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Bohemia Beach #5

Bohemia Nights

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Thea McKay likes her quiet, private life well enough. She creates pop-up paper art that no one ever sees, hangs out with her friends and admires men from afar. But then, at a play premiere, she meets gregarious video blogger Duncan Flyte. An incorrigible charmer with dubious motives, he’s handsome, hilarious and overwhelming. When he says he won’t stop showcasing her to his legions of fans unless she agrees to spend seven nights with him, her world turns upside down. The offer is both outrageous and tempting. Those seven nights don’t have to be passionate, but what if Thea wants them to be? Can she raise the stakes with this adorable Scottish import — especially when Duncan’s cheerful campaign to woo her may be just one more spectacular lie that will break her heart?

This is the fifth novel in the award-winning Bohemia Beach series, each a steamy standalone romance set among a circle of young artists in the enchanting Florida city they call home.

271 pages, Paperback

Published August 11, 2017

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About the author

Lucy Lakestone

20 books159 followers
Lucy Lakestone is an award-winning author who lives on Florida's east central coast, among the towns that serve as an inspiration for the hot romances of her Bohemia Beach Series and the jumping-off point for the Bohemia Bartenders Mysteries. She's been a journalist, photographer, editor and video producer but prefers living in her imagination, where the moon is full and the cocktails are divine. In her spare time, she chases tornadoes.

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Author 83 books787 followers
August 6, 2017
This is the fifth and final installment of the Bohemia Beach series and I really enjoyed it. Thea is dealing with issues from her past, insecurities and past betrayals, while Duncan is keeping secrets and plastering on a big, happy smile for his viewers. I really enjoyed Duncan's jokester personality as well as how much he truly seemed to care about Thea. I kept having to remind myself that Thea was only twenty-three because as much as I liked her and empathized with her insecurities she started to bug me. BUT she was only twenty-three, so I think the way she reacted is probably age appropriate. If it were me, I would have just said, "What's going on here? Where's this relationship going? Do you want to keep dating after our seven-week deal or what?" But I'm a hell of a lot older than Thea and am blunt like that. She constantly seemed worried she was going to say the wrong this and scare Duncan off. I really enjoy Lucy Lakestone's style of writing. It's very descriptive, more like poetry put into a story, and she has a gift to bring the characters and their emotions to life. The sex, as is true to form with LL, was hot, and the chemistry believable and real. I love this series and am happy with how it concluded.
Profile Image for Tamye Whitener.
669 reviews16 followers
August 15, 2017
Disclosure: I was given the book for free in exchange for an honest review.

Oh my sweet bananas! I absolutely fell in love with this book and it’s cast of characters.

While this is the fifth book in the Bohemia Beach series, it was the first book I’ve read in this series, and by this author. It definitely stands well by itself. No need to have read the previous four books to understand the story. That being said, I now want to read the first four books because the lead characters from each book were in the fifth book and I’m dying to hear their stories as well.

I glanced at the first paragraph and I was hooked. I only wanted to see what point of view the book was written in, as I was in the midst of reading something else. But I couldn’t put it down, I had to to read more. I had to know why Thea McKay thought Duncan Flyte was a ……. nope not saying. Get the book and see for yourself. But be warned. You will be hooked as well.

The story easily comes to life. Plopping you smack dab in the middle of this exciting set of friends, with a snarky, yet insecure heroine, who has no idea why this sexy, Scot would want to have anything to do with her. Therefore he must be using her for publicity. Right? Smart guy that he is, Duncan uses Thea’s dislike of being in the public eye to his advantage. In exchange for her spending seven night with him, Duncan promises to refrain from featuring Thia on his vlog every night during that time. Then if at the end of the week she still wants him to get lost, he will. Or course, Duncan is going to do his best to change her mind. Thus the fun begins.

Thea agrees despite her certainty that Duncan will break her heart. Somehow her mouth said yes, while her head was saying, “No freaking way!” It could have been her hormones, and she might have a bit of a crush. One she would deny to everyone, including herself.

Kudos to the author for weaving this tale in a such a way, that while being lighthearted and fun, it also had depth, self-discovery, and enough heat at times to light a fire.

I recommend this to anyone who wants a contemporary love story, that goes from “Hell No!” to “Oh Yes!”. One that will make you yearn for one of your own.
329 reviews1 follower
August 21, 2017
Bohemia Nights is the 5th and final book in the Bohemia Beach series. While the characters from the first four books do make appearances in this book, you can easily read it as a standalone book and not be lost or confused.

Thea is very artsy and likes her simple quiet life. She has her small circle of friends, her art and her alone time. She is happy and content. Duncan on the other hand, is handsome and anything but shy. He has a vlog and is not shy in front of the camera or about going after what he wants. And what does he want? Thea of course. He calls her his first real fan. But she doesn't want to be, and begs him to leave her alone. So he makes her a deal. She spends 7 nights with him, and he won't put her on camera for those 7 nights. Thea is convinced it's a joke, and that after 7 easy nights she will be well rid of Duncan. But is that the case?

This story was really well written with very likable and believable characters. It's full of humor, sizzling attraction and so much more that will keep you turning those pages well into the night just to that you can finish the book!

I received and ARC of this book and am voluntarily leaving this review. This is my honest opinion.
Profile Image for Sharon.
1,807 reviews8 followers
August 22, 2017
4.5 stars
This is the first book I have read by the author and it can be read as a standalone. However, I am going back to read the other installments because I really enjoyed the author’s authentic writing style. Thea is a young woman who lives a quiet life that some might call boring although she has friends and companionship when she wants it. What she seems to be lacking is self-confidence and is in need of someone to bring out her wilder side. Duncan is a vlogger (video blogger) who is known for some wild antics and outrageously funny video posts. Did I mention he is Scottish? His brogue can be felt on every page and it makes you want more. In order for Thea to keep Duncan from using her on his vlog, she agrees to spend seven days and nights with him. What happens when the time is up? Can Duncan prove that he really wants Thea or will she get her heart broken? You have to read the book to find out.
I volunteered to read an arc for a review.
Profile Image for Kari Hansen.
9,113 reviews55 followers
August 21, 2017
Thea is 23 and enjoys her quiet and some might even say boring life. She has a circle of friends for companionship and lacks self-confidence when it comes to the opposite sex when she meets Duncan the outgoing video blogger at a play premiere.

He agrees not to have her be the star of his vlog if she agrees to spend the next seven days with him and it is her choice about what happens at the end of the week. Thea had no idea by the hot Scot wants anything to do with her but what happens when the seven days are up?

This is a story filled with humor and chemistry and the characters and their emotions are described so well that you feel that you are living it right along with them. This is my first book by this author and although the fifth in the series it is a standalone. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.
625 reviews19 followers
August 22, 2017
** I volunteered to read an advance reviewer copy of this book. **

This was my first foray into the Bohemia Beach series and it will not be my last. From the topic sentence to the last word, I was hooked. I laughed throughout the entire story and found myself identifying with "Thea" more often than I realized. This was a witty, entertaining, and thoroughly enjoyable read.
Profile Image for Kathy Heare Watts.
5,810 reviews176 followers
April 27, 2018

While this story is the fifth in an ongoing series or saga, it will easily read well as a stand-alone. It does have people from the other stories, but as in any book, they are blended into this one in a way you don’t feel like you are missing something, it is a smooth transition. There is a rather large secondary cast of characters, but the two main characters, Duncan Flyte and Thea McKay make up this tale of family, failures, memories, and protectiveness.

Thea McKay knows about Duncan Flyte and his vlog, after all, she is one of her six-hundred-thousand followers. But that doesn’t mean she particularly likes him and even refers to him as a man-whore. She sees him as flighty, a handsome charmer and overwhelming. Thea has returned to Bohemia after the death of her mother to be near her father, work with him in his business, and create her pop-up paper art.

Duncan Flyte comes across as carefree, humorous and a man who devotes his time to his video blogging. While many would consider it a hobby, it is his job and way of life, well supported by fans and sponsors. With his sexy Scottish accent, good looks, he is definitely a charmer.

The plot will have Duncan attending a play where Thea is and interviewing her on camera for his vlog. She is sarcastic, and before she knows it, she is coerced into a one week deal to spend time with Duncan away from the camera. The week will be awkward because she is leary of him and his motives, but he surprises her with what the week will entail. When he sees her ring, learns it is a family heirloom, he helps her learn more about it. One thing about Duncan, he knows people and places.

“You’re my divine ginger angel, you are.”

“Stay calm, Thea. This is all part of the fantasy. The handsome price for rent. One week, and you’re out. I was his latest distraction. No, worse. His latest clickbait.”

The week is a week of learning more about each other and what makes the other tick. But Duncan is more reserved in being completely open. Is he just using Thea for a week of entertainment and sex? What will happen to her when their week is over?

“This week was a storm blowing through my life, powerful and wonderful. Though it would leave a whirlwind’s worth of debris behind, I had to admit that maybe I’d needed the rain.”

The past will make itself present to Duncan when his father shows up, and before he knows it, he and Thea are saying hurtful things to each other. Her heart is shattered, and she retreats to her father which will open more of her past. Duncan must confront his childhood and face the one person he runs from. But will Duncan and Thea be able to survive the truth?

“I think what we had was a failure to communicate.”

With the encouragement of Duncan and Thea's friends, she will enter her pop-up art creation into an art show, but it will go beyond just a display. Collaboration, friendships, and coming together will help her see that many people have various talents and yet together, it is truly a labor of love.

“It was all pretty overwhelming. All of a sudden I wasn’t just an artist in my little studio. I was the leader of a complex collaboration.
Profile Image for Sonja Netkovska.
97 reviews1 follower
August 20, 2017
"Bohemia Nights" is the very first book I have read form Lucy Lakestone and it won't be last. I truly loved and enjoyed the read, so I couldn't put this book down till the end.
Loved the characters, both Thea and Duncan, the story line is great too and sex...
I totally recommend this book to all readers. It's a must read book.
Thanks Lucy for this great book!!!

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.
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