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A prescriptive and inspirational book of life lessons from the Emmy Award-nominee and breakout star of television’s #1 hit show, NBC’s This Is Us.

Debuting in fall 2016, This Is Us quickly became America’s most watched—and most talked about—network television show. Within weeks of its premier, actress Chrissy Metz and her character, Kate, were embraced by countless fans. Seemingly overnight, Chrissy found herself on magazine covers and talk shows, walking red carpets, and the subject of endless conversations on social media.

Chrissy chalks up her popularity to the authenticity of the role. She believes that fans sense she is playing a character whose life is not so very different from her own. It is a performance that comes from her heart and gut, from a universal place that rings true. In reality, Chrissy’s presence, her perseverance in Hollywood, and her success story is as genuine—and as inspirational—as it gets. There is no better person to represent and speak out for the everywoman and her experiences.

Embracing the spirit of Shonda Rhime’s Year of Yes, Chrissy’s touching, wise, and honest book speaks to all of us. Blending love and experience, Chrissy encourages us to claim our rightful place in a world that may be trying to knock us down from all sides. Throughout, her positivity, confidence, and humor are infectious, whether she’s talking about her past or present, and she offers amazing one-liners such as:

Who needs to fit in when you’re meant to stand out?
You need to both know better and do better!
The key is to act deserving, but not entitled.

Not your standard celebrity memoir or essay collection, Why Fit in When You’re Meant to Stand Out is a smart and helpful guide for living through tough stuff and coming out the other side, written by a woman who has done just that. Grounded and spiritual, Chrissy teaches each one of us how to find our own unique voice—and pursue our dreams.

320 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 27, 2018

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Chrissy Metz

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Christine Michelle Metz is an American actress and singer. She is known for playing Kate Pearson in the NBC drama This Is Us, for which she has earned Best Supporting Actress nominations at the Primetime Emmy Awards (2017) and Golden Globe Awards (2017 and 2018).

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2,956 reviews485 followers
December 17, 2018
3.5 stars

Audiobook narrated by the author
6h 27: 04

I love This is Us and Chrissy Metz's Kate Pearson is definitely one of the reasons I tune into the show (well, I watch on Netflix). Chrissy has such a wonderful personality that made the performance of this Audiobook enjoyable and an easy 4 stars. The big but is that I really did not enjoy her "Bee Mindful" sections. Why do publishers feel that people cannot just write a memoir about their life? Why the need to turn everyone into an armchair self help guru?

That aside though, Chrissy, is just an amazing and very forgiving person. There is a rawness in this book that I have only read once before ( Brooke Shields Down Came the Rain). Audiobook is certainly worthwhile.
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3,814 reviews32.4k followers
June 20, 2018
4 stars!

Non-fiction memoir

I really enjoyed this one. Chrissy Metz story was interesting, entertaining, and inspirational. I loved that the audio book was narrated by the author.
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395 reviews101 followers
May 1, 2018
An empowering, emotional read by a strong, inspiring woman. I can see this getting mixed reviews because it tows the line between memoir and self-help. The result is that it does neither very well. However I can see why Chrissy was motivated to write this... HER FAMILY IS CRAZY. Girl had to get her truth out there because the family was all sharing their crazy with the press (putting it on her of course instead of owning up to the fact that they were all horrible to her).

I had a major issue with an excerpt I read previous to starting this book where Chrissy explains her relationship to her abusive stepfather. Nope. No. Just no. He has no right to be in her life. And for that matter I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that the rest of the family including her own mother just let him abuse her with their full knowledge. Chrissy partly addresses this in the book saying that it's her mom's story to tell and that she was trying her best to keep her children together and not have them taken away by Child Protective Services. Still... No. I can't comprehend it. I see Chrissy's desire to acknowledge the terrible things that were done to her and that by accepting it she can move forward so that it no longer has power over her. I'm happy that she got out of that house but I can't understand why she ever goes back. Also, her ex husband?? Whyyyyyy? He is awful and why does she forgive him and allow him in her life still today? I guess I'm just not a terribly forgiving person?!

I think Chrissy plays her role as Kate Pearson well because she lived through a worse version in real life. I was inspired by Chrissy's natural way of encouragement and motivation. I have no doubt that anyone who has the pleasure to know her in real life leaves her presence feeling uplifted... and having laughed a lot (she is hilarious!).
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623 reviews236 followers
December 18, 2018
A special book about a honest and strong women who has overcome many difficulties and has finally gotten her big break.

Author Chrissy Metz is best known for her role as Kate Pearson in the television series This is Us. Audiences relate to her character’s honesty and difficulties. Her performance in the show has earned her two Golden Globe award nominations and an Emmy nominations for best supporting actress. This Is Me: loving the person you are today is her interesting and inspiring life story, part memoir and part self-help.

Chrissy’s father disappeared one day leaving her mother on her own to raise three young children. Her mother eventually remarried, but her stepfather was never satisfied with anything Chrissy did. Eventually Chrissy headed to Los Angles where she worked as an agent for many years before getting her big break.

“We all have a purpose,” she said “Some people are the tall oak trees, and some people are the beautiful bushes. But everyone has a purpose. There is nobody here on earth who doesn’t have a path or a purpose. An innate destiny. Every human being who comes, comes called.”

I have binge watched every This Is Us episode there is. There is something special about that series, and there is something special about this book as well. Listening to Metz share her life story was informative and touching. Did you know she is from Gainesville, Florida? I had no idea she lived so close to me! I also didn’t know that she married (and later divorced) a man she met online, or that her stepfather verbally and physically abused her. It’s because of her life challenges, and difficulties that she is able to deliver a compelling book that is the story of how Chrissy Metz grew up and ultimately became Kate Pearson. Her tips on self-confidence and self-esteem are nice, like icing on a cake. She reminds us to be appreciative of who we are, find our gifts, and pursue our dreams. Only a strong, courageous and loving woman can be so positive given her past experiences. Chrissy Metz is amazing!

“There is something that happens when you are grateful. You continue to receive blessings.”

Publisher Dey Street Books
Published March 27, 2018
Narrated Chrissy Metz

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1,376 reviews1,433 followers
April 15, 2019
Chrissy Metz relates her abusive and underprivileged childhood and how hard work and perseverance made her into the inspirational figure and television superstar she is today.

"Honeybees are meaningful to me because technically they're not supposed to be able to fly. We know they do, but in the 1930s French scientists 'proved' they couldn't. Their reasoning was that it was aerodynamically impossible because honeybees' wings are too small to support the weight of their bodies. ... I get that. I'm not supposed to be able to fly either." pg 6, ebook

Chrissy's parents divorced when she was young and her mother worked multiple jobs to support her children. They lived in a trailer park for a time in Florida.

"I know now that when families are in crisis, kids blame themselves, and kids also take on adult burdens. Which is why it is important that I say something else: Arredondo Farms is still there and I won't say a single bad thing about it. People look down on people who grow up in trailer parks." pg 25

Things became a bit easier when her mother married Chrissy's stepfather (she calls him 'Trigger'), but then he began systematically abusing Chrissy.

"I don't remember why Trigger hit me the first time. I know he thought I'd had it coming for a while. I bet I was too loud putting away the dishes. Or I didn't put his Coca-Cola in the fridge and he wanted a cold Coke. That would usually do it." pg 28, ebook

Somehow, she survives to not only succeed in the business of her dreams, but to thrive. It wasn't easy. She honestly documents her struggles, both mentally and physically. She continues to have relationship troubles. But Chrissy never lets it dim her optimism that things can get better and that she can improve, no matter where she finds herself.

Throughout the memoir, she gives tips and life advice that she calls "Bee Mindful" lessons — referring back to her metaphor of how the honeybee can fly even though it seems aerodynamically impossible.

"So many people, including myself, talk at each other but don't listen. To ourselves or to other people. Believe in actively listening to yourself. Take time to have a conversation with yourself every now and again. ... So often we're on autopilot and we slip into addictive behaviors to avoid listening to ourselves. We eat, or drink, or, yes, check our phones — anything to avoid hearing what we truly need to say." pg 57, ebook

The astonishing part of this memoir, to me, is simply how often Chrissy is judged and found wanting because of her appearance. How long are we, as a society, going to accept the objectification of women's bodies and believe that it's ok? I thought we addressed that issue in the last century, but, from the way this beautiful and strong woman has been treated her entire life, it is obvious that we haven't gotten very far.

I found Chrissy Metz to be inspiring before I read her memoir. Now, I feel like she's a literal hero for anyone who simply wants to live life as they are and not accept anyone else's standards for what beautiful, strong and successful is. And she manages to be kind and humble while doing it.

Highly recommended for any readers who like inspiring memoirs — this one gets all the stars.
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790 reviews34 followers
July 22, 2018
Oh dear. I didn't absolutely hate this, but man, this was some The Alchemist level crap. It has to be her favourite book, I swear. There was so much self-help, buzz-word claptrap in this: "putting deposits in my confidence bank", "standing in your space", "lean in", along with the belief that the universe is conspiring to give you what you ask for that I had myself constantly questioning why I was listening to this. I love the show, yes, but the actress? Actually, not so much. And now, even less so. Between all of her pseudo-self-help-guru stuff and her banging on about all of the guys that hit on her, it was often at best, boring, and at worst, excruciating.

I did learn something from this book though I need to be more discerning as to what I read and listen to.
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22 reviews3 followers
April 11, 2018
Isn't it great to find a book you just want to read all day! Well, This Is Me describes that book. Fortunately, I started it on a weekend and was able to read it all I wanted and wanted I did! It is a well written memoir of Chrissy Metz, one of the stars of the wonderful TV show, This Is Us. She tells the story of how she was able to overcome a difficult childhood by hard work and by believing in herself. She knows her worth and wants to share with the reader how we can be "Bee Mindful" and reach our goals too. She writes as if we are just sharing things as good friends would want to do. Her voice comes through in such a caring way that by the end I wanted to be her friend.
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839 reviews144 followers
June 7, 2018
Chrissy is strong and outstanding woman. As usual, I never heard about her before her book, since I am rarely watching anything. I was very happy to find out who she is, reading about her past, and her rising to be a successful person, in a larger size than our media embraces.

As she is saying: You are enough! You can be successful, and you are awesome, you can fly, being yourself. Our true happiness is inside of us. Like me, everything you need to fly—to soar—has been inside you all along. Just as you are, you’re enough.
In the book she explains that it isn’t about getting taller, skinnier, richer, or more successful. It’s about loving yourself and realizing that we are all great, as we are.

Chrissy is so brave and share her painful childhood, and the adults that surrounded her. She was insulted and put-down. Her happiness was food, and she had to hide her eating. Rebecca joked about putting a lock on the refrigerator door. We had lived with a lack of food in the house for so long that when it was there, I felt like I had to eat it before it disappeared again. I discovered that food gave me a comfort like nothing since Grams made those grilled cheese sandwiches for me. Food was something to look forward to. My only happiness. I was constantly nitpicked about anything I did, but I couldn’t let Trigger ruin this for me. And so, I began to hide my eating. I’d get up in the middle of the night and eat. I’d sneak food from the kitchen to eat in the bathroom. I meet people who say, “Oh, I felt so bad that I ate a dozen bagels.” That’s never been my problem. It wasn’t that I ate a lot, it was what I ate. Cookies, chips. Things I could eat as fast as possible to avoid detection. Things that would give me the brief bliss of numbness, and take my mind off what was going on around me
And she was abused and beaten: I DON’T REMEMBER WHY TRIGGER HIT ME THE FIRST TIME. I KNOW HE thought I’d had it coming for a while. I bet I was too loud putting away the dishes. Or I didn’t put his Coca-Cola in the fridge and he wanted a cold Coke. That would usually do it. He never punched my face. Just my body, the thing that offended him so much. He shoved me, slapped me, punched my arm, and yanked my wrist. He would hit me if he thought I looked at him wrong. Whether there was a warning depended on the situation. Like if I didn’t say, “Yes, sir.” “You did the driveway?” he’d ask. “Yeah.” He’d be up and towering over me in a second, slapping my arm as if he were trying to revive a dead person. And then he’d grip where he’d hit. “What’s that?” he’d yell. “Yes, sir.” He’d squeeze harder. “I didn’t hear you.” “Yes, sir.” But mostly he hit me over things he imagined I did. I remember being on the kitchen floor after he knocked me over, and I was literally begging to know what it was that I did. He just shoved me hard with his foot. I convinced myself that my mom simply didn’t know what was happening, or just how miserable I was. I believed that if she could see the abuse, she would stop it. Then Trigger went ballistic on Morgana over something while my mom was in the house. She stopped him, insisting, “You will not do to those girls what you do to Chrissy.”
It is so sad that she was a child that were afraid of adults, that was neglected, abused and was not protected.

I can empathize with Chrissy. Your experiences make you who you are, and the tough ones build you the best (if they don't break you, which unfortunately is more common at a young age). Chrissy is everything she came over, and she is amazing. She is also an unbelievably forgiving person, and has such a large heart. I have come to terms with my feelings about Trigger. He wrote me a letter when I first moved to LA that I have kept with me for more than thirteen years. “I just want you to know,” he wrote, “that you do things I never thought I would see you do. You are so much more courageous than I’ve been in my whole life.” He talked about being hard on me, and he said he was sorry. And he said he loved me. That’s all I have ever wanted him to say. It’s heartbreaking, but it’s also why I am so sure everyone is put in our lives for a reason. I would not be who I am without all that I went through. I have had to grow to understand that I owe Trigger so much for doing what my biological father never did for me, and still acknowledge that he tormented me. It was Trigger who kept a roof over my head. It was Trigger who taught me how to drive and Trigger who took me to the driver’s test. And he also made my life such hell that now, I feel nothing can break me.

I loved the parts when she talked about working with kids, and how their rules are important for us adults (maybe even more than for the kids). It starts with "Be a Good Friend", give them a turn, invite someone that you don't know to talk or play at the playground and not use the approach of guilty-until-proven-innocent to people. We miss a lot of awesome people if we make them prove their worth to us before opening up. If we all accepted newcomers to our lives and then got to decide if they live up to our openhearted expectation. There are other great ones, like "Do Your Best Work" and "Use Your Listening Ears"

So I'll end up with Chrissy's call to never give up. "You just never know when it’s going to click for you. If you’re having hard times right now, whatever shimmy trick you have to do to keep going, take a mental picture. I want you to look back on this part of your life and thank yourself for not giving up." Everything we go through can lead to great things, even when it is really tough. We need to believe in ourselves and know that we can fly or learn to fly. 4 stars. Go Chrissy!
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460 reviews14 followers
July 14, 2018
I should start by saying that I don't believe that I was the target market for this book, especially after I had read the word "bay itch" written out a few times. I am old enough, and secure enough in myself, that I have no problem thinking about someone as a bitch, and educated enough that I've found other words or other phrases to express my opinion about someone who seems overly invested in being snarky. (See, I used the word bitch and not a single thing went wrong.) I'm also not a fan of books that talk about putting it out there for the Universe to solve. If this was true, shouldn't we all be exactly what we want to be? As rich as we want? To look the way we want? To have the career we want? God forbid, to have as much money as we want or for our favorite sports team to win, always? But it doesn't work that way. I found myself wanting to drop Chrissy a line (which she invites at the end of each chapter) to tell her that sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes you don't and that no amount of Universe-shaman-calling will fix the world's dark places.

I bring this up not as some sort of weird reviewer quirk, but as an example of how she over-relies on internet speak, and writing as if she is 22 years old, rather than in her late thirties. This makes the book tedious to read as I am one of those people who is more than happy to hear such a style from someone who is 15, or even 18, or even 22. I work with University students, and I've heard some things, is all I can say. But, by 36 with a divorce under her belt, I just kept thinking that it was time for her to step into her womanhood. When she does, I think I'd like to read THAT book. I liked this enough that I never stopped reading it, which merits 2 stars.
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953 reviews57 followers
February 17, 2021
This is Me by Chrissy Metz was my book club’s selection for January. Every January we choose something motivational and inspirational to kick off the new year. Chrissy Metz plays an amazingly complex character named Kate, on This is Us. I enjoy the show but it isn’t my favorite. I know it is just TV, but everything seems so exaggerated. My favorite characters are Randell and his wife, Beth…they are goals. Anyway…Chrissy’s memoir dives deep into her childhood that was filled with physical, emotional, and mental abuse. She discusses the hardships she experienced on her way to making it to the top. She is an amazing singer and is obviously a great actress! She gives inspirational advice in-between her life stories.

I think Chrissy has an amazing personality. I love her positivity and how she LOVES herself! But this book…it wasn’t my favorite. While I adore Chrissy, I struggled with this book. She spends a lot of time talking about her childhood trauma, and the perpetrators are still very much present in her life. There are points where I felt she excused their behavior–which isn’t okay. Those who are in this situation may feel like they just have to endure it and forgive them. I just can’t agree with that mentality. Now, it worked for Chrissy, but it just rubbed me the wrong way.

She also spent A LOT of time on her first crush, which happened in 8th grade. It gave off an obsessive vibe. It was a childhood crush and it meant something to her but again, it just didn’t work for me in a memoir. But this is her life. I am glad that she has worked through everything and is a huge advocate for therapy! And anyone who started their memoir by going to eat at Oprah’s house has every right to scream from the rooftops of their success. I am so glad she is in a good place and wish her all the best. I rate this book 2 out of 5 stars.
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8 reviews1 follower
February 27, 2018
Critically-acclaimed actress Chrissy Metz, who rose to fame playing Kate Pearson in the NBC hit drama series This Is Us, has penned a compelling debut memoir. Metz writes with the candor and immediacy of a good friend who has come over for a chat. A witty, poignant and engaging read, the groundbreaking actress presents a touchingly-human account of her childhood, early struggles, rise to fame and journey to find her place in the world. The book goes beyond your typical autobiography, offering many insightful and valuable life lessons from a fascinating life in progress.
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1,408 reviews
April 2, 2018
Chrissy Metz was an unknown actress until the TV show "This is Us" became a popular show and made her a successful actress. She writes of her childhood. Her father abandoned the family. Her mother struggled to make ends meet. She endures an abusive step-father who shames her for being overweight. She grew up poor and going to many different schools. She also writes about coming to California to try and make it as a singer or actress. She shares her ups and downs and offers advice she has learned from her life so far. I was glad to read her memoir and learn more about this talented lady.
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55 reviews
April 23, 2018
I'm the biggest fan of This Is Us, so I figured I'd love this book, too. But, of course, it's not written by the people who write Kate's story on the show; it's written by Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate Pearson. And while Chrissy is a fantastic actor, she's not an amazing writer. It was an interesting read, and the Audible performance, read by Chrissy herself, is very, very good. But the substance I was looking for from the show wasn't there. I shouldn't have expected it to be the same, but a heads up to anyone who picks this up with a similar expectation.
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256 reviews9 followers
July 21, 2018
I really liked the first chapter, but it went downhill from there. There was a weird amount of humble bragging/regular bragging? And I found her to be a likely unreliable narrator.

Example: The author worked with a beautiful, thin, and smart actress who was mean to her. Friends said the mean actress was probably intimidated by the author. The mean actress said something mean to the author, and the author quietly looked the mean actress in the eye and said "No one can steal your thunder" and the mean actress was dumbstruck by such wisdom.

There are more. "Everyone was sure I'd be nominated for an Emmy and I was like stooooop you guuuys." She was also apparently a super progressive kiddo who stuck up for Martina Navratilova when kids teased her for being a lesbian?

This was trying to be inspirational and a self help book, but all of the platitudes were cheesy and surface level, and nothing about the book made me feel like she was especially wise or someone to take advice from.

On top of that, the talking like a teenager was overdone and distracting. I should have just ditched this halfway through when I realized I wasn't into it.
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517 reviews
January 4, 2019

Chrissy is such an all around great person. She gives great life advice from her experience. Her life story is very interesting as well. I was hooked right in the beginning of this book only a few mins into the audiobook.

I just enjoyed all of it.

If you are a fan of her then you will love this book. I didn't realize just how much alike she was to her character Kate in This is Us. I feel like I could listen to this book a few more times thats how much I enjoyed it.
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12.4k reviews425 followers
May 15, 2018
When this book popped up on my library’s website I put my name down for it. I really love the show This is Us, like Kate as a character and liked Chrissy in interviews I seen with her. I liked that Chrissy narrated the audio book, there were times you could tell got to her, others that she had a hard time not laughing. Her journey through life hasn’t always been easy, but it seems like she is striving to always be learning.
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896 reviews
April 16, 2018
I want to be friends with the author! I love her as an actress and she sure knows how to inspire a person in her writing. Many inspirational quotes of her own and others, with her own touch. I am so glad she became Kate because she was perfectly cast for the role!
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1,215 reviews112 followers
October 31, 2018
I am a huge fan of the show, This Is Us, it is easily my favorite show that is on television. I was hooked after the first episode or so, it is so heartwarming, heartbreaking and the characters are so vulnerable. Unlike most people I was late to the train of watching the show but I know that people were praising her Chrissy performance so I had to find out what the hype was. I have to say that this book was very touching and sentimental,I had a deep respect for Chrissy.

This is not so much a memoir but it is more of a self help book. It gives tips on how to overcome insecurity and to pursue passions, yet it was more geared towards the reader in mind and not the author if that makes sense. In other words, it was more about becoming a better You, not so much about Chrissy life like I expected..This is not a bad thing, just making a difference with most books wit similar content.

Nevertheless, I am glad that I read the book, it was very daring and touching.

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351 reviews7 followers
October 20, 2018
I really enjoy This Is Us and wanted to hear more about Chrissy. So good on audio - this is one funny, honest and inspirational woman.
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617 reviews105 followers
June 13, 2018
Chrissy Metz stars on the NBC hit show, This is US as Kate Pearson, one of the triplets. If you have never seen this show, you don't need to have, to read this book, but I think you might afterwards. This book chronicles her life from when she was a young child to her life today after making it on such a great show. It goes through her struggles with her weight and being accepted by family as well as outsiders. And her main focus is being happy with the person she is no matter her size or job.

I would categorize this book as a Self-Help Memoir. Chrissy gives explains how she overcame many obstacles in her life and shares these lessons with her readers. She is a strong independent woman, moving her whole life from Gainsville, Florida to Los Angeles, California to pursue her acting career. This was not something that came easy for her and she spent 9 years as a agent helping others with their acting careers before she was able to really start her own.

I could relate to Chrissy in a lot of aspects in this book, her advice is stuff we've all heard before, but her examples of how she applied it to her own circumstances, made the book more relateable to me.

Chrissy Metz is Kate Pearson. She explains this in her book of how the struggles Kate goes through are exactly the issues she had, as if the role was written specifically for her. Chrissy seems very down to earth and a person who you would want to be friends with. I look forward to following her journey on This is US and any other projects she may be involved in.
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460 reviews14 followers
April 18, 2018
I read and listened to this one on audio read by Chrissy herself. First, I love her as Kate on This Is Us, and that she was so brave to tell her story. I'm glad I read the book and passed it on to others at work.
I really had trouble with the change of voice throughout the book. It was really obvious on audio when Chrissy was retelling a personal event versus reading what was completed by a co-author/ ghost writer. Her speech was steady, she had appropriate pauses during her memories, and her language (y'all, girl) came through. When she was simply reading, she had vocal emphasis on odd words that makes it obvious that she didn't write that part.
I also thought that the "Mindfulness" parts of the book could have been included in an entirely different book. I wish this book was simply her memoir and not self-help. I imagined the Mindfulness as a small companion book with these same suggestions and examples.
Overall, I would totally recommend this book if someone likes the TV show and wants to know more about Chrissy.
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14 reviews1 follower
April 26, 2018
Such a great book! I love learning about the famous who started just like me and you! Before her role as Kate in This is Us, Chrissy had $0.81 in her bank account! She went through verbal and physical abuse. She struggled with weight her whole life. She struggled with relationships and most of all confidence. I can’t even count how many times throughout her story I said out loud “this is me!” (No pun intended- I seriously was thinking this so much throughout!) she also did such a great job of reminding me to think positive, and change my perspective. There is always something to be grateful for! Definitely recommend you read this!
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66 reviews16 followers
May 5, 2018
I can be a sucker for a quick celeb memoir. Okay it’s probably only my second or third but I picked up this book because This Is Us. I’m unsure what to rate it, maybe 3.5 stars. I enjoyed reading about Chrissy’s life story and where she came from. It’s weird because it’s also part self help which besides all the obvious advice or bad advice I took away two things about blessings and thankfulness. I love when a realization hits you in an unlikely place. I read in a day so super quick and easy, I almost put it down once or twice but decided to just skim til she started talking about her life again.
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398 reviews8 followers
April 15, 2018
I can’t even tell you how much I LOVED this very honest and inspiring book! Chrissy is Kate, Chrissy is me!! I related so much. Her scrapping and scraping to get where she is today yet not fully believing that she really deserves it! But she does, and I do too! We are all on a journey of self love! She put it all into words beautifully! 💕 Chrissy Metz! I hope to be able to tell you in person how much your book means to me! Thank you for sharing your story!
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424 reviews1,023 followers
May 31, 2018
I listened to this audiobook yesterday on my long drive. It was so great! I loved Chrissy's heart and strength and how down to earth she is. Listening to it I kept thinking "I want to be friends with this girl." Her positivity and the way she analyzes and learns from events in her past were inspiring. Fantastic read.
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151 reviews8 followers
April 4, 2018
She had a really rough childhood... Geez. She came out on top though, she's resilient and I enjoy her confidence. Interesting peek into the Hollywood world, auditioning and being an agent. Satisfying read.
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59 reviews5 followers
May 2, 2019
This is a very strong and personal book. I can see why there are mixed reviews. I can see it being a self help book at certain points of it
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1,397 reviews48 followers
July 28, 2018
This is me 4.5⭐️

We start with her encounter with Opera which was hilarious. Then we follow Chrissy as she grows up and it was unique and saddening at times. We move to see her weight and how she was treated and it was awful to read and also made me want to throw away a scale forever. Then to kids in preschool that she took care of... I felt all the feeling and this was just absolutely beautiful.
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