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First, he broke my heart. Then, he ripped it out of my chest.

Fifteen years ago, Beckett Longstead broke up with me, then disappeared.

One stormy night, he shows up at my doorstep bloodied and bruised, begging me for help.

I should’ve shut the door in his face. Should’ve left him to bleed.

But instead, I take him in and fix him, just like when we were teenagers.

Beckett has secrets, though, and everything about him screams guilt.

He’s hiding something terrible, but he won’t tell me what.

He claims he can’t remember. That he has amnesia.

He’s sick, plagued by nightmares, and his memory loss troubles me.

But he’s got no one else.

So against my better judgment, I welcome him into my home, and back into my vulnerable heart.

Little did I know, it was a mistake.

Little did I know, his sins would destroy us.

Little did I know, his secrets would ruin everything.

First published July 22, 2017

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Jackie Y. Wang

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October 9, 2018

Honest thoughts about this book.… well there are a lot in my mind but I am not sure how to find the right words to express them.
There are books / stories that you like or dislike for certain reasons. And usually you can easy pinpoint those reasons and describe them … but in case of Sinner by Jackie Y. Wang I am really struggling.

It is my first book by this author so I cannot say anything about this being her usual writing style or if this is an unusual book. What I can say is that the writing of this book is solid and well developed.
And that it was very different from what I would have expected judging from the Blurb

My feelings are not that clear though when it comes to the storyline and character development. The characters I honestly felt were a little superficial at the beginning. As the blurb states the reunion of the leads was under strong emotional circumstances but for some reason it felt bland when I actually read it and I am not even sure why. (which brings me back to my struggles)

Then there is the “now-and-then” part of the story – the positioning of that felt strange to me – I think it would have been better to place the part containing their history either directly in front of the actual story and then start with “now” (my personal favorite) or it could have been placed a little later in the story. Where it is now is either too late or to early …

Then there is the storyline in total … I think there were to many ideas the author included into the plot. It felt to complicated … yes while I am writing this I think “complicated” is the right word.

I guess now you start to wonder – I am giving this book 4 stars but the above comments do not sound like it is a 4 star review – right?
Well wrong actually… because amongst all these thoughts there is still something about this story that drew me in. It was not really a mystery, not the plotline and not the characters. At least not if I single those things out and look at them separately.

But in total – the honest truth is that I did not put the book down… I finished it. Even with all my thoughts about it I liked it. So my thoughts come full circle here, I honestly can not explain it but as I promised the truth THIS IS IT.

Take a look and judge for yourself … I wonder what your thoughts will be…


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Want to read
January 21, 2018
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Fifteen years ago, Beckett ripped my heart out, then disappeared.
Now he’s on my doorstep, covered in blood, begging for help.
He thinks I’m stupid enough to let him in. But I’ve learned my lesson.
Guilt and secrets follow Beckett, and I’m not getting involved—
Thing is, I can’t just leave him outside during a thunderstorm.
So I let him in, telling myself it’s only to get him cleaned up.
I ask him for some sort of explanation, but he doesn’t have one.
He says he doesn’t remember anything. I. Don’t. Trust. Him.
How was I to know that wiping away his blood would make me an accessory to his nightmare? That this time, his sins were going to destroy us both?

Fifteen years ago, I broke up with the girl I swore I’d marry.
Now I need her help, but I don’t deserve her kindness.
I know if I want to gain her trust, I’ll need to tell her everything.
But first, I need to pick up the pieces of my memories and put them in some kind of order.
I don’t want to hurt her again. I never meant to break her heart. I never meant to involve her in my living nightmare.
But she’s all that I have left.
She’s my final lifeline, and I can’t let her go.
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July 25, 2017
The thing that made me want to read this book was not only the blurb but also the cover. I'm a sucker for the V and Dayum...
It's my premier with this author and let me just say that if her books are like this one I'm in...
Jackie Wang has an intense and mysterious writing that sometimes can be spicy and hot as hell...
Sinner tells the stories of Terri and Beckett.
They were high school sweethearts who were in love with each other until the day Beckett disappear without so much as an explanation.
He had a bad childhood and that made him the way he is. He's full of secrets that he regrets, secrets that helped him survive. When he left, 15 years ago, he couldn't have guessed that he would be at her doorstep asking for help.
Terri his a sweet girl that saw her heart being ripped out of her chest by the boy who should love her and keep her. She can't understand why he would do something like that and sometimes it's better to forget and move on, even if it killed her, so she became a successful therapist and moved on with her life.
After 15 years she wasn't expecting to see him again, and the conditions he were weren't the best. Not only was he beaten up but also he couldn't remember what the hell had happened to him. She wants some kind of explanation about what happened now and what had happened in the past, answers that he don't want to give but he knows that he has to.
What will happen to these two? Can get pick up where they left off? Can the love they once shared return?
And that's it... I can't say more without spoil it.
This book is something else. It's intense, mysterious, heartfelt, and overwhelming. It looked like I was having a ride at the most tumultuous rollercoaster of my life.
The plot is great and the fact that the story gives us some insight of the past helped me to understand it better. The interaction between the characters is intense, tumultuous and full of secrets. It's frustrating sometimes the fact that Becket is so stubborn and reserved. I wanted to reach out and shake him. But sometimes I wanted to hug them both.
The twists and turns left me anxious and nervous about what would happen and I loved every second of it.
I can't imagine what books Jackie will write next but I'm sure that I want to read them.
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
July 27, 2017
***This and other review can be found at www.imasweetandsassybookwhore.com ***


Sometimes I am in the mood for a suspense and mystery type of romance, so I was excited to start Sinner. I am torn as I am typing this review up I liked it but at the same time I didn’t if that makes sense. I won’t say I hated it because that is far from the truth but something just didn’t click for me and I am having a hard time putting my finger on what exactly that could be.

I did not feel a connection to the characters as much as I hoped that I would have. Maybe that is my issue. I don’t have to always connect with both characters as long as I am able to connect with one but I really tried, I promise I tried but it was like when you are just out of reach even when you stretch and stretch, that is how I felt. Now with that being said I think the storyline was complex maybe a little too complex but I am not going to complain about that.

This is the very first book by this author I have read but I am curious to see if it was just the book or if I don’t mesh with her. As always form your own opinion, what may not have worked perfectly for me may work more for you.
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July 11, 2017
This book has so many secrets I didn't see coming, I don't want to give away any of the fun. If you're the type to let out a curse word or 2 when shocked then read this book away from children. Also if you're a crier have some tissues handy, you also might need them when things heat up. ;)

When an ex shows up in the middle of the night it could only be bad news. Even worse he's covered in blood. But this ex is Beckett, the one Terri never expected to see again. And just like old times he won't explain the cuts all over or see a doctor.

Beckett didn't tell her what she should know, and by morning it's to late. He is a sinner, or is he? If he is then is she? The trick is a mouth that lies belongs to a heart that's always been true. One thing is for sure, they did love each other once and it melted my heart.

Oh and he's hot! Beckett knows how to play Terri's body like it's his dream job. Everyone knows you need your job to live, especially when times are tough.

I really loved these characters. Beck and Terri are strong and complex with a good network of secondary characters. (Some of them you will get to know in Jackie Wangs other books.) The family dynamics and feelings are written so deep I could tell the author put real heart into them.
So sinners does have blood but also love.
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July 22, 2017
Beckett never had an easy life. He ran on survival mode from a young age and it carried into adulthood. He put others before himself and would give you the shirt off his back, but nothing ever came easy for him. He carried the world on his shoulders and was always fighting. The only light in his life was Terri. Terri gave him peace and hope. She helped him when he had no one else to turn to, but despite their love for each other, it was sacrificed for others which torn Beckett and Terri apart. While Beckett continued to fight for survival and run himself ragged, Terri moved on with her life and became a successful massage therapist. She established a good life for herself, but there was always that hole in her heart. Fifteen years after they last saw each other, Beckett showed up on Terri's doorstep asking for help. Terri didn't hesitate to help Beckett despite her concerns. The two began to grow close again until secret after secret surface putting distance between them yet again. Beckett continued to have one thing after the other thrown at him, never catching a break, but through it all he knew what he wanted...Terri. Despite all that was happening in his life he never stopped fighting for Terri's love and never stopped proving his worth to her.

Sinner is a second chance romance with a ton of up hill battles. You can't help but feel bad for Beckett and how he was forced to live his life. His life could have been so different if just one thing would have gone right for him, but he never let those obstacles get him down no matter how hard. He did all he could for those he loved and never gave up. He is one strong man. Terri always saw the good in Beckett and I think even through all of their years apart her love for him is what kept him going. He always held onto it. Their reunion was not easy, but love never is. If you love second chances you'll love Sinner!
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July 27, 2017
The intro to this book had me on the edge of my seat - so curious to discover what Beckett can't remember! The story took several twists and turns as the plot advanced; some expected and some not. The storytelling style of present-day then to flashbacks of the past is one I'm familiar with but I wasn't as fond of it in this particular book, it felt a little choppy; several flashbacks could have been merged together into a larger chapter to cut down on some of the back and forth. 

I did enjoy this book although I have several issues with areas of the plot that left me with residual questions/concerns that didn't seem plausible and therefore were distracting to me. The injuries Beckett sustained from Lonny *should* have been something that was noticed by other adults in his life, especially his loving Grandpa. I have the same feeling about the specific injuries (multiple bruises and lacerations) Beckett sustained after the accident, they don't seem to correlate to me with how that scenario played out. 

I liked getting the backstory on Andie and realizing she wasn't as awful as we were initially shown. She showed more character development than either of the main characters which was a little surprising.

I've read Villain, also by Ms. Wang, so it was a nice tie-in to the other books in the series to have Beckett first meet Rachelle, then later on Ryder and Kieran at Mahoney's West. 

This story had plenty of angst-fueled emotions, complete with some nail biting suspenseful scenes and lots of intense chemistry. Beckett was a perfect good "badboy" and Terri was an absolute sweetheart with a heart of gold. If you like second chance romances with ups and downs before achieving a HEA, then this book is for you!
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278 reviews
July 19, 2017
Another great installment in this series!

Beckett has a rough childhood. He lost his parents at a young age, his grandfather is sick, and his step-grandmother Hannah is an abusive psychopath.

But, through all of the darkness, Beck has an angel keeping him afloat, Terri....his saving grace, his first live. Terri is his high school sweetheart, a girl with a well to do family who's father wants Beck out of the picture. Through tragedy, and padded with a bribe, Beck drops out of school and leaves Terri.

Until 15 years later...
Beck shows back up at Terri's door with injuries, memory loss and nowhere else to go. The two seem to be rekindling until Beck's memories start coming back and Terri learns of all of his secrets.

Will the pair be able to make things work?

I genuinely loved this story! The unending loyalty and love these two have for each other is inspiring. Both are strong MCs who refuse to give up, no matter the odds. The way this pair falls apart and then is able to overcome obstacles over and over, makes this a true HEA.

I enjoyed the twists and turns throughout the book that kept me captivated the whole way through. Each situation wonderfully written to draw the reader in and experience the emotions of the characters involved.

All in all a highly recommended read!
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December 10, 2017
A tortuous and intriguing love story

This is a tortuous tale of hurt , regret, missed opportunities and first and second chance love…through a series of unfortunate events Beckett turns up at the door of Terri, his high school love that he abandoned 15 years earlier..the emotional reunion suggests there are still feelings between them but there is a storm brewing in every sense raising the question are the bonds between these two strong enough to weather it together or will it drive them apart once more?…

Every so often I come across an author who skillfully uses their expressive prose to conjure vivid pictures of the worlds they create and the characters inhabiting them..Jackie Wang is one such author.. the characters are wonderfully described and believable….the relationship between Beckett and Terri is suitably complex….strained, awkward and full of pent up emotion and sexual tension….the subsidiary characters are also interesting although, in the main, they play cameo roles with Terri’s friends stepping straight out of the pages of other works by the author…

Without giving the plot away there are two strong characters towards the end of the book who both have the potential to be destructive forces but ultimately they both make a complete about turn which seemed unrealistic and made their part in the story seem less significant as a result…. I was left with the impression that their change of heart was about tying up loose ends in the plot which I completely understand but it did feel contrived..

That said…I loved the premise of this book which was refreshingly different…this is a suspenseful, intriguing and, erotic love story which piqued my interest from the prologue and held me captivated throughout.….I received a copy of this book as an ARC from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review
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2,043 reviews48 followers
July 17, 2017
This is such a enjoyable that will give you roller coaster of emotions it was also the first book I'v read by Jackie Y Wang and I know I'll be reading more from especially since some characters are mentioned in past stories . Sinner is a great second chance romance and the way it's presented is done in such a good way was rotting for the couple to have their happy ever after at times you'll have doubts that they will not find it and at times you are clapping with the way things are going . I was glade to see we got a couple of chapters of Beckett and Terris past to see the reason behind their separation . You'll feel an intense connection coming from the sexual tension between those two , the sex scenes are really steamy and in need of a cold shower the way they are with one anther is truly remarkable . Some secondary characters are likable and some you'll really hate . Can't wait to read more projects by this author in the future .
copy provided for honest review 
hero = 10 heroine = 10 secondary characters = 9
Chemistry = 10 steam = 9 romance = 8 humor = 4
darkness level = 4 enjoyment = 10 angst = 4
action = 4 story line = 10 mystery = 6
character development = 10 pacing = 10 Plot = 10
cover = 10 stars = 5 author = 8
would I recommend this book = yes
would I re read this book = yes
would I read future books by this author = yes
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3,755 reviews217 followers
July 27, 2017
Jackie Wang-quickly making a name for herself in angst filled books that rip your heart a part and piece it back together with a slow burn.
Beckett and Terri were once young lovers, but much like other things in Beckett's life, not much good can stay. The two part ways with many unanswered questions-but years later Beckett shows up bloodied and confused on a porch the two never expected him to be on. As secrets threaten to tear the two a part at every twist and then the author has given us- we can only pray to come out of this book with a happy ending.
I do have to say that the plotting that went into this book was way beyond extraordinary. There really were so many different twists and conflicts among the characters that I had to stop guessing what was coming next because I was often so far out into left field with my guess.
This is definitely an amazing second chance love story-with a lot of suspense mixed in! I loved how gripping this book truly was. I would highly suggest you make yourself familiar with Jackie Wang, as her books pack enough angst to leave you with a week long book hangover! -By Victoria
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11k reviews140 followers
July 28, 2017
Okay, I'm not going into many details for a description, as there's no way for me to go there without inadvertently giving things away. Sinner was an intensely, suspenseful read that kept my heart racing cover to cover. Basically, Terrie thought she would be together with Beckett Longstead forever, until he broke up with her and disappeared without a backward glance. Now 15 years later, he shows up on her porch covered in blood, and since Terrie never got over him, she lets him in. But he's got some serious secrets. There, that's all I'm coming off of, so anyone reading this review will just have to read it! Jackie Wang's writing style is definitely talented, not to mention diabolically evil, as the twists & turns were around every corner, which had me dropping loud f-bombs throughout the entire story. The suspense kept my head reeling the whole time, because I couldn't figure things out to save my life. Trust me when I say that EVERYONE NEEDS to experience this intensely wild ride! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
July 21, 2017
I've read all the Northbridge books and every one has had it's own 'feel'. I love that it isn't just a rehash of previous books with only the characters name and backgrounds changed.

Sinner is a second, third and fourth chance romance and boy do Terri and Beckett have some ups and downs. It did take me a little while to feel I knew Beckett, but since he was suffering from mild amnesia and was keeping just one or two secrets.

I liked Terri, she was a strong, independent woman who stuck with her principles. Beckett had suffered a lot of setbacks in his life and this leads to him making some very difficult/odd choices at times. The plot involves so much more than just the romance - in fact at times it seems almost an aside to the real story of overcoming life and the problems it can throw at you.

There are some moments in this story where you groan at the lack of communication, others where your heart breaks along with the hero or heroines , plenty where you'll get as hot and bothered as they do and they are all written so well.

I'll be honest, this didn't capture me in quite the same way as Villain and Fugitive did, mainly because it Beckett and Terri seemed to spend so much of the book sad/angry/upset/stressed. However that is not to say that I didn't enjoy this book because I did. I found it easy to read, I liked the plot, both the plot and characters were believable and, whilst perhaps I wasn't rapidly turning pages to find out what happened next, the pace of the book was good.

I loved catching up with characters from previous Northbridge books and can't wait to read the next book.
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2 reviews2 followers
July 12, 2017
Beckett and Terri story first love ,lost love, true love. Second chances, bad boy romance. At a young age Beck knew he loved Terri and he would not stand in her way for the life she deserved. Terri knew she love Beckett, but life would get in the way. Beck and Terri at a young age goes through a lot but find love in each other till life deals Beck a hard period of choices and life decisions. 15 years later life deals Beck another hard period of life that helps him find his way back to Terri to be torn from her arms again. But to throw them together their love will hold on through all the bad thing fate has put in their way. Bad boy for doing time for a crime he had no control over, love that hold him true. Sinner is a book the holds your attention till the end, keeps you rooting for them to be together and have their happy ever after.
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1,714 reviews37 followers
July 24, 2017
A roller coaster of emotions....never know what is going to happen next!

I have to be honest. I’m on the fence with this one. Parts I absolutely loved, but other parts were just so-so. Let’s start with the fact that this is part of a series. Not in the sense that you have to know all the characters and they must be read in order, but the heroine of this story has a group of best friends that are from the other books in the series so at times I felt a bit lost since I have not read the other ones. Also, there were things that seemed drawn out more than they needed to be. And Terri’s loyalty to a woman that she had basically never meet seemed off to me. I’m not sure I get why she was so willing to let Beck go. Then the court scene….that was just…..really….all that for that?

So, while I loved Terri and Beckett and I get the reason they separated 15 years ago and the strange events that have them connect again. And, yet the basic plot is good. I found myself reading more because I had to know what happened and not that I was so lost in the story that I didn’t want it to end.

Hero 4 stars / Heroine 4 / Steam 3 stars / Plot 3 stars / Overall 3.5 Stars
Keys: Dual POV, MF, second chance, Twists and turns
July 23, 2017
After Sinner being the second book by Jackie Wang I’ve picked up, she’s easily becoming an author whose work I enjoy. I love the suspense and mystery she added to this story. It had so many twists and turns—constantly keeping me on the edge wondering what would happen next, or what secrets would be revealed.

Beckett is a known “bad boy” --he comes from a difficult past and has secrets he tries to hide for the few people he cares about. Coming from a “grandpa’s girl” myself, the thing I most adored about him was the love he had for his grandfather. The way he took care of him and didn’t want to leave him behind.

Terri was a strong, independent woman. My favorite thing about her was her nurturing and caring attitude. She took Beckett in when she had every right not to—I loved that about her.

The thing that draws me into Jackie’s stories is the way she crafts these mysterious back stories for the characters. Their stories are one of romance, but also have a “thriller-like” vibe.

Sinner is captivating, edgy, heart wrenching--a beautiful story of second-chances at life and love I easily found myself lost in.
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701 reviews16 followers
July 27, 2017
4* read.

My first read by this author and I will definatly be going back and reading some more from this author.

I did feel a bit lost in places as some characters were mentioned that were apprently in other books but as I hadnt read them so I just felt a bit lost sometimes, but that didn't take anything away from what a good book this was.

This is an emotional rollercoaster of a read that will keep you intrapped till the last page. Theres so many twists and turns that you won't see coming. I don't want to say any more then whats in the blurb as its better read not knowing much but I instanly connected with Terri and was rooting for her and Beckett as a couple. Great read , I'm looking forward to the next.
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23 reviews
July 23, 2017
15 years ago, Beckett and Terri were head over heels- high school sweetheart's. That is, until they went their separate ways. Beckett broke up with her through an email and she was left without closure. He worked, she went to college. One rainy night, Beckett finds himself at her door, knocking, dirty, bleeding, unsure. He looked liked a swamp monster, a sewer rat and was asking for help.

This book is about how humans take care of each other. Terri had no idea what circumstances put Beckett at her door and she took him in anyway. This story is about how we as humans need to forgive. We all have made poor choices when we were 17. This book is about we as humans need to trust one another, even if we have a lot to lose.

This is probably my favorite book by Jackie Wang and I devoured it. I thought I knew where the story was going, but nope. We got to catch up on some old friends from her previous books as well as really get to know Beckett and Terri.
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2,005 reviews27 followers
July 16, 2017
This is an emotional, and complex story about a young man who shows up at an old girl friends home confused and injured asking for help. It's been 15 years since they've seen each other, and Beckett had broke Terri's heart and walked out on her. But their older now, not teenagers and she can't turn him away, even though. He says he doesn't remember what happened and Terri is in danger of falling for him all over again. But when the truth is revealed, the shock is to much to bare.
A story of a broken man who endured years of abuse and separation from his love.
Was Terri foolish to trust Beckett? Should she have turned him away?
This book was a bit slow to start for me but then before I knew it I was at 50% and racing through to the end. The journey for Beck and Terri have many hurdles before they reach the end, at times it was hard to suppress shouting out. A wonderfully entertaining book, I highly recommend it!
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2,858 reviews18 followers
July 24, 2017
This book just ripped my guts out! Terri and Beck were so great together, but Beck's messed-up home life forced him to make some tough choices, including walking away from Terri. Years later he's at her doorstep needing her help. There's not much more I can tell you about the plot without giving away spoilers, but there is so very much more to this book than just a second-chance romance! Their early love story is so sweet; their later attempt at a relationship is fraught with tragic events and heartbreaking secrets. The writing here is so well done, so intelligently crafted; the characters are so real you'll swear they're your next-door neighbors. The author knows how to draw every emotion out of her readers through her characters. This is a book you can't put down until you get to the very HEA ending. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
July 22, 2017
You never forget your first love and this is true for Beckett and Terri. High school sweethearts that broke up when Beckett was forced to move away when they were just 15 find a second chance years later. The story alternates from Terri and Beckett's POV and between the past (them at 15) and present day, I found the constant back and forth to be awkward although necessary to the story maybe the past could have been told all at once in the beginning.
When Beckett shows up on Terri's doorstep in the middle of the night bruised and battered with no recollection of what happened, he brings back more than just love into Terri's life. Will love prevail when Beckett's secrets are revealed? The story has some twists and will have you rooting for true love. If you like the bad boy and the good girl fighting for their HEA then this is the book for you.
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1,073 reviews2 followers
July 24, 2017
A very emotional story of lost love and second chances. A lot of twists and turns plus secrets that will really rock the boat. You'll be surprised at every turn what the next chapter will reveal. A truly fun read! Loved this romance :)

I received an arc of this book and am voluntarily reviewing.
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553 reviews9 followers
July 16, 2017
Got to read the ARC of Sinner and loved it.. Jackie Wang did it again.. Do not want to give to much away.. But love Tarri and Beck story.. I laught, cried, and was like wow. Everyone should read this.. This was my 2 book I read from Jackie and did not disappoint me at all.. Please read this book.. 💞
3,834 reviews26 followers
July 20, 2017
Our paths in life aren't always of our own choosing. Quite often we make decisions based on circumstances beyond our control, when we're only trying to do the right thing. Beckett and Terri were high school sweethearts, and they were so happy together. When Beckett is forced to move away and leave Terri behind, she's devastated and heartbroken. Fifteen years later, Beckett is back in Terri's life, badly injured and with no recollection of what happened. Do they take this opportunity to rekindle their relationship, when the truths and secrets Beckett holds could tear them apart? I just loved the emotional turmoil packed into this intense story. I loved and hurt for Beckett and Terri, and I was riveted to each page, trying to find out what had happened. I loved that there were characters from previous books, also excellent reads from Jackie Wang. You have to read Sinner!

I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.
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13.9k reviews131 followers
July 24, 2017
Wow, just wow!! I am totally blown away with this story. This is Beckett and Terri’s story, and what an emotional rollercoaster journey it is! This is a beautifully written storyline, which flows seamlessly, and had me on tenterhooks, as well as hooked and intrigued throughout. This story has secrets, twists & turns, and love. I highly recommend this authors work for all second chance romance lovers, you will not be disappointed! In my opinion this is one of my favourite novels from Jackie. Awesome work Jackie!!
24 reviews
July 24, 2017
I am posting this in exchange for an honest review
A tale of secrets and drama between the characters of Beckett and Terri that unfolded a tale of second chance love. After a separation of 15 years high school lovers are united when hero Beckett needs help. He shows up on the door step of Terri and requests her help and what follows is a story of regrets, hurts and missed opportunities. This story is a mixture of past and present that was alittle confusing however came together to tell a story that i couldn't put down. This is a delightful tale that needs to be read.
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714 reviews10 followers
July 21, 2017
I found this a gripping and emotional read from start to finish!
Beck lives with his grandfather and his abusive step-grandmother. The light for Beck is the beautiful love he and Terri share. Then Beck's grandfather dies and we pick up the story fifteen years later.
OMG!!! The story begins properly with Beck re-appearing on Terri's door step, battered, bruised and bloody and suffering from amnesia. She takes him in and gives him hope and peace where he had none. His memory begins to return but he says nothing to Terri about it.
We gradually realise something pretty traumatic happened prior to Beck's amnesia.
Heavens above!!! What a story it turns out to be!!! I couldn't put this book down until I'd finished it.
Awesome writing form Jackie Y. Wang.
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July 22, 2017
No matter how long you run or what you have been thru, you can't run away from true love.Beckett and Terri found that out. Beckett thought he was doing the right thing when he left 15yrs ago. But when he found himself in trouble he found himself in Terri's doorsteps. She tried to keep him at arms length, but in the end couldn't. Through events out of their control they found themselves apart again. But if someone is truly your soulmate can you truly run away. This story was an emotional and sexy read. I really felt for Beckett. But in the end he stayed true to himself and went after whom he loved
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July 23, 2017
This is a story of young love torn apart by adult responsibilities. Not all love stories are beautiful - Beckett and Terri’s story is far from it. Years after breaking up with her, Beckett shows up on her doorstep covered in blood and full of excuses. True to her nature, Terri takes him in, nurtures him, and helps him heal – which rekindles old feelings. But when secrets are revealed will their love be enough? Will they get that second chance? I liked the characters – Terri is strong and Beckett is a bad boy you can’t help but like. Overall a good story.
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August 7, 2017
I am not even sure where to start with this one. It was a great book! I honestly couldn't put it down once I started reading it. I found myself pulling for Beckett and Terri, then being mad at one or the other, then pulling for them again. Such a great book!
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