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Before Forever #2

Falling for Forever

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The second Jenna Quigley turns eighteen, she’s headed to L.A. to extend the timer on her fifteen minutes of fame. Too bad her dad made her promise to graduate high school first. Silver lining? Her new school has a serious talent competition with a $25,000 cash prize, which would go a long way in L.A. Jenna’s got plenty of talent—she didn’t almost win America’s Newest Sensation for nothing. But it’ll take everything she’s got to bring down the music nerd with a stick up his butt…no matter how cute he is in those glasses.

Miles Cleveland needs to win that talent contest. When some hot girl stole his audition spot on America’s Newest Sensation, his chance to study music flounced off to New York with her. Now, not only can he win enough money to pay for his education, he can get revenge on that very same girl. He can’t start to question his plan, though…no matter how deep Jenna buries into his heart.

385 pages, ebook

Published July 3, 2017

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About the author

Melissa Chambers

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Melissa Chambers writes contemporary novels for young, new, and actual adults. A Nashville native, she spends her days working in the music industry and her nights getting lost in her characters. While she’s slightly obsessed with alt rock, she leaves the guitar playing to her husband and kid. She never misses a chance to play a tennis match, listen to an audiobook, or eat a bowl of ice cream. (Rocky road, please!) She’s a member of several online and local writers groups, all of which she treasures and is unendingly grateful for, and has served as president for the Music City Romance Writers. She is the author of the Love Along Hwy 30A series, the Destiny Dunes series, the Before Forever series (YA), Courting Carlyn (YA), and Two Boy Summer (YA).

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2,016 reviews230 followers
July 10, 2017
**You can see this full review and more at Book Briefs: https://bookbriefs.net**The Summer Before Forever is the first book in the before forever series by author Melissa Chambers. The books are all interconnected standalones. I have read and really enjoyed both of the books in the series, but my favorite book was the first one. I just loved Chloe. She was by far my favorite character. It was so great watching her summer transformation. It didn't feel cheesy or forced; it felt natural. And it was a ton of fun.

In The Summer Before Forever, Chloe goes to spend the summer with her dad, his fiance and her soon to be new step-brother, Landon. I really, really loved Landon at the start of the story and at the end of the story. He got to be a bit much for me at about the 75% mark because I thought he was acting a little crazy, but I get it- Chloe is pretty awesome. But he won be back over again very quickly. Chloe is pretty much dreading the summer because things have been tense between her and her dad, so she brings her best friend Jenna along. Jenna is the main character of the second book in the series, Falling for Forever. And she is a larger than life personality. She cracks me up. I loved seeing her as Chloe's best friend first before I saw her in her own story. She is a lot, but it is so clear that she would do anything for her friends. Chloe and Jenna are an odd pair, but I really love their friendship.

The Summer Before Forever was a feel good read from start to finish. I love that Melissa Chambers picked a learning disability that I had never heard of before. I learned a lot about Dyscalculia, which is a learning disorder that affects the way numbers are processed in the brain. I found this to be a fascinating pick, not only academically, but also for things in Landon's every day life, not to mention how it affected his ability to play football at a college level. Melissa Chambers clearly did a lot of research to make everything seem realistic, and she brought up many points that I hadn't even considered. I actually really loved that aspect of Landon and how it all played out.

And finally, let's talk about the romance in The Summer Before Forever. I freakin' love Chloe and Landon. looooove them! I loved how Landon was fascinated by Chloe right from the very start, and he was unwavering. I liked how Chloe was a bit reserved, but her progression with Landon was super adorable and heartfelt. This book, and this series, is the perfect summer read. Pick it up for a beach day, a pool day, or even a rainy day in bed. Just read the Before Forever series. It will put a smile on your face.

This review was originally posted on Book Briefs
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1,171 reviews251 followers
June 26, 2017
2.5 Stars

I'm going to keep this relatively short, because I don't have much to say about it.

I actually liked the premise and the talent competition. It was a fun teen story that yielded some good drama. The friend group was another highlight for me. I like that they fought and made up and got new friends and just hung out. The group was great and felt very real.

Unfortunately, I didn't like Jenna at all. I found her to be bratty, narcissistic, and judgmental. The story felt very trope heavy - like lets cram in all of these YA stereotypes to create drama, without ever giving any of them weight to be meaningful. There was also a lot of cattiness and 'girls are difficult' B.S. that I wasn't a fan of.

Not a horrible story, but not a memorable one either. It was a fun high school story that combined a great music element and competition. But, it was bogged down by an unlikable protagonist and a lack of dimension.

I received a copy of the book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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384 reviews141 followers
July 5, 2017
Falling For Forever had such an interesting plot that's not too common in YA these days. It was great to see it focus basically around an event (talent show) in which all of the characters wanted to win, and from there we saw how relationships not only grew but were tested when this group of teens were all thrown together. I liked the group dynamics and how everyone had their own part to play within not only the group but at the school as well. There's nothing better than a YA book where the characters are all stuck at school, forced to interact with each other all day, everyday. This book is chalked full of juicy moments where the sparks and secrets fly.

I really like YA novels and those geared towards the upper teens, so I was super excited about this book. Though with this being said, I did have a bit of a hard time getting into it and actually liking the characters - mainly the heroine, Jenna. The heroine was quite self entitled and cocky upfront, which I found very unflattering, but as the story progressed this thankfully dropped off. After about the halfway mark, I really started to love this book. I feel like this is where the author really hit her stride and became comfortable with the characters and her story, because this is where it all started to piece together for me. There was development in both the character relationships and the plot, we were witnessing some exciting drama, and the story (in my opinion) started to flow more smoothly.

Can I just say, off topic slightly, I know, but OMG! This is ultimately geared towards younger readers. Some of which might still have questions or not understand all of the dynamics of sexual intercourse. With this is mind, please NEVER have a character feed false info about what to do to in regards of safe sex and preventing pregnancy. It was just a small comment but I swear, I yelled really loudly in my head "DON'T DO THIS" when I saw it.

I thought it was an interesting direction for the author to pick this specific hero as opposed to say, the popular guy at the school, but I'm really glad she did. There was just something so endearing about Miles and his almost cute timidness. He was a great match for Jenna. Not only did he keep her grounded, but he did so while still challenging her and making her evaluate her style. Plus, the were adorable. I really enjoyed how they just acted average to me, the relationship wasn't physically rushed just because people were pressuring them. They got to know each other on their own terms and went from there.

The ending here was so creative and cute, I thought it was brilliant! I loved the way the author did that. Engrossing writing, a smart plot and dynamic characters will have the readers wanting more! I can't wait to go back and read Chloe's book now.

*An ARC was received in exchange for an honest review.
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Author 18 books396 followers
August 4, 2017
I love books that bring me into their world. Although Falling for Forever is a contemporary YA read, Ms. Chambers managed to bring me right back to high school. The drama. The friends. The mean girls. The competition. The parent problems.

Jenna. My oh my, is she a force to be reckoned with. I loved meeting her in THE SUMMER BEFORE FOREVER (Book 1 of this series), and enjoyed getting to know her even more in this story. She's intense, talented, beautiful, outgoing. But she's not perfect. Not by any means, and through the course of the story, she matures and settles (but in typical Jenna fashion- with flair and attitude!).

Miles. Sigh. I love me a nerdy hero, especially a musical genius nerdy hero. That hair, that gangly awkwardness masking a subtle confidence. Miles is going places with his music, even if it's to places his father doesn't approve. Jenna confuses him, infuriates him, and fascinates him.

When these two are forced together, they seem so different (besides their love of music), but manage to compliment each other in the best ways. I loved their banter and their journey from enemies, to friendship, and to love. Also, the setting of this story, Nashville, Tennessee, is a major player in the book. I enjoyed learning about that awesome city and could feel the author's love of it through the pages.

Fantastic YA read. Highly recommended!
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Author 36 books431 followers
June 27, 2017
I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads

5 Stars

Young adult age-range: 14+ kissing, swearing, drinking, and drug-usage.

Falling for Forever is the second installment of the Before Forever series. It can be read as a standalone, but I do believe there would be a better emotional impact and connection between the reader and Jenna if they read The Summer Before Forever first. Jenna was Chloe's sidekick in the previous book, and Chloe and Landon are on the pages of Falling for Forever.

#8 in a reality show talent competition (think American Idol), Jenna is turning 18 and ready to take LA by storm. Is it a pipe-dream? Is she being a foolish girl? Jenna's dad wants her to finish high school, and has a proposition for her. If she can get into a creative arts school she was wait-listed to attend, will she forget about LA until she graduates... tricky Dad, he isn't letting his Daddy's Girl go so easily.

With Jenna off to the new school, this opens the Before Forever series wide open, with a whole new cast of characters. Slightly reminded me of the Creative HeArts series, where the story takes place in a creative arts school (loved the series).

The reader and Jenna meet Miles (again). Miles and Jenna have a past together, going back to the talent show audition, and it lends a love-hate vibe to the opener, which is always yummy.

Jenna is confident, girly, and is good at what she does. I realize this may have some readers not liking her. I'm unsure why we women and girls embrace the awkward/geek/tomboy, while always painting the girly girls in a bad light. Neither is bad or good, they're just different from each other. Jenna's a girly girl, but that doesn't mean she's a 'mean girl'. She's very moral, ethical, loyal, and caring. She's flawed, made mistakes, and she owns up to them. But, since she's a celebrity, confident, and knows what she wants and is talented enough to get it, she has a hard time making girlfriends. Chloe is Jenna's only friend until she hits the new school.

Miles is Jenna's male counterpart- confident, top of his class, and has to be good at everything he does. Both have family problems, Miles' dad and Jenna's mom, and that connects them deeply.

While this is a young adult romance, featuring music and a talent show, there are some good messages riding the surface. Children dealing with adult issues. The pressure and stress of forging your own path, when your parents wish you to take the one they are traveling. Peer pressure. Standing up for what you believe in and having your friends' backs. A girl or boy having an opposite sex friend and it only being friendship, even when pressured to date. Trying your best at everything you do.

Jenna's only competition is herself, not because she's arrogant, but because she realizes another's abilities doesn't affect hers. That is the message I hope readers hear the loudest.

To be honest, I wasn't sure I'd like Jenna after reading her in Chloe's book, but I was pleasantly surprised, finding her a solid character. Miles had that brooding, swoon-worthy leading man vibe that has girls of all ages falling hard. Together, they created a lovely read, but the side characters added a whole new dimension.

I'm highly anticipating more from this series and the author, and I most certainly recommend to young adult fans, especially those who enjoy musically inclined characters.
Profile Image for Megan | Bookstacks 'n Golden Moms.
315 reviews8 followers
June 30, 2017
Last summer, I read and reviewed the first book in this series (The Summer Before Forever). I really enjoyed the story but it only made it to 4 stars. And Jenna Quigley's character just wasn't a favorite. I loved Chloe but Jenna? A loyal friend, yes. Not my cup of tea, though.

Then this book comes along, focusing on Jenna's character and I'm thinking "oh no! What have I gotten myself into?" Surprise - I really enjoyed Jenna in this book. I loved getting inside her head and seeing how she reacted to things. Just goes to show you can't judge a character by their supporting role.

And Miles, oh Miles! I loved how they clashed at first - and for good reason, too - and then start falling for each other (this is a love story...that's not a spoiler). Miles was the perfect clash for Jenna! And those are always my favorite types of romances!

This book effectively wrapped itself up but, like all the good ones, it left me wanting more of the characters. I hope to see more of Jenna and Miles in the future (even if it turns out to be a re-read). Great book!
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3,044 reviews69 followers
June 22, 2017
“Falling for Forever” is the second installment in the “Before Forever” YA romance series. It is intended to be read as a stand-alone, and follows a secondary character from the first book on her new adventures. For people who have read the first book (though not necessary), we know Jenna as the wacky but loyal BFF of Chloe who had her moments of fame on the show “America’s Newest Sensation” (e.g. America’s Got Talent). Jenna has confidence in spades and loves to perform. She turns 18 in the middle of her senior year of high school, and she has plans to leave for LA at that time. In an effort to convince her to stay, her father has bartered that if she gets into an elite artistic high school in Nashville, she will finish out her high school there before going to LA.

Jenna and her father are extremely close- they became closer when her mother abandoned them for 3 years when she was younger and their relationship has remained strong (their relationship really shines in this book). Jenna has a distant relationship with her mother, who she suspects never really wanted her and is constantly on the search for a way out. Somehow her father has pulled it off, and she gets into the elite artistic high school. The icing on the cake is the talent show for which students audition, where they are viewed by talent scouts and the winner is awarded a 25k prize (which doubles to 50k if they use it for college tuition). The money would be invaluable to Jenna as she makes her way in LA.

The money would also be invaluable to Miles, whose father, though loving, wants him to follow in his footsteps and not attempt to make a career out of art (so he won’t pay for the college which Miles wants to attend). The perspectives alternate between Jenna and Miles- although they shouldn’t know each other, they have a bad track record. The only time they met was at auditions for “America’s Newest Sensation”- when Miles stepped out to go to the bathroom, she stole his number and his audition spot. While she made it onto the show, he never even got to officially audition. This book is a perfect example of hate-turned-love done well, and I absolutely loved it.

Most of my concerns from the first book disappeared with this second book. Although there’s still a lot of talk and focus on sex (unnecessarily huge part of the story but maybe this is just teenage love?), the rest of the build-up for their relationship is so much fun and cuteness that I adored the story anyway! I will say that although everyone is talking about it a lot, there is no explicit sexual content (aside from making out) in this book. Miles and Jenna are really easy characters to like and their personalities shine through the alternating viewpoints. I also really enjoyed the positive parental relationships that shine through this book (Jenna’s father and Miles’s parents)- it’s always nice to see some positive examples like this in a YA book. Overall, this is a really cute teenage love story, and I highly recommend it! It makes me really excited to see where this series will go next (Greta??).

Please note that I received an ARC from the publisher through netgalley. All opinions are my own.
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121 reviews
June 29, 2017
I received an e-arc from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I absolutely loved this book! By the end of it, my brain was in a fog. I, apparently, got so lost in it that I was having a rough time coming back to reality. Very few books can do that to me so I commend Melissa Chambers for that.

I enjoyed seeing Chloe - and for a brief period of time, Chloe's mom and also Landon - again and how she's doing. I also enjoyed getting to know Jenna because I knew there had to be a lot more to her. It was interesting getting to know her father and how her mother was.

I also enjoyed learning about Miles and loved that him and Jenna ended up clicking. I found it interesting that they had a very brief past even before the first book started and that they were able to move on from trying to get vengeance on each other.

I'd love to read more about their life after high school - find out where Miles will be attending school because it was up in the air where it ended - and to also find out if Jenna will make it big.

Thank you netgalley for providing me the opportunity to check out both books.
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Author 1 book140 followers
June 18, 2017
Falling for Forever is the second book in the Before Forever series. I'm in love with this series. Another 5-star worthy book! You can read this story as a standalone. However, this author's writing style is so addictive you won't want to miss The Summer Before Forever.

Jenna has dreams of being a star. She has had a taste of the limelight and she wants more. After reaching America's Newest Sensation's top ten, she is more than ready to pack her bags and head to LA. She may be about to turn 18, but that doesn't mean she is ready to leave her family behind. She is very close with her dad, and in his last attempt to hold onto her a little longer he offers her a new life-line.

Miles knows who Jenna is and is less than impressed with her. She is overconfident and he is happy to bring her down a peg or two.

These two are from different backgrounds. They are both bursting with talent but when they go head to head things are about to get complicated.

This isn't a love-hate relationship. It's just a little complicated.

I loved this book. I would happily read anything by this author, and I know I would like it. I'm addicted!!

I would recommend the Before Forever series to the 16+ (U.K) audience or the young at heart.

5 Stars out of 5. Thank you to Melissa Chambers, Chapter by Chapter Blog tours, and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for a fair review.
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2,131 reviews
June 15, 2017
I will admit that I read a lot and when I find a book I truly love I have to share it. This is the first book from Melissa Chambers that I have read and I highly recommend it! I found this book to be full of love, hope, friendships, ups and downs. Chambers creates a world that is easy to get lost in and after reading her book you will feel as if you are friends with the characters. The plot line and settings adds a lot to the overall story making the characters feel very real and believable. I will not go into too much detail because I do not want to give away too much. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this amazing book. **I received an advanced readers copy in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.**
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850 reviews61 followers
June 26, 2017
Jenna Quigley just got back to Tennessee after competing in the last season of America's Newest Sensation. She didn't win, but she was a fan favorite, and now she's determined to take advantage of her popularity by moving to L.A. the minute she turns eighteen. Her father has other plans, though, and enrolls her in the Nashville Academy of Creative Arts so that she can develop her talent.

Miles Cleveland is the best musician at NACA. He's that kid that nobody wants to go up against because he just wins everything. Although Miles comes from a very wealthy family, his father does not support his passions and refuses to pay for anything but Emory's business school. If Miles wants to study music, he'll need to find a way to pay for college himself. He had a chance on America's Newest Sensation, but some girl stole his audition slot while he was in the bathroom.

Luckily for Miles, NACA hosts a talent show with a $25,000 cash prize every year. And Miles is guaranteed to win... that is, until Jenna enters the competition. Now, these fierce rivals will move their competition to a new arena. But after they get paired up in their songwriting class and find that they have a lot in common, can they stick with the plan and compete against each other, or will their mutual attraction get in the way?

Last year, I read (and loved) Melissa Chambers' The Summer Before Forever. Chloe and Landon were one of my favorite book couples of 2016, and I was really excited to read the next book in the series. Jenna and Miles were great, but not quite as great as Chloe and Landon. While I'm talking about the first book in the series, I should probably mention that it is not necessary to read TSBF before starting this book. It will, however, give you some background information on Jenna and introduce you to her world. (It's also a really good book.)

Jenna is, quite simply, your typical high school senior. She likes pop music, cute boys, and performing for adoring crowds. She's kind of oblivious to the consequences a lot of her behavior -- she didn't even realize why Miles was mad at her -- but she means well. I was a little put off at the beginning of the book when Jenna went on her whole "I can never be friends with girls because girls are terrible and catty" crusade, but I was pleasantly surprised as the book went on and she became friends with a good number of girls (and boys). Jenna grew as a person and as a musician so much throughout this book, which was really great to see.

If ever there was a boy from a book that should exist in real life, it would be Miles. Where were the boys like Miles when I was in high school? Sure, he's a little weird, but honestly, who isn't when they're that age? In addition to being a musical prodigy, Miles is an incredibly loyal friend and an all-around good guy. He's not afraid to go after what he wants while still being cognizant of Jenna's wishes and comfort level with everything they're doing.

Now I'm going to back away from the review for a second with a quick message.

Despite reviews that might have you believe otherwise, while the characters do discuss various sex acts over the course of the book, Jenna and Miles never go further than a good kiss. In high school especially, it's easy for rumors to fly around about who's done what with whom. This book makes the very important point that just because those rumors exist doesn't mean that they're true, and even if they are true, it doesn't mean that the people involved are bad people. I think it's a very good thing that the characters in this book discuss the truth behind the rumors and are open about how far they've gone and how far they're willing to go. Both Miles and Jenna had a very grown-up attitude toward that aspect of their relationship, and I don't think that the fact that they're in high school makes that a bad thing. Teenagers should know that it's okay to discuss their past experiences and what they're currently looking for with a new partner.

Okay, rant over. Back to the review.

One thing that I loved -- and that also broke my heart -- in this book was the relationship between both main characters and their parents. Jenna is a total daddy's girl. She adores her father, and in return, he has always been there for her. He'll support her regardless of what she decides to do with the rest of her life but still pushes her to be her best. Her relationship with her mother, on the other hand, is rocky at best, and that's all I say about it. For Miles, his family situation is flipped. His mother is unfailingly supportive of everything he does. She's a very loving and nurturing parent, while his father is more stern and inflexible. Even though Miles' father is often shown to be unreasonable in his plan for Miles' life, I really liked that he wasn't made out to be the bad guy. He still loves Miles fiercely, he just has a different way of showing it.

This book was great. I actually stayed up reading until the wee hours of the morning! That never happens! I loved that we got little snippets of Chloe and Landon throughout this book. I hope that Chambers will continue on with this series. I would love to catch up with Jenna and Miles six months or a year into the future to see how they're doing.

I was given a free advance copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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3,600 reviews30 followers
July 4, 2017
What a great story that I could not put down. I loved seeing it play out for Jenna and Miles. This is my first book by Melissa Chambers and it will not be my last. I highly recommend this book. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book from publisher via NetGalley.
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1,878 reviews1,310 followers
July 13, 2017
Jenna was a successful candidate of America's Newest Sensation. She even had a place in the top ten and is a little bit famous because of it. When she turns eighteen she wants to go to Los Angeles to succeed in the music business. She's made one promise, however, when her father manages to get her into Nashville's Academy of Creative Arts before her birthday she will stay another year to finish high school before she leaves. Her father makes the impossible possible and Jenna will go to a new high school to graduate. She doesn't expect her past to catch up with her at a school where she thought she didn't know anyone though.

Miles wanted to be a contestant at America's Newest Sensation as well, but he missed his chance. He wants to go to college and to be able to study music he has to pay his own way. That's why the school's talent show is incredibly important to him. The winner will receive a large sum of money and the amount will be even higher when it's being used for an education. That means Miles is now competing against Jenna and that will be tough. Miles doesn't want to like her, but he can't help himself. Jenna might be a competitor when it comes to earning the money, but she's also friendship material and maybe more. Is it possible for them to connect while so much is at stake?

Falling for Forever is a wonderful romantic story with two very talented main characters. Jenna is confident, she loves the stage and she can sing. Her most important quality when it comes to performing is that she has plenty of pizazz. It is impossible for people to dislike her and her open and disarming attitude charms even the most grumpy people. I really liked her cheerful nature and it made reading about her a lot of fun. It's interesting to see how she interacts with Miles. Even though they share a passion for music Miles is Jenna's exact opposite in many ways. He's timid and a bit of a nerd. He is handsome, but doesn't wear the right clothes and he's gifted, but he doesn't show off. I liked how their differences make them become close and their story is fascinating because of their pushing and pulling as a result.

Melissa Chambers writes about music in a catching way. I like the easy flow of her writing, the vivid way she describes the relationships at the school and the deep emotional connection she obviously has with her characters. Her story is entertaining, fast-paced and inspiring. I love books about creative people and enjoyed reading about what Jenna and Miles do with their skills. Melissa Chambers has made them energetic and dynamic. They are both special and for me that was the best thing about Falling for Forever. The story captivated me from beginning to end.
1,068 reviews
July 4, 2017
we met jenna in the summer before forever, she's chloe's best friend with an outsize personality and a heart of gold. she's a bit of a star, having placed 8th in a talent show competition, and plans to head off to l.a. and take the world by storm. but she's made a deal with her dad, that she'll stay for senior year if he can get her into a local magnet school for artists and performers. she's convinced it won't happen. but then it does.

miles cleveland hates her. she stole his spot in the talent competition. and she's just one of those pop princess types that are too thin and too pretty and stomp on guys like him. she's already stomped on him once, who's to say she won't do it again. except jenna isn't mean-spirited. she's unfailingly friendly and her sunny, open nature is actually the real deal. and when she does realize who he is, and why he has every right to hate her. she's genuinely sorry.

the thing is there is this crazy talent competition at their school. and the winner gets a $50,000 prize. both jenna and miles need that money. they have plans. dreams for the future. and in falling for forever, the problem is that even though they are at odds with each other, being together makes sense.

for one thing, when they kiss it's like they can't stop kissing. it's intense and romantic and crazy. and they argue about music all the time, but they also complement each other perfectly. they both are so gifted musically in different ways, and they both have a real shot at winning the competition. and they both want it so badly.

i loved the way music and performance played such an important role in jenna and miles' story. and even though they spend a lot of the time in conflict with one another, the fact that their love is strong enough, maybe even stronger because of it makes all the arguing worthwhile.

i also really loved all the friendships in this novel. it's not just one particular grouping of characters that works, it's the whole group. they fight and make up and get angry and still support each other, love each other every step of the way. having friends you can be real with is a gift, i have friends like that, and i know it is a gift. so it's nice to see friendship like that in fiction.

**falling for forever will publish july 3, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (entangled teen) in exchange for my honest review.
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767 reviews12 followers
July 3, 2017
I was very excited to read Jenna's story after reading the first of the BeForever novels. Jenna, the fierce, feisty bestie in the first book is back in her own story (which can be read as a stand alone) and she is ready to head off to LA. Her dad and she made a deal about getting into a prestigious performing arts school and since she gets in, her LA plans are pushed back to after graduation. Jenna meets Miles and realizes that she played a role in his fate as well when she was on "America's Newest Sensation" and she finds herself drawn to him for many reasons. The relationship is well written and the supporting relationships are done well with some twists and turns involving the sharing of truths. Overall, this story is a good one. The focus of Jenna and Miles on the final talent competition and the prize money really drives the story and it was fun to see how things were going to work out! Hope there will be more in this series with mention of these characters!
2,611 reviews4 followers
July 4, 2017
I am seriously loving this series and this author! Jenna and Miles were so different, had many obstacles to overcome, including a past that only he remembers, and had very different goals. Watching them become friends and fall for each other was incredibly enjoyable. I want more!
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June 16, 2017
I really enjoyed this book a lot. I loved the setting of this book and the how the music industry was really showcased. I really did love that this story was told from both the male and female POV. I think I loved Miles more then Jenna but she grew on we throughout the novel. I also loved all the various friends we meet and they added such a "real" school feel to this book. I loved the diversity that we saw in this novel through by characters and also class background. I just loved these characters and hope we get more books from the other adorable characters in this world.

* i got this book for free from the publisher for my honest thoughts*
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July 6, 2017
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Last year, around this time, I read the first book of this series, The Summer Before Forever, and I loved it. So, I was extremely happy when I saw this one for grabs, eheh.

Again, I loved the writing, the story is told in dual POV, first person, so yeah, my thing. I loved it. I do think that at some points the voices weren’t distinct enough, especially in the middle/last portion of the book, but it wasn’t that bad, and it was in a few instances, so I’m letting it go. For the most part, Jenna and Miles had distinct voices and I loved it.

I wasn’t expecting to love Jenna as much as I did, but oh boy, she’s amazing. I loved how she faced life, and how confident she was, even if she was scared, she always faced her fears. I just loved her. She was so friendly and open, and she was overall amazing, even with people who didn’t always treat her right.

I loved Miles too. I liked how protective he was of his friends, and how he was determined to prove himself, even if he made some mistakes at some points.

All the secondary characters were great, and I appreciated so much that this book was overall as much about friendship and family as it was about the romance. Jenna’s relationship with her dad was amazing. The group of friends was awesome. And I LOVE that this book featured a great boy and girl friendship. YEAH! FRIENDSHIP!

The romance was so darn cute, and I really liked how this book delved into questions about inexperience and being ready to take that important step into the relationship. Miles and Jenna actually talk about their fears and expectations, and I think that’s super important to be featured in a YA book.

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July 4, 2017

4 Stars!

I read Falling for Forever immediately following the first book in this series, The Summer Before Forever. While I gave the first book 3 Stars, I felt this book was a vast improvement in character development and story line. Since I wasn't a big fan of Jenna's character in the first book, I was a bit concerned that she was the female lead in this one. Yet, she proved me wrong and stole the story. I loved everything about her! Her love interest, Miles, was equally wonderful. Although I still didn't care for the dual first-person POV writing style, I was quickly swept into the story and able to easily overlook it. Everything about this book felt true to a high school experience, albeit a liberal arts focused learning environment. The pacing, dialogue, romance, and conflict all felt believable. My one wish was to have an epilogue a little further in the future to see where Miles and Jenna's circumstances and choices ultimately took them. Maybe Melissa Chambers is saving that for the next book? One can only hope. (I voluntarily read an advanced copy of Falling for Forever via the publisher. This review is my honest and unbiased opinion.)
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July 7, 2017
Jenna is counting down the days until she turns 18 and hits the road to L.A. to continue the fame she has going from the music competition she had been competing on. But her dad made her a deal, if he can get her into the exclusive and full performing arts school he wants her to attend, she will hold off on her dream until she graduates. Well, surprise, strings were pulled and Jenna is now attending a new school that just so happens to have a talent competition with a cash prize that would help her to achieve her dream. But there is an obstacle in her way and his name is Miles. Miles is incredibly talented, has a chip on his shoulder where Jenna is concerned, and plans to win the competition for himself. Game on!

I had read the synopsis for this book and was instantly interested, knowing I had to read this story about music, competitions and enemies to possible romantic partners. I love anything having to do with music, and the most fun books I have read have been about reality show competitions so I knew I had to read more. I did not know that this was the second book in the series until I started reading the book and saw it listed on Goodreads, but I am pleased to report that not having read the first book did not in any way hurt my enjoyment of this story. Both books are standalone romances/finding yourself stories with different main characters, but the books connect through the side characters showing up to connect the books. Now after reading this book, I can't wait to jump into the first book and see how Chloe and Landon get together (did I mention it is a step-sibling romance? Yes, please!)

You can feel the characters love of music bleeding through the pages, as of the music became tangible and I could feel it too. Both Miles and Jenna have a passion for music, and the way they describe the songs, the feel, the creation, it was so well done that I felt emotions for the music they described, as if "music" is another character that plays a role through the entire book. Jenna was not the spoiled, entitled "pop-princess" I was expecting, instead she was just an ambitious girl who knew her own mind, limits, talents and desires and tried hard to be the best in each situation, be it musician or person. She was so down to earth and could roll with the punches like a pro, and the relationship she had with her father kind of made me want to melt. Miles appeared to be shy and quiet, but he was so self-confident I was shocked. At times he made some really awful choices that made me want to shake him, but then he would do something epic and over the top to make up for it so I couldn't be mad. The two were such complete opposites, it was the perfect dynamic for an explosive relationship. Also, the side characters such as Chloe, Shane (who I heart), Nicolette and the girls are the perfect amount of detailed to make me want to know their backstories next, so I am a guaranteed Before Forever fan to see who will show up next.

I can honestly say that I had no idea what the ending would be, or who would win and I was on the edge of my seat to find out. Overall this was such a sweet story with really well developed and complicated characters that I loved and rooted for. The book had a good plot with some twists, but the winning factor was the characters for me. I really enjoyed Melissa's writing style, she was able to bring people to life and create empathy in the reader. I will most certainly be reading more from her in the future...maybe with Shane??? This is a perfect read for anyone looking for the perfect teen romance with a dash of self-discovery, and amazing friendships. Oh and I loved the promotional video at the end, I had been wondering how the story would wrap up...

I received this title in return for my honest review. Visit my blog at http://smadasbooksmack.blogspot.com/ to follow the tour
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July 14, 2017
» Review can also be found on Orchids & Amethysts.

Title: Falling For Forever (Before Forever #02)
Author: Melissa Chambers
Rating: 3/5

Thanks to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC for letting me receive a digital copy of this book before its official release date.

The second Jenna Quigley turns eighteen, she’s headed to L.A. to extend the timer on her fifteen minutes of fame. Too bad her dad made her promise to graduate high school first. Silver lining? Her new school has a serious talent competition with a $25,000 cash prize, which would go a long way in L.A. Jenna’s got plenty of talent—she didn’t almost win America’s Newest Sensation for nothing. But it’ll take everything she’s got to bring down the music nerd with a stick up his butt...no matter how cute he is in those glasses.

Miles Cleveland needs to win that talent contest. When some hot girl stole his audition spot on America’s Newest Sensation, his chance to study music flounced off to New York with her. Now, not only can he win enough money to pay for his education, he can get revenge on that very same girl. He can’t start to question his plan, though...no matter how deep Jenna buries into his heart.

I wasn't able to read this one before the official publication date. Probably, because when I requested it, I wasn't sure whether I had made the right decision or not. I read the first book in the series called The Summer Before Forever and I absolutely loved it. Jenna's story, I wasn't interested in much, but I still wanted to give it a go since I adored Melissa Chambers writing style and her sweet teen story.

Unfortunately, the predictable happened - I didn't like Falling For Forever nearly as much as the prequel. Maybe I'm not being fair, since I just happen to always dislike stories about 'famous' people and while Jenna's path is mainly going backwards instead of aiming for Hollywood fame, I still struggled. And the teenage drama clique including a mean girl called Bianca didn't make it any better. Also the music competition itself didn't appeal to me, but that's all on me. I enjoyed reading about Jenna and Miles partnership on the song writing lessons, though. I wish we would have read about a song they wrote together. We all would have swooned.

Jenna isn't the typical shy teenage girl you read about in most YA reads. She's more like the opposite without being a rebel or a meanie. She's very unique and always speaks her mind, doesn't let anybody get her down. I think that's an improvement to the other girls we read about that want to become famous. They're not very confident and giving them self confidence is their whole path in a book. With Jenna there were other motives. Her story wasn't about overcoming fears or insecurities. It was deeper than that and Miles balanced it out with his problems that weren't real problems to me. But he's a cutie anyway, so I forgive him. He's no Landon, but well... Who is?!

I think the author did a good job with not answering a certain question by the end of the book. The story might have been ruined if she had. On the other hand, I'm curious to find out and will most likely think about a good solution for me.

To be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of Jenna's friends at her new school - especially Nicolette. You'll know why I disliked her when you get to that point of the story. Greta might be the exception, because Jenna and her bonded very well in a scene and I liked that. And then Shane... Gosh, can he please grow a pair? By the end of the book, I got the feeling he got more confident, but I think as soon as Bianca will come running towards him, he'll cave in and be the big stupid puppy he always was. I mean, he isn't that bad. There were good sides, too. In some scenes, he was a very good friend to Jenna and then he finally treated Miles like he wasn't his worst enemy anymore either. Let's work with that.

My heart was bleeding for Jenna during the toughest part of the story. She's such a strong character, I don't know how the author managed to give her such strength and make it seem believable. I didn't even ever question her strength, like I never thought it was an act. She had to grow up fast at a young age and I felt so damn sorry for her. I was glad she could still count on her father.

Alright, so... Again, I didn't like Falling For Forever as much as The Summer Before Forever. I will cherish that one until the end of time, but I liked diving back into this world - also reading about Chloe and Landon again. If you've read the first book in this series, I think you should also read this one. And if you happen to be have a weak spot for teen reads that include music, this one's it for you.
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July 12, 2017


Full Review, GIVEAWAY and MORE at https://wp.me/p7bgOg-xW
Received a Copy from Netgalley and Chapter by Chapter Book Tours on behalf of Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

If you read The Summer Before Forever you were introduced to Jenna Quigley. The beginning of the book, Jenna has a few days till she turns 18 and then she is out the door on her way to LA to make her dreams come true. There is one thing that may derail her plans. The promise she made with her dad. The deal was if she was able to get into the prestigious magnet school for the arts in Nashville then she would have to stay and finish her senior year of high school. Well her dad was down to the wire, but got Jenna in last minute. So as Jenna now has to wait almost a year to get out to California, she tries to make the best of things in her new situation. She didn’t expect that attending a Performing Arts school would be that much of a problem for her, little does she know.

Miles loves his music. He is a composer, an artist, a technical master mind. He knows how to show case his talents and is planning on keeping it close to his chest till the right time. That right time would have been on TV, if he wasn’t stabbed in the back, by the Ms. Jenna Quigley. She took his number at the audition which left him high and dry. Now Jenna is at his school and pay back can taste sweet. That is until they are paired up as music class partners. Now he has to play nice to be able to keep his A in the class. He needs his scholarship for college, if he wants to continue pursuing his dreams. Otherwise he may be at the mercy of his dad’s choice of school. The senior talent showcase in December is the key to the entire plan. He has to win the $50,000 that he can use for school. Staying focus is the goal, but when emotions and hormones between Jenna and him start to bloom it becomes more unclear what his overall end game is.

I enjoyed the story of Miles and Jenna. The popular oh so confident girl and the nerdy music guy. They were sweet and endearing. I enjoyed book 1 of the duo more, but this was a nice differences.
Jenna has so many issues with her mom that are underlining in the story. Her mother pretty much sucks, from Jenna’s POV. Near the end the end of the book, the conversation that occurs with her mother just honest to goodness sucks. I felt really bad for Jenna.

Miles kept strong even with all his boy hormones. He was a very likeable character. He had his own issues with his father and mother, but not as dramatic as Jenna’s.

I give the overall book 4 hearts.

Author Questions:

If you didn’t read book one that is okay.

You can read book 2 as a standalone.
If you want to know more about book one Click Here to see my recent review on it.

Good read. Cute. Enjoy

Parental information: Active drinking of supporting characters. Discussion of sex and oral. Parental conflicts and neglect.
July 11, 2017
Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Rating: 3.5 stars

Falling for Forever was a great, easy to read contemporary romance with two great main characters. Despite it being the second in the Before Forever series, and Chloe and Landon do play a part in this story, it could be read as a standalone. I was just fine having not read the previous book!

I was a bit iffy with Jenna at the beginning, as she seemed a little full of herself, but this was short-lived. Her ambition, confidence, and gregariousness grew on me. Miles was also very sweet, protective of his friends, and serious about his music. They had a great dynamic from the beginning, and them together made me feel the warm and fuzzies that are necessary for a YA contemporary romance to be good. What I particularly liked is that, even though they were competing, they were respectful to each other while also not holding back from doing their very best.

There were two things I was meh about and one thing I really didn't like at all. The first meh thing is actually pretty common in YA: the stereotypical mean girls. I know, sigh. Another meh thing was that a character comes out as gay in the book, and while everyone handled it well, I didn't understand why that was in there other than to deal with how there were four girls and three boys in a friend group, and one of the girls needed to be paired off some other way.

But what really got to me was how mental health was talked about. One character was assumed to by a "psycho," and it was revealed that she had once been diagnosed with depression, tried multiple medications and couldn't find one that worked for her, so she chose not to use them. This one character was portrayed as heartless and cruel and distant. They even talked about tricking her into seeing a doctor. I'm all for supporting people to get help, but they shouldn't be forced to do anything, especially if they aren't harming themselves or others.

However, overall, I did enjoy the book and kept wanting to pull my phone or Kindle out to keep reading. I'm holding out hope for more books in the series so I can see how these two turn out! 
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July 24, 2017
*** Find my entire review on my site - Marissa Writes in Book Reviews "Falling for Forever" *** while I did get a copy of this from NetGalley and the publishers, I was free to give my honest opinion, which you will find below and on my site. ***

I didn't read the first book in this series and was delighted that this isn't the kind of series where you need to read them in order - more of a series with the same few characters as we follow their lives on their own paths...

Jenna Quigley made it to the top ten in America's Newest Sensation and now she wants to move to LA and make it big, even if she doesn't have her high school diploma yet. Her father has other plans, and gets her into a prestigious fine arts high school, and she has to find a way to stand out among all these shining stars suddenly. But when she realizes that the annual talent show at the new school gives out a $25,000 cash prize, she sees her ticket to LA.

Miles Cleveland has been the top of the class in his high school for the past three years, so when he lost his spot on America's Newest Sensation he refused to tell anyone who didn't need to know at his school. He never imagined the reason would walk into his school at the beginning of Senior year. Especially when this was the year he could win the money to allow him to finally get the opportunity to live his dream after high school ended.

My likes:
I enjoyed the concept of this story- girl gets into the top ten of a nationally broadcast talent competition, but the has to finish high school... Oh and she somehow manages to get into a very prestigious fine arts high school now. She has to find a way to stand out and earn her keep in a group that is all talented. So often we hear the beginning of a teenager's story on some TV show, but then they go back to their lives, and what happens? This story was a fun contemporary of that idea. So win!

I also appreciated the competitive nature of the students in this school They were all talented, yet had different niche areas they excelled in. It made for an interesting dynamic that felt believable. I especially loved all the tension between Miles and Shane over all the competition... and how a girl naturally ends up getting in the mix just makes this story fit in the YA/NA category.

And I was pleased with the presence of parents and teachers in this story. So often those adults are just MIA in these stories. It was nice to have some parents who were stepping in and parenting the main characters.

Stop by the blog to see my dislikes, and more!
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July 29, 2017
Received in exchange for a honest review.

So Like Miles Jenna not so much but she grows on me. She was quick to jump to conclusions. Miles was honest and fair. He let go of the incident that had him angry at Jenna rather quickly and it was her blaming Miles and not believing him that rubbed me wrong when it came to Jenna. That and she really should have understood more about the loyalty and friendship Miles had with his BFF.

Jenna goes to a new school instead of LA after her dad gets her in. He is hoping to at least get her a degree. What is great about this school? They have a group of talented people that help raise the bar for her. they take their music seriously and it is also where she meets MIles.

Miles is a serious but sweet guy. He is also insanely talented. I love how he lets go of his anger and focuses on going forward. Miles enjoys Jenna’s company and sees her talent so he learns about her. They are good together but Jenna rubs me wrong with her beginning with Miles.

Over time she does grow on me. They learn about each other and help each other become better musicians by challenging each other. Their relationship is sweet and the attraction is great. I like how it wasn’t a instant coming together but working through things and learning about each other first. Seeing who the other is and liking the other for who they are. Jenna had alot on her plate with her family and I loved her dad. Miles was trying to prove something and is very smart and talented. So glad he was trying to stand on his own and show his dad he could.

A sweet and tender story that is well written and entertaining.
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July 4, 2017
Originally posted in Daydreaming Books.

*I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

This was such a cute read! It was absolutely perfect read that I wanted at that moment and I devoured it in a single sitting. You can read my review of book 1: The Summer Before Forever, here.

Jenna almost won America’s Newest Sensation but as a promise to her father, she has to complete her schooling where he wants before she can live her dream. Miles never forgot the chance that was stolen in a moment from him in the same audition and now Miles has to see her face every day because Jenna just enrolled in the very same school as his. His heart is set on winning the upcoming competition that his school holds and so is Jenna but when their hearts come in their way, what will they do?

I seriously loved this book so much!! Although I enjoyed book 1, I was not much of fan of it but this book was worth it. Jenna is all set to fly to L.A. to live her dream and try her career in singing but when her dad persuades her to complete her schooling here, she reluctantly agrees. But she didn't know she had to face somebody like Miles when all she wanted was truce and his friendship. When she finally remembered the reason for Miles's behaviour towards her, that she kind of accidentally stole his spot in the audition of America's Newest Sensation, through Chloe, her best friend's help, she was genuinely sorry and I loved how she handled everything, even when Miles's best friend purposely messed some stuff up.

I really liked Miles. He was such a great guy and it was impossible not to fall for someone like Jenna. I loved their chemistry. Their relationship slowly proceeded and the angst was simply mind-blowing! xD Although Miles listened to his head instead of his heart, in the beginning, I loved how he finally understood what he needed. I also enjoyed the fact that there was no sacrificial stuff because love came in the way of the competition. Both of them handled the situation maturely and although Miles did mess up a little, I was glad they both weren't afraid of some healthy competition between them. The minor characters were pretty interesting and I enjoyed the part they had to play in this story.

Overall, Falling for Forever was a great and fun read! The plot was executed neatly and I fell in love with the characters. I loved the romance between Miles and Jenna and I enjoyed the friendship between gang so much!! The writing was smooth and easy to read and the pace was even throughout the book. I definitely look forward to reading more by this author.

Recommend it?

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July 13, 2017
Please note: I received FALLING FOR FOREVER on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to both the Publisher and author.

I swear Entangled Publishing does this on purpose! Lately, I've suffered from wicked book hangovers thanks to their authors!!! I read this in ONE night. I couldn't put it down and totally ignored everything else I had to do so I could finish the book. Melissa Chambers outdid herself with this story. The tug back and forth between Jenna and Miles was spot on and I couldn't go to bed until I found out if they got together, who won the talent contest, and what would happen with her parents on top of everything else. Awesome ending too - how everything comes full circle - once you read it, you'll understand what I mean. :) Ms. Chambers did an awesome job of weaving the threads of several characters and their stories in this book and it was riveting. I am going to buy more from this author RIGHT NOW. Highly recommend this book.
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July 13, 2017
I read Falling for Forever immediately after reading the first book in this series, The Summer Before Forever, and I liked Falling for Forever even more! (Note that Falling for Forever can read just fine as a standalone.) Jenna was introduced in the first book, and I was not a fan of hers at all- she was so full of herself! But I do love a series that can change my mind about a character, and Chambers definitely did that with this book. I loved the premise of this story and loved that there was a talent competition in the plot- I have no musical talent AT ALL myself but love reading about singers and musicians. Jenna and Miles had great chemistry and I enjoyed the believable banter between them. Overall a great read!
**I voluntarily read an advance copy**
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May 7, 2020

I kind of liked this book. Stayed up to finish this, but when it started to look like Miles is going to end up doing the grand gesture it all went down from there.

1. Jenna is cocky, arogant, rude, bitchy. She is too much. Demanding. Overconfident. Me me me me me me. That's all I see in her character.

2. Mile is cute and lovable and a total push over. Jesus. He could afford to stand toe to toe with Jenna and call her out but instead he let her step all over him 🙄

The ending? I was expecting more. I was sorely disappointed🙄
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