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It’s not every day that a beautiful naked woman falls out of the sky and lands face-first on grizzly shifter Berg Dunn’s hotel balcony. Definitely they don’t usually hop up and demand his best gun. Berg gives the lady a grizzly-sized t-shirt and his cell phone, too, just on style points. And then she’s gone, taking his XXXL heart with her. By the time he figures out she’s a honey badger shifter, it’s too late.
Honey badgers are survivors. Brutal, vicious, ill-tempered survivors. Or maybe Charlie Taylor-MacKilligan is just pissed that her useless father is trying to get them all killed again, and won’t even tell her how. Protecting her little sisters has always been her job, and she’s not about to let some pesky giant grizzly protection specialist with a network of every shifter in Manhattan get in her way. Wait. He’s trying to help? Why would he want to do that? He’s cute enough that she just might let him tag along—that is, if he can keep up . . .

433 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 27, 2018

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About the author

Shelly Laurenston

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Originally from Long Island, New York, Shelly Laurenston has resigned herself to West Coast living which involves healthy food, mostly sunny days, and lots of guys not wearing shirts when they really should be. Shelly Laurenston is also The New York Times Bestselling author G.A. Aiken, creator of the Dragon Kin series. For more info on G.A. Aiken's dangerously and arrogantly sexy dragons, check out her website at www.gaaiken.com.

Pseudonym G.A. Aiken

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October 24, 2019
This was only a sneak peak....the first chapter from Netgalley, but that first chapter has me wanting more! It was so good, and I'm hooked. I loved Bite Me from Shelly Laurenston's Pride series. I fell in love with her awesome Honey badger shifters. So finding out she was writing more honey badger goodness got me so excited. I can't wait to get my hands on this book!

*****************************Read full book 10/22/2019*****************************

I am changing my review to 4 stars from 5. Though I still really enjoyed this book, the amount of characters was overwhelming. There were a ton of cameos from past books, and I read her whole Pride series so I was familiar with most. Still it was a lot to keep up with. I had to stop a few times and look up a couple to refresh my memory. Shelly Laurenston is the queen of funny and this book is no exception. I laughed a lot while reading this cute slow burn book. I loved the couple and I loved Charlie's crazy sisters. I just got Stevie's book and I can't wait to start it.
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March 14, 2021
To put it frank, Charlie has had a bad day.

First, she had to break her sister out of a mental health facility. Then she had to run from some REALLLY weird army-guys. And then she broke into a hotel room, stole a gun off of a bear-shifter and had to keep running without even saying goodbye.

And that's all cause her good-for-nothing-father is trying to get the family killed. Again.

Charlie, and her two sisters Stevie and Max are all hybrid-shifters (their dad is a honey badger but each of their moms were a different type of shifter).

Their odd combination of genes and various quirks of their shifter-selves has caused the girls to rely only on each other for their entire lives.

When their father falls into the wrong crowd (again) - for the first time, the girls are going to have to look outside of their protective bubble and let people help them for once.

One thing's for certain, they don't know exactly what her father is up to but they sure has heck know it'll get him killed. (Unless they kill him first).


This book was a WILD ride.

The world definitely felt a lot more fleshed out than a typical first book in a series, and when I looked it up, I was right.

Even though this is the first book in the series, it's also the 13th in Smith's Shifter World (which I haven't read).

Normally I'm really hesitant to pick up such a late book in a series but I would say that it ended up working really well. There was definitely enough context given so that I could follow along and enjoy the story.

Between the shifters and wild fighting and the familial bickering, it felt like this book was just crammed full of events. And it worked surprisingly well!

It was a lot of fun to watch the siblings get into crazier and crazier situations - and how they'd resolve most anything through copious threats of violence.

The quick pacing ensured that I NEVER got bored and that there was always something (plot, sub-plot or sub-sub-plot) pulling my attention this way and that.

All in all, I cannot WAIT to pick up the next one.

With thanks to Kensington Books for sending this one my way

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March 30, 2018
I'm gonna admit something. I thought this was a porny honey badger book when I got it.
And I was dying to read it....because...

The hot times don't even happen until 75%..and it's just one time. *Insert sad face here.*

But all was not a total loss. This book is about the three MacKilligan sisters. They all are kinda crazy. I like that in my characters so I settled in to see what they would get up too.
The sisters are all half sister shifters. They all got the honey badger part from their worthless father..
(who is totally this guy in my head.)

Then each sister has their own special talents. Charlie who is a mix of wolf/honey badger, she just doesn't shift into her animals. She really doesn't need it anyways. Max who is might be psychotic. Then we have the baby of the family who spends time in mental institutes when she needs and break from being a genius 20ft tiger/honey badger.
Just your regular neighborhood girls...

Some parts of the story did seem to drag and their were a ton of characters that just didn't seem needed to me. However, I still had pure fun with this family and will probably break one of my own (not followed) rules and read the next one in the series. Because you never can have enough honey badger in your life. For reals.

Booksource: Netgalley in exchange for review.
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April 10, 2018
Funny and weird. This book reminded me of the "Call of Crows" series by this author. It has the same hilarious and frenetic storyline. There isn't an ounce of down-time, just crazy hijinx constantly. The jokes never stop either. Along with the killing and bloodthirstiness.

"Okay, you know the drill.."

Max said, in a flat voice,"Go in, kill everybody, get Stevie out."

"That's not the drill!"

"It could be..."

I like Max. Oh, and Max is a girl. So is Stevie, and our main character, Charlie. They are sisters who are a little crazy and very killy. And, they have every reason to be. People are always trying to kill them. It's self-defense.

Okay, there are many ways to defend yourself.

Their father is a dead-beat douchebag who is always screwing them over in his schemes. He has sold them into indentured servitude, stolen all of their money, and sent other villains after them to collect on his debts. This time, their dad stole 100 million dollars from their uncle, and he is trying to kidnap them for hostages until the dad pays it back. That doesn't go so well - for the uncle. These girls aren't exactly kidnappable. They leave dead potential kidnapper bodies wherever they go. Being a "cleaner" for them would be a full time job.

Dude. With them, it's cool. With you, it's just creepy.

There is also a romance going on, and there will be smut, but if you are looking for a lot of smut, you will be disappointed. It takes about 75% of the book for any smutaliciousness. And, it was fine, but I actually liked the craziness of the story so much that I didn't care about the smut at all. It was just so fun!

It was a lot like this meme:

You will be saying, "What the fuck?" half the time, but you will laugh.
(Seriously, wtf is up with this kid's nipples? They look like two dogs' noses. And... is the guy who commented on them a furry? Like he has room to talk? So many questions...)
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March 26, 2018
If I could give this 10 stars, I would! I absolutely loved this book. I don't think I have laughed so hard as I did with these characters. As crazy as the antics these ladies got themselves into, I never felt like the humor was too much. Yes, it was silly but in the best way possible. There are so many quotes I would love to display in my review but then I would be copying pretty much the whole book. Shelly Laurenston is my kind of humor!

Hot and Badgered is Charlie and Berg's story but it felt like it was also Stevie, Max, Dag and Britta's book. And maybe Dutch and Kyle's. For having so many people in this book, I did not get lost at all. I loved every character and what they brought to this story.

I know some of these side characters are from previous books. I'm fairly new to this author so I haven't read them yet, but I never felt like I needed to read any of them first. What this book did was make me want to go immediately buy every book Shelly has published. This was fantastic and I can't recommend it enough for readers who love comedy and paranormal romance books. You won't find anything better.

I will leave you with one quote that is in the beginning of the book to give you a taste of what Charlie and her sisters are like.

"If you lose your legs I'll get you a wheelchair with a Ferrari motor that goes from zero to sixty in 4 seconds. Wouldn't that be great?"

"I'd rather have my legs still attached to my body"

"That's such a narrow view. What about bionic legs? Bionic legs would be so cool."

ARC provided by NetGalley.
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3,426 reviews
September 2, 2019
I have been a big fan of Shelly Laurenston. I was really excited when I saw this new shifter series. It's been a very long time! I eagerly started Hot and Badgered - I really do like the concept of the story about the half-sisters who have pulled together to survive a crazy life. What I really did not like was the repetitive ''F-bomb''; also the rather explicit sex scenes. I even re-read one of the earlier books to see if I had just forgotten. No - it really was a new avenue for Ms. Laurenston. Using consistent profanity means you don't have to write dialogue. And throwing in explicit sex scenes means the characters do not have to have conversation. I gave it a two because I did finish it - actually rather quickly because I skipped a lot.
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January 22, 2020
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Eeeeeesh. Okay, I’m really the wrongreader here. A bunch of my friends really dug this one. I’m going to go ahead and take this opportunity to blame my local gifthorse for my experience : )

You see, this is the time for the annual Winter Reading Challenge from my local library. While the only real requirement is to read five books in three months, a “theme” is selected each year and I try my best to play along for the most part. It gets me out of my comfort zone and takes books off my TBR that were quite possibly destined to stay there for eternity – never to even be thought of. The problem is, my approach to reading is very much . . . . .

Meaning, I’m a mood reader and I 100% was not in the mood to “Imagine That” via fantasy books. I thought maybe paranormal fantasy or urban fantasy might help push me toward the finish line, but turns out I have maybe lost my taste for those as well . . . . .

So the story here is a honeybadger a tiger and a non-shifting shapeshifter walk into a bar . . . .

Okay, maybe not exactly like that, but three sisters of the aforementioned variety are in a pickle due to their scumbag daddy scamming the wrong people and getting a hit put out on them. At first I thought I would dig it and it would be a little reminiscent of . . . . .

But then the action sequences were all . . . . .

(only with more vagina)

And the “love interest” was all . . . . .

And it never stopped and never had any sort of a plot aside from fight scene after fight scene and eleventy-seven characters being introduced just to get the crap kicked out of them or killed and . . . . .

But I read it so that makes me one book closer to obtaining more free crap for my hoard.

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May 19, 2021
Hot and Badgered by Shelly Laurenston
Book 1 of the Honey Badgers Chronicles. Paranormal shifters romp with some romance.

I don’t know where to start with this book. So much happens from the beginning where the three girls join the family compound to their antics as young adults to fully opinionated, strong minded women who take no prisoners in their protection of each other and family. Local laws and international rules make little difference to their crooked father. Because of that, survival for the women is often precarious but regardless, they win against the odds, and live life to the max.
It’s ridiculous and humorous and highly entertaining. There is bickering and manipulation. There is badgering and a reliance of trust. There is a lot of snark. There is a huge cast of extended family that often make the story a bit confusing and crazy but so much fun.
There is also romance and some naked antics.
400+ pages of light heartedness and messy family with little regard to “proper”.

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January 29, 2019
3.5 stars

This book kind of like the paranormal shifter version of Becoming A Vincent, a book I really enjoyed so it's a positive comparison. It has crazy antics, nutso family members, and funny repartee. It's great! But, and of course there is a but considering my rating, it does drag on a bit long at times. Especially when it's suddenly introducing a whole bunch of secondary characters, most of which I never end up caring much about. Luckily, the MacKilligan sisters are endlessly entertaining. Except maybe Stevie, her fear of bears shtick and weird quirks did get kind of old. Unfortunately she is the focus of the next book in this series, but I'll give it a try anyways when it comes out.
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May 26, 2020
I’ve been a fan of Shelly Laurenston’s work for years now. But when I found out that she decided to end her popular Pride Series I was crushed. After nine books of fun, over the top characters, hilarious laugh out loud moments – I felt bereft and if I’m honest I was in denial. So, when I found out she was releasing a new series, I was all over it. Color me surprised and absolutely in love, when I realized that her new book Hot and Badgered was part of my beloved Pride world.

Reading this book made me HAPPY!!!!

I have to admit that after a four year break, being reintroduced to my favorite cast had my head spinning, but only in a good way. This book was exactly what I needed. The author’s signature wit, the story’s diverse and unique cast and a plot that reminded me why I fell in love with her books in the first place – made this book a reading experience like no other.

Shelly Laurenston has the unique talent of writing shifters that embody everything a shifter should be. Her characters are close to their animals, and have distinct animal characteristics. I have never read shifters with such authentic animal behavior before. Not only do they feel like real shifters, they act that way too. On top of that, the author’s heroines are tough, bad ass, kick ass and hilarious to boot. They go nose to nose with anyone that threatens their family and friends. Feisty, sassy and often times as fearless as any alpha male. And I love them all.

There is really only one author that writes these kind of characters and that’s Shelly Laurenston.

I’m not going into detail about the storyline. If you ever read one of the Pride books, you know what you can look forward to. This book is an accumulation of beloved characters, as well as an introduction to three women that hopefully will feature prominently in her next books. Hot and Badgered is also not for the fainthearted. The story starts with a BANG, and it pretty much continues that way. I felt like I was on an exhilarating roller coaster ride I didn’t’ want to end.

Be prepared to be wowed, and swept away by an engrossing novel that will only make you want MORE.

Welcome back Shelly Laurenston – I missed you!!!!

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March 30, 2018
They’re all crazy...in a psychotic but funny way.

When I received my approval for an ARC of Hot and Badgered I did a wee bit of a shake and shimmy happy dance. After a stressful few days in real life, reading this story was like a breath of fresh air. I laughed, smirked, squirmed and sighed throughout the whole story. I also did one of those silent laughs that ends in a snort trying to be quiet because it was 4:00 in the morning and hubby was asleep beside me. Yeah, yeah, I should have been asleep but hubby snored for a couple of seconds, woke me up, and of course, I had to read myself back to sleep (good excuse).

Anyone who has read and loved Shelly Laurenston’s Pride or Magnus Pack series will love Hot and Badgered. This author's characters are extremely loyal to their family, protective of those they love…and have no hesitation to murder you in your sleep if you do them wrong. Turns out Honey Badgers are that to the EXTREME!

There’s something about these stories that suck you in. Most of the characters are goofy with a side of psychotic that just makes them so endearing. When we meet Charlie and her sisters Max and Stevie they’re kids and even from their tender young age, we come to realise that they are a wee bit more psychotic than goofy. But geez, it’s no bloody wonder. Their dad is a douchewaffle of EPIC proportions. He’s so bad I wanted to jump into the pages to hold the idiot down for Max to do her thing with knives…and I would have been grinning right beside her.

I think Shelly Laurenston is brilliant. I’m not sure another author could pull off her skills of maximum confusion. See, when you start her books they tend to jump around a lot. You’re looking at one character and seeing their world one minute and the next someone completely different. Now, this different character may seem completely unrelated to the current story, but you just KNOW they’ll be back.

Where the brilliance comes in, is that, this confusion is a little like the characters and the storyline. We become honey badgers who bake one minute and pull a knife out of a leg holster and throw it, the next. Picture it like you’re in a control room with six monitors going. You slide your eyes over each screen hoping to keep abreast of all that’s going on. It’s quick and if you blink, you miss it and I didn’t want to miss a thing. The little jumps have a purpose and when it all comes together, you're glad you had the opportunity to build the puzzle yourself. I find that Shelly's stories are fast-paced, keep my head spinning and my heart thumping.

The love story is a bit of a slow burn. Charlie, as the oldest sister, feels a lot of responsibility in keeping her sisters alive and well. She doesn’t have time for romance and doesn’t want to drag a good man into the family curse…named, Freddy MacKilligan AKA, Dad. Funnily enough, the one man/shifter who wants to get dragged in, completely understands her and her family dynamics. His family is just as crazy.

Berg Dunn is a triplet and his life changed forever when a naked woman fell into his world. Berg is a bear shifter who works in security with his brother and sister. They work together and live together so he understands all about family loyalty. They get mistaken for each other (even the sister) A LOT, have each other's back and would die to protect one another. Just like the MacKillagan sisters.

I loved Berg. He comes across as kind of dopey in a sleepy bear coming out of hibernation way. But, there’s this other side to him too. This side of Berg is kind of scary and intense. One minute he's calm, next minute the cranky bear comes out and if you're in his way, he could pop you like a pimple.

You never know what’s around the corner for Charlie, Max and Stevie (boys names because the douchewaffle wanted boys and got girls). I will tell you one thing that I loved about each of them. Charlie bakes to relieve stress, Max smiles as she kills, and Stevie forgets people she’s just met because she doesn’t want to waste brain space on insignificant people…her brain is too important. There's plenty more I could mention but I limited myself to one each. They’re quirky, tough and kick butt. I loved them.

Hot and Badgered was a fun read with plenty of action, suspense and adventure. I would call it a slow burn as Charlie’s crazy life gives them plenty of time to get to know each other before we get to the fun stuff (wink, wink). And, boy was it FUN. Berg starts slow and intense but when his bear kicks in, it's hard and fast and oh so FUN! It’s also not a short story but I never found a time that it dragged or made me want to hurry things up.

I really enjoyed Hot and Badgered and I know this is the start of a new favourite series.

Stacey is Sassy, received a complimentary copy of this story. The copy provided is not the final copy and may be subject to edits and changes.

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April 14, 2019
4.5 stars.⭐⭐⭐⭐
Such zany and crazy characters, it was simply impossible not to love this animal-shifter romance and the humor was definitely "right up my alley" as well.
I am so looking forward to the next installment of this ongoing chaotic story.

Wow, these MacKilligan sisters were certainly something else.
Lesson learned here: Don't piss off a honey badger if you want to keep all your body parts intact.
image know GIF

I totally adored Charlie (the heroine) and I can't wait to read Stevie's story next.
Highly recommend this author to all paranormal romance lovers . Beyond entertaining book for me.
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December 28, 2019
Hot and Badgered is the first in a brand new series and it was so much fun to read. I love the silly snarky humor, crazy characters, and laugh out loud moments.

This book is a wild ride from start to finish with people trying to kill Charlie and her sisters, a father who’s pretty much the black sheep of the family, and larger then life characters. If your not familiar with Laurenston and her Pride series, well that’s ok, you can still have fun with Hot and Badgered.

As always I enjoy the ridiculous antics that Laurenston puts her characters through. The family dynamites and snarky humor add to the fun and enjoyment of reading. You can’t take these books seriously and that’s the main reason I love reading them. Their light, easy, fun to enjoy, out of the box, and creative!

Those that have read the Pride series will love the return of many previous characters. I adored the new cast as well as seeing the old. Copper Jean-Louis Parker our prodigy musician piano player ends up spending a lot more time on the pages, but our main characters; Berg our lovable grizzly bear and Charlie our honey badger keep the pages going with their families and courtship.

Hot and Badgered is hilarious and you know theirs going to be more silly crazy fun times ahead with these honey badgers. I can’t wait for the next installment.

Rated: 4.5 Stars

Audio Feb. 2019: I really like this world that Laurenston has created. The story was just as fabulous the second time around as it was reading it. I will say I'm not a fan of the narrator Traci Odom. Their are a lot of different voices to do in this novel. I had trouble discerning between several of the male characters; they sounded alike too me. I feel she didn't do a good job with the male voices.
I'd rate the narration at a 3 Stars.

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March 29, 2018
4 Honey Badgers are bloody brilliant Stars!

The MacKilligan gals are a riot all three of them. The sneak peek enticed me and the prologue hooked me. Charlie, Max and Stevie are the best. The BEST.

Charlie MacKilligan is the oldest of the sisters she is the calm one, the worry wort, the one who gets shit sorted out and with their POS father there is a lot of shite for Charlie to get sorted. She is a honey badger/she wolf hybrid shifter who can’t actually shift but she is totally kickarse, well all of them are.

Chapter 1 commences with Charlie being woken up in her hotel room by a phone call that she is to get the hell out of there because once again people are trying to kill them. Yes, it isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last.

She jumps onto the balcony below with full human military on her arse into the room of Berg Dunn, grizzly and a triplet so he knows all about crazy arse families after helping a girl out with a Ruger he thinks that he will never see her again.

Berg Dunn is a fantastic Hero and he goes along with Charlie doing her thing with the MacKilligan’s basically trying to keep her sisters from killing everyone who is a threat. She has a wedding to keep on track and is living in Queens in the bear neighbourhood.

Ah so this is a Shelly Laurenston book so of course they will see one another again. This time in New York and things are about to get dicey, also scary but really interesting.

There were so many laugh out loud moments, moments where I chuckled and moments where it was a close call and nearly peed me pants.

There were a lot of characters that where from the Pride series so I was a bit lost at times. I also needed to see more couple action. I really like this author and will read more. I can’t wait for Max & Stevie to get their books but the books with how well they are written and with all the humour can for me personally only be taken in small doses.


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 photo New ARC_zpsdpyxs3wn.jpg

I got the opportunity for a sneak preview of the first chapter. This is going to be good. Grizzly bear and honey badger. Great shifter characters.

Starts off with a bang action packed and fun as usual what else to expect from this author.

4 stars based on the chapter. See what the whole books has to say.

2018 can not come quick enough.

Chapter received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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1,017 reviews54 followers
April 3, 2018
I prolly had high expectations from SL and they were not met in this book.

What I didn’t like:
- too many side characters
- so many hijinx happening
- book was trying so hard to be funny
- took too freaking long for the mc to get together
- honestly, not enough focus on the romance

definitely not my fave in her Pride world.
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908 reviews1,584 followers
May 24, 2020

Many thanks to Kensington Books for a copy in exchange for an honest review

When a school friend texted me telling me that she found a romance series about men who turn into honey badgers, I thought to myself No, it's too good to be true but then I came to Goodreads and, sure enough, the series existed.

So, I yeeted myself into the DMs of the publisher and basically begged (just kidding... I didn't) for a copy and I. Freaking. Got. One. (thank you, Kensington Books <3)

So, what's this book about?
This book is basically a romance about men who turn into honey badgers... it's freaking perfect.
But beyond that, it's about three shifter sisters (Charlie, Max and Stevie) who are on the run from people who are trying to kill them when they run into some bear shifters.

Honestly, if I had to describe this book in one sentence, it would be "If a paranormal romance ate Crazy Rich Asians, choked on it, and then vomited it back up."

This book—from the cover to the synopsis and everything in between—is marketed as a romance but, in my opinion, this is more of a family-based comedy with a brief, nearly fade to black sex scene.

I think that's the only reason I rated this 4 stars rather than 4.5 or even 5. It was marketed as a romance and it really shouldn't have been. The author should have either tried to up the romance/steaminess or the publisher should have marketed this as a comedy.

For what it is (a comedy... don't @ me), this book was great. It was hilarious. I smiled almost constantly and laughed out loud at a few parts. I absolutely adored the relationship between the three sisters. That along with the thrillery, hijinksy storyline made for a very quick and enjoyable read.

Overall, I really did enjoy this book. It's just not what it was marketed as.

Bottom Line:
4 stars
Age Rating - [ R ]
Content Screening (Mild Spoilers):
Educational Value (0/0)
Positive Messages (4/5) - [Family, Sisterly bonds, Kindness, Thinking before acting]
Violence (4/5) - [Gore, Fighting, Injury, Death, Shapeshifting]
Sex (3/5) - [Very brief, semi-detailed sex scene]
Language (4/5) - [F**k, d*mn, sh*t, d*ck]
Drinking/Drugs - [Sedative and Medicinal Drugs, Alcohol]
Trigger and Content Warnings - Loss of a loved one, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Panic disorder, Gore, Death, Fights, Body horror
Reps - [Mental Illness]
Publication Date: March 27th, 2018
Publisher: Kensington Books
Genre: Romance/Fantasy


initial thoughts - very sweet, hilarious but not all that steamy... four stars!


everything about this synopsis... I love it!!

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3,127 reviews261 followers
September 9, 2017
Just got the first chapter, but I am completely and totally hooked. Berg, the marvelous grizzly, is body guard to Cooper, the pianist prodigy character that we previously adored. AND IT HAS HONEY BADGERS, quirky, quick and completely cute these viciously hilarious characters are going to make for some fantastic break from reality book time!

I received chapter 1 ONLY ARC copy of Hot and Badgered from Kensington Books. This is my honest and voluntary review. Hot and Badgered is set for publication March 27, 2018.

My Rating: 5 stars
Written by: Shelly Laurenston
Series: The Honey Badgers (Book 1)
Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: Kensington
Publication Date: March 27, 2018
ISBN-10: 1496714342
ISBN-13: 978-1496714343
Genre: Shifter Romance

Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/hot-...
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Badgered-Honey...
Barnes & Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/hot-...

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2,145 reviews275 followers
March 28, 2018
4.5 stars
Charlie MacKilligan, a honey badger/wolf hybrid, has been shot, fallen off a balcony, and is running away from armed military types that want to kill her. She’s not sure why but she’s pretty damn sure her father Freddy is at fault. She and her two sisters, Max and Stevie, haven’t had the most normal of lives, but once they meet Berg Dunn, grizzly bear, they start to realize that normal isn’t what’s important - family is. Well, the ones you don’t want to kill, at least. And yes, eventually, romance happens.

The Good
It has Laurenston's trademark humor and action (with the accompanying violence)...and that's just the family scenes. Honey badgers are the name of the (shifter) game for this series, which is a (pretty close) offshoot of Ms. Laurenston's Pride series and I am loving every minute of it. Charlie and her sisters aren’t the best at making friends and influencing people (unless it's through fear and pain), but they make up for that in sheer mayhem and snark. Charlie, Max and Stevie have a close, and at times violent, relationship but you never doubt their love for each other. Their banter was hilarious and my kindle should glow in the dark from the amount of highlighting I did.

The Bad
I’m a romance junkie, and I did love Berg’s sweetly beta ways and Charlie’s badassery. But I’ve come to realize that Ms. Laurenston’s books are much more about the overarching storyline. They’re incredibly entertaining, but if you’re all about the romantic scenes, they are not plentiful and after a strong start, don't pop up until relatively late. It’s the literary equivalent of running out of road. Establishing three very different women and their complicated relationships with those around them truly took up most of the book, and the romance got the fuzzy end of the lollipop, so to speak.

Everything in Between
For longtime readers of Ms. Laurenston’s books, you can enjoy the integration of the MacKilligans into the Pride ‘verse and seeing old favorites from new eyes. I think it can work as a onramp for new readers to join in the fun. However, I can also see the potential for confusion, because there’s ALOT going on. But when the world is so balls to the wall that it comes alive on the page, especially when the action ramps up, I can’t be mad at it.

4.5 stars
Ms. Laurenston writes the best shifter stories, and the MacKilligan sisters are a worthy addition to her ‘verse. The MacKilligans can bring the sh*tstorm like no other (as honey badgers do), but Charlie and Berg were the calm in the middle of that madness. I think Ms. Laurenston brought fresh eyes to the Pride ‘verse and I cannot wait to visit them again.

**ARC provided by publisher via netgalley for review**

Review of teaser July, 2017:

this is a qualified review, since it's only the first chapter from NG.


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4,888 reviews523 followers
March 7, 2019

Charlie Taylor-Mackilligan is the protector over her two sisters. She has had to be, thanks to her cursed father. Her sisters can take care of themselves but together three of them are a force to be reckoned with and unstoppable. When she lands on a balcony after being attacked she gets assistance from Berg Dunn a grizzly shifter, it is short, bloody, and sweet but Berg can't get Charlie out of his mind.

Back home Berg finds himself in front of Charlie again. Realizing her family needs help he steps in because he knows he wants a date with Charlie. How do you date a woman who believes she is cursed? Simple stay by her side and get under her skin without her realizing it.

I have been waiting for this book for awhile and cleared my calendar so I could just savor all the goodness that this book brought. One of the best so far and you get little cameos from some of your favorite characters from other books. Loved Berg, he is relaxed and lets Charlie do her thing. The sisters are a hoot. Several surprises and I cannot wait for more more more.

EXCERPT REVIEW I was able to read the first chapter of this new series by Shelly Laurenston and what a treat it was. Berg Dunn is Cooper's bodyguard when a woman enters their hotel room and with her is a trouble of another nature.

If you have read the author's other books you remember Cooper. I cannot wait to read this in full. The first chapter hooked me and although I spent a ton of time clicking for next chapter, it didn't happen. I can't wait to get to know honey badger Charlie Taylor-MacKilligan. This is going to be fantastic.
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1,131 reviews1,422 followers
October 27, 2018
Honey Badger Bad Asses!!!


Or should I say this reads more like honey badgers on crack!!!


This reminds me of what I don't like about Shelly Laurenston's books. There were too many characters, crazy shenanigans, and a love story that was not the primary plot. Oh and the plot was sooooo convoluted that I kept forgetting what was the purpose of the book.

The book starts out great with three young female honey badger shifters manipulating the wolf shifters. I was immediately intrigued!! Then it devolved into "crazy". Lots of action and fighting, but I felt confused by what was going on and where the story was going. I decided to stick with it because her Call of Crows series was just as ridiculous, but fun like a whirl dervish ride.

The number of characters introduced in this book was overwhelming. There were bears, honey badgers,wolves, lions, wolverines and mutts (mixed breads). Not to mention all the names, nick names, and unimportant characters!!


I do not plan to read any more books in this series. It was just too much to qualify as relaxing.
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1,342 reviews79 followers
March 28, 2018
I had a laugh-out-loud, super fun time reading this book. It was a crazy storyline in the best way possible.

I couldn't stop reading because of what was happening and the pace is fast!

Btw, this is not an insta-lust, fated-mate book so if you want a book heavy on romance and sexy times, I'd suggest you look somewhere else. In fact, I would say that the romance between Berg and Charlie is more of the backstory of this book. It's so subtle --- which, in itself, is wonderful and refreshing!

At it's heart, this book is about the relationship between the 3 sisters: Charlie, Max, and Stevie; and I absolutely loved that.

I can't wait to read more about this crazy family!
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2,428 reviews809 followers
March 27, 2018

The first in this brand new series by Shelly Laurenston is just as fun and crazy as her other books. When Charlie Taylor-MacKilligan comes running into Berg’s life, he simply cannot just let her go, especially when it seems like she is in trouble. Running from people trying to kill her, you can already get the feeling that this book is going to be a wild ride. With larger-than-life characters and hilarious jokes, these characters will definitely make you laugh and steal your heart at the same time.

I always enjoy reading the ridiculous antics that Laurenston puts her characters through. You can never really take these books too seriously and that’s really the main reason why I enjoy them. They are out of the box and creative and there are really no limits that this author won’t cross. This book is quite violent, so if you’re the type to balk at that kind of stuff, you’ll probably be offended. That’s why I said you can’t take things too seriously here.

I’m looking forward to the next books in the series. These honey badgers are freaking hilarious and I’m pretty sure you can expect more crazy times with them in the future.
Profile Image for Ira.
1,056 reviews91 followers
April 3, 2018
I’m Shelly Laurenston’s fan!

There you go, my review probably bias but from few authors who specialise in writing funny shifter storylines out there, she is on top of the list for me! Her books always made me 😂😂😂 so hard.

However I also realised, few of my friends don’t like her style of writing. It seems chaos and all over the place sometimes but for me is well organised chaotic storyline, and her characters are so crazy funny, you don’t even realise how brutal these non humans behavior can be!

Hot and Badgered is no different, more brutal, hysterically funny and the relationships between the sisters are awesome. Here our crazy heroine is pairing with sweet and wonderful hero.

What more can I ask?

Btw, this book is rather pricey!
if you never read Ms. Laurenston’s book before, you can try by reading the prologue for free on Amazon and tell me if that won’t made you want to read more!😘😂
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1,217 reviews490 followers
April 15, 2018

So I opened the book to this
“Berg just closed his eyes and came out with it, “I love you and I want you to stay.”
Charlie let out an annoyed sigh. “Well . . . that’s all on you.”
Eyes snapping open, Berg demanded, “What the hell does that mean? You don’t love me?”
“Of course I love you.” She glared at him and added, “Idiot. But I’m just saying, if you’ve chosen to fall in love with a MacKilligan, after everything you’ve seen . . . then that is on you. I will not take responsibility for your continued poor decision making.”

Most likely at 97%! I don’t care HOW terrible the book might end up being, I HAVE to read this!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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2,547 reviews190 followers
March 5, 2018
I finally got my grabby hands on the full length version of this book ! Having previously read the first chapter tease that the publisher released I was extremely keen to know just what was planned next for the honey badgers in this book. We meet three sisters who are all so very different and yet believe me when it comes to protecting their little family they will do absolutely anything.
I've long been a fan of the authors dragon shifter books and think this story had all the same elements going on. Siblings at war with each other, often with hilarious results and yet a story that winds along pulling the reader in until it's impossible to predict just what will happen. No spoilers here but when it comes to families you just have to believe that in this world there are conniving relatives who lie, cheat, steal and generally just backstab their way through life uncaring or maybe even oblivious to consequences.
I looked up honey badgers and the results showed that this animal has the ability to adapt to its surroundings making it least likely to become endangered. Plus it's listed as carnivorous with few predators due to its ferocious defensive abilities. Now bottle all that up in an angry, often unreasonable and yet strangely rational person and you have Charlie. She's very defensive of her sisters but also sees them exactly as they are. So when the youngest is targeted for kidnapping Charlie isn't lying down. Oh wait maybe that's not exactly correct because when we meet her she's about to fall almost into the arms of a grizzly! Yes there's romance but no mate trope involved thankfully just a slow burn as the author concentrates on giving her readers a mad, detailed trip into the crazy world her shifters live in. In many ways Charlie and her sisters are outcasts but with the cute, noninvasive Berg around slowly but surely their lives change.
So many characters get involved in this story with plenty of old favourites showing up . I loved it and the madcap caper just pulled me in and now I'm tempted to read it again! These characters are extreme, they are truly larger than life but I've a feeling we haven't seen the last of them and I for one can't wait for more.
This voluntary take is of a copy I requested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair
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1,753 reviews279 followers
November 4, 2018
I almost didn't get this. I was not thrilled at all with Wolf With Benefits because I did not like the heroine Toni or her family. And I didn't read Bite Me at all because it starred Livy and i wasn't a huge fan of hers either.

But this is a start of a new series --- yes it is really just a continuation of the Pride series but I figured there was a new plot arc happening. And I was right.

I centers on the three MckIlligan sisters who al have different mothers but share a father, an amoral loser who is just the worst. The girls have had a difficult childhood because of their con-artist dad and the enemies he's trailing behind him for the last 20 years. Their childhood --- and the fact that they are Hybrid Honey Badger shifters have made them tough as hell. I mean, collectively they come off as a titch sociopathic. But Laurentson's over-the-top humor and her ability to juggle a ton of characters in what is a somewhat frenetic pace, makes this book a hoot.

I LOVED the sisters, added bonus they really rather take a lot of piss out of Toni and they even make Dee Ann pause.

There is a big plot arc that is not resolved in this installment, but the oldest sister Charlie gets a her romance and HFN.

looking forward to the next one.
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852 reviews67 followers
July 1, 2019
7/1/19 - on sale for $2.99

This book was hilarious. I thought it was going to be a typical PNR, but I was just blown away by how funny all three girls are.

Charlie, Max, and Stevie are half sisters who share the same dead beat father. They were raised by a wolf pack, but not being wolves, they didn’t fit in. They are all they have.

Charlie is the oldest, half honey badger and half wolf. She is more responsible than the others.
“So you can barely see and you can’t smell anything . . . but you can clothesline your sister?”
“I’ve been clotheslining my sister for a very long time now. And trust me when I say she deserved it.���

Max is the middle, full honey badger and axe crazy. Also my favorite character. She’s hilarious.
“A rocket launcher?” Charlie exploded.
“Oh, my God!” Stevie gasped. “Have you lost your mind?”
Max shrugged. “What? I wasn’t about to get into a shoot-out with them. That’s a military chopper. Did you see the Gatling guns on the sides?”
“I don’t care, you idiot! What are we supposed to tell the Swiss authorities?”
Frowning, Max asked, “Why would we talk to anybody about this?”

Stevie the the youngest, half tiger half honey badger, child prodigy and very anxious.
“And how does that make you feel?” she asked the patient across from her. “That your mother treats you like that?”
“Awful. I deserve better!”
“You do deserve better,” Stevie insisted. “Just because your mother is the dictator of a small country and kills those she considers enemies of the state, doesn’t mean that your opinion doesn’t matter.”

If you are looking for a romance, this book doesn’t have a lot of it. It does have a lot of humor, cursing, and relationships between family. The relationship is slow to develop, and Berg really is just along for the ride. But it’s worth the read, for sure.
April 6, 2018

I had a review. It might have just been a series of gifs but they were the perfect way to review this book and now they're gone. And there is no way my lazy ass is gonna try and write it all over again.

Safe to say, I can't believe a book like this exists let alone a human had some hand in writing it. Also, I am never calling my self a crazy ass bitch cause there is no way I can ever meet the standards these MacKilligan sisters have set.

In terms of plot my head is still trying to find the right side up. As someone who isn't compulsively following all of Shelly's shifter books and definitely not keeping track of all the characters, this book was a cluster fuck but as the sisters so aptly put it, entertaining. And that's all that really matters at the end of the day, right?

If I were to start quoting all the bat shit crazy parts that had my stomach in stitches well, let's just say you wouldn't have to spend money on the book you could just read my review instead. xD

No. I am not exaggerating.

This is the kinda book you do a buddy read with. Not where you're sitting in your own places and talking over Goodreads or text whatever. More like a group book date where you're all in the same room. This books DESERVES live discussion!

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534 reviews115 followers
Shelved as 'dnf'
June 22, 2018
Dnf @ 52%

I had enough. 52% and still no romance. And I thought I was reading a PNR Romance.

From the first page I was reading just how everyone is chasing the three half breeder sisters to kill them or what so ever but they are strong, so strong that no one can kill these three sisters and everytime they got away.
Then there are lots of side characters that sometimes I lost track, who is who and what they do or doing. And with lots of multiple POV this book left me totally confused.

Romance part till 52%
There is one guy who is hot for one of these three sisters. He asked her out just one time and got rejected. That's what I got during these 52%. So much for a Romance. 🤦

This book should have been a family drama or one of those adventure thriller books but its definitely not a PNR Romance.

I have no complain about the main characters tho!

For the Future Reader:
* I liked the heroine very much. She was a kick-ass typed heroine. And I adore her. She is amazing. I have no complains about her.
** The hero is sweet and respectful. I liked him and his siblings.
*** The book is perfectly safe. No OW, OM drama. Author didn't mention anything about their celibacy but judging by the book I think they were both celibate for sometime.
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