reálne postavy (hlavne tie za veľkou vodou) boli skôr smutné a aj premudrelý Allan bol skôr otravný, ako zábavný. No škoda papiera, niečo nepotrebuje pokračovanie...

Prvá veta: “Volám sa Jonas Jonasson a cítim, že by som mal čosi jednoznačne vysvetliť.”
Posledná veta: “Obávam sa, že priveľa myslím,” odvetil Allan.

Goodreads Challenge 2019: 90. kniha
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3,246 reviews394 followers
February 9, 2019
Unfortunately not as good as the first book. Allan is living large in Bali, but running out of money when during his 101st birthday party, his hot air balloon ride does awry, setting him and his buddy on more adventures. Along the way, he meets up with the Supreme Leader of North Korea, President Trump, and the Swedish head of the U.N.'s Security Council about fissionable nuclear material. Pretty funny at times, Allan has amazing chutzpah and charm; however, the book loses its way as they settle back in Sweden and it becomes more of a domestic trollop until they return to Africa, where things "heat up" again. The political stuff was clever, especially Angela Merkel and the BND. 2.5 stars.
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Author 29 books132 followers
April 4, 2020
I like Jonas Jonasson’s work, and I think he is a great humor writer. The first book about the old man Allan Karlsson is one of my all time favorite humor books. That’s why I was in one sense happy to hear about this sequel, but also a little worried that it would not live up to the original. Unfortunately, I was right. This sequel doesn’t come close to the laugh riot of the first one.

I begins to where the first one ends. Allan, and his friend Julius are on Bali. They should be happy, but for one thing and another they are getting bored, and broke at the same time, so they accidentally set off again. This time the trip will involved Kim Jung-un, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, and others.

In theory this has very similar elements as the first one had even though it works on a much shorter time scale. It has Allan Karlsson, the same irreverent view on historic events, and characters, but for some reason the author has to work much harder for each laugh this time. The whole thing didn’t really get into gear until the book was almost half, and that is too long for a book to do that.

Don’t get me wrong, there are good spots, there are chapters when this story really takes off, and at those times it really feels like we are back in the original book. I mean there is some very good humor here, but after each such funny spot, it stumbles again. I think it was published a little too soon. It needed to be tweaked just a little, and it could have been a great book.

As it stands it feels a bit like an unnecessary sequel, and the author does actually say in the foreword that he hadn’t intended to write a sequel, but because of resent turn of events he felt the old guy had something more to say. In many ways I get that, and I don’t think this is just to revive his most popular character. Some news stories seem to scream for a little bit of Allan Karlsson. It just doesn’t work quite well enough in this book.

It ends in such a way that I can imagine that there will be at least the third book about Allan, and in some sense I’m hoping there will be, because I like the character that much, but if there will be I hope the author takes the time needed to write a book that is worthy of the great Allan Karlsson.
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575 reviews6 followers
February 10, 2019
I think perhaps Jonasson should have refreshed himself on the first novel before embarking upon a sequel. At the conclusion of the first book, Allan was married and living with his wife. Prior to that, he spent 12 years alone living with a cat, and 13 years prior to that as a spy. I find it implausible that he was restless after less than 12 months. As for the plotline, again I would refer the author to the previous novel in which the gentlemen were staying at the hotel which was owned by his wife and where they were provided with complementary accommodations.

I couldn't get past the inconsistencies. Furthermore, he never mentions any of the rest of the gang and I couldn't stick it out long enough to see if they actually made an appearance.

Some books should just be left well enough alone. Can't a 100-year-old man die in peace?
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342 reviews138 followers
September 7, 2021

این کتاب در واقع درددله.
نویسنده این بار از وقایع حال حاضر و دنیایی که ابلهان صاحب قدرت می سازن[=ویرانتر می کنن] به ستوه اومده، دیگه نتونسته ساکت بشینه و این جوری با نوشتن کمی دلش رو سبک کرده.
هر چند در این کتاب تقریبا به هر سیاستمدار و گروه و جماعتی یه لگدی زده و دستشم درد نکنه ولی من بنده جزئیات و هماهنگیم و هیچ جوری نتونستم با این که از روی ما پریده و چه طور از کتاب قبلی (سال 2005) فقط یک سال گذشته، شخصیتای قبلی چی شدن و اگه هتل مال اونا بود چه طور اینا بدهکارن، تبلتی که دائم اینترنتش وصله و بی موقع شارژ تموم نمیکنه و ماجرای جزیره اسرارآمیز کنار بیام.
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1,178 reviews5 followers
November 4, 2019
In some ways this was even better than the first book. He turns 101 at the start of the book. I laughed out loud many times. A delightfully on-target silly political commentary.
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2,182 reviews1,424 followers
May 14, 2019
Алан Карлсон пак е тук, да му мислят Ким Чен Ум, Тръмп, Путин, Меркел…: http://knigolandia.info/book-review/s...

Алан не се е променил чак толкова. Макар че е богат и си има вярна дружка – мошеника Юлиус Юнсон, който просто не може да не върти далаверки на дребно. Двамата си живеят като царе на остров Бали с парите от края на първата част, но дори и те рано или късно свършват. Това добре съвпада с решението за сто и първия рожден ден на Алан да полетят с балон, който… ги отнася далеч от брега и от проблемите, които са назряли там. Приводняването е неизбежно, а още по-неизбежно е набъркването в първата от поредицата куриозни ситуации – която пристига под формата на севернокорейски кораб, превозващ контрабанден обогатен уран. Двамата бързо съобразяват нещата и правят нужното да бъдат приети като важни фигури, които могат да помогнат за кретащата ядрена програмата на Северна Корея.

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February 15, 2023
(Breve parere scritto come parte della Reading Challenge 2020 del gruppo Il Circolo della Lettura)

C'era bisogno di un seguito de Il centenario che saltò dalla finestra e scomparve, successo editoriale di un paio di anni fa? Assolutamente no.
Nonostante abbia adorato il primo romanzo (consigliato oltretutto da un amica che spesso mi consiglia roba davvero carina) non pensavo che lo sgangherato mondo di Allan Karlsson avesse davvero bisogno di ritornare su carta.
Ma dato che l'anno scorso un seguito è effettivamente uscito, perchè non dargli un occhiata?
E voglio subito mettere le mani avanti: il primo libro è sicuramente più genuino, originale e irripetibile ma...mi è piaciuto anche questo seguito.
Innanzitutto, è strano quasi quanto l'originale: avendo esplorato il passato di Allan fino in fondo nel precedente capitolo, questo nuovo romanzo si svolge interamente nei giorni nostri, articolandosi tra le diverse interazioni del nostro beniamino con diverse figure politiche dei nostri anni, dando alla storia un sottotesto politico che quasi mai arriva alla denuncia, mantenendosi invece sulla linea della presa in giro e dello sberleffo.
Praticamente l'intero mondo viene preso in giro, sia dall'autore che dal protagonista stesso che con i suoi maldestri tentativi di sopravvivenza genera reazioni a catena sempre più folli e divertenti, in un vero e proprio motore narrativo che mantiene la storia in continua evoluzione, forse a volte uccidendo prematuramente alcuni spunti interessanti ma senza mai perdersi in punti morti.
Una piacevole avventura per tutti quelli che hanno adorato il primo romanzo!
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April 9, 2020
Δεν μπορεί κανείς να γράψει πολλά για αυτό το βιβλίο. Είναι μια κωμική περιπέτεια, στην οποία πρωταγωνιστεί ο Άλαν Κάρλσον, ένας υπερήλικας 101 ετών. Ο Άλαν "κουβαλά" όλες τις παραξενιές της τρίτης ηλικίας, αλλά, κατά τα λεγόμενά του, υπήρξε παρών σε ορισμένες από τις πιο σημαντικές στιγμές της σύγχρονης ιστορίας. Συνοδοιπόρος του στην τελευταία του αποστολή ο φίλος του Γιούλιους, ενώ στα ταξίδια τους ανά τις ηπείρους προστίθενται και άλλοι χαρακτήρες στην παρέα τους. Bonus οι κυριότεροι σύγχρονοι "ηγέτες", τους οποίους ο συγγραφέας απομυθοποιεί πλήρως (...όχι πως χρειάζεται και ιδιαίτερη προσπάθεια για να γίνει αυτό).

Είναι ένα βιβλίο που διαβάζεται ευχάριστα ιδίως στη συγκυρία που διανύουμε, αν το μυαλό θέλει να ξεφύγει προς πιο"ελαφρά" αναγνώσματα και δεν το πάρει στα σοβαρά. Ενδεχομένως οι ιδιοτροπίες του Άλαν και οι πράξεις των δευτερευόντων προσώπων να εκνευρίσουν ορισμένους αναγνώστες. Αυτό που θα περίμενα προσωπικά είναι το επίκεντρο της ιστορίας να είναι ο Άλαν, καθώς από τη μέση του βιβλίου και μετά, τα ηνία παίρνουν οι υπόλοιποι χαρακτήρες και ο ρόλος του περιορίζεται.
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October 16, 2018
This one pales in comparison with the original. Stretched out without meaty material at times and the satire too mainstream, so nothing you wouldn't have read or heard in the media already. I really loved the previous book, which perhaps biases my review for this one. Maybe it's a decent stand alone read if you haven't read the previous one. But I'd rather you read that.
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September 14, 2018
3.5 Stars

The Plot was funny in places & much more relatable as Allan & Julius learns how to deal with the 21st Century in the best way possible. I’m so glad Jonas created a sequel, even if he never meant to make one.
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