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The Foxe & the Hound

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When your life is a hot mess at twenty, it’s cute. At twenty-seven… well, not so much.

It’s just that my lofty dreams—making it as a real estate agent, paying rent on time, showering daily—have stayed just that: dreams. Oh, and love? I’ve decided love might be a little ambitious for me at the moment. Instead, I’ve settled for the two guys who will never leave me: Ben & Jerry.

That is until Dr. Adam Foxe takes up residence as the town’s new vet.

With his strong jaw, easy confidence, and form-fitting scrubs, it’s not long before every housewife in Hamilton is dragging neglected tomcats in for weekly checkups.

Like everyone else, I’m intrigued. Even after I spoil my chance at a good first impression, he still offers me a proposition I can’t refuse: play his girlfriend at a family function and he’ll hire me as his real estate agent. Welcome to love in the 21st century.

It’s too bad I underestimated Adam’s irresistible charm and the undeniable attraction that burns between us. The day he pins me to the wall and silences me with a kiss, the line between reality and ruse begins to blur. Every teasing touch brings me to my knees. Every kiss promises more.

It looks like my hot mess of a life is about to get a little hotter.

330 pages, Kindle Edition

First published June 1, 2017

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About the author

R.S. Grey

41 books11.1k followers
R.S. Grey is the USA Today bestselling author of over twenty-five romantic comedies. She loves books, chocolate, reality TV, and cold weather. She lives in Texas with her husband, two daughters, and dog. Visit her at rsgrey.com.

Instagram: @AuthorRSGrey

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/RSGrey/


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February 19, 2018
This is a rom-com? My bad, I must have been laughing in my head except I'm almost certain I didn't crack even one smile.

Madeleine. Grow up, put some effort into actually doing your job or maybe just get another job. And oh, don't ever allow anyone call you bi-polar (even if you are); also, if you have to call a guy a dozen times without a callback or even an itsy bitsy text message, then, please, have some self-respect and- you know- move on with your LIFE!

And you Mr Adam Foxe, aka the panty melting hot Vet, are an arse. NO wonder your ex-fiancee slept with your best friend. Pfft.

70% done aaaaand I'm out. Boy, am I on a roll or what?
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June 5, 2017

➦If you were to pick a dog, you could spend months researching breeds, figuring out which one is the best fit for you. You could go to shelters, dog shows, hanging around and asking questions.

➦Or, you could be just like the heroine of this book, and go to a shelter to make an impulsive adoption of a certain adorable furry ball of a pup.

➦It does seem like a faster, easier way to go, right? Well, except if nobody really tells you how big your dog is going to get.

➦No problem. Just call him something non-threatening, like Mouse.

➦And don't forget to invest in some training for this delightful creature. You know how hyper them pups can get.

➦And make sure you find a good vet. If he happens to be a new-in-town, sex on a stick bachelor, EVEN BETTER! And, if you were, say, a realtor, just like the heroine of this book, you might as well try and sell him a house while you're at it.

➦I love romcoms. This is the second one I've read by R.S. Grey and I loved it! It's funny and not without feels! And come on, dogs are so adorable, who can say no to this face...

➦I think this is plenty to get you interested. It has humor, it has romance, it has a bit of angst - everything to satisfy a romantic comedy enthusiast. :D A recommend from me!

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June 11, 2017
*****4.5 STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

I thought my heart was dead—gone—after Olivia, but Madeleine has proved it’s alive and well, beating so hard I can barely see straight.

 photo Teaser2_zpsjnrunix3.png

Every time I hear there’s a new R.S. Grey book coming out, I get a little giddy inside. I know that I am guaranteed to fall in love with the story and characters she creates. THE FOXE AND THE HOUND was right up my alley. Being a HUGE dog lover, I got a kick out of the fact that the swoon-worthy Hero in this story is a Veterinarian and the Heroine is the owner of an adorable yet rambunctious Bernese Mountain dog. The couple’s first meeting is completely disastrous which is the perfect recipe for an enemies-to-lovers themed romance.

You will find it hard not to like Madeleine, who happens to be Lucas’s younger sister and Daisy’s best friend, they were the main couple from "ANYTHING YOU CAN DO". Madeleine is a real estate agent who is having a tough time bringing in new clients and hasn’t earned a commission since she sold a house to Lucas and Daisy six months ago. She’s struggling to pay her rent and has recently been put on probation at work due to her lackluster performance. But even when life seems to constantly put her through adversity, she never gives up. Madeleine is a fighter and she’s determined to make something of herself. Her love life is non-existent. Living in a small town does nothing to help her current single status, but she doesn’t let that get her down. She has her adorable dog, Mouse, to provide her love and companionship for the time being, and even though he is overly energetic and almost impossible for her to control, she loves that dog with all of her heart. He actually ends up bringing her face to face with one extremely good-looking stranger in the park, when Mouse tackles the man and gets his muddy paws all over his expensive suit. Madeleine is instantly attracted to the man until he unleashes his surly attitude on to her. It’s unfortunate really because she lives in a small town and the number of single men that she doesn’t actually know already is in the zero percentile. Fate will have these two crossing paths often, in fact, Adam ends up being Mouse’s vet.

 photo Teaser1_zpsjpx116gb.png

Each time they end up seeing each other the atmosphere is tense and the two ultimately get into some sort of heated argument but then a mutually beneficial agreement between Adam and Madeleine will take their relationship down a different path and they'll be unable to fight the powerful chemistry that exists between them.

When things start to heat up for the couple, Adam’s past unexpectedly comes crashing in and threatening to tear them apart. Adam’s fickle behavior was at times, extremely annoying and it only caused Madeleine to put up her walls and to be overly cautious, and there’s really no way anyone could fault her for wanting to protect her heart. Adam was the character that caused most of the angst but even then I think readers will have a hard time not falling in love with him.

THE FOXE AND THE HOUND is currently available!

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2r29jEr

 photo 17631979_zpsogt4rrvf.png
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June 6, 2017
4 stars!

Review at Of Pens and Pages.

What to expect from The Foxe and the Hound: a hot as sin veterinarian, a down on her luck real estate agent, one rambunctious, oversized puppy, multiple awkward run-ins, and a sweet, light, and a slow-burn, laugh-out-loud romance.

Like all of her books I've read so far, this was entertaining and impossible to put down.

When real estate agent Madeleine Thatcher adopted her adorable fluff ball Mouse, she had no idea he'd grow as big as her. She only thought Mouse was a fur baby who looked like it to belong to her and her home. Sure, the dog is now a growing force to be reckoned with, but she wouldn't replace Mouse for the world. Not even when her dog jumps on the hot new guy and muddies up his outfit.

After a disastrous break-up with his fiancée, veterinarian Adam Foxe moves to Texas to start anew. He prefers Chicago. He thinks Hamilton, Texas is too small a city where he gets jumped by a giant muddy puppy on his first day of work and bumps into the same woman with the naughty puppy every time he goes out.

Adam and Madeleine did not have the best first meeting. Honestly, their second meeting wasn't better. Whether they want to admit it or not, they're incredibly curious about one another. They can't really do anything about it since Adam doesn't want to date and Madeleine needs to work her butt off to keep her job. Doesn't mean they won't meet up again. Hamilton is a small place and they run in the same circle.

Adam might need a new home, and Madeleine needs another sale if she doesn't want to get fired.

If Madeleine seems familiar, it's because she made her first appearance in Anything You Can Do as Daisy's best friend and Lucas's little sister. I've always been curious about her when I was reading about her in the other book, so it was a pleasant surprise to find out she has her own story.

Madeleine’s life is a bit of a mess at 27 but she continues to work hard and is kind and good-natured. She’s also very relatable. It’s nice to see a character who doesn’t have her sh*t together at 27, and you know what, that’s fine. We can f*k up and fall down, but we can always stand up and work harder.

I love Adam Foxe. ugh. I mean seriously. A good-looking man who’s great with animals is a living wet dream. AND HE CAN COOK. He’s a bit serious at times (I love it), but he spars with Madeleine when they see each other, and I really think Madeleine brings out the funnier man in him.

The Foxe and the Hound is a standalone novel told in alternating POVs. With great banter and a perfect balance between angst, sexual tension, and humor, readers looking for a great rom-com will love this book.

P.S. I will never look at closets the same way again.

*ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

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746 reviews2,424 followers
June 15, 2017
I was in an awful mood when I began reading The Foxe and the Hound. In fact, I didn’t even really feel like reading at all. I’m a book blogger though and that kind of means I have to sometimes even when I’m not feeling it. I love R.S. Grey, but I was still fully prepared to sulk and drag myself through the book purely due to the way I felt at the time. However, within a few minutes of reading I was smiling, and before I knew it, I was laughing. I flew through the story in one sitting and felt a hundred times better when I was done. R.S Grey, thank you for turning my day around!

Madeleine Thatcher is a real estate agent that is a little down on her luck where her job is concerned. She has sold exactly one house in her first year with the company she works for, and that results in her being placed on probation. They expect her to do something to improve her sales in the next 2 months, or she may be looking for a new job.

Adam Foxe, a veterinarian, moved to the small town of Hamilton, Texas from Chicago, Illinois to be close to his family after his fiancé of 5 years cheated on him with his best friend. The difference between big city life and life in Hamilton is astronomical, and it’s a lot harder to adjust than he anticipated. On the way to his first day of work, he is mauled by a huge, happy, and extremely muddy puppy named Mouse. He has a heated exchange with the owner, Madeleine, and is soon reunited with them both when she brings Mouse in for his shots.

After those two encounters, Madeleine begins bumping into Adam all over town. It seems like they can’t go anywhere without seeing each other’s face. Between a series of unfortunate events, embarrassing encounters, puppy love, and accidental nakedness, things start to heat up between them… whether they want it to or not.

The Foxe and the Hound is well written, entertaining, light, and full of humor. The romance is sweet, the dog is adorable, the characters are likable, and I wouldn’t mind having an Adam myself, just saying. (I pictured him as Amadeo Leandro with green eyes. If you don’t know who he is, google it and thank me later!) I would have liked a little more steam, but all in all, I can’t complain about much. I haven’t read one of this author’s books in a while, and reading this reminded me why I should. If you are looking for a cute romantic comedy that will make you smile until your cheeks ache, or you’re familiar with this author’s work and enjoy it, don’t hesitate to give this one a try!

ARC generously provided for an honest review,
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686 reviews13.5k followers
June 1, 2017
FIVE STARS!!!!!!! Five friggin sweet and swoony stars! I'm so in love with this book! I'm swooning as I write this review. I mean, wow. That gave me endless tingles and chest aches and feels. So. Many. Feels. I'm not even kidding. My tingles had tingles, my swoon had swoon, and the butterflies in my belly had their own darn butterflies. This book was yummy. From the first to the last page it was downright delicious. Adam and Madeleine are two of the very best characters I've ever had the pleasure of reading and I am so in love with them individually and together as a couple. Charming and sweet, endearing and captivating, The Foxe & The Hound held me in its clutches and made me happy. R.S Grey never ceases to amaze me, and this is without a doubt her BEST NOVEL YET.

Brimming with charm and the kind of humor that makes your cheeks hurt from smiling, this standalone speaks straight to a romance readers heart. It's light and fresh, unique and quirky, and comes from an author I trust to deliver a fantastic RomCom each and every time. R.S Grey is always consistent in quality, giving readers well written, well thought out and heartfelt romances that shine. I have to say I'm so impressed with her! I didn't think it could get any better than Anything You Can Do, her last release, but it did. It got even better with The Foxe & The Hound, which is now my most favorite R.S. Grey book to date.

Madeleine Thatcher's life is in a rut. At 27, things have not panned out the way she thought they would, but ever the positive thinker and go-getter, Madeleine keeps on going. She's one of those characters who's positively delightful to read about! I swear, one of my Goodreads updates was that I wanted to date her myself. LMAO. She's funny and her inner monologue and witty thoughts charmed me through and through. I fell in love with her before I ever fell in love with Adam because she was endearing and real. She has such a genuine disposition. I connected with her troubles, her life "funk". Madeleine's a real estate agent but in the time she's been doing that she's only sold one property, and that was to Lucas (her brother) and Daisy (her BFF). So to say things are not going well for her is an understatement.

Adam Foxe is new in Hamilton. From Chicago, he relocated after a bad break up. He's the town vet, and really... he's just looking to settle into life. He needs time to figure out what he wants and he's most definitely not wanting to jump into any new relationships. When Adam and Madeleine meet it's not exactly love at first sight! Their meet-cute is utterly hilarious and involves the sweetest puppy called Mouse. I could barely contain my smile as I read. I was so enamored. These two have a natural chemistry that crackles and sparks and makes you feel giddy. As you read it only gets better and better, Adam and Madeleine can't stay away from each other and when sparks fly, the sweetest love story commences.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, R.S Grey knows how to write the BEST Romantic Comedies. I truly think she's the best of the best when it comes to books in this genre. She always softens the heartbreaking moments with the funniest humor, and her stories are so genuine and sweet, addicting and well written. To say I loved The Foxe and The Hound would be an understatement. It was the perfect mix of angst, steam, laughs and swoon! Just charming. A DEFINITE MUST READ!
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2,434 reviews4,553 followers
June 3, 2017
5 sweet stars

I'm in love with this story and the characters *sigh*.R.S. Grey did it again,she delivers a lovely,sweet,adorable,fun and intense story.


If you know me,then you know how addictive I am with Rachel's stories.She always make me happy with her books and this one was something else.I adored Madeleine and Adam.Separately and together,they have an amazing chemistry.

If you are looking for something refreshing, with a sassy heroine a swoon worthy hero and a sweet romance this is perfect!!

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666 reviews1,499 followers
December 16, 2022
2.5 stars

hmm, i listened to this while making book edits on my phone. people seemed to either love or hate this book because of the fact that the hero was a passive aggressive asshole and the heroine was a weak, klutzy, hot mess. but to tell you the truth, this story didnt pull me in deep enough to stir any kind of emotions. let alone leave a mark. so, its a shame cause i dont really have an opinion on it.

i remember thinking the hero gave me a whiplash cause he’d be all charming, flirty, and playful one second, but then he acted all rude, cold, and disinterested the next. i also wondered why the heroine kept working a job she didnt like or had a passion for and had the nerve to trash the people she worked with. at the same time, i didnt care about it all. the only positive was all the doggy appreciation.

(read as an audiobook)
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1,090 reviews17.4k followers
March 31, 2018
Jesus, this was good.
I'm going on a mission to read all of the author's books now.
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337 reviews990 followers
March 5, 2018

Overall Rating: 4.5 stars
Story: 4.5 stars
Performance: 5 stars


What to expect from The Foxe and the Hound: a hot as sin veterinarian, a down on her luck real estate agent, one rambunctious, oversized puppy, multiple awkward run-ins, and a sweet, light, and slow-burn romantic comedy.

Madeleine’s life is a bit of a mess at 27 but she continues to work hard and is kind and good-natured. She’s also very relatable. It’s nice to see a character who doesn’t have her sh*t together at 27, and you know what, that’s fine. We can f*k up and fall down, but we can always stand up and work harder.

I love Adam Foxe. ugh. I mean seriously. A good-looking man who’s great with animals is a living wet dream. AND HE CAN COOK. He’s a bit serious at times (I love it), but he spars with Madeleine when they see each other, and I really think Madeleine brings out the funnier man in him.

With great banter and a perfect balance between angst, sexual tension, and humor, readers looking for a great rom-com will love this book.

Full review here.


When I was imagining Madeleine's voice when I first read this book last year, Luci Christian's voice was exactly what I imagined. Same goes for Joe Arden as Adam Foxe. They had the energy that was in-character to their portrayals, and the pacing was just right. I know they never interacted in their narrations (for audiobook virgins, it's not like a radio drama where actors talk to each other and everything, if that makes sense???), but they had amazing chemistry, and I had a lot of feels because of it!

The narrators are officially on my favorite list. What an enjoyable listen!


Absolutely! I was engaged the whole time I was listening to this audiobook, and both narrators sounded fantastic. If you're a fan of romantic comedies with great banter and the perfect amount of steam, hilarity, and a little bit of drama sprinkled in, you'll enjoy it, too.

Tropes: Hate to Love, Fake Relationship
POV: First Person, Dual POV
Standalone: Yes

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987 reviews1,799 followers
June 24, 2017
I absolutely love when you can fall into every book you read by an author. You know, you just know it's going to make you fall💕 But first, let me say this, I wanted to hate Adam Foxe, badly.
 photo 3EE7B6F2-E9F5-416E-8889-492414C0F40D_zpsdbcdt8ml.gif
I think I did hate or disalike him at times, a lot of times, but I totally understand why he was so hesitant, so reserved. His past. He's unhappy and he's had the worst betrayal happen to him. But hello, enter the entertainer of the year, Madeleine Thatcher. She could cure anyone's broken heart.
 photo 03FB9261-A6A9-4957-8D6E-62E94C5839B4_zpsaj72fvhc.jpg
She's stuck in a rut and is ready to move her life to elsewhere to start over, new beginnings. She is funny, down to earth, she's real, and she definitely wears her heart on her sleeve. She has a knack at being way to hard on herself. That's where her love of a dog, a puppy she rescues, saves her and gives her the new beginning she is looking for, in more ways then she thought.
 photo 848910B4-4C24-40A9-AF7A-C4AD5425CFDD_zpsotyymo1k.jpg

This book was not only gave me a new couple and some sweet dogs, it gave me more of Lucas and Daisy from Anything You Can Do. I am hoping to get more to this story, I'd love to see into the future of Adam & Madeleine❤️❤️❤️
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203 reviews1,273 followers
June 2, 2017
A big thank you to the author for providing me with an advance ebook copy to review!

This was cute but for some reason I didn't really love it? 😕 I'm a fairly new R.S. Grey fan and I've only read three books by Rachel, four including The Foxe and the Hound, and I've loved every single one of them but I'm a little disappointed with this one.

I felt like not much happened in the story and the relationship between Madeleine and Adam was kiiiiinda underdeveloped. I didn't feel that thrill I had with her other characters and to be completely honest, Madeleine reminded me too much of Daisy. I LOVED Daisy but Madeleine felt like a repetitive and recycled version of her. It's not far off to be just like your BFF but these two can literally pass for one another, like they're the same exact character but with different described hair colors.

Secondly, Rachel's books ALWAYS have me cracking up throughout the story but that also didn't happen with The Foxe and the Hound. The jokes fell a little short and I didn't find any of them funny, which was another disappointment because I live for Rachel's humor. 😭

Annnnnd the cherry on top of my sad little reading experience... the sexy times were UNSATISFYING. 👎🏼 The one thing I've noticed about Rachel's books is that her sexy scenes aren't very descriptive, which is actually totally fine. What I don't like about it is that they're too short, I guess you can say? We have all this buildup for like 60% of the book and it's the "first time" that we're all waiting for to take off. But nothing really took off in this one. ☹️ Adam and Madeleine's first time was dullllll and boring. The only thrill was that it was done in the car. 😂

All in all, The Foxe and the Hound just fell a little bit short for me. I think it's my least favorite R.S. Grey book I've read so far. The building between the two MCs was a little rushed and underdeveloped, and the sexy times couldn't even save the sinking ship. 🤷🏻‍♀️ The premise had a lot of potential but the humor wasn't very humorous and the characters didn't stand out too much from Rachel's sea of characters that she's ever written. I don't think I can ever hate any R.S. Grey book so even though I had a lot of negative things to say, I still found the overall story fun and entertaining. And although I was really disappointed in this one, I can still see others enjoying The Foxe and the Hound especially if they're looking for something quick, light, and cute to read. R.S. Grey is definitely the way to go! ❤️
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Author 10 books7,418 followers
December 11, 2017

DNF @ 48%

Not going to rate this, because the writing is good, and most of the characters are pretty engaging.

With the exception of the male lead.

He was just SUCH an asshole. Insurmountably so, for me. I could have kept going, because I'm sure he tries to redeem himself, but I'm just not that forgiving, and no amount of groveling could make up for his shitty behavior up until the point I quit.

The fact that the female lead is super sweet and easily forgives him (where I wouldn't) made it even worse. Because I wasn't just mad at him for being a jackass. I was mad at him for treating her so badly.

That said, I've loved other books by this author, and will continue to one-click the shit out of her. This one was just a miss for me, and I wanted to make note of why for other readers who might have trouble with this male lead.
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781 reviews2,090 followers
August 21, 2021
The Foxe & the Hound by R.S. Grey was one of those light-hearted, feel-good books that I'm looking for. Afterwards I had a big smile on my face. Not only did the book leave me utterly satisfied, I ended up adoring the characters and their four-legged friends.

Adam Foxe and Madeleine Thatcher were FANTASTIC together.

Madeleine was a wonderful, strong female lead, she was Lucas's sister and Daisy's best friend and a supporting character in Anything You Can Do. Daisy and Madeleine were still extremely hilarious together. Like sisters, they were thick as thieves and very much into each others business. More than once I chuckled or laughed out loud over their antics and dialogues.

“I can’t. I have plans.”
“Plans? With who? I’m your only friend. That’s how this works.”
Madeleine's love interest Dr. Adam Foxe, the new veterinarian in town, met Madeleine under the most unfortunate circumstances. Madeleine's dog MOUSE - most hilarious name for such a gorgeous dog - showed his happiness by putting his muddy paw prints all over Adam's suit. It was defiantly not a good first impression at all - but a lasting one. Adam had a hard time keeping Madeleine out of his thoughts afterwards. And stumbling over her wherever he went didn't help either.

Luckily for me, Adam turned out to be more wonderful than I could have imagined. A hot veterinarian, with some baggage, moving to a small town in Texas to be closer to his family. Adam, struggled a bit with his attraction towards Daisy. He just came out of a long-term relationship and he was still trying to get his bearings. A new beginning and taking time coming to terms with his failed relationship sounded great to Adam. Until he met Madeleine. She did not fit into Adam's plans at all since he decided he wouldn't be doing any dating. Nevertheless the attraction didnt' diminish and she occupied his thoughts more often than he liked.

So they struggled.

Him flirting, her pushing back. Her advancing, him pulling away. At the end both ended up frustrated.

Until finally their attraction took over.

Sometimes really all that's needed is a good amount of sexual attraction. Passion finally ignited and all rational thoughts disappeared into thin air. When they eventually got together, Adam and Madeleine were perfect for each other. They clicked, matched, and completed each other. And I thought the last chapter of the book was just divine.

Even so their path was a bit rocky, the journey was worth it.

Adam deserved Madeleine and vice versa. And I deserved their story. THE END!!!

Oops, not the end.

I can't finish this review unless I mention MOUSE!!!!! I think Mouse was my most favorite character of all. He was this HUGE Bernese mountain dog puppy, too big for his own good, and clearly in charge of Madeleine. That dog was the highlight of the entire novel. The way he steered Madeleine from one hilarious situation into the next was incredibly entertaining. I love stories that have a pet or animal as supporting character. They usually end up being my favorite characters, and they give their owners another level of complexity.

ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

Find more reviews and book recommendations on my blog.

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1,568 reviews1,138 followers
June 1, 2017
DNF at 40%

If you can cope with an extremely weak and clumsy female protagonist, you will probably enjoy this book.

It’s well written and the dog was adorable, but I have zero patience for such weak and pathetic portrayal of a woman.

Damsel in distress, klutz, non-existent date life, unsuccessful carrier, broken car, no money for the rent and and and.

I don’t find it funny or cute.

And this one paired with extremely unlikable male protagonist who of course looked beautiful, but had no manners and no respect for her, IMO.

I couldn’t believe he was a vet after I read how they met. What a vet says a person that she adopted apparently a wrong dog from the animal shelter?! The dog was wrong only because he was too big for her??! Would it be better if she left him/gave him back to the shelter??!

There are no wrong pets, there wrong a$$hole vets!

What a women with at least a little self-respect would let a man call her bipolar and not to chop his balls off?
He was so rude and arrogant!

And her pathetic attempts to get him as her real estate client were just pitiful.
He made a bargain (to show her off as his date, so his mother wouldn’t try to set him up) and she didn’t even ask him what her role would be. She just agreed to do anything to have him as a client!

Brainlessness is NOT sexy!

I’m not a fan of adoration of heartless arrogant rude male.

2 stars ONLY because of the dog! It was the ONLY good thing this woman did in this book.

Of course IMO and based on my personal preference of strong female characters.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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228 reviews4,930 followers
December 31, 2017
It's time to DNF a book when a joke about assault turns into the pickup line that begins a passionate makeout scene, and there is also the line "taming wild mustangs with patience and masculinity". At least I borrowed it and didn't pay!

Edit: Finished this so people wouldn’t come at me for not finishing it when I include it in a list in an upcoming video.
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1,745 reviews433 followers
June 3, 2017
An appealing enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy that is sure to make you smile. I hadn't laughed that hard in a while! Absolutely fun, sexy and adorable. R. S. Grey's buoyancy shines through!

Madeline Thatcher didn’t mean to reach twenty seven and still have her life in disarray. But she has her priorities straight. 1. Sell at least one house in the near future in order to pay the months overdue rent. 2. Train her ginormous puppy to heel and not maul well-dressed, good looking men, especially if said man is the new veterinarian in town. 3. Falling in love with Dr. Adam Foxe is forbidden even if he is the most attractive man she’s ever laid eyes on and he’s offering to hire her as his real estate agent if she pretends to be his girlfriend for a day. Can Madeline succeed at any of these or will her life go from shambles to absolute dishevelment?
“I hardly recognized you without Mouse,” he quips.
I smile and it’s fake and he knows it. “And I hardly recognized you without that scowl on your face.”

I don’t even bother with the blurb any more. Every time I open up an R.S. Grey rom-com I know I’ll be addicted with her ability to combine the right amount of yummy sexual tension, fun banter and delightful romance. I was hooked with the book’s flow and mirth. It made me laugh out loud and before I knew it I had read the entire story in a single sitting while enjoying the couple’s sweet story.
“I’m going to kiss you,” he announces.
“Don’t!” I snap. “Adam Foxe, do NOT under any circumstance—” He kills the rest of my sentence with his lips.

Both Adam and Madeline are endearing characters, alone as well as a couple. Madeline is funny and sympathetic, she’s so down to earth and relateable she made me want to be her friend. Adam moved to the small town of Hamilton after a heartbreaking experience which left him bitter, wary and needing to figure out his life. He was cold at first, but mostly because he felt vulnerable and wanted to protect his puppy loving heart.
“I can almost pretend he’s a living, breathing human and not a robot cyborg programmed to rescue puppies and make woman swoon.”

When their lives literally collide, they’re not exactly happy about it. But as they keep bumping into each other in the small town and with the attraction they can’t deny, what started off as pretend soon morphs into more.

A couple of last comments. Mouse the dogs is incredibly cute. The scenes with him are awesome. And I LOVED Adam’s mom. She’s hilarious!

The Foxe and the Hound is standalone contemporary romance by R.S. Grey. It is cheerfully frothy and fresh. A fantastic rom-com with charm and heart you won’t want to miss. Told mostly from both points of view.

Amazon -> http://amzn.to/2qQmEMC

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via InkSlinger. The excerpts taken are from that copy. *

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578 reviews116 followers
June 10, 2017
4 stars

Freaking had fun with this book. Light, sweet and although a predictable plot, the author did a great job with the heroine not being a complete doormat. Certainly an enemies-to-lovers type with an amazing hero and heroine hating then loving each other's guts. Loved Madeleine's real life struggles. Instead of bitching, she fought to right her struggles. When someone from the past returns, instead of self depracating, self sabotaging she took a step back and gave herself a pep talk. You go girl! I loved it that he came after you.

Mouse though.. that not-so-little monster made the book so much more entertaining!
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512 reviews18 followers
July 21, 2017
4.5 stars

The Foxe and the Hound is a fast and easy read that had me smiling. It is the first book that I have read from this author, but it will certainly not be my last.

Madeleine Thatcher is a “hot mess”. She is struggling with work, money, and even her dog is giving her problems, not to mention her nonexistent love life. Things start to look up when a hot new veterinarian moves to her small Texas town.

Adam Foxe moves from Chicago to be close to his family. Although he is the talk of the town, he is no in the mood for dating. He is quiet happy to be in a holding pattern, that is until he meets the Madeleine Thatcher and her ginormous dog, Mouse.

Madeleine and Adam are cute together. Between muddy messes and crazy adventures, maybe they will figure out they are what the other exactly needs.

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475 reviews243 followers
April 17, 2018

“Because he’s the love of my life.
And he’s my dog”

Relatable, although I don’t have a dog🐶🖤.

I was in the mood for something cute and funny and this book was definitely it.
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3,749 reviews442 followers
June 14, 2017
For some reason, I didn’t realize that this book was also set in the small town of Hamilton, but I’m so glad it was and that we got to catch up with Lucas and Daisy while getting Madeleine’s quirky love story.

Madeleine and Adam meet in a not-so-great way and start off on the wrong foot with each other. Though being in a small town makes running into each other easier whether they want to see each other or not. But when both need something, they figure they can use each other for something good.

I loved both characters. Adam was such a great guy, and I understood his hesitation for a real relationship. Madeleine was such a fun, quirky character. She was a bit of a mess, but it was endearing. They fit together so well and I couldn’t wait until they gave in and did something about their feelings for each other!

I loved being able to read about Lucas and Daisy and see how they were doing as a couple. They are both such big parts of Madeleine’s life as her brother and best friend.

This book was another great read by R.S. Grey. I love reading her books, and I look forward to reading more from her in the future. -Leah, 5 Stars
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1,031 reviews376 followers
Shelved as 'dnf'
January 25, 2019
DNF @ 24%

This was my first by this very popular author, and it's left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Somehow all the female characters are portrayed as either shallow, catty, desperate, irresponsible, or just plain stupid.

This comment by the hero's mother underscores the tone of the story perfectly.
"If I know women, she'll rearrange her whole schedule to be there with you."
~UGH~ It was the last straw.

I know this is supposed to be a lighthearted and fun read . . . but no. Just no.
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926 reviews438 followers
June 7, 2017
This was the perfect romantic comedy to charm me out of my rainy day funk.

Madeleine Thatcher is a super sweet but perpetually single, down on her luck realtor. She has a new adorably unruly puppy to keep her company, but whether in love, work, or just life in general, the lady just cannot seem to catch a break. Her misadventures create some hilarious moments, including an unfortunate encounter with Dr. Adam Foxe.

Adam is the new man in the small town, and he’s got a few things going for him:
1) He’s hot
2) He’s single
3) He’s a vet, which means he’s employed and he’s an animal lover
4) See all of the above

Adam and Madeleine have the perfect degree of tentative attraction that grows into some wonderful chemistry. I loved these characters together and enjoyed the fact that any conflicts are of the lighthearted variety. It’s Madeleine and her dog, Mouse, though that sell the story and provide the bulk of scene-stealing humor.

If you’re looking for lots of steam with your romance, you won’t find much here. The Foxe and the Hound is simply a sweet, feel-good comedic love story that suited me just fine.

Recommended for fans of:
Romantic comedy
Single ladies doing it for themselves
Men in scrubs

**ARC received in exchange for an honest review.**

Reading Frenzy Book Blog
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669 reviews87 followers
July 8, 2018
⭐️3.5 stars⭐️

"Buxom brunette bombshell seeks billionaire to fix her financial woes. Millionaires need not apply."


"Sexy real estate agent wants to show you her 1-bedroom."

"The are coming too easily for you."

"Sex robot seeks first real human emotion."

I groan.

"Okay fine, here's the real one: Adorably dysfunctional twenty-something seeks handsome veterinarian. Serious offers only."

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1,447 reviews1,162 followers
May 15, 2018
They're always supposed to last longer...

Audiobooks are there for me to listen to when I can't sit down to read. Unfortunately, I have a wee problem stopping. I get off the train, hop in my car drive home and then have at least an hour before the kids get home. I "plan" to do stuff and tell myself to use the time wisely. What normally happens is that I get home, put the kettle on for coffee and check emails while my coffee is brewing. Then, because I can't help myself, my earbuds go back in and the boys will come home from school and find me STILL listening to my story.

So, because I listen for longer than I plan, my audio stories never seem to last. This situation becomes even more extreme when my audio is really good. I really enjoyed The Foxe and the Hound. I enjoyed it so much that it only took me a day to listen to it even though it was supposed to last me the week.

I found this story light, humorous and pretty darn sweet. The characters were quirky, the puppies were gorgeous and the storyline kept my attention from start to finish. I would have to say that my enjoyment was like the sexy times...a slow burn. In the beginning, she was a little too flakey and he was a little too aloof. As times goes on, she grows on me and eventually seems to mature a little. He, well, he has the misfortune of being too good looking. Too good-looking, you say? Well, it would probably peeve me off considerably if my man was being ogled left right and centre. Funny thing is that he's not at all egotistical about it if anything he's quite embarrassed by all the fuss.

It wasn't all sunshine and roses listening to this one and I admit that I became a little frustrated with both the hero and heroine towards the end of the story. A simple conversation would have made their situation a lot better. He handled the return of his ex badly and I wanted to kick him in the ding-ding. She probably should have demanded a little more openness from him. In the end, it all worked out OK.

I think both the male and female narrators do a fantastic job and I really believe they became the characters convincingly. I never struggled with listening to their performances and it was easy to tell when the characters changed.

A very enjoyable listen, I'm just cranky at myself that I rushed it.
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1,324 reviews1,389 followers
June 1, 2017
5 Stars!

 photo CD01FC27-86EF-4857-8CE6-51F8F6ABD7F1_zpssxxmhi9k.jpg

Madeleine Thatcher is a 27 yr. old gorgeous, single woman living in rural Texas, in a small town called Hamilton. She works as a real estate agent at Hamilton Realty, & lately feels as if her whole life is one big hot mess. She just can't seem to get it together. She's struggling to pay her rent, can't seem to sell a house to save her life, & although she attends singles events & uses online dating apps, she hasn't had any luck in the love department. Everyone around her seems to be happily coupled, even her older brother Lucas who is married to her best friend Daisy. All Madeleine really has lately is her dog Mouse that she recently adopted.

 photo CFEBE838-A42A-4671-92D6-24C18F298500_zpsiokiqkvl.jpg

Adam Foxe is a sexy veterinarian from Chicago that recently moved to Hamilton to be closer to his family. He's on his third week at his new job as the town Vet when he crosses paths with the beautiful Madeleine Thatcher. It's kind of a train wreck, & Madeleine makes a horrible first impression. As they continue to run into one another everywhere they turn, they begin to grow on each other. There's an undeniable attraction between them neither can ignore. After recently getting out of a long term relationship Adam isn't really ready to date yet, but he's desperate to get his mom off his back so he offers Madeleine a proposition she can't refuse. Pretend to be his fake girlfriend for a family function & he'll hire her to find him a home. As they are spending all this time together they share an unexpected kiss that rocks both their worlds.

 photo 66C4A568-656C-49D2-9E28-F8E3CCAE291A_zps3vzaccbl.jpg

Even though Adam doesn't think he's ready to get into another relationship so soon, he can't deny how badly he wants Madeleine. She's all he can think about. He even enjoys her quirky personality. Will she be the one he breaks all his rules for, & will Madeleine finally find her happily ever after?

I love R.S. Grey's writing. Every time I start one of her books I know I'm in for a treat and it's going to be fantastic! This was no different. It was a sexy romantic comedy that I couldn't put down. Just loved it!

 photo CE0B163D-1B96-48A0-B37E-23696A25A26E_zpsktgxscm7.jpg
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1,393 reviews241 followers
July 4, 2017
The Foxe and the Hound is my first read by R.S Grey and whilst I wouldn't exactly peg this as a romantic comedy, it was an entertaining, lighthearted romantic read with a loveable, yet frustrating at times, couple

"Adorably dysfunctional twenty-something seeks handsome veterinarian. Serious offers only."

Both Madeleine and Adam's luck has sunk a little of late—he with a recently broken engagement under his belt and her generally struggling at work—and with some help from her ten-tonne pup, they become acquainted, proving that our animals do indeed know who to trust.

"I thought my heart was dead—gone—after Olivia, but Madeleine has proved it’s alive and well, beating so hard I can barely see straight."

Enemies-to-lovers is a trope that either works well for me or fails absolutely miserably and happily this worked a treat. Adam is understandably guarded and can be a bit of an arse in comparison to Maddie who wears her heart on her sleeve and, whilst in IRL I don't think I would have been as persistent as she was, they had just the right amount of push/pull to create that build-up and chemistry along the way. And as for Mouse, Madeleine's rather large fur-baby, well he's a dog, of course I loved every furry inch of him.


It wasn't hugely unpredictable, but when you need a sweet and sexy romantic fix with likeable characters, cute puppy dogs and a smile or two, then this absolutely ticks the boxes.

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