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Secrets of Syn: Volume I

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Secrets of Syn is a fictional series about an uncommon teen-aged girl named, Angie Williams, a self-proclaimed anachronism and poetess. Angie, a descendant of the Williams of Salem Massachusetts was birthed into the modern world in a pool of blood, known as The Blood Omen, which the occult resource book Sacred Magick stated, “… is a significant portent not to be overlooked.” By the age of thirteen Angie was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and by age sixteen, depression was added to her medical records, but is this unusual girl really plagued by mental illness or could there something more going on within her mind, body, and spirit? Something that has always been flowing within her bloodline?

234 pages, Paperback

Published July 26, 2017

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Sheri Breault Kreitner

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September 4, 2020
This Book has many flaws in its writing but still has so much potential.

The begining of the book had many grammatical or spelling mistakes that I picked up on as well as a sentence or two that did not make sense. I quote "They constantly fall short of my expectations and i am told I theirs." On page 12.

I also found the exposition of information in the begining of almost every chapter quite annoying since each chapter was so short, so you only got a little bit of story. That changed a bit with later chapters. I understand that the author was trying to give better context to what was happening in the story but I feel it could have been done better through the story, for example the character reading it in her book while she studied.

It also took a long time in the book to figure out the main characters name even though it is written on the back of the book. There wasn't much description on what any of the characters looks were, aside from old, blond, or scar on the forehead. So I had difficulty imagining them in my head.

The scenic descriptions weren't great either, I was always asking how this person got to were they went. How did they travel, what was that characters thoughts and feelings? They always ended up where they wanted to go. Almost as if the wrighter expected the reader to know everything about the characters and scenes.

I also didn't like the main character within the first 3 pages of the Book. She had a big "Im not like other girls" feel about her and not in the normal shy way. Either way I'm personally sick of that trope in any foarm of media. Especially if its forced. She also had to claim how different she was at least once a chapter for almost half the book simply because she didn't like the things the other girls liked and wasn't a "tecno whore". To me that just sounds like internalized misogyny. This type of trope of putting woman against other woman for no real reason (like hating other peoples interests) never sat right with me. I too was a big outcast but I could not connect with the main character for how she was portrayed as one.

There was also a part that involved sexulization of a minor. Even though nothing happend in an abusive way, portrayal of minors like that, especially with someone in ther 40s is a BIG NO NO in my books. Not only did it make me extremely uncomfortable, the whole scene could of happend without any "straddling". It was unnecessary and very creepy. Even if it was the main characters idea, it should not have happend.

With all this in mind it did improve the more you read so I have hopes for the next book.
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