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Cale & Mickey #1

Hart Broken

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(Alternate cover edition for ASIN B01GSC9QOY)

Mickey Hart doesn't do one-night stands, long-term relationships, or much in between. Even if he's gorgeous and rich and witty and charming and sweet and...

In a wheelchair?

Meet Cale Windermere. Quite possibly the sexiest man dead or alive. Walking or not.

Warning: Strong language, mature content, drama, and angst included. Shirt sold separately.

This novel is an adult contemporary romance featuring a disabled hero who happens to be a rich and sexy alpha male with a potty mouth.

Cale and Mickey: Book 1 of 4

310 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 6, 2016

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About the author

Annie Arcane

7 books250 followers

Romance with wounded heroes, disabled characters, alpha males, and angst.

Annie doesn’t like long walks on the beach, getting dolled up, or fairy-tale endings with a boringly perfect hero. She’d much rather be rock climbing, shooting guns, or ending on real love with a deliciously imperfect hero. And hugs. She likes hugs.

She also has a B.Sc. in Biology and feels kinda sorta weird referring to herself in the 3rd person.

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Profile Image for Jilly.
1,838 reviews6,163 followers
February 10, 2017

This book.

Oh, it started with an intriguing storyline - a girl having a fling with a paraplegic guy. That's new, right? Then, it was all cute and funny and sweet. I was loving the characters, the amazing dialogue, the falling in lurve.... But, that's how the author lured me into her evil trap of feelings.. Make it look all cute and different and fun and games, then BAM, hit me with emotions, and issues, and pain.

So, we have a girl named Micky and a guy named Cale. He's paraplegic, but super capable and gorgeous. She is a sweetheart who doesn't care at all about his wheelchair and sees the man inside. She's one of those girls who you know would easily be a good friend. She's funny, nice, and a little quirky (aren't we all a little quirky, girls? Okay, some of us pass quirky and slide straight into the crazy zone. Not me. No, totally sane here. I swear it. Really.)

Oh, but isn't everyone hiding something inside? Nobody is without some scars from life. Life is hard. And, Micky is hiding a LOT beneath the surface. So, once we get deeper into this relationship, stuff starts coming out. It's like the worst pinata ever.

But, I didn't mind all of the feels that come with this book because it was written in a beautiful way. I devoured this story in one sitting because I just couldn't put it down.

Now, I do need to mention that there were a few things in the story that I wish were explained a little more thoroughly. Things that are touched on, but not really detailed. Like, the strangeness concerning the sex between these two. I was still never quite sure whether or not he could feel anything below the equator. There was some sort of shot involved in the "plumping" process, but I didn't quite understand that either. As a woman of science, I got pretty curious about how this whole thing worked. Does that mean I am tempted to Google questions about paraplegic sex? Yes. Yes, I am. But, will I? Ehh, I'm trying not to. I've been burnt by Googling things in the past. I have some of my goodreads friends to thank for some of these things that are forever etched into my brain. Haunting things...

So, I'm trying to restrain my Google-fingers. I'll just try and let it go.....

Okay, I'm off to Google read some more.

Profile Image for Kelly (and the Book Boar).
2,444 reviews7,536 followers
January 23, 2017
Find all of my reviews at: http://52bookminimum.blogspot.com/

It was Jilly’s review that sent me running to the porny librarian post haste this time around. I pretty much didn’t need to know anything other than the leading male was in a wheelchair thanks to . . . . . . .

I don’t even remember Cale’s description because he was 100% Finnick . . . errr, whatever Finnick’s real name is. Sam Claflin. Thanks Google! Anyway, I’m a real cheap whore when it comes to tropes and since this one had the “waking up in a stranger’s bed” followed up with said stranger not being your usual alpha male I had much excite. Alas, the porny librarian did not have this selection so it went to the endless TBR where I would eventually get around to it. Or so I thought. Enter Jilly and her mad negotiating skillz . . . . .

She told the author I was interested and forced encouraged her to offer me a freebie. Darling little Annie (Seriously, look at her. She’s THE. CUTEST. I totally want my husband to leave me so I can try and swipe right on her) was all like . . . .

And I was like thanks, but in case you haven’t already been told by like EVERYONE . . . .

I was terrified I would end up hating this little gift and have to do what I do best and rip the mother*&^%er to shreds. But then I figured Jilly would have already informed her that I’m a raging hemorrhoid on the butt of Goodreads and she was willing to take a chance on me anyway. Boy am I glad she did!

If you are looking for a good romance read, I’d recommend this one. There is no instalove, but instead an actual relationship that develops over time. Both characters are broken (literally and emotionally) – but there is no magic peen or vajay that works as a cure-all for their problems. Instead they are forced to talk it out. If you are like me and can easily find your 4 Star rating dropping to a 2 or below due to not good sexuals, have no fear. This one is nearly fade-to-black and offers just enough to get you all like . . . .

OF COURSE I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t talk about the sexytimes. First, the majority of the stuff and things was by letting the fingers (or the tongue) do the walking because dudebrah had el zilcho when it came to feeling in the penile area. When they finally did take a trip to Pound Town Jilly thought that it was thanks to some sort of shot (ouch), but I can’t let my brain go there so I was thinking it was more like a . . . . .

Type of device instead. Which leads to my only complaint. Mickey tells her friend that Cale uhhhhhhhhh tutored her for the big science test for FOUR HOURS . . . . .

The chaffing that poor guy had to have experienced! I hope he had some Neosporin handy.

As for the rest, I'll let the book do the talking for me . . . .

"It was perfectly imperfect. It was imperfectly perfect. It was cheeky. It was quirky. It was infectious. And most importantly . . . . It's full of love.

Obviously this was a gift from the author. I give zero shits about hurting anyone’s feelings, though, so she didn’t get any extra Starzzzzzzzzz from me simply because it was free. She earned them.


A Goodreads friend will bully an author on your behalf into sending you a free copy of her book. (She might help hide a body too if she was in town and didn't already have plans.) Thanks Jilly!
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337 reviews996 followers
June 19, 2017
3.5 stars!

Review at Of Pens and Pages.

I’ve read this a few weeks ago, but had a hard time writing a review that would fully articulate my feelings about the book. I’ve never read a novel with a paraplegic hero, so I was curious to see how this would play out. Hart Broken felt real and raw. It showed what life was like for our hero, Cale, exactly as what it was. No romanticizations; just reality. Straight to the point. I loved that about the book.

After a night out with her friend, Mickey Hart finds herself in a stranger’s apartment. She doesn’t remember much of the happenings the night before and has no idea how she ended up in the luxurious apartment. And she definitely doesn’t remember meeting Cale Windermere, the handsome mysterious man in a wheelchair.

Like Mickey, at first, I didn’t know what to think of Cale. I reckon I’d have the same questions she did when she first met him, too. But as they got to know each other more, Mickey treated him like she would treat anyone else. She’s nice (most of the time), funny, and considerate without smothering him or babying him.

It was a pleasant surprise to see that the story isn’t an angst fest. Cale is a sweet and sexy man who enjoys pleasing Mickey, and he’s very alpha at work. Aside from the few changes in his life, he tries not to let his accident take over his life. He has hang ups, but he still lives a relatively normal life.

Most of the story was about Mickey and Cale’s budding romance which was sweet and seemingly effortless. But while Cale opens up and talks about his feelings, life, and his accident, Mickey is a sealed vault.

I expected angst, and I got it, but not where I expected it. More than halfway through the book, we see that despite Cale’s physical disability, he’s not the one who’s most scarred. And I had tears in my eyes at the revelation.

While I enjoyed the pace and story, some of the author’s descriptions and writing style in general confused me. I also wasn’t a huge fan of Mickey’s actions in the second half of the book. It was cruel and mean, and I think she needed to grovel more than she did. They both had their issues and hang-ups, but I really didn’t think Cale deserved what she did and said to him.

Despite my reservations and issue with the book, I really enjoyed this book. I grew attached to Cale and Mickey, and loved knowing a little bit of what life is like for paraplegic people.

Plus, it was a relief to find out that Mickey and Cale’s story doesn’t end in Hart Broken. The author has three follow-up novellas about them, and I’m looking forward to reading them soon!

Tropes: Paraplegic Hero, Tragic Past
POV: Dual, First POV
Trigger Warnings:

*ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

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3,364 reviews2,305 followers
February 27, 2017


descriptionThis cover is a bit on the boring side. It doesn't represent the story all that well. That said the typography is interesting and eye-catching.description

description So I enjoyed the HELL out of this one. That is right up until the end. It was well-written. Nicely paced. Had well developed and interesting main characters (I've never read a book with a paraplegic hero before.) It had some great secondary characters. It had angst. It had feels. It was just an overall enjoyable read.

That said I did not love the ending. I see this is going to be a series of books with the same characters, so that softens the blow a bit. I just felt a bit let down by the ending. Like I had spent the whole book in a washing machine of emotions with these two characters just to get a slightly depressing ending. I didn't need marriage and babies and a happily ever after. I did need (want) something a little bit more uplifting than what we end up with.

Aside from the ending issue, this gets two thumbs up from me, and this author will for sure be on my watch list for the future.description


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809 reviews328 followers
February 21, 2017
Cale is a man who has it all. He's gorgeous, rich, smart, funny and he's generally perfect.

Mickey is a shy, but also smart girl and she wakes up in an unknown penthouse with no recollection of the night before. She's ready to sneak out when she meets Cale, the stunning paraplegic owner.

They'll get to know each other, even when the past and their insecurities will come to the surface. Certain facts will pull them apart and others will bring them back together. But will they be enough?

I truly enjoyed this one!! When I had been offered the chance to read Hart Broken, I can't deny the fact that I accepted it because it intrigued me because I have a thing for heroes with disabilities and there was no second thought about it! I'm so pleased by the outcome even though I think this is a debut work, the book was well written and the characters were very easy to read.

I enjoyed their personalities and loved how independent Cale was, how he didn't treat himself as a paraplegic at all and he was such a strong and stubborn character. I also thought that the heroine's stammering at first was really cute, but I did hope she would quit it after a while. ;) What I didn't like so much were some events that took place near the end of the story and how the heroine faced a situation, plus I didn't like the fact that there was some unnecessary drama.

Sometimes, once-in-a-lifetime means precisely that. Sometimes, you lose something great. Sometimes, you can't get it back. Sometimes, you don't get a second chance.

Other than that, I believe it's a light,sexy and funny read and I would definitely recommend this one! I'm also looking forward to reading the continuation of Hart Broken! :)

Profile Image for Bex (Beckie Bookworm).
1,958 reviews1,254 followers
October 6, 2017
Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm

 photo d6de63e8a6f4d617ee170e163589916a--funny-book-quotes-hunger-games-book-quotes_zpsjgz9wv26.jpg

🌟🌟🌟🌟satisfying Stars
Hart Broken (Cale & Mickey #1) oh where do I start with this amazingly different love story.
This is one book I was really looking forward to devouring and then to realise it's part of a series, well it just made my day.
So Hart Broken is the tale of Mickey Hart and Cale Windermere, it begins when Cale rescues an inebriated Mickey one night and after the encounter, he falls fast.
Mickey herself is a screwed up mess, but she really does like her wickedly handsome knight who just happens to be in a wheelchair.
Hart Broken follows these two lovers as they traverse the rocky road to a HEA.
So I really loved this book it certainly helped that our two main characters were exceptionally likeable and yummy.
So to give my take on these two, let's start with Cale, I adored his sense of humour and lopsided smile, it was super cute and adorable how he thought of Mickey "This Girl"
I loved how capable Cale was and that he didn't wallow in what if's, just takes his hand in life and gets on with it.
I also adored the peek we got of his vulnerable side, the glimpse into his head showcased his inner insecurities, whatever the face he put on to the outside world. It humanised Cale to the reader.
Also, his relationship with his parents and brother show such an appealing picture looking in.
Now, Mickey, she's a bit of a flake, an enchanting one, a bit all over the place, but she does mean well. Mickeys past and her enormous mountain of baggage is definitely impacting her here and now.
So Hart Broken starts by lulling you into a false sense of security, everything's puppies and roses Mickey and Cale are all loved up then wham Mickey self-sabotages herself, Lots of Baggage from Mickey sigh.
The rest of this novel traverses the path and obstacles these two lovers have to overcome to fully connect again.
I really enjoyed the way this was written the dialogue had a punchy feel to it that was easy to immerse yourself in.
If I had to find a criticism of Hart Broken it would be the sex, I would have liked to know more about the mechanics of the act, I was actually and still am a bit confused as to the how.
I know that Cale took something to enable him, but then it mentioned he could feel nothing below the waist, so was this just for Mickey's benefits?
mmm, Some clarity on this would be much appreciated.
I actually won an E-Copy of Hart Broken in a Facebook giveaway so glad I did As I really enjoyed this and am so looking forward to reading the next instalment, its definitely on my HUGE TBR pile.
So would I recommend this, of course, it's a hot sexy read whats not to love.

 photo 562405f34774a94ed002a1e32f03c5d9_zpsbdwifgmo.jpg

Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm
August 23, 2016
3.5 this girl Stars

Cale Windermere is successful, handsome, sweet and utterly charming. He is quite literally EVERYTHING I want in a love interest. He is also a paraplegic. And I love him. He is amazing.

When this story begins Mickey finds herself in a bed with no recollection of how she got there. While trying to escape the penthouse she comes face to face with the owner, one Cale Windermere, and starts stammering like crazy because he is gorgeous, built and has a smile that could stop traffic (or possibly cause accidents). She is, quite understandably, rather tongue-tied in his presence and makes an ass of herself assuming they slept together…

While there is a bit of strange, unnecessary drama to this story I found it completely beautiful. I loved that while Mickey had questions about Cale’s disability she never looked down on him for it. This is a bit of an unusual love story, however, the struggles felt real and relatable. I loved Cale’s wit and even though there were times that he was extremely self-depricating I found that, too, relatable.

Cale was charming. And I am entirely charmed by him.

she had come storming into my life. Like a relentless, raging tornado. Destructive and beautiful all at once. Turning my entire world upside down. Obliterating my common sense into nothing but dust.

This book was gifted to me by the author with no stipulations whatsoever.
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1,446 reviews1,156 followers
May 31, 2017

***3.5 Stars***

Reading Hart Broken felt like a test.

It took me way too long to read this ARC that was kindly supplied to me by Annie Arcane and I sincerely apologise for my tardiness. There was this little part of me that was nervous to start. Would it be considered bad form to judge a story with a disabled hero? If I say something bad about the hero, will readers read my review with squinty eyes? The hardest question of all…will I judge the book fairly because the hero is different?

Well, folks, I’m here to tell you that my mind whirred from start to finish. I was so consumed with Hart Broken that I was even talking about it in real life. Hubby and I were out walking and I asked him his opinions on a few things. I asked if he thought it would be harder starting a relationship with someone who has a disability or having someone he loved being left with a disability? His response, “I met you after your car accident and coped fine with your ‘issues’. Those things don’t really matter. Now, if I had seen you in the hospital after you’d had a blood clot removed from your brain, well that may have been a different story.”

How cool is that? Hubby, you get full marks for that answer. I should also mention that my ‘issues’ are not too bad. I just have a short term memory problem and a short fuse…so it just means I have an excuse for getting cranky and forgetting stuff. 😉

I asked my son what he thought about me reviewing a book with a guy in a wheelchair. I told him I was a bit nervous because I didn't like some of the characters. He told me to just be honest. Well thanks, son, that’s pretty good advice.

So, here’s what I think…

I found it fascinating to ‘see’ what a paraplegic man faces in his everyday life. I was surprised at a number of things I take for granted myself, and in my husband’s role in my life. I wondered how hard it would be to decide when to offer assistance or wait for them to ask for help? I was very curious about what a paraplegic feels and doesn’t feel. Do bits and pieces (below the belt) work the same? How does it feel? Does it feel the same as before? In a little way, I kind of felt like a voyeur. Some of the questions I’ve always wanted to ask but been too embarrassed to have been answered in this story.

I liked Hart Broken but I did have some issues. Unfortunately, the characters and the style of writing dragged down my rating.

Should you judge a person by their brokenness? Would you believe, I’m not even talking about our paraplegic hero? The heroine, Mickey, she’s broken too. We don’t get to know why and how she’s broken until the very end of the story, but to me, it was a little too late. She was selfish, emotionally manipulative, a liar and so bloody confusing that it was REALLY hard to feel sorry for her, even when you heard her backstory. Look, I get it. She has lived through horror, but that is no reason to be nasty. Not even a little nasty, we’re talking NASTY. So nasty I nearly gave up on her and even contemplated DNFing. Now, our hero Cale is far from perfect and even has a tendency to be a bit harsh, but he did not deserve to be treated the way he was. I did not want him to forgive her. He does, for now, but there are a few more books in this series, so who knows what they go through next.

I think the author has created a really interesting story with a great hero who you can’t help but admire for his strength and perseverance. Unfortunately, her style of writing was a little confusing. I felt like I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Your left with questions that don’t get answered and then the answer you’re waiting for gets dropped in your lap and you’re scrambling to put the puzzle pieces together. A little tweaking here and there could really help the flow.

I liked but I definitely struggled with the heroine. I couldn’t stop thinking while I was reading and I loved having my curiosity satisfied. If you like a little angst, are curious about love with a rich, successful and handsome man whose upper body strength probably rivals a gymnast, then Hart Broken might be perfect for you.


I’m an Aussie chick who loves to read and review romance, drink coffee, be a Style Setter and stalk David Gandy. To see more of my reviews, fashion, food and pervathons -

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1,174 reviews156 followers
March 19, 2017
Actual Rating: 4.5

*I received a free e-copy of this book from the author, and this review is my full and honest opinion*

Our main character, Mickey Hart, doesn't do one-night stands. But then she wakes up in a luxury penthouse with nothing but a t-shirt, and she meets Cale Windermere, who is gorgeous, ambitious, and successful.

He knows he wants her - even if she's got things to hide. He wants nothing more than to chase after Mickey and make her his. But he can't. He can't even walk, much less run.

But that definitely won't get in the way.

This story was beautiful.

The plot was such an emotional roller coaster. It was lighthearted and yet it dealt with such serious issues, and this sentence is going to sound vague but: This book was so much more than the story of two people falling in love.

The story definitely had its ups and downs, and I was able to feel the experience and understand how the characters felt throughout the novel. Let me tell you, YOU WILL FEEL MANY MANY DIFFERENT EMOTIONS.

The characters in here were definitely very well developed. Mickey and Cale were both characters that had gone through things and still had the wounds from them, and I thought that the way their backgrounds were revealed was well-paced and written perfectly, in the way that allowed the readers to understand that this character had secrets and flaws, respect that they needed time and space, but love them nevertheless.

There was so much chemistry between Cale and Mickey, and I was definitely rooting for them the entire way! And so many swoon-worthy and adorable scenes - this book made me want a Cale in my life.

This book does largely center around Cale and Mickey alone, but I also thoroughly enjoyed the side characters. Mickey and Mel (the best friend) had such a great dynamic together and I would've loved some more serious scenes between those two!

The writing style was great as well, not to mention unique. There were often italicized thoughts interjected into the story - like commentary - and while this was definitely different, it really worked for me.

I thought the dialogue and thoughts were so witty and hilarious, and it not only added to the reading experience, but to the characters' personalities as well.

Overall, I'd say that this book was such a beautiful story, and thank you so much to the author for providing me a copy - what an amazing read!

Read my other reviews here.
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6,766 reviews590 followers
September 1, 2016
Just when you think you have read every type of contemporary romance, Annie Arcane scampers onto the scene with Hart Broken and you just know you have read one of the most amazing love stories ever! Heartbreaking, uplifting, humorous, sweet, hot and passionate, yep, pure bliss for the heart and soul told in a unique way that comes to life in an endearing way. Two points of view, two damaged souls, caught up in one struggle to hang on, can they do it? Can Mickey and Cale find what others only dream of or will self-doubt and secrets slam the door on Cupid’s arrow?

What did she do?? Mickey woke up, hung over, in a man’s T-shirt and clearly not in her own bed. Oh, and she had no idea how she got there or what she did? Did she miss a great night of passionate sex with a stranger? Wait, she doesn’t do one-night stands, she doesn’t do relationships, either and she sure as heck doesn’t spend the night away from home, EVER. And then she saw her host…

Cale is hot, drool-all-over-yourself hot with an upper torso and smile to die for and Mickey has NO idea what she is doing in his bed. He is also disabled, BUT, instead of being a brooding male lost in his own self-destructive and self-pitying world, he is upbeat, a ray of sunshine, a gentleman and clearly a savior of drunken women.

They each have emotional baggage, although Cale is more than willing to take the first steps to getting to know each other, while Mickey tries to put up every barrier possible to avoid him. Thanks to a forgotten cellphone and her own traitorous heart, it is beyond impossible, but demons must be exorcised first.

Annie Arcane has nailed realistic romance with all of its warts and flaws, laughter and tears, steam and passion, and I loved it! Take a journey into Ms. Arcane’s world where the heroes are strong and sexy, the heroines are tough, yet feminine and love is in the air!

I received this copy from Annie Arcane in exchange for my honest review.

Series: Hart - Book 1
Publisher: Annie Arcane (June 7, 2016)
Publication Date: June 7, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Print Length: 319 pages
Available from: Amazon
For Reviews & More: http://tometender.blogspot.com

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Author 57 books743 followers
September 7, 2016
Excellent story!

This story was heartwrenching at times and also full of witty humor. Cale was amazing. He had a great sense of humor and never let his disability interfere with his every day living. I think that was the most attractive thing about him:) Mickey had issues of her own, but we didn't learn about them until the very end. So heart breaking once you find out. I couldn't stop reading to find out because I really wanted them to make it.

I must say, I'm normally not a fan of switching from 1st to 3rd POV, but Annie Arcane does a beautiful job that it didn't bother me.

A wonderful story full of humor, heartbreak, and a love I can't wait to see more of in the next book.
June 18, 2016
This book.

This story made me laugh, cry, gasp, cringe at times, lose sleep... This is a well-written story of love and heartache. Mickey is a beautiful and successful woman with a great sense of humor. Cale is also successful and seems like the perfect gentleman. Together they are a sensual dynamic duo. His family adores her and her friends enjoy his company. Things are always great in the beginning, until reality catches up and exposes itself, demanding to be acknowledged.

I believe this story will be different things to different people. To some it will be a light and fast-paced read. Some will see it as a character exploration of the emotional pain brought on by experiencing physical trauma. To others it will be anything in between. It's definitely an enjoyable read, however you take it.
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Author 8 books392 followers
November 4, 2016
Technical stuff: the inner dialogue and conversational dialogue were a pleasure to read. The way it transitions between first person and third is done in the most clever segues I've seen. Fast-paced. Not too much description and detail (just the way I like it). The story: I had no clue what I was walking into when I picked up this book. I generally don't read romance, but I was so curious about how this particular one would go. If you are looking for cute, funny, sweet, laugh-out-loud, smart, good romantic chemistry, it's all here. But there's also more. The kind of more that makes you stay up til 3am to find out how it ends, then cry your eyes out because it was way too real, then wonder how on earth you will put into words what the book just did to you. 5 star everything.
Profile Image for Emma Jaye.
Author 36 books645 followers
August 10, 2016
Unique, well written and totally engrossing. What more can I say? I'm not given to pouring praise when it isn't due, but this was great. I've never read a book with a paraplegic hero before. The way the author lets the reader see the discomfort his disability causes in others and how he deals with it, whilst being incredibly romantic had me staying up all night to finish it. It grabbed from the first pages to the last.
How do you date, have intimate relations, drive, support an active partner, etc all when you have no feeling, no movement below the waist? Cale manages it, with charm and sexiness. This book proves that 'sexy' is in the mind, not the body. Did I say I loved it?

This author is on my to read list and she should be on yours. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.
October 20, 2016
"I received digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review"

This was my first contemporary romance novel after long time. Before this book I didn’t have a good experience with this genre. Heck, I even convinced myself that contemporary is not my cup of tea. Boy how I was wrong. Thank you Annie for that. Before I go deeper in review I’ll quote myself (how egoistic of me). Anyway, after I finished the book I wrote Annie this: “You knocked my socks off, made me laugh, cry, and angry in just couple of days“. After this we can continue with the review.
First I'll go with a little spoiler – if you're not a fan of happy endings than this is not a book for you. But for a Disney princess happy ending type of girl like me this was a perfect book. Mickey is a broken girl, she doesn't do sharing keys and meeting parents thing. Well at least she doesn't do it until Cale wheels in her life. Cale is a drop-dead handsome billionaire in a wheelchair. Instead of being gloomy, self pity type of guy he is more a control freak, but a control freak in a good way. Mostly he is charming, gentleman with a sharp tongue.
Both of them come with a baggage, Cale more ready to share it with Mickey then the way round. Now when I think about everything the reason I liked Mickey was that I can relate with her. Don't get me wrong, I didn't have tragedies like hers in my life but I also had problems with commitments until finding the right guy plus she's close to my age.
Through whole book I was rooting for Cale, I was like Mel (Mickey's best friend). I was so angry when she didn't wanted to talk to him. I even started yelling at her. That was the time I realized it's just a book and I need to calm down and get my priorities straight. I think that all of this tell you how much I enjoyed reading this book.
Annie did a great job in switching between 3rd POV and 1st. Not usually a fan of that but she does it so clean and smoothly. No, I don't have anything bad to say about this book.

Annie, thank you very much for the book and for bringing me back to contemporary romance. You succeeded in beating Cecilia Ahren. I would also like to say thank you to Nik Krasno whose book Mortal Showdown I reviewed here and who recommended me to Annie.
And You my reader thank you for sticking till the end but why are not ordering your copy of this book? Hurry because there a couple of short stories coming up.
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August 12, 2016
I confess to never having read a book like this before. It has been, for me, a unique experience. Whimsical humour bubbles throughout this book, but it is humour rooted in often deep emotional insights; insights that had this grown man blubbering uncontrollable - to say more would be a plot spoiler. Even as a novice to romantic literature, I can see clearly this is not your typical run of the mill romance writer. As a red-blooded male, the main character, Mickey, teased me throughout this book. She is charming, flirtatious and broken. I only wish I could be the man to put her back together again. If I had one criticism, it would be to berate the author for failing to place a serious tissue warning in bold print on the cover.
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September 2, 2016

First of let me tell you, you would not expect the story to be what it is. I thought of this as a “bad-boy-good-girl” story in which the bad boy is on a wheelchair. But oh no no…you don’t want to underestimate the story. As soon as the story starts I have a clear view of what is going on and who is who.

There are two main characters (there will be as it is a romantic story so..) Cale and Mickey. Mickey finds herself in someone’s bed but she doesn’t know where she is but then it turns out to be the most unexpected place- a condo of a very rich handsome man named Cale. I loved him! And that’s probably an understatement. He is such a gentleman and absolutely not a bad boy and after reading this I thought about how boring it is to read about main characters as bad boys. They should be courteous and just good at heart. His introduction is also epic (Haha!)

“Cale Windermere.”, he said, sticking out his hand.


“Yeah. Like the leafy green, just take off the K and replace with a C.”
Then we meet Mickey who is a simple girl who has some problems. (Don’t wait for more I’m not going to tell any spoilers. Go read the book!) And the author Annie Arcane wrote in an interview that the character of Mickey is exactly like her. And after reading this I too think that she is like me. I too have that problem (Hint: It’s not a disease. It’s just is a thing. I really don’t want to give any spoilers) And the story revolves around how they both overcome their own problems- Cale’s accident which leaves him on the wheelchair and Mickey’s problem.


The characters are the best thing that happened with this book. I mean it1 The characters are so real that after the book all I wanted to do was have all the characters as my friends (except Ashley. Those who have read this book will know why)

I’ve already told you about Mickey and Cale. Melinda, or Mel is Mickey’s best friend and so sweet and her boyfriend Jason is so funny! Both Mel and Mickey are always making him work so much!

There are more characters which just add good things to the book.


Now talking about the writing style is what is making me smile here. The writing is so sarcastic and witty and hilarious. The book shifts between the point of views of Mickey and Cale and I enjoyed them both so much. God, I can’t stop gushing about Cale. And Annie Arcane wrote the struggles and problems of a wheelchair-bound person so correctly that half the time I was feeling so bad for Cale.

The best thing about this book are the dialogues. I always stress upon the importance of dialogues in any fiction book. Give me a bad story but just make the dialogues so awesome that I may not be able to put it down and this was just exactly I would’ve wanted.


You’ll like it if:

If you’re a human and if you’re not welcome on the Earth, Mr. Alien!
If you want another Book Boyfriend to top your list!
If you’re a romance book lover and you want another book to devour
If you’re not a romance lover, you’ll love this (see me!)

You’ll not like it if:

As I said you’re not human
If you don’t read then I think there is no chance to make you read (though I’ll try my best to make you read till you cry and finally read it and then we’ll cry together for different reasons altogether. ;P
And after all this if you have to think about what I’m going to rate it then…

So I’m going to give it…

*drum roll please*

5/5 stars!!!

A special mention:

I normally don’t do this but this is a special case. The author Annie Arcane requested to read this book and even if I was reluctant at first to even read it (because it is a romance novel and I don’t normally do romantic!) but I’m so so glad I accepted it and here I am constantly thinking about the book (Cale to be more specific!) And the I loved the author both as a writer and even more as a person. She’s so funny even in real life and I couldn’t contain myself not to email her about every little thing. And she was more than kind to reply to every one of them.

And I think when a book is so good, you try to make people read it and want that be such a successful book. And so this is the first time that I’m doing this and I hope that this continues in future as well, I going to recommend this to everyone and I really really hope that you read it. If you love reading give this book and the author a little love and appreciation.
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June 26, 2016
Thank you to the author for an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

As the blurb indicates, the book starts off with our heroine, Mickey, waking up in a strange bed in a strange home. Enter the occupant of the said strange home and he turns out to be a handsome creature of a man...in a wheelchair. Despite the blurb stating Cale showing off signs of being a serial killer, I think the book is quite far from the said description. Yes, Mickey thinks, at first, that he is a serial killer because she thinks he is lying about who he means, but this story is so much more than that. To be honest, I'd prefer a different blurb, one which focuses more on our paraplegic hero than the chance that he may be a killer. That being said, the story is quite interesting. Mickey soon realizes that she was mistaken since Cale never lied about anything (he merely withheld the fact that his twin brother is the face of his company, not him). They hit it off and soon start going out.
This story is focused on the life of a paraplegic and how they carry out their daily activities. What I liked most about this book is the fact that Cale tried his best to do everything himself, not letting his "disability" (this is a weird word to call him) affect how he functions. It's apparent that the author tried her best to be as knowledgeable about the life of a paraplegic as she could. Cale's routine of getting in and out of his truck, among other things, were explained vividly.
Now, to the topic that shall not be discussed. Loving a paraplegic. I admire the author for writing about such a sensitive topic. In the general society, "disabled" people are still seen as outcasts. We tend to think they can't carry out any activities and that they require constant care. I think the author's main objective was to ensure the readers started seeing the other side of the story: that people with certain setbacks are conquerors too, as they have successfully overcome what ever accident caused them to be like this.
In the book, Mickey displays signs of having an internal struggle, one she is reluctant to share with Cale. This forms the basis of the main problem the main characters had with each other, despite being perfect together. Towards the end of the book, we realize why Mickey was acting the way she did. That part is quite sad, but it just makes the readers admire Mickey more.
All in all, I am happy that my first novel with a paraplegic hero turned out to be this good. Now I have to spend so long waiting for the second book which is kind of bad.
My favorite paragraph from the book:

Here's the danger of spilling your instincts to someone else. You're essentially forced to gut yourself in order to do it. There's no holding back. No contingency plan. No fail-safe. You have to go all the way. Past the point of no return. You risk everything that you have to bargain with. And everything that you can't afford to lose. You beg, borrow and steal. You just risk everything. Period. It's a brutal process.
And if that person chooses to reject all your ugliness that you've just laid bare, as they have every right to do, you're still exposed. Vulnerable. Broken and bleeding. Absolutely terrified. Scared to death. Since there's no guarantee that you can even locate all of the pieces, much less put them back together again. Chances are good that it would be an exercise in futility.
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February 21, 2017
I received an ebook of this from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Annie Arcane!

My, my, my, I am now a fan of Annie Arcane's writing. So much of a fan. Her personality and humour truly shines through in every single sentence she writes. I loved the thought fragments in sprinkled about in the novel. And can I say that Mickey and Mel are truly like myself and my best friend? Animals noises? Check. Weird conversations where someone says something ludicrous and the other just rolls with it? Double check.

This is a beautiful about to beautifully broken people so wrapped up in their self-doubt that they have trouble finding and admitting the love they have for each other. It's not a picture perfect love story, but it works for Mickey and Cale, and I gotta say, I ws quite distressed three quarters of the way through the novel. So much so that I sent crying emojis to Annie herself - no regrets.

Truly an important message is portrayed in this book that everyone is deserving of love, no matter how lost and broken we may be. That sometimes, one just needs to find that special someone who breathes life back into them - it may not be easy, but definitely worth it.

Again, huge fan of the writing - and obviously Annie. Also a plus, she's a fellow great white northian. Yes, I just wrote that down. No judging.
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September 24, 2016
Everything you could want in romance

I have to mention that the writing style is like watching a narrated television show. It is unconventional. It is creative and it works for the most part. There were times where I was thrown off, but I easily picked up.

This is such a beautiful love story that captures your soul and takes you on an awesome journey through so many trials that real people tend to face when starting a new relationship. It is even more expressive that the hero is handicapped.

I wasn't sure I could read the book and not feel uncomfortable about all of the questions in my head for just how handicap the hero was and if I would want him to be miraculously healed in the end.

The writer does a fine job with giving the best possible, fully dramatic ending that is in the vein of an affair to remember.

I adored this powerful love story.
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March 14, 2017
With that ending, I definitely need to get a hold of book 2 to see what happens next. Cale, was my favorite character and stood out to me. Not that I disliked Mikey, or anything, but do admit that I did get frustrated with her at times.

Writing was not bad either for a newbie author to me.
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December 5, 2016
I really liked this one even though I think the writing needs some work, but I loved the story so much, I kept reading. The issue with the writing was that the heroine's POV had too many inner thoughts. These inner thoughts took away from the story. It was exhausting. If this story is re-edited, just remove the inner babble and the flow of the story will be perfect.

I was almost going to DNF this story since in the beginning, I was not sure who was who and things were a bit confusing, but I am glad I stuck with it.

I am not a fan of dual POVS, but this one was done very well. The switch happens at random times and they did not give away too much. The heroine's POV is written in third person, but the hero's POV is written in first person and I loved when I was in Cale's head. "THIS GIRL..." *smile and a wink* Many times with dual POVs, I find that an author may struggle with making the voice sound masculine, but the author did a great job with Cale. Also, since Cale's POV did not have all that inner babble, those chapters flowed.

Mackensington "Mickey" was a likable character. There was only one time in the story that I cringed from her actions, but looking back, I know that had to happen for her to "open her eyes" and see what she had. I usually hate nosy BFF, but I liked Mel. She grew on me.

The heroine wakes up in the hero's bed. She thinks it was a one night stand. I was so grateful it was not. I am so tired of romance stories that start from one night stands. Anyway, the hero has an accident three years prior and ended up with an injury that left him in a wheelchair. The story starts with Cale kind of "stalking" Mickey. *smile* I love when Cale's twin brother, Cam, told the story of Cale being late to one meeting. Cale had such a great family.

There is supposed to be a novella out HART #2 which was supposed to be released October 31, 2016, but it is still not out - that I can see. That is frustrating for me. I want more of Cale and Mickey.

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August 31, 2016
Hart Broken is an incredibly unique take on the standard romance novel. The hero, Cale, is disabled. He was in a terrible accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. I’ve never, ever read a romance novel about a disabled hero that wasn’t magically “fixed” by the end of the book. Typically, blind heroes get their vision back (see Teresa Medeiros’ Yours Until Dawn, which is a beautiful read, by the way), paralyzed heroes are eventually able to walk again after intense therapy (see the Ally Martinez young adult novel, Fighting Shadows, which is also a great read). But I’ve never read about a disabled hero who is still disabled at the end of the book. It was a refreshing change to read about a disabled man who struggles, but overcomes every challenge put in front of him with charm, grace and hard work. Cale was a joy to read about. Mickey, the heroine, was a little harder to warm up to. Full review on the blog: http://www.knockinbooks.com/reviews/h...
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June 7, 2016
Ok...So I received this book free in exchange for an honest review...but I feel like I won the lottery with this one--it will stay on my kindle until the end of time so I can read and re-read whenever I feel the urge. SO EFFING AMAZING. The story is completely unique-I've honestly never read another book even remotely like this one. And the style of writing is just so easy to get lost in. Lots of laughs, lots of tears, all the feels. I loved both mains, and I thoroughly enjoyed the two perspectives (even if I wished there was just a little bit more from Cale), but I hope to see more of these two in the future. And I'll definitely be reading anything that Arcane puts out-she has an incredible talent!!

5 stars. Go get a copy of this one. Now.
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September 2, 2016
This was a fast, engaging read for me. The author's dialogue flowed smoothly, and her humor had me laughing at various points. The heroine, with all her strengths and flaws, was easy to like and very believable. Although I wasn't expecting to cry while reading this book, cry I did. It was the good kind of crying: the healing kind of crying where you feel the author has touched on some of the universal things that we all struggle with--needing to be accepted for who we are--and the characters find their way. The stories of both the hero and the heroine were poignant, but it was the heroine's story that moved me the most. I found myself caring about Mickey and Cale, and for me, that's the hallmark of any good story. I highly recommend this romance.
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April 9, 2017
This book...This book!!

Oh my god, guys. I'm still reeling! This book (specifically Cale) has me over the moon!

It was such a sweet and precious "story" (there are three more books), and it is filled with non-stop "swoony" moments, because I'm telling you now, Ms. Arcane is probably the queen of making hot, swoony (and shirtless) males characters.

I love, love, loved this book! If you're a fan of super swoony, sweet, and hot disabled characters, give this story a go, yeah?

Cale, the hero of this story, is paralyzed from the waist down and uses a wheelchair, but he literally does everything on his own and is so sweet to the heroine, Mickey.

This book as such a gem. You'd be a fool to not give it a try. 5 stars!!

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Shelved as 'dnf'
July 12, 2017
Calling it quits for now. Besides the inner dialogue (which was somewhat annoying) the author switches from first to third person POV so I got confused a lot and it pulled me out of the book. I really liked the Hero and Heroine annoyed me a little.
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March 2, 2017
First of all, I absolutely LOVED that the hot, sexy, rich, man-candy main character in this novel is also a paraplegic. The storyline is so original and being that Cale is in a wheelchair adds so much more depth to the novel in that his character is strong and confident on one hand, but also struggles with feeling less of man because of his limitations. He’s smart and successful one minute, but then almost childlike at other times because of his desires to be everything for and do everything with Mickey. Not to mention, he has quite the sailor mouth frequently spewing several four letter words, but it completely works for him. Mickey is one of those drop-dead gorgeous women that doesn’t realize it, or if she does, she doesn’t care. Successful, driven, and hilarious, Mickey is a wonderful leading lady in this novel, although she’s battling a lot of serious demons from her adolescence causing her to struggle with love and commitment. She has a fantastic best friend, Mel, whom she affectionately calls “Mom” frequently throughout the story because of her meddling ways, of course, all done with good intentions. Cam, Cale’s twin brother, and business partner is also prominent in the novel, although he honestly drove me crazy. I found him incredibly obnoxious and insulting and didn’t see many good qualities in the man, but he had a sweet wife and cute little kids.

Hart Broken is written from alternating points of view between Cale and Mickey and sometimes it was a bit confusing trying to figure out who was talking or who was thinking to themselves, however, it also gripped me from the first page. Throughout the novel when it switched to Cale’s point of view, it frequently began with “this girl…” leading into him explaining something adorably cute, adorably sexy, or adorably aggravating that Mickey had done. That just made me love him more. Arcane’s writing also contains a lot of short sentences, sometimes just a word or two, which I loved because it almost made me feel as if I was in the character’s head, better able to understand their personalities and emotions. The bulk of the plot centers around Cale and Mickey meeting and falling in love, along with numerous complications stemming from his disability and internal fears and Mickey’s abusive past and tendency to withdraw. Annie Arcane poses several questions that I think anyone would wonder about if unfamiliar with paraplegia. Some are answered and some are left to the imagination. However, it really shows Cale’s vulnerability and Mickey’s genuine need to understand. A wonderful and surprising thing about the novel is the laugh-out-loud humor. Cale and Mickey are both very quick-witted and there are several hilarious moments in the story. But there are also heart-breaking moments, along with incredibly frustrating moments usually because of Cale’s stubbornness.

I cannot stress enough how much I loved this wonderful novel and how highly I recommend it to any lover of romance and women’s fiction. I was unable to put it down as soon as I started reading and shamelessly begged Annie Arcane for the 2nd installment in the series as soon as I had finished reading. I believe that there are going to be 4 total novels and novellas in this series, but make sure that you start with Hart Broken. I dare you to try to read this without falling in love with the characters and without going crazy for the follow-up novella! This novel is fast-paced with a fantastic storyline and is so refreshing focusing on a leading man that has a physical disability. Way to challenge those stereotypes my friend!

*Many thanks to the amazing Annie Arcane for providing a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review!
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