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Mixed Messages #1

Rule Breaker

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Is it really wrong to want to murder your boss?

Dylan has worked for Gabe for two years. Two long years of sarcastic comments. Two long years of insults, and having to redo the coffee pot four times in the mornings to meet his exacting standards.

Not surprisingly he has devoted a lot of time to increasingly inventive ways to murder Gabe. From stabbing him with a cake fork, to garrotting him with his expensive tie, Dylan has thought of everything.

However, a chance encounter opens his eyes to the attraction that has always lain between them, concealed by the layers of antipathy. There are only two problems - Gabe is still a bastard, and he makes wedding planners look like hardened pessimists.

But what happens when Dylan starts to see the real Gabe? What happens when he starts to fall in love with the warm, wary man that he sees glimpses of as the days pass?

Because Gabe is still the same commitment shy, cold man that he’s always been, or is he? Has Dylan had the same effect on Gabe, and has his solid gold rule of no commitment finally been broken? With his heart taken Dylan desperately needs to know, but will he get hurt trying to find the answers?

From the author of ‘The Summer of Us’ comes another scorchingly hot romantic comedy, showing what happens between two men when rules get broken.

286 pages, Kindle Edition

First published August 17, 2017

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About the author

Lily Morton

62 books2,795 followers
Lily is a bestselling gay romance author.

She lives in sunny England with her husband and two children, all of whom claim that they haven't had a proper conversation with her since she got her Kindle.

She has spent her life with her head full of daydreams, and decided one day to just sit down and start writing about them. In the process she discovered that she actually loved writing because how else would she get to spend her time with hot and funny men?

Her latest release is Confetti Hearts. It's the start of a snarky new series revolving around a wedding planning agency.


You can keep up with Lily's latest releases and read the exclusive short stories '3 Dates' and ‘Playground Games’ by subscribing to her newsletter: https://bit.ly/LilyMorton-Newsletter

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Profile Image for ~Mindy Lynn~.
1,396 reviews584 followers
December 30, 2017

I was completely captured by this book. The banter, the characters, and story had me in a trance. I didn't come up for air until I was half-way through with the book and that was only because my bladder was screaming at me. Books that can do this to me are rare and special finds. This is my first time reading anything by this author, but I will definitely be looking out for her other books.

The banter in this book was on mark. So funny. I laughed out loud numerous times. I usually prefer double POV's, but it definitely wasn't needed here. I loved being in Dylan's head with all his sassy snark. What a great character.

Gabe was another great character. He had many issues and sometimes I wanted to throttle him, but then he would drop the walls and show his vulnerable side and I once again would be mush for this man. He was just one of those a-holes we can't but love.

Gabe and Dylan for sure have some really sexy times together and just as many rocky times. I loved that they were messy. I liked that they had bumps and that it wasn't all smooth sailing. I also loved the sweet vulnerable moments they showed to each other. They had insane chemistry and are fantastic together. They are now one of my favorite couples.

Jude and Henry were great side characters and besties to our guys. I was hoping they would get coupled up but I've read that they will be involved with different people. Bummer for sure, but then again I am just happy that they will get their own book.

Dylan's family was a great addition to the story. I loved how close they were and enjoyed their banter and the stories they told about one another. I liked how welcoming they were to Gabe. His mom was really funny as was his brother.

I can't say enough how much I enjoyed this book. I love a story that can make me laugh and make me lose myself enough to where I forget the world and all my problems. Pick this one up dolls! I just know you will love it!

Happy reading doll! xx
Profile Image for ☆ Todd.
1,349 reviews1,484 followers
December 29, 2020

Sweet baby Jesus, talk about two human beings that just LIVED to wind one another the fuck up.

was very good at his job, but wasn't strict on adherence to always following office protocols, like not confronting your hard-assed boss when he was being an unreasonable, temperamental douche.

And if Dylan had been wronged, he was a master at the subtle art of getting a motherfucker back. Accidentally? Sure, unless someone caught something on video, let's go with that. ;- )

Gabe was a perfectionist, prick, law firm partner, always about a millimeter away from tearing someone a new asshole. And that was after he'd had his morning sludge, I mean coffee. He also had a reputation of going through assistants like Kleenex.

And then Gabe met Dylan, who somehow managed to remain in his employ for over two years, despite how they constantly (and actively) tormented one another.

Both of these MC's gave as good as they got, so the story was rife with snark and banter, yet I still found myself wanting a bit more of both, because I freaking live for witty comebacks and slack-jawed takedowns.

For those first two years, the guys had managed to hide their mutual attractions pretty well, then a ski holiday just prior to an upcoming conference required that Dylan accompany Gabe (and his dick-hole, model boyfriend) on the trip to help finish up work preparations.

During their time away, both MC's got to know a lot more about the other, enough for the UST to start bubbling over and masks to begin slipping.

From that point on, the book is one big ole' rollercoaster ride of emotions running hot and cold, as Dylan began to develop feelings for Gabe, and Gabe did everything within his power to keep those feelings from taking root.

For readers as cheating-intolerant as myself, in spite of what the Valentine’s Day scene would lead you to believe:


If I hadn't already been told that the cheating wasn't *really* a thing, I would have DNF'd this book about 2 pages into the Valentine’s Day chapter, so I wanted to be sure and mention that up front to others, as several readers would've most likely tossed their Kindles onto a roaring fire at that point.

My favorite part of the book was the Christmas visit to Dylan's family farm, which I felt was the beginning of, well, the beginning for Dylan and Gabe to finally start coming together.

Then there was some major high drama, which was not quickly, but thankfully worked through. Eventually. With the help of a few friends. And patience. Loads and loads of patience.

The steamy bits were pretty smoldering; however, I couldn't really decide if there was just enough steam or a bit too much. It was a fine line, and I wasn't entirely sure on which side the story had landed. But the eventual bareback scene? Uhhh, yes, please! ;- )

Finally, the epilogue from 8 months later, during their first Christmas of being officially together once and for all, those pages were everything. They showed just how much Gabe had grown to both trust and value Dylan for the amazing person and partner that he was.

I'd rate this book at around 4.25 stars and definitely recommend this book for anyone looking for banter, snark, steam, a healthy dose of angst, and a very hard-won HEA.


This book is *FREE* with Kindle Unlimited membership.

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3,860 reviews5,634 followers
September 11, 2017
*3.5 stars*

I'm really conflicted about this one.

Most of my friends LOVED Rule Breaker, and I totally see where they are coming from. The snark and banter is worth 3+ stars alone, and I could easily see how someone could adore this book. Part of me adored this book! I couldn't put it down, and I read the majority of the story in one sitting.

While I would say that I liked/really liked Rule Breaker, I also had some major issues that knocked it down a couple of stars.

For one, the editing needed to be cleaner. That is a pet peeve of mine in self-publishing, and I noticed the errors a few times while reading.

But my main issue was that Gabe really treated Dylan like crap. I know he had his super special reasons, but he was really, really bad to Dylan, and I kept wanting Dylan to leave him and take a stand. However, I could get past Gabe being awful if Dylan had made him grovel and wait and suffer when Gabe got his act together... but he didn't. Dylan was a total doormat, and while he was a really fun character with lots of spunk most of the time, Gabe was just not deserving of him.

I also didn't quite get Gabe's split personality. If you are going to make a character a hard-ass, let him be a hard-ass. Gabe vacillated between being a total jerkweed and no-nonsense business man and a mush. I just didn't quite connect the two as part of the same person.

Though I was disappointed with Gabe and Dylan's relationship dynamic, I found the writing and the storyline to be really engaging. Like I said, I couldn't put it down, and I didn't quite want it to end.

For most readers, this will be a home run, but if you are sensitive to one-sided relationships, YMMV.

*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*
Profile Image for Judith.
724 reviews2,615 followers
August 22, 2017
4 Stars.

I was a bit sceptical going into this one,let's face it,it's a story line that's been done to death....the whole Boss/Assistant thing but the more I got into it the more I started to enjoy it and it's a compulsive read,I read it in virtually one sitting.

Dylan has been working for Gabe for two years and he's getting more and more infuriated with his grumpy boss.Despite their seemingly hatred for each other there's a bubbling attraction and lust that's just waiting to be unleashed......and when it is it's pretty damn filthy!!

There was a lot I liked about this and a few things that infuriated me,

-I absolutely loved the banter between them,especially from Dylan.This was British humour at it's best.

-the sex scenes...phew!! I didn't skim any....not a single one.These two are deliciously filthy and Gabe likes the dirty talk.And what's better than a bit of desperate office sex? And don't get me started on the scene with the Fleshlight....

-the writing-this is just an easy book to read( if that makes sense )...I couldn't put it down once I started.

Slight niggles,

-the subject of Dylan being a doormat seems to be a contentious issue.Whatever you think of Gabe he made it very clear from the start that he wasn't looking for a relationship or commitment.The fact was, Dylan just wanted him any way he could get him in the beginning and thankfully he did man up.

-Gabe definitely infuriated me on more than one occasion but he redeemed himself in the end.

-it did become a bit predictable in places but I think the writing and the characters prevented that from being too much of a problem for me.

This seems to be one people either love or hate.Personally I enjoyed it a lot and would definitely recommend it.

Available on KU.
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46 reviews11 followers
January 24, 2022

This book has the most unlikeable main character and the biggest doormat (Dylan’s name should’ve just been “Welcome Home”), and therefore the least romantic relationship I’ve ever read (and I’ve read A LOT!). This read like a Tyler Perry soap opera. And let’s be real, if this man wasn’t some millionaire 6”2 Calvin Klein model or if this was rendered as a movie, I suspect many readers would feel differently about him. He was arrogant, immature, cold, and condescending for MOST of the book. Like not one bit of warmth at ALL 😭. Why do people like “bad boys” like Damon Salvatore for ex? BECAUSE he at least shows some care for SOMEBODY!What kind of man loves like Gabe? Why would you do that to somebody? I want to cry because this was no man, it was a confused little BOY that was the most unattractive douche ever. Why would the author make such a HORRIBLE RELATIONSHIP? Why would she play with a reader like this? This was just not my version of a good read. This wasn't even romance, it was a one sided torture event that PISSED ME OFF!!! It read like an emotionally abusive relationship. It started off well, I thought it was gonna be a harmless rom-com but then it became ANGST CENTRAL. And you know what? It was pointless and avoidable angst and I'm sorry but I am SO ANGRY I just don't understand why the author would create a character so unlikable as Gabe. I am in a state of shock of how this became a useless soap opera when it DIDN'T NEED TO BE!!


This was a horrible read because it hit a cord in me that is a huge source of anger for me and that is ONE SIDE RELATIONSHIPS. It sucked because I could see the chemistry between them and I loved how they bantered and were so comfortable with each other. It was as if the author teased the reader on what the relationship could have been but wanted to punish us for having such naive desires. If you look past Gabe you could see that they could've been good together but Gabe ruined it and he doesn't deserve anybody's sympathy. We understood to an extant why Gabe acted the way he acted but I felt like it was unnecessary ad dramatized just for the purpose of cheap angst. Although my relationship expertise is little, LIKE NONE, I have read enough, seen enough, and heard enough to know when I see a toxic relationship and a toxic man. WHY WAS DYLAN SUCH A DOORMAT TO THIS PIECE OF SHIT, LIKE HE DIDN'T DESERVE YOUR LOVE . I want a boyfriend like Dylan and I swear I would never disrespect him like Gabe did CONSTANTLY. This was the most horrible relationship I have read so far and THAT IS SAYING A LOT. I have always felt that love should be able to conquer all and this book made me realize that sometimes a MAN ISN'T WORTH IT. I feel for every woman who goes through this because MEN DON'T DESERVE men and women like Dylan. You just don't treat somebody like a toy. I was uncomfortable reading this because the author did my WORST PET-PEEVE, MISCOMMUNICATION AS A PLOT DEVICE!! Dylan had so much love to give, but he constantly had to hide it from Gabe because Gabe was too much of a coward to accept it. He was possessive yet STILL HAD SEX WITH OTHER PEOPLE!!! And do you know why? Because he was trying to drive away Dylan but Dylan kept taking his HAPPY LITTLE ASS BACK BECAUSE OF LOVE!!!! Gabe had all the power in this relationship. HE WAS HIS BOSS IN AND OUT. He told Dylan what to do, led him on, and then played games the whole book until HE FINALLY GREW SOME BALLS IN THE EPILOGUE AND EMBRACED LOVE. A LITTLE TO LATE BUDDY I am so shocked that this atrocious romance has people raving over this because this ISN'T LOVE, it's unhealthy and abusive. I was crying and listening to Beyonce on REPEAT. LIKE DYLAN NEEDED TO TELL THIS GUY "BOY BYE!! I AIN'T THINKING ABOUT YOU, I AIN'T SORRY... HE ONLY WANT ME WHEN I AM NOT THERE HE BETTER CALL BECKY ( OR SHOULD I SAY FLETCHER ) WITH THE GOOD HAIR". Oh and lets get something clear. Gabe's 180 in the end did little to sway my view of him. The author should have wrote a whole other 300 pages of Gabe on his KNEES GROVELLING LIKE THE SPINELESS, RUDE, IDIOT HE WAS. Gabe should've had a dose of his own medicine, or at LEAST we as the reader should have seen grandiose gestures and declarations of love that made up for the hell he put Dylan through. AND THAT'S THE TEA!!!!!


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1,557 reviews3,815 followers
December 25, 2018
ghjok.png (535×110)

I was a bit worried about reading this one, because of the mixed reviews, but I am happy to say that I absolutely loved it !!

9661606.gif (245×245)

I was hooked from the very first page. The writing style really pulled me in, and the MC's were awesome. I love myself a redeemable asshole, and Gabe totally hit the mark ;)

I am a big fan of "office" romances. It has a "forbidden" element to it, that always gets to me. It was also quite hilarious at times, which really upped the rating for me...not to mention the smoking hot sexy time ...... I am still fanning myself

a1pohd.gif (500×281)

Dylan has been Gabe's assistent for two years now. Both of them are out and proud gay men. These two had such amazing banter going on...I laughed my ass off !! Even the emails above every new chapter had me laughing out loud. I loved how Gabe was a bit of an asshole and how Dylan didn't take his shit. He was pretty snarky himself ;)

Talking about assholes.... I was a bit worried about Gabe being a huge one. For me this was not the case. Sure he was snappy and he did make a huge mistake towards the end, but it was nothing I consider to be unforgiveable. Believe me when I say....I have read way worse ;) I  really liked him.... a lot.

FOTO BEWERKEN - makkelijk online je foto's bewerken of aanpassen

Also... Gabe never lied to Dylan. He was honest about what he wanted from the get go, and Dylan knew what he was getting himself into. That said, I was glad that Dylan wasn't a push-over either, and when it became too much... he chose himself.

These two were HOT, funny and made for each other.

FOTO BEWERKEN - makkelijk online je foto's bewerken of aanpassen

I really enjoyed this one and I highly recommend it. I just hope there will be another book soon, about the side-characters....especially Jude, he rocked !!!


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735 reviews378 followers
November 7, 2022
Re-read 11/2022

This was my first book by this author and it's still a favourite. I love this story so much. It's funny but also heartbreaking at times. I love the relationship between Dylan and Gabe, even though Gabe can be infuriating. But I adore Dylan. He is one of my favourite characters.

I also love Jude and Henry in this one. They are amazing friends. And Dylan's family. And the dogs. And the epilogue is perfect.

Original review:
Re-read 7/2018
I enjoyed it even more the second time around. Great chemistry between Dylan and Gabe and their banter is on point. Upping my rating to 5 stars.
Profile Image for * A Reader Obsessed *.
2,135 reviews432 followers
July 1, 2018
4.5 Impressive Stars!!

My oh my oh my oh my.

I seriously had my doubts about this one.

I wasn’t sure if I could handle reading about a possibly irredeemable asshole, but I feared for naught.

This was an absolutely fantastic fun and angst-lite read full of yummy delicious goodness. Oh yes.

Fabulous snarky banter, wonderful hot UST, and oh so satisfying culminations intermixed with that lovely push pull of insecurity, doubt, and longing. Mmmm hmmmmm.

Yes, Gabe is a huge commitment phobe and does he at times, treat Dylan poorly? Unfortunately, he does, but the important thing to know is that he has valid reasons. Gabe comes around, and these two get their wonderful HEA.

Lily Morton, I know I’ve found a new author to love! Thank you!
Profile Image for Gigi.
2,156 reviews1,050 followers
September 15, 2017

I now see why this book is so beloved by readers! It was witty and funny and sexy and smart and heartfelt. But MY GOD, the break-ups GUTTED me and caused me to ugly cry and have to take a headache nap at 4 in the afternoon. Dude! It was a bit too much for my personal taste, but I know most everyone else LOVED it.

The epilogue? Christ, it was perfection. PERFECTION! Best epilogue I've even read.

Bravo Ms. Morton! This is a kick-ass romance.

Profile Image for Renée.
1,038 reviews322 followers
September 6, 2022
I feel like I've been steamrolled. I mean.....really? This little book just came out of nowhere, popping up on my feed. A LOT of great reviews, while some seemed to hate it. I knew when some of my friends who've got similar tastes to mine started posting about it, I had to dive into this one.

Holy crap, people, this was totally my cup of tea. Snarky banter at its finest, great writing, heavy steam, AND relationship angst!!!!!! I'm a fan.

Dylan is an assistant to a wealthy lawyer, Gabe Foster. He hates him and plots his death regularly. Ok, not really. Dylan would have us believe that as the narrator, but Dylan always protested way too much

Did Gabe say things that were out of line? Oh hell yes. But Dylan gave him a run for his money right after he started. So that by two years later, as the book opens, it's snarky-banter-foreplay at its finest.

"Earth to Dylan," he gripes, snapping his fingers at me. "Where my suit? It's not in the bloody cupboard where it should be."
"Do you want me to find it, or do a flamenco dance?" I ask sharply. "Because I'm sure that's the only possible reason that you could have for snapping your fingers at me."

Gabe is a phenomenal lawyer, if socially blunt with everyone, he's hot as hell, witty, and he's gay. But Dylan is staying far, far away from any temptation. Gabe is his boss, of course. Who has a boyfriend. Although said boyfriend is a completely vapid wanker, and neither Gabe nor Fletcher are faithful to the other. And Dylan, who only does relationships, knows that anything with Gabe would be a monumentally bad idea.

It's complicated.

After two years, a sequence of events lead to Dylan seeing sides to Gabe that he's never seen. None of these seemed manufactured. It all seemed to unfold organically, and the UST was done so freakin' well, folks, I thought even I was gonna combust. Taking care of Gabe when he was sick, meeting his closest friend, learning about his awful childhood, it all led to a level of intimacy for Dylan that flowed right off the page. The long looks and eye fucking were done so well, I thought I'd have to get a hose for these two.

Gabe plays hot and cold really well. Every time he and Dylan share a "moment," he backs off and uses cutting words to establish their place. As boss and employee.

But the UST can only go on so long. How much these two want each other is a tangible thing, and they do eventually wind up giving in and slipping between the sheets. Holy forest fire, Batman! I haven't read a sex scene done that well in quite a while. Maybe it was the build up and tension. Maybe it was the way the scene was written. Maybe both, but DAMN, I went back and read it twice.

Here is where the story got complicated and riddled with relationship-angst. Gabe was completely honest with Dylan from the beginning. He told Dylan he wasn't looking for a serious relationship, that it could only be one night of sex. And Dylan was ok with that.

"I know you're looking for more, and you shouldn't be ashamed of that. I wish I could be the one for you." He looks sad. "Somebody will, but it'll never be me."

[...]"I thought I'd be good with just once, but this isn't going away is it?"

[...]"I swear to God, I'm going to need to fuck you all the time if you're anywhere near me, but I can't be what you want."

"You've been honest," I say softly. "I know it's not going to be you, Gabe. Maybe we can just make each other feel good while it lasts."

So.....eyes wide open. Gabe is honest, and Dylan knows what he's getting into.

This is where some readers got ranty in their reviews, and I completely get it. Some people didn't appreciate Gabe's actions after this point in the book, but it totally worked for me. It seemed authentic to his character, and the author clearly showed Gabe's development from his preconceived notions about love.

He is so tender and affectionate one minute, and he pulls away the next. He constantly tells Dylan that he doesn't want to hurt him, but does over and over again.

He does this all the time, little moments of care and warmth in a sea of hot sex followed by indifference.

But Dylan's heart is fully engaged. And because Gabe shows such a different side to himself with Dylan, he knows Gabe feels something. The shared moments of intimacy just can't be one-sided. It's because of this that Dylan lets it go on as long as he does.

But one "too intimate" moment shatters everything. It's a downward spiral from there, and you can literally feel the foundation of their relationship crumble.

What could've happened is Dylan being a complete doormat. But that just wasn't the case. I was so proud of the way he handled himself. There were some jaw-dropping moments, Gabe's actions or words followed by Dylan's backbone.

This story was truly executed amazingly well. These characters were so fleshed out. While we only get Dylan's POV, we see every dimension to Gabe, every nuance. It's easy to see why Dylan fell so hard for him. It's easy to see why Dylan stood up for himself. I felt every tender moment, every piece of Dylan's heart breaking......every piece of Gabe's heart breaking. The author shattered me and put me back together.

The HEA is hard-won in this book, and the author didn't disappoint with this either. No abrupt ending. The last chapters and epilogue show things full circle.

I tore through this book in one sitting, and it goes straight to my "Best of 2017" shelf. Highly recommended!
Profile Image for Nazanin.
1,074 reviews607 followers
August 22, 2017
4.5 Poisonous Stars

Damn!! It was really an unexpected read! I went into this one blind but actually I didn’t expect what I read! I hated and loved it! honestly I wanted to DNF it halfway and it’s so interesting that I enjoyed a book that I hated first! Not at first, I mean I liked it at first then hated it at the middle and then liked it again! It took me out of my comfort zone but maybe because I was in the mood I enjoyed it! it was full of sexual tension. With two characters that I loved one of them (he was smarta$$, confident, he knew what he wants, I liked his sense of humor) and I wanted to kill the other one (he was a real jerk, my hatred for him was too much and perhaps that made this story interesting), but at the end I forgave him for what he did. Both of them were poisonous for each other! When I think I realize this book had many elements that in normal mood I don’t like them but I really don’t know why I enjoyed it and it’s strange! The whole story is told in one of the H’s POV, except the epilogue (it’s told in dual POV), 1st person. It’s a stand-alone novel. I loved it, hope you enjoy it as well!
Profile Image for Ele.
1,274 reviews40 followers
April 2, 2019
Re-read 2/4/2019

Upping my rating to 5+++ stars! It's the best thing when a book stands the test of time. I loved this even more than the first time. Not a single niggle.
I didn't see a doormat in Dylan, and I 've seen worse assholes than Gabe. I truly believe that love can bring out the worst in people sometimes, before it gets better. I loved the emails, my favourite being the last one. One of the most satisfying endings ever.
Profile Image for *J* Too Many Books Too Little Time.
1,921 reviews3,442 followers
August 21, 2017
4.5 Stars!

To round up or down?!?!

Initially I was going to round down. There were just too many times I wanted to junk punch Gabe.


Then he would do something sweet and he'd be back in my good graces.

And then there was the banter. Which let's face it. That's my kryptonite. Good banter will win me over every. single. time.

And in the end, Gabe did redeem himself. That epilogue though.

So yeah, I loved this one. Pretty much gobbled it up in one sitting.
Profile Image for Shin Mon Thway.
663 reviews1,482 followers
October 19, 2019
OMG! 😱 I looooooove this book! 😍 I will squeeze and hug Lily Morton to death if she were near me. Lol 😂🤣 No, seriously! This book/audio is EVERYTHING! 🥰

Dylan has wanted to climb his boss Gabe like a beanstalk since the first day they met. But soon, he had started plotting various inventive ways to murder that entitled, infuriating bastard of his boss. Seriously, there’s no one like Gabe Foster, focused, demanding, annoying and domineering AF. But the problem is Gabe is Dylan’s bastard .. or so he’d like to think that way. Gabe isn’t without his faults and Gabe has a very sexy, drop-dead-gorgeous model twink boyfriend. So why can’t Dylan seem to date other men who are available and wants him in return? Why is Dylan in love with Gabe? Even if Gabe returns his affection, the guy is a commitment phobe. Will Dylan be able to make Gabe see the fault of his ways of thinking like a good secretary he always is? 😉

If you have followed my reviews for a while or if you have read my friendly banters with my peamate Lorraine in my comment sections, you’d know that my sarcasm is rather dry and dark and quite inappropriate. 😂🤣 So it’s no wonder I love Dylan with such passion. 😏🥰 The guy is sarcastic AF and has a wicked sense of humor. I was dying listening the epic banters between Gabe and Dylan. 😂 Despite everything and what the blurb says, this is a very sensual slow-burn book. Dylan wants Gabe and Gabe wants him right back with such passion. But there are so many things and reasons why they shouldn’t be together. They are co-workers, one was in a relationship and can’t commit and the other wants monogamy and HEA. But when they finally got together, man, it was fireworks and rockets and scorching!!! 🔥🔥🔥 These two are so hot for each other, it was ridiculously erotic and hot! 🔥❤️ And omg, did Gabe grate my nerves in the beginning. Seriously, I wanted to slap some sense into him. 🙄 And I thought there’s no way Lily Morton could make me change my mind and redeem Gabe in my eyes. But when I finally learnt Gabe’s past, my heart seriously broke for him. There’s a reason why he doesn’t let anyone get close to him. And it made me cry for him. And in the end, nearly losing the love of his life finally kicked some sense into him. And I looooooove Dylan, my sarcastic, wicked, spiky but kind and loving and understanding Dylan! They are so cute and lovely and perfect together. *Moon eyes* 😍🥰 The ending is just perfect. 💚 And I can’t wait to get the story of Jude. And I think Joel Leslie did a phenomenal job narrating this story. 👏 He does the sarcasm and wicked sense of humor so well that I saw Gabe and Dylan as vividly as I was watching a movie in my eyes. Kudos to that amazing performance. 😌👏 And guys, if you have never tried an audio and thinking of starting one, this is the kind of book that you should be introduced into the wonder of aural performances. Can’t recommend this enough. 🥰💜

5 You are the boss of my heart and soul stars

Audio rating

Story - 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Narration - 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Performance - 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Overall - 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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August 24, 2017
Changing from 2 Star to 1 Star, because I forking hate Gabe! 8-24-17

You know, when I read the blurb I was so excited to read this, it sounded SO good. Kept checking the release date, so I could get it and read it ASAP. Sadly, this wasn't my cuppa. I'll explain why I didn't like it in the spoiler, but be warned...I'm going on a rant and it will contain major spoilers.

Overall, I didn't like it. Plus side, I'm now listening to some Peter Gabriel CD's that needed to be brushed off and put back in rotation. So there's that.
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September 14, 2017
5 stars

I loved this one! I don't know why it took me so long to get to it. I saw many great reviews from my friends, but I still didn't expect to enjoy it so much!

Oh the banter was delicious!

And the chemistry was great!!! Dylan and Gabe were SO hot together. *need a bucket of ice*

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October 31, 2017
I realized whilst reading this book that this, whatever trope this lone wolf/perennially traveling light/finds their other half is called with a dash of hurt/comfort, is my kryptonite. Every single time it gets me. Nowhere Ranch, First and First, Controlled Burn, the Enlightenment series, Bad Judgment, Rattlesnake and now Rule Breaker. If you can throw in a made family I'm likely to be putty in your hands. I laughed. I got choked up a couple times. I found myself grinning and, most importantly, I didn't want it to end.

Gabe and Dylan are boss and employee. They've worked together for two years and maybe at one point Dylan actually thought he hated Gabe, but all the "hating" was more lip-service to me, so if you're looking for an enemies who become lovers via hate sex this is not that book. What you can count on is witty banter, tension so thick you can cut it with a knife, sexy times and feels.

Now, the sex. It's topnotch with a little orgasm denial, Fleshlight usage, some come play, a touch of begging, rimming, big guy bottoming 🙌🏼 and these two, once they break the push/pull cycle, set the sheets on fire. Often. I was not mad at it, but sex is just one component of their relationship. The romance and the erotica were well balanced, IMO.

Dylan narrates the story of he and Gabe and he is sassy, snarky, witty and generally hilarious. He also has the biggest heart, a heart big enough to make up for the dearth of love in Gabe's past. What impressed me was how well developed Gabe was even though we don't get his perspective until the epilogue. Morton did an incredible job of doling out pieces of the Gabe puzzle so that by the time the Christmas sequence happened, I knew. I do wish I understood that club scene better, though. I'd dance a jig for a short from Gabe's perspective.

Gabe is a grump and an alpha, but it was so hard for me not to like him. It's obvious that most of his curmudgeonly ways are a defense mechanism, because everybody leaves. He just can't handle losing anyone else so he's closed himself off and told himself he's happy inside his beautiful and sterile shell.

The trajectory of their story was predictable in a broad sense but I found it no less compelling for it; it had to happen that way to balance their relationship otherwise Dylan would always question it. So, yes, expect a glorious HEA. At one point I was convinced Morton was trying to kill me, because BIG GUNS. I have a weakness for the possessive and growly ones and Gabe gets about eleventy kabrillion different kinds of possessive and growly once he's committed to Dylan. 😍 It was a sight to behold.

Maybe it did get a little sappy and maybe I thought Gabe's turnabout was quick, but the flip side of that coin is he's in love for the first time in his life. Weren't we all a little punch drunk and heart eyed the first time? So the sap in me threw the cynic in me some shade and told her to STFU and stop interrupting The Feelsfest! But then he played "In Your Eyes" for Dylan and even the cynic was slow clapping while surreptitiously grabbing a tissue for acute onset allergies.


All the secondary characters play their roles well, even the asstacular Fletcher. *gag* I would welcome a follow up on Jude or Henry. Or both! #greedy

Recommend to hurt/comfort and whatever the hell this devoted singleton to committed boyfriend trope is called and those who like to wallow in the squishy feels.

Also, for all two of you who haven't read it already, here's the link to Gabe's proposal that we sort of got dangled with in the epilogue.


A review copy was provided.
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October 2, 2017

5+++++++++++++ stars

To: Dylan Mitchell
From: Gabe Foster
When you have finished your totally, fascinating account of who did what in a public toilet, do you think that you could possibly descend back into the mundane world of work with me?

This book! This book! I Loved it so much.
It was funny, well written the banter was so on point. Dylan's sense of humor was right up my alley. I laughed, smiled, and my heart broke a couple of times.

“Very aware of the glee filling Gabe’s face I’d wracked my brain again, and a long-forgotten memory of a phrase surfaced. “Donde esta el hombre con fuego en la sangre?” I rattled off happily.
Silence fell again before Verma stirred, looking impressed. “Well, Mr Mitchell, that sounds very -”
I never found out what it sounded like, because Gabe interrupted. "That's the opening verse from ‘Mi Chico Latino’ by Geri Halliwell,” he said, his voice choked with laughter."


This book is about office romance, I have read so many of them and sometimes I got bored but with this I was so hooked , it was different. The chemistry between the MC’s was believable and I could feel it while I was reading.

MC 1 Dylan the assistant
MC 2 Gabe the boss

Dylan is an amazing character I loved him so much, he is caring, very funny, loving and a genuinely good guy. My heart ached for him a bit when he was giving and did not get want he deserved most of the time. He also has feeling for his boss Gabe which he knows is dangerous but can’t help it, after all the heart wants what it wants. IMO I did not see any doormat behavior in Dylan, I felt that he was strong he held his own.

“Dylan, please,” he groans. “I know you’re a bit angry.”
““I don’t, but you know what I do take seriously, Gabe?” He swallows and tries hard to maintain eye contact as my voice rises. “I take managing my own time seriously. I take the ability to say yes or no to a request very seriously. I mean, what’s next? You’ll be telling me how to fucking shave or put deodorant on next..”

Now Gabe is an enigma, he is a man with layers. I loved him, wanted to wrap him in a tight hug and wanted to smack him hard at the same time. He is a complex character with him what you see is not what you get. One moment he is cold the next he is tender, as much at times I also wanted him dead, I liked that he was honest from the beginning about how he felt. I loved how he also came to his senses and decided to let Dylan in, when he does that OMG his tenderness and romance .. swoon!

"I know you're looking for more, and you shouldn't be ashamed of that. I wish I could be the one for you." He looks sad. "Somebody will, but it'll never be me."

These two are opposites but at the same time perfect for each other they fit.

I also see the man who needs a home but can’t seem to let himself have it. I see the vulnerable, grumpy man who isn’t used to having anyone look after him
He nods, and then looks at me where I’m still making shooing motions. “Dylan, I am neither a dog, nor a farmyard animal, so it is beyond my comprehension why you are making those gestures at me.”

The Sex was smoking hot!! These two were on fire.

I swear to God, I'm going to need to fuck you all the time if you're anywhere near me, but I can't be what you want."

The secondary characters were well written. Dylan’s family was amazing, I loved Henry and Jude .

The Epilogue Awwwwww!

This is Charlie


Fletcher that Little Lord Lubeship.Agrhhhhh

Some readers will love this others won't.
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February 18, 2021
Just my cup of tea

Oh this book suited me perfectly, the right amount of banter, a British bite of sarcasm and humour, insanely hot sex, a broken man who finds his way and another who provided the port in a storm.

Gabe, tormented and broken Gabe, I've had my own version of you, a man afraid to let go of his heart, afraid of love because of the pain it can bring with it.

He was an utter arse at times but I understood him completely, he was frightened of his feelings for Dylan and couldn't take the risk of being abandoned so he fought back with his whole arsenal of emotional weapons.

And there's no one can hurt you as much as the person you're in love with. I ached for Dylan, but he didn't sit passively by when pushed, he hit back too, using the knowledge he'd built up to stab Gabe where it would hurt the hardest - into the fragile part of his feelings he'd slowly been letting out.

The scenes in Devon at Dylan's parent's farm were among my favourites. The contrast between the family's acceptance of Gabe, his own awakened feelings which allowed him to just let go, and the explosively hot Fleshjack edging sexual encounter was perfect.
And gawd, the sexual chemistry between these two men hit volcanic status, it oozed off the pages alongside the tensions and the emotions.

His shirt is hanging off one shoulder, the arm seam ripped where I’d fisted it, and his trousers are round his ankles. I’m stark, bollock naked apart from one black sock. We’re both covered in sweat and come and breathing heavily.

I know other reviewers have described the relationship between them as toxic but I don't think it was as straightforward as that. Gabe never hid from Dylan that he couldn't do real, that it would only ever be sex. But Lily Morton did brilliantly to show the reader, through only Dylan's POV, that he was fighting more than just sex, that feelings and emotions were involved whether Gabe wanted them to be there or not.

Dylan knew what he was doing when he got into bed with Gabe and he managed to run with it for quite a while, hoping there'd be a change in circumstances as anyone in love would do. It wasn't until Gabe started shutting himself off - and the Valentine's Day incident - that he took a stand.

I understood why he reacted as he did, it was a natural consequence of being pushed away too far. I loved how Jude and Henry, best friends of the two men, saw what was really going on and started their plotting, knowing Dylan and Gabe really did need each other.

For me, there was enough groveling and genuine expressions of remorse to enable the narrative to come together for the ending. The epilogue was all ends up awesome too.

I'd love to read more about Jude and Henry too. I would say though, that the setting itself, outside of the sarcastic banter, didn't really have a huge British feel to it. The odd words threw me, elevator instead of lift, intern instead of apprentice or trainee (as has been my own work experience) but whisky was spelt right :)

Also major kudos goes to Lily for including Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes as the tune which reminded Gabe of Dylan. It's one of the most beautiful songs in the world imho.

Watch the Say Anything moment here

Make sure to grab the free short from Lily's website of what happens next, it's awesome.
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May 15, 2023
re-read May 2023

4.5***** stars

To: Dylan Mitchell

From: Gabe Foster

When I was a small boy, I liked to eat soil. My mother worried, but she needn’t have been concerned. Unbeknown to both of us, I was actually just preparing myself to drink your coffee.

The man fucks like a dream, but his coffee tastes like something crawled up and died in the cup.

Their banter and these glimpses into their email exchange was everything *lmfaooo I so love me a good Boss/PA romance!

God, I love these two. This book caters so expertly to what I crave in romance. —And I know I’m so in the minority with it *lol Because I LOVE ALL THE RELATIONSHIP ANGST!! ALL THE HURT FEELINGS caused by the love interest you can give me. No grovelling needed, but a bit is appreciated. This shit just makes for the most intense romances if you ask me. (That’s why I love second-chance romances so much)

And man did Gabe hurt Dylan. And man was he sorry and grovelling for it. I ate up all of it. But to be fair, Gabe was hurting just as much, which broke my heart. It was so obvious how much he needed Dylan but didn’t have the balls to take what he was offering.

*I’m so in the mood to read the rest of the series I might even give book 2 another chance.

Mixed Messages Series

Book 1 - Rule Breaker - 4.5 stars
Book 2 - Deal Maker - dnf
Book 3 - Risk Taker
Book 4 - Vow Maker

Companion: Short Stack | A Short Story Collection - currently reading
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2,112 reviews371 followers
January 24, 2018
4.5 Stars

Rule Breaker is a witty, sweet and exceedingly sexy enemies-to-lovers office romance story, featuring two strong-willed and uncompromising leads who share some snarky and mordant (yet highly entertaining) banter, as well as some of the most sizzling on-page chemistry that I’ve read in months.

As a new-to-me author, I didn’t quite know what to expect from my first Lily Morton read. Thankfully, with a nudge from some of the more glowing reviews, and a hearty push from my trusty gut, I decided to brave these new waters and give this story a shot. I’m so very glad I did, as this one proved to be an entertainingly moreish read - one I confidently believe I’ll find time to revisit in the future.
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August 21, 2017
4.5 stars

I'm pleasantly surprised by this one. I DNF'd a previous book by this author, The Summer of Us, in the first few chapters. But I decided to give the author another shot for the gorgeous cover by Natasha Snow and because the blurb hooked me. Office romance, enemies to lovers, snarky one liners, damaged MC, angst, hurt/comfort....it's got it all.

Top shelf banter, friends. Dry and snarky with a bit of innuendo turns my book crank. The MC's are likeable. Gabe is a snarky prick with a touch of vulnerability and Dylan is all heart and sass. I loved Dylan's bff, Jude and I'm hoping the author gives him his own book.

I was loving this book up until about the 60-70% mark when one of the MC's lost his ever lovin' mind. Those who get to that point and want to give up (though it's implied and the MC's are not technically together, once they actually start fucking, there is NO CHEATING), I urge you to keep reading...it's worth it. Gabe is damaged and the more you get to know him you see glimpses of how amazing and vulnerable he is underneath the snark and asshole behavior. You know all through the book that his walls are titanium and nothing can tear them down...except Dylan. He has what he feels are valid reasons for being afraid, this isn't your usual commitment-phobe MC. He is absolutely honest from the beginning with Dylan about not wanting a relationship. He is absolutely terrified to let Dylan in and does some EXTREME things to run and hide and push him away. (I wanted to kick his nuts up into his throat, no joke) At first, Dylan goes with it because he thought he could handle it and tries to hang on because he agreed to it and just wants to love him through it. Until he can't anymore. I was so scared Dylan was going to slide right into the doormat behavior but even though he fumbled around, he never took Gabe's shit. For awhile their relationship is toxic but when Gabe pushes too far Dylan threw his shit right back at him and actually sticks to his guns. There's a separation period for those that hate that. But it NEEDED to happen for Gabe to wake up. Those of you that know me, know I hold a grudge and once a MC does something unforgivable he is unredeemable to me. Usually. Gabe opens himself up to finally admit his feelings and realizes that even though he's terrified, he'd rather live with Dylan than ever be without him again. There's not much groveling, but there is a heartfelt moment where Gabe poors his heart out and that's HUGE for him and a big step in the right direction. Usually I like a bit of groveling but this felt truer to the characters. Gabe never opens up and Dylan has such a big heart, this just worked for them.

The story is told in Dylan's POV. The author did a good job in conveying Gage's vulnerability and fear despite his asshole tendencies. But the drama with Gabe was OTT and contrived. Really who fucking does THAT??!? I don't think a lot of readers will find him redeemable or even very likeable.

*** The sex is hot AS FUCK, people. Gabe gets Dylan a hole Fleshlight for Christmas and edges/fucks Dylan with it. It.Was.Awesome!!!***

The epilogue completely saved this book and brought it up from a solid 3 star read. The author finally gives us alternating POV's so we can finally see inside Gabe's head and see how his love for Dylan is EVERYTHING. Seeing how Gabe has evolved (not completely changed because snark) and their relationship has thrived was great.

Getting to see Gabe meet Charlie Hunnam however was absolutely amazing :)

Meet Charlie Hunnam:

Warning: While there is no cheating in this book, in the beginning Gabe is in an open relationship with his asshole boyfriend and they often invite a third in. The sex happens off page (though it's heard) before he starts a sexual relationship with Dylan.

Recommended for readers who love snarky assholes and OTT angsty dramatics.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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March 4, 2023
|| 3.5 stars ||

I have quickly come to realise that I absolutely adore romances that have a workplace setting with the boss/assistant and grumpy/sunshine tropes.
So if anyone has any recommendations for me that are like that, I would be forever grateful if you gave them to me.

Anyway, when it comes to this book in particular, obviously I loved the premise and the tropes: they were right up my alley. It also had a lot of great banter, and the progression of the romance was moderately well-paced.

The only problem I had, however, was with how rude and dismissive Gabe could be of Dylan. He was often cold and did not treat him as well as he deserved. I needed Dylan to grow more of a spine, but he never really did.
Then again, I do have to admit that the flipside of this was that I completely loved it every time that Gabe would get overly anxious when he thought that Dylan might leave him. Whenever he fucked up, he would get all nervous and pleading. These were my favourite moments, and it made me swoon to see him care so deeply.

“The truth is that I will always need you more than you need me. It’s also the truth that I’m not a good bet for someone as vital and young as you. I’m bad tempered, a perfectionist who is too serious, and too used to being on my own. You could go out tomorrow and find someone better for you, but the truth is that no one will ever need you like I do. No one will love you like I do. I want you forever, Dylan.”

I didn’t entirely love the characters, only because I got super annoyed at Gabe’s occasional coldness and Dylan’s lack of a spine, but aside from that I thought they were likable, funny and even interesting. They definitely matched together well, and their interactions were often very entertaining.
Dylan was surely a sweet, humble, smart, witty and caring man, so it was nice to be inside his head. That didn’t stop me from wishing we got to see Gabe’s thoughts in certain situations as well, though.

All in all, I enjoyed reading this quite a lot. The romance had lots of great tropes, and the chemistry between them was pretty good as well. It was nice and fun.

'Mixed Messages' series:
1. Rule Breaker - 3.5 stars

Short Stories:
1.2. Goodbye Fletcher - 3.0 stars
1.3. Jude’s Intervention - 3.0 stars
1.5. Scrambled Eggs and Lemsip - 2.5 stars
1.7. The Valentine Do-Over - 3.5 stars
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1,827 reviews2,186 followers
September 13, 2017
4.5 stars!

Short review! My brain is kind of mush and I cannot put together a coherent review, so here's a mini one with random thoughts. This was a super fun and angsty office romance. Lily Morton did a good job taking an over used genre and making it her own, it's one of the better office romance books out there! I loved Dylan and Gabe, this was an amazing hate to love romance I think so many people will enjoy and cherish. I'm excited to read more by this author :)
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August 30, 2017

***4.75 Stars***

OMG THIS BOOK!!! I want to shout my love from every rooftop! Send carrier pigeons to every reader I know. Send smoke signals to those readers that I don't know. This book gave me ALL THE DAMN FEELS!! Read it! Read it! Read it!

The banter. The tension. The sex. The pining. THE GODDAMN ANGST!! You better believe I have the paperback en route to my house so I can have this on my shelf!

"Sometimes we think that a certain path in life is the way we have to go. We see other routes, but we avoid them because we're so insistent they're not for us, that we might get lost or hurt. Then sometimes fate sets in, and someone takes your hand or waves you over. You step off your chosen path, and find that although this one is new and scary, somehow your feet know the way to navigate it. You might even find that it leads you the way that you were always meant to go."

Full review to come once I come back to Earth from this book high.

This quote at the beginning of the book certainly sets the stage.

"Love is fire. But whether it is going to warm your hearth or burn down your house, you can never tell."

- Joan Crawford
June 13, 2019
Audio – 5 stars
This is the kind of book where I can appreciation Joel Leslie’s brand of narration. The man can perform snarky banter like nobody’s business!

Story – 4.5 stars


I had to start my review off that way because after several times of trying to get just through the sample of this book, I decided it wasn’t for me. I was so very wrong!! I ended up loving the heck out of Dylan and Gabe’s story. It was the perfect combination of funny and serious. Now that I know better, I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.
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August 6, 2021
Uhh, what a waste of time.

I one hundred and eleven percent do not support this relationship. What Gabe did before the breakup was so disgusting I almost didn't finish it. It should have eneded there. The book, I mean.
And the relationship.
How they still ended up together is beyond me.

You can't just throw in the most upsetting/sad backstory to make me forgive. He is a grown ass man. I don't care if he has issues. Not if it makes him treat the one he loves this way.
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Author 13 books376 followers
March 20, 2022
Another delightful BR with my bestie Cass!

There’s certain things I come to expect when I read a Lily Morton book;

☑️Lots of sarcasm and sass
☑️Two sexy men, one with a hairy chest
☑️Overall adorable characters
☑️Cute animals, typically a dog of some kind
☑️The inevitable mention of mills and boon

Rule Breaker is the first enemies to lovers I’ve read by Lily and it gave me everything I wanted but so much more.

The banter was perfection, Dylan had my heart from the get go. Both guys are sexy af and the steam practically rose from my kindle. Jude, Henry and Dylan’s family were so stinking cute. And of course there were dogs and that mention of a certain old school romance.

This also gave me some angst. Not enough to drive me nuts but just enough to keep me on my toes.

There were so many emotions in this one; I laughed, I raged, I swooned and I cried. God, how I cried. And I was living for every moment.

Honestly yes, Gabe pissed me off on numerous occasions. A few times I didn’t know if I could forgive him. But in the end they both deserved each other.

I know I said that Milo was my favorite but then I considered The Cuckoo’s Call and now this. I could sooner name my favorite child … fortunately only have one.
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2,735 reviews230 followers
November 14, 2022
Ok, I'm ready for these two to finally get married!

Re-Read in preparation for the wedding!
I loved this book. An author I follow posted about it on FB, comparing it to Bossman, the author was not wrong. I loved Bossman and loved this.

This seems to be a book people are either loving or hating and I can see that, kind of...

Anyway, I finished this on Saturday, it is now Monday and it is still on my mind. If there is an emotion that I am able to feel this book made me feel each and every one of them. Good, bad and sometimes really ugly. Every one worth it.

I highly recommend giving this book a chance.

I am so glad I don't really read reviews until after I read a book. I may have missed out on this fantastic book if I had listened to some of the reviews out there.

Not sure what else to say, I think it needs to be read and your own opinion formed.

Don't miss out on the extra either!

Definitely one of the best of the year for me.
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