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A Wounded Hero
As a firefighter, Jaxson Anderson is well acquainted with danger. He’s charged into burning buildings to rescue men and women, young and old. He’s scaled ladders that towered over blistering infernos, and defied blazes that terrified lesser men.
Fire? He understands. Women? Not so much. Now there’s some real danger. He should know. He’s been burned before. 
He’s not interested in romance, or the perils that come with it. His priority is caring for his two small boys, and making his mark as the new fire chief of Sawyer, but everything changes the day he catches sight of Sugar, the pretty girl who works at the local bakery. Sugar is exactly what he wants: A fun, no-strings distraction. A friends-with-benefits arrangement that won’t break what’s left of his heart.

A Battered Heart
On the heels of an abusive marriage, Sugar Stonemyer is done with men. But when Jaxson Anderson strolls into the bakery with a very wicked offer, she can’t resist. One look at the fireman, and Sugar knows the Sawyer rumor mills haven’t exaggerated. Jaxson’s tall, dark, and smokin’ hot. He wants an arrangement, nothing more, and that’s perfect. 
Or so she thought. 
With each slow seduction, Sugar falls a little more. She has only herself to blame. She didn’t want either of them to have feelings, but that’s not how the game is played…

"Flames of Love" is the first novel in the Firefighters of Long Valley world, although all books in the Long Valley world can be read as standalones. It has some strong language, and oh my, sexy times. Enjoy!


Published January 23, 2018

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About the author

Erin Wright

42 books350 followers
USA Today Bestselling author Erin Wright has worked every job under the sun, including library director, barista, teacher, website designer, and ranch hand helping brand cattle, before settling into the career she’s always dreamed about: Author.

She still loves coffee, doesn’t love the smell of cow flesh burning, and is currently living out her own love story in a tiny town in rural Idaho.

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Want to read
July 13, 2018
💝FREE on iBooks today (7/13/2018)!💝

Jaxson is the new fire chief of the Long Valley Fire Dept, but he quickly realizes that the idyllic life he’d imagined in Sawyer wasn’t so idyllic after all…
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15 reviews2 followers
November 26, 2018
Wow there are a lot of 5 star reviews for this book! I felt quite generous giving it 2 stars to be honest. I should probably stop reading the free books that my daily BookBub email recommends to me as they’re basically all the same. Set in a small (and often small-minded) US town - often in Alaska but if not then almost always somewhere else cold - with a man (who always does a ‘manly’ job like policeman, pilot or, in this case, fireman) and a girl (who works somewhere cute like a gift shop or a bakery). They don’t want to or shouldn’t get together for some reason but - spoiler alert - they always do. Some of these books are more entertaining than others (Mooseletoe and Two Cabins, One Lake spring to mind) I mean, they’re still total tosh but they’re entertaining tosh! This was just a bit irritating. A very easy read though if you’re looking for something super light and (mostly) fluffy.
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3,525 reviews26 followers
March 21, 2018
I read this book as part of an arc program and I loved it! This was a great love story about the new fire chief, Jaxson and Sugar, a young woman who worked in a bakery. When Jaxson moves to town to start a new job as the fire chief, he is not really welcomed with open arms. He faces problems with some members of the department and a lack of working equipment. Jaxson also has problems with his ex-wife and shared custody of his two young boys. When he meets Sugar at the bakery, he can't help flirting with her and teasing her about her name. Soon Jaxson and Sugar become friends and Jaxson tells her he doesn't want a girlfriend but friends with benefits could be a good idea. Sugar agrees because she doesn't date because of her history, but thinks the arrangement could work. Soon, Sugar realizes she can't have that arrangement, but before she can tell Jaxson, he tells her he wants more. They soon begin a relationship and form a bond with his kids and her dog Hamlet. Everything is going well, but Jaxson wants Sugar to open up to him and tell him about her past, but Sugar thinks he will hate her. They have to work through their problems and find out what really matters. I loved this story. I like Jaxson and thought he really wanted to help the town. He was the only one who really wanted to stand up and do what was right. Sugar was sweet, but she had a lot of bad things happen to her. She was stronger than she thought. I loved how Hamlet was so gentle and lovable. Good one.
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Author 17 books188 followers
July 17, 2018
Jaxson has moved from Boise to be a Fir Chief in a smaller town of Sawyer. He is trying to keep his kids close and this is what needed to happen. He is the only paid fire fighter on the force. This has made a few volunteers mad.

Sugar is a young woman who works at the bakery Jaxson likes to frequent. She is guarded but her and Jaxon become friends with a few benefits along the way.

Jaxson is a great guy who comes into town in the middle of a huge mess. Equipment not working. Another man who thinks she should have gotten the job and more. Sugar had a lot of baggage from her ex husband but with Jaxon they were good together.

A nice read of people who get second changes and a new start.
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817 reviews33 followers
July 4, 2019
Well, that was sure an adventure!
I read the second book first and found this one free on Amazon so I decided to check Jaxson and learn more about him and I loved it.
This story was funny and interesting. I kept me attentive to every word. It was a great start for this series and I can’t wait to continue.
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347 reviews22 followers
April 9, 2021
I really enjoyed this book about a broken woman Sugar and a desperate father Jaxon. Both have very endearing qualities and the background stories were great too.
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869 reviews24 followers
July 19, 2023
A heartwarming read.

This is a charmingly sweet read that warms your heart...and a dog that steals it! Two people overcome past pain together to take a chance on love and their own HEA. A well written charming tale.
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17.4k reviews242 followers
February 9, 2018
Jaxson Anderson breathed in deeply, inhaling the delicious bakery smells of yeast and sugar. The cute young woman at the counter welcomed him, and they teased back and forth. But when she asked what he was doing in Sawyer, he told her he was the new Fire Chief – and she visibly tensed up and went quiet. Odd… He ordered a box of donuts to take to the station for the men, and again he heard her mumble something under her breath.

Jaxson greeted the volunteer firefighters and all was going well until a snarly James, who had been the former Chief’s second-in-command, arrived. He told Jaxson he would not help in any way to get him used to the town. He felt Jaxson had stolen his rightful job – the only paid position -- and he was furious. He kept quiet about the hydrants around town that had been broken and non-functioning for years, so that when Jaxson responded to his first fire with a small and undersized engine, he had no water supply. He couldn’t use the water in the engine tank because he would not have enough if the other buildings caught fire. So the townspeople, seeing him standing there just watching the fire, were angry that their tax money way paying a lazy bum. James, who knew the truth, did not say a word to explain; and Jaxson had not known the hydrants were not functioning.

Jaxson also found out what it was like to live in a small town where everyone knows your business, even if they believe the gossip instead of the truth. But Sugar was becoming important to him, and telling the painful truth to her was needed before he could even contemplate his friends-with-benefits arrangement. Sugar likewise had a painful past that was holding her back. Could they deal with a growing relationship, break down the walls and see where it might lead? Could Jaxson find a middle ground from which to dispel the false rumors and gain the confidence and trust of his men? There is much more to deal with ahead. Grab your copy of this book and become a part of the life in Sawyer.

It’s so hard not to jump up and cheer for this wonderful book and the incredible characters that the author has brought to life for us! The story line was well paced, the back-stories of the main characters were very realistic. The reader could not fail to care for them and want the best for them as they struggle to heal. I absolutely recommend this book (and any other written by this author). It will touch your heart and stay with you for a long time. I voluntarily read a review copy of this book from Booksprout, and pre-ordered my own copy, and my comments reflect my honest opinion.
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2,830 reviews55 followers
January 24, 2018
Every now and then, one comes across a book that makes you sulk when it comes to an end, like a kid who’s been denied ice cream! With Flames of Love I wished we could have had an extended epilogue, just so that we could have a few more minutes of Jaxson and Sugar, and of course Hamlet. I loved the introductory chapter and Jaxson and Sugar's meeting. From the initial introduction to these characters, one assumes that they are lighthearted, easygoing people. Nothing can be further from the truth. Their sense of humour has been honed from years of pain and survival, knowing that if they didn't laugh, they would cry. When Jaxson takes on the position of fire chief in the small town of Sawyer, he doesn't realise just how much prejudice and resentment he is up against. With half the town set to jeopardise his future, Jaxson knows that he has his work cut out for him. Nevertheless, among the bad eggs, there are some characters of sterling quality and with their help, Jaxson starts to make inroads into the problems facing him. Both Jaxson and Sugar have vows about dating, but in meeting one another, their rules begin to erode and crumble. They have more in common with each other than they first realise and with Hamlet playing his part, the couple find common ground. The one thing about getting close to another person is that it is difficult to continue keeping secrets. Sugar has been conditioned to believe the lies that have been told to her from the time she can remember, and she is therefore sceptical of Jaxson's acceptance. It takes a crisis to bring both of them to the place where they realise that together they can be stronger. This book is very well written and evokes the reader''s emotions without being mushy or patronising. Issues surrounding divorce are sensitively dealt with, however I would have liked to see Sugar receive the counseling she so desperately needed. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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483 reviews1 follower
February 26, 2018
ustomer Review
5.0 out of 5 starsThis is a great read!
ByCindy in GA on February 22, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition
Another great read by Ms Wright, this book is the story of Jaxson, a firefighter from a large city who comes to a small town to be the new fire chief. Before he even gets settled into his new job, a fire destroys a historic old building in the small community. That it was set by the mayor's child just adds to the drama. As Jaxson sets about training his volunteers, he also discovers that much of the equipment in the small town is in deplorable shape. Fireplugs don't work, one of two trucks is being repaired, and the other is under-equipped to meet the needs of the community. His job seems to be in jeopardy because the entire town thinks Jaxson is failing. Rumors spread quickly throughout the town, true or not. Sugar, one of the workers at the local bakery, is attracted to the new fire chief, but because of her past, refuses to date him. As Jaxson learns his way around, he finds himself at the bakery more and more often, both for the donuts and the company of Sugar. As they become closer friends and begin to share their private lives, Jaxson and Sugar begin the healing process and loving each other. Rumors fly as they only can in a small town. Another fire breaks out, this time in the bakery. As Jaxson tries to rescue both Sugar and her boss, he is faced with the dilemma of doing his job or being with Sugar. Can he do both?
Ms Wright has done a fantastic job in doing her research on firefighting in a small town. The problems Jaxson faces, both with personnel and equipment, are right on target. Thank you for an excellent goodread! I couldn't put it down until I finished it.I

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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579 reviews
January 21, 2018
When Jaxson moves north from Boise to the small town of Sawyer, accepting a position as the town’s first paid fire chief, little does he know what awaits him. Small town living should be less stressful than a big city, right? Not necessarily as he soon learns!

Jaxson seems to face one complication after another right from the beginning - issues with some of the volunteer firefighters, inadequate fire trucks and nonfunctioning hydrants, just to name a few.

When Jaxson meeting Sugar, who works at a local bakery in Sawyer on the morning his new job begins, he is unprepared for his reaction to her. Their first meeting is quite funny but Sugar too is trying to build a new life for herself. Her past haunts her and she struggles with believing in herself.

While facing many obstacles in being accepted into the community, Jaxson also knows he wants to get to know Sugar better. With their mutual attraction, they begin to spend more time together but both have secrets from their pasts and are hesitant to share those with one another. And their pasts impact who they are now. Once those are revealed, it is heartwarming to see how it brings them together rather than pushing them apart, as especially Sugar feared hers would. (I’m purposely being vague here to avoid spoilers!).

You will be drawn into Jaxson and Sugar’s story - feeling their emotions of humor, sadness and love along the way. This is a wonderfully romantic story! As the first in a series (but no cliffhanger!) this also introduces some great supporting characters (Gage, Emma, Moose, Levi...and more) making this a great start to what will undoubtably be a wonderful series!

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book, however, this is my honest opinion.
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1,823 reviews10 followers
January 25, 2018
This is such a good book. Jaxson Anderson is the new Fire Chief of Sawyer which is a small town out west. He is the first full time paid Fire Chief which has made some of the volunteer fireman mad, especially the one who the old Fire Chief told he would get the job after the Chief retired. It didn’t turn out that way and this guy was giving Jaxson a hard time. Jaxson needed the job to prove to a judge that he had a steady job, wasn’t out fighting fires all the time, so he could get his boys more often than every other weekend. Jaxson meets Sugar Stonemyer at the Muffin Man bakery and is attracted to her. Of course the whole town thinks that Sugar and her boss Gage are romantically involved and proceeds to tell Jaxson how terrible he is to try to take Sugar away from Gage.

Jaxson was such a good guy and stepped into a hornets nest in Sawyer. Like most small towns the gossip was running rampant, with most people not knowing what was the truth. Jaxson had some baggage from his ex-wife that he had to handle. Poor Sugar had a lot of baggage from her ex-husband. It made me so mad how he had treated Sugar and she had low self esteem. I was so glad she wasn’t with that awful man. Sugar and Jaxson were so good together. I loved Jaxson’s little boys. I strongly encourage you to read the book. I voluntarily read an Advanced Reader’s Copy of this book.
85 reviews
January 23, 2018
“Flames of Love” is the first novel in Erin’s new Firefighters of Long Valley series. It is a really good read and an awesome start to her new series I love the author’s writing style which flowed smoothly and is well edited. The story kept my interest from the first page to the last. Her plot has substance and is a mix of second chance romance and suspense with some romantic, sexy and funny moments with Hamlet and cute banter between Sugar and Jax.. Jax and Sugar are attracted to each other from their first meeting and their characters have great chemistry. Their characters also have depth and great back stories. There are emotional moments as well because both have trust issues that need resolving from previous marriages and neither is looking for a permanent relationship. I loved how their romance developed from friends to friends with benefits to lovers. I thought the epilogue was nicely written and brought the story to a surprise satisfactory conclusion. I highly recommend this story and look forward to reading the next book in the series.
I was given an Advanced Readers Copy for my honest review. It was a pleasure to read and review this story.
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1,327 reviews10 followers
January 27, 2018
What an amazing start to a new series!! I enjoyed every minute of this book.

There are not enough good things to say about this book. I loved both Jaxson and Sugar. I loved that both of them were likable and characters that I could relate to. It was especially fun to read the banter between the two of them.

Sugar was a woman I could see myself being friends with. She was a hard worker, friendly, and just an all around good person. She has had some bumps in her life but she is working on making the most out of the situation. She is loyal to her town and also to her friends.

Jaxson is coming off a train wreck of a marriage where his ex is making his life much harder than it needs to be. I loved first and foremost the love that Jaxson has for his kids. Nothing is hotter to me than a man who loves his children.

The one thing I will say about this book that is a true testament to Mrs. Wrights writing was there were times I felt so deeply for her characters that I wanted to throat punch others. To bring up emotions like that in a reader is a true talent and Mrs. Weight does a phenomenal job at at making you care for her characters.
2,003 reviews13 followers
January 30, 2018
A great start to a new series by Erin Wright focusing on firefighters and this first book is about Jaxson, the new fire chief in a small town and a bakery worker, Sugar, who he meets the first day he’s in town. Taking over a position is proving to be difficult for Jaxson and he is met with some backlash but he works through it and finds a friend in Sugar. Sugar is wary of any man and she has every reason to be considering her past, so when Jaxson wants more she’s afraid of the outcome especially if he hears what she has to say about her past.
A great read with steam, some heartbreaking and heart wrenching moments, some laughs, and heart warming moments. I loved these two and how they built on their relationship, how Jaxson didn’t stop wanting to know her past and how Sugar finally tells all....some misty eyed moments. I also enjoyed the fact that it was about them two, no miscommunications, no misunderstandings, no exes getting in the way and how the ending was perfect for them and both wanting what is about to happen.
*I voluntarily read an advanced copy and expressed my honest opinion*
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56 reviews2 followers
February 2, 2018
Erin Wright is on my VERY short list of favorite authors and this book just embedded even more to my heart.

Sugar (yes, that’s her name and she works in a bakery no less) is a born and raised Sawyerite who has had a troubled, painful life but she’s tough and with help from Hamlet (her Great Dane) she keeps some of the trouble at bay.

Jaxson has had an uneasy past with his ex-wife but his two boys Aiden and Frankie are his shining lights. He came to Sawyer to take the Fire Chief job and prove to the courts that he deserves more time with his sons.

Together Sugar and Jaxson make a wonderful and compelling and complicated couple that I fell in love with from the very start!

As with all of the other Erin Wright’s books, I couldn’t put this story down and kept reading “just one more chapter.” until all of sudden the story was done and I wanted to read it all over again!

Do yourself a favor, read this book. I highly recommend it and any of Erin’s book, you will not be sorry!

Bravo Erin! Bravo!!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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423 reviews3 followers
January 23, 2018
Welcome back to Sawyer in Long Valley, Idaho, which is the poster child for small town. Newcomers, like the new fire chief Jaxson, are watched with suspicion, change is not accepted and the gossip mill works day and night. Jaxson starts his job behind the 8-ball with lots of problems from the get-go. Hostile volunteer firefighters, resentful citizens and bad equipment. And then there is Sugar who he can't seem to stay away from. The dialog is fun and snappy and the sexual tension builds and builds between Jaxson and Sugar. But they both have lots of baggage and red flags flapping in the wind. I love Ms. Wrights easy Western language and hilarious phrases throughout her books. You feel like you are in Sawyer talking to the locals. Some of the characters from the previous Long Valley books are sprinkled in, like old friend, but each book stand alone. No cliffhangers. Throw in a huge, goofy dog, adorable kids and some firefighting action and you have a great, well-written tale to read.
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am I leaving an honest review.
930 reviews5 followers
January 21, 2018
I received an advanced copy and am voluntarily leaving a review

Another great book by Erin. This is going to be a great series.
Jaxson is coming into a new job unaware of the trouble that his presence is causing for some people in town. Sugar is trying to overcome her past by pushing it all down and not dealing with it but also blaming herself for everything. As they become more than just friends Jaxson helps her reluctantly to work through it and make her see that it is not her fault and that she is not a disappointment and that she should not blame herself. Will Sugar realize that Jaxson really does care for and love her and she loves him? What will happen when the Muffin Man catches fire? Will Gage and Sugar get out OK? Will Jaxson get shared custody of his boys? Will the town see him differently after this fire and accept him as part of the town?
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369 reviews2 followers
January 21, 2018
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
I loved this book! Flames of Love was a great book. When Jaxon moves to Sawyer to take a job as the fire chief, he doesn't know what awaits him.
Sugar works at the local bakery. She meets Jaxon when he comes in for donuts to take to his first day at work. She likes what she sees but knows she can't ever date him. Sugar has her secrets too.
As they get to know each other, secrets come out as they share stories of their past. They grow closer. Until one day when Jaxon literally has Sugar's life in his hands and he's forced to make some difficult choices.
This is a great book and I loved the characters. My only issue is that I wish that we could have known more about the characters' backgrounds. I felt like there was a lot that we weren't privy to.
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2,377 reviews13 followers
April 10, 2018
Jaxson is going to be the first paid firemen in Long Valley, being volunteers all the rest. The town has grown and the government has decided they need a stay-in person. All he wants is having a stable job to ask for custody of his two little boys.
Sugar is a young woman who has suffered a lot and has a terrible secret. She thinks she doesn’t deserve love or being happy.
I liked the humour in the dialogues and how the characters tease one another.
I loved how everybody helps in times of need. That is the good part of living in a small town. The worst part is that everybody knows everything about everybody else.
Another beautiful story by Erin Wright, full of funny situations, and characters with problems who need to rely on somebody so they can get up and start walking again.
A great start to a new series.
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4,863 reviews29 followers
December 24, 2018
Sweetly sexy, emotionally thrilling, action packed start to what promises to be a highly entertaining new series for this brilliant story teller. I love long valley and this visit was the beset so far.

Jaxson is the new fire chief and a brooding, strong, sexy, complicated Alpha male (with a wounded heart) that has been scorched by love before. Sugar is as sweet as her name and so determined to make a new life for herself after finally being free of her last relationship. She struggles with believing in herself after the damage her ex did to her and is not looking for a man again ever. Sparks flay and they agree on a mutually beneficial arrangement but neither is prepared for it to turn into so much more on its own. Loved this engaging romantic journey.
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1,579 reviews5 followers
January 28, 2018
I received a complimentary copy of this book and purchased a copy as I just love this author.

The book, just like all of her books, have parts in it that are just hilarious that I can't stop laughing out loud. Her characters' have the same type of conversations with themselves like I do. That makes for a more realistic book. The characters are fantastic. You can't help but to LOVE them. I am SO glad that she is continuing to write about people in Sawyer Creek. I fell in love with the town and I really would love to move there. The book just grabs you from the first page. I hate to see the last page as I feel like I am losing some good friends. I highly recommend this book (well really all of her books to anyone who loves to read a story.) I would give this 10 gold stars if I could!!!!
1,959 reviews14 followers
February 9, 2018
Jaxson is the new fire chief of Sawyer, a small town that until then only had a voluntary fire brigade. He is the only professional, and faces a lot of opposition, as he comes from outside and some people wanted his position. In additon he is recently divorced and his wife tries to keep his son away from him. To have legally more access to his son he needs the job. Sugar, working at the local bakery makes a huge impression on him, and although he is hesitant, he falls for her.
A nice story - with some thrill towards the end, but of course - a happy ending.
I am looking forward to the next story of the firefighting team of Sawyer.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
3,427 reviews13 followers
March 14, 2018
Flames Of Love by Erin Wright is an exciting contemporary romance. Ms. Wright has delivered a well-written book that is full of amazing, lovable characters. Jaxson is a firefighter hoping to get a better custody agreement with his two sons. Sugar works at the local bakery. Their story is loaded with drama, misunderstandings, humor and sizzle. I enjoyed Flames Of Love from start to finish and look forward to reading more from the talented Erin Wright soon. Flames Of Love is book 1 of the Firefighters of Long Valley Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

I voluntarily read a complimentary copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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840 reviews2 followers
January 22, 2018
Flames Of Love Is HOT HOT HOT!!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

IMO, this is Erin’s best one yet! Her way with words and emotional expression is incredibly unique and gripping. I couldn’t put it down but once again the missed sleep was definitely worth it!
Please read this book and fall in love with Flames Of Love, Long Valley and Erin through her treasured gift to her readers!

When Jaxson, New fire chief of Long Valley, walks into Sugar’s bakery, his first day on the job, the last thing he expects is to find the kind of blazing Inferno he never wants to douse.
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16.4k reviews165 followers
January 28, 2018
Erin always writes a hard to put down read. This is one book you should not let stay on the shelf. This is a great book and I loved the characters. My only issue is that I wish that we could have known more about the characters' backgrounds. I felt like there was a lot that we weren't privy to. This was a fantastic read. I was instantly drawn in and didn't want to put it down. Jaxson and Sugar have such great chemistry and I really enjoyed their journey from friends to friends with benefits to lovers. Great plot development. The characters were well developed and well written.

**I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.**
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562 reviews1 follower
March 24, 2018
Wright has a winner with Flames of Love and the first in a spinoff series, Firefighters of Long Valley. She once again faces difficult situations head on and makes them relevant to the reader. Her use of dialogue to move the story along, actively engages the reader and makes the story flow nicely.

This steamy small town romance has twists and turns and dynamic characters to keep you interested. Sugar's and Jaxson's story is not one to be missed.

I highly recommend this to fans of the contemporary romance genre.
Profile Image for Vivian Chrisman.
2,792 reviews5 followers
January 24, 2018
Welcome to Sawyer. A typical small town where everyone knows your name and your business. When Jaxson decided to move here for the slower pace, he wasn't aware of what he was getting into. He found a sweet haven when he walked into the Muffin Man. Sugar's life has been anything but sweet and she has built a tall wall around her feelings. Luckily Jaxson is a firefighter and trained to handle the flames needed to burn those walls down.

*I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.*
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