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Time of My Life
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Time of My Life

3.46  ·  Rating details ·  5,655 Ratings  ·  829 Reviews
Jillian Westfield has the perfect suburban life straight out of the upscale women's magazines that she obsessively reads. She’s got the modern-print rugs of Metropolitan Home, the elegant meals from Gourmet, the clutter-free closets out of Real Simple, and the elaborate Easter egg hunts seen in Parents. With her successful investment banker husband behind the wheel and her ...more
Hardcover, 287 pages
Published October 7th 2008 by Crown
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Feb 02, 2009 rated it it was ok
Shelves: adult-books
Very fast read. If it didn't read so fast, I don't know if I would have finished it. The end of the book was satisfying but I got bored throughout most of the book. I really didn't connect with the main character...most of the time she annoyed me.
Mimi Marten
Feb 20, 2016 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: woman-s-fiction
I bought Time of My Life on another author’s recommendation. It was my first read from Allison Winn Scotch and I’m a BIG fan.
The cover and the title are somewhat deceiving. It's not a light read, it's full of depth.

The premise is not new or original. There are several movies done with this concept, but ‘TIME OF MY LIFE’ is written without the fluffy fantasy make belief, it’s raw and real. Reading is very subjective, but for me it’s either an escape or a connection. This book was both.
The main pr
Jul 11, 2009 rated it did not like it
Recommends it for: suicidal insomniacs
Recommended to Pollopicu by: a magazine
This is one of the worst novels I ever read in my entire life!
I hated this book so much. It's not even worth being on goodreads.
If you like trash novels, this is the book for you.

Dec 28, 2008 rated it really liked it
Shelves: library
I ended up liking this book, although it started off a little slowly for me. There were times when I didn't like the main character, Jillian Westfield, but she did become more sympathetic to me as the story evolved. Jillian is a discontented mother and housewife who feels that she made the wrong choices for her life. She suddenly is faced with the opportunity to go back in time in her life and make different choices. As she goes through this part of her life for the second time, Jillian realizes ...more
May 01, 2011 rated it it was ok
Shelves: fiction, chick-lit
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Jan 06, 2009 rated it liked it
Shelves: fiction, 2009
This novel was very light in some ways (primarily, the main character was a superficial, highly privileged, wealthy, suburban, unhappy housewife/mother--- though that changed some) but was a thoroughly enjoyable read. It is fun to think about going back in your life, knowing what you know now, and having the option of making different choices; the author did a nice job of exploring this theme.
May 15, 2010 rated it it was ok
Please, must we have more stories about women who have money enough for nannies because they don't like children but somehow feel obliged to fit the "perfect image" of never getting a clue or evolving into better people?!?!?! (sigh)

The book itself was a bit disjointed, although the potential was really there for a great storyline. There was some (emphasis on "some") evolution of the character, but she repeated her mistakes so many times I wonder if she really got it. My favorite scene in the sto
Kelly Houser
Jul 22, 2010 rated it really liked it
Time of My Life is my favorite Allison Winn Scotch novel. It is my favorite for several reasons. First, I loved Scotch’s writing in this novel. Jillian’s voice was true and genuine. The attention to detail was excellent. Scotch crafted the novel in such a way that I couldn’t put the book down. I had to know what happened next, and I read the novel in one sitting.

I think this book really resonated with me because we all wonder if we made the right decision about certain things in our lives, espec
Cindy Bokma
Oct 09, 2008 rated it it was amazing
You will love this novel that poses the question, "What if...I could go back in time and change choice that I have made?"

Allison is a wonderful author and I know my friends will read this book cover to cover and love every word.

Trisha Smith
"Finally, when she was six weeks old, I heard her stir in her crib, so I dragged myself in to begin the routine: diaper, nurse, burp, sing, nap all over again. Katie was staring at her pink floral bumper guard and must have heard me enter. She startled and started to wail, and my insides curdled at the sound of it. But then, I poked my face over her crib, and she shifted her head and our eyes locked. She can see me! I thought. She hushed immediately, and a tiny smile crept across her pink rosebu ...more
Jun 29, 2010 rated it really liked it
Have you ever wondered "what if"? Have you ever looked at your life and all it's craziness and think back to a time in your past that you could go back to, and if you could, would you?
What reality would you choose if you had the chance to do it all over again?

Time of my life sets the story of a neglected suburban wife, who even though has a content life can't seem to find any real passion in her marriage, and while she has a beautiful daughter who she lives for, can't help but remember the freed
Robin Nicholas
Jul 29, 2010 rated it really liked it
It isn't a masterpiece or particularly great writing...but it was very interesting and thought provoking. Jillian is a 30-something, affluent, stay-at-home mom, who does pilates, has massages, and drives a Range Rover, however, she is very unsatisfied with her life. She gave up a successful Manhattan advertising career and moved to the suburbs to raise her daughter. Her husband travels non-stop and she is lonely. She often wonders "what if". What if she hadn't given up her career? What if she ha ...more
Jan 26, 2010 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Jillian Westfield has been living a perfect life - at least according to the magazine articles that have been advising her. She has put so much pressure on herself to be the ideal wife and mother that she breaks under the stress of it all. In a kind of freaky accident-by-massage she finds herself living seven years earlier. Her same life, seven years earlier. The do-over of all do-overs! She's back living with her boyfriend Jackson and on the fast track at work. She's reliving familiar situation ...more
Aug 17, 2009 rated it it was ok
I enjoyed this book pretty much all the way until the end. I liked the idea of exploring a character that had the chance to go back and "do it over again". I mean, let's be honest, haven't we all thought about how our lives might be different if we had made other choices? It was one of those books that as I am reading it, I see how close I am getting to the end and wondered, "How can this be almost finished?" The author summed up the end in one chapter and left too many unanswered questions for ...more
Feb 17, 2010 rated it did not like it
I dislike contrived books and I dislike books that need to try to hard to tell you their message. I like a book that makes me think not just because its plot is thought provoking, but also because there is some degree of character development that is left open to interpertation. This book failed. I guess the premise was something that made me think. But it is such an overused premise, that it was hard to feel like the story was novel. I feel a little bit like I wasted some time from my life read ...more
Nov 16, 2014 rated it really liked it
I enjoyed the theme of the book because we all wonder "What if? Am I in the right place?" I thought the book did a good job of exploring that question and how we can and often do cheat ourselves out of happiness because we spend time thinking about what could have been. I liked the main character despite how spoiled/whiney she could be. That being said, the absurdity of how these things were accomplished kept me from absolutely loving this book.
Nicole V
Nov 05, 2017 rated it it was ok
Picked this up from a neighbor's giveaway pile for some light commute reading. The first chapter introducing the main character and her suburban life is horrifyingly bad (as in why does anyone care about this, and the bit about the "toothy" dry cleaner is just not ok), and the next few chapters felt like fast-paced superficial/materialistic magazine writing. To give the benefit of the doubt, perhaps we are supposed to feel that way about the beginning because the character does go on to learn so ...more
C.M. Subasic
Oh, what fun! And oh, how sad it couldn't be that much smoother... better... more polished.

This novel is a voyage and return story, where Jill is magically sent back in time to see how life would turn out if she made different choices. The choices: Jack versus Henry.

Jack is a writer (with a novel in the works and a job at Esquire). He also has a Mommy Dearest mother from the high end of society and an upturned nose that likes to look down on those around her.

Then there's the man she actually
Dec 16, 2009 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Those who like chick lit and women's fiction
Shelves: chick-lit
This book has a very interesting premise – one that I think many of us may have pondered at some point in our lives. The big question: What if? What would life have been like if you stayed with an ex? What this book allows the reader to do is get a glimpse of a character who has that choice. Time of My Life tells the story of Jillian Westfield, a stay-at-home mom with a beautiful daughter, a magazine-perfect home, and a doting husband. But looks can be very deceiving. With her marriage crumbling ...more
May 17, 2010 rated it it was ok
Recommends it for: No one
I really liked the back-liner description of this book. Really liked it. In fact, that is the reason that I picked it up and was exciting to read it. HOWEVER, it fell completely short of my expectations based on its description. What potential this story had. But Winn Scotch absolutely lost me as a reader. First of all, the story was very predictable and familiar. There was FAR too much unnecessary language. And the main character, Jillian, was simply unlikeable and undesirable, and never redeem ...more
Mar 14, 2012 rated it it was ok
My review will seem like I liked this book more than the 2 stars I gave it, because I did like almost all of it. But one really hard issue kept sticking in my throat while reading it, and I just couldn't get past it.

This is a basic second-chance novel: what if you were given the chance to go back and redo the mistakes you thought you made....would you avoid them, or just make different mistakes? The author gives us a chance to see the narrator ponder this, and realize what she is consciously and
Nov 25, 2009 rated it it was ok
I just couldn't figure out what the main character hated about her life that she wanted a "do-over". I don't know any full-time moms who have a nanny so that they can run errands, the description of her husband made him seem like a nice enough guy, and she loved being with her toddler. She was even lucky enough to go to the gym to exercise and out with her girlfriends. What's not to like? Unfortunately, the writer never fully explained. Instead, the main character went back in time and stayed wi ...more
Aug 05, 2010 rated it liked it
Recommends it for: people looking for a beach-read
Jillian Westfield, an unhappy, unfulfilled suburban SAHM with the “perfect” life travels 7 years back in time, when she was living with her (then) rich and handsome boyfriend, Jack. She gets a life “do-over” WITH the benefit of hindsight. Will she choose to stay with Jack, even though he is an unambitious momma’s boy? Or will she choose her husband and suburban life all over again? And the impact of her mother’s abandonment when she was just 9 years old…will Jillian finally come to terms with th ...more
Dec 29, 2008 rated it it was amazing
Time of My Life was a bit reminiscent of Family Man, but I loved it anyway. This book is based on the question "What If?" I became totally engrossed with Jillian's story from the first page. When Jillian goes to her masseuse and has her chi unblocked, some very unexpected things happen. For one, she wakes up seven years earlier in bed, in her old apartment, and still in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend - no more husband, nor toddler, nor house in the suburbs. The best thing of it all, she re ...more
Sep 25, 2008 rated it it was amazing
LOVED this book. Definitely one of my favorites of the year. I'll write more about it later.

Update: How many of us have wondered "what if I married the boyfriend who (at the time) was the love of my life?" Would I be happier than I am today? What would he be like? Why did we break up, and what could I have done to keep him in my life? Jillian is in a tedious marriage with a demanding toddler, and even though her life seems like it should be perfect, she doesn't see it that way and is not at all
Feb 11, 2009 rated it liked it
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Nov 09, 2008 rated it really liked it
I wanted to wrap up the year with another light read, so I chose: Time of My Life; by Allison Winn Scotch. The premise sounded very cute, and one that probably many women have wondered about at sometime in their life----what if I had held on to the guy that got away?

The day after a deep chi-clearing massage, Jill finds herself seven years in the past when she was a highly paid advertising executive instead of a stay- at-home wife to her lawyer husband, Henry, and a devoted mother. Through trial
Mar 22, 2010 rated it really liked it
Recommends it for: anyone who has wondered what life would be like if they had chosen the other path.
At some time in our life I think all of us wish we had made a different choice, followed a different path, said yes instead of no. Well, Jillian the protagonist hears that her former boyfriend is getting married and she is bored, bored, bored with her life as a stay at home mother and she wishes that she hadn't let Jack get away and she wakes up 7 years in the past and can do it all over again. I won't say anymore than that but I will say it is a good book. The ending cuts things a little short, ...more
Jul 29, 2008 rated it it was amazing
A tantalizing question- what would life be like if you’d chosen the old boyfriend or forgiven the mother who wronged you? Once I accepted that a spa treatment (really!) was the vehicle that gives suburban mom Jill a rerun of her last seven years, but with a chance to change paths, I couldn’t put it down. Jill's eyes are opened when she meets regrets and missteps head-on. Perhaps it’s not the history that needs changing as much as Jill does. If a deep tissue massage can reveal what’s important in ...more
Nov 02, 2008 rated it it was amazing
Awesome read! A great premise (what if you'd taken that other path instead) that is executed perfectly. Who hasn't had those what-if moments in life? Like what if you married your college boyfriend instead of his roommate (though for me that's followed with a shudder, not longing!) Though the book is fast and fun and a quick, quick read, it also has surprising depth. Would make a great book club read.
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I'm the author of a bunch of novels, including IN TWENTY YEARS, THE THEORY OF OPPOSITES and TIME OF MY LIFE. My next and seventh book - which I am suuuuper-excited about! - is titled BETWEEN ME AND YOU and will be released in January 2018.

As an author, I know how brutal reviews can be, so I'll only post about books I've enjoyed. (Just in case you're wondering why all of my reviews are positive!)
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“What was the one moment we lost our way? Or was it a series of moments that snowballed into something larger, something intangible, something careeining forward with too much acceleration for us to stop it now?” 8 likes
“That's the thing," Jo says. "You think you know what you're in for. I mean, you tell yourself that, of course, it's not going to be wine and roses and all of that bullshit for the rest of your life, but then, one day, you wake up, and your fucking husband has morphed into someone whom you barely recognize. And you sit there and you stare at him while he scratches his balls through his underwear at the kitchen table, and you think, 'This is totally not what I signed up for. I mean, who knows if I even love this ball-scratching, foul-breathed man?' And then you wonder if you love him more out of habit than out of anything else." She chews the inside of her lip and considers. "And I guess from there, all bets are off.” 7 likes
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