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Princess or adventurer.

Duty or freedom.

Her Kingdom or the Stormhunter she loves.

If Aurora knows anything, it's that choices have consequences. To set things right, she joins a growing revolution on the streets of Pavan.

In disguise as the rebel Roar, she puts her knowledge of the palace to use to aid the rebellion. But the Rage season is at its peak and not a day passes without the skies raining down destruction. Yet these storms are different—they churn with darkness, and attack with a will that’s desperate and violent.

This feels like more than rage.

It feels like war.

460 pages, Hardcover

First published August 27, 2019

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About the author

Cora Carmack

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Cora Carmack is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of New Adult Romance and YA fantasy. Her books have been translated into more than a dozen languages around the world. Cora lives in Austin, TX, and on any given day you might find her typing away at her computer, flying to various cities around the world, or just watching Netflix with her kitty Katniss and her dog Sherlock. But she can always be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and her website www.coracarmack.com.

***Please note: I am rarely on goodreads, so if you're trying to get a hold of me, the best places to find me are Twitter, Facebook, my blog, Instagram, and via email (coracarmack(at)gmail(dot)com).

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September 5, 2019
Update on the changed date:

Our beloved author Cora Carmack was diagnosed with epilepsy and is currently trying to find the medication that works best for her.

She is going through a lot right now, so maybe send her some encouraging words on twitter, goodreads, instagram or any other platform you can think of and let her know that even though we are anxiously waiting for her masterpiece-of-a-sequel RAGE, her health is beyond important and we are all rooting for her to get better.

Cora, I'm praying for the best for you! <3


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Shelved as 'dnf-lost-interest'
August 29, 2019
Roar: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Rage: ???

It's finally here! Now, do I reread Roar before jumping in, or can I recall what I read 2.5 years ago? 🤔
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Want to read
August 31, 2019
I was anticipating this book so much!!!!!! But the date has been changed to 2019.

My heart almost died.

But Cora is working through some health issues right now. As much as it pains me to have to wait for some Locke action and to see where the story is headed, I wish you well and good health! 😊❣
I can’t W-A-I-T for Rage! 😃



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September 22, 2019
HOLY SHIT! What an INCREDIBLE ending! I’m going to try and write a full review because this book deserves a lot of my love.
Three things in no particular order
1. Cassius
2. Nova
3. Jinx

I cannot wait for book number three, I need it now!
Two things.

1. I need this in my life right now.


Roar - 5 Stars
Rage - 4 Stars
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September 2, 2019
Admittedly this one suffered badly from Second Book Syndrome and I was originally going to rate it 3 stars but that last chapter made me bump it up to a 3.5... maybe even a 4. Praying that the last book will make up for this slow drag that got little to nothing accomplished 😩
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October 11, 2019
"But in this city, in all Stormling cities, he was acutely aware that humans could cause just as much damage as the fiercest of tempests."

The highly anticipated sequel to Roar was equal parts thrilling and suffering from second book syndrome, but overall I have to say I enjoyed more than I disliked. If you haven't picked up Rage yet I would highly recommend doing a reread of Roar. I had only read the first book a few months back but I was still so confused when I first picked up book two because I couldn't remember everything that happened. There were a lot of "ooooh now I remember" and "who the hell is that" going on for the first 25% of the book, but once I got it we were in good business.

What I Liked

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 The crew. I absolutely loved to be back with the crew that Roar surrounded herself with in book one. They're all so lovable and sneaky and if I'm being honest, carry a large part of the story on their backs, more so than Roar.

📖 Villian backstory. Rage kicks off with a new element to the story and that's learning about how the Stormlord came to be and giving readers a little inkling on why he's hellbent on ruining the Locke family.  Y'all know I am a SUCKER for a villain's backstory and I think this worked really well for the book.

🔮 Magic system. I think this might be favorite magic system of all time. I loved it in book one and I love it just as much in this book as well. It's totally unique and anything that has to do with storms is a plus in my book.

👩‍❤️‍👩 New relationships. Is that a new romance I spot on the horizon? The second Nova and Jinx met and sparks were flying I was here for it. I love that Jinx helped Nova through her anxiety and with her powers. I can't wait to see where book three takes them.

🏰 Storming the castle. Once the crew's plan of storming the castle to get Roar's mother and Nova out was in place the story really started to pick up. I was FLYING through the second half of the book because I needed to know what happened. I may have even read a few extra chapters a day during my buddy read because it was that good.

⚔️ Fight to the death. I have to say there were some pretty satisfying deaths in this book (my lips are sealed), and I can't wait to see the aftermath of them in book 3. There were also a few plot twists through this that I really enjoyed as well.

What I Disliked

👸🏼 Roar. Yep, you read that right. I feel like Rage took a few steps backwards in terms of her character development. I didn't really like that she become irrational again and just ran into dangerous situations without thinking of the repercussions. I thought that we had moved past that and she learned her lesson in book one, but I guess not.

💔 Romance. I mean this kind of goes without saying because I do NOT ship Roar and Kieran. Team Cassius all the way over here and I'm not gonna lie, it hurts when your ship will probably never sail. But also, I didn't like that a good quarter of this book was Roar struggling with how the tell Kieran who she really was and then Kieran being mad at her for another quarter of the book. *rolls eyes*

📈 Pacing. The pacing was a little rough. This starts off slower but then once it picks up it flies. Luckily, the crew makes up for the slow pacing in the first half of the book.

🔚 The end. I am sad. Don't get me wrong I liked the plot twists leading up to the end, but when you really know book three isn't going to go your way it will definitely hurt your heart a bit.

All in all, even though I had my ups and downs with this book you better believe I will be reading the final book Reign when it hits shelves next August!

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August 27, 2020
We are not free when ruled by fear.

I read Roar three years ago, I didn't enjoy it much but I was curious and wanted to know what the author will do next, now that I do I'm disappointed.

Rage picked up just where Roar ended. Aurora is back to paven with Kiran and the rest of the hunters. Kiran didn't know she was the princess for the better half of the book. Aurora was recognised and she joined the resistance. The resistance didn't do much in my opinion.
I finally know the backstory of the Stormlord that is destroying towns and it was pitiful. Cassius was amazing as usual, I wish there was more of him in this.

the value of a person remained unmeasured until they did something worth measuring. Sometimes the most important thing a person could do was to simply show up.

I loved the magic in the first book and I still do, the author explained it better, it was one of the biggest improvement in the book. The world building is the second improvement. The writing is weird, the author use way too many figures of speech, below is an example

Cassius’s mood was as black as the clouds that seemed to ring the city in perpetuity.

The characters and plot need serious development and improvement, though this book is a fast read it's not memorable in the least.
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977 reviews1,806 followers
March 3, 2022
✅ Magic
✅ World-building
✅ Characters
✅🆗 Action
✅🆗 Plot
✅🆗 Romance
🆗 Pace (except for the last part)

3.5 stars.
It was going to be 3 stars, but the last chapters are worth a 3.5, maybe even 4 stars.

I liked Roar better than Rage. This sequel is still a good book, but I find that not much happens, except for the last third of the book.

Aurora and the hunters are back in Pavan and Aurora wants to rescue the queen and Nova from the castle, but besides this rescue mission, not much happens for the first two-thirds of the book. Of course, there is drama with Kiran when he learns that Roar is in fact the "kidnapped" princess of Pavan (not enough drama in my opinion considering how huge of a revelation it is, I like drama and angst), but the rest of the book is about getting in touch with the resistance and waiting for them to organize everything.

The last 100 pages were great though, we get to see the Stormlord and Cassius again. We see once again that Cassius is not the greedy ruthless prince that Aurora thought he was in the first book, but honestly, with his obsession, I am surprised that

Hopefully, the last book will be as good as the end of Rage.

Roar ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Want to read
October 2, 2017
I can´t wait for this story to continue!


AHHH 2018 has so many book I want to read right now!!

I´m so excited for what´s to come with this story!!

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959 reviews1,247 followers
August 27, 2019

Title: Rage
Series: Stormheart #2
Author: Cora Carmack
Release date: August 27, 2019
Cliffhanger: Yes
Genre: YA fantasy

I couldn't have been more excited to return to Pavan after being completely swept away by the tempest otherwise known as Roar. I loved the worldbuilding centering around storms, and the royals with affinities who could defeat them. There were storm hunters and witches and a mysterious Stormlord out for revenge. Of course as the first in a trilogy we left off with a cliffhanger and many unanswered questions. Sometimes with a second in a series it tends to feel like much of it is unnecessary or page filler, but that wasn't the case at all here. I enjoyed this one just as much as the first, if not more. There were quite a bit of surprising revelations, twists, and action to keep me quickly turning the pages. Hold on tight, readers. You're in for an exhilarating ride you won't be ready to get off of.

We take off right where we left off, with Aurora coming to terms with the unexpected effects the skyfire storm left on her mentally and physically. After training with the hunters on the road and searching for an alternative to marrying into the corrupt Locke family, she's coming back to Pavan a changed princess. Once unsure and ashamed, she's now determined to make a difference for her people who are hurting.

She had discovered so much about the world and herself. She’d faced danger and taken control of her own choices. She’d seen deserts and mountains and walked unfamiliar roads. She knew what it looked like when someone loved her. In some ways, Aurora had lived more life in her few short months with Kiran than all her previous years combined.

With storms causing complete havoc, the need for remnants to find shelter within her kingdom's walls is greater than ever. But the Lockes have been heartlessly breaking up their camps and terrorizing the victims who have lost everything. Instead of showing kindness, they're treated as a plague that needs to be removed.

Injustices have been done and covered up in order to keep the Stormlings in absolute power and everyone else vulnerable to their whims. Not only with the lack of empathy for the homeless, but there is a dark history hidden as well. The witches with affinities towards various magic have been persecuted and almost eradicated. Now they live in hiding, concealing their gifts and unable to live without fear of discovery. In the prologue, we're introduced to Cruze who was rounded up and left to die out in the forest with others of his kind. The cruelty that he and others suffered is unimaginable and it caused hatred to harbor deep within his soul. We learn much more about this character and he really plays a pivotal role in more ways than one.

One thing that I wasn't looking forward to was Aurora finally coming clean about her identity to her new group of friends. Keeping this information put all of their lives in danger, and to be honest I wasn't really down with that. She showed a major lack of trust in those who took her in when she needed them the most and in my eyes that's a betrayal that I knew wouldn't go over well. And of course the ramifications with Locke/Kiran specifically would be earth shattering.

She had stretched him beyond what he had thought himself capable of, and now the world was brighter and bigger and more dangerous, but sweeter too, and once a life had been expanded as his had been, he did not think it could be shrunk down to what it once was.

It took him a long time to let down his guard and accept his feelings for her and in return he was about to get a barrage of pain. I felt horrible for him as he had to come to terms with the reality of how this impacted their new relationship. Aurora really did step up in this installment. Not only did she acknowledge that she was wrong, she vowed to do whatever it took to make amends and earn their trust. Understandably, there's a decent amount of angst as Kiran and Aurora navigate their future and what their roles will be in each other's lives.

I liked that we got to learn a little more about some of the storm hunters! Bait and Ransom still didn't play much of a role, but Duke, Jinx, and Sly were much more fleshed out. We got a new story arc with a romance involving Jinx, Sly has shown herself to be much more than the quiet girl with the silent feet, and Duke has a bombshell of a secret that rocks everyone back on their heels. Not only did we have these character progressions, but with Aurora and the rest of the hunters joining the rebellion we're given new and intriguing characters to fill the cast. Zephr is the mysterious leader of the underground resistance. She's powerful and ruthless, and even though she's about as soft as a porcupine, you can't help but like her. I'm excited to read more about her in the next installment.

This book may have been even more action packed than the last. The romance was nicely layered in, there wasn't a moment of boredom, and I'm more invested then ever before as we wait for the conclusion. A lot of times my interest fizzles out with a trilogy but Cora Carmack has delivered the goods with this one. She had some recent health issues and that delayed the book release considerably but let me assure you it's worth the wait. Admittedly, since it's been two years since reading the previous book my memory was murky on the details of where the plot left off, so I went ahead and skimmed through some sections of Roar to clear the cobwebs away. However, I didn't let that affect my rating because that's just me. If you're thinking of starting this series, don't hesitate! If you're a return reader, you're in for another thrilling adventure that will not disappoint.

She was not the same girl she had been last time she stood this close to her home. She’d left powerless with nothing more than hope in her hands, and she’d come back with a storm wrapped around her heart.



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October 7, 2019
i expected so much from this only to read a severely mediocre book suffering HARD from Second Book Syndrome and like maybe three interesting events that happen in a span of 400 pages

also that ending was just ,,, not it

rtc soon.
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September 4, 2019
Rating 3 Stars

ARC provided by publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review


Thank you Carmack for making me wait not one but TWO fucking years for this book. To only make us readers reach a cliffhanger tied all up in lots and lots of loose ends since the whole book was taken up by filler so it only left some key plot points to unfold. It feels like stuff was barely resolved and too much left until the next installment and I'm just like:
**I'm aware that Carmack was diagnosed with Epilepsy so the waiting is not the problem but come on you could have given us a better book here**

Sorry I think that last paragraph might have been a lot of repetition but my brain is so scrambled I'm trying to figure out how to explain the bull crap that went down.

Carmack ended the last book Roar with Aurora and her new band of misfits finally returning to Pavan so Aurora can get her throne back from the cruel Locke family. Except her friends do not know that since "Roar" decides to still keep that little important tidbit a secret. Nevermind that she sees them as family and that she is so hopelessly in love with Kyrian, she selfishly uses them so she can get into the palace and rescue her mother. Worse is that her maid/friend Novia has been suffering in the dungeons for months because of her. I will give credit for Roar feeling guilty and trying to fix her mess but man did she really fuck things up just because she didn't want to marry Cassius after hearing just overhearing just one concerning conversation with his brother. But of course if she didn't run away and such this book wouldn't have happened since then she would have not met Kyrian and his crew and went on an adventure while also discovering her power, etc, etc. Overall, Roar is not really likeable with her selfishness and her affinity for weeping and lamenting.

Her love interest Kyrian is not any better. Every time it switched to his perspective he would go on and on about how beautiful Aurora is and how as a man he must protect. Wow so manly I'm swooning just thinking about it (insert eye roll here). Yeah not much personality there when I think about it just some background with a vendetta against the Lockes but that's pretty much it. I didn't really care about him.

This seems like a case of liking side characters more than the actual main protagonists because shit did I love Jinx. She is clever, witty, snarky, and best of all, a witch. She is powerful and uses her power to wield earth and plants like it's nothing. I want to know more about her and her back story but sadly Cormack was too busy spending that kind of time focusing on Aurora and Kyrian.

When it comes to plot it was pretty predictable at the beginning. Of course Roar was going to tell Kyrian and the others her true identity and of course once she told Kyrian they would have a fall out but then just randomly make up at some point. But I did not see the Stormlord coming into the picture since he has been so much in the background I pretty much forgot about him. I also did not see the ending of Aurora taking back her kingdom by Cassius letting her take it and becoming her solider instead. But does that work out I don't fucking know since the book ended RIGHT THERE. BUT that's not the end of it. What. the. fuck. was with. the random chapters. about these gifted kids! Did I miss something here???!!! Is Cruise supposed to be the Storm Lord or some character in the story?? It is all so unclear and the chapters just stop at the end of the book so that's another thing not explained.

Anyway, as you can guess I'm very fucking salty and Carmack better make the next book worth the wait!!!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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November 28, 2021
I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. My thoughts and opinions are my own. Any quotes I use are from an unpublished copy and may not reflect the finished product.

I was really looking forward to reading Rage, but I almost gave up on it a few times. Skimming ahead piqued my curiosity, but just barely. I think my biggest issue was that nothing really happened. The story progresses, but there was a lot more adventure and excitement in the first book. Roar had been willing to go outside of her comfort zone and risk her life for knowledge and answers. In this book, Roar felt more timid and unsure of herself, and her self-deprecation really got on my nerves.

"Aurora was no general in an army, nor was she a leader of a rebellion. She was a princess--a naïve and defective one at that. How had she ever thought she could make a difference? Could do any of this?"

Roar does this a lot. She'll pretend to be assertive and tough to get what she wants, but then she worries about every decision she makes, constantly second-guessing herself and what kind of person she is. She was also stupid and unbelievably selfish, which really made me want to stop reading. Do you remember her secret from the first book? The one she kept promising to share with the others? It takes over 100 pages before she actually confesses the truth to her friends. Why? Because she didn't think they would help her if they knew the truth, and she wanted them committed to the task so they couldn't back out once she told them.

"Goddess, she was selfish. If she had any honor, she would tell them right here, right now and let them leave before they got involved any further. But the greedy part of her was not going to make it any easier for Kiran to leave her."

That's not love! She was using Kiran and her found family, her friends, for what they could offer her. She wanted their skills and abilities on her side so she wouldn't feel alone. She didn't even give them a chance to make up their minds for themselves. She should have trusted them enough to tell them the truth instead of blindly leading them into danger. Yes, she admitted to being selfish, and to wanting to keep Kiran close, but it was shady and manipulative. I thought she was trying to be better than the other Stormlings? She used people to her advantage, and then wanted them to feel sorry for her when she inevitably felt guilty and wanted to cry. Honestly, I think her tears were just another form of manipulation.

Some of the story felt repetitive, but it could also be my review copy, so it doesn't count towards my rating. It was mostly when Kiran couldn't decide how he felt about Roar after she tells him her secret. He was torn and conflicted, which is understandable, but he repeats his thoughts often. His reasons for keeping his distance also didn't feel believable to me, so it was hard to forgive his actions. If I were him, I would've been more upset about her lying and withholding information, not the secret itself. He also kept making decisions for Roar, instead of just asking her what she thought. If he'd just asked her what she wanted and why, they would have avoided a lot of hurt feelings and sleepless nights.

There's a sentence in this book that really bothered me: "Aurora's cheeks flushed, recalling just how adult he had made her feel the night before." Having sex shouldn't be what made her finally feel like an adult. She's a princess that abandoned her people for mostly selfish reasons. Yes, she was trying to escape an evil family and a marriage she didn't want, but she also wanted to find answers for herself. She traveled through dangerous lands with strangers, and accumulated the information and skills she would need to better help others. She survived countless obstacles with her new crew, yet sex is what finally made her feel like a grown up, ugh.

Additionally, Roar thinks Cassian is obsessed with her. How conceited of you, darling. She often talks about his obsession, and why her poor choices wouldn't spell disaster for everyone, because he wanted her so much. She risked countless lives because of a hunch that was based on nothing. Yes, Cassius did look for her when she left, because he thought she'd been kidnapped, and he's not a completely despicable person. He is trying to keep the people safe in his own way, and he's by no means a nice person, but he's not deplorable. He's the product of brutality, fear, and a lack of love. He felt a connection to Roar, sure, but I never felt like he was obsessed with her. He had his own reasons for wanting the marriage, and it wasn't simply because he was dying to have her by his side. He was weird about some things, but I think that said more about him than her.

I really wanted to know more about the secondary characters, too. Zephyr, Sly, Jinx, Ransom, Duke, Bait, Novaya, and even Cassius. I feel like they have the potential to be complex and independent characters, but they move through the story like a blob. No one really sticks out, and I don't feel like we learn anything new about them during this book (with the exception of Nova). Also, the flashbacks or whatever were weird, even though I understood their purpose. I wish they had shed more light on a certain someone, but really they just pulled me away from the rest of the story.

A lot of aspects about this book really rubbed me the wrong way, and I'm not sure if I'll continue the series. It doesn't feel like anything really happened in this book, and Roar was just incredibly frustrating. If she wasn't pushing thoughts aside to dwell on later, she was wallowing in self-pity and whatever else. I'm also not a fan of how this one ended, although I shouldn't be surprised after the cliffhanger we're left with at the end of the first book.

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Want to read
July 28, 2018
*pulse accelerates*
Guys we have a cover!!! Cover alert!! Look at those colors wow! it looks stunning just like the first one 😍😍😍😍 People, this is the perfect example of a cover done right I'd say :)
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September 20, 2019
4 stars


First let’s begin with two statements:

This sequel was long awaited!

I read ROAR while I visited Colorado more than two years ago and waited for RAGE since that time. I follow Cora on social media and new she had serious health problems and reading her acknowledgements I could understand what she went through and why of course, she needed time to write this story.

I really enjoy this series but never seem to give more than 4 stars.

This is a great book but there is something lacking for me to give it more than 4 stars and I have no idea what that is! Is it because the main characters are too good that I need something more from them? Kiran is the perfect white knight and Aurora is the gentle princess who has to go through a tough path to become who she was meant to be. They are not mono or bi dimensional but …I don’t know!

In RAGE you have Aurora’s quest to save her town and discover what happened to her mother. We will learn more about her special power and she will learn to wield it to protect those she loves.

I was team Cassius in the first book as I love my heroes broody and in shades of grey but I confess that Kiran’s protectiveness and dedication won me over!

You will have battles against storm, witches saving the day, plot against the usurper family, lover’s quarrel and big reveal about some main characters!

There is not a dull moment in this story.


My only complaint: Aurora still has some journey to do to meet my “perfect heroine” criteria.

And this is a case of it’s not the book it’s me! She’s already evolved from book first but still has some growing up or hardening to do. Aurora is kind to her core and she tries her best to master her magic. She trains hard and I love that once again it’s not miraculous ability falling into her laps but something she has to work hard to master. Yet I think her being reckless in her want to save her beloved ones then doubting when all goes to hell and feeling guilty has me …tired? Disappointed? Annoyed? I don’t know. I am aware that she behaves in a very human way and I probably behave like her: doing first, thinking after and then regretting. Maybe that’s why I am annoyed with Aurora? Because I am pissed at myself when I act like that?

Dunno but that’s how I feel.

““Maybe you should have thought of that before you went on a rescue mission without a plan.”

A sob caught and burst in Aurora’s throat. How did she always do everything wrong? No matter her intentions, no matter that she wanted to make things better, she only seemed to make them worse.”

I think she needs more edge to perfectly fit my taste.

The good news is that with that ending I bet that’s what we’ll get in the next book!


Recommend this series? Absolutely and I hope the last book in the trilogy will be published within a few months.

Have you read it yet?

Thanks for reading!

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August 23, 2019
OHHHH SHITTTTT lolllll. Famous last words, amiright?😈 RTC!
I always appreciate when books start out just about where the previous one in the series left off and that’s exactly what this one did. The group of hunters had made it back to Pavan only to find out that Aurora’s kingdom is now in complete disarray. It’s easy to tell that something just isn’t right and Aurora knows she needs to do whatever necessary to get into that castle.

This book, to me, felt quite a bit different than the first. The writing itself was just as amazing, if not more, but the story was split off into four different directions this time. While I get that they were all necessary because all were coming from very different people doing very different things, it kind of broke things up for me a little bit. I still obviously very much enjoyed myself, though.

I loved getting to see Aurora getting more courageous and strong while still making mistakes and making questionable decisions (and actually owning up to them). It was refreshing to see. I also loved that she told Kiran to stuff it more, lol. He was still pretty overprotective but she just kind of was like well, I know you don’t want me to do this but here I am doing it anyway so you can just DEAL, BUDDY. Yassss Queen.

We were introduced to some new, and very interesting characters that I can’t wait to see more of and obviously we got to spend more time with our old favorites too. (BTW I KNEW IT!!!!!) <--You all will understand that when you read the part I’m talking about. I am dying to know more about that particular part/person. Also I’m still super confused about the Stormlord. Like who TF is he. I’m guessing he’s related to someone we know but I honestly have no theories whatsoever.

Also….that ending……very very VERY VERY interested to see where *that* will take us muahahahah. That’s all I’m giving you for now.  If you liked the first one, you’re definitely going to want to pick this one out as soon as it’s out!

Huge thanks to Netgalley and Tor Teen for allowing me to read an eARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

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September 12, 2019
Before I wrote this review, I had to do some thinking. I did like this sequel overall but there were just a few things that I didn’t like when it came to a few of the characters or the plot.

When it came to Kiran and Cassius, I was on the fence about them in the first book. In this book there was definitely one I liked more than the other. Kiran just got on my nerves throughout and I wasn’t a fan of the relationship between him and Roar/Aurora. It was just meh. Cassius was always suave from the beginning of book one. Obviously his family, mostly his dad and brother, were big dilweeds and they still are. Aurora acted like this, “Why are you so obsessed with me?”. Well girl, it’s because you literally left and he was concerned. I don’t think Cassius is bad and I truly think he wants what is best for everyone. Personally, he deserves better.

The formatting of the past sequences were quite confusing at times. The prologue was interesting but vague. Sometimes at the beginning of chapters or during chapters, a past sequence would pop up. I would miss the part saying that is was from the past because it was on aligned on the right and as I’m reading I would sometimes miss it so I would have to go back to see what was going on. I don’t know if others had issues with this and maybe it’s just because of how I read. I did like that they were there because we get more background from other characters that aren’t really present.

The plot, compared to the first book, wasn’t as action packed as I thought it would be. The Stormlord is seen a couple times but I was hoping he would play a much bigger role. Even though for me it lacked because of those things, it was interesting. There were definitely plot twists that I wasn’t expecting so I was happy about that as well.

Overall, I did like it even with the issues I had. I may be in the minority here and that’s okay!
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February 18, 2018
Wait, they pushed this back to June of 2019?!
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May 24, 2019
I'm incredibly excited to announce that I have been chosen to participate on Cora Carmack's Street Team for Rage and I couldn't be any more happy to spread more love for Cora and her books. Roar was a whirlwind of magic and action. And of course, it doesn't hurt that there are several very hot love interests.

I'll occasional be posting updates here for anything Rage Street Team related, but I highly encourage you to follow me on Instagram: www.instagram.com/bitchinreads :)
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June 8, 2019
As usual, Cora Cormack does NOT disappoint. I have missed Roar, Locke and Cassius for so long and was so happy to see them again right where they were left off. Learning more about storms, their purposes and the spirits was an incredible ride and still not enough for me! I want MORE ROAR!!! I would recommend this series for any fans of Graceling, the Grishaverse, and Avatar the Last Airbender. This complex world of magic, political intrigue and people just trying to survive is beautiful, raw and breathtaking.
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August 25, 2019
I received a copy of this from Edelweiss and TorTeen. Wow! I enjoyed this book just as much as the first. I love the crew and how well they are all gelling. I am shocked by the Queen and by the prince In how different they are. The Stormlord has become very unstable and I look forward to seeing how they all come together to defeat him. An excellent story I look forward to continuing. My only complaint was that there were no breaks in the story that let you know when you were changing scenes and therefore the change was so abrupt sometimes it was confusing that it just all blended together. But I am sure that this will be fixed before the final edit
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July 8, 2019
The struggle with having a five star sequel you wanna gush about to the world but don’t wanna spoil book one (for any unsuspecting reader who doesn’t know there’s another book before this one) and don’t wanna spoil this book because it deserves a prestige no spoilers intake.

So what I will say is

1. The story has a lot more action because we have a lot less travel in this book. The pacing for the action is good and it never feels dry even when we aren’t fighting a storm and instead fighting one another.

2. There is a lot of character growth here, for Roar and her crew, with each other as a made family and as individuals. It was lovely to see.

3. I understood Locke more here though he still isn’t bae

4. Cassius is bae and damn if I don’t love him even more now?!

5. I have SO many theories and new ships and still old ships and there was so much I didn’t see coming!

I would wait another two years for book three if that’s what it took because it was that amazing. I love this world, I love these characters and I can’t wait to see what will happen next.
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June 28, 2018
Wait, did this release date get a major push back? Or am I remembering it wrong?
Still currently reading the first book, but had to stop to check out cover real.
Reaction: Meh...
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June 1, 2020
And pushed again. Fingers crossed it stays as an August 2019 release now. Love Cora’s work. ❤️❤️❤️


Moved to June 11, 2019...I'm crying. ROOOAAARRRRR! Say it isn't so :(
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