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Dirty Deeds #3

Bad for You

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Shayla Perkins isn’t the kind of girl who makes the same mistake twice, especially when it comes to Sean “Stitch” Molina. So when he gives her the world’s biggest rejection, that’s it—she’s done. Until the sexy, silent, unavailable Sean makes Shay a very personal offer. Of course, it still doesn’t mean he’s interested in her. Or does it?

Sean has done things in life. Bad things. And he’s paid the price. All he wants now is to make up for his past by doing good in the present. And no one deserves more good than Shay. Beautiful on the inside and out, Shay is the kind of woman who should be cared for and protected—especially from a man like Sean. He’s tried to keep his feelings for her in check, but a single, reckless impulse pulls them closer than ever before.

Soon the two are sharing their biggest dreams and satisfying their deepest desires. But what will happen if the only way to truly give one another want they want most . . . is to let each other go?

400 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 23, 2018

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About the author

J. Daniels

20 books7,986 followers
J. Daniels is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Alabama Summer, Dirty Deeds and Sweet Addiction series, as well as her forbidden MM romance: The Tragedy of Felix and Jake.

Best known for her sexy, small-town romances, her debut novel, Sweet Addiction, was first published in 2014 and went on to become an international bestseller. Since then, she has published more than fifteen novels, including the Dirty Deeds series with Forever Romance.

Daniels grew up in Baltimore and currently lives in Maryland with her husband and three kids. A former full-time Radiologic Technologist, she began writing romance after college and quickly discovered a passion for it. You'll still catch her in scrubs every now and then, but most of her time is spent writing these days—a career she is eternally grateful for.

Always an avid reader, Daniels enjoys books of all kinds, but favors Romance (of course) and Fantasy. She loves hiking, traveling, going to the mountains for the weekend, and spending time with her family.

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CONTACT: jessica@authorjdaniels.com

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3,918 reviews33k followers
June 12, 2022
5+ Stars!!!


I enjoyed the first two books in J. Daniels Dirty Deeds series, but Bad for You is on an entirely different level in my opinion. This book blew me away. It’s been a while since I’ve read a book with such a tortured/damaged hero that touched me on this level. I’ve been craving a story that would make me ugly cry and truly make me feel and this is the first book in 2018 to hit the spot in that way.

Sean also known as ‘Stitch’ is the cook at Whitecaps. He’s broody and keeps to himself, but I’ve been intrigued by him since the moment I met him. Shayla is the opposite of Sean. She’s fun, outgoing, and personable. Shay is working as a waitress, but she’s also following her dreams and trying to open her own salon. When her family needs her help, Shay’s life is turned a bit upside down. She finds help in the most surprising place. Sean.

Sean and Shayla have a bit of a past. Shay has really opened up and talked to Sean and he sort of blew her off. What Shayla eventually realized was that Sean did this for a reason. Sean doesn’t feel worthy of love. He doesn’t feel worthy of anything, quite frankly. His life has not been good and he grew up in such a way that he’s never quite healed from his past.
He didn't feel worthy. And he was absolutely worthy. Not just of me, but of everything good this world had to offer him. Of love. Of Kindness. And I was going to make sure he knew that for good.


Hearing about Sean’s past obliterated my heart. Sean truly is an amazing person. Going through all he’s been through… I can’t even. I am tearing up just thinking about it. It was so ugly and he deserved so much better. The fact that he thought he deserved nothing broke my heart. Shay is the best heroine ever. Seriously- she is my hero. Not only is she an all around outgoing, lovable, caring, and sweet person, but she fought for Sean. She fought to heal him. She had a lot going on in her life, her own family issues, her own dreams, but HE was most important to her. Healing him was everything and she’d do anything she could to help him, even if it hurt her. The sacrifices she was willing to make, gah! I just loved her so much!

Sean and Shay’s romance wasn’t always at the forefront of this story, which was fine with me. There was so much time that the story focused on their friendship and Sean’s healing. It was very much a slow burn romance. Once these two decided to be together though… it was so epic. Their love story was beautiful.
This was madness. This was sex without thought, without pause, without question. Letting desire drive and leaving reason and all sense behind. Fuck stopping to think. Fuck wondering, Should we? Could we? What if we did? We were just feeling. Feeling and letting it all happen. It was the most beautiful, chaotic thing I’d ever experienced.

This book grabbed me and never let go. It ripped at my heart and tore me apart. I sobbed through so much of this story. My heart just completely shattered for Sean. But just as Shayla started to mend Sean’s heart, my heart was also mended and healed as I continued on with the story. This book is the best kind of emotional. It’s the kind that hurts so good. It’s a hard story to read at times, but as much as it’s heartbreaking, it’s also hopeful and full of heart.

Bad for You was a truly epic book for me. A wonderful damaged hero, an incredible heroine, a story full of emotion, heat, and healing- this book was EVERYTHING! Most definitely my favorite of 2018 so far! I highly recommend this book to all!
“Let yourself feel that love, Sean,” she whispered. “Take it in. Let it fill you.”

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January 11, 2018
➳An emotional ride of a love story that will have you craving for much more than just the ordinary...

➳We all knew snippets of the story behind Sean a.k.a. "Stitch" and Shayla, but finally having the chance to read it and know that their love story has so many twists and turns had my head spinning with so much curiosity. Sean and Shay, both working at the WHITECAPS restaurant, encountered upon themselves, and their opposite characters, to be a liking of their own. Sean, being the quiet, very rugged and broody man he is, and Shay being the beyond high spirits and compassionate young woman. After taking comforting moves of Shay talking to Sean, him listening and saying nothing but just listening, and her slowly start to admire his lack there-of actions, she opens her heart towards him. However, Sean is a very closed person when it comes down to his emotions and his past history that has brought him to the place he is at. But to Shayla, he is a man that oozes so much strength and in need of love and compassion. Her love for him never diminished, even after he stood her up after her having the courage of asking him out;
I wanted Sean. I wanted to kiss him and touch him and God, head his voice more. I had gotten so little of it. I wanted to do everything with him...

➳After being put in a situation that that has brought her so much sadness, Shayla comforts on Sean again once he unexpectedly offers his help with no questions asked. Her confusion for the sudden help diminishes as well as she soon starts to realize that Sean wants to be her friend. At least that's what Shay thinks. For Sean however, his attraction towards Shayla has taken a place of full force and potential- but to him it is a desire that he has to control as he does not believe that Shay deserves anything coming from him. His rugged past, his mistakes, and his present dilemmas are the reasons and blockades that bring him to that conclusion of not being with Shayla.

➳The angst in this story is one that I actually tolerated, and everyone who knows my reading habits and niches know that I really cannot tolerate an abundance of angst in a love story. However, the fact that Jessica provided a back story of how Sean's present's dilemmas are being brought, and also the problems that Shayla has t go through after the sudden death of a family member of hers, brought so much curiosity to the story and how every page will end, wanting you to turn the page for more and more. This story not only makes you curious, but it makes you crave for the love and admiration both Sean and Shayla have. These are two characters that have you wrapped around their finger with their crashes and burns, but also the achievements and emotional attachments.

➳Every love story needs to have ups and downs, because the perfect romances are not ones that are ideally the ones that interest a reader to continue for more. Unless of course you are one who likes the frisky, steamy romances every so often—which I do, but only if it's Alexa Riley😉. Shay however, is a character that brings so much hope towards the sadness of anyone. Her passion towards her business and the people she cares for is an admirable characteristic of hers that is unique and not found in many romance novels. But when it comes down to Sean, she is a woman who wants to heal him, help him overcome his fears emotionally;
"You deserve love and kindness because you put out those things, Sean. You deserve to feel wanted. I want you. I want you so much. Let yourself feel that...

➳Overall, this book being the third in the Dirty Deeds series has brought so much love towards the characters that we have met before in the past—and also a curious touch towards the characters that are coming such as Nate and Jenna, whom we actually did not get to read about very much because J. Daniels is a tease and cannot seem to share her ideas with anyone until the time is right. The other characters we meet that have me theorizing stories for them and for them to be part of this series are J.R.—the new cook at WHITECAPS—Lauren—the new waitress at WHITECAPS—Patrick—the son of the owner of the apartments that Shayla lives in—and Angela—a tenant that lives in one of the other buildings Patrick and his father own. However, we cannot forget about Kali and Cole. They were mentioned in this story and were also introduced as a newly couple, but we still don't know much about them except that Kali works ate WHITECAPS and has a son, and that Cole works with Brian and Jamie at their surf shop. Hopefully we get more details on them maybe a small story on how they are doing? **wink wink** Jessica, get writing girl—but this story has so much potential for readers that enjoy J's writing. A story filled with passion and second chances at finding your soul mate, second chances at forgiveness, and most importantly, second chances at rebuilding your life to a better place than what it was before. Thank you to Forever Romance for providing a copy of this novel as I will forever cherish it's story and writing style that I have slowly become attached to thanks to J. This novel can be read as a standalone, but it is highly recommended that you read the previous books in the series to not be spoiled over the other characters and get to know them better...

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➳ARC kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review...

➳ Books in the Dirty Deeds Series:
Four Letter Word (Dirty Deeds #1)Hit the Spot (Dirty Deeds #2)Bad for You (Dirty Deeds #3)Down Too Deep (Dirty Deeds #4)

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January 20, 2018

I don’t remember the time between meeting you and loving you. I just know I love you and I can’t stop. That’s it.”

When J. Daniels gives you a hero so devastatingly broken, sweet, and endearing, that you sob your way through half the book and then sit there clutching your kindle to your chest once you finished, making moon eyes at the ceiling. I seriously can’t even right now. Stitch owns my heart and I never want it back
You put food in front of a starving man, he’s going to eat it. No matter if he thinks he deserves it or not. It was about survival. And Shayla was keeping me alive.

You know what I love more than a damaged hero? A damaged hero with an incredible amount of depth. And it just doesn't get better that Sean. The previous two books hint at a dark pain that this man hides beneath his stoic and silent exterior, but it doesn't even come close to the true demons he keeps hidden. I was torn between wanting to hug him and wanting to cry for him. He was just so incredibly broken that it made my poor little heart hurt.
I wanna be yours,” I panted, watching her eyes dilate and blink wider as she took in what I was saying. “You at my back, stickin’ up for me, and there when I’m fuckin’ terrified…I wanna go to you and I want you tellin’ me I can. I wanna be yours, Shayla.”

I couldn't think of a better match for this broody and silent man than Shayla. She's fun and quirky, sassy and opinionated. She also wasn't afraid to fight for her man, even when what she had to fight was his own stubbornness. I loved her spine of steel and sweet core. This is a woman that cares and cares deeply, and that's exactly what a guy like Sean needs. Even if he doesn't realize it immediately.
This was madness. This was sex without thought, without pause, without question. Letting desire drive and leaving reason and all sense behind. Fuck stopping to think. Fuck wondering, Should we? Could we? What if we did? We were just feeling. Feeling and letting it all happen. It was the most beautiful, chaotic thing I’d ever experienced.

This was very much a slow burn, and I loved it. I loved everything about it. I loved the emotion and the angst, I loved the romance and the sizzle. I loved the characters and the story. Absolutely everything!

I thought I loved Four Letter Word, but Bad For You is now my absolute favorite in the series.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to eat all of my feelings with chocolate. Because I have a lot of feelings.

ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review

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1,260 reviews10k followers
January 21, 2018
*****ALL THE STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

I wasn’t nothing to her, and I did not fucking understand that, but fighting her, fighting this…I couldn’t do it.
How the fuck could I stay away? How could I go back to being nothing to everyone when what she was offering felt so fucking good?
You put food in front of a starving man, he’s going to eat it. No matter if he thinks he deserves it or not. It was about survival.
And Shayla was keeping me alive.

BAD FOR YOU, without a doubt, is going on my “Best of 2018” shelf! I’m kicking myself because I should have been reading this author’s books a lot sooner! This book had it all—beautiful broken hero, phenomenal heroine, and a story that will absolutely melt your hearts! I can’t tell you how many times I had tears in my eyes! I kept looking at my progress, hoping that I wasn’t nearing the end! Now, this is how you write a story!! I promise you, this is a book that deserves all the stars and you will not regret picking this one up!

Sean Molina has never had an easy life. When the story first opens we witness his struggles as a young boy. Being a victim of child neglect, he had to fend for himself for the very basic necessities of life that no child should have to be without. Sean learned early on that his mother was never going to provide for him or give him the loving and nurturing environment that he so deserved. He had to steal food and clothing just to survive and later on in life he would turn to a life of crime because that’s all he had ever known. He made one huge mistake which landed him in prison but his biggest regret was that it took him away from his two little girls.

After serving his time and getting released from prison, he’s determined to live his life on the right side of the law and to make something of his life for his two girls. He ends up getting a job as a cook at a restaurant. It is there that he meets Shayla…the woman that would change his life completely.

Shayla is full of life and love. She’s got a dream of opening her own hair salon and it’s just within her grasp. She is so beautiful inside and out. I really loved this character! From the moment she saw Sean, she had fallen hard. In the beginning, they would share some quiet time together at the restaurant and she enjoyed her conversations with Sean. But then she tried for more with him and it scared Sean. Sean has the worst self-confidence and in his mind, he wasn’t good enough for Shayla, and so he pushed her away. For several months things were strained between them until one night he catches Shayla crying and he can no longer stay away.

Sean comes to Shayla’s rescue when she needs it the most and he proves to be her biggest comfort and the most dependable person in her life. Now that she’s witnessed the beauty that’s within him, she is prepared to fight when he again, tries to push her away. Sean is no match for the 5’2” spitfire who wants nothing more than to shower him with love and to show him that he could never be NOTHING. Years of being told that he was nothing by his mother, really damaged Sean’s psyche. Shayla does everything she can to convince Sean that he is someone worthy of the good things in life...especially love.

Little by little and piece by piece she helps to put his life back together. If anyone deserves to be labeled a Saint, it would be Shayla. Her love is healing Sean and he knows that he needs to hold on to Shayla and never let her go.

But you know that whenever things are going perfectly for a couple, there’s always something lurking around the corner that’s ready to tear their world apart. And I knew what was coming but how it all ends? Now that I didn’t expect and well it was the cherry on top of an already perfect story!!

Here are my overall ratings on the book:

Heroes: 5+++
Heroine: 5+++++
Plot: 5
Angst: 4
Steam: 5
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine: 5++++

BAD FOR YOU releases January 23rd!! Make sure you one-click and that you free up your reading calendar because this is not a book you’re going to want to wait to get to later!!

US ➜ http://amzn.to/2jA8VLE
UK ➜https://goo.gl/MxNaZQ
AU ➜https://goo.gl/5ZdBkj
B&N ➜ https://goo.gl/SvLDX5
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March 17, 2018
****4 STARS****

Hey J. Daniels! It’s great to see you again! I have missed you! I am so happy to read another book by you that shows your incredible writing skills!

I had every single fucking emotion possible reading Sean and Shayla's story. I mean, seriously! Sean is BAE (Before Anyone Else) and Shayla can join my outer ring circle - only because my inner ring circle is only made up of my day one's.

So, let me tell you guys about this beautiful story. I'm going to start with Sean, aka, Bae. I was always intrigued by Sean in the first two books. Really, he was the only thing I was intrigued by from the series. There was something about him. He's moody, quiet behavior made me want to know everything about him. I knew he had some secrets, but I didn't expect them to be has heartbreaking as they were. For a man who came across like a brick wall, finding out why he was a closed off person was gut wrenching.

Sean was always a secret, a locked boxed but somehow Shayla was able to get him to open up. She didn't care how long it took, all she knew was that she would wait. Their story was a slow burn and I'm not always about that slow burn life but with the two of them it was perfect. The writing was just, wow!

Shayla didn't know how to shut up even when she was sure she was getting on Sean's last nerve, but all those random stories and facts about herself were just what he needed.

“Don’t stop talkin’. I like hearing’ you, Shayla. I always did. I gotta keep hearing’ you.” – Sean

Words never came easy for Sean and my heart hurt when he did speak because the story that was his life wasn’t pretty. The words that eventually come out of his mouth gave me way too many feels. I just wanted to hug my Bae. He did get loads of hugs from Shayla and her girls, so I’m content with that.

Shayla’s had a huge heart. Sean had an even bigger heartt, he just didn’t know it yet. Shayla did and she was determined to get him to a place where he knew that deep in his bones.

“I want you to have all the love in the world, Sean. You deserve that. And I won’t stop until you get it.” – Shayla

The thing I loved most about this book was the natural progression of the relationship. It wasn’t rushed like so many of books are these days. I think that and the fact it wasn’t based around some rich man taking care of a poor girl like every other NA romance books are these days. **cue eye roll**

Their story plays out over months and months. No woman can heal a man soul in three to six weeks – it takes time and patience. Sean needed everyone of those moments to find a way to get to the point of healing.

All in all, I’m so happy that J. Daniels knocked this one out of the park. You guys have no idea how much I needed a book like this from her.

Do I recommend this book? I really do. It is a standalone which I think is great because I don’t recommend the first two books in the series. Sean has zero affiliation with the others so you’re not missing out on anything.

Will I read another book by J. Daniels? I will. For better or for worse, I’m most likely going to read all of her books at some point in my life.

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January 23, 2018
Amazon US * Amazon UK

Bad For You was actually a lot more emotional than I went into it thinking it would be. I ended up really liking that it was so heartwarming though and it had me feeling very protective over Sean.

There were so many moments in the book that had me sobbing and just cursing the world for being so cruel to such a wonderful character. Sean really held my heart throughout this book and learning everything he went through had me very passionate about his character. It also brought me a lot closer to Shayla when I saw how protective she was over Sean.

These two just held onto my heart all throughout their story and I loved both of them. They were truly perfect together and I was rooting Shayla on whenever she was there to help Sean realize he was worth a lot more than he thought.

The bottom line is that this was a brilliant story full of some very touching moments that had me balling like a baby. And I have no shame in admitting that because those tears led to a very loving ending that I will be reading many more times in the future.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.
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January 25, 2018

✭ ✭ ✭ 5 STARS ✭ ✭ ✭

Review @ Vanilla & Spice Books

I would like to say that I haven't read a book with such a tragic hero in a long time but that would be lying. I have. But what I can say is that I haven't cried because of one in a while.

When I met the taciturn cook of Whitecaps known as Stitch in Four Letter Word and Hit The Spot I knew there would be story. If you read those books you know that they weren't extremely heavy on the angst. So I didn't expect that I would be grieving for the hero a good portion of BAD FOR YOU.

Right from the Prologue you know that Sean didn't have a good childhood. Scratch that. His childhood was basically non-existent, his father pulled a disappearing act, leaving his very young son dealing with his drug addict mother. Sean went to bed with an empty stomach, never had enough to eat, his clothes were worn to a point it was a miracle they weren't falling off his body. So he started stealing. Which eventually would get him in trouble. The kind that lands you in prison. The owner of Whitecaps, Nate (I've been salivating for his story!) takes a chance on him and is the first person who shows him kindness in a long time.

If you've read the first two in this series you know that Shayla has been crushing on Sean. She is the exact opposite of Sean, open, friendly and loves chatting his ear off...until he pushes her away. And this is where we are now - Shayla and Sean not talking. Of course this changes soon since Shayla is in a bit of a pickle and Sean helps her out. Hold on to someone because this is where it starts to get heartbreaking.

You need to quit lookin’ at me like I’m worth lookin’ at. I’m not. I’m nobody. I’m nothin’ to nobody. A fuckin’ fuckup. Tell me to leave.”
He rushed out a breath. His eyes lost focus on the floor between us, then he whispered this time— he pleaded, “Tell me to leave, Shayla. Tell me I’m nothin’, so I can leave.”

Sean doesn't see his worth. All the good he does, he doesn't realize what a good man he is. A man who has never had much love in his life. I was a blubbering mess every time he broke down, every time his nightmares tore him apart and every time he felt he didn't deserve good in his life. Shayla's selfless love, her fierce support and spirit slowly, slowly change the image he has of himself. Gah. I grieved for the child, the teenager and the young man. He was so confused when people were kind to him.

A hero like Sean needs a heroine who can take that grief for and with him. Somebody who is observant and gives him what he needs to heal. Shayla is all that, she is sweet, endearing and loyal to the core and perfect for him with her compassionate heart and fiery and protective personality. She shows Sean even in the toughest moments that she has his back, front, flanks and center. With her sunny disposition he starts to smile, every day a little bit more.

“I still hear her telling me I’m nothin’, but I hear you, and you’re fuckin’ loud. I don’t know what I deserve anymore. I got my girls. I keep catchin’ breaks. I don’t fuckin’ get it. I just know I don’t wanna be nothin’.”
Tears filled his eyes again. “I’m so fuckin’ sick of bein’ nothin’, Shayla.”

This story is a super slow burn romance and I'm not complaining at all. Shayla and Sean are friends for more than half of the book and while I was eager to get to the romance part of the story I understood that she needed to establish trust before anything could happen. Sean is a bit like a deer in headlights when it comes to intimacy. Hugs are for him almost unbearable because he doesn't feel like he is lovable. So to me it was a natural development that they built on that friendship.

I watched as she wet her lips, knowing I wasn’t good enough to be watching her do that either, but I didn’t care. That was the problem. Right now, I just did not fucking care. Fuck it. Fuck it all. Sliding my hand to the back of her head, I slammed my mouth down on hers. And finally, finally, I got that taste.

I was happy to catch up with Tori and Jamie, Syd and Brian. The way they welcomed Sean into their fold, sharing their Sunday dinners with him and making him feel a part of the family was sweeter than candy. Now the anticipation begins for Nate and Jenna's story. Nate is a widower and single-dad. Pretty sure this will be just as heartbreaking.

Bad For You is a tearjerker. It will have your stomach in knots and your throat clogging up. I am a little sad to let these two go but happy that Sean and Shayla are in a happy place - he really deserves it.  After all the angst I need a hug. Or a drink. Or both. Hello book hangover.

“I wanna be yours,” I panted, watching her eyes dilate and blink wider as she took in what I was saying.
“You at my back, stickin’ up for me, and there when I’m fuckin’ terrified… I wanna go to you and I want you tellin’ me I can. I wanna be yours, Shayla.”

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2,434 reviews4,592 followers
January 23, 2018
LIVE AMAZON : https://www.amazon.com/Bad-You-Dirty-...

♥️4,5 stars ♥️

I'm a big fan of this series!So far I have read all books and I can't choose which one is my favorite!I adored it, it was so good I loved everything about it!I had so many feelings while I was reading it!

“I feel like this has been building forever, and when something builds up that much, there is no easy release. It’s chaos.”


Sean is one of my favorite heroes from now on.I loved him so much and I wanted to hug him so many times!!Shayla is a nice heroine!She is stubborn,fun and sweet.Both are so different yet they find a way to fit together.Bad For You is an emotional story. Omg seriously I can't say anything else because I don't want to give anything away!

This is a must read, all the books in the series!J. Daniels is so talented,her stories are captivating!



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2,565 reviews1,249 followers
December 29, 2018
5 “You are so freaking worthy” stars!!

I didn’t know what to expect when I picked this book up. One of the things I love most about J. Daniels’ work is that her stories are unpredictable. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, her books are romantic, swoony, sexy and erotic, having me envious of the heroines ALL THE TIME , but because she doesn’t really follow a set formula, all of her stories stay fresh and unique for me.

I stared into his perfect face, belonging to this perfect man, who had overcome so much to be here.

The biggest joy I found in this book, what made me feel absolutely blissful contentment, was something that I look for in all characters in all books. The heart. The hearts of both Sean and Shayla were massive! I don’t think it was even possible to make these two any better. Sean’s pain and suffering was gut-wrenching in its raw authenticity, however, his core was still beautiful. I just wish he could always see it. I think the author captured his silent torture perfectly. It was just so real. I hated every minute of it and yet loved what it brought to the story. His depth was immeasurable. As for Shayla… dammit I loved this chick so much. Her capacity to understand, overstand, sympathize, empathize, feel, protect, nurture, etc. She was an incredible force to be reckoned with. She was a miniature dynamo, willing to take on all comers in her defense of Sean. She was the first to see his awesomeness and also the first to reap the rewards of it. His kindness, caring, concern, and willingness to help her were just some of the traits that made him the right man for her.

"You stood there wantin’ me, wantin’ us, as much as I did, and you buried that want so I could get it all." He knew. He knew everything.

I could continue to wax poetic about the brilliance of this book. I could give you so many more reasons why I loved these characters. I can think of about 15 gifs that I could post to illustrate my love. I basically highlighted the entire book and therefore have a multitude of other quotes I could inundate you with. But I won’t. Let me just say that this is a book that shouldn’t be missed. A story that will pull you in and touch you in the sweetest of ways. A story full of pain, sacrifice, hope, rebirth, new beginnings, and love, with a couple that was worthy of all the beauty that life and love have to offer.

Release: Jan. 23, 2018 | Genre: Contemporary Romance | POV: Dual - 1st person | Heat: 3.5 out of 5 | Standalone - Book #3 of the Dirty Deeds series with character crossover
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February 10, 2018
This was such an enjoyable read. This book has the perfect mix of sexy and sweet. Throw in some drama and a bit of angst and you get Bad for You.

Sean is your bad boy that has been recently released from prison and has a sad and bad past. He’s covered in tattoos with a hard exterior no one is going to break through. He’s been working at Whitecaps, for almost a year, trying to get his life back on track, saving money up to redo and finish a house he just bought. He’s had his eye on a loud, sassy, and full of life waitress that he knows he doesn’t stand a chance with. No way is he good enough for someone as sweet as her. So when she starts to come on to Sean, he shuts her down, doesn’t even let her have a chance.

Shayla is polar opposite of Sean. She’s a ray of sunshine, she’s full of happiness with some sass. Everything Sean wants. She’s beautiful, whole, will do anything for anyone, and see the good in EVERYONE. So can she break down that wall that Sean has built so high? Can she work her magic powers to give him the smile and love that he’s so worthy of??

This was a wonderful story. It shows that everyone deserves a chance. Reading this one, I clutched my heart and did a lot of “awwwwww”ing. Definitely one I’d recommend to my friends and another new to me author that i definitely want to read more of!!!

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January 23, 2018
4.5 You Are Worthy Stars

Gah! This story got me right in the feels! Shayla and Stitch’s story was so emotional. My eyes are still wet. #ImNotCryingYourCrying

Holy crap! This book is so good. It's emotionally riveting and grabs hold of the reader immediately. I was immediately drawn in and didn't want to put it down until the very last word. If you've read the previous books in the series, you know Shayla and Stitch. And if you're like me, you've been waiting with bated breath for them to get together! This is a classic case of opposites attract, right down to their descriptions. I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book and gosh it was worth the wait!

Here's what I loved: Shayla is a hoot! She's a little firecracker. I totally didn't expect her personality and I loved her so much. The way she cares for Sean and goes to bat for him really hit home. True unconditional love!
Sean’s story completely broke my heart into a million tiny jagged pieces. I think I cried from the prologue straight through the ending. Hahaha I mean, total gut punch folks. It was so emotional, heartbreaking, and alternately heartwarming once his viewpoint started to change. Have Kleenex at the ready when you dive in.

The storyline is so insanely good and the delivery is so incredibly awesome! J. Daniels showed out with this one, folks. It’s amazing and everyone needs to read it and then message or call me so we have a group therapy session!
Short summary, this story is fantastic and I highly recommend it! I can’t wait for Nate’s story!

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August 4, 2022
Oh wow!! This book is sick. In a good way.

J. Daniels made this story very good. Delicious. Shay and Sean is a co worker. Sean is a listening type of guy and shay is the talkative one. They match. Miss Daniel creates a perfect match.

Then the story progressing. Revealing Sean past and how damage he was. He suffers a child neglect and sexual abuse. Yet he has a heart of gold. Shay is the opposite. She has a perfect up bringing and has sweet and nurture character.

Shay slowly heals Sean. Layer by layer. Start with friendship and blossoming into more. It took a while for Sean to finally let her in.

Overal the story is slow. Not slow burning but slow in pace. But i promise you, if u read with patience, it worths it.

4 stars
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January 21, 2018
Bad for You is the third book off of J. Daniels' Dirty Deeds series. It's been a while since I've read the other two books so I'm blanking out in terms where and when Shay or Sean were introduced in the series. But the good news is, this book can be totally read as a standalone. There's no need for you to read the previous two books to get the best experience. Unless you want to, of course.

Like I said, I liked Bad for You. I enjoyed Shay and Sean's relationship. I think their friendship is sweet. Sean plays the broken and brooding hero perfectly while Shay is just your perfect, pixie dream girl, which brings us to my main issue/gripe with the book: the non-existent character development for Shay.

Between the two main characters, Sean is the more developed character. He started out as aloof and unworthy. But slowly and surely, through Shay's love, he became the character he was meant to be. Shay on the other hand remained the same though out the book. She's there to serve the hero's development. It's her love and patience and sacrifice that brought the hero redemption. That's fine but I personally like a more developed and complex female character. And it pains me to say this because I did like Shay, but she bored me. She had no character arc whatsoever. Even her dream as a stylist and her family were secondary to her being Sean's angel and light or whatever. And that really affected my personal enjoyment for this book because I like my heroine as developed as my hero.

That said, there were really cute moments in the book. Plus, the chemistry between Sean and Shay were great. The book did lag a bit halfway through but it does have a wonderfully sweet 'come to Jesus' moment for Sean which made it worthwhile.

Overall, it's okay. Not bad but I wasn't blown away with it either. Don't take my word for it though as I am definitely in the minority here. And if you're a huge J Daniels fan, then this is a definite must-read for you.

An ARC was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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January 18, 2018
5 J. Daniels Love Letter Stars
* * * * * Spoiler Free

Disclaimer: This is an unabashed love letter to J. Daniels. You have been warned...
Every once in awhile, I am gifted with an experience which causes me to alternate between face-palming and talking out loud to myself. This was the occurrence while reading Bad for You (Dirty Deeds, #3) by J. Daniels.

I had been a fan of this series Dirty Deeds from the beginning. There was enough quirkiness with the premise and characters to rope me in...but when we got snippets of two secondary characters who were shown to be "Everyday People"... I wanted more. In this book, I got my wish plus so much, my heart almost burst.

You see these two were not cut from the regular mold of being independently wealthy....or needing a fiance or pretend girlfriend. They were people who had troubles that could be found in today's society. They were trying to make a fresh start and change the path of their lives.

Shayla is a waitress and also a budding Hairdresser. She has made the commitment of starting her own business. She has a two bedroom apartment with the second bedroom converted for her clients. She has a positive attitude, puts out SnapChat videos about her establishing her salon and progress in getting it up and running. She is infectious with her joy in living life. She wears her heart on her sleeve. Things are coming together and she is focused.

Sean, also known as Stitch, is the cook where Shayla works. This is man who has an ugly history. He came to the restaurant applying for the job never thinking he would get it. The owner gave him a chance and Sean has proven himself to have been worthy of the trust. He is a man of little words; he is a man who watches and sees things...and holds them close to his vest.

From the first moment Sean became part of the crew, Shayla gravitated to him. She would come to the kitchen window and talk to him. Telling him all sorts of things... her dreams of her business... her stories of her family... brothers, mom and dad. Whatever was on her mind...and he never turned her away....

Sean knew he needed to stop... He knew he wasn't for her, didn't deserve her and finally when she asked him to friend's gathering...he saw his opportunity to break their bond. He broke it and she got the message, hardcore...

Now they don't talk, ever. Now it is hard for Shayla because she still has to ask him for customer's extra salad dressing...and talking to him hurts.

But Shayla is putting each foot in front of the other and she has just gotten all the equipment she needs to offer customers a free first haircut ... to drive her business. Everything is in place, then life happens and things become complicated. Her father has taken a turn for the worse with his illness and her grandmother passes. Her mother needs her to take care of her younger brothers while they go and make all the necessary arrangements.

What happens next is Shayla becoming overwhelmed with all that needs to be done...after school activities, tutoring and all the other things that comes with parenting. There is moment when it all becomes too much and Sean sees it. This is the moment when all of the face palming starts...

This is where I get to say... J. Daniel, I LOVE YOU. I love the way you had a man who never had a chance... whose life was filled with pain and self loathing... and we got to see him grow and change. We got to experience a man who was aware of his faults, willing to lay everything out there for good reason and finally was rewarded for his actions. He was apologetic; he was working to be worthy of chances and fought hard to make things right.

Shayla was a person who was special in her outlook on life. Everyday she sees the beauty in the smallest moments. She is a hard worker and you root for her.

I could go on and on about all the many ways this was a perfect read for me....But I will share where I started speaking in tongues...A Situation happens... something we read in books all the time...and I was ready to be disappointed because there seems to be a standard way of dealing with it...which I hate....But instead of falling into the usual pattern...J. Daniels did the unexpected and I was fist pumping in the air all by myself ... Yes, I have no shame in my game...I was thrilled with the way Daniels handled this part of the tale. It made me respect and love her more.

So as I said, if this comes across as a love letter to Daniels... I warned you...Just know this story had everything... love, sexy times and so much heart... It was astounding.

Four Letter Word (Dirty Deeds, #1) by J. Daniels Four Letter Word (Dirty Deeds #1)
Hit the Spot (Dirty Deeds, #2) by J. Daniels Hit the Spot (Dirty Deeds #2)
Bad for You (Dirty Deeds, #3) by J. Daniels Bad for You (Dirty Deeds #3)
Untitled (Dirty Deeds, #4) by J. Daniels (Dirty Deeds #4)

~~~~~ Before Reading ~~~~~
Ah... Dirty Deeds...
J. Daniels has another entry coming....
We have been teased that it will be....

Wait for it...
Wait for it...

Shayla and Stitch <3

Oh, J. Daniels...
You are such a tease....
It may seem you are causing me to want things that are...

Bad for You (Dirty Deeds, #3) - January 23rd 2018

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

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January 6, 2018
FOTO BEWERKEN - makkelijk online je foto's bewerken of aanpassen

I am a big J. Daniels fan. I absolutely loved the "Alabama Summer Series" and I also really enjoyed the previous book in this series "Hit The Spot". This book can be read as a stand-alone though, so no worries if you haven't read the other books in this series yet. I myself skipped book 1, but I will be correcting this mistake soon :P

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor fix my mistake gif

Bad For you is about Shayla and Sean, who both work at Whitcaps restaurant. Sean aka "Stitch" is a cook and Shayla is a waitress. Shayla is also haidresser, who has just started a bussiness of her own..... Hair by Shay...or maybe Shayla....

Shayla is a small sweet feisty and cheerfull girl, while Sean is big, tattoed, very quiet and broody. They are pretty much opposites, but that doesn't stop Shayla from crushing on the man big time...

These two become good friends at work.... Which means Shayla mostly talks Sean's ear off, and he listens to her. Shayly thinks they share something special...so she makes her move and get's rejected big time .

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor rejection gif

This pretty much ends their friendship and even though they still work together daily, Shayla keeps her distance as much as she can.

But when her live takes a sad turn and she is in a bit of a bind....Sean really steps up the plate, and offers his help.

FOTO BEWERKEN - makkelijk online je foto's bewerken of aanpassen

Slowly but surely these two become close again....closer than they ever were actually. And when Shayla finds out why Sean rejected her...her heart breaks....as did mine...

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor you are breaking my heart gif

I felt so bad for Sean and I really wanted him to be happy and find love. Thankfully Shayla is not one to give up easily. I have to say, that she is definitely one of my all time favorite heroines. She was sweet, feisty, strong, funny and just freaking awesome !! I think she would make a great new friend !!!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor let's be friends gif

This books had parts that broke my heart, but I loved seeing Shayla slowly heal all that was Sean..... It was really beautiful ;)

Meli Mel *Ty and Zane's Creeper* (Canada)’s review of Fighting Solitude | Goodreads

I also want to give some extra credit to the ex wife in this book .... I absolutely loved reading about an ex wife, that wasn't a bitch for a change. Very refreshing !!

I very much recommend this book....actually I recommend the whole series, but this one is definitely my favorite !!

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January 23, 2018
So I haven’t read a J. Daniels book since early 2016, and I’m kicking myself, because good god this woman can write a story. I’m pretty sure I saw the author is keeping details on Bad for You on the “less you know before is more” side, so I’m only going to say that I loved this book so hard. It’s an emotional ride. Beautiful, fun, sexy, and sweet. Shayla and Sean are everything. The back stories, their present problems. The way they come together. Everything.

Agh. Now I’m off to read the first two books in this series, because I haven’t yet.

^a fan edit on IG!

*ARC provided by NetGalley*
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January 19, 2018
***4.5 stars***

To me Bad for You is an amazing slow burn romance and the author crafts it expertly.

The characters in this are so great, and so effortless, that even though I’ve finished the book I find myself thinking about them all the time.

Shayla and Sean’s story will melt your heart. Sean’s shady past has forced him into melancholy, low self-esteem and insecurity. But Shayla is so bubbly and full of life – everyone will love her. Their lives are so very different… Sean has felt rejection and his heart has been broken, while Shayla grew up with love and is so optimistic of life. She wears a smile like a badge of honor.

Their romance is beautifully developed over the course of the book. Everything comes naturally to them. From their friendship to the romance the steps these two take on their journey to each other are beautiful and at times heart breaking. Sean has been through a lot but there’s no doubt that they can face all these challenges together.

I think everyone should give this book a chance. It's a story of life's many challenges and winding roads. It will make you believe that while nothing in life comes easy, dreams do not materialize but through hard work. Basically, this book just grabbed me and drew me in.

In short:
Hero 5/5 | Heroine 5/5 | Plot (Point, Originality) 4/5 | Writing Style 4/5 | Steam 3/5 | Romance 5/5 | Angst-Suspense 2/5 | Darkness 3/5 | Humor 3/5 | Secondary Characters 4/5 | Drama-Conflict 4/5 | Mystery 0/5 | Twists 3/5 | Pacing Steady | Action 3/5

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.
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January 11, 2018
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I wasn’t expecting this at all! Talk about gut wrenching and being heart broken at the same time, and here I thought I was getting a light read!! How freakin wrong I was. This author certainly knows how to shake things up, I’ll tell you that much. I knew two things when I started this book and that was the fact that this was one of my most highly anticipated reads of 2018 and I’ve enjoyed this Author's writing in the past. That was all I needed to have and quite frankly, I was a happy girl. But everything changed for me the moment I read the prologue. One prologue put the two things I only had going for this book to shame. One prologue, made me sat up straighter in my chair and not only took notice, but caught and held my undivided attention. One prologue, made me whispered “this is going to be good".

Shay is the kind of girl that everyone wants to be around. She’s smart, funny, loving, and there’s a sassiness to her that you just can’t help but love. Being a waitress at “Whitecaps", you get to interact with a lot of people and the most consistent one is the head cook. Who wouldn’t want to have a one sided conversation everyday with a hot broody guy that looks like he’s pissed off everyday? . Earning the nickname Stitch, Shay was determined to be his friend and maybe in time, something more. That is until one moment changes their course .

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

“We were just feeling. Feeling and letting it all happen. It was the most beautiful chaotic I’d ever experienced.

Sean knows what it means to have a hard life because he's been through it. But that’s all in the past and his main focus now is just having a full time job and a place he can call his own. Anything more than that, is simply a distraction and a risk he's not willing to make. Having a girl like Shay in his life is not something that Sean wants but little does he know, it’s something that he needs. When an event draws them together and makes them a fixture in each other’s lives, there was no stopping their inevitable future. But will they be able to survive a past that is not only scarred and battered, but also damaging?

I've said this a few times before but trust me on this one when I truly say, I really don't want to go into a lot of details with this book. Just saying these characters names alone feel like I’m giving away something that isn’t mine to give away. I just want everyone to feel this story, I want them to love it, go through it, and just experience it freely. Those were the feelings that I got and I can’t even describe to you the rollercoaster of emotions that I was put on!! I only had one issue with this but aside from that, I LOVED it! My poor heart felt BROKEN and absolutely SHATTERED at times and I kept thinking to myself, there’s no way that this feeling can get any worse! You’re probably wondering, well did it? Well…… You’ll just have to read this one and find out for yourselves.

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January 30, 2018
5 Sean you are everything stars!

I don't even know where to start with this book! This story was beautiful, passionate, sweet, and sexy I could go on and on.

Sean was such an amazing H, damaged, quiet, a hard worker and oh so sexy! In the prologue we get a glimpse of what his past was like, the kind of things he had to do to survive which were so heartbreaking. And Shayla, our h was amazing! I loved everything about this girl she was so perfect for Sean. Once they cleared their misunderstanding she stood by him, never doubted him or her feelings. Their relationship was slow burn and I love that, especially for Sean since his biggest obstacle was himself but considering everything he went through it was understandable.

This book really snuck up on me with its intensity I'd find myself crying those silent tears that wouldn't stop. I wanted to hug Sean so badly! this man, who, made mistakes but own up to them and was trying to be the best to win the love of the most important people in his life. And seeing him slowly heal and realize his worth was amazing but I know he couldn't have done it without the unconditional love of Shayla. Even the story behind his tattoos had me balling my eyes out. But even with the tears and pain there were those funny moments the playful banter between this couple. Oh man and Sean using snapchat was hilarious and him trying to flirt with Shayla, so sweet.

Loved everything about this book and there's no other rating I can give it but 5 oh so beautiful stars.❤️

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January 28, 2018
5+ stars

This is one of the most touching and beautiful books I’ve ever read. It was perfection!

Sean, I wish I could hug him. The way he turned out after all the abuse he had to endure is truly a miracle. He is so kind and loving. I love him so much and feel so proud of him. He deserves all the good things in this world.

Shayla was so wonderful. She’s one of my favorite h’s ever. Her heart is so beautiful and I loved how she fought for Sean. She never gave up and was so supportive and kind. She truly is one of a kind.

The relationship between Sean and Shayla was amazing. Their love was so strong and pure. They are one of my favorite couples and I hope I see more of them in future books.

Overall this was an extraordinarily emotional, heartbreaking story full of love. I want everyone to read this book, its so special. It touched me deeply and I’ll never forget it. One of my favorite reads of 2018 for sure!
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September 8, 2018
Really loved this one! Broody, broken hero. Strong and sassy heroine. Lots of angst, lots of feels. Adults acting like adults with no unnecessary drama. Simply amazing! Absolutely recommend this one.

After re-reading this, I realized how much I really, really loved it. This one really brought all the feels.
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January 21, 2018
4 “I Wanna Be Yours” Stars!

 photo IMG_4620_zpsldlpcgcr.jpg

Shayla Perkins is a beautiful 23 yr. old woman living in Dogwood Beach. She works as a waitress at Whitecaps Restaurant picking up as many shifts as she can so she can save money. For as long as she can remember she’s wanted to work for herself as a hair stylist. That dream is suddenly becoming a reality. So while things are going great professionally, her personal life is lacking. She’s completely infatuated with the cook at her work. Sean “Stitch” Molina is sexy, silent, and unavailable. She thought they’d developed a friendship, and then he is putting on the brakes and shutting her down. The problem is she still has a massive crush on the motorcycle riding hottie, & can’t get him out of her heart or her head. She’s tried to be done with him since he rejected her, but then he shows her kindness by helping her out of a bind, and everything changes.

 photo IMG_4644_zpsxbg3xzey.jpg

Sean Molina hadn’t been offered many chances in life. Nobody had ever cared about him. If he wanted or needed something he took it. He’d done bad things, and paid the price. Now he had been given an opportunity with his job at Whitecaps, and he couldn’t screw it up. He wanted to work hard, and change his path. To make up for his past mistakes. He’d tried to stay away from his co-worker Shayla because he thought she deserved better than him, but when he see’s her upset, he can’t turn away. His good deed gets him involved in her life. They begin spending time together & he has trouble keeping his feelings for her to himself. Soon they fall for each other, and can’t fight the pull between them, but things get complicated because Sean doesn’t think he’s deserving of anything good. When you grow up being told your nothing, it’s hard to accept something so special and real. Will Sean continue to push Shayla away, or will he accept the love she’s offering?

 photo IMG_4652_zpsiv3lu2rv.jpg

-No one had ever looked at me the way Sean did.

-The man had a stare unlike any stare. Equal parts intense and intimidating. But his eyes, sweet mother of God, his eyes were unreal, this rich, golden copper color. And when they were on you, you didn’t just see that beauty- you felt it.

-“I haven’t been this attracted to someone my entire life, I don’t think. I like everything about you.”

-I was someone to her, and fuck, did that mean everything.

 photo IMG_4674_zpsmvgu3iva.jpg

This was a beautiful, emotional story about the power of love and how it can heal you heart & soul. I really enjoyed this book, and love this series!

 photo 23131972._SX540__zpsqorggjpy.jpg
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August 11, 2019
The Dirty Deeds series keeps delivering the good stuff. I really enjoyed Shayla and Sean’s story.
Bad For You is such a lovely and beautiful story about self loving and selfishness. Sean is a broken man and who can blame him with the childhood he experienced. Never being acknowledged, receiving love and affection. Understandable that he deems himself unworthy and is nothing to anyone. Shayla is a positive and stubborn woman who will go out of her way to help people just because she can and will. Sean sees that. Shayla will do anything in her power to make Sean feel worthy and proud of himself.
These two are terrific and a wonderful couple because of their bantering. Their growing and evolving friendship is filled with so many great moments. Especially around his two beautiful daughters. The other characters from the two previous books appear and delivers laughs too.
This series is just makes me feel good and I’m so excited and ready for Nate and Jenna’s book.
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January 31, 2018
Originally posted at Booklovers For Life


I have been WAITING for Shayla and Sean’s book ever since they were introduced in the first Dirty Deeds novel. The anticipation for them seemed endless and torturous, because I knew when I read it, it would blow me away. And that’s exactly what it did when I got my hands on this ARC. Their story was absolutely breathtaking and heart-wrenching – my heart nearly couldn’t handle all the feels that were being dished out. I freaking adored Shayla and Stitch – these two are my new favorite couple of the series. Sean for sure is my new favorite hero (sorry, Trouble and Loser!). For all you new adult romance lovers who love a good emotional read that will twist up your insides, I highly recommend Bad for You.

Shayla Perkins swore that she wouldn’t give Sean Molina another chance after he rejected her and broke her heart. But after seeing time and again Sean acting on the kindness in his heart, despite his surly demeanor, she’s determined to mend fences between them and help him out with his personal troubles. She just can’t help the way her heart feels for him.

“You deserve love and kindness because you put out those things, Sean. You deserve to feel wanted. I want you. I want you so much. Let yourself feel that.”

Sean “Stitch” Molina grew up thinking he was nothing, that he was unworthy of anything and everything good – including Shayla. He has a past filled with heartache and pain, but Shayla makes him long for more than empty life he’s lived. She is the light that he never wanted to taint with his darkness, but this is a woman hell-bent on showing and giving him the love and happiness he doesn’t realize he deserves. I could feel Sean’s ache and longing for Shayla so clear through the pages – my heart broke for him over his past and his current struggles with accepting love into his life. When he finally learns to let love in with Shayla, it’s nothing short of beautiful.

“How the fuck can I have my family when the woman I love more than my own fuckin’ life isn’t with me? You wanna explain that?”

Sean and Shayla devastated me. Sean broke me, but Shayla healed me right alongside with him. J. Daniels did an incredible job with wringing out all the emotions in this novel. There were also so many unexpected, lovely things in this book that took me by surprise in the best way possible. We get to see a completely new side to Sean that is absolutely PRECIOUS. Honestly, you need to experience Shayla and Sean’s love story on your own – it’s one that will gut you and wreck you, but you will be glad for the experience. I simply loved it!

Thanks to the publisher for generously providing me an ARC to review.

Quotes are taken from the ARC and are subject to change in the final version.

Amazon Ebook: http://amzn.to/2pLi7iR
Amazon Paperback: http://amzn.to/2rygky9
Audible: http://amzn.to/2E5B8jV

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February 19, 2018
3.5 ★'s

“Don’t quit talkin’ to me.”

The blue light special was flashing for this angsty read and I just couldn't pass it up. And because I'm impatient as hell and wanting to only get to my favorite type of read, I passed up the two prior books in the series.

And it was no big deal for the most part. I could tell the couples that more than likely already had a book so I could appreciate what was going on in their lives. What I couldn't appreciate was any changes going on for Sean and Shayla.

As you can tell from my star rating, I didn't actually love this read. Don't get me wrong, it rang a lot of bells, I just couldn't love it like it needed me too. I can appreciate where people really felt for Sean and what all he has gone through. I can even appreciate Shayla hanging in there and wanting Sean when he turned away from her.


But...I just didn't feel it and that sucks doesn't it? I wanted to be distraught. I wanted to cry my eyes out and all that other yummy angsty feelings but I just didn't.

Did I feel they were great together? Hell ya I did but to be honest, my mind kept writing scenarios to make the story even "angsty-er"! (I mean we have a great ex in the picture! Why not use her to her full potential?!)

Unfortunately, I just really didn't connect with Shayla. I couldn't take her seriously when she needed to be. All her snapchatting and over the top dramatics (a billboard...really?) was too much.

But that's just me so if you're a fan of broken Alphas (and btw, Sean could be a Kristen Ashley Alpha for sure!) and girls that are there for their man then this story is for you!
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March 1, 2019

“Love was the killer of sanity.”

How do I even begin to talk about how much I adored this book? The answer is, I have no idea. But what I will try to do is to convince this wonderful reading community that you have to do everything you can to create some time to add this book to your reading schedule. What a ride, I loved every single sentence, chapter and full stop. This book has wormed its way into my squishy book heart and taken up permanent residence there to stay.

What did I love?
Let’s start with a little confession time, I’m already a huge fan of Author J Daniels, I think she was made to write stories for romance enthusiasts to fall in love with. With that being said that has no bearing on my thoughts on this book whatsoever. This book really and truly spoke for itself. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of falling in love with a story, and I can’t begin to express just how easy J Daniels made me fall for these characters. Let’s start with the heroine - this girl was what romance dreams are made of, strong, sassy and fighting for what she really believes in, author J Daniels really fleshed out the heroine meat in this book and gave this reader (that’s me) a healthy dose of girl crush material to keep me smiling ear to ear. And as for the hero, this perfect specimen made my heart burst with how imperfectly, perfect he was. Talk about a tortured soul, J Daniels really put my heart through its paces and I have to admit I loved every single heartbreaking minute. This was the type of book that had the perfect balance of relationship/friendship building, character interaction, and blossoming love. All in all this was the type of book that I’d gladly fall in love with over and over again. And quite honestly if I sound over the top in my thoughts - then I’m glad, because that’s exactly how this book made me feel.

Final thoughts ...
From start to finish this book held my attention, there was nothing that I didn’t fall in love with and as quickly as I was reading this book, desperate for more I also found myself in conflict about reaching the end, as I never wanted to say goodbye to this perfect duo. This series (Dirty Deeds) started off with an amazing book, ‘Four letter word’ ... and although I didn’t enjoy book two as much, this third book took my expectations and made a mockery of them, author J Daniels has knocked me on my bottom in the best way possible and I hope you feel the same way too. Stitch and Shayla own my heart and this book has taken a permanent top spot in my love forever collection. Enjoy (I know you will), kisses.
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January 22, 2018
“You deserve to feel wanted. I want you. I want you so much. Let yourself feel that.”

OH YOU GUYS! My heart is in pieces! My soul has been shredded! I need a hug in the worst possible way! BAD FOR YOU, book three in J. Daniels’ Dirty Deeds Series turned me into a complete basket case. Sean “Stitch” Molina is one of those unforgettable characters that will stick with you forever! He is so broken it hurt my heart with every bad thing he said about himself. And then you have the beautiful Shayla Perkins trying to show him his worth and her failed attempts made my heart shatter even more. Whether you are caught up on this series or not, it doesn’t take away the emotional impact that this book will have on you. For myself, BAD FOR YOU is my very first book I’ve read in the series and I can’t wait to go back for more, because if this is the feeling that I get while reading them, I’m in for one hell of an emotional and sexy ride. Don’t throw stones, I do plan on reading the first two in the series. I plan to remedy that as soon as I’m able, because J. Daniels is one HELL of a talented writer and storyteller and her characters bury themselves deep within your hearts, there is no letting go…ever!

BAD FOR YOU is a story of hope, a story of true love, a story of finding your worth with help from ones that you pushed away in the past. It’s a heartbreaking romance that will make your chest tighten, and heart plummet on several occasions. Daniels makes us work for this happily ever after and for that, I’m truly grateful. Reading Stitch and Shayla’s story just solidified the fact that I should be reading more of J. Daniels’s books. She is a master at this game and I hope with the release of this, she will garner more fans and more people will FALL HEAD OVER HEELS with her brand of storytelling and her INCREDIBLE characters. Everyone deserves LOVE, and Shayla’s journey to teach Sean that was just an incredibly moving experience that I would like to EXPERIENCE over and over again!

Bad For You Teaser

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January 24, 2018
”5 I was NEVER nothing Stars”

I knew this book would be “Bad For Me”! And I was so right!!!

Mrs Daniels you just ruined me like nobody business!

Stitch is officially one of my favorite heroes! And my first love for 2018!!!


Review to come!
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January 13, 2018

I AM IN LOVE! SO DESPERATELY IN LOVE! Bad For You put me into an emotional wringer. It broke me but healed and pieced me back together beautifully. Such a beautiful story that did not just stir my emotions but pulled my heart strings one by one.

It's no secret that I am over the moon when it comes to J. Daniels' books, so devoured I did with Bad For You. Man, I am enamored. This story in itself was pieced together magically as it resonated me from deep within. It owned me and it's just so hard to let go. The characters did it for me as much as the storyline. To quote my blog sister (see her review here), "Just saying these characters names alone feel like I'm giving away something that isn't mine to give away." - and really, this line is saying something deep about them and I couldn't agree more.

Sean and Shayla's journey surprised me and it was nothing I ever expected. First few pages in and I am in love with them already. Sean was an enigma to me. He did not just made me curious about him, he made me fall in love with him instantly. His broody, grumpy and quite nature made me love him even more. There's something in him that draws me and with a past that shattered my heart, and a character perfectly crafted together flaws and all, this man just became my newest book boyfriend. Gah! I am so in love with him. Shayla was no different either as I have instant connection with her too. Her compassion and selfless love made her so strong. I adore this woman for fighting what she believe is right. I love her will to make it her mission to help Sean realize his worth. To make him feel loved and for being so patient and passionate for him. And the best thing? I love her big heart.

Together, these two created something fierce and hell if it wasn't the best thing ever.It made my heart jump with glee. I was cheering for them and then rooting for them even more. But don't get me wrong, Bad For You might be an emotional story but make no mistake as you will not just be crying tears of sadness. This book got loads and loads of hilarious moments that tears just leaked in your eye with too much laughter. Just imagine Shayla's sass, stubborness and bossiness to Sean's quite and broody nature. Gahd!! This is total opposites attract in the making then BAM! Perfect chemistry. And what comes off from two sould that fitted perfectly? Hot sizzling moments, buckets of sex and a Heart! Really, I couldn't ask for more.

Will I recommend this book? Hell Yes! Bad For You is a must read. It's equal parts humor, heat and heart. It's brilliantly executed and awesomely delivered. Kudos J.Daniels! I enjoyed my journey with Sean and Shayla.

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January 23, 2018
J. Daniels continues her Dirty Deeds series with Bad For You where love helps battle feelings of shame and worthlessness find their way towards a happiness they couldn’t have imagined.

We meet Shayla Perkins, a cheerful and sweet hairstylist and aspiring salon owner who also waitresses at Whitecaps, and thereby works with Sean Molina who captured her attention when he first started working with her. But his rejection came swiftly and she’s avoided him ever since, until the sullen and reserved man offers to help her out with her younger brothers.

Sean has made bad choices and even though he’s gotten his life on track and wants to keep it that way, he knows he’s undeserving of the beautiful woman he can hardly keep his mind off. He should stay away from Shay. She deserves nothing but the best. But no matter how bad he is for her, he can’t turn away when he sees her crying and helpless.

They quickly find a rhythm and while he tears down the walls in his house, she tears down the walls surrounding his heart and what she finds is a beautiful soul she’d love to keep, but can she when its owner is unable to recognize his own worth?

With “Bad For You,” Daniels shows how loving hard and smiling often can heal the all too real wounds an uncaring parent can inflict on a child. Reality can be even darker as the novel depicts how neglect can shape a good man’s life.

Sean is tormented and struggles to believe he’s worthy of the kindness and love not only Shay, but the rest of the Whitecaps gang bestow upon him. His conflict steeps his relationship with Shay and because of this, their road is one fraught with ups and downs. But Shay can only see his strength and inner beauty in need of compassion.
"You deserve love and kindness because you put out those things, Sean. You deserve to feel wanted. I want you. I want you so much. Let yourself feel that...”

More than anything I wanted Sean to feel loved, understand his value and for both to find their happiness together, because Shayla is in fact a good to the core characters. She’s fierce, loyal and caring and deserves double the cheer and brightness she conveys. Oh and did I mention her Sean Kryptonite list? So cute and swoony!
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I really enjoyed reading a novel that felt real and evoked so many feelings. It deals candidly with difficult matters, depicting the sad realities of life that some must endure with a hopeful outcome in which love and happiness prevail.

It seems I’m coming late to the Bad Deeds festivities, but Daniels makes us newcomers feel right at home with the series and this story. I never felt I was missing out on an inside joke which only stoked my curiosity to read the previous books and the ones to come.

Bad for you is book #3 of the Dirty Deeds series by J. Daniels. It is a touching, heartfelt, sweet, and sexy contemporary romance that can be read as a standalone. It is told from both points of view with a happy ending. Kristen Ashley fans will love this series.

Amazon -> http://amzn.to/2DIcGFl

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via InkSlinger. The excerpts are from that copy. I am voluntarily reviewing this title. *

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