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Bring Me Their Hearts #1

Bring Me Their Hearts

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Zera is a Heartless – the immortal, unageing soldier of a witch. Bound to the witch Nightsinger ever since she saved her from the bandits who murdered her family, Zera longs for freedom from the woods they hide in. With her heart in a jar under Nightsinger’s control, she serves the witch unquestioningly.

Until Nightsinger asks Zera for a Prince’s heart in exchange for her own, with one addendum; if she’s discovered infiltrating the court, Nightsinger will destroy her heart rather than see her tortured by the witch-hating nobles.

Crown Prince Lucien d’Malvane hates the royal court as much as it loves him – every tutor too afraid to correct him and every girl jockeying for a place at his darkly handsome side. No one can challenge him – until the arrival of Lady Zera. She’s inelegant, smart-mouthed, carefree, and out for his blood. The Prince’s honor has him quickly aiming for her throat.

So begins a game of cat and mouse between a girl with nothing to lose and a boy who has it all.

Winner takes the loser’s heart.


370 pages, Hardcover

First published June 5, 2018

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About the author

Sara Wolf

21 books3,136 followers
Sara Wolf is a twenty-something author who adores baking, screaming at her cats, and screaming at herself while she types hilarious things. When she was a kid, she was too busy eating dirt to write her first terrible book. Twenty years later, she picked up a keyboard and started mashing her fists on it and created the monster known as the Lovely Vicious series. She lives in Portland, Oregon where the sun can't get her anymore and not enough fruit tarts ever.

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321 reviews152k followers
December 1, 2018
OHHH TELL ME WHATCHA WANT WHATCH REALLY REALLY WANT (I'll tell ya what I want what I really really want) I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really really really wanna see a female lead who doesn't sacrifice everything for a half-baked romance with a man who has the personality of a soggy lettuce and with whom she had a total of 3 conversations.

I thought we all collectively agreed to leave that in 2017. Let her wrench his heart out, you cowards.
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420 reviews16.8k followers
May 22, 2018
Here, Sara, take my heart, it's yours.

Rips her heart out, gives it to the author, dies. Her ghost now returns to write this review and haunt Sara until the second instalment is out.

Sometimes you see a book, drool over the cover read the premise and know, in your blood and your bones, that you are going to love it. That you'll lose yourself in its pages, see what the characters see and feel what they feel, and that you won't rest until you savor the last sentence. That's the case with Bring Me Their Hearts.
“I simply want your heart, my prince.”

Zera is a Heartless.
The second Heartless to witch Nightsinger, a servant and a soldier meant to obey her master's commands while her heart remains locked in a magical jar. She is overcome with an insatiable hunger for blood, flesh, warm organs and pain, a hunger that whispers of her terrible deeds and beckons her to give in to the darkness. Every day, she begs Nightsinger to give her back her heart. And Nightsinger finally relents, on one condition; Zera must infiltrate the court of the kingdom of Cavanos as a potential bride to Crown Prince Lucien d'Malvane and steal his heart. Literally. There is a war brewing between the worshippers of the Old God and the New, and the witches believe that Lucien is the key to avoid it. With a fallen noble as her guide, Zera learns the ways of nobility and finds herself among backstabbings, feuds and hidden agendas. Between trying to stay inconspicuous and seduce the prince in order to achieve her purposes, Zera discovers a connection with the humanity she thought was lost, and comes to care about people that should only be means to an end. But the dangerous game she plays can only have one outcome: either Lucien loses his heart, or she does.
“I am no flower to be ravaged at your whim, angry wolf - I am your hunter, bow cocked and ready. I am a Heartless, one of the creatures your people fled from in terror thirty years ago.
If you were smart, you'd start running, too.”

Bring Me Their Hearts is a luscious tale of court intrigue, magic and bloodshed, with a dash of sass and a sprinkle of darkness. It's one of those rare stories where the gallant prince does not save the damsel from the monster. In fact, the damsel is the monster, with claws and sharp teeth and murder in her hands, and a gnawing, relentless hunger to feast on blood. But the girl within keeps fighting the monster, with small and big acts of defiance, until her hope is torn and shredded, until her unheart cannot bear the absense of all those things that make a human, well, human. Zera is a villain, the instrument of death and destruction, and that's a refreshing change from all those special snowflakes that dominate YA fantasy. But there is also goodness in her, a desire to aid the helpless and defenseless, and that makes her mental turmoil all more excruciating. There is a constant battle inside of her, and Sara Wolf does a marverlous job describing it. Even when her inner monologues seem long and stretched, even when she can't tame the hunger and thoughts of deliciously ravaged bodies tempt her, even when the monster prevails, Zera's narration is unique, laced with sarcasm, dark humor and want, for something better and brighter.
“What's worse, Reginall - to be a monster, or to make monsters?”

In Bring Me Their Hearts, Sara Wolf crafted a lush, intricate world with sumptuous history and lore; the various races, the religion conflicts, the war and its wounds, the etiquette and the customs enriched the story and opened a portal to compelling yet terrifying fantasy land. With magic sparkling in your fingers and liquor running in your veins, between banquets, balls and nightly escapades, witch purges and illicit meetings, you got to know the city of Vetris, its hypocrisy and its beauty, and you reveled in the court of lies and deceit. The plot was heavy on schemes and rivalries, the secrets of the royal family many, the hatred and the fear palpable, and while Zera tried to navigate herself in her make-believe new life, you followed her in stupor, unable to stand back and distance yourself.

Zera was a snarky character, with a smart mouth and a tendency to say inappropriate things that somehow caught the attention of his royal highness, prince Lucien. The chemistry between them was a living being from the very start, with barbs and banters ignating the fire that threatened to consume them. I basked in the delicious tension and the witty comebacks, the stolen touches and the burning gazes, and I prayed for an outcome that would spare Lucien's life and give them a chance to be together. Lucien was a well-portayed, multi-layered character, and so was lady Y'shennria. Both of them awakened in Zera different emotions and needs, and witnessing the hunger whispering to her that she was unworthy of them was heartaching. And so was the ending that made me gasp in shock.

Bring Me Their Hearts is a delightfully savage, spellbinding tale laden with deceit, sass and magic that will leave its bloody imprint in your (un)heart!

*ARC generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

Note: The quotes used in this review are from an uncorrected text and subject to changes.

Review also posted on BookNest!
September 23, 2018

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DNF @ 50%

When I was in high school, I was really into Inuyasha - to the point where I would actually seek out fanfiction for it, because the manga was not enough and I wasn't really allowed to watch that much TV growing up. One of my favorite characters in the series (apart from Seshoumaru and Naraku, because villains) was the witch, Kagura, who was a servant of Naraku and rode around on a giant feather. She hated Naraku, but he had her actual heart removed from her body which put her under his control, so even though she despised him, she was tied to him until he freed her.

When I heard the summary of BRING ME THEIR HEARTS, it sounded so much like Kagura from Inuyasha that I was excited. Zera's entire family was murdered by bandits, but she was saved from the same fate by a witch named Nightsinger who also removed Zera's heart and keeps it in a jar while Zera serves her.

Zera's latest task is to steal a Prince's heart because... I forget the reasons. There were several - magic, the prince's family is about to rekindle a war against the witches, for funsies. So Zera signs up to be a bachelorette in his bride lottery, and here I started to side-eye the book, because it was starting to sound more like THE SELECTION, which I personally couldn't stand. Of course the prince is intrigued by Zera because she's a jerk who always speaks her mind.

I could probably force myself to finish BRING ME THEIR HEARTS if I was at all invested in the storyline, but I'm not. This is just more stock fantasy fare with a bad romance, being packaged as a "breathless, heart-pounding fantasy" (have you noticed that the people who write the blurbs for these types of books seem to have a very limited vocabulary?). Zera is one of those heroines who is just sarcastic all the time, in a way that isn't funny, but just makes her seem stupid and petty. She also slut-shames the other girls, even though she's in the same boat and probably worse of a person than they are (after all, they just want to get married - she wants to commit murder). No, thanks.

Thanks to Netgalley/the publisher for the review copy!

1 to 1.5 stars
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378 reviews152 followers
November 20, 2020
Don’t y’all just love it when an anticipating release blows you away?? I don’t even know what kind of expectations I had but this story skyrocketed past all of them!! It even gave me a new favourite MC you guys I LOVE HER . This chick has such a unique personality, it was such a nice change from the classic YA damsel in distress heroine - Zera is sarcastic af and I love her ability to make light of such dark situations lmao can she teach me her witty ways please?? AND she’s badass from the start which is always a bonus.

I also loved that fact that there was no insta love!! It’s a hate to love relationship but rather than being insta-lust so “I hate you but I also want to kiss you” it’s more like “I have never met anyone like you and you annoy me but I also think I might be falling for you” kind of relationship if that makes any sense 😂 These two are literally going at each other’s throats and its so entertaining and combined with a slow burn it left me super satisfied 😌 But obviously authors don’t like to keep readers satisfied for too long so our hearts have to get crushed and tortured eventually 🙃

I would say the story was a biiiit dragged in the second half with some repetition but regardless I wasn’t bored in the least. I love the relationships in this story and the side characters were so well developed as well!! Honestly this book just shook me-not even took lmao- by surprise and I’m definitely adding it to my favourites list ❤️

Special thanks to the publishers for providing me an ARC via netgalley
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Author 32 books16.1k followers
Want to read
June 12, 2018
"I haven't seen more than the prince's booted toes, and I already know he's useless." 😂😂😂

Love Sara Wolf's writing. Also, blood-hungry main characters are so my jam.
497 reviews2,420 followers
August 1, 2018

TBH, I thought I'd DNFed this one, until I checked my Kindle app and saw that I did, in fact, reach the 100% mark. That's how much this book annoyed me.

It was just your typical YA fantasy--and tried too hard to be that, if you ask me. The heroine Zera constantly made these not-really-funny side comments and comebacks that did NOT appeal to me. And why does the voice of the "hunger" have to be WriTtEn liKE tHiS?! IS IT A MEME!? So yeah, the writing and characterization obviously didn't do anything for me.

That's not all! I also really disliked the hero and the romance. Lucien was, again, your typical YA douche, and their romance happened in a span of two weeks. Was it attraction/spark at first sight? I can't even remember. But I do remember cringing every time they interacted. Whoops.

Anyway, the concept was fine, and I did appreciate the effort. I can also see that this is a book other people seem to love--maybe the humor really just isn't my style.


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Author 18 books7,950 followers
March 27, 2018
OMG. Listen. I don't BS when it comes to books/reviews. I say what I like, and I loved this book HARD. I also rarely read sequels these days - there are just so many series and so little time - but I need book 2 for this one. And I need to meet this fellow author.
So, so good, you guys.
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3,093 reviews1,509 followers
May 1, 2018
Bring Me Their Hearts by Sara Wolf is a young adult fantasy read that from the moment I saw the cover I began a stalking campaign to get my hands on this book. Thankfully this one turned into one of the times that the story lives up to the beautiful cover and I didn't regret my obsession with getting a copy.

What Sara Wolf has done with this story is taken a new twist on a zombie like character. Zera is what is known as a Heartless.  When Zera's family was killed by Heartless a witch, Nightsinger, decided to spare Zera by making her into a Heartless instead of letting her die by taking her heart and with it she has control of Zera. A Heartless though is very zombie like in the urge to murder and their need for raw meat but still looking human and hanging onto a thread of her humanity Zera wants nothing more than her heart back and to be human again.

When Nightsinger is approached to allow the use of Zera to infiltrate and get close to Crown Prince Lucien d'Malvane Nightsinger makes Zera an offer she can't refuse. If Zera can attempt to pass as human and win the Prince's heart to allow Nightsinger to take his heart she will trade it for Zera's own and grant her freedom and her life back. Battling the monster inside of her Zera vows to bring Nightsinger the Prince but if she fails Nightsinger will crush her own heart.

It didn't take long when starting to read this one to know I was really going to like Zera with her snarky comebacks showing her strong will even being a zombie like creature. And while the story with the Prince didn't give off a lot of surprises I did think though that the secondary characters and the relationships were a winner too. The story did have a bit of a slow pace to it and perhaps could have used a bit more action with the length but it still kept my attention all the way to the surprise cliffhanger ending. I'll definitely be looking forward to the next installment of this story to see where the author takes the characters next.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

For more reviews please visit https://carriesbookreviews.com/
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311 reviews1,384 followers
November 5, 2020
Rereading for the third time so I can read the last book! I cannot believe one of my favorite series is finally over. ALSO 5/5 stars read for me this time I devoured it, (who is surprised though I mean it IS one of my faves for a reason)

Reading Vlog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqhfc...

Rereading it the second time around and I really did enjoy it but don't know if I loved it like when I first read it.

4.5/5 stars

July 2 2018
Video Review: https://youtu.be/BlEkUIO3WCM

THIS BOOK WAS EVERYTHING. It was so refreshing to read something that had me this excited to see what was going to happen next. Although I didn’t love Sara Wolf’s contemporary, this blew me out of the water. From the fantastical elements, to the characters, to the characters that stole my heart; I throughly enjoyed seeing what was going to happen next. I was completely hooked. I have so much to say that I can’t wait to discuss in my book review!

One of my favorite books I’ve not only read in a long time but my one of my favorite books I have read this year. Wow.

*Was sent an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review*
January 2, 2020
Fight with everything you have,
everything you are.
Everything that is left of you--battle with it.
Fight by the moonlight, the starlight,
whatever faded hope you can find at any moment--cling to it.
Embrace the smallest of lights, and never stop fighting.

Story 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Many people say they have no heart.
They’re heartless, merciless.
But most of the times they’re not.
They have a heart, they just try to hide it.
But Zera really has no heart.
She’s a heartless, created by a witch, reborn to serve.
Witches and humans are in war since a long time. Witches are hunted, killed, so they hide in the woods. In the darkness.
But now a new war is brewing.
Zera is send to seduce the prince and get his heart, so that a witch can make him into another heartless.
But in her royal life covered as the niece of a firstborn she discovers that the life of the Elite of the kingdom is filled with intrigues, secrets and cruelty.
And even though she fits in perfectly, she always remembers the whole in her heart.
She feels something when she’s near the prince that she hasn’t felt before.
Or in a long time.

Oh, that’s was so wonderful. A dangerous monster that falls for a prince even though she has no heart.
I really liked It and can’t wait to read the second book.

Character 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Zera is an interesting character. First of all she has no heart. At least not in her body.
But even though physically she has no heart I think the connection between her heart and her mind is still there. And so she cares, cares so much. Maybe too much.
But the hunger in her drives her into wild thoughts, uncontrollable things.
I liked her bravery, her wits and her sassines.
She’s also an extremely loyal and lovable person.
Zera is a really good “evil” character that tries to be selfish but is selfless in the end.
Then there is Lucien, the prince.
The first thing I thought about Prince Lucien was “I know that name!” And then I thought about acotar... but this Lucien has a different personality.
He’s a smart, royal, arrogant ass that is insulting people to hide his true feelings.
He’s hurt after his sister was murdered, mean and distant to others since he’s going to get the throne.
His father changed completely and left him alone with his grief.
He faced his grief and his loneliness with the only way he knew, he turned it into coldness.
He said to Zera that he does not have a heart, but in reality he has the biggest of them all.
I really liked all of the characters, not just the main character but also the side characters.
They were all written in a really good way and pushed the story further.

World 🌟🌟🌟🌟
There’s a war between witches and humans since many, many years.
They thought in a terrible war. Witches with the heartless on their sides and humans with their own power - knowledge, science.
The war ended, but in reality it’s still brewing in the background.
Witches are hunted, killed.
And when their heartless are being attacked, witches know that another big war is brewing.
So a plan needs to be planned.

Relationships 🌟🌟🌟🌟
Oh the tension! It was so wonderful.
We all knew from the start that Prince Lucien and Zera were meant to be together.
And they were so similar. Both smart, loyal to their loved ones and strong.
I didn’t feel their connection from the start, but it grew with every moment they had together.
I really liked those two together, together they made an absolutely perfect queen and king.

Writing style 🌟🌟🌟🌟
In the beginning I was mesmerized by the writing. It hooked me from the start.
But after reading a few more pages it got a little weaker, but still really good.
I really liked the writing and I’m pretty satisfied with the whole book.
But the ending... why did it have to be such a damn cliff hanger! Argh!
Also I had the feeling that ending was a bit rushed? But who knows... it served a purpose after all: us reader wanting to read book two.
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521 reviews361 followers
July 22, 2018
THIS IS SOO GOOD OMG I LOVE IT I WOULD DIE FOR THE ZERA IM CRYING GIVE ME THE SECOND BOOK nfhfjfjd i guess the end was the huge plot twist of this book BUT being the smartass i am *le flip hair* saw it coming. So yeah, kids. Being smart does have its inconveniences.
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171 reviews365 followers
March 5, 2022
Genre: high fantasy, romance
Tropes: witches, impossible love, different worlds, orphaned heroine, preventing war, battling the inner monster, grumpy × sunshine (more like brooding × cheerfully pretending to be human)
Series: Bring Me Their Hearts #1
Cliffhanger: Yes
Rating: 4.25⭐

"There are two things men will always believe about a woman: that she’s stupid, and that she’s weak. Today, as every day, I am neither of these things."

I wasn't expecting that. I just wasn't. Maybe I'm a bit emotional because I didn't see that ending coming, but I really really liked this book. Sounds like a good start for a trilogy.

“Not everything in life is about love, Malachite.”
He fixes me with the most serious of crimson stares, a strange thing coming from him. “No. Only the things that matter.”

》》The Plot《《

In a world divided into humans and witches, after a long and bloody war, the witches have gone into hiding with their servants. Zera is a Heartless, serving the witch Nightsinger and trying to cope with the lack of her heart and humanity. When rumors of a new war start spreading and the witch offers her the possibility of getting her heart back, Zera has only one thing left to do: go to Vetris and steal prince Lucien's heart. Literally. But plans don't really work the way they are meant to, do they?

“A game requires you to enter of your own free will. What you’re doing is a battle.”
“This is the first battle I’ve been in that requires so many silk dresses and faked smiles.”

》》Characters and Relationships《《

👩🏼 Zera

"My mind says, Zera, no last name, daughter of a merchant couple whose faces I’m starting to forget: Orphan, Thief, Lover of bad novels and good cake, and indentured servant of the witch Nightsinger, who sent me here to rip your son’s heart from his chest."

She's a great MC. She definitely goes on my list with this year's favorite females, next to Aelin (Throne of Glass), Poppy (From Blood and Ash), Darcy Vega ( Zodiac Academy: The Awakening), Jude Duarte (The Cruel Prince) and Feyre (A Court of Thorns and Roses). She's strong in many ways and, even though she doesn't have a heart seems to care more than some of those that do. Witty and smart, able with a sword and always ready to deliver a snarky retort, she certainly knows how to steal a heart. In more ways than one.

🧑🏻 Crown Prince Lucien d’Malvane, Archduke of Tollmount-Kilstead, Fireborn, the Black Eagle

Many names here. But hey, dark, brooding and misunderstood prince? Sign me up, miss Sara. Sign me up right now. Especially when you pair those gorgeous looks with that attitude of his... He definitely has layers and I love a character with depth. Not to mention the development he got throughout this book.

🧑🏻👩🏼 Lucien and Zera

“What do you want from me, Lady Zera?” He snarls. “Gold? Gems? A position of power?”
“I simply want your heart, my prince.”

I loved their relationship to the moon and back. The teasing, the banter and the blackmailing were precious. They had a great dynamic and a lot of good scenes. It started with Lucien believing Zera just another mindless girl aiming for the throne and it went from that to her blackmailing him to spend time with her, to Lucien actually realising she's intriguing and different and to Zera feeling happiness for the first time since she's lost her heart. They formed a bond, shy at first but stronger along the way, once they've discovered unexpected things about each other, even with Zera's guilt over what she must do being a constant setback.


“Is this the part where we all start stripping wantonly?” Malachite asks, utterly unaffected by the smell. “Because that’s really the only reason I’m here.”

If you've read Ftom Blood and Ash, he's the Kieran of this trio. He's Lucien's personal guard and he also has a very close relationship with him, with plenty of teasing, but he manages to form a friendship with Zera too. I loved his character a lot as he was usually the one to lighten the mood or joke around.

Side characters worth mentioning: Fione and lady Y’shennria

They are two very strong and smart women, capable of outliving the past and working for their goals. Fione completes Zera, Lucien and Malachite's group, united under a common goal, while Lady Y'shennria takes Zera under her protection, knowing very well why she was sent there and what she is, helping her along the way and presenting her to the world as her nice.

》》Favorite Scenes 《《

👩🏼 Zera's analogy in front of the entire court about the King's worth being that of one potato
👩🏼🧑🏻 Zera meeting Whisper
🧑🏻 Lucien asking to be blackmailed a bit longer
🥷 Every scene with Malachite

“You’d better bury me deep,” I threaten playfully. “Or I’ll haunt you for the rest of my life.”
“Tempting,” Lucien drawls. “But I’ll pass. I can barely stand the way you haunt me now.”
“Romantically haunt, like in a bard’s tale,” I ascertain.
“Yes,” I correct.
“Please, infants,” Malachite groans. “Enough—Mother needs peace and quiet.”
“So you can watch these lords duel sloppily?” Lucien scoffs. “And here I thought you enjoyed quality entertainment.”

🖼 The scene in the room with portraits
👩🏼🧑🏻The duel
🧑🏻 Lucien's speech before the hunt

》》Conclusion 《《

It's a very enjoyable read, with a strong and smarasss female character, a brooding prince who likes to pretend he doesn't have a heart and a teasing romance. It's narrated from Zera's perspective, it has plot twists, it's fast paced and the ending will leave you hanging and immediately needing the second book. There were a few moments I got bored by the details, but the banter and the teasing kept me thoroughly entertained. I think this book should get more hype, it really was good and catchy and I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes their main characters strong, feminist and totally unconventional.

I don't know why, but I think that if you liked Serpent&Dove, you're going to like this one too.

"Thank you, and I’m sorry.
As sorry as a monster can be."
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Author 9 books3,479 followers
January 27, 2023
HOLY HELL, THIS BOOK WAS GLORIOUS. Everything I wanted in a YA fantasy. Now I'm just depressed I have to wait for the rest of the series (I thought it was a standalone when I picked it up), but even so, the wait will totally be worth it. I DNF'd one of this author's contemporary romances and now I think I should go back and give the book another shot in case I was just in the wrong mindset to give it a fair chance, but in any case Sara is now an autobuy for me for any of her upcoming YA fantasies because this book was absolutely amazing in so many ways.
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1,044 reviews386 followers
September 6, 2019
I want the whole of my humanity, and the cost is his.
Loved it! With a kick-ass, sarcastic heroine who's faced with an impossible choice, how could I not?!

I rarely read YA these days, but there was a time when it was all I read. And Bring Me Their Hearts reminded me why that was so.

Plot: Basically, hatred still burns between humans and witches after a long and bloody war during the previous generation.

Neither side shows very many redeeming qualities.
Fear turns the wisest and kindest of men stupid and cruel.
The story revolves around the human Prince and a witch's thrall (called a Heartless) . . .
Why kill your enemy yourself if you can get an undying, magical thrall to do it?
. . . who's sent to get close to him so she can cut out his heart and make him a thrall to stop another war from breaking out.

This book was so successful for me, I think, because the characters were worth knowing. The author took the time to give them depth and motivations that were all their own, right down to the villains.

But, of course, Zera was the star of the show, and she shined bright. She was all that, and then some! I loved her.

She goes into this 'mission' (A) determined to complete it in order to gain her own freedom and (B) convinced that Prince Lucien has earned his horrific fate.
I am no flower to be ravaged at your whim, angry wolf - I am your hunter, bow cocked and ready. I am a Heartless, one of the creatures your people fled from in terror thirty years ago.
Of course, it's not so straightforward.

The story was multi-layered, fast-paced, and a tad macabre. Right up my alley. Plus, it had something to say above and beyond the impossible love story between these two.

So if you're into sarcasm . . .
"You clearly missed the point of my riveting analogy," I say. "Which I will forgive. Subtlety isn't for everyone."
. . . and the following doesn't make you nauseous (lol) . . .
"Not everything in life is about love."

"No. Only the things that matter."
. . . this book is for you. I highly recommend! Thank you, Roobie for bringing this book to my attention. <3
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445 reviews838 followers
August 2, 2018
“Fate has never once shied away from the opportunity to take a massive shit on my life.”


This book was such a surprise. I had zero expectations but as soon as I started reading I knew this was going to be a good one.
I think the most amazing part of the book is the protagonist, Zera. She's a heartless, her heart is literally in a jar. She was 'saved' by a witch, Nightsinger, when she was on the brink of death but not having a heart means having to eat raw meat in order to remain sane, obey your witch and being unable to more too far from Nightsinger. She's also physically strong and heals really fast. But, most importantly, she's funny af. She has so many hilarious one liners, I love her.

Another plus is that even if the book is indeed set in a royal court where there are the typical balls and over the top dresses, the story is never boring or cliché. That may be because Zera is a unique character so seeing her struggle with her goals and quest for her lost humanity kept me glued to the book.

I really enjoyed Lucien and Malachite's characters, too, and the motherly relationship between Zera and lady Y'shennia, who works to overcome her (well founded) prejudices on heartless people.

I didn't give this five stars because some plot twists were a bit predictable and I felt like the story lacked a really good villain. I mean, Zera herself could be considered the villain of the story but at the same time she's really not, more like an anti heroine.
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June 4, 2018
UmMmMmMmMmMmMmMm..... has anyone read that blurb because it sounds like something out f a fairytale and I’m talking like Grimm Fairytales where everyone dies and no one ends up happy.

Where do I sign up?
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1,485 reviews192 followers
March 22, 2021
UPDATE 23/03/2021 - Review added


Well that was a whole lot of heartless drama!

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I love stories where characters are at war within themselves. A battle rages within between their natural dark instincts, and the type of person they aspire to be. Zera was an engaging character whose heart is in the possession of a witch. If she completes the task of taking the prince's heart then her own heart will be restored to her. However, not everything is as it seems on the surface in this kingdom and Zera's determination and will to survive is tested. I wish the book hadn't ended quite as nobly as it did. Still, a great premise and exciting world. On to book 2!

UPDATE 21/03/2021 - Rereading in preparation to continue on with the rest of the series.
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March 25, 2020
***4.5/5 Stars***

Bring Me Their Hearts was absolutely spellbinding and will stay with me for a long time to come. With an intriguing story and witty characters, I found myself quickly flying through the pages. Especially since I always had that feeling that I had to know what happened next. So if you enjoy YA Fantasies that are filled with banter, mystery, romance, political intrigue and darkness, then you definitely have to give this book a try!
It's a small mercy that my lie is also a truth. I throw on my best genuine smile.
"I simply want your heart, my prince."

\From that first chapter, I was pulled in. Zara, a heartless who was bound to the witch Nightsinger, arrived at the castle to meet the King, Queen and Prince Lucien. She was under the ruse of being a possible bride to the Prince, so she could steal his heart. Literally. In exchange for the Prince's heart, Zara would finally have her heart and freedom from Nightsinger. Those first few moments of Zara and Prince Lucien meeting? Oh I loved it! Together they were witty and charismatic and I was beyond intrigued to see how it would all play out!
Ruffles hide so much of my anger. Silk gloves do a perfect job of making my hands looks clean, instead of the bloodstained sinners I know them to be. The mirror whispers I'm beautiful, even though all I can see is the twisted, malformed darkness of my unheart bleeding out of my every pore.

After that first chapter, we jumped back in time. And while it was necessary, so we could learn about Zara and her world, I couldn't wait to get back to her moments with the Prince. Stepping into this book, I didn't realize how dark it was to be a heartless. They were viewed as horrific monsters who craved destruction and blood. So I found my heart breaking for Zara. For all that she had done, for how she was trapped and for the situation she was in. Even though her duty was to protect the witch, Nightsinger, I wanted her to have her freedom. But I had a feeling that wouldn't be so simple.
"They will ignore you. They will try and tell you that you aren't good enough. This is a lie. You are an Y'shennria. You have always been good enough." - Y'shennria to Zera

Along the way, we met those who helped transform Zara into a lady. So she would have a chance to capture the Prince's heart. I adored Lady Y'shennria, who played Zara's aunt, and even Reginal, who was one of her employees. While they were standoffish at first, I slowly came to care for them. With her training complete, Zara found herself in the castle. And I found my heart beating faster since he was there. I couldn't wait for Zara and Prince Lucien's moments to simmer and explode.
"I will never consider meeting you a mistake," Lucien says, his midnight eyes flashing.

Prince Lucien was such a complex man who easily stole my heart. Not only was he wounded from the past, but he hated the courts. So of course the more we learned exactly who he was and what he did, I was a goner. He was caring, thoughtful, passionate and such a brave man. But he could also be cynical and kept others an arm's length away. But when he was with Zara? He was still haughty but you could see all of his emotions he kept hidden swirling under the surface. Zara brought it all out of him and I loved every single moment of their slow burn romance!
I want nothing more than to stay in this moment, my hand in his. But that's an impossibility. A weakness. I am a monster, and he's a human. I want his heart, and I want his other heart. His affection, his blood. I want it all.
But if I take one, I can't have the other.

Zara was also a complex character. She was sarcastic, witty, spoke her mind and wasn't afraid to challenge others. I loved how sure she was of herself and she was a heroine that I could easily respect. It was so much fun watching what should have just been a job turn into so much more. The more she learned about the Prince and his secrets, the more she found herself conflicted. Her freedom came first, but at what cost when the Prince started treating her unlike any one else ever had. And I found myself nervous. She was to turn the man I had fallen for into a monster. How could I ever forgive her?
But I knew - I knew this was what awaited me. This was my fate from the beginning, so the sadness I feel clawing at my insides isn't justified I should've been prepared for this. I had two weeks to prepare, to harden myself, and I frittered it away pretending to be human instead.

The further I got into this book, the more obsessed and nervous I felt. For everyone's outcome, including Malvane, the Prince's personal guard and Fione who I can't say who she was. But I loved both of those characters just as deeply. And what lead up to the finale was a huge bang of emotions. There were moments that gutted and elated me and I even found myself with tears slowly dripping down my face. So now I'm dying until that next book releases because the ending was a cliffhanger. And I have a feeling that this is going to be an amazing trilogy. I can't wait to see where it goes from here!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by Entangled Teen. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

For more of my reviews, please visit:
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August 13, 2019
5 stars

I am no flower to be ravaged at your whim, angry wolf-I am your hunter, bow cocked and ready. I am a Heartless, one of the creatures your people fled from in terror.

If you were smart, you'd star running, too.

"Thank you for having me here today."

Thank you, and I'm sorry.
As sorry as a monster can be.

It's the books I don't expect to like that I end up loving.
This was great! Can't wait for the next one.
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Author 1 book140 followers
May 17, 2018
Zera Y'shennrias eligible maiden from old money. Her family still worship the old gods and the noble people have turned their back on them. This is Zera's cover story. She has a mission, one goal to steal the Prince's heart. How romantic! No wait I mean actually steal his heart.

Prince Lucien d'Malvane, Archduke of Tollmount-Kilstead, fireborn, the Black Eagle. A prince with too many names but the most important one is the secret one. He has had numerous spring bride offerings but Prince Lucien's heart is cold. His love is hidden.

Zera is a Heartless. She protects her witch with the price of her heart. Nightsinger has 3 heartless and Strikes a bargain with Zera for her freedom. Bring the Prince's heart and in exchange, they will have their freedom. Zera wants her heart back more than anything.

A heartless is a human without a heart. They have a monster inside them. The monster wants destruction and is settled with raw meat. The heartless have a half-life. They cannot wander far from their witch. They still have interests and dreams but the hunger is always there.

There is a war brewing between the witches and humans. The witches want to try and prevent the war but some humans want it. The goal of Nightsinger is to prevent a war. She isn't a bad person she is just trying to survive.

Excellent storyline with some loveable characters. The prince is very swoon worthy and Zera is a strong beautiful leading lady. Lady Y'shennria, Zera's "aunt" is one of my favourite characters but everyone has a background story. Everyone is well developed and loveable in their own way. This book is so much more than I expected. It's the first in a trilogy of books and I'm already desperate for the next instalment. Bring me their hearts is enough to quench the monster but will leave you wanting more.

5+ stars out of 5. This is going on my favourite bookshelf. Loved it.

I have only scratched the surface of telling you what this book is about. I didn't want to spoil anything. Happy reading.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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January 7, 2021
Bring Me Their Hearts

What a magical, twisted tale...
This book was unexpectedly captivating! I absolutely loved the level of pettiness and wittiness, as stated before, from the main character Zera. Unfortunately, I was not as interested in the love interest, though I blame it all on Zera stealing the spotlight.
On the topic of Lucien, he kind of irked me...
A prince willing the marry out of love so she could become "queen", but the other person doesn't feel the same way. This just didn't sit right with me. On the other hand, I admired his love and care for his people. When it comes to the dynamics between the main group (Zera, Lucien, Malachite, Fione) I thought they were a good match. The plot was very predictable as I foresaw nearly everything, though I still loved the book itself. I could not put it down, as I clearly read it in two days.
Final thoughts; I'm in the middle of trying to figure out if Lucien has gained my official approval of the art of "simping" or not, hmmm...
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April 27, 2021
Was nützt Schönheit ohne Geist? Sie ist nicht mehr als ein Vase mit Blumen, die verwelken und dann weggeworfen werden.

Ich hatte dieses Buch auf meinem Radar, seit es erschienen ist. Das Thema. Das Cover... Die Enttäuschung.
Das Buchs steigt mitten in einer Szene ein. Die Atmosphäre ist sofort angespannt, man fiebert als Leser sofort mit. Zera (den Namen musste ich fünf Minuten nach Beenden sofort nochmal nachschlagen) war mir gleich sympathisch. Dann springt die Zeit zurück und damit hatte das Buch bei mir verloren. Die Atmosphäre - weg. Der gute Schreibstil - kommt wohl erst noch in der Zukunft. Zera - wirkt total aufgesetzt und nervt nur noch. Der tolle Ausgangspunkt kommt leider nicht zurück. Mal ist der einzige Lichtblick.
Das Worldbuilding ist katastrophal, es werden wichtige Begriffe ohne jedwede Erklärung einfach in den Raum geworfen. So lässt mich das Buch genervt und verwirrt zurück. Der Cliffhanger war gut, aber vorsehbar. Macht mich aber auch nicht neugierig auf die Nachfolger.
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June 3, 2018
4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum https://bibliosanctum.com/2018/06/03/...

Bring Me Their Hearts by Sara Wolf was so much fun—much more fun than its grisly premise would lead you to believe. The book stars Zera, who was murdered in a brutal bandit attack when she was just sixteen years old, but was then “saved” when the witch Nightsinger resurrected her by carving out her heart, keeping the organ safe in a magical jar. Now Zera has become a Heartless—immortal, un-ageing, and unkillable by any earthly means, but this all comes at a very steep price. She is forever bound to serve Nightsinger, and to prevent herself from transforming into a mindless ravening monster, Zera must consume raw meat regularly to stave off the hunger.

For three long years, Zera has dreamed of becoming human again, which would only happen if Nightsinger gave her back her heart. But now, the witch would give her that very chance to earn back her humanity—with the stipulations being high-risk and dangerous, of course. Another Sunless War is threatening to break out, and in order to stop it from happening, the witches need a hostage they can control completely. Crown Prince Lucien would make the perfect target—but only if he can be turned Heartless. To lure him into the witches’ trap, Zera has been tasked to pose as a potential bride at the next Spring Welcoming, where she will mingle at the court, ingratiate herself with the other nobles, and attempt to steal Lucien’s heart—literally.

Without a doubt, what made this book such a delightfully entertaining read was its main character. Zera is always quick on her feet with a wisecrack retort, but she does it in such an easy and charming way that it’s hard not to like her immediately, especially when most of the victims of her sharp tongue deserve it. I can’t remember the last time I’ve cheered so hard for a protagonist, watching her take the royal court by storm and catching everyone there unawares. But Zera is also more than just a smart mouth and a sassy attitude; deep down she is also wrestling with a past filled with darkness and guilt. In fact, as time goes on, we find out that most of the time her flippancy is her response to her feelings of fear, loneliness, and uncertainty. As insistent as she is on calling herself a monster, she seemed wholly human to me, and for a girl with no heart who claims everything she does is to further her own gains, she sure cares a great deal about others.

The world-building in this book is also exquisite. The relationship between a witch and a Heartless is a little like the one between a vampire and their thralls, except it is much more intricate and nuanced. Heartless are a witch’s personal soldiers, but not all witches treat their Heartless like expendable chattel, and Nightsinger and Zera actually have something close to an affectionate bond. But while a witch can channel their magic into their Heartless to heal and help them, they can also put an end to them instantly by shattering their hearts in their magical jars, which means any kind of attachment between Nightsinger and Zera is still a very unbalanced power dynamic. This is a world full of old gods and ancient magic, and that’s just one of many mysterious and complex systems working behind the scenes. Bitter rivalries and backstabbing powerplays also rage in the royal court of Vetris, which would ultimately determine whose influence wins out, affecting the fates of both humans and witches alike.

The romance should be discussed here too, since it is so integral to the plot. That Zera and Lucien will eventually fall in love is sort of a foregone conclusion, because otherwise, where would be the conflict? Still, I liked that their romantic arc was developed steadily and carefully, with both of them getting to know each other before falling in love. It’s the crux of the novel’s premise after all, since it would be much easier to betray someone and rip out their heart if you saw them as a soulless enemy, but that changes drastically if the man you thought was a stuck-up and callous prince actually turned out to be a good person, with a lifetime full of hopes, dreams, and desires.

To my surprise, this was one of the best YA romances I’ve read in a while, though there were plenty of other relationships at play here that also deserve a mention, including the one between Zera and Lady Y’shennria, the noblewoman helping the witches by pretending to be Zera’s aunt. In truth, I probably enjoyed following their interactions even more than I enjoyed watching Zera and Lucien, because there was just something so earnest and heartbreaking about the desperate way Zera constantly sought Lady Y’shennria’s approval. When they eventually acknowledged each other like true family, I might have even shed a tear or two.

Only a few flaws kept this book from a perfect rating. First, Zera reminds readers every few pages that all she wants is her heart and getting it back is the most important thing to her, yet she sure seems to enjoy sabotaging herself any chance to gets by not sticking the plan or by taking stupid risks. Second, after a while, it becomes clear that everyone involved is on the same side and wants the same thing, which made me think that a good sit-down and bit of decent communication could have solved a lot of problems and made everything a lot less complicated. Third, there was this awful cliffhanger—except what happened was also kind of predictable, so I’m still torn as to what to think about the ending.

Still, when all is said and done, I had a great time with this book. Bring Me Their Hearts had everything I could ever want from a YA novel—superb world-building, a fantastically well-written story, and a phenomenal protagonist I could emphatically root for. I originally set out to read this story about Heartless and heart-taking, never once expecting it to steal my heart so quickly and completely too. But now I am irrevocably hooked, and I want more.
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October 28, 2019
This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.

I loved this book! Before I get started with my review, can we all just take a minute to appreciate the beauty of this book's cover? I mean, I don't know how you don't want to pick up a book with a cover like that. I have had this book for about a year and a half. I received it as an unsolicited review copy that I just couldn't get to even though I really did want to read it. I have almost started to read it several times since it showed up at my house but I always put it down (after admiring the cover). I am confident that had I ever actually read a chapter or two, this book wouldn't have been put down until it was done. It really was that good.

Zera is Heartless which means she does not have her heart. A witch, Nightsigner, keeps her heart in a jar out of Zera's reach and Zera is forced to stay close to live. Being Heartless does come with a few perks. Zera heals quickly and can survive almost any wound. If her heart is destroyed, she will die immediately. Zera is sent to get the Prince's heart at the royal court with a tiny piece of her heart in a locket so she can travel further. Does she have a chance of getting close enough to complete her task in the two weeks she has been given?

I loved the characters in this book. Zera was fantastic. She is tough, smart, and cares about others. More than anything, she wants her freedom and will do what is asked to make that happen. She considers herself to be selfish but time and again, her actions prove that she cares deeply for others and will help whenever she can. I loved the way she could think quickly and take the necessary risks. Luc wasn't at all what I thought he would be. He ended up being the perfect compliment to Zera. The entire cast of characters was very well done.

I loved the world-building. I thought that the witches and their Heartless were very imaginative. I liked the historical setting and thought that the way things were described made everything feel very real. Zera isn't human anymore and I liked that the reader is often reminded of the monster's voice inside of her. I thought that the author did a fantastic job of creating a world that felt authentic.

I would highly recommend this book to others. I thought that this was a very entertaining story filled with wonderful characters. I cannot wait to read more of this delightful series.

I received an advanced review copy of this book from Entangled: Teen.

Initial Thoughts
Well, I loved this. The book grabbed me from the very start and it was hard to put down. Zera was a wonderful character and I loved the growth we saw in her and the supporting characters over the course of the story. I thought that the world was very well done. All I can say is that I am sorry I didn't pick this one up sooner.
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August 31, 2021
That was so good. I don't know if it's because of the dry spell that I've had or the book itself was actually really good, but damn. I haven't gotten cold sweat in years from reading.

To break it down, we got a girl without a heart (a physical beating heart) and she's tasked to take the prince's heart (his physical beating heart). In return, she'll get hers back.

I cannot even express how much I fell in love with the cast and the characters for this novel. By all things good, the characters were phenomenal. Not to mention, their wit.

I was dying. I've never been so amused by a character's witty response until this book. And the characters that did hold an ounce of wit, maintained it. Not to mention it never ran foul. Sure there were some ill-timed jokes, but aren't there always?

But I digress.

I don't think I'll be doing a very thorough analysis of this novel, because I'm now very invested in the direction this series will take. And I am living for it. (a sentiment I thought I'd never have).

Wolf's done a phenomenal job with this book. I really loved the background of the book and the occasional steampunk elements. I honestly could not keep up with the pace. I could barely guess what was going to happen. And I was off by a long shot.


Edit: I read it again. It’s still great
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