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Warrior of the Wild

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How do you kill a god?

As her father's chosen heir, eighteen-year-old Rasmira has trained her whole life to become a warrior and lead her village. But when her coming-of-age trial is sabotaged and she fails the test, her father banishes her to the monster-filled wilderness with an impossible quest: to win back her honour, she must kill the oppressive god who claims tribute from the villages each year or die trying.

352 pages, ebook

First published February 26, 2019

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About the author

Tricia Levenseller

16 books13.4k followers
Initially from a small town in Oregon, Tricia now lives next to the Rocky Mountains with her bossy dog, Rosy. She received her degree in English Language and editing and is thrilled that she never has to read a textbook again. When she’s not writing or reading, Tricia enjoys putting together jigsaw puzzles, playing volleyball, playing OVERWATCH, and watching shows while eating extra-buttered popcorn.

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Author 16 books13.4k followers
January 2, 2019
I have officially finished the last edits for this book! I’m very proud of how it turned out, and I’d like to clarify a few things. First, this book is Viking-INSPIRED. It is not straight up Viking. For the most part, the world building is entirely made up, but you will see some Viking similarities. I’ve also been asked a lot whether or not there is a romance in this book. There is. I honestly don’t think I could ever write a book without one. Also, this book is a stand-alone. No sequels or spinoffs. I am, however, contracted for another book (a brand new fantasy) that will release in 2020. More on that later, though.
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2,555 reviews35.7k followers
December 22, 2020
this is your general standard, typically formulaic YA ‘fantasy’ story (i hesitate to call this fantasy because there is no magic/supernatural aspect present - its inspired by vikings).

it has a strong heroine, side love interest, a plot where the girl has to prove herself, fast pacing, simple writing, and a predictable but satisfying ending. i know this isnt enough for some readers, but i like this kind of story. there is a reason this kind of book sells so well.

this is the exact easy-going entertainment that i was looking for and i loved the escapism that it provided. i wish it was a little more heavy on the viking mythology (it focuses more on the viking way of life and customs), but other than that, i had a lot of fun reading this!

also, i love love love that this is a standalone. i will always praise an author who can create a good story without needing more than one book to do it.

3.5 stars
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291 reviews904 followers
March 25, 2019
Maybe I should just stop reading YA. They're all the fucking same (Obviously not ALL of them. But most of them).

Loads of potential, all wasted on an unnecessary, forced romance and an annoying extremely basic protagonist. Ugh.
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1,199 reviews379 followers
June 21, 2021
I fully did not expect this book to be this bad. Please shoot me now. End my misery. I was unprepared for this travesty. I have loved other Tricia Levenseller books, so this one took me completely by surprise.

Let's do a math problem. Prairie begins with 12 brain cells. She then reads the book titled Warrior of the Wild by Tricia Levenseller. How many brain cells does she have remaining?

The correct answer is zero.

Oh my god. What the fresh frickle frack was this book trying to do? I will give a short retelling of the novel how I read it, but please be warned, if you liked this book, you will probably not like this review. Spoilers ahead. Let's dive into this masterpiece.

Hi, my name is Rasmira, and my father is the ruler of this village. I am so uber powerful because I am strong and a woman and my father is the ruler of the village. All the warrior boys hate me because I am strong and a woman and my father is the ruler of this village. I get special treatment because my father is the ruler of the village. You, the reader, will never forget that my father is the ruler of this village.

I am going to be the next leader of this village because my father is the current ruler of this village. I am the only woman warrior, but this is okay, because my father is the ruler of this village. I am the youngest of six sisters, and my father is resentful and angry towards my mother because she could not provide him with a male heir. However, now that I am training to be a warrior, he loves me. And that's all I've ever wanted. To be loved by my father, the ruler of this village.

My mother hates me because now my father does not pay any attention to her. She was unable to provide him with a male heir, and now I am his replacement male heir, so what is the point of my mother? She now spends every waking moment either actively not thinking about me or trying to make my life miserable. All I've ever wanted is to be loved by my parents. At least I know my father loves me.

Now in order to become a full warrior, I must undergo the trial. I am excited to take the trial to prove myself. I have been training for years to become a warrior. All the other boys hate me and resent me. This is probably because my father is the ruler of this village. There is one boy, though, who used to taunt me but has now realized the error of his ways. His name is Torrin, and he is probably the love of my life. He used to make fun of me with the other boys, but now wants to be my friend. When he spends time with me, I feel tingles in my loins. My lips smart with the need to touch his. I am horny, and I don't know the word for this feeling so I will use more archaic terminology to describe this.

Torrin cares for me so much. He shows me how much he cares for me by doing absolutely nothing except the bare minimum. I am ready to make out with him at any point. However, we should probably wait until the trial is over. If any of us fail the trial, we will be banished from the village into the wild and will be tasked to complete an impossible challenge.

It's the night before the trial, and Torrin and I are going to go see the Payment. The god Peruxolo demands payment annually from all the villages, and some villages provide him with meat, others provide women, others provide tools. Whatever he asks for. Anyway, here we are, somewhere we are not supposed to be, looking at this god. Oh wow, he is so powerful. He can float. He kills a man with one flick of his wrist. Wow. Now that the Payment has been conducted, I am heading back home with Torrin. Oh no, some of the other boys want to hurt me. But look, there's my father, the ruler of this village! He doles out punishment to the boys: they have to spend a sleepless night before the Trial. Meanwhile, I get to sleep in my bed.

But I am honorable. I too will conduct a sleepless night because I am honorable. Honor is important to me, as well as the fact that my father is the ruler of this village. Now that we've got these important things out of the way, let's head out to my Trial.

Here I am at my Trial, killing all the ziken with Torrin, the love of my life. I am so amazing. Everyone loves me so much. Except my mother. And the one thing I want in life is my parents' love. The only thing I have to avoid is getting bit by a ziken (a creature), but luckily I am so skilled that this is not a problem. Here we are! Almost at the end. But oh no, what is that??

I GOT BIT BY A ZIKEN?? How?? I was nowhere near one.

Oh would you look at that. The love of my life, Torrin, is actually a backstabbing bitch. I mean, obviously I could have never guessed, seeing as how one day he was making fun of me and being horrible and the next he was confessing his feelings. He grabbed a ziken head and made its teeth cut my skin. Oh no, this is horrible!!

BUT WAIT ONCE AGAIN. My father loves me, right? He will stop this tragedy. But how is he going to know that Torrin did this? Surely someone must have seen him do it. Oh yes, my mother!! She hates me, but she saw Torrin do this horrible deed. She will surely speak up.

She does not. I am banished. I am so sad. My task is to kill the immortal god, Peruxolo. I am so sad. I guess my father does not love me. He only saw me as his heir. This is too sad. All I ever wanted was to be loved. But everyone betrayed me. My father, my mother, Torrin. Ugh.


I am now in the wild, hoping not to die. Oh look at who I find here! Two boys, Soren and Iric, who were also banished from their village. Wow, Soren is cute. BUT NO. TORRIN BETRAYED ME. I AM SO HURT. I WILL NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS MAN. Iric is gay, otherwise he would be a contender too, because of course, any man who gives me attention is someone I will fall in love with.

I will now exist with these boys for several chapters, as I help them prepare for their impossible challenges. As I do so, I will realize that I really like being a leader. I will let the reader know by saying things like, "I now finally felt like a leader." or "I understood why I was destined to be a leader." I will leave no room for vague thoughts. Instead, I will exactly write out what I want the reader to know.

Furthermore, I will go on a journey towards self-love. How I will let the reader know is by saying these exact things. I will use the word "acceptance" and "warmth" and similar vocabulary to ensure that the reader knows that I am finding worth in myself. I mean, I still want to be loved by my parents and a man, but that's okay. Because I am using buzzwords.


Time passes, but you won't know how much because I will not tell you. Days, weeks, months? Hahaha, guess you'll never know. Nothing of importance happens, but I magically grow as a human being. I will show little evidence of this, but I will tell you, and that makes it real.

Soren becomes cuter to me. Iric does not because he is gay. I now cannot stop thinking about Soren's lips. They are so full and perfectly-shaped. In fact, I will use the hyphenated word "perfectly-shaped" to describe his lips often.

Somehow, some way, I help Iric complete his challenge. I now am on my way to help Soren with his. We kiss on a mountain. This is my first time kissing, and I am h o r n y. I do not know the word for this, but I will describe it using other words that will ensure you know how horny I am. Kissing is wet. I like it a lot. I use my lips in weird ways, but I am turned on, and an inordinate amount of time will be spent on this. It adds nothing to the story, but I think it's important, so here you are.

I then help Soren complete his challenge. This reaffirms how good of a leader and warrior I am. I only think once or twice about how my father is the ruler of my village.

Lo and behold. I make a sudden discovery. Peruxolo is not the god he claims to be! He is a mortal man using natural phenomena to trick all the villages. No one will believe me if I kill him and then bring his head. Oh no, I must issue a challenge. All the villages will come watch while I kill Peruxolo publicly.

Before I do that, Soren and Iric must return to their village and demonstrate that they have completed their challenges. They go and do this, but I must wait in the wild because I am still banished. They promise me that they will return by nightfall. They do not return by nightfall.

Of course. This is Torrin all over again. I just want to be loved, okay? That's it. But no one likes me. It's probably because I am strong and a woman and my father is the ruler of the village.

Oh, never mind. They came back. They just took a few days. I kiss Soren dramatically because he is the new love of my life.

Anyway, the day of my challenge is here. I kill Peruxolo dramatically while showing all the villages how he is a mortal man pretending to be a god. My mother suddenly regrets her terrible decisions because she is sick and tries to beg for my forgiveness. My father might not be heartless after all. Soren loves me. This is all so perfect.

However, I cannot forgive my mother or Torrin. I give them punishments. Soren stays in this village for me. I am now in line to become the next leader of this village. This is, of course, because my father is the ruler of this village.

The end.

Nothing happens in the book. The plot is stupid. The romance is stupid. The characters are stupid. I disliked this immensely. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed reading this review, and it could bring some joy to your day.

And I'm out.
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513 reviews367 followers
March 9, 2019
"Each scar marks me as a survivor.  A Warrior of the Wild."

Tricia Levenseller knocks it out of the part for me again.  I just adore her writing and her strong, intelligent female characters.  She also has her banter game on-point.

It's not secret that I'm a huge fan of Tricia's debut duology Daughter of the Pirate King and when I heard she was writing a viking inspired story, I was pretty excited to say the least.  Did it live up to my expectations? Of course it did! Rasmira, our protagonist, is a very likeable character and it's really easy to get on her side and root for her survival and success.  She has a lovely relationship with her sister, a complicated one with her father and a nightmare of one with her mother.  The story starts off with Rasmira practicing for the trials for joining the warrior ranks.  There are some bullies that seem to have it out for Rasmira because she is the daughter of their leader and feels she gets too much special treatment.  I won't say much about that but my heart hurts even thinking of what they do to her.  The stakes are high right off the bat because we learn that anyone that doesn't pass the trials will be banished from their village to go survive on their own in the wild.  The only way they can come back home is if they completely an impossible task (their matugr).  She, of course, fails her trial and is banished with the task to kill a God that has been terrorizing the villages forever.  Eek!

When she is banished to the wild, it doesn't take that long before she meets a couple of other boys that have been outcasted from their villages, for the same reason, as well.  She meets Soren, who is a very sweet and loyal boy that purposely lost his trial so he could go help his friend Iric.  Then we have bratty but genius little Iric, who I completely adored.  His wit and sarcasm were top notch.  He is also gay and desperately missing his boyfriend that he had to leave at his village. He might have been my favorite honestly and I would love a companion novel that featured Iric, his partner and all his crazy inventions.  I felt like his character, along with Rasimra's had the most growth.

While in the wild, there are lots of insane creatures which were really fun and very well-detailed.  It can get a little gory at times, but nothing that would bother most people I don't think.  Just monster gore.  The three characters are trying to accomplish their impossible tasks together, so we get lots of action and cool scenes.  Rasmira also has to beat a God, which is a lot of fun.  I won't say much about any of this though.

Probably my favorite thing about Tricia's writing is that it gives enough character development and world building that you are satisfied but it's also not at all complicated.  If you still want to stay in the fantasy realm but need a little palette cleanser  from high fantasy, this is perfect for it.

Overall, this was a fun ride and I enjoyed every minute of it.  This is a standalone fantasty, so it's not a huge commitment and it reads very fast.  I think a lot of people will have a good time with this one.

Thank you to Feiwel & Friends for the physical arc in exchange for my honest review.
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129 reviews203 followers
August 4, 2019
I am a warrior of the wild, and I can behave however I damn well please.

I loved the premises of this book, but it ended up being so predictable and bland.
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265 reviews158 followers
November 13, 2020
Loved the beginning, and first three halfs of this book. The ending felt a bit rushed and..anticlimactic 😏 As far as Viking 'inspired' YA books go, this one was entertaining. But it had flaws.

The story follows Rasmira (I dont like her name btw...I called her Mira in my head.😅). Anyway, Rasmira is a warrior in training, who must participate in a coming of age trial in order to become a full-fledged warrior. In doing so, she can become a woman within her village and gain the freedom to escape her overbearing parents. Essentially, earning her status as an adult. Unfortunately, Rasmira is sabotaged during her trial and is banished to the woods. The only way Rasmira can ever return home would be to complete a, Mattugr. (Mattugrs, are a challenge village leaders bestow on disgraced/exiled warriors.)

Dealing with her shame. Rasmira is dealt an impossible Mattugr, and is tasked with killing the God, Peruxolo. A god who has single handedly tormented Rasmiras village for decades.

Overall, the story was entertaining. I actually liked it. I enjoyed the survival aspect of this book. Also, I liked the way Rasmira discovered herself during her time in the Wild. The relationships she formed outside of her village were a nice surprise, and helped me enjoy the story more. Soren and Iric. Very nice. Loved them. Liked the romance, but this is a YA so it's a very mild romance. Boo.

Things that I was less thrilled about included the handling of the God, Peruxolo. I felt like more could have been explored with his character. He was such a mystery, and then the last half of the book happened..and nada. Same for Rasmiras parents, give me more backstory.

At times (mostly the end of this book), it felt a bit cheesy, and neatly wrapped up in a bow. Despite this, I still liked the beginning and middle of this book. Yes, the ending felt lackluster, but it still was worth the read. I'm feeling generous with my rating. Trust me, this is my second Tricia Levenseller book, and this one is (cough) better than, The Shadow Between Us. 😂..I said what I said.

(4) 🌟🌟🌟🌟
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1,868 reviews2,245 followers
April 7, 2019
4 Viking inspired stars!

Warrior of the Wild is about Rasmina, a young warrior girl who is sabotaged during her village's test and banished to the wild with an impossible task: kill the local god they pay tribute to and she can come back. While banished Rasmina meets two boys who have been in the wild a year since they were banished from their own village when they failed their tests. Together, the three of them help to defeat their tasks in the hopes of returning home.

I discovered Levenseller when I got her first book in my owlcrate (Daughter of the Pirate King) and she has yet to let me down. This book is her third novel and while it had a slow start, I ended up really enjoying it. Levenseller's gift is creating new worlds with strong female characters. I find myself completely absorbed in the story when I read her books, and that's all I really want from a reading experience: something compelling.

This book is worth a read! It had a quiet release but I am hoping it will gain some popularity.

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May 26, 2021
”A man who finds his masculinity threatened by a powerful woman is no man at all”, he says. “You want someone who lifts you up, not tries to bring you down”.

En Warrior of the Wild nos encontramos con Rasmira, la heredera aparente de una de las tribus guerreras más poderosas. Durante toda su vida su padre la ha entrenado para que, eventualmente, lo releve como líder, pero antes debe pasar una prueba de valor. Sin embargo, cuando Rasmira, que es la mejor guerrera de su tribu, está en medio de la prueba, alguien la sabotea y la tachan como una persona poco digna. Sin ninguna manera de probar el sabotaje, Rasmira es exiliada a lo salvaje. Sin embargo, como es costumbre en su aldea, le encargan una misión titánica bajo el pretexto de que, si la cumple, puede regresar a su vida como la conocía. El problema es que la misión que le encargan es la de matar a un dios.

Si bien este libro tiene una idea genial, aún no llega al nivel de los otros libros de Tricia Levenseller que amo: la bilogía de Daughter of the Pirate King. Me gustó la actitud de Rasmira adentrándose a lo salvaje y siempre teniendo en mente que su objetivo era derrotar al dios que los ha extorsionado durante años. Y, además, me parece genial el cambio de actitud que va teniendo una vez conoce a un par de personas más en lo salvaje. Sin embargo, creo que fue una historia algo blanda y que no llegó a engancharme perdidamente en ningún momento. Le faltó algo.

Eso sí, debo admitir que las escenas en las que los tres protagonistas se enfrentaron a sus misiones letales estuvieron bastante entretenidas. Pero eso, en general, siento que esta es una historia sin más que probablemente olvidaré en un tiempo relativamente corto.
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207 reviews196 followers
June 9, 2021
“A man who finds his masculinity threatened by a powerful woman is no man at all," he says. "You want someone who lifts you up, not tries to bring you down.”

How do you kill a god?

As her father's chosen heir, eighteen-year-old Rasmira has trained her whole life to become a warrior and lead her village. But when her coming-of-age trial is sabotaged and she fails the test, her father banishes her to the monster-filled wilderness with an impossible quest: To win back her honor, she must kill the oppressive god who claims tribute from the villages each year—or die trying.

Tricia Levenseller:
I love the work of Tricia Levenseller! I've read The Shadows Between Us and absolutely loved it! Her writing is so unique and heartfelt. I can't wait to read Daughter of the Pirate King duology.

Reviewing about some characters!

I really loved Rasmira.

The woman of the century, all hail the GOD KILLER!

The warrior who is underestimated.

The eighteen-year-old who is treated unfairly because of her gender.

Yeah, she's that girl.

I loved Soren.

He's passionate.

He's lonely.

He was popular and is still cocky.

He's arrogant and stubborn.

He's strong and doesn't give up.

Yeah, he's that boy.

Iric's okay.

He's gay.

He's grumpy.

He's a smithy.

He wants to give up.

He's scared of water.

He can't swim.

He's that boy.

The three make such a great team.

Thanks for reading this review, have a great day!
Your Depressed Cloud
Review to come after my break from Goodreads!
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900 reviews118 followers
January 11, 2019
4 stars!!

From the author who brought us Daughter of the Pirate King- Warrior of the Wild has a well thought out plot and non-stop action from the very first page. With twists and turns, almost from the very start, I could not help but be captivated by this Viking-type story.

We follow MC Rasmira, youngest of 6 girls, all born to the village leader. Her father has raised her to be a warrior- and to be the one to take his place as ruler in the future. She is good at everything she does- and for that, has made some enemies in her village. Something happens and she is forced out of her village to act as tribute and is given the impossible task of killing the god that threatens their lands.

I really enjoyed the easy flow of this book, the pace was just fantastic. The world building was really well written. There is a slow burn romance, but also a good bit of blood and guts as well as many action scenes. The creatures in the Wild are fierce and unique. To me this book reminded me at times of The Hunger Games- and The Maze Runner. Being a fan of both- I was captivated and drawn into this story. Rasmiras character growth, along with some other characters in the book, was refreshing. Warrior of the Wild had a great overall message and I totally recommend it if you're looking for an engrossing, addictive, fast paced read.

Thank you to Netgalley for generously providing this Arc in return for an honest review!
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681 reviews88 followers
August 13, 2019
2 stars

You may know what is best for you, but you have no right to say what is best for someone else.

I spent most of the book being annoyed at the main characters. I found them childish and I couldn't connect with them at all. Which is sad because I was looking forward to a Viking story but if the characters don't do it for me then nothing will.

Thank god for mean Iric and the few moments of joy he gave me.
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273 reviews216 followers
July 10, 2021
As her father's chosen heir, eighteen-year-old Rasmira has trained her whole life to become a warrior and lead her village. But when her coming-of-age trial is sabotaged and she fails the test, her father banishes her to the monster-filled wilderness with an impossible quest: To win back her honor, she must kill the oppressive god who claims tribute from the villages each year or die trying

I have been wanting to read something suspenseful because the synopsis makes it look like an impossible mission about a girl trying to kill a God to reclaim her honor. I was very much drawn to the story in that regard but all I got was a girl trying to get over a guy who wronged her.


Making her not wanting to trust any boy ever again, but then on her journey she has to team up with two other handsome boys upon helping one of them from a deadly attack. She then learns that those two were also banished. So the story is pretty much her struggle to adjust with them while trying not to fall for their charm mostly because of her past. The story is more on the fluffy side and it felt like it was inspired by "how to train your dragon" cause while reading I could see some parallels to both. I also didn't see any connection for it being Viking inspired other then our main character using axe and her father being the toughest head member of the village. There wasn't enough world building that could suggest otherwise. The atmosphere just wasn't there to being with and the constant confusing inner monologue that Rasmira had were quite boring. But still if you are looking for an easy read then it's actually a good book although some parts were very repetitive.
2.5⭐ stars
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198 reviews5 followers
February 11, 2020
"A man who finds his masculinity threatened by a powerful woman is no man at all." -Warrior of the Wild (PREACH, TRICIA!)

I loved Levenseller's two previous books (Daughter of the Pirate King and Daughter of the Siren Queen) and was eagerly anticipating her third on a wholly new fantasy topic. Warrior of the Wild features a strong woman warrior protagonist who is up against seemingly impossible odds. The novel gallops at breakneck speed toward its epic conclusion and includes a soft twist of romance.

Levenseller has quickly become one of my favorite authors -- not YA authors, not women authors, not fantasy authors, just hands-down favorite authors -- because of her ability to write a clean, yet complex story where women are both strong and soft, fierce and merciful. She allows Rasmira to cry even though she could kill any beast or mortal who crossed her path. Romance is always a part of her stories without overshadowing the main plot. She does not shy away from building characters who are infinitely layered and I laud her for it.

Warrior of the Wild is brutal and immersive, with an interesting fantasy element, relatable characters, great writing, and a satisfying ending. This book will definitely find a home on the shelf at my library and I am already anticipating Levenseller's next novel.

Thank you to NetGalley and Feiwel & Friends for providing me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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1,332 reviews2,015 followers
March 18, 2019
Genre: YA Fantasy
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person - Female

Rasmira Bendrauggo longed to be normal and unburdened by expectations. As the daughter and heiress apparent of the village leader, she was expected to excel in her upcoming Trials. But what supposed to be an easy victory turned into a fight for survival in the harsh land of the Wild.

I also know that true strength comes from being willing to fail in order to progress. That—if nothing else—is what I have learned from my mattugr.

I love the friendship between the characters and how they learned to rise up and support each other when needed. Sometimes the characters seemed too young but I did find their antics amusing. Even though I appreciate the romantic element in the story, I felt they were more believable as friends.

But honor cannot be given. It is something that you find within yourself.

Overall, I enjoyed the storyline with the personal quests and self-discovery. However, the story was somewhat predictable and things left unanswered. I’d also prefer the story to have more intensity.

Warrior of the Wild is a tale of comradery and survival. It would appeal to readers looking for a Viking inspired YA Fantasy.

For more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:

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171 reviews994 followers
April 11, 2019
I literally read this entire book in one sitting, only getting up to grab more snacks!

This story is about a young girl who is to go through the trials for her to become a warrior and an adult in her village. Needless to say, she does not pass. She is to be banished from her home and family; and in order to regain her honor she must defeat the god who has plagued the villages for centuries by killing him.

These tests are given to every person who does not pass their trials in each village. When banished she now must go to the wild where no other person has entered in a very long time. The wild is filled with danger from predators to poisonous plants. There she meets two boys who each have their own quests to take on, but living in the wild for a whole year has left them with no hope of ever going back home.

This is an amazing story of survival, family dynamics, friendship, and basically a main character who is pretty bad a$$.

I personally found myself more enthralled with this story than her previous others and caught myself laughing pretty hard at some of the characters and the things that would pop out of their mouths.

It was a wonderful read that I really enjoyed!
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414 reviews38 followers
July 7, 2020
What a wild ride! I couldn’t put it down. I am yet to be disappointed by Tricia Levenseller, she is a fantastic writer.
Rasmira Bendrauggo, a woman, warrior and ultimately “god killer”; trained since she was eight to be a warrior, in a world where women chose a household-ish profession. She excelled tremendously and was hated by other warriors in training.
Betrayed by some people she trusted, she found herself banished into the wild where flesh eating monsters resides. The only condition for her return was to kill the monstrous god, Peruxolo, that had plagued the village for a very long time.
In her seemingly impossible quest, she battled and defeated monsters, made allies, and defeated and exposed Peruxolo 👿 for who he really was; earning back her honor.
4.5 stars!
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1,100 reviews806 followers
Want to read
May 29, 2018
COVER REVEAL!!! And I love it =D
Now reading the posted synopsis and I just have to say, Vikings!!? Hell yes!
Loved the author's debut! I am excited to read more of her work.
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418 reviews126 followers
March 4, 2019
This book was so shallow and predictable and with flat characters, that I almost fell asleep while reading it.
To think I loooved Daughter of the Pirate King while this one was a huge flop.
What a disappointment.
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6,425 reviews215 followers
April 21, 2020

Warrior of the Wild has been on my mind since I first saw it. If I'm being completely honest, I was very jealous of the people who got to read it before me. Very jealous. In it, you will meet Rasmira who was a little Viking badass. She had extremely supportive sisters and two parents she wished were proud of her. Yet, things went downhill while competing in a trial. So she ends up being banished and given one simple task to complete in order for her to come back.

Simple task my ass.

While living in the wild wild woods, she ends up meeting Soren and Iric. They have also failed their trials but they soon team up to make a living. They also help train each other so that they can find and finish their task so that they can go home to their loved ones.

I wasn't expecting any romance but since my girl got betrayed by that douche in the village I was all for it. They were cute and I didn't feel rushed through any of it. I did laugh when her dad was like you didn't ask for my permission and he put him in his damn place.

Overall, really enjoyed this book and I look forward to my next book by this author!
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November 19, 2022
Consider me entertained!

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ this review is teen penguin approved! ♥

book #42

this hashtag is something I self-indulgently created for fun when I decided to thin out my immense tbr list as a new years resolution starting from books I added on GR back in 2017/2018/2019, and since I can't seem to do anything quietly and I'm well known for being an overachiever, I had to go and turn it into an official thing. Feel free to check out the #PenguinOnATBRMission shelf if you don't mind keeping up with this insanely over-hyped adventure I got myself into. Take it as a chance to rediscover some books from a few years ago that might have accidentally flown under your radar, or to simply share with another fellow reader your very own reading experience. Happy reading and stay penguin-y!

To Be Continued...🐧
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January 5, 2020
4.5 Stars

Warrior of the Wild was an inspiring adventure that I didn’t know I needed! From the first page, I was immersed into the beautiful world that Tricia Levenseller created and I had the most difficult time putting the book down.

This book centers around Rasmira, a young warrior who is intent on following her father's footsteps and become the leader of their village. Each warrior must pass a coming-of-age trial and young Rasmira has never been more ready to take her place as heir. During the trial, she is betrayed and is now exiled from her home. To earn her place back amongst her village, she must survive out in the wild and kill the God who torments the villages. With an impossible task ahead of her, Rasmira must find the secret to killing the God so she can be the leader she was destined to be.

For the full review
Warrior of the Wild Review

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May 8, 2019
VIKINGS + ROMANCE, that’s all I had to know to want to read this book.
And I’m so happy that I did. I thoughtfully enjoyed this one.

”I realize then that even if I don’t have any answers, even if I don’t know where to go or what to do, I now know one thing.
I don’t want to die.”

3.5/5 ★.
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January 6, 2019
I really liked this take on Vikings. It’s definitely not a “Viking story” it’s just heavily influenced by Norse mythology and culture. But I do love me a good badass female protagonist, which is what Raz is. For being such a short standalone, there’s some good character growth and world development packed in there. Definitely a fun story.
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January 12, 2020
4.5 Stars for Warrior of the Wild (audiobook) by Tricia Levenseller read by Marisa Calin.
I really enjoyed this book. It was a lot of fun. If you’re looking for a strong young heroine this is the book. The narration was wonderful too.
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