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Girl Wash your Face

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With wry wit and hard-earned wisdom, popular online personality and founder of TheChicSite.com founder Rachel Hollis helps readers break free from the lies keeping them from the joy-filled and exuberant life they are meant to have.

Founder of the lifestyle website TheChicSite.com and CEO of her own media company, Chic Media, Rachel Hollis has created an online fan base of hundreds of thousands of fans by sharing tips for living a better life while fearlessly revealing the messiness of her own. Now comes her highly anticipated first book featuring her signature combination of honesty, humor, and direct, no-nonsense advice.

Each chapter of Girl, Wash Your Face begins with a specific lie Hollis once believed that left her feeling overwhelmed, unworthy, or ready to give up. As a working mother, a former foster parent, and a woman who has dealt with insecurities about her body and relationships, she speaks with the insight and kindness of a BFF, helping women unpack the limiting mind-sets that destroy their self-confidence and keep them from moving forward.

From her temporary obsession with marrying Matt Damon to a daydream involving hypnotic iguanas to her son's request that she buy a necklace to "be like the other moms," Hollis holds nothing back. With unflinching faith and tenacity, Hollis spurs other women to live with passion and hustle and to awaken their slumbering goals.

240 pages, Hardcover

First published February 6, 2018

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About the author

Rachel laid the foundation for her lifestyle brand and media company with the same unfiltered honesty and staunch inclusivity that made her a two-time #1 New York Times bestselling author. Hollis connects with a highly engaged and growing global audience of women who treasure her transparency and optimism. She is one of the most sought-after motivational speakers, plays host to one of today’s top business podcasts and is a proud mama of four who uses her platform to empower and embolden women around the world. Rachel calls Texas home; more specifically the Hill Country just outside of Austin.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/msrachelhol...
FB: https://www.facebook.com/MsRachelHollis/

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Profile Image for Sadie Esplin.
229 reviews48 followers
December 17, 2019
Some parts of this book spoke to me (yes, I can be better at showing up for myself), and others made me want to throw the book across the room and scream. I struggled with every word she said about diet and body image—what was meant to be uplifting and inspiring was preached as scientific fact from someone with no medical/dietetic credentials. She had nothing to back up her claims, but she preached it like doctrine.

I also really struggled with the story of how she met her husband. She says that people may have issue with her sharing it and that it isn’t meant for it to be used to condone an unhealthy relationship. But....she married the man from her super unhealthy relationship. Guys, don’t marry the guy who “brings you to bars and ignores you while he hits on other women.” Don’t marry the guy who “only calls you at night when he’s been drinking but ignores you during the day.” Don’t marry the guy who you “give your virginity to because you don’t know how else to keep him interested.” I mean, really. She gave so much time to how terrible their first year was and then gives a quick “but now everything is great!” And it just doesn’t work for me.

I think the point of the husband story was that when she told him she needed to be respected and she didn't want him calling anymore, he realized she was worth respecting. She had to respect herself to get respect, yada yada. Buuuutttt telling someone you don't want them to contact you anymore and then having them show up on your doorstep the next morning is literally the opposite of respect. I love it when I set boundaries and people totally ignore them—romance!

Edit: I have to come back and discuss more things that are not okay. The diet pills? She essentially tells everyone that she and her roommate survived off of diet pills to the point that they were hallucinating, so they stopped taking them and gained back 40 lbs. She doesn’t discourage this, if anything the quick “oh and then we gained weight and became less attractive” seems like a subtle “I can’t recommend this BUT if you want to lose weight here’s how to do it.” Sooo not okay. Additionally, when people come to her her diet advice (why is she giving diet advice? Is she a dietician? Does she have any medical knowledge?) she tells them to start by drinking more water, and when they’ve mastered that start cutting out foods. Here’s an idea: listen to your body!! Thin =/= worthy/good/important.

Another edit: I was on a plane with my young exhausted kids today and was thinking how an outsider would totally judge my parenting skills, but I gotta do what I gotta do and my in-flight parenting techniques are totally different from day-to-day. Then I remembered how Rachel went off on the totally exhausted mom for giving her kid candy on a plane. Maybe there was more to it that I’m not remembering? But honestly, anyone who has flown with their kids knows the struggle is real.
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15 reviews37 followers
June 23, 2018
This book is for privileged white women with no real problems but the ones they make up for themselves. I was told this book was “inspiring”. But let’s be real, it’s easy for a rich lady to tell me (or anyone) that I’m “in control of my own life”. Any woman with a husband who makes enough money that you find yourself on the red carpet can say that. I found this book to be very unrelatable and full of humble brags. It was like social media in book form.

Also, if I hear one more white woman call other white women her “tribe” I’m going to throw up.

This book ended up in the trash after reading 50 pages and countless eye rolls.

96 reviews51 followers
December 1, 2022
I have removed my review. There is enough meanness in the world and, after all, nobody forced me to read this book.

Peace, out.
Profile Image for Bridget.
Author 0 books93 followers
July 23, 2018
Nope. Belittling people by saying you can pick yourself up by the boot straps and CHOOSE happiness is irresponsible and uneducated. It just isn’t that simple. Her approach to body image and dieting is downright scary. She seems very self centered and looking for her 15 minutes as opposed to ‘helping’ anyone let alone women. Throwing in a scripture here and there does not a Christian based book make. This should not be considered self help. I would not recommend this book to anyone. It’s uncomfortable, frustrating and ignorant.
10 reviews6 followers
July 19, 2018
Girl, just don’t read this book.

Bless your tiny little bunny heart if you can make it through this entire book… Like seriously, girl, how many times can you contradict yourself?

I had never heard of this women in my life, apparently, according to her, she has is an extremely successful entrepreneur. Immediately my perception of the author was that she read a few really good books about women how have ACTUALLY struggled and then put her Reese Witherspoon in legally blond spin on it, adding a few “Good Christian Girl” references to increase her wholesome persona (and obvi to make points with her Christian publisher). The use of self-deprecating humor in effort to create the notion that she’s gone through some shit was annoying, patronizing and way over the top. I won’t even go into the annoying references to exercise and diet, wine drinking, and constant references to her “years” of hard work (this chick is like 34, come on, girl, you've got at least another decade of life until you can say you have done anything for “years”) This book could have been a short story if she’d left out all the filler fluff and strange tangents. I could go on, but I won’t.

If you are a privileged women who has some insecurities, this book is for you. If you are a regular women who was interested in finding a deeper and more authentic sense of joy in your life, this book is not for you.
Profile Image for Jenni.
112 reviews5 followers
December 30, 2018
Ok, maybe I’m the wrong audience for this. Or maybe I shouldn’t have chosen the audiobook narrated by the author. But I just couldn’t finish this

Mostly, I found the author’s supposed revelations to be really obvious and unenlightening. “It’s important to have self-worth by dumping the guy who uses you as a booty call (but oh yeah I ended up marrying the guy).” “Hey girls, we should support each other instead of judging each other.” And on top of all that, her anecdotes were way too long and self-aggrandizing. “So I used to make fun of this girl for shaving her toes, when actually I also shaved my own toes!” And unbelievably, right after her chapter on how women shouldn’t judge each other, she makes fun of people like Kim Kardashian for how they got their success...without acknowledging that she comes from an enormous place of privilege herself.

Thanks but no thanks. To top it off, the audiobook narration by the author had way too much preacher/coddling guru/“let go and let god” vibes. I’m not sure what’s worse: Her romanticizing of an abusive relationship, her dangerous diet advice, or how condescending and appallingly tone-deaf she is.
Profile Image for Meg.
1,627 reviews
July 17, 2018
(Get ready for some flames, folks.)
Are you an upper-class, skinny, Christian, white, mother? Well I've found the self-help book for you!!

If you're looking for a light dose of fat shaming (disguised as "the kick in the pants you may need, girl, to take control of your life!! Love ya!!"), it's in here. If you want someone who has lived through a close family suicide but remains highly shame-ridden about mental health issues and how to discuss them, please visit this book. (Because the challenge of being an adoptive parent is given at least triple the airtime here than the suicide, which I find... very very weird.)

There's even a whole chapter on not judging gays, and how you should even hang out with them!! And people of color, hang out with them too!!

Like, y'all, I'm disgusted. But this book happened, and Hollis means well enough... but this book is tone-deaf at a high level. I'm sure this speaks to a certain audience, but it sure as hell isn't me.

Profile Image for Kara.
673 reviews317 followers
September 29, 2018
This book isn't written for me, but that's not why I didn't like it.

The main reasons:
1. You cannot tell that story about how awful your husband treated you when you first started dating and then, later in the book, continuously mention how you were "best friends from the beginning." You were not. He was an asshole, and her revisionist history later in the book makes me question everything she said.

2. Hollis thinks the difference between her and the people who didn't make their dreams come true is that she never gave up. Survivorship bias: plenty of people work their asses off and don't give up and things don't work out for them. She didn't mention luck or even the grace of god. Nope, she just works harder than anyone else.

3. She makes a point to say that dreams shouldn't have deadlines, and then in the very next chapter says her goal is to own a vacation home in Hawaii before she's 40.

4. She, generally, comes off as self-absorbed and with an inflated sense of the value her advice is worth.

I will say, Hollis did a great job of narrating the audiobook. Her pacing and comedic timing is good. But listening to the book did make her calling her readers "my sweet friend" more jarring.
Profile Image for Christy.
3,912 reviews33k followers
August 3, 2018
5 stars!!!


Rachel Hollis's newest book Girl Wash Your Face is just the book I needed to read to start my new year. It's one of those books that made me think about my life, the things I do, and it was a highly entertaining read!

A few months ago, one of my facebook friends posted about this thing called 'The Last 90 Days'. I read up on it, and I was inspired to make changes to my life and not wait until the first of the year, but do it now. I started getting up earlier, drinking more water, going to the gym more, and most importantly, I started making a gratitude list daily. It really changed my perspective on a lot of things. Since then, I started following Rachel Hollis. I love her personality and she has great tips and advice. When I got the opportunity to read this book early, I jumped on it.

Each chapter is about a lie we're told, and why that lie isn't actually true. It's a motivating read that made me want to go out and conquer the world- or at least my own life! I found Rachel's stories inspiring. This book inspired me to be better, but also not to be so hard on myself when I fail. Laced with humor, relateable stories, and things that will actually resonate and help most of us, I recommend this book to all women. It's a must read!

*arc provided by publisher*
Profile Image for Rachel.
94 reviews2 followers
August 1, 2018
Read for book club. Not something I would EVER choose for myself. The fact that people like this, quirky bloggers who are experts in precisely nothing, get to write entire books about how to live is probably the strongest argument I can think of in support of shutting down the internet, full stop.

Also, as an adult woman named Rachel, I am personally offended by how many times she refers to herself in the third person as "Rach". Ew.
Profile Image for Miranda Reads.
1,589 reviews157k followers
May 9, 2021

You, and only you, are ultimately responsible for who you become and how happy you are.
So, this book works...and it doesn't.

It works because Hollis has an engaging story at its core. She has achieved quite a lot over the last few years and because of that, it seems that what she says comes from experience.

Her wildly popular career as a motivational speaker and blogging shows the audience that you, too, can grab your own bootstraps and make a success of yourself.

It works because it is catchy. Hollis knows how to take a concept and frame it in such a way that it seems brilliant.

And the purported goal of her career focuses on helping others achieve what she has gotten all the while balancing family and self-care.

So, on the surface - this seems like a great book.

However, ultimately it doesn't work for me because a lot of the time the advice contradicts itself, the stories she shares aren't relatable and often I see her advice subtly digging at people who can't do what she can.

She frames things as if everyone has the ability and resources to do what she has done, and if you haven't yet then YOU are the only reason that that hasn't happened. But, obviously, it isn't true.

It is a sobering reality that not all people are granted equal opportunities, rights and lots in life. But reading her book, it feels like she sweeps that all under the rug.

She gives this rosy-tinted glasses view at achieving grand success but often neglects to give her own privilege, relative wealth and opportunities the proper weight.

Also, this book doesn't work for me because so much of the advice she gives feels very...familiar.

Essentially, after reading this book...there's not a lot new. The advice being given isn't groundbreaking.

And when I looked it up, lo and behold, there's been numerous scandals regarding her ripping off self-help quotes and advice from other bloggers less successful than her and when I read the book, I feel like I can see those concept from other books leaking through.

I swear, if I go to the self-help section of any book store/library in the country and pick out half a dozen books at random, I can cobble together most if not all of her book.

The main difference between Hollis and the rest of those gurus is that she does a fantastic job of polishing their words and giving it a boost when putting it into her book.

I would definitely recommend checking out the reviews from Sadie and Danielle if you want more details about the problematic moments in this book.

Ultimately, at the end of the day...I was entertained by the book...just don't take her word as gospel.

YouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Snapchat @miranda_reads
Profile Image for Abbie Miller.
355 reviews
June 20, 2018
We’re being honest here, right? After all, that was the premise of the book. To be clear, I’m not in the target demographic for this title. (I’m over 40! Oh, the horror!) This was just another self-help book written by a self-proclaimed celebrity (ish) who wants to be recognized for changing all our lives. We should admit we’re imperfect, confess to wearing Spanx and give in to the demands of life and just show up at our kid’s school in (gasp!) our work clothes! The last third of the book she spent lecturing us from high on her mountain of self-importance about everything from antibiotics to eating healthy food to drinking alcohol (tsk tsk) to getting up off our asses to go achieve all our dreams. After listening this one, I need a glass of wine for sure! (I’m the devil.)
Profile Image for Helen 2.0.
404 reviews912 followers
December 29, 2018
One of my distant relatives on my mom's side was known in the family for his severe chronic depression. He died about 20 years ago, but the one thing I remember about him was my grandmother's opinion of his life. Whenever it came up in conversation, she would lament, in German: "I don't know why he insisted on being so sad all the time. He could have had such a happy life!"

The advice in Girl, Wash Your Face! is based on exactly that kind of ignorant attitude. The book is full of upbeat tips and emotional anecdotes that are supposed to inspire you to do better in your life. Think good thoughts! Be healthy! Work towards your goals! Rachel Hollis wrote this book addressing an audience of people whose only problem was presumably their own inability to get shit done.

Here's an example from the book. Each chapter is named for a different lie us women allegedly tell ourselves, and one chapter is titled "I Can't Tell the Truth." Here is the first tip Rachel lists to help you learn to tell the truth:
Take the plunge. Finding the courage to be honest about who you are or what you're going through is like throwing yourself into the deep end of the pool and fighting to swim once you hit the cold water. It won't necessarily be pleasant, but once you're in, it's done. The longer you live in a state of honesty, the easier it becomes to simply exist there all the time.
The gist of this tip is, "here's how to do it: just do it."

Rachel gives many more of these "Feeling unhappy? Just stop!" types of platitudes throughout the chapters, and they build up frustratingly.

Sure, some of the problems in my life, as in most people's lives, are of my own making. I could be more proactive towards maintaining relationships and planning my future, and the author does address these topics pretty well.
But the overwhelming majority of women (at whom this book is targeted) are dealing with issues that can't be solved with a little pep talk and some willpower. Institutional sexism and racism. Mental illness. Poverty, broken welfare systems, family troubles, sickness, global warming. "Washing your face", as Rachel puts it, will not do jack shit to make the most pressing problems in women's lives disappear. Which means that readers of the book must rein in their expectations about the sort of impact Rachel's advice can have on their lives, or end up disappointed.
To be fair, the author does acknowledge the limitations of her book, to some extent. She never claims to be able to cure your mental illness. But the tone of every chapter still implies that taking her advice is all you'll need to succeed, girl - which is just not true.

However, there was one passage in Girl, Wash Your Face that was memorable to me. The author speaks about the types of questions she receives from readers and fans:
Do you know the number one thing I hear most get emails about most, get asked advice on most? Friends. How to make friends. How to keep friends. How to cultivate real, valuable friendships. That's what women are craving.
Insights on relationships is one of the few things this book can help you with. And this point the author makes about female friendship really struck me. With all the romance and RH I read, the male-driven fantasy, the dumb high-school movies with "queen bitch" characters, none of them feature female friendship as a central plot point. I'm going to look for those friendships more in the fiction I consume and in my daily life next year - call it a resolution.
Profile Image for Ashlie Elizabeth.
206 reviews19 followers
February 24, 2018
There were parts of this book that were highly motivating and not too coddling, which is always appreciated. One thing that was tough was a constant thread of diet culture and weight loss talk throughout the whole book. The chapter about weight itself was...not great. There is a line where the author says (paraphrased) "science shows you need to eat less and move more, the end!" Where a lot of the other chapters examined the nuance of different issues and talked about developing an internal monologue to become more driven, the weight loss chapter felt super icky. It was basically "you shouldn't be fat, you won't be as long as you don't overeat to numb your feelings, and take better care of this body God gave you."

A lot of other chapters were motivating, but the diet talk (peppered through every chapter) would keep me from recommending this.
Profile Image for Holly Jo.
65 reviews5 followers
August 22, 2018
Could not finish this. Listened to audio book and had to stop halfway through. The author has no concept of her own privilege, and that many women reading this book don't have the same opportunities she has. I found it self-centered.
Profile Image for Tara Lynn.
17 reviews2 followers
June 6, 2018
I was anxious but cautious when starting this book, as I've heard a lot about it. My opinion is probably pretty unpopular, but I could hardly wait to be done with it.

It's pretty misleading to put this book in the "religious/Christian" book genre. Some of the most notable/cringey parts to me were, "I am my own hero. This is all me. Any achievements you've accomplished, those are all you. I wish someone had told me this, but I had to navigate through life and learn it on my own: Only YOU have the power to change your own life - this is the truth. I ran an entire marathon with Philippians 4:13 written on my arm with Sharpie, and I fully believe my Creator is the strength by which I can achieve anything. **But God can't make you into something, without your help.** You have the power to change, you have to stop waiting around for someone else to do it for you."

Each chapter begins with a lie, and the author's answers to overcoming those lies. Those answers very, very rarely included any truth beyond maybe a simple line about faith or God. Rather, I got so sick of hearing "I did, I worked, I earned." It's a pretty cliche, "pull yourself up by the bootstraps," self-help type book. Her honesty when talking about the struggles of fostering, dealing with alcohol, and some other topics, was admirable. That said, it hurt my heart to hear that the answers to all of those struggles were just doing better, deciding to be better, or something of the like.

If you like being called, "girl, yo, ya'll," as a reader, followed by some "dang straight truth bombs," you may like this book. 🤮
Profile Image for Michelle.
114 reviews12 followers
October 20, 2018
In full disclosure, this was a hate read. I despise self-help books and anything motivational/trendy/inspirational. After all the articles I’ve read picking this book apart, I knew I would hate it. And yet, I read it anyway because apparently I’m in the mood to be annoyed today.

*rolls up sleeves*

I don’t even know how to review this. As a “Christian” book, which it’s marketed as, it’s dangerous. We were not born to live our best lives now and pursue whatever makes us happy. We were put on earth to glorify God. The tenet of our faith is NOT “Love thy neighbor.” Yes, YES we need to love every person as Jesus loved us, but the tenet of our faith is that God sent His son to die for us so that we are saved from our sins. REPENT AND BELIEVE. Flee from sin. Don’t love and accept it. This book absolutely falls under what the Bible warns about in 2 Timothy 4:3. God is only mentioned when it suits Rachel’s narrative, which is about three times.

There’s a lot more I could say, but putting the faith part aside, I still hated it. I cannot even deal with people who run around spewing “Love my tribe!!!! Hustle!!!!! Positive vibes!!!!” I can’t roll my eyes hard enough. She said “I run a lifestyle media company” more times than she referenced the Bible. She CONSTANTLY brags about working with A-list celebrities. I am zero percent impressed and one hundred percent annoyed. She talks about going to the Oscars and the “internet going wild” over her glammed up pictures, but she tries SO HARD, you guys, to make us believe that she’s not glam!! Sometimes she pees a little when she jumps on the trampoline because she’s had babies! Giggle!!! I could not get over the amount of shameless bragging and conceit.

Just stop.

I am convinced she wrote this book to pretend that she’s a mess, but really to brag about how she has figured out what we’re all doing wrong and to remind us of how special she is.

Thanks, but I’m good. I don’t hustle. I have no desire to create a vision board with my #goals because not all women want to live that way. The day I refer to my friends as my “tribe” is the day I will beg someone to duct tape my mouth shut. I’m not a workaholic. If I believe God is in control, then I don’t need to worry about “taking control of my life.”

Girl, Read Your Bible.
Profile Image for Britany.
989 reviews433 followers
May 26, 2018
Multiple people told me to read this book, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I've never heard of Rachel Hollis before or anything about her.

I listened to this on audio, read by the author which was a treat. She goes through some lies that she used to believe about herself in hopes to help other women from falling into the same pitfalls. Most of this is pretty cliched, but sometimes it's a nice reminder to pick yourself up by the bootstraps and work hard for the life you want to live.

To be honest, this is just another book telling you "You can do anything" which is always a positive message, but there is nothing unique or new to be gleaned from this book. I honestly rolled my eyes more often than nodding along with the author. Especially the story of how she met her husband. She had the courage to walk away from a terrible relationship blah blah blah... I was annoyed with her most of the time. It is hard to rate a book about someone else's life, so I will stay right down the middle. This book might be for you if you've recently had kids and have struggled with finding a balance between family, work, friends, and self. If that's not you, then keep doing you.
Profile Image for Maryam Behzi.
121 reviews150 followers
April 18, 2020
این کتاب چندش‌آور بود و من برای نویسنده‌اش احساس ترحم می‌کنم.

بله! می‌خواستم ریویوم رو با همچین جمله‌ای شروع کنم چون کل کتاب رو با چشم غره خوندم. شاید آزادی بیان زیاد برای ما تعریف شده نباشه چون بهش عادت نداریم ولی برای این مورد وظیفه‌ی خودم میدونم به کسایی که قراره از سر درماندگی و چنگ زدن به هر چیزی که بتونه زندگیشون رو عوض کنه به این کتاب روی بیارن هشدار بدم که این کتاب نه تنها بهتون کمکی نمی‌کنه بلکه از صدها نظر بسیـــــار براتون مضر و سمیه.

می‌دونم کتاب‌های خودکاوی و چگونه زندگی کنیم کتاب‌های من نیستن. متاسفانه( یا خوشبختانه) اونقدر غُد هستم که کسی نتونه بهم یاد بده چطور کارهای خودم رو انجام بدم (این که گفتم خوشبختانه به خاطر این نبود که فکر می‌کنم خودم بهترینم و می‌تونم کارها رو بهتر از هر کسی انجام بدم بلکه صرفا برای این بود که افرادی مثل ریچل هالیس نمی‌تونن زندگیم رو خراب کنن) ولی باور کنید دلیل انزجارم از این کتاب به خاطر این نیست که از موضوع کتاب بدم میاد یا به دردم نمی‌خوره. دلیلش اینه که این کتاب نه تنها رسالت خودش رو عملی نمی‌کنه بلکه دقیقا خلاف مسیر پیش میره و برای کسی که واقعا نیاز به کمک داره مثل یه پتک عمل می‌کنه و روان فرد محتاج رو بیش از پیش متلاشی میکنه.

بزارید براتون از خود کتاب سند بیارم که بدونید این همه نفرت از کجا سر چشمه گرفته. از اونجایی که ریچل هالیس به خودش اجازه داده در هر زمینه‌ای اظهار عقیده کنه و راه حل برتر ارائه بده فکر میکنم دستم خیلی باز باشه.

لبخندی زد و گفت :«امیدوارم از آن تیپ دخترهایی نباشی که وقتی برای اولین بار با مردی بیرون می‌روند لب به غذا ‫نمی‌زنند.» ‫

این جمله رو دیو هالیس همسر ریچل هالی در اولین قرارشون گفته و نه! داستان به همینجا ختم نمیشه.چیزهای زیاد دیگه‌ای هم از این فرد گفته شده که نشون بده همسرش در ابتدا بهش احترام نمی‌گذاشته و به گفته‌ی خودش:
‫ «مغز من حرف‌های او را چنین تحلیل می‌کرد. تو هرگز باعث سرخوردگی و مایه‌ی ناراحتی من نمی‌شوی، چرا که قرار است ‫من و تو با هم ازدواج کنیم، صاحب خانه و خانواده شویم و روزهای خوب و خوش را در کنار هم ‫بگذرانیم.»

و این آدم همچنان به عوضی بودن خودش ادامه میده و کاملا این دختر رو نادیده میگیره که چند نمونه‌اش رو به صورت اختصار می‌نویسم:
* از اینکه توی جمعی دوست‌پسر نویسنده نامیده بشه ناراحت و عصبانی میشه
* به بار میبرتش و تمام مدت نادیده میگیرتش و در عوض سعی میکنه مخ بقیه دخترا رو بزنه
* فقط وقتایی که مست بوده سراغش رو میگرفته و در بقیه موارد کلا فراموشش میکرده
* و در نهایت به رابطه‌ای که میدونسته ریچل هالیس هنوز آمادگیش رو نداره و صرفا برای اینکه بتونه دوست پسرش رو نگه داره تن داده.
همه‌ی این‌ها نشونه‌‌ی یه آدم مسموم و سواستفاده‌گره و با توجه به اینکه اختلاف سنی زیادی هم داشتند واقعا نشون میده که یه آدم با عقل درست حسابی باید از این موقعیت فرار کنه… ولی نه! فکر می‌کنید چی میشه؟ بله! بعد از این همه تخریب شخصیت‌های مداوم یک روز دختر خوب و باهوش و معرکه‌ی داستان که خود نویسنده باشه به خودش میاد و از پیشش میره و زنگ میزنه بهش می‌گه من فکر‌هام رو کردم و تو واقعا به من احترام نمی‌ذاری و من دیگه نمی‌خوام باهات در ارتباط باشم و ‫دقیقا می‌گه:
‫«ببین، همه چیز برای من تموم شده، تو هم تموم شده‌ای، پس یه لطفی بکن و دیگه به من زنگ نزن.»

و در ادامه هم که ازش می‌پرسه چرا براش توضیح میده که من بازیچه‌ی دست تو نیستم و کلی حرف درست و منطقی که این در کل کتاب تنها باریه که ریچل هالیس مثل یک انسان عاقل رفتار میکنه. ولی داستان به همینجا ختم نمی‌شه. بر خلاف درخواستی که ریچل از دیو داشته که تو به من احترام نمی‌ذاری پس نمی‌خوام ببینمت دیو باز هم به حرف و خواسته‌ی ریچل احترام نمی‌ذاره و میاد در خونه‌ی ریچل!! و از نظر ریچل هالیس این رمانتیک‌ترین کار ممکنه.
«این قسمت داستان، مثل فیلم‌ها مهیج‌ترین و حساس‌ترین صحنه‌ی یک فیلم است. یک صحنه‌ی صد در صد عاشقانه و رمانتیک»

و بدتر از همه اینکه به گفته‌ی نویسنده شوهرش از همون لحظه از یه آدم مسموم که برامون طرح کرده بود تبدیل میشه به یه خرس مهربون که نهایت احترام رو برای همسرش قائل میشه و با خوبی و خوشی زندگی میکنن و تمام این‌ها به خاطر اینه که ریچل به خودش احترام گذاشت پس شوهرش هم یاد گرفت بهش احترام بذاره!
از خوندن و حتی یادآوری شدن این داستان برای نوشتن ریویو هم حس بدی می‌گیرم! هیچی آدمی با یه تماس تلفنی از سمت کسی که تا اون روز اهمیتی براش نداشته متحول نمیشه و به نظرم ریچل هالیس فقط یه آدم خود شیفته، احمق و ترحم برانگیزه که خیالاتش رو به جای واقعیت می‌بینه! من باور نمی‌کنم که ازدواج با همچین آدمی نتیجه‌ی خوبی داشته باشه و واقعا بتونه رابطه‌ی سالمی باشه و اگر هم الان رابطه‌ی خوبی دارید فقط به خاطر این بوده که خوش شانسی. نه که مشکلی با خوش‌شانسیش داشته باشم یا حسودیم شده باشه که با اینکه تصمیم اشتباهی گرفته نتیجه‌ی خوبی ازش حاصل شده( که شک دارم شده باشه و به نظرم همه‌ی این‌ها فقط برای حفظ ظاهره و درون واقعا خراب‌تر از چیزیه که باید باشه) بلکه مشکلم با اینه که یه آدم غیر منطقی احساسی نباید قدرتی توی دستش باشه که بقیه رو راهنمایی کنه و بهشون بگه من زندگی‌ عالی دارم… سعی کنید مثل من باشید!!

البته موضوع ازدواجش تنها موضوع احمقانه‌ی این کتاب نیست. در جای دیگه‌ای از کتاب در مورد لاغر شدنش حرف میزنه و اعتراف میکنه که با دوستش از قرص‌های لاغری استفاده میکردند و خیلی جذاب شده بودند و همه مردها چشمشون به اون‌ها بود و توی رستوران‌ها همیشه پول غذا رو مردهای غریبه براشون حساب می‌کردند ولی این مصرف قرص‌ها باعث شده بود که دچار توهم بشن پس به ناچار قرص‌ها رو قطع کرد و بلافاصله ده بیست کیلو وزن اضافه کرد و دیگه به جذابی سابق نبود. و فهمید که باید رژیم بگیره و خیلی کار سختی بود.
از این داستان قصد داشت بگه که برای وزنش خیلی زحمت کشیده و رایگان به دستش نیاورده ولی موضوع اینه که کسایی که مشکل اضافه وزن دارن حاضرن به هر طریقی این مشکل رو به سریع‌ترین و راحت‌ترین شکل ممکن حل کنن و ایده‌ی اینکه بگی یه راه راحت هست و اون اینه که قرص بخورید احمقانست… چون من هیچ‌جا حس نکردم که داره از قرض‌های لاغری توهم‌زاش بد میگه! فقط گفت این قرص‌ها جواب داد من یکی از عوارض جانبیش رو گرفتم ولی به محض اینکه قطعشون کردم دوباره وزنم رفت بالا و مثل قبل شد و مردها نگاهم نمیکردند و غیر جذاب شدم! شاید برای کسی که با آرامش و روان سالم این کتاب رو می‌خونه منطقی باشه و بگه خب معلومه که قرص‌ها مفتی مفتی لاغرت نمی‌کنن و قطعا به اثرات جانبیش نمی‌ارزه ولی به عنوان کسی که خودش با اضافه وزن مشکل داشته و در دوره‌هایی از زندگیم اونقدر ذهن آلوده و مریضی راجع به وزنم داشتم مطمئنم اگه توی اون شرایط ذهنی کتاب رو می‌خوندم بی شک من هم سراغ این قرص‌ها می‌رفتم و اثراتش برام مهم نبود! چون باور کنید به هیچ عنوان اونقدر که باید از آثار سوء این قرص‌ها نگفته و اون صفحات کتاب بیشتر شبیه یه تبلیغ زیر پوستی به نظر میاد! و بدتر از همه‌ي حرف‌هایی که زدم می‌دونید چیه؟ اینکه خودش اقرار کرده افراد زیادی برای مشکل اضافه وزنشون ازش درخواست کمک می‌کنند و اون هم راهنمایی‌شون میکنه!! آخه مگه دکتر تغذیه‌ای که به خودت اجازه می‌دی به بقیه نظر کارشناسی بدی؟؟؟

این تصمیمات غلط و زندگی ناسالم بارها و بارهای دیگه توی کتاب اتفاق می‌افتند و بد از همه‌ی این‌ها اینکه ریچل هالیس وااااقعا فکر می‌کنه آدم خاص و منحصر به فردیه و از ستایش خودش هیچ وقت دریغ نمی‌کنه
«من بارها در جلسات مدرسه‌ی جکسون شرکت کرده بودم و خودم هم قبول داشتم که در ظاهر خیلی با مادران دیگر تفاوت دارم»

« اصولاً من کارهایم را مانند یک رقص باله ظریف و بی‌نقص انجام می‌دهم و همیشه بین کارهای خانه، فرزندان و فعالیت‌های شغلی خودم در رفت و آمد هستم.»

و اصلا هم پیش خودش فکر نمیکنه که تمام موفقیت‌های زندگیش رو مدیون این هست که یک زن سفید پوست و پولدار از خانواده‌ی خوب و سطح بالاست که بر حسب اتفاق شانس خوبی هم داره و بیشتر اوقات تصمیمات غلطش هم در نهایت به نفعش تمام شدند چون کسی که پس‌زمینه‌ی خوبی داشته باشه کمتر احتمال داره به درمان��گی بیافته و در هیچ کدوم از این اتفاقات خودش دخیل نبوده!
و در کنار از خودشیفگی بیمارگونه‌اش نحوه‌ی صبحبتش با دیگران اصلا مناسب نیست.
«به باشگاه رفتم و اولین مربی خودم را دیدم. هنگام تمرین با اون به قدری حرکات سنگینی به من میداد که بارها باعث شد بالا بیاو‌رم. خودش مثل یک گاو نر مسابقه‌ای قوی بود و تمام حرکات ورزش‌اش بر پایه‌ی تقویت عضلات و ماهیچه سازی بود.»

در کل از شخصیت نفرت‌انگیز و حقیر ریچل‌هالیس هر چقدر بگم باز هم حق مطلب ادا نمیشه. پیش خودم فکر کردم که نکنه چون از این مدل کارهای خودسازی خوشت نمیاد اینقدر از این کتاب زده شدی ولی حقیقت اینه که چون امسال قصد داشتم چند تا کتاب غیر داستانی هم بخونم تجربه‌ی خوندن یه کتاب مشابه با این کتاب رو هم داشتم و به نظرم کتاب خود جالبی بود! درسته که من غُد تر از این حرف‌هام که این جور کتاب‌ها تاثیری روی من داشته باشند ولی به حق به نظرم کتاب جالب و کارامدی بود که اگه بهش اجازه بدم واقعا میتونه زندگیم رو جند درجه بهتر کنه! ولی کتاب دختر صورتت رو بشور به هیچ عنوان حتی نزدیک به یک کتاب خودسازی هم نیست و بیشتر شبیه غر زدن‌های یه فرد دارای قدرت‌های احتماعی بالاست که اگه شرایط خانوادگیش و بیولوژیکیش جور دیگه‌ای رقم می‌خورد به هیچ عنوان به چیزی که الان داره نمی‌رسید!

شاید زیادی بد گفتم و نفرت پراکنی کردم ولی بزارید به عنوان آخرین نکته‌ این رو هم اضافه کنم و بعدش قول میدم دیگه این ریویوی طولانی رو ادامه ندم!! :)))
توی مجموعه‌ی بچه‌های بدشانس یه شخصیتی وجود داشت به اسم کارملیتا اسپاتس که به شدت من رو یاد ریچل‌هالیس میندازه! مخصوصا از اونجایی که کارملیتا اسپاتس دوست داشت خودش رو با القابی مثل «پرنسس بالرینِ پری کوچولوی دامپزشک» خطابش کنن و ریچل هالیس هم از خودش هی تعریف میکنه و خودش رو مادری فضا نورد و کارآفرین خطاب می‌کنه!! =))))
درس مهم این کتاب:
دختر! مواظب چیزهایی که می‌خونی باش و از هر کسی راهنمایی نگیر!!!
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March 11, 2021

❝If we can identify the core of our struggles, while simultaneously understanding that we are truly in control of making changes, then we can utterly change our trajectory.❞

I've laughed, cried and contemplated. There are self-help books, and then there's 'Girl, Wash Your Face'!

Through lies she's told herself, Rachel Hollis takes her readers on a journey through her triumphs and losses, heartbreaking moments and celebrations.
❝Recognizing the lies we've come to accept about ourselves is the key to growing into a better version of ourselves.❞

Rachel Hollis is a gifted communicator. Speaking to you like one girlfriend to another, Hollis encourages you to be your best self, to take charge of your life and to find your happy! Her straight shooting message that --- ❝if you're unhappy, that's on you.❞ gives women permission to take control of their lives.

Why do we feel we need permission, even if that permission is from someone we don't know? Because of LIES. Lies we've been told and lives we've told ourselves.

"Something else will make me happy."
"I'll start tomorrow."
"I'm not good enough."
"I should be further along by now."
"I am who others think I am."
"My best isn't good enough."

Those are some of MY lies (and some I share with Mrs. Hollis).

Rachel's truth is poignant, it is devastating, and it is healing. Her honesty is admirable. And she reminds us that we are the captains of our own ship. What we do and where we go is our choice. It's up to us.
❝...once you understand that  you are the one in control, you'll get up and try again. And you'll keep going until being in control feels more natural than being out of control.❞

She doesn't sugar coat it, she doesn't tell you it's going to be easy nor does she tell you that change will happen overnight. What she does tell you is that YOU ARE WORTH IT. You are worth the fight, the struggle, the battles, and the pain. YOU ARE WORTH the hard work, the tears, the rejection, and the exhaustion. Because, ❝Life isn't meant to be merely survived-it's meant to be lived❞
❝You are meant to be the hero of your own story.❞

**I was provided a review copy by the publisher. This did not influence my opinion of the book nor my review.**

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January 6, 2019
I need a hero,Actually I don't need a hero
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September 5, 2021
دلیلی دیگه برای نخوندن کتاب‌های خودیاری اینستاگرامی!

خیلی سعی کردم جلوی خودم رو بگیرم و چیزی ننویسم ولی واقعاً نمی‌تونم. اگه بتونم یک نفر رو هم از خوندن این کتاب منصرف کنم (مخصوصاً خوندن نسخه کاغذی، اون درخت‌ها با امید و آرزو کاغذ می‌شن.) وظیفه‌م رو انجام دادم:)))

یه چیزی توی همین گودریدز توجهم رو جلب کرد؛ نه تا از ده تا ریویوی اول به کتاب یک ستاره دادن، و یکی پنج ستاره. کی پنج ستاره داد؟ آفرین، خود هالیس! اسطوره‌ی خودشیفتگی در تمام اعصار.

عنوان یکی از فصل‌ها این بود: «دروغ: وزنم بیانگر شخصیتم است» و خب محتواش یکی از چندش‌‌آورترین چیزهایی بود که خوندم. یه قسمتش می‌گه «به خوبی می‌دانستم که چقدر با سایز لارج عجیب و غریب به نظر می‌رسم.»
دقت کنید، «می‌دانستم»، نه اینکه «فکر می‌کردم». یعنی آدم با سایز لارج عجیبه و هالیس به این آگاهی داشت. کلماتت خانم هالیس! کلمات!
عین جمله نوشته شده رو می‌نویسم: «باید هر روز با با نوشیدن مقدار مشخص آب نصف وزن بدنتان را کم کنید.» جدی این جمله یعنی چی؟ خب من اگه نصف وزن بدنمو کم کنم که اسکلت می‌شم! (ضمن اینکه اگه با ادبیات همین خانم پیش بریم، الان من عجیب و غریب به نظر می‌رسم. با این حال نباید نصف وزن الان رو داشته باشم. عه.)
واقعا این فصلش باعث شد دلم بخواد برم با همین کتاب تا می‌شه طرفو بزنم😬 یادبگیره تا وقتی واقعاً با چاقی رو به رو نشده و تخصصی هم نداره برای بقیه نسخه نپیچه.

نفهمیدم چرا این همه داستان‌های به درد نخور تعریف می‌کنه. مثلا برای همین فصلی که الان گفتم، دو_سه صفحه درباره تمرین رانندگیش نوشت تا برسه به بیسکوییت خوردن و اضافه وزن و این حرف‌ها. یا یه جا کلی تعریف می‌کنه که با دوستام شام خوردم و اومدم و خونه و اینطور و اونطور شد و رفتم روی تردمیل و عکس گذاشتم تو اسنپ چت. الان که فکر می‌کنم حتی یادم نمی‌آد این داستان برای چی بود.

فکر کنم شونصد باری هم به این اشاره کرد که بچگی و خانواده مزخرفی داشتش. انگار می‌خواست بگه «آره داش من سختی کشیدم تا به اینجا رسیدم.» خب همون خانواده مزخرفت نبودن، می‌تونستی توی ۱۷ سالگی پاشی بری ال‌ای؟ یا واسه خودت شرکت بزنی؟ خانم سختکوش؟!

توی ریویوهای فارسی‌ای که خوندم قشنگ به رابطه این خانم با شوهرش پرداختن. من طبیعتاً نباید در این باره اظهار نظر کنم؛ ولی یه چیزی به نظرم واقعاااا عجیب اومد. هالیس می‌گه که با شوهرش تصمیم گرفتن به مدت یک ماه، هر روز رابطه جنسی داشته باشن و هیچ عذر و بهونه‌ای نیارن و به بقیه هم پیشنهادش کرده. خب مگه هرروز آدم رو مود مناسبه؟ هیچ عذری هم قبول نیست؟ مگه اسیریه؟ چه خبرتونه؟ چه خبرتووونه؟ مگه رابطه سالم اونی نبود که هر دو طرف راضی باشن؟ اگه یکی خسته بود چی؟ عه.

عنوان یه فصل هم اینه: «دروغ: من یک نویسنده مزخرفم». واقعاً دوست دارم یه روز این خانم رو ببینم و زل بزنم تو چشماش و بهش بگم: متاسفم، ولی این یه واقعیته. یه نویسنده‌ی مزخرفی. اینکه دیگه نظرها رو نمی‌خونی و هیچ چیز مانع نوشتنت نمی‌شه، داره کلی کاغذ، اینترنت و وقت هدر می‌ده. اونطور که فکر می‌کنی «تیزهوش» نیستی. تا حد زیادی هم احمقی. البته دروغ چرا؟ بلدی بفروش بنویسی. به سحرخیزی و سخت‌کوشیت هم ربطی نداره.

برای تموم کردن این ریویو قسمتی که به نظرم خنده‌دار اومد رو می‌گم. عنوان کتاب خودت باش دختره. ظاهراً فامیلی شوهر ریچل هم هالیسه و احتمال می‌دم ریچل اونی باشه که فامیلیش رو تغییر داده. همین دیگه:))) خودت باش دختر!
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October 27, 2020
*I no longer support or follow Rachel Hollis and her teachings*

Two reads completed, several passages highlighted, and a whole new perspective on life and the pursuit of happiness. :)

Rachel Hollis has given us a new book! It's not fiction, it's not a cookbook, it's Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies about Who You Are so You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be. Part self help, part honest, heartbreaking non-fiction, Girl, Wash Your Face was the book I didn't know I needed. Broken into chapters by lie, yes as in the lies we believe in about ourselves, Rachel Hollis tackles the struggles women face daily and the steps we can take to make a positive, lasting difference. Rachel's personal stories are sometimes tough to read, but always relatable and her willingness to share her truths was incredibly impactful for me. The things she struggled and/or struggles with are the same things I struggle with. Her solutions? Easy to follow, though the dedication and the creation of the habit relies on your strength, will, and determination. It inspired me, Rachel's voice and words run through my head now throughout the day, and it taught me the ability to forgive myself each time I fail and believe the lies I shouldn't.

❝Recognizing the lies we've come to accept about ourselves is the key to growing into a better version of ourselves.❞

Though I cried, a lot, Girl, Wash Your Face is a humorous, powerful read that is easy to follow and inspiring. The solutions Rachel gives us are every day solutions, things that anyone can implement into their daily life whether through physical action or personal thought. She gives us the honest, harsh reality, but also gives us the chance to forgive ourselves, to understand others, and to create a healthy path towards healing and positivity. I loved the overarching message of self worth, power, and strength. I finished the last page with a renewed vigor for life and a new method of self-love. I highly recommend that everyone picks up a copy of Girl, Wash Your Face, whether you think you believe any lies or not. It's a book that women need and a book I'll be returning to repeatedly.
In fact, I'm off to read it again before I'm off to RISE, Rachel's women's conference!
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November 11, 2018
If Regina George wrote a book as an adult, it would be this title.

Every serious and sensitive issue you can possibly imagine is bungled, and in some cases, it's outright malicious. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone who has ever struggled with their weight or accepting their bodies, chronic illness, addiction, marital strife, abuse, divorce, money, feelings of self-worth or doubt.

It's not tough love or real talk. It's meanness wrapped up in a "look at me, I'm authentic" package. Stay far away.
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March 9, 2018
This book is truly AMAZING! I mean I loved every minute of it. I have told all my family and friends to read this book and now I am telling you, READ IT you won't regret it!
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July 9, 2018
It's hard not to get motivated when you get bit by Rachel Hollis' enthusiasm. She lays it all out there and shares stuff that is deeply personal for her. Her vulnerability allows the reader to tear down their own walls knowing they aren't alone in their journey.


Thank you for sharing your story with us, Ms. Hollis. I've been a fan of yours for awhile and I enjoy getting a glimpse into your personal life via InstaGram stories and lives.

GIRL, WASH YOUR FACE is a standalone non-fiction book. If you're looking for a book that will motivate you to be a better YOU then this book is what you are looking for.

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May 11, 2019
خب من این کتاب رو با دید خیلی منفی شروع کردم اما باید اعتراف کنم به اون بدی هم که فکرش رو میکردم نبود
اکثر جملات و راهکاری های کتاب همون چیزهایی بود که همیشه شنیدیم و خوندیم و نویسنده در یکجا جمعش کرده بود مثل همون قسمت نوشتن رویاها و گفتنشون و چسبوندن عکس چیزایی که میخوای جلو چشمت
یک قسمتی از کتاب خیلی ش��اری و نصیحتی و از بالا به پایین بود که بقیه رو قضاوت نکن و ادم خوبی باش و وقتی بقیه رو قضاوت میکنی سه تا انگشتت سمت خودته که خب نه تنها خیلی نخ نما هستند بلکه با وجود خوب بودن این توصیه ها بازهم خیلی مرتبط با موضوعیت کتاب نیست
بدترین قسمت اینطور کتاب ها که من اصلا باهاشون کنار نمیام اصرارشون به صرفا تلاش کردن برای یک کاری و تحت هر شرایطی دنبالش رو گرفتنه..خب خیلی وقتا یه کار قرار نیست موفق بشه...اگر تو جزو اون معدود ادم های موفقی نمیشه این شکلی به صورت زیر پوستی برچسب تلاش نکردن به همه ادمهایی که موفق نشدن بزنی
مثلا یک جا اشاره میکنه به کتاب اولش که با هزینه خودش چاپ کرده چون هیچ ناشری حاضر به چاپش نشده ولی کتاب پرفروشی هم شده و حالا هم انقدر ادم موفقیه به همین دلیل,ولی دقیقا با همین مثال خیلی ها هستن که این کار رو کردن و همه سرمایه اشون رو دادن و تهش هم شکست خوردن
این داستان بهههه هیییچ عنوان به نه گفتن هیچ کس گوش نکنین که همه این سخنران های انگیزشی میگن به نظر من خیلی احمقانه و مسخره است چون قطعا همه دنیا با ادم دشمن نیستن یه عده خیر تورو میخوان و شاید باید به نه گفتن اونها هم گاهی فکر کنی
در طول کتاب هزار بار موفقیت هاش رو هی میگه و میکوبه تو صورت مخاطب که من خیلی زرنگم من خیلی کار میکنم من خیلی موفقم من یه شرکت بزرگ خفن دارم من کلی کارمند دارم من خیلی تو کارم خوبم من خیلی پیشرفت کردم...کاااام آن بابا یک دقیقه نفس بگیر :))) بیشتر احساس فخر فروشی به ادم میداد
چیزی که دید من رو به این کتاب بهتر کرد و باعث شد تا انتها ادامه اش بدم قسمتی بود که میگفت پای قول هامون به خودمون بایستیم همونطور که نسبت به بقیه اینکارو میکنیم
مثال خیلی خوبی زده بود که فکر کن دوستی داشتی که هر دفعه قرار هاش رو باهات به بهونه های الکی میپیچوند مثلا این سریاله که داره پخش میشه خیلی خوبه
قطعا دیگه به اون ادم اعتماد نمیکنی..رابطه ات رو باهاش کمرنگ میکنی و غیره
وقتی پای قول های خودت هم با خودت نمی ایستی مثلا برنامه ورزش رو صرفا به خاطر تنبلی و وقت تلف کردن به هم میزنی در ضمیر ناخوداگاه خودت همچین حسی رو نسبت به شخص خودت به وجود میاری
میتونم بگم از کل کتاب به نظرم این قسمت طلایی بود که خوشم اومد و فقط همین قسمتش برام مفید بود
پ.ن: یک نکته منفی دیگه که الان یادم افتاد ننوشتم,تمام کتاب درباره ارزش گذاشتن به خود هستش اما در فصل اول که میخواد بگه نذار مردا ازت سو استفاده کنن,ماجرای رابطه خیلی ناسالم و تلخش رو تعریف میکنه که یک سال طول کشیده و یک شبه با یک دیالوگ جادو شده و بووووم اون که همش اذیت و تحقیرش میکرد عوض و تبدیل به فرشته شده(یه چیزی تو مایه سریال های صداسیما خودمون که یهو متحول و متنبه میشن با یه دیالوگ)بعدش هم ازدواج کردن و حالا همهههههههه چی خوب خوبه! یکم عجیب و خلاف پیامی که میخواد بده به نظر میرسه نه؟
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April 7, 2018
This is a book all girls need to read. It was so good. I loved Rachel’s honesty throughout it. So much in there to put into practice and learn from. Thank you Rachel for writing it
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December 11, 2017
**I received an ARC of this book from the publisher; opinions are my own**

"Girl, Wash Your Face," honestly, isn't anything new. All the same, I found that it resonated with me in a way that not many self-help books ever have. Part of it, no doubt, is where I am in my own life. I suspect that had I read it even five years ago, GWYF likely would not have hit me in the same way. A bigger part of it, though, is that Rachel Hollis just seems so damn likeable. I'm not normally the sort to fan-girl over the internet famous, but something about Rachel makes it easy to imagine meeting up with her for coffee. Her advice, while nothing new, is presented less like a traditional self-help book and more like an older sister sitting you down and saying, "Look. Let me tell you all the ways I screwed up so you can save yourself the trouble."

Each chapter of the book is a different lie that the author at one time believed: something else will make me happy, I'm not good enough, I'll start tomorrow, etc... Through her own stories, she shares how she came to learn the truth and offers action steps on how you can break away from the lies, too. While Hollis now lives a pretty charmed life (she's married to someone with Hollywood connections and has an awfully cushy existence), she remains relatable and, dare I say, down-to-earth. She's not always had an easy life and has clearly worked her butt off to get where is; her wisdom is hard-earned.

This book is definitely aimed at a certain demographic: late 20s/early 30s, new-ish mothers. This isn't to say that others won't benefit, but there's enough mothering/parenting/marital advice that I think someone in their early 20s will find themselves flipping past a lot. Similarly, I think someone in their 40s will have probably figured out a lot of this stuff on their own already. But for those of us in that sweet spot? There's so much good advice to be found in here. I found myself highlighting and starring many passages; this is definitely a book I will be coming back to.
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