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Cade Wesley has everything he could ever want.

His own thriving bar.
A house on the beach.
Money in his bank account.
His pick of women whenever he wants.

But he’s been so busy lately that he hasn’t had a warm body in his bed in far too long. All that is about to change.

When Nora Jensen walks into Cade’s Tavern, it’s lust at first sight.

In town on business with the freedom to cut loose, why shouldn’t she take a chance on the handsome bartender and indulge in her first ever one-night stand?

Of course, things are never quite that easy...

204 pages, Paperback

Published June 24, 2017

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About the author

Michelle Smith

4 books28 followers
For as long as she can remember, Michelle Smith has been making up romantic stories in her head. But it wasn't until this year that she finally became brave enough to publish them.

If she's not reading or writing, you can be sure she's watching her beloved Dallas Stars somewhere, or any of the numerous other sports she likes to watch. She currently lives in Dallas with her wonderful husband and children.

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Profile Image for Laura Hampton.
641 reviews35 followers
October 9, 2017
Cade is Michelle Smith's debut book and holy moly I loved it! Talk about a smokin' hot, sexy as hell read! The characters are engaging and entertaining. Not to mention a hotter than hell bartender and his equally as hot brothers. Did I mention this story was smokin' hot...lol

Cade, Cade, Cade...you are BBF material. Seriously if you can get past the bar scene with your panties dry, then there is seriously something wrong with you. Damn, I needed a cold shower after that one...yes I am faguebooking here...if I say anymore it will give it all away!

Nora...I loved her just for her name! Working as a paralegal was something she never set out to do, but when he past boyfriend accepts a job in Texas, she picks up and follows him. She never imagined that he would walk away from her once she made the move. She likes her job and is good at it. When her boss asks her to accompany her on a business trip to Miami, Nora never imagined that the gorgeous, sexy bartender would keep her occupied for more than a few days and nights.

I really enjoyed the fact that I got to read about Cade's character and where he comes from and what drives him to be the hard working man that he is. Granted the story is a little insta-love, but you don't get that from the get-go. The first few chapters are about Cade and Nora's lives as individuals and I loved the build-up to their first meeting and then the sparks fly! The chemistry between these two is off the charts hot. What starts out as a simple fling, quickly becomes something more than they are both ready to admit to. But it is all told in a great way. You get that they have this amazing connection and they are both fighting this crazy feeling that they have for each other, knowing that it can't possibly go anywhere after the few days that they may have together.

Can one week of happiness and bliss be enough for both Cade and Nora to enjoy or will they find a way to get past the distance and job obstacles that stand in their way of true happiness...something they both never set out to find, but now is within their grasp? Grab your copy of this super sexy, sweet, smokin' hot read and get whisked away into everything Cade! Michelle Smith has gained a new fan and I cannot wait to get started on Sloan's story.

5 iScream Stars
Profile Image for Socially Book Nerd .
511 reviews47 followers
September 25, 2017
A workaholic sexy man and a equally driven woman, met by chance, they are working on closing a business deal, but it's not just her smarts that attracts Cade. a fun flirty read! that will sweep you off your feet. And there are more brothers to come... holy hell
Profile Image for Kayla Hemmerle.
225 reviews6 followers
June 26, 2017
Are you looking for a good, juicy summer read? Then this is definitely the book you want to take to the beach with you (or the lake, couch, bed, etc). I enjoyed this book a lot and I think one of the main reasons was the fast pace. 

Our story starts with Nora, a legal assistant, taking an impromptu trip to Miami for work. There, she meets Cade, and from there, business and pleasure mix immediately. 

I liked Nora's character a lot. I related to Nora and I think a lot of other women would too. She's working hard, she's trying to date, she's responsible. But inside, there is passion. A fire, if you will. Nora hasn't really found anyone that sort of pulls her out of her shell. But Cade does, almost seamlessly. 

Cade's character is a bit of a workaholic combined with a surfer boy. One aspect I really loved about him was how he was so relaxed about certain things. Nora, at one point, is nervous because when they first meet, they don't realize that they'll end up working together in some capacity. But Cade doesn't see the big deal and he doesn't let Nora go crazy with her panic. I think for any couple, regardless of what level they're at, needs that balance. So I appreciated seeing that with these two. 

The sex scenes in this book are some of the best I've read, to be totally honest. One factor I enjoyed was how even though the scenes were really sexy, they also stayed sweet and sincere. I feel like that can be a hard balance sometimes and this author nailed it. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I'm excited to see what happens with Cade's brothers in the future books, and to hopefully see more of Nora and Cade too. 

*Reviewing for A Published Romance
82 reviews2 followers
June 26, 2017
Mmmmm, Nora and Cade are freaking hot and steamy!! Of course, the setting would be in Miami for this hot romance story. The Wesley brothers are awesome! Could I just live like Nora for a day? please?
Nora is a legal assistant working for a big law firm in Dallas and needs to go to Miami with her boss, and good friend, Samantha, the lawyer working on the Zimmer case.
Four brothers, Asher, Sloan, Cade, and Nikolas.
Cade is the business owner - he owns and is expanding his Restaurant / Bar
Asher is the financial wiz of the brothers
Sloan is a lawyer, working on the Zimmer case, for the family law firm
Nikolas is a hotshot hockey player
It all starts when Cade and Nora meet for the first time at his beachfront bar and the chemistry is off the charts hot! When they discover that Nora's boss is working with Cade's brother in negotiations with Mr. Zimmer to sell Cade the rest of his land holdings so that Cade can expand his business, the waters get a little murky.
I loved this story, the pacing, the characters, and the steamy sex. I felt it was everything a romance novel should be, not campy at all, not trite or overdone, just enough tension and shenanigans to keep the story moving along. I can't wait to read the other books in this series!
Profile Image for Nancy.
412 reviews5 followers
July 2, 2017
There's no way you will know that Michelle is a new author with this debut novel!
She's spicy, passionate and writes like a bestseller author.
I loved this book, Cade was so incredible and the chemistry between him and Nora was off the charts.
Since that one night in the bar, Cade felt he need to have her no matter what, even knowing he was forbidden and bad for business.
Nora didn't have more than her work, with this trip to Miami she has the chance to enjoy and work. She knows not to mix pleasure with business, but one night with that Adonis in the bar is everything that she needs from him.
One night, one opportunity to be together and all the problems in the front.
Making the most in one week would be their task, not to get involved with the heart would be another one. But the passion and fire in this book was so much that it was imposible not to involve everything of their own.
I loved how Michele made me swoon! My goodness, one of the things that I love in a contemporary romance book is how well described is the hot scenes, I loved them, how a man can be alpha and the sweetest guy in the world, the balance in a man, and Michelle gave me that!
Five stars to this story of sun, fire and love!
Profile Image for AnneKR.
862 reviews21 followers
June 16, 2018
A hot & sexy story! Cade is workaholic who owns a bar on the beach in Miami. His plan is to expand in other locations. Nora is a legal assistant who lives in Dallas & is sent with her boss to Miami to work on legal matters with Cade. They meet at his bar not knowing who the other is & sparks fly from all the flirty banter! Despite knowing who he is, she can’t stay away from him even though she knows she should be doing exactly that.

Nora & Cade together are smoking hot! The sex scenes are steamy & off the charts! I love that Cade, despite his sexiness, is not portrayed as someone who has casual flings all the time. He feels something for Nora & wants to see where it goes.

The author has a way of describing many things in detail in a way that I feel like I’m there in Miami, eating steak & lobster tails on Cade’s deck or watching the beautiful sunset as Cade takes pictures. I’m looking forward to reading about his 3 other brothers & members of Seven’s Edge, the band that plays at Cade’s bar. Can’t wait to read Sloan’s story next!

I received a copy for an honest review.
Profile Image for Linnea Valle.
Author 5 books184 followers
June 29, 2017
Sun, sand and sizzling sex

Michelle Smith wrote an amazing debut novel/novella. As my review title promises, there is so much chemistry between Nora and Cade from their first meeting until the words "The End" that it makes this book hard to put down.

I'm looking forward to seeing this new author grow and spread her wings with her follow up books. I did find a few issues with tenses and one or two things that needed minor correction. And there were some obvious pet words that were occasionally distracting. Certainly not enough to take away from the pleasure of reading this story or anything that should deter anyone from enjoying this book.

If you like lots of hot sex scenes with great characters and an occasional laugh, I'd definitely recommend this book. It's a fun, fast, summer read with a low angst level.

Congratulations Mrs. Smith on a wonderful start to your career as an author!
Profile Image for Love & Lavender Book Review.
484 reviews27 followers
June 27, 2017
Straight off the cuff, I am super impressed that this was a debut novel; you would never know. Cade is like a cool glass of sparking water with a spicy twist! So refreshing, utterly hawt, and steamy!!! This book was exactly what I needed to lighten my heart after reading a few darker books, the perfect invigorator.

Michelle captured me immediately with Cade, the man. He's fun, determined, ambitious, family orientated, and built like a brick house. He wasn't looking for anyone special until Nora walked into his bar. Something special slapped him stupid.

Nora was in town on business, which is the perfect time for a fling. Bedazzled by beautiful Cade, she couldn't resist his charms. Neither could I for that matter, I was a puddle on the floor. Hello rippled muscles in that bartender tshirt and a smile that lights up the night. Anywhooooo, Nora is sassy, witty, hard working, but she doesn't take herself too seriously.

Cade and Nora are the perfect combination of firewords, romance, and saucy good times. Their story was simple, no drama, light hearted but full of desire. To achieve that combination is no easy task. While their HEA was guaranteed, I still cheered for them for their happiness.

Michelle also cleverly built herself a following by introducing us to several other characters in Cade's story, specifically his 3 brothers. Now, I personally CANNOT wait to read Sloan's story next.

*An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review*
Profile Image for MJ's Book Blog and Reviews.
2,368 reviews46 followers
October 10, 2017
Review by: Jennifer
(4 stars)

Cade is a bit of a workaholic, but he likes it that way. Owning his bar in a prime location, right on the beach; meaning beach babes in bikinis all the time. When Nora comes into his bar, he just knows that he is going to convince her to have some fun with him.

Nora is in town on business, and the idea of a one and done appeals to her, even better, Cade appeals to her. But what happens when they figure out that the business that Nora is in town on is actually Cade? Will they take the risk of this one night stand or will cooler heads prevail?

This is the first of this series and I am looking forward to reading the next in this series. With a bit of drama and some sexy time scenes that were off the charts hot. This was a cute quick read. I give this 4 stars.
1,095 reviews44 followers
June 20, 2018
Nora has to go and help her boss with the Zimmer account in Miami, and she decides to head to Cade’s Bar, when she see the sexiest man she’s ever seen she can hardly respond. With the electricity between them undeniable they leave the bar, after some steamy kisses, after finally learning each, others name, Nora realises that Cade is the same person she’s here to negotiate with and knows that it shouldn’t happen, she tries to deny it but can’t with their chemistry.
With it coming time for Nora to go, everything starts to get blurry, Cade realises he doesn’t want her to leave but knows he doesn’t stand much of chance with what her ex did to her, Nora leave telling Cade that she will never forget him. Only to late Cade realises what he let go and only hopes that he hasn’t left it too late and lost his chance.
Profile Image for Debbie Turk.
1,445 reviews16 followers
October 7, 2017
What a romantic & sexy read this was!! Fabulous writing from a debut author, I'm thoroughly impressed.

Cade owns a very popular beach side bar in Miami which he wants to replicate in other locations around the country. During legal dealings on this he meets Nora, a legal assistant from Dallas. The sparks are instant, the chemistry is super hot & over the space of a week they both start to fall hard!! It's delicious 😃

The authors descriptive writing style made the sexy times very hot & the characters come to life beautifully. The secondary characters all come across really well & I look forward to reading more about them in future books. I really enjoyed this chilled, romantic book & defo recommend it.

Debbie, 1970, UK
Profile Image for Madonna Blackburn.
94 reviews1 follower
June 24, 2017
Cade..A Wesley Brothers Novel #1
By Michelle Smith

Cade & Nora's story is a simple tale with no real drama which is quite refreshing when all you really want is a quick fix of steamy romance.
This book brings us Cade, an entrepreneurial Bar owner & Nora, a legal assistant visiting Cade's hometown who meet and embark on a somewhat unprofessional relationship.
The author was able to capture the true essence of Cade & Nora's attraction & packed some serious steam in the sex scenes to keep it going along smoothly.
I think this author has great potential as a writer and this novel did it's job of wanting me to read more in the series.
3 1/2 stars for this one.
243 reviews4 followers
June 26, 2017
Just wow for a Debut novel this was a perfect read, a light hearted, chilled summer read, a book that will take you away from reality for a few hours and leave you with a smile on your face.
The story flows beautifully and will keep you captivated from start to finish and oh boy will it pack a punch on the heat levels.
Cade and Nora really are the perfect match and the chemistry lights the pages on fire and will make your heart race. This book will leave you feeling blissfully content.

A 4 star perfect summer read.
Profile Image for Lisa.
1,413 reviews15 followers
October 8, 2017
I received a copy from the author and I will definitely be picking up the rest of the series. Cade and Nora are just too cute. I loved that they offered balance to each other and their easy and fun banter and most of all their steamy scenes that were honestly sweet as well. The writing was well crafted and nicely paced. The characters were well defined and so likeable. Impatiently waiting for the rest of the stories.
Profile Image for Tanja OMGReads.
1,734 reviews42 followers
July 15, 2018
I started this series with book 2 and I was a bit afraid I wouldn't like this one as much as I did Sloan...but I worried for nothing. This was a fabulous short read. I was sucked into it from the first page. Cade and Nora were very likeable as characters. The chemistry was off the charts. My cheeks were bright red while I was ready sexy times. Such a great "little" read 👍

***Review copy requested and reviewed on behalf of OMGReads Blog***
Profile Image for Renee Mccleary.
200 reviews8 followers
June 17, 2017
I loved this book!! It was a quick, fun and very sexy read. I loved how there was very little drama and it was focused mostly on the couple and thier time together. It was well written and kept my attention the entire time.Cade and Nora had amazing chemistry and you could feel the pull towards each other!! I can't wait to read the next brothers book in this series.
Profile Image for Charley Moore.
137 reviews
June 17, 2017
Not my normal read however after a lot of dark reads recently this was just what the doctor ordered.
A light, quick read with a happy ever after with some seriously hot scenes.
I'd happily read more of this series and I'm intrigued by the mention of rock stars! Lol
Profile Image for Michele.
502 reviews17 followers
October 10, 2017
A perfect HEA with heat galore! The sweetest heroine and a red-hot bar owner will sweep you off your feet in this first in the Wesley Brothers series. The fact that there are three more hot brothers in the series is the proverbial icing on the cake.
Profile Image for Adriane.
42 reviews2 followers
October 26, 2017
I also like looking for new author’s to read and I must say that I loved this book. The chemistry between Cade and Nora is off the charts. I also they the relationship between the brothers I can’t wait to read more about them.
Profile Image for Dana.
83 reviews2 followers
June 24, 2017
HOTTTT! You'll want to read this one! A quick read full of sexiness leaving me, somehow, refreshed. I'm so looking forward to more!
Profile Image for Chrissi.
1,295 reviews8 followers
June 20, 2018
A good quick steamy read, perfect if you are looking for something light to read at the beach.
Profile Image for Denae .
152 reviews
June 27, 2017
5 Sizzling Stars!!!!

While I wasn't in the mood for a super sexy steamy story like Cade, I dove in and hoped for the best anyway. I wasn't disappointed with Smith's superb ability to write a story that packs a super sexy punch! This is a very sexy, fast paced read. It's a love story, almost a forbidden love story, between Nora and Cade. When Nora and Cade meet at Cade's extremely successful beachfront bar, sparks fly instantly....but when business and pleasure collide, which one will win out? You'll have to read to find out!

After reading this story, I found I truly enjoyed it. The writing is superb. The characters are fantastic. And the setting was perfect! The Sloan brother's are definitely brothers that I can't wait to see again! I'll be waiting for more in series, but hopefully not for too long! Fantastic job Mrs. Smith, on a great debut novel!
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