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Everything is not as it seems.

Alexander IV has succeeded to the throne of the billion-dollar Kingwood Empire, but the people he thought he could trust aren't allies.

They're enemies.

Everyone he cares about is at risk.

Decisions--SACRIFICES--must be made.

What will he do to protect the people he loves? Will Sara Jane live or die?

Find out NOW in this EPIC conclusion to the bestselling The Kingwood Duet. Savage, book 1 in the series, should be read first and is LIVE on Amazon.


First published August 13, 2017

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About the author

S.L. Scott

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Living in the capital of Texas with her family, New York Times bestselling Author, S.L. Scott, loves traveling, avocados, beaches, and cooking with her kids. She's obsessed with epic romances and loves a good plot twist.

Scott writes character driven, heart-racing, and swoony romances to suspense that will leave you glued to the page. Her stories are regarded as emotion-filled and soulful. With stories ranging from light and witty beach reads to heart wrenching and heart healing, Scott has a story for all readers. Her books are more than escapes for the voracious readers of today. They are journeys of the heart that always come with a happily ever after reward at the end.

Website: www.slscottauthor.com or https://geni.us/slscott
Newsletter: https://geni.us/intheknow
Amazon Author Page: https://geni.us/SLSAm
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Instagram: https://geni.us/IGSLS
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508 reviews1,882 followers
August 14, 2017

HOW WILL I EVEN MOVE ON WITH MY LIFE. I think I just died a thousand deaths.

I cannot even begin to tell you how utterly and completely obliterated my heart and soul were after the ending of Savage!!! CHRIST!! I was DYING. DYING. DYING to find out what was going to happen with Sara Jane and Alexander's love journey! SERIOUSLY. That ending though....

SL Scott has created and delivered another achingly beautiful, heart stopping, star-crossed romance. Once I started Savior, I could. Not. Stop. Her brilliant story telling captivated me from start to finish. I am IN LOVE with these characters. IN. LOVE. I was submersed within the pages and never wanted to resurface. I felt like I was living through Alexander’s pain. His struggles. His fears. His sacrifices. God. I felt them. That’s one of the many reasons I love Scott’s writing so much. SHE MAKES YOU FEEL EVERY WORD. And I FELT. IT. ALL.

Savior is one of my absolute favourite stories of the year. It’s unforgettable. It’s completely mind blowing with it’s twists and turns and WTF moments. I was literally on the edge of my seat through most of this book. I never wanted this story to end. I didn’t want to say good bye to these characters. I love them so much. SO. MUCH. I don’t think I will ever be over this love story and the universe I became a part of.

The Kingwood Duet is one of the most soul searing love stories I have ever read. SL Scott killed me in the best possible way with her beautiful, emotional, heart stopping words. Savior was brilliant magic and simply unforgettable. This duet is one of my all time favourite stories from Scott. I'll never, ever forget it. Alexander and Firefly own my heart and soul. Like I said, MAGIC.


SAVIOR (The Kingwood Duet Book 2): http://amzn.to/2hWzPMK

SAVAGE (The Kingwood Duet Book 1): http://amzn.to/2vtMMmf

The Kingwood Duet: http://amzn.to/2hVZTId
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1,654 reviews977 followers
August 31, 2017
*** 3- 3.5 stars***

This is the conclusion to the "Kingwood Duet" and it was definitely a little less on the slow side than the first book; but I had a lot of peeves with the story. My main bump on the road with this whole story was the heroine. Sarah Jane just rubbed me the wrong way. She was such a contradiction in the way she acted, and the decisions she made. One minute she would be reassuring Alexander that she was with him forever, and the next moment she would be mad and wanting to leave. That drove me bezerk!!! LOL

There were some twists and turns and a few had me surprised..it was those events that kept me involved in the story...but as far as the relationship between Sarah Jane and Alexander, I just wasn't fully invested in them. There are some secondary characters though, that have caught my attention..and to be honest, the next book coming out is about Jason (one of the secondary characters) and I will have to read it! He intrigued me, and I am very eager to find out what kind of skeletons he's got in his closet!
I will continue with that one, but truthfully, as far as this main couple goes...I'm kind of done with them! LOL
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2,434 reviews4,554 followers
August 12, 2017
4 epic stars

Savior was one of my most anticipated books because I needed answers! I enjoyed the first book a lot and I adored Savior.Savior was dark,passionate and intense.Alexander and Sara Jane's love story is one of the most powerful,intense and true loves I have ever read!Get ready for an emotional roller coaster! These two are something else!If you are looking for an epic love and a story full of surprises,suspense,twists and turns this book was perfect!


August 13, 2017
*ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review*

5+++ "Firefly" Stars!!!!

Ok. So I thought if I gave myself a little time after I finished reading this book, I'd have the right words for this review. But, it turns out that no amount of time will be enough. I haven't stopped thinking about this story or these characters since I closed my kindle two nights ago. I'm still absorbing SL's words and breathing Alexander and Sara Jane. It's as if I'm teetering in a place between the right here and now and I'm stuck here and there with all these emotions. My heart is full, but at same time also empty. I don't know how/when I'll move on from this epic story. And you know what? I'm more than perfectly fine with that.

I was out of my mind when I finished reading 'Savage' (first book in The Kingwood Duet). My heart was in my throat. My hands were on my head, fisting my hair. I had tears cascading down my face. I had trouble taking breaths. I couldn't for the life of me control my emotions. I was a mess, a complete and utter mess. I had endless questions. "What the heck just happened?" "Why is Jason there?" "NO! NO! She can't be. Is she?" "Please! She's not dead, right?" I needed answers, badly. I needed to know what was going to happen, even though I might not like the outcome.

'Savior' will have you on the edge of your seat. It will take you on a bumpy emotional ride. This book has so many twists and turns that it'll have your head spinning. It will answer all the questions you've been dying to have answered. You will get answers to questions you didn't even think to ask. Your jaw will drop to the floor at some of the revelations. Surprise after surprise after surprise.

Alexander and Sara Jane share such a deep connection that you think to yourself, nothing can possibly tear them apart. Their souls are entwined and their hearts were made to love one another. A love so strong can never be severed, right? There is always heartache in the corner. Waiting to clutch it's ugly hands on you. So, can a love so binding and addicting survive? Or will it suffer the most ugliest of fates?

SL Scott, I don't have words. You surpassed every single expectation. I can't even begin to tell you how completely in awe I am of you. The writing was out-of-this-world phenomenal! I lived and breathed this story. I got lost in the immensity that was Alexander and Sara Jane. These two characters will always hold a special place in my heart and soul. This duet is by far one of my absolute favorites and top reads of 2017.

I need all of you to read this duet. I've pushed books onto people, but nothing of this magnitude. I seriously need for everyone to listen. I implore you, please, please, please READ THIS DUET!
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3,237 reviews100 followers
August 13, 2017
The end of Savage gutted me my heart and soul hurt for Alexander I just couldn't wait to get my hands on this but I was anxious.
It's so hard to not put spoilers in this review because everything i could tell you is a possible spoiler. Be prepared for the unexpected there are secrets huge secrets and twists that I never would have guessed in a million years.
My heart was pounding in hope and fear, I loved book one but this one was more emotional. The author has managed to convey every single emotion all the characters are feeling. I laughed I cried, I smiled I swooned, at times I forgot to breath such was the intensity of this book.
A fantastic conclusion to this duet, now my search is on to find a King to love me with such devotion ❤️

reviewed by Sweet Spot Sisterhood
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3,749 reviews442 followers
August 14, 2017
When I saw this on my tablet I immediately dug in because Savage left me devastated.

I devoured every word needing my questions answered. My emotions were on a rollercoaster, one minute crying, the next pissed off and wanting to b*tch slap someone.

Even though I felt for what "Alexander was going through at the same time I wanted to punch him for being an idiot!!! He trusted people that I felt he shouldn't have. And the secrets he kept from Sara WTH!!

Like I said I was going through too many emotions that by the end I wasn't sure how it was going to end. I'm still feeling a little twitchy from this.

S.L. Scott, you have outdone yourself with the sequel!!! You kept us on pins and needles trying to figure out how it would end. SO many twists, turns and secrets!! ~Kara, 5 Brilliant Stars
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727 reviews18 followers
August 12, 2017

I'm trying to gather my thoughts on what I want to say about Savior, the ending to this superbly written duet. What I can and will say is that is surpassed my expectations. We were left hanging at the end of Savage, so many secrets and heartfelt emotions. What will become of Sara Jane, Alexander, Chase, Cruise, and Shelly, the characters we've grown so attached to. They are family. They are deeply imbedded in our thoughts and hearts as we begin this journey again in Savior!

This is an intense read right from the start, filled with twists and turns you DO.NOT.SEE coming. You will be on the edge of your seat, hanging on every word S.L. gives you. The fierce and unwavering connection between Alexander and Sara Jane remains, but what continues to get in their way is his need for revenge. His past and need for answers continue to weigh him down and pull him in a direction Sara Jane, his Queen, doesn't want him to go. His need for truth and justice is the very thing that could tear them apart. They continue to fight this battle together, in search of peace and happiness for their future.

This duet is my favorite read by S.L. Her ability to pull you in to the story and not let go is amazing! This story is captivating, unexpected, raw and real. There is betrayal, pain, love and forgiveness. You will FEEL ALL THE FEELS! This is a fantastic journey and a beautiful love story you don't want to miss out on!
August 6, 2017
Savior, the pulse pounding follow up to Savage, the first book in the Kingwood duet, is as as much a tumultuous roller coaster of emotion as it is a suspenseful journey of violence, deceit and treachery. With twists and turns on every page, jaw dropping revelations at every turn, and moments so beautifully romantic they took my breath away, Savior was a perfectly chaotic sequel and I enjoyed every second. 

This storyline is such a change of pace for SL Scott and I so enjoyed that. I never knew what to expect, the uncertainty and the long buried secrets kept coming until the very last page. This book was infuriating and sexy and twisted and I devoured it in one sitting. I love a story where a happy ending seems impossible, where the darkness and tragedy seem to outweigh the good. Stories like this make you feel so much, keeping the reader at the edge of their seat from beginning to end and Savior certainly did that for me. 

The love story between Alexander Kingwood and Sara Jane Grayson is an exciting, heart stopping, suspenseful ride the entire way through. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this duet is a step outside the box for me. I let go of everything and just allowed this storyline to take me away. And it did. Once again, I was lost in the secrets and the lies and the decadent pleasure pain of not knowing how this would end. I embraced the chaos, this strange marriage between a Victorian romance novel and a modern day angsty contemporary love story. Somehow SL Scott just makes it all work. This satisfying sequel was the perfect way to round out this storyline and now I can't wait for Jason's story!
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394 reviews53 followers
August 12, 2017
What a conclusion full of twists and turns, secrets revealed and anticipation. Savior continues where Savage left off and there is not a lot I can say to not spoil this except to expect the unexpected until the very end. I enjoyed this series very much, I found the plot different and unique with mystery and suspense driven by passionate and unmeasurable love between Sara Jane and Alexander. Hold on to your horses and enjoy the Kingwood ride.
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944 reviews70 followers
August 25, 2017
I knew that I had to read this ASAP and in one day I did.

This story of Alexander and Sara Jane left me with a feeling of not wanting it to end. This amazing author knows how to really keep you turning page after page after page just so that you want to know where it starts and ends with them.

This amazing series will have you hating and loving the secondary characters from Cruise, Chad, Jason and Shelly but it'll also leave you in tears, deaths, angst, frustration, omg moments to WTF and twists that I never saw coming, so despite me wanting to detail every sector of this book but you know I won't spoil it, but trust me you'll be in Alexander Kingwood heaven for awhile lol *winks*

Again as I said before I do recommend this series.
Author 27 books515 followers
August 6, 2017
After reading, Savage, I couldn't wait to dive into Savior. In all honesty, I was very nervous because I knew S.L. Scott was going to take me on a ride. What I didn't expect was to feel as if I jumped off a cliff tethered to a bungee cord. Holy wow! I've read books with twists and turns, but Savior will take you on a ride that will have you holding your breath.

There's something to be said about true love. A love so strong that even when you're not together, you can feel them in not only your heart but deep in your soul. Alexander Kingwood is that book hero that you will want to cheer for and pray he makes the right decisions for not only himself but everyone around him.

The character development from book one to book two is strong and the writing will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Kingwood Duet is a must read. Congratulations, S.L. Scott on writing a duet, that I won't soon forget.
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230 reviews3 followers
August 12, 2017
What an epic conclusion to an amazing story! Sara Jane and Alexander will forever be etched in my heart. Their love is the thing poems are made of! This story has all of the edge of your seat suspense, mystery, intrigue and heat that I really enjoy in a book. Add in the amazing writing and ability to weave a magical tale, SL Scott nailed this duet!
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7,510 reviews16 followers
August 13, 2017
Book Review For: Savior by S.L. Scott 'Savior' by S.L. Scott is Book Two in "The Kingwood Duet". This continues the story of Alexander and Sara Jane. Since this is a continuing story I do feel you need to read the previous book first. This book picks up where 'Savage' Book 1 left off. Alexander is dealing with what has happened to Sara Jane know that he would not be able to go on with his life if he doesn't have her. Sara Jane is dealing with physical issue and all the emotional turmoil that has been left . Sara Jane for a little while holds harsh feelings but these two are soul mates that can't be separated. I must say that I have truly enjoyed their story and Ms. Scott's writing. "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."https://www.amazon.com/gp/profile/A2H... https://twitter.com/soapsrus68 https://www.facebook.com/RomanceBookR... http://booklikes.com/bloghttps://roma... https://www.tumblr.com/blog/romancebo...
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1,867 reviews295 followers
August 6, 2017
"Only true love can reach the depths of a tortured soul."

I just about died waiting for the conclusion to The Kingwood Duet after the WTF? ending of the first book. I was so totally invested that I needed to know what happened because I couldn't get Savage out of my head. I kept replaying it over and over in my mind, wanting, wishing, worrying... waiting.

If you are reading this review, then you probably already read Savage, so you know that I can't tell you what happens. That mind numbing ending is right where Savior begins. You will relive it all over again. You will gasp and hold your breath, bite your nails and worry. You will read faster, turning the pages to get to the answer hoping it's the one your heart needs to resume beating.

Those people that you hate... you will hate harder. Those questions that need answers, you will get them. And they will blow your mind. That love that transcends time will be remembered and replayed. That bad boy that you fell in love with before, will take you even deeper and wreck you even more. Sleep. What is that? You won't be getting any of that until you turn the last page, because there will be no walking away from Savior once you start reading. And when you finish reading it, your mind won't turn off, it will keep churning with every revelation and declaration. Your heart will get a workout that you won't soon forget. And I guarantee, like me, you'll already be waiting for the next S.L. Scott masterpiece. The line forms here...
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429 reviews7 followers
August 8, 2017
I was on pins and needles waiting for Savior. The gut wrenching ending to Savage ripped my heart out and left me empty inside. I was desperate for answers. My mind wouldn't stop spinning over Alexander and Sara Jane. I knew without a doubt the conclusion to The Kingwood Duet would be nothing short of a masterpiece!

S.L Scott left me gasping in shock and completely breathless with Savior! This is by far her best book to date! If not one of the most all consuming completely enthralling love stories I have read in my entire life! Scott's ability to capture you with this story was nothing short of phenomenal. In Savior you will FEEL ALL THE FEELS! The emotion charges and crackles from your kindle, straight into you heart. Its a perfectly spun web of overwhelming heartache, undevoted passion, and all consuming mystery. It's a roller coaster ride of twists and turns that leave your mind reeling over and over again. Believe me when I say you will not even see a fraction of whats to come coming.

SL Scott keeps you so consumed in the thrill and mystery that you crave that next page. It becomes a addiction to see what happens next for the characters we have come to love in Savage. The need for revenge continues to course like fire through the pages of Savior. Betrayal, pain, and forgiveness pull at your soul like a ocean tides. Alexander entrances you with his real, and downright captivating journey.

5 stars will never feel like enough for this duet, or Savior. Its everything the name promises it to be. A blinking Firefly of light to a darkly haunting love story!

*I voluntarily read a advanced copy!*
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3,354 reviews35 followers
August 13, 2017
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Stephanie's Book Reports.

Savior is the second book in The Kingwood Duet from S.L. Scott. You must read the first book Savage to know what is going on in Savior.

Alexander Kingwood the IV has taken over the thrown of the billion dollar Kingwood Empire. People he thought he could trust aren't allies. They are his enemies. Everyone that he cares about is at risk. The time has come for sacrifices and decisions to be made. What is Alexander willing to do to protect the people he loves and will Sara Jane live or die?

Savior picks up right where Savage left off and boy oh boy what a ride it is. I swear I don't think a book has shocked me as much as this one has toward the end. Sara Jane and Alexander have a love like no two other people have ever had. They are so in love with each other and Alexander makes sure that his Firefly knows all the time that she saved him and that he is only himself when she is with him. Now though there are dangers on every corner for both Alexander and Sara Jane. He discovers so many things in the first book and those things that he tries to right now just might come back to bite him in the butt. I am so afraid of spoiling something so you just need to know that Savior is just as good as Savage and will have you reading just as fast as you can. There is so much that goes on in the book that it will keep you guess and then blow your mind when it is all revealed. It was so much fun to read and had me on the edge of my seat more times than not. I am still a huge fan of King and his Firefly and loved how much they loved and devoted of themselves to each other. It is a beautiful, epic, heart stopping story that you do not want to miss.

S.L. Scott has written an absolutely amazing duet. One that is so worth reading. It is a set of books that you will not soon forget and one that will have you reading well into the night. It is certainly a set of books that I will be reading again and again.
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381 reviews11 followers
August 12, 2017
***I received an ebook copy in exchange for an honest review***

Holy. Crow.

Savior whipped my heart—and emotions—into a frenzy from the first page. With this book, Scott brings readers a heart-stopping, action-packed thrill ride of a story, filled with angst, passion, violence, and romance.

The connection between Alex and Sara Jane is even more prominent in Savior. Without giving away any spoilers (because hey, who likes those?), I will say that circumstances cause Alex to have to prove himself to Sara, and eventually he has to make the decision about what Alex he wants to be: the status-obsessed, big man Alex, or the Alex who Sara Jane can come home to every night.

Savior, like its predecessor Savage, kept me on the edge of my seat, white-knuckling my Kindle. I had absolutely no idea what direction Scott was going to take me in, no idea if she was going to grace readers with a happily ever after, or throw a huge, angsty ending on us. The twists and turns in the story were endless, but they fit perfectly and made the story even better.

This book is a beautiful mix of gut-wrenching action scenes and poetically beautiful romance. The Kingwood Duet is such a departure from what Scott typically writes, and she did an amazing job tackling this. I’ve read all of Scott’s work, and the two books in the Kingwood Duet are by far her strongest, most emotional and action-filled pieces of work yet.

I look forward to seeing what direction Scott will take us in next!

Savior gets the Wordaholic Must Read Seal of Approval.

Five stars to this book!
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5,464 reviews14 followers
August 6, 2017
Savior by SL Scott is the second book in The Kingwood Duet. Savior is no standalone. You must read Savage, book one in the duet, first.
Savior picks up where Savage ends up.
Sara Jane returned to Alexander´s mansion and was ambushed, beaten, shot at and severely injured. Now she back from the hospital and tries to put her life back together. She wants a do-over with Alexander. But he´s suspiciously absent.
Alexander is devastated with the incidents and plots revenge- what else. He´s eaten by guilt, but he has to decide who he wants to be . A boy who plays king or a man.
In Savior Sara and Alexander come full circle.
This book is a epic mindfudge. Nothing is as it´s seems. Savior is full of unexpected twists and turns. There´s revenge, hate, healing, love and acceptance.
Savior is a dark romance and not for the faint of heart. I give 4 dark stars. Thank you SL Scott!
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447 reviews13 followers
August 5, 2017
OMG! This book! What an ending to this duet! This series has a little bit of everything - it was like being on an emotional roller coaster!! Sometimes things in life aren't as they seem. Born into privilege, King has money and power. He feels invincible. He has it all and yet he has nothing. His heart is hardened and he needs retribution for the wrongs he has suffered. But love complicates his end goal. His heart wants what it shouldn't - it wants Sara Jane, and that may be his complete undoing. When he crosses paths with her, his heart begins to see something other than the revenge he has sought for years. But can his life be with her or will his need to find the truth end it all? This is a story of lies, pain, betrayal and greed. It is full of mystery and intrigue. But this is also a beautiful story of love and forgiveness. I loved it!❤️❤️
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1,208 reviews198 followers
August 20, 2017
4,5. Que livro!!! Falar que adorei foi pouco. A autora foi fantástica, que reviravolta na história. Que amor maravilhoso.
Apenas achei a personagem principal sempre pensando o pior, isso ficou um pouco cansativo. Mas tudo foi esquecido pelo amor intenso deles. Muito intenso.
Vale a leitura demais.
Agora esperando ansiosamente por Jason.
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836 reviews32 followers
August 12, 2017
I have no words. Emotionally charged, heartbreaking, shocking twists and turns I never saw coming.

Okay. It has literally taken me a week to get my thoughts together on this phenomenal story. I'm still reeling from the intensity that surrounds Alexander and Sarah Jane. Love knows no boundaries when it comes to your soulmate.

Lines are crossed. Loyalty is tested. Fate has intervened. This story will stay with me for a while.

Jen reviewing for KinkyGirlsBookObsessions
544 reviews41 followers
August 7, 2017
O.M.G. what an ending to an amazing Duet.

The twist and turns, I did not see coming. This Duet is and will be one of my favorites ever.

Alexander and Sara.....they make my heart soar.

Just amazing.
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912 reviews11 followers
August 6, 2017
Well, what can I say..... This blew me away. In Savage the love between Alexander and Sara Jane shone so bright, and that ending....... ***Spoiler alert***

We start Savoir immediately where Savage ended, with Alexander holding Sara Jane in his arms, in the car, on the way to the hospital, talk about being on the edge of my seat!

These two were really good together, they had individual secrets, but once pushed into a corner, those secrets get aired.

The journey we go on whilst finding out the reason why Alexander was so intent on finding the scum who murdered his mother, Madeline.

He did the honorable thing where his birth mother, April was concerned, and Sara Jane's intuition on her never was off kilter, she had her pegged and I was surprised when Alex didn't actually feel the same. Thankfully the truth comes out.

Ooh we lost Chad at the end of Savage, and his lost was felt by all, but the kind of man Chad was he was always going to drop everything to help a friend. I felt so sorry for Shelly she had every right to harbour her anger even if was mis-directed, but was relieved when she realised she was being mean.

Well Jason, the enigma that he was. The truth about the mysteriousness surrounding him, that was certainly a twist in the tale and he really was Sara Jane's friend even to Alex's chagrin. He really knew how to push Alex's buttons. Jason was looking out for Sara Jane whilst she was finding herself in the small town she made her home for a few short months.

Oh my goodness, about 65% in and BAMM!!! plot twist alert! Didn't see that coming, Alexander did however have a hidden strength, he was so stubborn but nothing was going to keep him from his Firefly. And what Cruise went through, what a friend, he really did have his friend's back.

Then we get to meet an amazing lady, with so much love and goodness it was nice to get a glimpse of this wonderful woman. And Neely, Alexander's housekeeper, I knew she was a good lady, she was always looking out for Alexander and Sara Jane.

This was a lovely conclusion to the duet, there were highs, lows, deceit, anger, frustration, there were even more secrets, hurt but Love and happiness was the front runner.

This keeps you turning the pages, needing to know what's gong to come next, hoping that the greater good is most definitely going to shine through.

Fantastic reading, all emotions lead to an exciting, thrilling suspense read!
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659 reviews1 follower
August 13, 2017
Savior was everything I hoped and expected! S.L. Scott has written an amazing story filled with angst and surprising twists. She is a master of beautiful words and forms poetry on every page. Each character plays a role in the endgame of this one - suspect everyone! The events in The Kingwood Duet, past and present, collide to provide a full-blown explosion of the mind!

S.L. has delivered a shocking conclusion to Savage, one that had me flying through the pages, reading through my fingers with my heart beating rapidly. No stone was left unturned, no thread left unraveled, and no questions left unanswered. You may not get the answers you had hoped for, your gut may be wrenching a bit, you may shed a few tears but when the Savior rises, all is right with the world.

Savior is full of flashback moments and beautiful, heartfelt words spoken between Sara Jane and Alexander, therefore, anything you read in this review doesn't mean anyone specific is alive or dead. Evil - I know! Sara Jane's strength is truly inspiring and she made an absolutely perfect heroine. Her ability to love Alexander and make him stronger, make him want to survive, is selfless.
"Bring on your darkness Alexander. Bring on your burdens, lighten your load, and let me love you."

I thoroughly enjoyed this conclusion and the duet as a whole. I found Savage to be filled with angst and had the best cliffhanger EVER! Savior had angst but it was filled with intrigue, mystery, and suspense. S.L. has the reader thinking and wondering in every chapter. This duet really MUST be read in order--Savior is not a standalone. Savior is a beautiful conclusion to the Romeo and Juliet inspired fairytale of The King and his Queen, his little Firefly. The pain they endure, the strength they find to survive because of the other is everything a true romance should be.
"What do you owe me, Alexander?" "My life. Remembering I had you to live for saved me. I always knew you'd be my savior. You're just so goddamn beautiful. My little Firefly is all grown up."

If you are left wanting more after this amazing diet is finished, no reason to fret. S.L. has created amazing side characters that have a life of their own and a story to tell. I look forward to reading more from this author as she continues to write about all of them.
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2,976 reviews3 followers
August 8, 2017
Book 1, Savage, needs to be read first and please do not read the review if you haven't read the first one yet.

Alexander Kingwood IV, "King", knows that Sara Jane Grayson might slip out of his hands after everything that happened in the first book. She is barely hanging on yet was on her way back to him after everything that happened. Now he is hell bent on getting revenge on those that hurt her and for whomever killed his mother.

Sara Jane Grayson is still in love with King after everything and knows her place is beside him but at what cost? She lost something precious and blames herself to a certain degree and she struggles with the loss of Chad and her friendship with Shelly.

But something else is still going on and King and Sara Jane are not out of harm's way just yet. Will they discover the truth before it's too late?

This was a great conclusion to the duet!

I loved King and this book showed how vulnerable he really was with everything that happened to Sara Jane. He wanted revenge and had to get to the bottom of everything before he landed in jail himself. The revelations regarding him were totally unexpected and definitely threw me but then it made other things make sense. He had such determination but really blamed himself for not answering his phone.

Sara Jane was strong and knew she wanted to be with King, even at the cost of her family. I loved her intuition and how she knew something was off. I was super sad when everything between her and Shelly broke down yet when it counted everything was where it should be.

There were certain things in the book that I was completely right for but there was one huge twist near the end that was completely unexpected and I was totally shocked. I loved it but was somewhat sad at all the time King spent with it.

This was such a great duet and I can't wait for what the author has for us next!!
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August 8, 2017
I Voluntarily Reviewed an Avanced Reader Copy of this book!

This is the sequel to Savage by S.L. Scott. It was much anticipated and it did not dissapoint.

A truly dark and beautiful love story with layers upon layers of suspense. Poor Alexander was trying so desperately to find out who killed his mother that he failed to focus on the light in his life. Sara Jane was coming back to him after a 3 month hiatus with good news that would change their relationship. However, she gets caught in the line of fire (literally) and crosshairs of Alexanders Enemies. These enemies are closer to their inner circle without anyone noticing.

Sara Jane is so deep in love with Alexander that any amount of trials and challenges doesn't waver her love for him. These two are star crossed lovers like Romeo and Juliet intensified. Alexander loves his "Firefly"beyond reason but his sense of love is a bit skewed. He believes in her, her light, her love, and her spirit. Yet, when his presence really counts, he leaves her in a lurch.

I loved the never ending surprises, the crazy roller coasters these lovers go through and the intense passion. They are finally due some downtime and relaxation after everything they endured. To Happily Ever After!

Can't wait to read the ultimate mystery man, Jason's story!

5+++ Stars
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August 15, 2017
5 stars

Savior is now live!
Another fab read by SL Scott.
The Kingwood Duet is now completed and I highly recommend this duet!


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