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Crazy Love #1

Fake Wife

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This marriage is strictly business... until the temptation gets way too real.

Corbin: I loved my grandma, but I don’t need her money. All I care about is keeping the house — the only place that’s ever felt like home. That, and screwing over my dad, who wants to turn the property into a mall. There’s only one catch: To receive my inheritance, I have to get married within six months. Me, the guy who’s never dated a girl for more than six minutes. Now I need to find a woman I can trust. So when I’m rear-ended by a Prius, I figure it’s a sign that I’m supposed to meet gorgeous, down-to-earth Teagan Monroe.

Teagan: First I lose my job. Then I come home and find out — in the most graphic way possible... yeah, that way — that my boyfriend is a cheating jerk. And then I speed off and nearly kill Portland’s sexiest bachelor. Corbin Lane should be pissed. Instead, he offers me more money than I’ve ever seen in my life to marry him and live together in a mansion for two years. No sex. No feelings. Just cash — enough to make all my dreams come true. Then we go and break all our rules... and I realize I’m falling in love with my fake fiancé.

219 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 9, 2018

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About the author

Stacey Lynn

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Stacey Lynn likes her coffee with a dash of sugar, her heroes with a side of bossy, and her wine a deep shade of red.

The author of over thirty romance novels, many of which have been best-selling titles on Amazon, AppleBooks, and Barnes & Noble.

Born in Texas and raised in the Midwest, she now makes her home in North Carolina and loves all things Southern. Together with her ultimate tall, dark, and handsome hero, she has four children. Her life is a chaotic mess that fights with her Type-A, list-making, neurotically organized preferences and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Profile Image for Nissa | Of Pens and Pages Book Blog.
337 reviews991 followers
January 11, 2018
DNF at 55%

I couldn't connect with the characters and their relationship because the heroine literally just got out of a long-term relationship a few hours before meeting the hero. She said she loved her ex-boyfriend, so I just wasn't convinced she'd fall so easily for a different person that fast.

I also didn't like the hero. He acted mean and cold to the heroine whenever he wanted to distance himself because he didn't want to act on his lust. It's like a hot-cold situation with this man. He also said some sexist and honestly creepy things that just wasn't hot for me...at all.

*ARC received in exchange for an honest review.
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1,396 reviews580 followers
February 2, 2018
3 Stars!

I love the fake relationship trope. It is one of favorite kind of reads and I gobble up all of the ones I come by. So when I came by this one I requested it and couldn't wait to read it.

Fake Wife was a quick OK read for me. There wasn't anything about it that really drew me in nor was there anything that I really disliked about the book. It had some good characters with a mediocre story. There wasn't a lot happening. There is some family dysfunction, a lot of back and forth, and of course the famous miscommunication. We also have the ex who pops up in random places.

In the end I was expecting more and I got less.

Happy reading dolls! xx

Profile Image for Jen .
803 reviews576 followers
December 29, 2017
4 Nothing Fake About it Stars

To say Teagan Monroe has had a crappy day would be the understatement of the century. Being laid off from the job she loves would be bad enough, but Teagan gets an even bigger shock to her already overwrought system when she comes home early to find her boyfriend of seven years playing hide the salami with a naked blonde. Suddenly homeless and jobless, what else could possibly go wrong for our gal Teagan?

Despite the fact Corbin Lane grew up wealthy and in the limelight, the only real love and support he got from his family came from his grandmother. When she dies and leaves him the only thing he’s ever wanted, the family home, he’s thrilled. Until he finds out that in order to have the home transferred to him and not his jackass of a father, he must marry and stay married for no less than two years. Since Corbin’s sworn off long term relationships, just how in the hell is he going to find a woman he can not only put up with for two years, but also trust to keep the details of their arrangement a secret?

When a distracted Teagan introduces her moving Prius to Corbin’s much flashier Mercedes, she’s sure things can’t get any worse. Buckle up sweetie, ‘cause our man Corbin has a two year plan that may be just the thing for you.

I can’t tell you how pleasantly surprised I was by this book. Even though I love a good fake romance story (I’m a sucker for all of those overused tropes, doncha know) I went into this with some fairly low expectations. While Fake Wife will never be considered ground breaking, I found myself falling in love with this couple. Both have been hurt by past relationships, but when they started falling for each other it didn’t seem to matter. They knew they shouldn’t actually do the unthinkable, fall in love with their contracted fiancé, but the more time they spent together, the stronger the pull became.

He’s just shown me a vision of a life, of everything I’ve wanted. A simple life. A good one. And it will only be mine temporarily.

Just a warning, the instalove is so very strong with this one. If that’s an issue for you, this may not be your book.

Corbin and Teagan are awesome characters, both together and apart, and I’m glad I gave their story a chance. This is my first Stacey Lynn book but it most definitely won’t be my last.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review
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1,493 reviews3,634 followers
Shelved as 'dnf'
December 4, 2020
DNF @ 54%

I wasn’t felling it. It was way too instalove for me. The H was supposed to be this “playboy” type guy that never settles down but he is almost instantly in love with the h (probably a little exaggeration 🙄) and not in a good way. I didn’t ever feel their connection even though both of them were confessing some deep feelings after not many interactions or time. I also never connected with either character. I feel like it was topical...if that makes sense. I felt like I was being told the story instead of getting immersed in the story alongside the characters. I got this off a list for arranged marriage because I actually really like that trope — so if anyone has any recommendations, I’m all ears!
Profile Image for Syndi.
2,843 reviews628 followers
August 26, 2021
Fake Wife has so much potential. The billionaire and eligable bachelor and the damsel in distress. The plot/ story is weak.

There is a lot of instant in this book. Miss Lynn seems in hurry to finish the story without giving her chatacters real chemistry. Like I said there is a lot of instant. Instant like, instant lust and instant love.

Overall, a good promosing story, but not with emotional depth.

3 stars
Profile Image for Mandi.
2,299 reviews722 followers
January 9, 2018
Give me a present day marriage of convenience trope any day of the week! Corbin is a super wealthy, playboy guy who just lost his grandmother. She was important to him, as his father is a horrible man who has a family on the side and his mother is drinking herself to death. His grandmother left him her family estate - but with a condition. He must marry within six months and stay married for at least two years. Corbin knows his grandmother wants him to have someone serious in his life, but he is still pissed that he has to get married, to get his beloved family estate. He knows if his father gets a hold of the property, it will be torn down and turned into a strip mall. So Corbin will do what his grandmother wishes, and find a woman to marry.

Teagan is having the worst day of her life. First, she gets laid off from her job at the library, which she loved. Then she finds her boyfriend of seven years banging a chick in their bed. Devastated, she packs up her car with all of her belongings and starts to drive - and she accidentally drives directly into our hero. She knows who Corbin is, as his picture is flashed on all the gossip magazines. She is horrified. Expecting to be screamed at, instead Corbin invites her to lunch, and then proposes marriage. And $250,000 to stay married for two years. No sex or anything required. Just a business arrangement. Corbin is sick of dating rich girls and takes one look at Teagan and is enchanted with her and her "normalness."

Teagan is honestly sick of putting her life on hold for men. She quit her job to move to with her cheater ex boyfriend as he went through medical school - and now she would have to put her life on hold again for another two years. I like that this is a concern for her.

"Nothing's wrong, exactly," Teagan says, going back to the topic. "I was just thinking today of all the times Drake asked me to put my dreams on hold, all the times he promise I'd get what I wanted once he finished his residency, and now..." Her voice trails off and she shrugs. Looking out the window, she finishes her thought on a whisper. "Now I'm doing it all over again."

Teagan isn't forced to have this fake marriage by any means. It's totally her decision, and she turns out to be a really strong heroine in this book. At first, I wasn't so sure I was going to like Corbin. A bit cocky, and always talking about women's looks and how rich women are horrible people etc..and he only wanted to pretend marry a "normal" aka, not rich woman - I don't know. He rubbed me the wrong way at times

[...] doesn't get how hard it is for a man like me to find someone who actually likes me. I've dated more socialites and daughters of the wealthy than I can count, and all of them typically have one hand on my dick and the other reaching for my black Amex. Rich women are a pain in my ass. They're more needy than tolerable, and more insecure than an abused dog.

Okay, okay Corbin. Let's tone down the judgment a little bit sir.

But he turns out to be a good guy. He respects Teagan and treats her well during their fake courtship/engagement. He starts to share real things of his life with her and if he does get out of line, or forgets to be a gentleman, she is there to remind him. She is a really strong character and she made this book for me

It's also super dirty. Once they move past the fake stuff, into real relationship territory - it gets sexxxy.

It's a pretty quick book, so things move along fast but it worked for me

Grade: B
Profile Image for Mindy Lou's Book Review.
2,645 reviews613 followers
December 18, 2017
The reading of the will for Corbin's grandmother was not what he was expecting. Get married within 6 months, stay married for 2 years and he will receive the house and land that he has always loved. If he doesn't, it all goes to his father. That is the last thing Corbin wants because he knows his father will sell the property to be torn down and parceled out.

Teagan has had one of the worst days of her life. She gets laid off from her job, only to come home early and find her long time fiancee in bed with another woman. She packs her car up with everything she owns and takes off. Next thing she knows, she rear ends a Mercedes. Instead of the irate rich guy she expects, she meets Corbin who is more concerned about her than his car. Corbin realizes right away that Teagan may be in the right position to help him with his grandmothers will.

This was exactly what I needed after finishing a really heavy read. I'm a fan of the fake relationship trope and this was a pretty sweet, low to mid angst read. There is some conflict with these two starting out in a fake relationship but the author kept it to the minimum, which I really liked about the story. Both characters are very likable and I enjoyed watching these two dance around the instant attraction they have for each other.

This was a fun read! ARC provided by Netgalley.
Profile Image for Carol.
1,306 reviews219 followers
October 10, 2017
4 stars.
Don't let the title fool you, this was essentially a really sweet and tender romance.
One that I enjoyed from start to finish.
I really liked Teagan she was a kind, honest person and was definitely having a very bad day when she meets Corbin for the first time.
Even though Teagan was at fault for causing the accident where she ran into his car, Corbin treated Teagan with such kindness at the scene, not blaming her or shouting at her.
Corbin's kindness was not just because he realizes that Teagan can help him with a difficult situation but also because he truly is a genuinely good and kind guy.
It was a case of love (and lust) at first sight for these two, even though both of them were obviously very unwilling to acknowledge/trust in their feelings for a long time.
This was a book about dealing with past hurt, then moving forward and taking a chance on finding a lasting love.
I really did love this book. It was a simple but really satisfying love story.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Beneath The Covers Blog.
1,512 reviews489 followers
January 6, 2018
Charming and incredibly diverting, Fake Wife is the epitome of a heartfelt and romantic love story!

After reading Filthy Player, I was instantly intrigued with the author. So reading Fake Wife was a no-brainer. The author takes the story of the prototypical fake relationship and makes it 100% her own. Apart from the steamy and erotic aspects, the book exudes a gamut of emotions within it’s pages. From heartbreak to happiness, sorrow to success, loneliness to love, each scene is marked with impassioned writing by the author.

The characters’ chemistry is influential throughout the story, and brings a captivating and intense magnetism until the very end. The circumstances each character endures makes the story that much stronger, proving that simply loving someone might not be enough for a happily ever after.

Great love stories have one thing in common: the author’s exquisite ability at storytelling. Fake Wife transforms from a simple love story to one that enraptures readers with it’s emotion, conviction, and vitality. Beautifully penned, this book is an insta-must read, and one you won’t be able to put down.

5 Stars!

*ARC provided for a voluntary honest review.* ~Kelly
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2,645 reviews3,216 followers
February 16, 2018
3.5 Fast, Fake, Maybe Stars
* * *1/2 Spoiler Free
Some things are meant to be...Like Losing your job or finding out what a pig your supposed boyfriend is... I mean seeing him bare ass with someone else in our bed... Yeah, not cool.

So of course it was meant to be that I would try to run off the rode the most perfect guy ever...
But there seems to be a reason for all of this... because he takes one look at me and decides I am his perfect fake wife...

What a cute idea and Stacey Lynn takes this and goes to town with it.

A gifted copy was provided byRandom House Publishing Group - Loveswept via NetGalley for an honest review.

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2,245 reviews106 followers
January 23, 2018
***ARC Provided by the Author/Publisher via netGalley***

Who better to be your fake wife than a woman who lost her job, boyfriend, and home in the same day? Or maybe the woman you meet when she rear ends your car?

What if they were the same woman? This scene really sets the tone for the story. The situations, and the things that happen are just enough to keep you engaged without ever making you feel that it went too far.

Corbin and Teagan need one another to solve their current problems and this puts both of them in the perfect place to be ok with a fake marriage for 2 years.

The problem? Fake marriages, especially in romance novels, are never as easy and simple as the people involved think they will be. The challenge with writing them is that you have to keep them fresh without making them seem too unrealistic and like the people who have been thrown together would never actually be attracted to one another.

Stacey Lynn did a good job with this title, I believed not only the attraction between Teagan and Corbin, but I also believed it was realistic that they would end up together. As the story went on, I was able to see a happily ever after for them, and that is what matters.

Add in the chemistry, which was scorching, and the willingness of Corbin to wait until Teagan saw that there was more between them than just the fake marriage and you have an enjoyable read.

I recommend this title.

***This and other reviews featured on our blog Booked All Night http://bookedallnightblog.com/ ***
Profile Image for Missy's Book Obsession.
179 reviews100 followers
January 15, 2018
I absolutely loved Fake Wife by Stacey Lynn. It was faced paced, light-hearted and with dual Pov which I really liked. I enjoyed Corbin and Teagans romance story and how everything played out in the end. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.
Profile Image for Steffi De Ceuster  ♥.
1,214 reviews119 followers
July 23, 2019
3.5 Stars

I got this recommended because I had such a short tbr list and books on my Kobo and Kindle. And this sounded like right up my alley.

Personally I found it hard to get in the story, like to get sucked in it. It just felt so pushed. The blurb and the story line is actually very good. Minus the ending of a 7 year relationship and on the same day another starting.. That's too soon it makes it look like the 7 years were a love-less relationship.
Then Drake that keeps pushing to explain the situation, like seriously she just ended up like that in front of you? No didn't think so.

It was a good read, but not one I will remember. My mind is pretty forgettable as it is so that's not ordinary.
Profile Image for Alex ♈.
1,568 reviews1,161 followers
January 11, 2018
2.75 stars

Safe, partly sweet, but also absurd.

The best part - epilogue.

January 9, 2018

LINK: https://collectorofbookboyfriends.com...


It’s been so long since I read a book from Stacey and I have to say that I missed it more than I expected. Her Fireside series scarred me for life and became one of my favorite series. An amazing combination of heart wreck and heart warmth. The river of emotions that was flowing out of it was incredibly overwhelming and her writing made it even more so. This time, though, she kept the emotions in a check which was a enjoyable change from what I was used with her.

Fake Wife is a new standalone novel whose story may is developed around the familiar concept of “marriage of convenience”, but everything else is quite new. At least to my reading cells. Also, this story is one of the most perfect examples that describe the weird games life loves to play on us. And this time, her game is nothing less than brilliant. Corbin Lane & Teagan Monroe. Two incredibly different human beings with completely different life styles. Or so it seems. The one is a heir of a multi million company he wants to have nothing to do with it. The other a woman who is trying to find her place in this world. Two separate events will lead to the one who will bring them together. At first, Corbin’s grandma just passed away and declares him the hair of one of her properties which Corbin adores. But there is a catch; he must fall in love and get married in less than six months and stay that way for the next 2 years. Secondly, Teagan is first fired from her job at the library and then catches in the most horribly graphic way her boyfriend cheating on her on their bed. And then Teagan crashes with Corbin’s car and that’s where their journey to true love begins.

In general, Corbin and Teagan’s love story was one of the sweetest I have read. Although, one of the things that left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth was when she was describing the decisions she had made so far and what those had done to the course her life took. Honestly, I’m not judging her because if I was under the same circumstances I may have chosen the same. But, beyond that, it still wasn’t sitting well with me since it was making her seem more weak than she really was. Because she is an incredibly strong woman with a mind of her own and the heart and mind to teach life a lesson and succeed. Which brings me to her dream. A dream that spoke volumes of her personality and the unique kind of person she was. Some times the things that describe us the best are our dreams and not the decisions we (had to ) made in the past. And Teagan more than shows what a great human being she is.

She sent Teagan to give me a home again, not just a house.

And now we come to Corbin. A guy who is the farthest thing from typical rich guy. In the contrary, he is the master of himself and his life and he fights for what matters to him. I simply don’t know how should I describe his goodness and his passionate nature. He quite literally swept me away. And the way he was with Teagan and how their relationship progressed so fast but so damn right, left me with no doubt that I was facing a great love. Both of them were a force to be reckoned with even at the very primary stages of them as one. Moment after moment, they were dragging me deeper into their world. And that epilogue? Oh. My!! I was done after that. A huge mush on the floor grinning like a fool.

I just love Lynn’s books for the simple reason that they always leave me up in the clouds while, firstly, taking me on a sweet strong ride of feelings. I can’t wait to read more of her books and to meet the new awesome couples she will come up with.

Profile Image for Simply Love Book Reviews.
6,924 reviews820 followers
January 19, 2018

While the relationship may have started as something fake, the tension and affection that rose up between Corbin and Teagan during their staged courtship was oh so real. These two were sweet and adorable, and I couldn’t help but love this story.

It’s an old trope. Guy has some reason why he needs to get married, guy finds perfect prospective fake wife, fake wife and guy fall in love while pretending to be engaged. There’s no surprise to this story, but the novelty of it is not why I enjoyed it so much. It was the author’s ability to craft such likeable characters, such sweetness in their growing affection and such a connection between two people that appeared to be opposites on the outside yet couldn’t have been more alike if they tried.

On what has to be the worst day of her life, Teagan runs into the city’s most eligible bachelor. Literally. With no job, no boyfriend and nowhere to live, Teagan is desperate. About to lose the home he loves if he doesn’t find a wife, Corbin is also needing to take desperate measures to find a woman to marry. Seeing this as opportunity knocking, Corbin propositions Teagan with a win-win situation. What neither of them expects is for their pretend romance to become so real.

Fake Wife was a perfect chilly day, snuggle under a blanket and enjoy a warm treat kind of story. It was a sweet and romantic story that makes give you the warm fuzzies and makes you feel good.

Profile Image for Missy's Book Obsession.
179 reviews100 followers
January 15, 2018
I absolutely loved Fake Wife by Stacey Lynn. It was faced paced, light-hearted and with dual Pov which I really liked. I enjoyed Corbin and Teagans romance story and how everything played out in the end. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.
ARC provided by NetGalley.
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3,985 reviews319 followers
January 8, 2018
I don't know what it is about the marriage before love or contract marriage books, but I love them! I've really enjoyed Lynn's Fireside Series, so when I saw this one and read the blurb, I knew I had to read it!

Corbin Lane is Portland's most eligible bachelor, he's also in need of a wife. Reeling from the loss of his beloved grandmother, he discovers she added a clause in her will making it necessary for him to marry in order to inherit the home he loves. After having a seriously crappy day, Teagan Monroe rear ends none other than Corbin Lane, the man she lusts after on celebrity news sites. What starts out as an accident, might just turn out to be fate.

Corbin and Teagan were both endearing characters on their own, and together, they were even better. Both were driven, sweet, passionate, and engaging. They may have been from different worlds but they just fit. They brought out the best in one another and I really loved that. They were thrown together by circumstance but I was intrigued to see if they had the type of connection to make things work, to see if they were meant to be.

In addition to the contractual marriage aspect, I liked the lack of filler drama. Lynn included the perfect amount, it added to the story and showed character growth. I was able to see Corbin and Teagan change throughout, both as individuals and as a couple. For those who love drama, it's still there, so don't fret.

Lynn delivers a sexy and fun read. I was completely caught up in these characters and their story. I'm hoping this becomes a series because there are a couple other characters I'd love to know more about.
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1,847 reviews120 followers
January 6, 2018
4 stars

Fake Wife by Stacey Lynn is a sweet and romantic read.

I really enjoyed this book, I liked both Corbin and Teagan's characters. They made me smile and they made me swoon with their romance.
Their relationship might have started out a business agreement but it doesn't take long for both to start having feelings for each other. They had an easy rapport, which made it easy opening up to each other and finding what they've been missing in life.
Love and understanding.


Overall, Fake Wife is a lovely afternoons read. All the characters were a joy getting to know and I highly recommend it.

FAKE WIFE is coming January 9th, pre-order your copy today!
Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2wZhZ1Z
iBooks: http://apple.co/2jrs8ze
Nook: http://bit.ly/2xASV2b
Kobo: http://bit.ly/2wcD2P4
Google Play: http://bit.ly/2y1sXkr

*Thank you to the publisher via Netgalley for the advance copy.*
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1,857 reviews69 followers
December 15, 2018
This was a very quick and easy read!! ~ listened to this in one day. It was good * 3 stars, VERY insta-love. Teagan and Corbin met, made a deal, and fell madly in love in less than 2 weeks. Basically read this if you want a quick little romance - great for beach/pool day or airplane ride. There is a book 2 to this series(although the characters don't look familiar) I probably won't read it though.
Profile Image for Jae Mod.
1,716 reviews231 followers
December 17, 2017
**ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**

A simple, yet satisfying romance with all the feel good moments. Fake Wife by Stacey Lynn has delivered us a beautiful sweet story that I read in one sitting. A perfect little insta-love romance to begin 2018 with.

Teagen has bad luck all around her. From losing her job, to coming home and finding her fiance of 7 years cheating on her; she packs her bags and leaves. Only to rear end Corbin, the wealthy hot business man. It’s just the icing on the cake for her. She can’t seem to catch a break.

As Corbin looks Teagen over, he sees her frustration and her pain. Knowing she needs a little good luck to come, he offers her a deal she can’t refuse which in return will help him out as well. Corbin needs to marry within 6 months and to stay married for 2 years to save his precious grandmother’s house. His father wants to destroy it, so he is in desperate times.

Can both Teagen and Corbin walk the fine line of “Fake Wife/Fiance” or will boundaries become blurred?

I loved how this story was simply... perfect. No angst, no drama-well a small bit, just a whimsical insta-connection/attraction romance. Stacey provided enough storyline to have this a page turner and kept me entertained until the end. Corbin and his love for his grandmother was heartwarming to witness and the strengths he goes to fulfil her wishes, plus to go against his father, I really enjoyed.

Another Stacey Lynn romance for the win!

4 Stars
January 11, 2018

It was sweet but if we're being real? It wasn't anything new.
I mean, obviously it's a well used trope, I've read a lot of the same so when I say new, I don't mean it lacked originality cause that's pretty much a given for the type, I mean I wasn't gushing and calling everyone and their mothers and shoving the book down their throats....

Don't give me that look, like you haven't done that at least once in your life.
No? *gasp* And you call yourself a reader.

I am kinda excited about the next book though and let me just say, June, is an eternity away and I don't think I can make it! >_<
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2,196 reviews641 followers
January 18, 2018
In need of smth light... ;)

Well, this was light, alright...and sweet


It all starts when Teagan Monroe lost her job, found out her boyfriend of seven years cheated on her, lost her apartment and then hit the rear end of another car, all in one day!!!

And the owner of a bumped car was non the less the rich heir Corbin, who has his own deal to fulfill-to reach the full money clause of his late grandmother's will, he needs to marry and stay marry for two years...

And well, broken and let down Teagan seems as perfect candidate as no other...and she's right in front of him, a win-win situation.

So, well you know how that goes...
I’ve agreed to marry Corbin Lane. A pure Cinderella story if I’ve ever heard one. The orphan becomes a wealthy woman. Married.

And well, it all goes the way of physical attraction...then they fall for each other, they get to.know one another, and well, the rich heir is not just that-a rich heir, in fact he wants to be free of all the dysfunctional pretense of his father, but, of course, it wouldnt be quite the story if they didnt have a little misunderstanding along the way which gets settled pretty quickly and ta-da...HEA

*sigh* like I said, it was a sweet romance but not quite what I wanted. :/
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7,647 reviews16 followers
January 7, 2018
Fake Wife by Stacey Lynn is the story of Corbin Lane and Teagan Monroe .
Corbin has most everything he has ever wanted but his grandmother was the only one who really cared for him. When she passes she leaves him her house and land....that is the one thing he has always desired! But he quickly learns that there is a catch to the will....he must marry with six moths and that marriage must last at least two years. A relationship commitment is something Corbin has never wanted or done with a women. Who can he find to help him fulfill is need to get his grandmothers house? Then something hits him....literally.
Teagan has lost everything all at once! The job she loved and then to find out her live in boyfriend of 7 years is screwing someone in their apartment has her feeling hopeless. Upset and distracted she ends up in a car accident hitting Corbin. Corbin doesn't take long before he turns the accident into something to fulfill his grandmother's will request. Now Teagan is in a world-wind called Corbin but can she survive it?
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911 reviews333 followers
December 20, 2017
I absolutely adored this fast paced romance book. It captured my attention from beginning to end.

Teagan has a shit day and I mean a shitastic day and it ends in the most awkward and maybe bizarre way when she rear ends the back of Corbin’s car.

What happens from there had me devouring this book whole. I loved their journey and as unconventional and maybe to some unrealistic it may be I was completely engaged in this book.

I loved the moments with the two of them and sometimes I think fate has a funny way of making the most impossible things happen. This book really captured that for me.

It isn’t smooth sailing and oh we “bumped” into each when life handed us a bag of shit and lived blissfully ever after. There were definitely moments of doubt and ups and downs. But the connection these two had with one another was definitely something I felt.

Both from different worlds but had the same dreams and it made me all giddy.

It’s definitely a book I would recommend if you are looking for a quick read that will hit all your romance requirements.
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November 29, 2017
"Sometimes, when things are right, even when they seem crazy, you know it."

I decided to give Fake Wife a try because I enjoyed the author's Nordic Lords MC series. I'm happy to report that the author convinced me, she can tackle any subject and do it justice. Whether it be a badass biker or Portland’s sexiest bachelor, she had me sighing with satisfaction.

Teagan, has the most awesome name, but the very worst luck. Everything that could go wrong in a single day... did. After getting laid off from her job she goes back home, earlier than usual. You get where I'm going with this, right? Douchebag boyfriend isn't expecting her, and she's not expecting what she finds when she gets there. And of course, she's not gonna stick around and discuss the extra blonde in her bedroom, so she packs her bags. And having nowhere to take those bags, they end up in her car. And not that I blame her, cuz I probably would do the same thing, but getting behind the wheel of her car when she couldn't see through her tears was an accident waiting to happen. And an accident did happen, making it the pièce de résistance of an epically bad day.

Corbin has a conscience, which is what makes him different from his father. He actually has feelings for people other than himself. He is extremely popular with the ladies and would have absolutely no problems finding a wife to fulfill the terms of his grandmother's will. But two years is a long time to be stuck with someone who couldn't see more than dollar signs when she looks at him. When he sees Teagan for the first time, he knows it's not the wreck that is causing the devastation he sees in her eyes, it's the result of it. Seeing all her possessions thrown all over her car, he knows she needs help. Why not help each other? Surely, being down on her luck she'd be agreeable to what he was proposing. It would be beneficial for both of them. Problem solved. He'd get a Fake Wife without all the complications, and she'd get enough money to start over and pursue her dream.

What neither of them considered was the possibility that they would want more. That the chemistry between them would be so strong that they were both mentally amending the no-sex clause of their fake marriage contract. What a wonderful time I had reading this treasure. I was especially drawn to Corbin and how he shared with me how Teagan made him feel. Both above and below his belt. I was drawn into his grief and memories and his hopes and fears. I adore his best friends and really hope the author decides to give them their own book(s) in the future. *fingers crossed* 🤞
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January 11, 2018
4 Stars!

Stacey Lynn is a must read in romance. Her books are a nice diverse range when it comes to storylines but whenever I open that first page, the anticipation of what I know will be sexy, sweet, romantic, and packed with all of the feels.... yeah she's an author I can devour at one time.

He needs a wife. She's his solution.
No feelings. No sex. It's supposed to be fake.
Teagan and Corbin have no idea how real it's about to get

Fake Wife was a fun, easygoing, lighter romance that I devoured on one snowy afternoon. And I gotta say y'all, I really really liked this book a lot... great banter, magnetic attraction, smoldering romance, an epic proposal, and such a great story. Stacey took a been there-done that plot and well... added her own personal flair giving it life and that captivating, addicting quality I just can't get enough of. Corbin and Teagan were brilliantly penned with undeniable chemistry and an unforgettable journey.

Stacey is someone I always say is a must read!

I divinely recommend this book and fabulous author.

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January 2, 2018
Fake Wife
Stacey Lynn

Who could imagine on your worst day of your life you would meet your knight in shining armor? Teagan has just been laid off, caught her bf of 7 Years cheating on her in their bed, and then rear ends a Mercedes. Corbin Lane, Portland’s Hottest Billionaire has just finished burying his closest relative his grandmother and found out at her will reading that he has 6 months to find a wife and remain married to her for at least 2 Years or he will lose the house he has wanted forever when he gets rear ended by an angel.
This was a great love at first sight story. The perfect timing for the 2 of them to find each other and they end up being perfect for each other.
Such a sweet and romantic story. I really enjoy the authors writing style and her character choices.
Thanks NetGalley for the arc in exchange for my honest review.
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October 14, 2017
One of those stories that get me all the time...a really good girl who has been loyal and loving to a guy who doesn't treasure her. She loses job, boyfriend cheats, and rear ends a rich guy with her car on same day. And her day gets stranger yet!!!

Very sweet story with enough angst for them to grow together. I really enjoyed reading this.

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