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Suncoast Society #56

See You Sometime

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(Suncoast Society series book #56, MF, BDSM)

Divorced from her Master husband of fifteen years, Skye moves back to Sarasota to live with her parents and rebuild her life. New job, new kinky friends, and she reconnects with her D&D buddies from high school. Including her old boyfriend, Axel.

Axel’s been divorced for a couple of years and realizes he’s pretty much given up on dating. He also knows most of his D&D friends are kinky, and they assume he’s a straight-laced guy. When Skye returns to his life, he doesn’t dare hope there might be a possibility they can make things work now that they’re all grown up. Or can they?

Sometimes, the second chance is the sweetest…and the one best able to destroy you. Axel soon realizes if he can’t figure out how to give Skye what she needs, there are plenty of guys who will. But if he has to say good-bye to her a second time, he’s not sure his heart will recover.

Related Books: Axel has made brief appearances in A Roll of the Dice and Initiative.


First published August 7, 2017

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About the author

Tymber Dalton

219 books1,900 followers
Lesli Richardson is the writer behind the curtain of her better-known pen name, Tymber Dalton (her "wild child" side). She lives in the Tampa Bay region of Florida with her spouse, writer Jon Dalton/Haley Jordan, and too many pets. When she's not playing D&D with her friends or shooting skeet, she's a part-time Viking shield-maiden in training, among other pursuits. The USA Today Bestselling Author (as Tymber) and two-time EPIC award winner is also the author of over two hundred books and counting.

She lives in her own little world, but it's okay, because they all know her there.

She also loves to hear from readers! Please check out her website for links, and to sign up for updates to keep abreast of the latest news, snarkage, and releases. There you'll also find reading order lists, and more information about her different series.

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6,640 reviews1,264 followers
May 10, 2021
The Romance Review

Finally, a feel good story after a pounding of angst in this series. Skye is moving on to better things, coming back to Florida. Excited to read about her re-connection with a high school crush, I am humming happily. Then Ms. Dalton pulls the rug out from under me. *shakes fist in the air*

This story starts out so fluffy and fun. Skye meets up with Axel through their group of friends playing D&D. This geek element makes me smile, even if I don't know how to play D&D. Having friends who do play D&D, I can understand how great it can be for people to get together and play it. The glimpses into the game may sound Greek or geek so to speak, but it is hilarious to me.

Skye and Axel's chemistry when they reconnect is delicious. The flirtation and sensual tension is great. Even Axel's interest into kink is all looking up. It is nice to see a story from a potential new dominant's point of view. Of course, Ms. Dalton must throw a kink in this smooth sailing relationship. Skye is a heavy impact masochist. Maybe not as much as author Candace Blevins' masochists, but pretty serious. Axel who is raised not to hurt women starts to back away from the lifestyle.

This situation is real. There are times where couples are not compatible in their kink and it can destroy a relationship. Whilst Axel's physical reactions to Skye's impact play are a bit extreme in my opinion, his emotional responses are spot on. The way Ms. Dalton tackles this issue is not my preferred method. Are we boiling a lobster or a frog? The lobster is thrown into a boiling pot of water and screams as it does and tries to get out of the water. (Yes, the screaming sound is not really vocally from the lobster.) Or if you place a frog into warm water and slowly raise the heat until it is boiling, the frog never jumps out because it becomes accustomed to the heat. Whilst these are extreme analogies, Ms. Dalton introduces Axel to Kink with the hardest Skye likes to play. There are pros and cons to this because it forces Axel to really think if he can handle it. The con is that it is so shocking, it may be so traumatic of an experience that he decides to just break up with Skye.

The slow method which I prefer has pros and cons too. The pros is that it slowly introduces kink and gets a little harder and more intense. It builds it up for a newbie. However, the con is, perhaps it never gets to the level and it may take longer. Which one is the better? It's hard to say. It really depends on the person.

Personally, I felt the characters in this book all ganged up on Axel and I didn't like it. Landry is probably the only one who was more patient and better with Axel. His gentle touch helped and if there is anyone to learn being a dom from, Landry is the one. Tilly is a like a mack truck and her behaviour towards Axel made me like her a little less. This story did end up with a happily ever after but it really could have gone sideways fast. This kinky romance is recommended to readers who want to see from a newbie dominant's point of view.
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846 reviews32 followers
August 9, 2017
Cue the happy dancing! Maybe even those flying cartoon birds! (Only if they are dressed in fetwear.) Tymber Dalton is back with a new Suncoast Society book that gives me the warm fuzzies. I love this series, have since I first picked it up at Kaden’s book. *sniffle* It’s perhaps my uber favorite BDSM series written. Tymber knows what she’s talking about, and her characters are the kind of people you can imagine being your friends or neighbors. (oh, how I wish they were mine!) I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan of the MM or MMM books, but that’s more of a personal reading preference than any lifestyle preference. I’m all about love who you want to love as long as no one gets hurt. (non-consensually that is.)

See You Sometime brings us a bit of a new dynamic into this, and it’s what Tymber is great at! Skye Bauer is moving back to Sarasota after leaving a complete jerk of a husband. Her two timing ex-wannabe dom made her life miserable and now she’s back home for a new start. She’s staying with her parents, that include a father who has no filter and loves to embarass her with his colorful sense of humor. When she reconnects on social media, she finds out that her old Dungeons and Dragons buddies are still around. Once she decides to attend a munch, she’s invited to their weekly game, where old high school flame Axel is. Her and Axel hit it off and soon Axel realizes he wants to try and be her Sir, but Skye is a heavy masochist. Enter Landry, Cris, and Bob. (Let’s not forget Tilly!) When Axel sees just how heavy Skye needs her pain, he loses it. Will they manage to work it out? You’ll have to grab a copy and find out what happens.

Getting to see Tilly in action at her finest was a big highlight, as well as seeing a whole new type of relationship outside of the club. I have to admit though, the Dungeons and Dragons stuff may have been written in Swahili for all I understood it. Thanks to Google and Wikipedia, I got a little bit of knowledge.
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115 reviews
August 7, 2017
The beginning of the book was both hilarious and sad. Sad that Skye was leaving her cheating ex, who was also her master, and moving back in with her parents. It was funny because of the names she called the ex, along with the comedy of errors- Murphy's Law. I fell in love with Skye's parents- her irreverent father and her mother who puts up with him.
This is also a love story that transcends time. Skye and Axel dated in high school. Life happened to both of them, with each getting married and divorced due to cheating spouses. Axel is vanilla with some kinky friends who are into gaming. When Skye is invited to a D&D night, she meets the DM Axel. The attraction is still there and they have to decide what to do, because Skye is a heavy masochist and Axel is not in that world at all. We journey with them and their friends into discovery and acceptance.
We see that Axel loves Skye enough to try and delve into the BDSM world, because Skye cannot give it up as it is a part of her. We also see how Landry, Tilly, Cris and Bob- along with all their other friends- help to keep these two together...
It was a fascinating book. It reiterates the consistent rule to BDSM is "SAFE SANE AND CONSENSUAL" . It also shows that truthfulness is a must in any relationship.
Thank you Tymber for another great book, although I was a little lost in the gaming part since I am not a gamer. I know it was essential to the book.
116 reviews
August 7, 2017
This is the latest book by Author Tymber Dalton in the Suncoast Society series. I read it in one go. In this book you meet Skye and Axel. They knew each other back in high school, they meet up again after Skye moves back from Pittsburgh to Sarasota. They both have similar back stories which help them understand each other. When they attempt a second chance at love can they make it work.
You see them interact with friends from high school and new friends. You watch as they learn what each like in and out of the kinky side of life. You see how they make decision's involving play with others and how to learn to give the other what they need.
I really like the dynamic between Skye and Axel. How they interact when something is uncomfortable for them. I can see this in real life which some authors are unable to translate with their writing. I would love to see more of these two in the future.
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11 reviews
August 11, 2017
See you sometime gives us the story of Skye and Axel. It's a continuation of the Suncoast Society series. This is one of my favourite series, made even better because it has 56 books in it (so far)!

This story is slightly different in that Skye, a submissive, is the one with all the experience, and Axel, the Master, is the newbie - and both aren't exactly spring chickens! Tymber always keeps me guessing with what she'll come up with next.

I loved that this is equal parts true love and hot sex. It held my attention from start to finish, and it was a great way to get a little more insight into the story of Bob, while weaving it amongst the greater story of Tilly, Landry, and Cris.

There are cameos of most of the Suncoast Society cast as well - there is NEVER enough Gilo to make me happy (unless he and Abby get another book, and even then it might not be enough!).
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2,855 reviews66 followers
August 9, 2017
Tymber Dalton's latest addition to her Suncoast Society is a very, very good book. I love that the characters, Skye and Axel, are "older" and have life experience. But what happens when you get a Submissive who is into the harder core BDSM play and a guy who is not into this at all? This is what I love about Tymber's books, the communication between the characters to make sure that everything turns out okay. There may be struggles along the way but will Axel be able to give Skye what she needs? And will Skye stay if Axel can't give her what she wants? And what is up with Bob?
The whole book had me wrapped up in it and it was hard to put down. Loved the book and I can't wait for the next one!!
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418 reviews
August 9, 2017
This is another great addition to the Suncoast Society series by Tymber Dalton. Skye has had nothing but bad luck since she figured out her husband has been cheating on her. Finally divorced, she is on her way back to Florida to get her life back. Axel has been existing since his wife left him for another man, his D&D game with his high school friends the best thing he has going. When these two reconnect, sparks are instantaneous but Skye has needs that involve BDSM. Can Axel become the man she needs as well as the man she wants? This book is great at explaining some aspects of the lifestyle as well as setting up the next book in the series.
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3,920 reviews41 followers
August 28, 2017
This story is a beautiful example of knowing where you fear lies and knowing what you truly want. It also reminds you that you need to go for what you want even it mean walking away from a good thing. Axel has had his confidence weakened and he needs to find it to move forward. Skye falls fast but she is strong enough to know herself and what she needs. It was great to see the mentors give care both of them the care they need to find their own way together. This story is sweet, nerve wracking, and full of power.
August 22, 2017
You gotta love a reunion story. High school sweethearts coming together after so many years has a few ups and downs. Marriages, divorces, kinkiness. Axel has to wrap his head around what Skye needs. The way it is written is pretty damn close to how it can and has happened in real life. Which is why this book works so well.
868 reviews
November 16, 2021
What a great second chance story, the fact that they knew each other from school was a different twist in this one. Would have thought something would have been said from "Kelly" at some point, would have been cool to hear more from her parents. Great to see Lan and their group helping newbies but kind of behind the scenes as well, such a different perspective than usual.
20 reviews2 followers
September 22, 2017

Another adventure with the Sun Coast crew. Interesting character development with the two main participants in this charming Romance. Tllly and her crew come to their aid. I enjoyed this book very much.
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3,475 reviews
October 7, 2017
Wonderful Story

Just keeps getting better and better - I loved how two people who are nearing middle age and coming out of bad relationships come together and make what they both need happen. You'll enjoy this story about Axel and Skye.
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401 reviews2 followers
September 21, 2017
Skye Bauer has had years of bad luck pulling her down. When her life in Pennsylvania falls apart, she finds herself moving back to Sarasota to live with her parents. The move is far from smooth. When she finally arrives, she's nearly at rock bottom. Yes, she's lucky enough to have a job waiting for her, and her parents are thrilled she's returned home. But living with her parents when she's just turned 40 and has no friends or social life is far from ideal. Just as things seem to be their worst, she meets her mother's friend who's responsible for her current job. She strongly suspects that Jenny and her husband, Mike, are kinky, something that's been missing from her life for far too long. That suspicion is confirmed when Skye attends a local munch for the Suncoast Society. But Skye finds more surprises awaiting her. Several of her high school classmates are members of the Society, as well as the local BDSM club, Venture. After all this time, can she have possibly discovered the group of people she needs? Is it conceivable she could be lucky enough to find what she so desperately craves? Could this actually be what she's been looking for? Skye's never forgotten her former high school boyfriend, Axel, even though their romance was short-lived, and she's been hoping to run into him. As events take unexpected turns and mutual friends intervene, Skye and Axel meet again. Axel's had his own problems over the years since he last saw Skye, and life has been far from kind to him. As he and Skye slowly reconnect and grow closer, there's just one problem. Axel's definitely NOT kinky. And Skye knows beyond the shadow of a doubt she can't live without BDSM in her life. She's not just into the shallow end of the pool here. She knows she can't make any relationship work without BDSM in it. Both Skye and Axel feel a connection, and Skye is very open about her wants and desires. But can Axel be what Skye needs? He might think so, but does he truly have any clue what her deepest desires would require of him? The bigger question is can he handle this totally new lifestyle with its unexpected demands? Both Skye and Axel know no relationship will ever work unless they can both be totally open and honest with each other. Is that even possible? Just how far can Axel push himself? Does he even want to try to go that far? And what about Skye? Would she give up what she needs to be with the man she's falling for? In the end, will Skye and Axel be able to be true to themselves and still be what they need to be for each other? Or is their relationship over before it ever gets started?

Tymber Dalton is one of the very best authors I've ever read. I've been a devoted reader for a long time and truly love every book she's written. I absolutely adored this book! I was riveted from the moment I started reading it. What I loved the most about this book is the depth of the emotions between Skye and Axel and their very real but uncertain relationship. I felt every moment of indecision, deep attraction, hope, doubt, fear, confusion, uncertainty, joy, love, and wonder each of them feels. The supporting characters are also written with such great care. I've read all the Suncoast Society books and feel like I'm part of their circle of family and friends. That's just how great Tymber Dalton is! I give See You Sometime my very highest recommendation. Thank you, Ms. Dalton, for yet another wonderful book in this series that demonstrates your truly amazing writing ability!

One final note. Please be an informed reader and consumer! This is an adult book. It contains explicit language and BDSM sexual scenes. If you don't enjoy this genre, think hard before buying any book you know you won't enjoy. There are book synopses and reviews available on Goodreads and all booksellers' websites. Use these resources. DON'T LEAVE A NEGATIVE REVIEW WHEN YOU KNOW YOU WON'T ENJOY THE BOOK. It's not fair to the author! She works extremely hard to provide a quality work product. If you know you'll object to the book's subject matter before you buy it, you're doing yourself and the author an extreme disservice.

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!
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52 reviews
May 25, 2022

Every time I think the Sun coast Society books and members can't get anymore endearing Ms. Dalton produces another excellent story. Axel being awkward but willing to learn is much sexier than having him becoming!e insta-dom. I love his willingness to learn so that Skye can be fulfilled. I look forward to seeing where the series is going next.
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503 reviews8 followers
September 18, 2020

When Skye moves back to her hometown after her divorce she reconnects with many old friends. One of whom is not kinky but is aware many of their friends are. He is willing to learn to give her what she needs. It's beautiful how he puts her needs first and grows to enjoy the lifestyle.
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