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Ghosts of Manor House

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Edmund and Mary Wilder are very much in love. But the death of their young son, Tommy, has shattered their family. Edmund is determined to bring them back together, drawing on the only bit of strength he has left—his love for Mary and their daughter, Stephanie. But Mary sinks deeper into depression while little Stephanie’s anger grows. Edmund flounders in his attempts to rescue his family from the brink of collapse and doesn’t know where to turn.

Then Mary receives an invitation for the family to become guests at Manor House, a seemingly quaint Bed and Breakfast. This, she assures her husband, is the answer to all their troubles.

Edmund arrives ahead of his family to spend a couple days working on his long-delayed novel. But his growing curiosity about the old house leads Edmund to an encounter that will change him forever.

What will you sacrifice for love?

An old fashioned psychological thriller with a nod to Stephen King, Manor House will keep you guessing and compel you to turn the page to the very end.

A mother will sacrifice anything for her children. A husband will risk everything to save his wife. Manor House will take them all.

186 pages, Paperback

Published September 6, 2017

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About the author

Matt Powers

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Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.

Matt is the author and creator of Ghosts of Manor House and Senior Producer at Zynga. Computers and video games have been a part of his life since he was young. As a child, he always played video games and when he was ten, his Dad told him that he should try making his own. And so he taught himself to program and create games on the computer. He majored in Computer Science and enjoys working with a team of creative people. Matt has a passion for books and finds writing to be a great way to release his inner creativity.

Matt lives and works in the busy and vibrant metropolis of San Francisco where he is surrounded by extraordinary views of the ocean. He loves how the city is filled with a variety of people and activities - there is always something to do and new to see. In addition to San Francisco, Matt spends a lot of time in Grass Valley with friends and family where he can escape the concrete jungle for the relative calm of this gold mining sierra town. This is where the characters and story of Ghosts came to life.

He loves to write because he can use his wacky and twisted imagination to create interesting characters that he brings to life on paper. Matt’s writing process with Ghosts started with a concept, “write a creepy haunted house story.” Ideas became scenes, which became characters that created a story. Matt made a deal with Manor House to tell its tale and so he did, but at what price?

To learn more about Matt Powers and Ghosts of Manor House Visit:

Twitter and Instagram: @ghostsofmanorhouse

Website: www.ghostsofmanorhouse.com

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September 25, 2018
Book Reviewed by Stacey on www.whisperingstories.com

Ghosts of Manor House is a short ghost story of just 202 pages, I’m not sure where this book would sit genre-wise as it’s not quite horror, not really a thriller, I can’t say it is suspenseful either, it is just a lovely interesting ghost story, though without the scary side to it.

Edmund and Mary’s son Tommy has recently died and Mary is struggling to come to terms with his death, she is very depressed. Edmund is at the end of his tether with trying to make Mary happy so when they are invited to stay at a manor house on holiday he decides that it would be a great idea. Edmund decides to go along first for a few days to work on his novel with his wife and daughter to following soon after.

However, it turns out that the family are not quite alone at the Manor House, as well as the living occupants there are a few that have been deceased for quite some time. You get a sense of what happened to these people from the opening chapter, which I loved.

The book was a real mix bag for me. As I said the opening chapter was just perfect and I loved it. I just wish that it was longer than a few pages. We then moved forward in time and meet Edmund and Mary. I found the couple hard to connect with as I really couldn’t find anything to like about them. If I’m honest they were quite boring people.

I also struggled with the writing. The book is written in the present tense and for me, this actually lessened the thrill of the book as it is written in a tense I don’t particularly enjoy reading. There was also a lot of talking throughout, I prefer more show than tell. I also got confused a few time and had to re-read sections.

Apart from the opening chapter I really enjoyed the ghosts. If it wasn’t for the ghost I most likely would have given up – Sorry.

Overall it is a good ghost story, some shocking and some predictable moments. If you like scary books and don’t mind present tense writing then this would be a great book to choose. Especially with Halloween not far away.
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April 9, 2022
Okay so this book was it okay? Was it good? Yes and no what really bothered me actually was the audio version sorry and I usually love those and every chapter I kept hearing manor house I wanted to scream okay we get it! The plot however was interesting so that kept me going atleast. Update to Mr Matt Powers Thank you so much for commenting on my review that means a lot to me! Sorry it wasn't the best review for some reason I can't comment back! Again thanks so much!
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December 30, 2017
I really love the cover of Ghosts of Manor House. It has a beautiful and eerie feeling to it. I also like that  the tree was featured rather than the house as is typical with haunted house stories.

In general I did like Ghosts of Manor House. It kept me interested and, even though the end is a little easy to see coming, I still wanted to get there. The writing is very good. This is an author that I would like to keep an eye on as I think that once he moves away from his influences I think his writing will be very good. The main issue with it was the heavy feeling of familiarity with it. There were quite a few passages that reminded me distinctly of The Shining.

I wasn't enthused with the choppiness of the chapters. I think overall it fit the story but I don't know whether or not it was intentional. Another issue I had with it was the second person point of view. It made it very hard to get attached to the characters because it seemed to keep them at a distance.

In Ghosts of Manor House there were also a few parts that seemed far too brief and unexplained. What did the psychic have to do with anything? Who exactly is Lucas? How old were the kids? I kept getting fluctuating ideas of the children because they are just not described in depth at all. Which is kind of important, Particularly with two specific scenes.

I would also like to ask the author if, besides being inspired by the classic haunted house stories, he also derived a bit of inspiration from Silent Hill 2 for Ghosts of Manor House. The story of Edmund and Mary really brought that to mind.

I liked the little vignettes and the bits of history that we're shown about the events at the house and tree. In fact, I wish Ghosts of Manor House had been a bit longer. I know that with some ghostie stories we're not given the full story and reasons for the haunting but this seemed a bit unfinished. It's very brief and I really would have liked to know more about the house and people. With the mystery of Mary the end revelation seemed to be a bit rushed and wrapped up in just a page or two. Especially in regards to the Kranes. Their wrap-up seemed to be a bit of an after-thought. For as much as they are in the story and how much feels hinted about them, their wrap-up with Edmund seems rushed. I did like the 'Epilogue' though. I really liked the character of Charlie, Mary's brother. He seemed very real and his actions were what normal people would do. I was very interested in his part of the story. Although, again, his story seemed wrapped up pretty quickly when I was hoping for more.

Ghosts of Manor House is short and moves along quickly and, really, the greatest feeling of disappointment with it was that it was too short. Which is really a compliment because I wanted more. More of the history of the house, more story with Edmund and Lucas and Charlie.

It was brought to my attention that the technical issues have been addressed and corrected so I gave it another star (as that was a main issue) and I wanted to change my review to reflect that. I will also say that was pleasant to see them addressed so quickly. Great work!

All in all, I am looking forward to reading Mr. Powers' next book as I do think he has talent, he just needs to move away from his influences a bit more to find his own voice more firmly.

Received from the author for review consideration
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May 25, 2019
Ghosts of Manor House by Matt Powers is a wonderful ghost story of which Dean Koontz & Stephen King themselves would be proud of! In parts it also has a wonderful old fashioned Poe feeling about it too. The story is so engaging that once you start reading it, it's very hard to put down. The characters are all very well written along with being so original.

I don't want to give the plot away at all of course. However there are many twists and turns in the story that the reader doesn't expect or see coming at all. The family of Edmund, Mary and Stephanie Wilder having to deal with Tommy's death is heartbreaking. Along with Mary's dreadfully deep depression that follows. Yet despite these tragic facts Edmund valiantly sets out to write the "great American novel" in Manor House.

Manor House has other worldly distractions that will keep the reader wondering and reading throughout the night. I can guarantee you that as I did so last night. With the ultimate quest being to save his beloved wife Mary. Where the ultimate question truly is "what are you prepared to sacrifice for love"? I assure you that anyone in Edmund's situation would question themselves about it very much indeed.

The best character of all along with everyone in this story is Manor House itself. The Manor engages the reader with so many questions right from the beginning from it's debut in the story, right up until the finale of this deliciously twisted and haunted ghost story. It's so unpredictable and that's what is so great about it.

I enjoyed reading Manor House so much. Far more than any fictional book that I've read for many years now. I recommend Ghosts of Manor House to everyone especially those whom love a well written ghost story that has you wondering all the time about what's going to happen next.

Matt Flowers first book is brilliant and I look forward to reading far more from him in the future. Matt certainly has a very bright future in the literary world he really has. Not many first books are as great as The Ghosts of Manor House.

If I could give The Ghosts of Manor House an extra star I would. But will have to be content with five. Thank you Matt Powers for writing such a lovely ghost story for us all to read.
June 21, 2017
Manor House is a compelling and frightening first start from an author obviously inspired by the master of embodying non-human objects with evil, Stephen King. Matt Powers might have written another haunted house story, but the ghosts are intriguing characters linked to a dark and mysterious past that takes the reader on a historical journey from the battlefields of the Civil War to the present day. The protagonist is an anguished novelist trying to write the great American Novel and save his marriage, and his residency in Manor House fails to provide him with the serenity he seeks. Powers blurs the line between reality and the paranormal, and he places the reader directly inside the terrifying experience of his protagonist. As I was reading, I couldn’t help but think that Powers is definitely influenced by the protagonist in The Shining, but Powers has avoided a derivative take on King’s greatest work. Powers’ creative flourishes and heady narrative arrangement will challenge some readers, but those who stick through to the end will enjoy the ride. Powers has a gift for descriptive detail, evocative imagery, and complex story lines that keep the reader engrossed in the fate of human and non-human characters alike. I’ll avoid any spoilers, but needless to say there is a big surprise about the origins of the caretakers of Manor House!
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13 reviews1 follower
July 5, 2017
True Excellence
There are some plots you really enjoy, then there is truly excellent writing that makes you forget you're reading. i adored every second of this book. The surprising take on a classic fairy tale was beautifully written! It had wit, adventure, twists and turns, This is one of the most outstanding characters Novel that I've ever read. The quality of the editing and plotting is superb. I plan to read every book this author writes. " Matt Powers is expert and professional book writer "

A great read from cover to cover. The romance was rocking the boat for sure, great story ! Can't put it down. Ghosts of Manor House, I did enjoy this story. It was a quick and historical book that also gave you a few great co-staring characters that were likable.
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5 reviews
July 7, 2017
I enjoyed this book. A ghost novel with several plot lines, likable characters that you can relate to, and a few unexpected twists. I hope this author continues to write and further develops.
Matt Powers is expert writer.
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Author 1 book12 followers
April 8, 2018
I'll preface my review by stating that I typically don't read this genre, but I was given a copy by the publisher and gave it a try. That being said, this was a pretty fun and spooky book. Nothing too frightening, gory, etc...But psychological, indeed. Simple little mystery involving a big spooky house, posing as a bed and breakfast, is intriguing enough; but, the book has the power to steal you away into the house and you to may imagine having to save a wife.

Just a good book.
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815 reviews7 followers
October 12, 2018
‘Tis the season for scary ghost stories, AmIRight? It wouldn’t be Halloween without a few. We at Reading for Sanity wouldn’t feel right about you living your Halloween season all non-scary and such, so today I’m bringing you a review of a haunted house book.

Haunted houses are, without a doubt, one of the funnest scary things about Halloween, ya know? I’ve talked about my love for non-human characters in the past, and haunted houses are definitely on my list of Fave Characters that are not human. I’m not saying not living, you see, because there are many lovely books about animals as main characters. There are even books about non-living things as the main character, but for Halloween, the choice du jour is definitely a haunted house. Maybe Dracula, too, but I guess we can debate whether or not vampires are living at a later date.

So imagine my excitement when I was given the opportunity for a book about haunted houses. And ya’ll, this haunted house book is definitely creepy. This house is uber evil. It’s not just that bad things have gone on there, but the very land it is on is cursed. And a tree. A big ol’ scary tree that does very nasty things to people. It has a secret as well, but I’ll let you discover that on your own.

This book was full of fun Halloweeny-type situations—mysterious disappearances, deaths, furnishings that appear and re-appear, not-quite-living and not-quite-dead house staff, a house that is hard to find to outsiders, a deep and troubled past…this haunted house has it all. I really enjoyed the back story of this haunted house. It was a great addition to my Halloween reading.

My complaint about this book is that it was at times confusing. I know that the author had intentions of the mystery surrounding the house to be confusing, but I don’t think the story ended up being confusing in the way he hoped. Instead of there being a delicious mystery about what had happened, I ended up wondering if the editing had been messed up and a chapter replaced. I figured it out and the story marched on just fine, but it did take me a little while to confirm what was going on. I don’t think this is because the author had an unformed story, instead, I think it was just a slight inexperience about how to transition smoothly in a situation where the main character is forgetting and letting the reader in on the secret without ruining the shtick. Don’t worry, though. This particular issue resolves as time goes on and the haunted reading commences!

This is a short little read with a creepy vibe. If you’re looking for a fun haunted house story that isn’t a huge time commitment or a big emotional drain, this book is for you!

Read this and other reviews at www.readingforsanity.blogspot.com
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Author 52 books233 followers
December 14, 2017

I write this review on behalf of Rosie’s Book Review Team (authors check here if you want to get your book reviewed) and thank Rosie Amber and the author for providing me a copy of the book that I freely chose to review.
The description of the book provides us with a good gist of what the book is about (and it is accurate) but the title itself will stir readers in the right direction. Yes, this is a book about ghosts and it centres on a house. Manor House is a house with plenty of history behind. And Mr. Travels, the old oak tree in its vicinity, has seen its share of events, mostly dark ones.
The book is a ghost story in the best tradition of psychological horror. The clever way in which the story is designed made me think of magicians and sleight of hand artists who misdirect the spectators and create an atmosphere where the most bizarre or magical things can come true. The story is told in the third person and although it mostly tells of the events that happen to the family Wilder, it also has a prologue and an epilogue that beautifully bring the story full circle and incorporate it into the mythology of the house, turning it into a representative of what the house stands for, and of the stories of the rest of its inhabitants. The story is set in the recent past, before social media and mobile phones were the norm, and it is told in the third person, in its majority from the point of view of Edmund Wilder, (although later there are some chapters told from the point of view of his brother-in-law, Charlie), who was a happy husband and father until tragedy stroke and he lost his son, Tommy. His wife is depressed and when she suggests spending a few days at Manor House to have a break and strengthen their family ties, he agrees. The plan is for him to take the opportunity to write the book he has been talking about for ages. The narration is not straightforward. Although the book is pretty short, the reader needs to remain attentive, as Edmund experiences strange events, and his story is interspersed with his writing, that includes stories about the house, a diary where he narrates dreams (sometimes experienced whilst awake and sometimes asleep), and the time frame is not as evident as it might seem at times. Edmund is not a reliable narrator. He interacts with a number of mysterious characters that keep reassuring him that everything is all right, but he is not totally convinced of that. There are moments when he feels that he is not in control of what is happening or what he is writing, but that he is rather a conduit for somebody or something else (Manor House?).
These mysterious characters who work in the house (Lucas, the housekeeper, and the groundskeeper) give him some clues as to what might be really going on, but we experience events through Edmund’s eyes and senses, and although we might be as convinced as he is that things are not right, and we have some extra information (the prologue and later the chapters from Charlie’s point of view), we still feel as lost and puzzled as him.
Matt Powers does a great job of enveloping the story in suggestion and creating intrigue, without using gore descriptions or openly violent scenes. He manages to make the readers autosuggest themselves and creates a psychological atmosphere of disquiet and dread. The fact that we only know some basic facts about the family and the protagonist rather than having a very personalised and detailed portrayal of the individuals and their characteristics helps us immerse ourselves in the story and we can easily identify with the role of observer and writer Edmund takes on (more or less willingly).
The style of the writing is atmospheric and it alternates with stream of consciousness and with descriptive writing of historical events and lore, but as mentioned, due to the state of mind of the character whose point of view we share in, it needs to be followed closely and it is not a light and easy read.
The author explains that he intended to pay homage and create his own version of the horror stories about ghosts and haunted houses he loves, and in my opinion, he is successful. Fans of horror stories will find plenty of nods to stories and authors who have written in the genre and will enjoy that aspect as much as the story itself. Although I did not find the novel scary or the ending surprising per se, it is eerie and it does a good job of exploring the psychology of anxiety and fear, while at the same time touching on the themes of loss, grief, guilt, and the toll losing a child can have on family relationships.
A short read recommended for those who prefer their frights more psychological and less gory in nature. And I agree with the author’s chosen quote by Dean Koontz:
Houses are not haunted. We are haunted, and regardless of the architecture with which we surround ourselves, our ghosts stay with us until we ourselves are ghosts.
Another author to keep a close eye on.
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187 reviews10 followers
October 27, 2017
Edmund and Mary, along with their daughter Stephanie find their lives at a standstill after the loss of their son, Tommy. Mary receives an invitation to mysterious Manor House,  where Edmund will work on his novel and the family will repair their relationships. It’s clear from the beginning that the whole family, but especially Mary are desperately grieving, adding another dark dimension to the story.

Edmund goes to Manor House ahead of his family to work on his writing, but all is not as it seems. Manor House has a dark history, that slowly reveals itself to Edmund through his writing, which reminded me of The Shining.  Mr. Travers, the giant oak tree overshadowing the grand house and gardens is a firm part of the house’s disturbing history. I loved the way Mr. Travers was treated as a character and a key element of the story.

Along with the surreal, creepy going-ons in Manor House, the historical back story adds an extra layer of horror to the tale. The book reaches a shocking climax when Edmund finds out exactly what Manor House is hiding.

The only little negative is that it could have been a teeny,  bit creeper,  but then I am probably de-sensitised by the amount of horror I read and watch!  I really enjoyed this book and I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of Matt’s work.


If you’re looking for a creepy, surreal Halloween read, definitely check it out!
226 reviews19 followers
July 7, 2017
I really enjoyed reading this book. I was completely hooked to this and could not wait to keep unravelling what happened next. Edmund's life is at a standstill. His job is monotonous and his personal life is deeply affected by the death of his child. He wants to make a change. He wants his wife to go back to what she was. And he wants to find contentment and happiness in life. Sounds like a story we all know about. Isn't that what everyone wants? To be happy in life?

And to be happy, Edmund and Mary visit Manor House. Except all is not as it seems there. Manor House has secrets. And once you step inside, there is no coming back!

This was a great book to read. I was completely hooked by the premise and the way the book was written, I wanted to read more and more to find out what happened to Edmund and Mary. I could see the story playing out in front of my eyes and that was the best part. I think this will make a fantastic movie. The book takes a complete U turn somewhere along the way and you need to figure your way back and that was a completely unexpected twist. That made me reevaluate the whole book differently.

I enjoyed reading this and look forward to more from the author!
1 review
March 19, 2020
First let me say that horror stories are not usually my thing but I really did like this book.

In a lot of ways it is more a story about family love than anything else. That is not to say there were not times that I felt the hair on the back of my neck standing up and chill running down my spine. It is written in an interesting style that captures you right from the start making you feel like you are almost experiencing the events described actually first hand and in real time.

It is just the right amount of scary that builds in a good way. Without giving anything away I will say that I started feeling those neck hairs more and more as I got closer and closer to the end. I would certainly recommend this book to fans of the genre as well as people like me that only dip a toe in occasionally.
1 review
August 13, 2019
Overall this book was well done there was good suspense form the beginning to the end keeping back enough detail to keep you wondering, nice detail to the descriptions and side stories, and a great twist at the end to tie things together. There were some further details that would have filled out the story better. The author went into good description of the main characters and their backstories but there could have been more on some of the supporting characters and story aspects like the greeter at the house, on more parts of the house and characters pasts that would have made the story more intriguing to me.
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Author 2 books67 followers
April 8, 2018
Ghost of Manor House was a horror-filled, mysterious, and an excellent read. Short enough to read in one sitting and if anything that was the only con. The author did a great job describing the house and tree's history. I was completely engaged throughout the story. And, as a mystery enthusiast, I desperately wanted to figure out the story before I got to the end.

Highly recommend to horror and fiction readers.
May 30, 2019
The enigma of the spirit world is well represented in "Ghosts of Manor House." I enjoyed reading this other worldly ghost story. The historical background setting was intriguing. The story compelled me to keep reading and I was rewarded with unexpected plot twists. The only criticism is it was not longer. I would have liked to see Mary's thoughts but Edmund's confusion and insights were riveting. I highly recommend this novel and hope the author will publish another work soon.
1 review1 follower
October 15, 2019
I was delightfully surprised by the Ghosts of Manor house and find myself still thinking about the story months later. The story is well-paced and has dream-like quality to it that carries you weightless through the foggy, unfolding mystery before the coaster-like plunge. I recommend Ghosts of Manor House enthusiastically. Great first work and accomplishment of Matt Powers. Looking forward to the next one!
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524 reviews99 followers
December 13, 2017
GHOSTS OF MANOR HOUSE is a great creepy read. This is more of a novelette with 2 and 3 page chapters. It's good for a quick spooky read.
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1 review1 follower
June 4, 2019
I don't normally read this kind of book, but I liked Ghosts of Manor House. The plot is very cleaver and keeps the reader in suspense. I liked the historical background and setting.
677 reviews8 followers
February 11, 2021
I enjoyed reading this ghost story. This is my first book written by Matt Powers and the storyline line was good. Looking forward to more from him.
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613 reviews4 followers
November 4, 2018
A short ghostly story with lots of atmosphere. I didn’t really find this a horror story or very creepy or scary, but that might say more about the usual books and movies I enjoy than anything about this book. It didn’t wow me, but it didn’t disappoint either. There were several things I liked and disliked about this story.
First, what I liked. I loved the cover of the book, and having Mr. Travers on the cover was almost like its own little bit of foreshadowing. I also loved the uniqueness of not only the house, but the tree also being haunted. I really enjoyed the short snippets of historical events that propped up the main story, connecting some of the dots. They were like tiny short stories within a short story and made the slower pace of the book quite enjoyable. And I enjoyed that it was fairly short for a quick read into the dark of night.
Some of the things I didn’t like. I felt like this story was a bit choppy. Some of the stories could have been blended more into each other. I feel like the author was trying to keep you guessing about the outcome but by doing so, the story took on a choppiness that left me feeling like I had missed a couple pages.
I much prefer the author to give you several plausible options that you need to sleuth out rather than leave you with blank paths. I also am not a fan of a TELL book rather than a SHOW book. Having one character tell the other character the story is not as thrilling as letting the story be shown organically. Having said that, It did kind of work for this story. Almost felt at times that I was sitting on grandpas proverbial porch listening to a tale. So though I didn’t like how often that writing tool was used in this story, I wasn’t as bugged by that as I usually am.
I also did not find the characters very engaging. It is hard with a short book to be that engaged. So I thought that Powers did a good job for the length of the book.
This is a debut novel for Powers and I can tell that he enjoys his craft. I look forward to checking out more of his writing.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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Author 25 books145 followers
October 7, 2017
Ghosts of Manor House sucks you right in. I had to be careful reading it on the subway. I was so into this book I almost missed my stop.

I was immersed in trying to figure out the mystery of Manor House, the tree and its residents. The pacing was good. You didn't have to wait long for something to happen. The story had a nice mix of interesting history, suspense and mystery.

I don't know if I'd call this story scary. More heartbreaking and a little twisted.

By the end of the book, I kinda wanted to grab Mary, one of the main characters, and smack her. Ever encounter a character like that? My level of pity for her hit 0. Felt so bad for her husband. That ending…or beginning was messed up. (You'll understand when you read it) Man, this story was dark. The prologue was well done, too. I'm not usually a huge fan of them.

The book had a few formatting hiccups. The dialogue was sometimes written like this:

"Can I have a piece of cake." "Yes, you can."

I had to keep reminding myself two different people were talking.

In addition, every now and then, there was a hard return in the middle of a sentence. It didn't happen often. I think since I design books, I notice certain things that most people wouldn't. I've stopped reading books because of formatting issues. Ghosts of Manor House wasn't that bad. I didn't notice any grammatical errors, either.

Overall, it's a solid horror story. I'd read more by this author.
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Author 132 books91 followers
October 9, 2017
This novel was received free in return for an honest review.

A ghost story in October, what better time to read one than when the nights are drawing in and the wind howls mournfully outside. For such nights, Ghosts of Manor House is perfect. Between these pages you will find the haunted Manor House and its equally disturbed companion, the old oak, Mr Travels. Together they have been the
site of many an unfortunate death and judicial hanging over the centuries.

It is to this house that Edmund and Mary Wilder and their surviving child, Stephanie, go in order to come to terms with the death of their son Tommy, Stephanie’s twin. What Edmund doesn’t realise however, is the arrangement ary has entered into with ‘the house’ in order to reunite her family. Once there, life becomes vague and Edmund’s sense of reality is distorted by both house and tree. He believes himself to be alone, working on a novel, awaiting his wife’s arrival unaware she is already there … somewhere. The innkeeper, Lucas and ancient housekeeper, Mrs Krane play their parts, convincing him he can never leave until eventually Edmund realises the step he must take to be with his family once more.

This chilling tale serves as a nicely done homage to the author’s own heroes which include Stephen King and Shirley Jackson.
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Author 5 books142 followers
December 18, 2017
Give me a book featuring an eerie house and I'm a happy reader.  Ghosts of Manor House appealed to me based on the title alone.

The author does a wonderful job at conveying the emotions of grieving parents who've lost a child - my heart broke for them.  I also liked how the gruesome history of the tree was established in the prologue and gives a foundation for the mysterious happenings.  Once the family arrives at the house, you just know nothing good is going to happen.

After the first few chapters, there's a sudden shift and for a while, it allows the reader to feel disoriented along with Edmund.  It's easy to predict the path this story will take, but there are some tense, chilling moments along the way.

The book contains some formatting errors here and there, with two different characters speaking and the dialogue on the same line (which can be a little confusing), and sentences split between paragraphs.  Occasionally, the dialogue is somewhat repetitious.

This book doesn't contain gore - it's more atmospheric, with almost a gothic feel, so if you're not a horror fan, don't let that deter you from reading.  Although a quick read, Ghosts of Manor House contains powerful, heavy emotions and is a haunting, grim tale.

I received a copy of this book through Rosie's Book Review Team.
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56 reviews3 followers
January 10, 2018
I enjoyed this book so much. Every ‘short’ chapter was a thrill. I could not wait to get to the next chilling part of the tale. The storyline was unusual and the author certainly has a vivid imagination to have come up with this wonderful tale.

I must admit, once I was halfway through the book I had an inkling of where the characters would end up, but how they reached their destinations was simply wonderful to read. I took in every description that was written down, from the décor of the rooms to the description of Edmunds journal. Mr. Travels is a brilliant and necessary part of this tale, sends shivers up my spine just thinking about that intimidating tree.

The final part of the story, which describes how Mr and Mrs Krane first fell in love with each other, is beautifully written,

Matt Powers writes with enthusiasm and he allows his imagination to take hold and take him on a journey, which has made this book a pleasure to read.

I would recommend this book to anyone that is thinking of reading it. Thrilling.
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February 2, 2018
Following the death of one of their children, Mary and Edmund decide to take a break and go stay at the Manor House B&B for a while with their surviving daughter and try to recover some peace. While there, Edmund, who is an aspiring author, takes the time to finally start writing his book and collects the stories of the old house to share with the world.

Though this story is very much a nod to The Shining by Stephen King, but on a smaller and more intimate scale, it’s still a very enjoyable read even if you know what’s going to happen. The differences are in the characterisation – most of the story is told from the perspective of Edmund, a man who genuinely and totally loves his family, he never wavers on this and everything he does is to try to do what’s best for all of them.

What I particularly enjoyed was the very short stories of the history of the house scattered throughout the book, as Edmund writes them down for posterity. They add to the overall atmosphere of the story and give you chills.

If you’re a Stephen King or haunted house fan, I would recommend giving this book a go.

**Thank you to the author for sending me a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review**
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July 12, 2017
Excellent Work of Contemporary Fiction of Manor House.
To be perfectly honest, I'm not a big fan of anything that has to do with reading Ghost novels. My dad, on the other hand, loves these types of stories and his recommendation for Ghosts of Manor House was so strong that I decided to pick it up for myself. It was a good call. Matt Powers delivers the most essential pieces, inspiring and Emotional, simple yet explanatory. Very nicely put together, concise yet elaborate enough.

This book is a real winner: well written, great story, and ghost characters, is full of adventure and mystery! I also believe there are several lessons that any reader can take away from this book. I highly recommend Ghosts of Manor House.! this is a great Passion story.
Well written, with a crisp pace and fully fleshed-out characters, the story grabs you up and takes you on a whirlwind ride that, for me at least, was quite exhilarating.

The author's writing style is much better than the vast majority of the books I've purchased on Amazon, by far, and the story, while exactly unique, is strong. Like my dad I highly recommend it, especially for every readers.
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September 19, 2017
Ghosts of Manor House is a really great read, it pulls you in and keeps you wanting more (kind of like the house itself......you will see what I mean when you read it)! This is a love story with a lot of on the edge of your seat kind of thrills. The author did a wonderful job building his characters! They are people we can identify with going through painful and terrifying things together as a couple, as a family, as a house haunted by the past and the inhabitants within. I think you will enjoy this story too! It is not a terribly long book but it is a great book! I don't know if I won this on Goodreads, or from some other avenue. This was a free read for me and I have to say I am so glad I won it/received it! The book was worth every chewed nail, and cup of coffee sipped. I highly recommend this book and I do believe this is an author we should all keep our eyes out for! He really knows how to write an awesome tale!
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July 10, 2017
A great story and a superb ghost story. The non-human characters are very interesting.
Once I started reading this book, I never imagined this for my life about Edmund and Mary. When Mary receives an invitation for the family to become guests at Manor House, a seemingly quaint Bed and Breakfast. This, she assures her husband, is the answer to all their troubles.

Edmund arrives ahead of his family to spend a couple days working on his long-delayed novel.

A true love story, Full of a heart touching story Confirms some struggled in life . That will make We Human being a stronger, better person, ready to carry on with a life that is again filled with suspension , joy ,laughter and True Love. Also gave a lot of information I that i cannot write untill you purchase it and read full editions. The author is expect and professional. Inspiring, An Emotional and Inspirational, simple yet explanatory. Very nicely put together, concise yet elaborate enough. I recommend this book as good one to every woman, children and young adults .
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