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Kissed #1

Snow Kissed by the Billionaire

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The Kissed Series kicks off in the snow! Brrrr. And then things heat up quickly!
Reed Hamilton, a home restoration expert, is more comfortable in her steel-toed boots than teetering on heels at a shopping mall. She usually kills her relationships from neglect, so she’s taken herself off the market. An unexpected assignment to evaluate a potential project in upstate New York has Reed leaving the Victorian she’s working on to meet with the client. A client she discovers spooning her from behind when she wakes up in his bed! Reed finds Mason charming, and tempting. So why not take advantage of all that HOTNESS!
An early snowstorm dumps an irresistible woman at the Mason Tate’s door. As beautiful and enticing as he finds her, career-focused Mason doesn’t do entanglements of any type. So, he proposed that while snow falls outside, they make their own heat inside, then go their separate ways with only pleasant memories of their time together. No emotions allowed.
They both agreed. They’d be like two snowplows meeting in the night. At least that was the plan. Until that kiss.

285 pages, Kindle Edition

Published June 26, 2017

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About the author

Lizabeth Scott

61 books676 followers

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Lizabeth Scott is a USA Today Bestselling author of thirty plus novels. She writes sexy and heart-exploding contemporary romances with real life characters you can connect with and pull for until their happy ending. Liz's books take you on all the emotions journey that will stay with you for days or until you revisit the book family. Her heroes are honest, loyal, and deliciously bossy. And expect her heroines to be sassy, strong, and a smidge flawed.

In addition to writing, Liz is an avid reader and lifetime collector of paperbacks, which she refers to as her friends. Current count is nearing 1,000 friends.

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1,207 reviews154 followers
August 27, 2017
This morning it was chilly and I decided to rad a snow kissed book. I needed a sweet romance and this one was perfect. I really liked the chemistry between Reed and Mason. They were so fun and kept the fire burning throughout.
I felt for Reed as she struggled with the missing childhood princess every girls should experience. But I loved the strong woman she is s an adult. I liked mason so much. He had a charm about him that shone through. I am going to check out the rest of this series.
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50k reviews4 followers
Want to read
November 3, 2018
💝 FREE on Amazon & on iBooks today (11/3/2018)! 💝

Reed Hamilton, a home restoration expert, is more comfortable in her steel-toed boots than teetering on heels at a shopping mall. She usually kills her relationships from neglect, so she’s taken herself off the market. An unexpected assignment to evaluate a potential project in upstate New York has Reed leaving the Victorian she’s working on to meet with the client. A client she discovers spooning her from behind when she wakes up in his bed! Reed finds Mason charming, and tempting. So why not take advantage of all that HOTNESS!
An early snowstorm dumps an irresistible woman at the Mason Tate’s door. As beautiful and enticing as he finds her, career-focused Mason doesn’t do entanglements of any type. So, he proposed that while snow falls outside, they make their own heat inside, then go their separate ways with only pleasant memories of their time together. No emotions allowed.
They both agreed. They’d be like two snowplows meeting in the night. At least that was the plan. Until that kiss.
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2,928 reviews20 followers
August 28, 2017
Reed is a tomboy who had no idea how attractive she is to men. Mason's job is working with beautiful women so he knows what he wants. And after rescuing Reed from her wrecked car only to be snow-bound with her for a week, he knows only two things: He wants Reed, but he can't have her forever.

This is a hot and sexy story filled with enough steam to melt the three feet of snow that surrounds their cabin retreat, but it also has enough emotional depth and heartfelt personal introspection that make these transformative romances so addictive. As they each realize hidden truths about themselves, they have to rethink the reasons behind their no-strings-attached relationship.

This story is very well-written with complex characters and a captivating story line. This is a standalone with a HEA, and we get a glimpse of the couple that will star in the next book in the series. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
395 reviews1 follower
February 15, 2019
I really enjoyed this book. There are some sexual seances involved and there will be points that you will need a hankie for the tears, but it really a great emotional ride. This is one of those books that both the main characters find out things about themselves that they didn’t even know. Will it change their lives for the better or for the worse. I loved stories like thiss.

Mason Tate is the half owner of the famous women's lingerie. He had his best friend Marc had started their business in college noticing the need for more comfortable bras for women as the had listened to women’s complaints about how uncomfortable they were. Their first line was called “Tates Tata’s”. They later increased their line to bra and pantie sets and became the very popular brand called “Lady Love” brand. They even had gotten to a point that they now had stores world wide, and also had a yearly televised fashion show that all of the big star names wanted to be associated with. He was planning on renovation his parents cabin so that it would be a surprise for them when they all got together for Christmas this year. He was a workaholic, he needed to be in control of everything. He didn’t believe in relationships. He saw what his own mother went through with his father always away on business. His Dad didn’t even take time for his own children, and he could still feel his own hurt and remember the hurt of his brother’s and and sister when he didn’t show up for one of the major events in their lives. He was determined not to do that to any woman or child so refused to get into a relationship.

Reed Hamilton is the youngest daughter of Martin Hamilton and his wife. They were hoping for their fifth boy when her mom was pregnant with her and all ready picked out the name. They were shocked that they had a little girl and in his daze her Dad signed the birth certificate with the name that they had chosen. Growing up with four older brothers was not easy but she learned to adapt to them and hardened herself up. She wasn’t the type of girl that wore frilly dresses and high heels. She worked construction right along side of her brothers. She learned to do everything that was needed in renovating a home or business; added to that she also ran her own crews on her individual projects. She loved what she did, loved working with her hands and seeing something change and become something more beautiful than what they had started off with. Her life was surrounded by her work she didn’t have time to date. Her Dad comes to her construction site that she told him was on schedule and would be finished within two weeks. He told her that Mason Tate want to renovate his parents cabin, her dad had bought her plane tickets for the next morning to head out to Virginia the give him an estimate on the project. She needed to get a move on to get there and out as soon as possible because there was a snow storm headed that way. Once she got there and the only thing that she could find to rent was a car and not a truck she headed to where the GPS lead her to. The snow got worse and worse soon she was almost in white out conditions. The GPS said she had made it there but she couldn’t find the drive then she lost control over the car and it did it’s own thing no matter how hard she tried to correct it. The next thing she knew before she passed out was that she hit something really hard.

Mason had seen the lights of a vehicle up the drive then hear the crash and knew that it must have been Mr. Hamilton’s son Reed. Getting dressed he fought the deep snow to get to him and found his car rapped around a tree and him unconscious inside. He gathered the man up and they barely made it back to the cabin. Imagine his surprise when he discovered that Reed was not a he but a very pretty she.

The spent the next few days with the agreement that there would be no strings attached if the did anything together. However what the did do instead of having a sexual relationship at first was just get to know one another, played board games and played out in the snow. Is this going to turn out to be more than any of them could have counted on. This is one book that will have to tell the story for itself.
Profile Image for Karen Mossman.
Author 35 books148 followers
September 4, 2017
I really enjoyed this book. I haven't read anything by this author before and I knew it was going to be romantic but hadn't expected the erotica.

Her male hero was dashing, confident and good looking, everything you would expect. Her female lead was likable, despite the odd name, and that's explained in the story. She was sassy and petite, in fact, both were quite stereotypical. But that isn't a bad thing as long as it is written well and the characters are fully formed.

These characters are exactly that and it's not a long read, either. If you like romance and erotica, then this is great series to start on. I haven't read any of the others, but if they are up to this standard and all standalone, as I guess they are, then go ahead, you're in for a good read.

You can read the full review on my blog - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sun-Kissed-B...
2,347 reviews32 followers
November 26, 2018
She is a tomboyish construction worker whose brothers are a pest. When she broke her leg they wouldn't bring her a book and she didn't ask. She got bored with all her previous boyfriends and never even noticed they broke up. He's a super hot billionaire sex god who can make a girl come by only touching her breasts and has sworn off relationships for no particular reason. She wrecks her vehicle and instead of being worried about her injuries he lusts over her unconscious body. They are snowbound in a cabin but fortunately they have steaks and a hot tub. When they have sex he forgives her for getting on top. She gives up a hot TV career for him. They live happily ever after. The end.

Stories in which strangers are stranded and forced to get to know each other can be great but I didn't care for this one.
April 26, 2020
Love at first cabin 😍

Oohhh..two completely different people but with one thing in common, their belief in not being in relationships. Reed has grown among 4 brothers, she's a tomboy with a princess at heart. But working with her hands, being on the field for her job has always been the way she is. On the other hand, Mason is the proud owner of his own business. With Mason wanting some renovation work done with reed's firm, they both meet under totally unusual circumstances. Snowy stormy nights and a very huge cabin with only Reed and Mason. 😜. Things are bound to happen. But what they both didn't anticipate were the gush of feelings they would feel. I'm really looking forward to reading Marc's book asy heart really felt for his heartbreak. So yeah now onto book 2. Then onto Marc's book. ♥️
Profile Image for Donna.
Author 7 books24 followers
December 9, 2018
Emotional, heartbreaking, angst-ridden story. Reed was a renovating expert working for her father in his company along with her four exasperating brothers. She went to meet a client in upstate New York to renovate his "cabin". It was a large house not to be confused with a cabin in any way. She was caught in a blizzard and had an accident. Mason, the client rescued her and warmed her up thus saving her life. They were there passing the time talking and other things for a week. their chemistry was so intense they did not need any other heat. What would happen when they had to part and go their separate ways? You need to read Liz Scott's Snow Kissed by the Billionaire to find the answer.
Profile Image for Margaret Watkins.
2,827 reviews55 followers
August 23, 2017
A fun, romantic bit of escapism, Snow Kissed by the Billionaire made me sigh and wish it had happened to me. Only I don't wear workmen's boots or carry a tool belt. I enjoyed the characters and the complete opposites attract theme. Mason saw through Reed's facade and was able to reach in to her inner princess and as much as she needed to be in control, Mason was able to meet her at every level. Reed's brothers while amusing, really needed a head slap. This is a quick, lighthearted read and is reasonably well written, with a delightful HEA, leaving a smile on the reader's face.
Profile Image for Annemarie.
2,186 reviews13 followers
May 27, 2021
I loved this story! Reed is the youngest and only daughter to the Hamilton family. She has worked along side her father and brothers in the family Construction/Renovation company, always trying to prove she is just as good as they are. She meets Mason at his family's cabin, he wants to renovate it for his parents. They get snowed in and although neither of them want or are looking for a serious relationship, they are drawn together and fall hard. But can they make a relationship work? Can they live without each other? Liked the ending.
Profile Image for Cynthia.
3,201 reviews75 followers
November 15, 2018
Loved It

Read was a woman at heart but with 4 older brothers she turned into a tomboy and worked at her family home renovation business. She is going to New York do kook at a cabin renovation for a friend of her father's. Tate wants to do an update on his parents cabin as a gift. He's waiting for Reed to show when he see something out the window. It has been snowing and she crashed & he rescues her and they get showed in.
643 reviews1 follower
November 20, 2018
From tomboy to girley girl

Reed grew up with four brothers in her family's construction business and didn't seem to care about finding love. Mason grew up thinking his dad was absent too much and vowed to never put a woman thru what his mother went thru. Reed wrecked her car in snow storm on way to give Mason estimate on renovation of family cabin. Well of course they were just what the other never knew they were missing. HEA.
Profile Image for Holly Bargo.
Author 36 books138 followers
March 25, 2019
It needs something

First, the editing overall is pretty good, except for misused apostrophes and a couple of homophone errors (e.g., wreaked is not the same as reeked). The romance moves quickly and maintains an even pace. Reed's unique character is diluted with those "I really just wanna be a girl" despite protests to the contrary. Mason makes little impression; he's not a particularly memorable hero. It's not a bad story, but my reaction was basically "meh."
Profile Image for Debbie Taylor.
2 reviews1 follower
June 26, 2017
Snow Kissed - Like two snowplow meeting in the night!💕
Wow! Loved this book. Read in one setting. It is about two people
Who didn't think they could fall in love. But the snow came and they
were stuck together. Have to read to see what happens. 👀
I love this author. Have read several of her books love them. 💗
Profile Image for Angel.
400 reviews29 followers
July 1, 2017
This is a book that will suck you in from the first chapter. Reed catches our interest as the ultimate tom boy who catches the heart of the billionaire Mason. What will happen when they are snowed in for a week? Can they find true love? They say that opposites attract and Reed and Mason are very opposite. Read this to find the answers and a great story!
123 reviews
April 4, 2018
An opposites attract beginning

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, an adventure in love. L.Scott certainly knows how to build on a story line until you cannot wait to turn the page.... I read a great deal and she has become my new, favorite author. Her characters are real, they come off the page for me, and make me apart of the story by being a silent observer. SO GOOD!!!
480 reviews
November 14, 2018
Great book!!

I love this story! Reed is a tomboy and renovations contractor. She has 4 brothers who have helped shape her into the tomboy. Mason is a business man and workaholic. He wants to remodel his parents cabin. Reed goes to give him a bid and they are snowed in. The sparks start flying between them!! Great romance with some very steamy times!
Profile Image for Michelle Ferrari-Johnson.
1,558 reviews36 followers
December 29, 2018
Made For Each Other

Wrecked, rescued and worshipped all at once. Reed and Mason have instantaneous sparks and enjoy learning about each other before her crazy brothers crash their party. Fear of becoming his father, Mason lets her leave and a whole bunch of trying times arise for him.
A fast and enjoyable read. Be ready for LOLs and smirks jumping on your face~
Profile Image for K.M. Lowe.
Author 33 books585 followers
January 5, 2019

This was the first book that I've read by this author, and I have to say, for a quick read it was enjoyable. I liked Reed and Mason. They were addictive characters. The story and the plot was also flowing nicely. Definitely worth a read if you like a quick contemporary romance.
Profile Image for Christine Galletly.
1,064 reviews4 followers
June 28, 2021
I really enjoyed this book – I thought that it was great!

It was really well written and had a great flow to the story.

I loved the storyline and thought that it was a really nice book to read and relax with.

It is a perfect start to the series and I can’t wait to read the next book

It is 5 stars from me for this one – very highly recommended!
Profile Image for Sharon Eikenberry-Deary.
732 reviews4 followers
November 30, 2018
All Reed knew was renovations

All Mason knew was bras and panties. Yet he wants to have his parents cabin renovated. So he calls his dads friend. He thought Reed was a guy but what was he in for. TROUBLE... His rules where about to be broken
Profile Image for Linda.
36 reviews1 follower
December 11, 2018

The characters were likable. I loved how Mason and Reed found and helped each other. I can't wait to read Marc and Callie's story. I hope there will also be books for Reed's brothers.
1,343 reviews3 followers
March 21, 2019
Reed is a building contractor just like her four brothers, and her new contract is a lingerie designer and producer.

When an unexpected blizzard strands Reed and Mason at the cabin Mason wants inspected for a renovation, their attraction to each other is a surprise.
Profile Image for Susanne Scott.
1,251 reviews9 followers
November 21, 2019
A great quick steamy read. Both Reed and Mason were kidding themselves about what they wanted out of a relationship. Together they were perfect for each other and were exactly what they didn’t realise they were looking for.
285 reviews
January 4, 2021
Mason and Reed. Reed is going to renovate Mason’s cabin. They are stuck in a snowstorm and opt to explore their chemistry. He doesn’t want to repeat his Dad’s mistakes. She doesn’t know how to be loved as a girl. HEA. short and sweet.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Midniteandwolves.
549 reviews1 follower
December 25, 2021
Liked it a lot

I so enjoyed Reed and Mason’s story. I love watching them fight their feelings, getting to know each other while they are together trapped. Can’t wait to see what happens with the next book.
1 review
March 15, 2022
Quick read

It made me laugh! It made me cry! I've always been an avid reader, but was bored with it also. Was getting into books about handsome dragon shifters when I found Snow Kissed. Loved it!
352 reviews5 followers
March 21, 2022
Excellent Book

Lizabeth Scott is a new author to me I just loved this book I stayed up until 4:00AM in the morning to finish it I can not wait to buy her next one in this series I highly recommend this book to everyone Dorothy Schaefer
1,278 reviews
June 27, 2017
I really loved this book. Loved how close the siblings were, even though it made Reed want to be her own person, and do what she wanted with her life. Being snowed in with a great guy was the best.
150 reviews
August 19, 2017
Love always wins

I loved reading Mason and Reed's story. I recommend this book. I was hooked from the beginning Can't wait for the next book
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