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Bulldog's Girls

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Bulldog's Girls is a small town/single mother in danger romantic suspense with a hero in insta-love and a leading lady afraid of commitment. There are some dark bits, and the sex is very descriptive, but overall this is a feel good love story that's sure to make you smile. Enjoy your stay in the lovely town of Green Haven!

Amaya gave up everything to protect her daughter, Peyton, but it wasn't enough and a sadistic enemy she thought was dead is tormenting her from beyond the grave. In a desperate attempt to keep her daughter safe, Amaya flees to the small Michigan beach town of Green Haven where she meets Paul McGregor, a retired football player and her new neighbor.

Paul, known around town as Bulldog, finds himself drawn to the sassy, beautiful young woman and her adorable little girl. But he's puzzled why a woman who is as attracted to him as he is to her constantly pushes him away. When he finds out about the evil hunting Amaya and Peyton he vows that he will do anything to keep them safe and convince them to be his girls forever.

Bulldog's Girls ends at the 50% point, a special bonus romantic suspense, Guarding Hope, has been included for free as my gift to you.

397 pages, Kindle Edition

Published September 18, 2017

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About the author

Ann Mayburn

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Ann is Queen of the Castle to her wonderful husband and three sons in the mountains of West Virginia. In her past lives she's been an Import Broker, a Communications Specialist, a US Navy Civilian Contractor, a Bartender/Waitress, and an actor at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. She also spent a summer touring with the Grateful Dead(though she will deny to her children that it ever happened).

From a young age she's been fascinated by myths and fairytales, and the romance that often was the center of the story. As Ann grew older and her hormones kicked in, she discovered trashy romance novels. Great at first, but she soon grew tired of the endless stories with a big wonderful emotional buildup to really short and crappy sex. Never a big fan of purple prose, throbbing spears of fleshy pleasure and wet honey pots make her giggle, she sought out books that gave the sex scenes in the story just as much detail and plot as everything else-without using cringe worthy euphemisms. This led her to the wonderful world of Erotic Romance, and she's never looked back.

Now Ann spends her days trying to tune out cartoons playing in the background to get into her 'sexy space' and has learned to type one handed while soothing a cranky baby.

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1,864 reviews30.2k followers
October 10, 2017
4 Stars

This book ends at 50% and you get another "free" book after that, which the author plainly states in the book description.

I was going to wait and finish the second book before reviewing this thing, but alas, I just haven't gotten to it.

So this rating is for Bulldog's Girls only.

It was really cute and I enjoyed it.

Mayburn has fast become one of my favorite authors.

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5,009 reviews411 followers
September 18, 2017
Bulldog’s Girls by Ann Mayburn is one hot romance!! The story starts off by us getting the back story on Mary/Amaya who had some very bad things happen to her and due to that, is running for her life and is having to enter the Witness Protection Program. Which means she has to leave her family, friends and life behind which is so very painful , and the thing is, she has a stalker that is after her and she is only doing this to keep her loved one safe , especially now that she is pregnant.
Fast forward 5 years, when we next meet Mary/ Amaya, she has a 5 year old daughter named Peyton and she is on the run again from her stalker, someone who worshiped the serial killer who attacked her. Now she and her daughter are in hiding from the stalker and are at this cottage that her friend offered her. Her “landlord” Paul is her friend’s son and boy is he hot! Paul has gone thru some series stuff in his past and he is a bit rough around the edges but has a very good heart. Paul has this awesome nickname of “Bulldog” which he got when he played professional football and it has stuck with him even after he played. Paul doesn’t know what to make of “Amaya” but he knows she is hiding something. He doesn’t know what but he just wants to hold her and protect her and her daughter.
What we get is a very beautiful and unexpected love story that has its ups and downs. I loved the action, the suspense and the fantastic romance that is played out in this story between Amaya and Paul. Be prepared for fireworks and waterworks!! I also enjoyed meeting the secondary characters introduced in this book and would love to read more about them which I hope they get stories of their own. All I can say is Ms. Mayburn has a winner on her hands!

My Rating: 4.8 stars *****
"I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***
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7,013 reviews837 followers
October 4, 2017

Ann Mayburn delivered a highly emotional journey between Amaya and Paul.

I was immediately drawn into this book. The beginning was difficult to read especially what causes Amaya to run. It took a toll on her family and changed the course of her life.

Amaya is a sweet strong woman who faces the unthinkable. She now focuses and is committed to her daughter. Amaya and a few chosen friends are filling her life with love, laughter and security. Unfortunately, Amaya and Peyton are on the run due to a stalker. She runs to Michigan and finds help and comfort with Paul.

Paul "Bulldog" McGregor takes one look at Peyton and Amaya and his protective instincts kick into high gear. He's been though rough times and isn't necessarily looking for someone but he can't help the instant love that over takes him.

While I enjoyed the book it seemed to lose a little steam in the middle of the book. I found it to be repetitive and I wanted a little more heat from this couple.

The author does a good job bringing the drama and wrapping up their story in the last few chapters.

Profile Image for Karen.
5,343 reviews61 followers
September 19, 2017
Truly enjoyable to read as the story really pulls you in. Paul is likable and Mary/Amaya is a great strong woman. I love Michigan themed books because I live on a Great Lake in Michigan. I've been to Renassiance Festival twice....so much fun.

The cover seems to be Paul and I love that you have him winning super bowl twice as a Detroit Lion. True Fiction!!! LOL
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1,405 reviews43 followers
September 27, 2017

5 amazing stars

I can't even remember what was the first book that i read from Ann Mayburn, but it was from that point on that i was hooked. There hasn't been one book that i couldn't connect with the characters or a story that didn't keep my attention from start to finish, whether it's her paranormals, contemporaries, erotics or BDSM themed, and Bulldog's Girls was no exception. While exactly what i've come to expect from this author, this story has some suspense that i absolutely loved - it kept me looking for clues as to whom was after Amaya.

4.5 sexy dreams

Needless to say that this was one hot story that made me want to find out what'll happen between Paul and Amaya. Of course, who could ever forget Peyton? That girl is way too adorable and stole the show more than once and boy did i want to take home with me! This story had a flow to it that kept me invested from start to finish and all i wanted to do was find out how Amaya and Paul would end up! I can't wait to find out what else Ann Mayburn has in store for her next book!

*ARC provided by Author in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed by Kathleen, The Small Girl from A small girl, her man and her books

50 Book Reviews  Professional Reader

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790 reviews141 followers
October 11, 2017
I liked this book. It was cute with likable characters. I only wish for a different epilogue (seems like I'm forever wishing for this lol).

There was nothing with the epilogue per se, but I just hate epilogues that aren't in the pov of the mc's. I'm happy that the h got to be reunited with her family again, but I wanted to see the H and h actually functioning as a family. Which also bring me to the point that I hate epilogues that are set during the mc's wedding. I don't know why but it is just a bug pet peeve of mine. A different epilogue would've definitely bumped this up to a 4 star read.

Now that I'm done ranting I will tell you this book was cute, with low drama between the mc's. I'd recommend this if your looking for a light read.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,761 reviews213 followers
October 29, 2017
3.5 stars

The was a sweet story with an adorable 4 year old and a very strong single mom who I really liked. Paul - aka Bulldog - was awesome. Although I think the author held him back a little, but he was so good with both Amaya and Peyton, I had to love him.

I thought the first 50-70% of the book was really good. Then I felt it fell off the rails and got wrapped up to quickly. I did not like that they were mostly together off page and the story skipped ahead through that. The scene was not real and then all of a sudden it was. It made no sense and even less sense that she accepted it so easily after all her fighting. The end was just a rush to close up the suspense plot. The epilogue made me happy, yet unsatisfied. I wanted more. I am greedy!

Safety gang

Book ends at about 50% where you get another book Guarding Hope.

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377 reviews
January 19, 2018
This is my first read by Ann Mayburn. In this story we follow Amaya (& Peyton!) and Paul as they fall in love and figure out how to be a family. Amaya is on the run from a stalker, and that's as much as I'm going to say without the spoiler filter. I liked this one, but didn't love it. I think the biggest detriment was actually the length of the story. This was a story that really needed more time to develop, IMO. I'm an epilogue whore, and I'm happy we got an epilogue, but I needed more. It's fairly short, not very far into the future, but still somewhat satisfying. And heartwarming, for sure.

That said, I enjoyed this one and would strongly consider reading more from this author.

Extensive, but spoiler filled review below. You've been warned.

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807 reviews34 followers
September 18, 2017
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Anyone who knows me, knows i'm a huge fan of all that is Ann Mayburn reads and now i get to add Bulldog's Girls to my favourite's list.

Bulldog's Girls is a heartfelt, emotional read. A story of survival and finding happiness after the darkest of times. With amazing characters this book will pull you in and captivate you're heart and mind.

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

Amaya suffered at the hands of a despicable person. She survived, but the decisions she'd made after her attack showed her strength and ability to love. My heart broke for her and i think it would take a very strong person to do what she did. I've always felt that would be what i would choose but you just never know how you're mind will work after a terrible ordeal.

Paul “Bulldog” McGregor a retired NFL football player has just been coasting through life since his retirement. Never really stopping long enough in one place to hold his attention. Yes he goes back home to Green Haven where his family owns the town but he always finds himself itching to travel again.

That is until he meets them, Amaya and Peyton "His Girls" he can tell there's something up. That Amaya is hiding something, not wanting to push her for answers and make her run. He gives her time to open up to him and nothing is going to stop him from doing everything in his power to make them happy, safe and protected.

I absolutely adored their story of trust and love. Paul knew straight away that she was his one, his person. The time and care he showed to Amaya and Peyton will have you swooning for a Bulldog of your own!!

I will always highly recommend a Ann Mayburn read i just love her characters weather their sweet, kickass or all alpha and dominate. Weather it's heartfelt romance or kinky fuckery she is one hell of a writer and i love her stories!!

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BLOG: http://millsylovesbooks.blogspot.com
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11.4k reviews150 followers
October 4, 2017
When I read the blurb to Bulldog's Girls, I was instantly interested, but I gotta say, I NEVER SAW THIS PIECE OF FABULOUSNESS COMING! I will very generically break it down in order for no spoiler douchery to appear in my review. Amaya loves her daughter Peyton, and has given up everything for her. With a sadistic unknown enemy hunting her, she lands in a small Michigan beach town, Green Haven, and ends up neighbors with Paul, aka Bulldog, the ex-NFL player who has been burned by love. And they share a strong connection that has her pushing him away. That's it, that's all I'm giving, and trust me, there's sooooooo much more to this fantastic story. My heart raced cover to cover, as I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the other shoe to drop. Amaya was a great heroine, while Paul was a super sexy hero, that had some flaws, but still a great guy. And the entertaining cast of secondaries + one tiny human, brought some extremely hysterical humor in between the sexy tension, and suspense. Ann Mayburn's writing style is so talented that I was blown away by this story, and while I devoured it, I never once moved to do anything else. I CANNOT WAIT to read what she puts out next, and I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ALL!
275 reviews9 followers
September 19, 2017
Bulldog’s Girls by Ann Mayburn is an AWESOME read!!!!!!! So in the beginning you meet Mary/Amaya who goes through some horrific things and has to enter the Witness Protection Program. Leaving her friends, family and life is difficult but she has to do protect her daughter Peyton. While trying to hide out from a stalker that keeps escalating she meets a kind lady that offers her cottage to Amaya and Peyton. Once there at the cottage she meets Paul McGregor otherwise known as “Bulldog” since he played football before he was hurt. Paul is not known for being nice or gentle but once he meets Amaya and Peyton his whole world shifts on its axis. Amaya is naturally afraid to get attached to anyone since she is living a secret life. Peyton is a sweet and high spirited 4 years old that doesn’t know a stranger. Paul immediately falls in love with both of these girls and wants to claim them. Amaya is very weary to this. Throughout Paul trying to break down Amaya’s barriers Amaya is scared to tell Paul the truth of her past. Will love prevail or will the stalker eventually find Amaya and take it all away? This was such a great book and I HIGHLY recommend this book to everyone!!!!
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1,179 reviews54 followers
October 3, 2017
I love bulldogs girl's

Wow i really liked this bookby ann mayburn. I love her style of writing and how quickly she can draw you in and kerp you so engrossed your left wanting more.
Amaya and her beautiful lil girl Peyton had to leave there home in the middle of the night. With practically the clothes on there back. They made it to a lil town that was full of people who wgere related to one another in someway shape or form. Amaya met paul sandras son . Sandra was like a mother figure to her and Peyton . While they lived in key largo.. amaya had a stalker and her trust levels were non existent. But paul was different and wore her down . Could amaya finely find what she was looking for? . Safety. ? Love ? Contentment? I proper home for Peyton? . Or will her past come back to take away everything she has been striving for.? . Bulldogs girl's is a fast insta love emotional ride for all of them. I really liked this book and i hope there will be another one in this series. .
Profile Image for Heather.
628 reviews
September 13, 2017
WOW! If I could give it more than 5 stars I would. This book was like a bulldog and once it sunk it's teeth into me it wouldn't let go. I laughed, cried, worried, screamed, and well you name it that is what happened while reading. I could not put it down. Right from the beginning, you just know something bad is going to happen. Mary (Amaya) survived being attacked and left for dead by a serial killer! But at the same time I knew something bad was going to happen, my heart went out to her and I wanted her to have all the hearts and glitter sparkles. I promise no spoilers. I love Paul, Bulldog, because he is tenacious and immediately falls for Amaya and her daughter and is such a tender person with them both. He is also so patient with her, knowing she is not telling him everything. These two characters were perfect! Ms. Mayburn did an awesome with Bulldog's Girls.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
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993 reviews3 followers
September 15, 2017
This book has all the feels and then some.

It is a story of survival and finding love unexpectedly.

It is an emotional read but it does have lighter moments.

We meet Amaya/Mary as she is leaving her life behind in order to protect her unborn child. She is pregnant as the result of an attack by a serial killer, and is lucky to be alive.

We next meet her, five years later. She and her daughter Peyton are hiding from a stalker.

Enter Paul, her "landlord". He knows she is hiding something but can't resist her.

What follows is a beautiful story about falling in love, to the extent that you would put your life on the line for each other, which becomes a reality as Amaya's stalker finds her.

The story is gripping, and the plot is well paced.

The characters are all well rounded, with believable back stories, and, on the whole, engaging, though I must admit to having a soft spot for Elvis, the cat!

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
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2,492 reviews49 followers
September 23, 2017
Review by: Jennifer
(5 stars)

Paul is a retired pro-football player that has settled down in the town of Green Haven, where the majority of his family happens to be. When he stumbles upon Amaya and her daughter, the need to protect is almost immediate. When it turns out that Amaya is there renting his mother's place and needs a place to stay until some repairs can be made, Paul makes sure that he offers up his home. Amaya is not really in the position to get into a relationship with anyone, especially someone that is a bit famous. But the longer they are with Paul the further Amaya falls. What happens when the person Amaya is running from catches up? Will they survive this encounter together, or will Amaya take her daughter and run?

This was a quick, entertaining read. With drama, sexy bits that were really steamy, some violence; the ending had me tearing up! I give this a quick 5 stars.
September 28, 2017
I found Bulldog’s Girls to be a slow build to loving this book. This is an insta-kinda-love romance. I have, to keep reminding myself that this kind of love really can happen after all I met and married my husband within 4 months after meeting him. So, yes it can happen.

Bulldog is Paul. He got the nickname because when he played football if he got ahold of the ball he didn’t let go. I loved hearing about Paul’s mother who lives in a nudist resort in FL. And, the town that he lives in is full of his relatives. You can’t go anywhere without meeting some of his family. And, then there is Amaya and her daughter Peyton. You just have, to fall in love with Peyton! Amaya has a couple of secrets and I can’t say what they are since I don’t do spoilers. But, this is a romantic suspense genre. Which had me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen. The ending had me crying happy tears. I enjoyed Bulldog’s Girls. I give it 4 stars and this was not an ARC.
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3,739 reviews45 followers
September 13, 2017
Bulldog's Girls by Ann Mayburn is an incredibly sweet tale of love and survival. Amaya is a survivor. She has survived an incredible ordeal and come out the other side stronger than before but it came at a cost. Now she is under attack again. She and her daughter head to the small town of Green Haven to escape the new threat and meet retired NFL football player Paul “Bulldog” McGregor. Paul has been coasting since his retirement but meeting Amaya and her daughter has shifted the axis of his existence. He will do whatever is necessary to keep them safe. They are about to learn where he got the name Bulldog.
I really enjoyed this book and read it in one sitting. I could not put it down! The author mixed suspense, humor and romance in just the right proportions. Highly recommend.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
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1,045 reviews22 followers
September 22, 2017
5 Stars

Bulldogs Girls by Ann Mayburn is a standalone romance novel. It is an emotional story that gripped my heart from the beginning and made me feel all the feels. I have been a huge fan of Ms. Mayburn's and she continues to deliver amazing stories that I can't help but devour.

Amaya(Mary) is a survivor. She has been placed in the witness protection program and was forced to leave behind her family and her life in order to keep her unborn baby safe. Fast forward quite a few years and Amaya and her daughter are in danger again. But when she heads to Michigan to escape, she meets ex-pro football player Paul McGregor and sparks fly. Little does she know her life is about to change forever...again.

I absolutely LOVED this book! It had everything you'd expect from an Ann Mayburn novel. The characters were multi-dimensional and the storyline was superb. I am so looking forward to reading more!
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1,159 reviews11 followers
September 25, 2017
It always takes me forever to get into a book written in third person. After that it usually flows nicely.

This was a good one. Mary / Amaya was dealt a shit hand and flees. Along the way she has her gorgeous daughter and meets “bulldog”. So this was a good book, had a great back story of why and how... but the misspelling of a lot of words confused my mind and the love after two days made me start thinking this was a fairy tale instead of a suspense. I loved this authors other work, this one wasn’t horrible just a lot issues here and there I worked through myself.
Profile Image for Stephanie  Mae.
704 reviews
October 23, 2017
This book was different but no less great than books I've come to expect from Ann. Bulldog is very alpha yet sweet. This is an instalove story but with one heck of a twist in the heroine's background. As a single mother, this story makes my heart happy and my soul smile. This is the type of love we all hope to find, especially with how much Bulldog loves Peyton. I'm hoping we learn more about his brothers in their own books! Definitely, recommend this to read on a chilly fall night so it can warm you up from the inside out.
Read and reviewed for HeadTripping Books by Sarah
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87 reviews
September 19, 2017
Ann Mayburn has a way of telling a story and she captures my heart right from the start with Bulldog's Girls. Her characters have depth, they are real and their plight to survive and find love prevails! There is hot sex, suspense, laughter, tears and a happy ending. What else could we ask for in a book? I truly loved Paul, Amaya and Peyton's story and you will too. I couldn't put it down! It's definitely worth the read.
2,396 reviews3 followers
September 25, 2017
Good one

This is a story of a girl who goes into hiding to build a life for herself and her baby after surviving a serial killer. After leaving her family, changing her appearance and name, and building a life...would you believe a stalker puts her on the run again. This story is about the family , friends and wonderful guy she meets along the way to getting her "safe" back. It's only 42% of the book. It's a good story. There is a bonus story for your reading pleasure too.
Profile Image for Alicia.
182 reviews2 followers
September 24, 2017
This book has everything in it that I wanted crazy Mom's, nudist, hot ex-pro footballer, would be damsel in distress, crazy stalker, and a fantastic romance as only Mrs. Mayburn can write! I did not want this book to end it was so good. Luckily the main character Bulldog has brothers so maybe Ann will feel the need to go back to Green Haven again. ;)
Profile Image for Casey (KcLu).
140 reviews8 followers
December 15, 2017
Damn Ann has done it again

I’ll be honest it has been more than a year since I felt the urge to read anything. I’ve had trouble concentrating on any book, but one page into this one and I was hooked. I read this one in one sitting, and it is truly wonderful! Ann has a way oh holding you captive with her words. This is a must read!! You will be as in love with a Bulldog as I am!!
Profile Image for Victoria.
1,188 reviews95 followers
January 7, 2018
3.5 RATING- Guilty Pleasure read with a woman on the run and a sexy ex-football player that falls hard. Instant everything, a cute kid, a sprinkle of fluff and solid enough writing make this an enjoyable read. Book wraps up at about the 50% mark. I feel like this should be a series book as the hero has several brothers and cousins but I didn’t notice that there were other books.
Profile Image for Tracey.
1,040 reviews
September 18, 2017
Omg Ann Mayburn did it again I couldn't put this book down great chemistry between the main characters. Excellent story plot that will leave you wanting more of this book. No spoilers here I voluntarily received this advanced readers copy for my honest opinion.
Profile Image for Kathryn.
2,537 reviews76 followers
September 24, 2017
This is one of those stories you just get drug into. The story is good, two hurt adults meet each other and fix each other through love. What holds them apart is the suspense. It's never all as it seems, and this one is dramatic in it's telling.
Profile Image for Regie.
38 reviews
October 12, 2017
Awesome book, read it in one day (thank God for flex time at work, I would have been late this morning 😆).
Reads easily, and the characters were great. I loved the interaction, chemistry and expected the ending but enjoyed getting there. I got this book from Val’s shelves. I’m glad I peeked 😁
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