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The Neighbors

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In 1992, a car accident kills a young man and forever changes the lives of three people… Now, twenty years later, they’ll all come to regret the choices they made that day, as the secrets and lies they’ve told to protect each other become the very things that tear their lives apart.

After a night of fun, Abby was responsible for the car crash that killed her beloved brother. It is a sin she can never forgive herself for, so she pushes away the man she loves most, knowing that he would eventually hate her for what she’s done, the same way she hates herself.

Twenty years later, Abby’s husband, Nate, is also living with a deep sense of guilt. He was the driver who first came upon the scene of Abby’s accident, the man who pulled her to safety before the car erupted in flames, the man who could not save her brother in time. It’s this guilt, this regret that binds them together. They understand each other. Or so Nate believes.

In a strange twist of fate, Liam (her old lover—possibly her true soulmate) moves in with his own family next door, releasing a flood of memories that Abby has been trying to keep buried all these years. Abby and Liam, in a complicit agreement, pretend never to have met, yet cannot resist the pull of the past—nor the repercussions of the dark secrets they’ve both been carrying…

377 pages, Paperback

First published March 13, 2018

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About the author

Hannah Mary McKinnon

9 books1,350 followers
Also known as Holly Cassidy (romantic comedies)

I was born in the UK and grew up in Switzerland. Unsurprisingly I love chocolate, mountains and cheese, and books, of course.

When I moved to Canada with my husband and three sons in 2010 I went through an (early) mid-life crisis. Maybe it was the failed attempt at a start-up company, but one morning I decided to follow my oldest passion; writing - and never looked back.

My first novel, TIME AFTER TIME, a light-hearted romantic read, was published by HarperCollins AVON in 2016. I subsequently moved over to the dark side. THE NEIGHBORS, a domestic suspense story, was published by MIRA in 2018 followed by bestsellers HER SECRET SON, SISTER DEAR (also published in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa), and YOU WILL REMEMBER ME, which was on the bestseller lists for 8 weeks.

Bestseller NEVER COMING HOME features Lucas, my most wicked and funniest character, and released in 2022 and has subsequently sold into multiple other territories.

Next up was the thriller THE REVENGE LIST, which published in May 2023. After that, I'm going back to my romantic comedy roots with THE CHRISTMAS WAGER, written under the pseudonym Holly Cassidy. It will release in September 2023.

Another thriller and another rom-com will follow in 2024.

To find out more please visit:
Twitter - www.twitter.com/HannahMMcKinnon
Instagram - www.instagram.com/HannahMaryMcKinnon
Facebook - ww.facebook.com/hannahmarymckinnon
Bookbub - www.bookbub.com/authors/hannah-mary-m...

Ask me questions on Goodreads, too. I love hearing from readers :-)

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1,067 reviews3,611 followers
March 16, 2018
Wow, Wow, Wow!! Five dazzling stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Isn’t it always exciting when a new family moves into the neighborhood?
Who hasn’t discreetly peered through the shades, checking out the incoming newbies? Lots of questions to be answered. Will they be pleasant and approachable? Perhaps even becoming good friends? Or will they just disappear, only to be seen coming and going when necessary. Plenty of drama all by itself, right?

But what if it turns out to be someone from your past? Someone you assumed you left far behind. And, oh my…now they’re moving in right next door!

When an accident wipes-out what was left of Abby’s family, she takes the hand of the man who saved her, leaving everything and everyone far behind. Forever closing the door on that part of her life. Now it looks as though that door has been pried open. Just enough for someone to slip back in.

Be careful...once you start down that slippery slope...

This was such an outstanding tale of domestic fiction and I absolutely loved every bit of it.
Told from several POV and timelines, I couldn’t read it fast enough. Desperate to know how this was going to end!
With an absolutely explosive ending, this one will leave you breathless and emotionally exhausted.
A hands-down must read!

Word of the day: WOW!

Thank you to NetGalley Harlequin and Hannah Mary McKinnon for this ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.
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135 reviews17.3k followers
July 23, 2018
3.75 WHAT AN ENDING stars!

I probably would've rated this 3 stars over 4 had it not been that shocker of an ending. I was quite unsure of where this story was going or really what was going on for a lot of it but my takeaway here was being left really impressed with the way McKinnon laid everything out. This very much felt like we as readers were given all the pieces to a puzzle but we aren't given the ending picture. We start, as most puzzlers do, by filling out the corners and the borders and work our way in as McKinnon delves out more pieces and information. It isn't until I'd say the last 10% of the book that we're really given the most vital pieces that allow us to paint the final picture.

This deviated from the traditional mystery / thriller trope in that it was a serious slow burn instead of an all-out race to the finish. There is no shortage of need to keep reading and the reader is grabbed right out of the gate. However, the story isn't driven by action scene after action scene, it's a simmering of information and had me giving nearly every character the good ol' fashioned side-eye the entire time.

The Neighbors starts us off with two of our MCs (Abby and her younger brother Tom) getting into a car accident in the early 90's that results in Tom's death. This event is a catalyst that sets Abby off on a path that shapes not only the rest of her life but the lives of everyone she has a connection to as well. Following the accident, we find ourselves 17 years down the line with Abby and her husband Nate meeting their new neighbors. Low and behold, not so new after all, one of these neighbors is Abby's former boyfriend and all-time-love-of-her-life, Liam. Abby and Liam decide to pretend they don't know each other, they have no history and they have never even met before. This is where things really take off and all of the cogs start churning out that heart-pounding anxiety.

It took a bit for me to suspend the idea that someone could have had such a connection with another person and not have told their now partner of 17 years about such an important part of their life. However, like I mentioned with the puzzle pieces, this is a very layered story and it isn't until you fully understand Abby as a character you understand the choices that she made and how they led them to these moments.

I imagine most authors goal is to create emotion within their reader and McKinnon dealt that out in spades. My anxiety and *feels* were sitting in the middle of my chest the entire time I read this. My heart broke for Abby and the loss she experienced when she lost her brother. The idea that two people who have such a sordid past could pretend they don't know each other got me ramped up waiting for the other shoe to drop. This was such a multi-faceted story and once it started moving it absolutely did not slow down.

Here I am, just reading along and it's like Billy Mays came back from the grave to shout in my face "BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE” and McKinnon deals bombshell after bombshell after bombshell. Jaw meet floor, floor meet jaw. McKinnon really outdid herself with that ending - it really tied things up nicely and not only created a self-contained story but really came full circle. The beginning with Tom's death (essentially the first piece of the puzzle we're given) and the ending, end up being the final two pieces that show us the whole picture and there was something a little *poetic* about that for me.

I really enjoyed this Traveling Friends read and it was definitely quite a bit of a shakeup from traditional mystery novels. I think anyone with an interest in relationally driven suspense novels would enjoy this one. McKinnon is beyond apt at weaving a layered, complicated but still accessible story with all of the wow moments a reader could want.
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551 reviews12.2k followers
August 1, 2018
THE NEIGHBORS by HANNAH MARY MCKINNON is an intriguing, gripping, and thrilling story that kind of took me a little bit by surprise. Let me just say holy moly what an ending! I found the storyline to be quite enjoyable and entertaining but I wouldn’t say that it was all that suspenseful though. It was one of those books for me that held my attention enough throughout the story and then when those twists and turns hit, the story really came together and left me thinking WOW. I absolutely love it when an author uses this approach as I feel totally elated and satisfied in the end!

HANNAH MARY MCKINNON delivers an extremely impressive, well-written, and subtle story here with well-drawn and well-written characters. The characters were so interesting to read about and each had their own unique voice and contribution to the storyline. The story was told in the present day as well as flashbacks from 1992 in multiple points of view. I thoroughly enjoyed the way that this story was told and when all the secrets and lies were revealed in the end it was extremely pivotal to the story in a whole for me. There was one reveal that I was a little disappointed with so that is where this story lost a star from me.

The ending was quite interesting, shocking and totally blew me away. I thoroughly enjoyed this highly entertaining and unputdownable story! Would recommend!

This was a Traveling Sisters Read that I read along with Brenda and Lindsay, and we all ended up really enjoying this one!

Thank you so much to NetGalley, Harlequin, and Hannah Mary McKinnon for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book in exchange for a review.

Review written and posted on our themed book blog:
Two Sisters Lost In A Coulee Reading.
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4,027 reviews58.9k followers
June 23, 2018
The Neighbors by Hannah Mary McKinnon is a 2018 Mira publication.

The title alone had me intrigued. However, I was taken completely by surprise by this story. I never would have guessed how things would evolve – or where it would end up.

Back in the early 1990s, Abby and her brother were involved in a fiery car crash. Abby survived, thanks to Nate, the man she would eventually marry. But, Abby’s brother did not survive, and Abby has never forgiven herself.

Fast forward to present day- Abby and Nate are happily married with a teenage daughter. But, their lives slowly begin to unravel when the new neighbors move in. In an unbelievable twist of irony or fate, Abby’s former fiancé, Liam, his wife and teenage son move in right next door, which opens up a Pandoras box of unrequited feelings, jealousy, manipulations, and the manifestations of dark secrets, that once revealed will change their lives forever…

This story, although I haven’t really seen anyone else make this connection, has a Gothic tone to it. No, there are no Cornish cliffs or spooky mansions, but the family connections and stunning secrets that reveal themselves little by little, certainly creates that atmosphere, and that ending just put the cherry on the cake, in my opinion.

This is a wicked story, packed with twists, although I suspected a few of them beforehand, the revelations were no less dramatic. The tangled web is woven so expertly, the characters will never be able to completely free themselves from it. It is hard to say who is guilty, who in innocent, or who was corrupted the most by all the denials, lies, and secrets. I was invested in the book right from the start and loathed having to put it down. Secrets and lies, the repercussions and the fallout, never fails to hold my rapt attention.

This is very well constructed novel, original, highly suspenseful, and utterly absorbing!!

4.5 stars
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1,159 reviews36.8k followers
July 1, 2018
4.5 Stars* (rounded up)

Quite the Soap Opera!

Abby and Nate seem like an amazing couple, married for 20 years, parents to teenaged Sarah - easy, breezy and comfortable. Nate worships the ground his wife walks on and as he always says, he loves Abby enough for both of them. When Abby met Nate, she had nothing left to live for: her brother had just died in a car accident for which she was responsible and she had been disowned by her mother because of it. He actually saved her the depths of despair and they’ve been together ever since. He knows nothing of her past and that’s how she’d like to keep it.

Then “The Neighbors” move in and everything changes for Abby. The one person she never imagined she’d have to live without, who is also the one person she never thought she’d have to lay eyes on again, moves in across the street: Liam, her first love. Her Liam. Neither Nate, nor Liam’s wife Nancy, knows anything about Liam and Abby’s prior relationship, thus they have to pretend as though they’ve never met, when every single one of their nerve endings is raw just being in the same room together, and their attraction to each other is palpable.

The reason Liam and Abby broke things off years ago still hangs between them, something which has neither been forgiven or forgotten.

“The Neighbors” was crazy, fun and a bit horrifying. I couldn’t tear myself away. The characterizations were well done and were a real depiction of marriage and families, though I would like to think that some of it was “dramatized.” All I can say is that these neighbors lives were quite sordid and this type of thing doesn’t go on, on my street, or at least I hope not! That said, if you are looking for an engrossing read, this is it!

Thanks to Hoopla for this fabulous read!

Published on Goodreads on 7.1.18.
July 7, 2018
5 stars! Oh wow – this was fantastic!!

Now that I’ve picked my jaw up off the floor and caught my breath after finishing this novel, I will attempt to write a review for this fabulous book.

I loved everything about this book! The characters, the storyline, the writing, the humour, the perfectly paced suspense, that ending – WOWZA! I was immediately drawn into this story and my attention never wavered throughout. The author, Hannah Mary McKinnon, is brilliant with her words. She had me hanging on each sentence wondering what direction the story would turn next. There are so many twists, turns and shockers that my jaw hit the floor more than once. I highly recommend this gripping, stunning, well-written novel that will leave you thinking about it long after you have finished reading the last page.

I read this with my Traveling Sisters, Brenda and Norma, and we all enjoyed the twisty, addictive and shocking journey it took us on. To find this review, along with the other Traveling Sister reviews, please visit Brenda and Norma’s fabulous blog at:


A big thank you to NetGalley, HARLEQUIN and Hannah Mary McKinnon for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review!

The Neighbors is available now! Don’t wait any longer to get your hands on a copy!!!
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3,157 reviews1,516 followers
December 31, 2017
When Abby and Nate notice that there is a new family moving into the neighborhood they of course try to be friendly to the newcomers. Nate made his way over and offered to help but when Abby arrives she gets quite a shock when she realizes that the husband is none other than her ex, Liam, who was the love of Abby’s life until a tragic accident rocked her world.

Years ago Abby and her brother had been in a car accident with Abby being the only one who survived. This had Abby completely hating herself and struggling with how to go on in life so she pushed Liam away. At the same time Abby met Nate who was the man who had pulled her from the flames that engulfed the car that night which brought them close together and eventually to marriage.

The Neighbors by Hannah Mary McKinnon is a suspenseful read that is full of long buried secrets and drama between these two couples. The story is told by changing the point of view between the various characters and also flashing back into the past to build the story of just what had happened the fateful night that Abby had lost her brother, pushed Liam away and found Nate walking into her life.

While I found this one to be engaging I hesitated in really calling it a thriller. There are a few twists here and there to keep a reader on their toes but for the most part it just seemed to be more domestic drama that thrills. A few things that came with the wrap up kind of seemed a bit obvious to me but other events really surprised me. In the end though I did enjoy the book and would certainly pick another by this author in the future.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via Edelweiss.

For more reviews please visit https://carriesbookreviews.wordpress....
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812 reviews1,866 followers
March 24, 2018

This was an entertaining story with some surprises. I’ve read a bunch of books lately about neighbors and neighborhoods. This one explores relationships of some of the characters and actions that they come to regret twenty years later.

Abby has been very happy being married to Nate until the man of her dreams moves in next door. Liam looks as hot as he did all those years ago! The problem is that Abby and Nate can’t bring themselves to let their significant others know they were once involved in a relationship. All this pretending and lying leads to some pretty comprising situations.

If you enjoy a bit of suspense and a lot of drama, you will love this one. The ending for me, was part predictable (yes, I was correct) and part shocking (no, I wasn’t expecting that)! I can’t say more, except that the last chapter had me frantically turning the pages to see how it would end.

Thanks for my Arc via Edelweiss
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324 reviews515 followers
August 1, 2018
This was a dramatic, unsettling story full of secrets and lies.

When Abby’s ex moves in next door to her and her family, a series of dramatic situations unfold.

Told in alternating perspectives and timelines, this story gives you an idea of what is happening in multiple character’s minds as time passes.

This was personally not my cup of tea, and I’m having a difficult time putting my finger on why, however my friends during our group read helped me to realize that perhaps it was my expectations coming in that this would be a mystery/thriller and it was more of a soap opera like drama for me. I wish I would have adjusted my expectations to better enjoy this story. That being said, if you go in with the right mindset, this may be the book for you! My fellow reviewers have this one high marks, so please see their reviews as well.

Thanks so much to the Traveling Friends for the great discussion!

Thank you to Mira Books for my copy of this book.

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638 reviews640 followers
March 9, 2018
The Neighbors by Hannah Mary McKinnon is a domestic drama/thriller that keeps those fingers turning those pages.

I do have to say this turned out to be a read that I was not expecting at all. But in a good way! I ended up loving it! So yay for that :).

Abby and Nate are a happily married couple that live with their teenage daughter Sarah in a quant neighborhood. Nate notices new neighbors that have moved in from across to them. Nate, the friendly and warming man decides to help the new couple Liam and his wife Nancy along with their teenage son Zac with moving a few things into their new home. Abby comes home and meets Nate across the street and Abby doesn't know what is about to hit her slap IN the face. She sees her ex Liam is one of the new neighbors.... As you can imagine Abby is freaking out because Liam is none other then the love of her life years ago until a horrible accident that turned Abby's world upside down.

In 1992, Abby was dating Liam at the time and she got into a horrible accident with her brother Tom who ending up dying in the car accident. Abby was the only one who survived... and of course pushed Liam away due to the remembrance and guilt of her brother Tom. Ironically, Abby ended up meeting and marrying Nate her husband that saved her from the car crash all those years ago. Talk about GUILT... yikes!

The Neighbors is a suspenseful story filled with guilt, lies, love, shocking twists, and betrayal that you won't see coming. I loved this!! What more can you ask in a drama?!

Characterization is on point to a tee and is told from alternating perspectives of Sarah (Abby and Nate's daughter), Liam, Nate, Abby, and Nancy.

"Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. Lies stay secret. And so they must."

Solid 4.5 stars!

Thank you so much to Netgalley, Harlequin, and Hannah Mary McKinnon for the arc in exchange for my honest review.
Publication date: 3/13/18
Published to GR: 3/9/18.
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1,970 reviews2,040 followers
January 3, 2021
EXCERPT: I forced my eyes open.

And I saw him.

'Tom.' My own voice this time, barely a whisper. 'Tom.' A little stronger, louder.

My brother lay a few meters away in what had been my blue Ford Capri, but which was now an upturned carcass of broken glass and mangled steel. The flashing of the hazard lights illuminated Tom's bloody face every few seconds, a perverse freak show. He hung upside down. Unlike me, he was still in the car, somewhere between the front and back seats, his arms and legs bent at impossible angles. Eyes wide and glazed. Staring at me. Desperate. Begging.

ABOUT 'THE NEIGHBOURS': Abby looks forward to meeting the family who just moved in across the street—until she realizes they’re the one couple who could expose her deepest secrets

After a night of fun back in 1992, Abby is responsible for a car crash that kills her beloved brother. It’s a mistake she can never forgive, so she pushes away Liam, the man she loves most, knowing that he would eventually hate her for what she’s done, the same way she hates herself.

Twenty years later, Abby’s husband, Nate, is also living with a deep sense of guilt. He was the driver who first came upon the scene of Abby’s accident, the man who pulled her to safety before the car erupted in flames—the man who could not save her brother in time. It’s this guilt, this regret, that binds them together. They understand each other. Or so Nate believes.

In a strange twist of fate, Liam moves into the neighborhood with his own family, releasing a flood of memories that Abby has been trying to keep buried all these years. Abby and Liam, in a complicit agreement, pretend never to have met, yet cannot resist the pull of the past—nor the repercussions of the terrible secrets they’ve both been carrying…

MY THOUGHTS: Told from the points of view of Abby and Nate, Nancy and Liam, and extracts from Sarah's diary, The Neighbours is an excellent and intriguing piece of domestic noir that spans two timelines.

'Ashes to ashes.
Dust to dust.
Lies stay secret.
And so they must.'

Abby has had a lot to contend with: her father's abandonment; estrangement from her mother; the belief that she's never deserved Nate's 'no strings attached' love and that she is unable to reciprocate it; her failure to bond with her daughter and her need to spy on her; causing the death of her brother; and walking away from the one man she truly loved.

Abby believes that she has left her tragic past behind. She has a husband who adores her and, as he says, he loves enough for both of them. But what happens when your past moves in next door? Is Abby strong enough to resist, or will she give in to temptation?

The characters are well depicted. Abby is a 'closed off' type of person who doesn't like to let anyone get close, not even Nate, her husband, who adores her and cherishes her. Sarah, their daughter, is very close to her dad, and barely tolerates her mother. Sarah is also extremely resourceful. Nancy is insecure and lives in the shadow of her successful and charming husband, Liam. Abby and Liam have met before, but they're keeping that a secret...

The Neighbours is an exciting read that will keep you turning the pages as secret after secret is revealed, taking the reader full circle, back to the car crash that begins this story.

The ending is clever and cataclysmic. This is a story filled with betrayal, lies, secrets and love. There are twists that, in the spirit of Christmas, just keep on giving.

This is my second book by this author, and I am hooked. So why not 5 stars? Nate has only ever kept one secret from Abby and he has always sworn that he wouldn't add to the list. He does, and we know what the second secret is, but we never find out what the first was. And I want to know!


'Whatever happens, spring and summer will always come. Things will always get better.'

THE AUTHOR: I was born in the UK and grew up in Switzerland. Unsurprisingly I love chocolate, mountains and cheese, and books, of course.

When I moved to Canada with my husband and three sons in 2010 I went through an (early) mid-life crisis. Maybe it was the failed attempt at a start-up company, but one morning I decided to follow my oldest passion; writing - and never looked back.

DISCLOSURE: Thank you to Harlequin, MIRA, via Netgalley for providing a digital ARC of The Neighbours by Hannah Mary McKinnon for review. All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own personal opinions.

For an explanation of my rating system please refer to my Goodreads.com profile page or the about page on sandysbookaday.wordpress.com

This review and others are also published on Twitter, Amazon, Instagram and my webpage https://sandysbookaday.wordpress.com/...
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1,186 reviews1,097 followers
June 12, 2019
I really liked this one, entertaining , twisty and emotionally charged domestic suspense novel that was quite the page turner. This is the exact sort of novel where upon finishing I go “ Darn! I really wish had kept this one for my holidays

We are all intrigued when a new family moves into the neighborhood and next door neighbors is even more intriguing until you realize these neighbors have have a connection with your past and a past you might want to keep hidden.

The Neighbors started out really strong and held my attention all the way to the end. This is my kind of fun summer read when I am relaxing outside and want a little distraction from the norm.

Enjoyed the character development and plot for this Novel as I felt I got to know most of the characters. I loved the dislikable characters if that makes sense. Also enjoyed how each character had their own narrative in the story as this made the story flow. A fast paced novel which I listed to on Audible and I really enjoyed the experience as I think the narration was really good.

I think readers who enjoyed books like The Wife The Wife by Alafair Burke might enjoy this one also.
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539 reviews619 followers
April 17, 2022
Well this was all kinds of messed up! Just how I like it! So I have been trying to read more of my backlist and this author's books are right at the top of that list!

Let's talk about Liam...Liam is all kinds of hot...and he knows it...his wife Nancy knows it...and their neighbors Abby and Nate know it too! LOL

I loved the dual timelines! I loved, loved, loved the drama...Give me all the drama! I especially loved the secrets...old and new...

Most of all..I really like when this happens...you think that all the twists have been revealed...you are reading the last couple of pages...and wow! Hannah Mary McKinnon was not quite done! Holy twist!

Now don't go cheating and flip to the end of the book! What a great read this was!
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234 reviews160 followers
April 13, 2018
4.5 Stars...rounded down!

I absolutely FLEW through this book! I had been seeing it float around online and a few people I knew were reading it so I'm glad I picked it up. I hadn't read anything by Hannah Mary McKinnon before but I will definitely read more in the future by her!

The books opens with a bang. We enter into a car crash where Abby and her brother have been out drinking and they were driving home only to crash into something. Tom is stuck inside the car but Abby somehow gets to the side. Ultimately the crash kills Tom (not a spoiler it's on the back of the book) and Abby is left with this guilt forever. This bleeds into Abby's relationships with her Mother (strained), Father (abandoned), Husband (guilt) and Daughter (scared).

Abby ultimately ends up marrying Nate, the guy who saved her from the car crash but they both feel guilt from not saving Tom which ultimately makes them feel like they have to be together. Abby ended up pushing away her true love (Liam) and ends up settling for Nate because she felt that's what she deserved.

Liam and his family end up moving next door and Abby cannot believe it. She hasn't seen this man in over 20 years...or has she? This was her true love that she pushed away only to never get over him and settle for someone she didn't love as much as they loved her. So what happens when the love of your life ends up moving next door? Do you rekindle that flame or avoid each other like the plague?

The one thing I loved most about this book is that it's probably the most real piece of fiction of read in a while. I feel like the actions and conversations that took place were not made out to be this fantasy fiction but rather what real people would do in the world everyday. This really added to my experience when reading this book.

This book really packed a punch both at the beginning and again in the last 30 or so pages. So many things came to a revelation and I had a few OMG moments. This book was very well done and my hats off to the author.

I would definitely recommend this one if you're looking for a great domestic thriller/suspense novel about relationships.
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1,874 reviews1,879 followers
March 12, 2018

The Neighbors is the kind of book that sneaks up on you, it lulls you into a sense of complacency with its lighter style of suspense and intrigue and then BAM the last few pages deliver an onslaught of twists that make you go, oohhh I see what you did there! I absolutely loved that approach and found it to be a really nice change of pace from a typical super fast paced thriller with twists and turns throughout, there was an air of refinement in this one that worked so well for me.

This is told both in the present day as well as in flashbacks from 1992, the year Abby’s brother was tragically killed in a car accident and she was the driver. Besides Abby you also hear from her husband Nate and her daughter Sarah. Liam is Abby’s ex boyfriend and you see his wife Nancy’s point of view as well. As you can see there is a lot going on here but ensemble style narratives are one of my favorites, especially if they’re done well and McKinnon did a fantastic job, each character had a unique voice and each proved to have a pivotal POV by the end. They were also very well drawn and extremely well written which is always an added bonus when you have such a juicy plot.

This centers on two families who are keeping secrets from each other and you just know that all of those lies and betrayals will come out eventually, but Man was the wait well worth it. I kept thinking about how I would feel if one of my ex boyfriends, or worse one of my husbands ex girlfriends moved in next door to us and I can’t say the thought appeals to me whatsoever haha! It’s a recipe for disaster and oh how I love a delicious fictional disaster and this one delivered! Recommended for fans of lighter suspense that’s highly entertaining, think Jessica Strawser or Liane Moriarty, no blood or guts just good old fashioned secrets and lies.

The Neighbors in three words: Sneaky, Subtle and Riveting.
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414 reviews380 followers
November 22, 2018
4.5. Ooh, yeah, what an ending!

Then – Abby and Liam are a young couple in love looking forward to a bright future. Then, Abby’s brother Tom dies in a horrific road accident. Responsible for the accident, since she was the one driving, and unable to forgive herself, Abby pushes Liam away.

Now – Years later Abby is married to Nate, and they have a teenage daughter, Sarah. Then, a family moves in next door – father, mother, and their teenage son, and Abby is horrified to discover that the new neighbour is Liam. Because she’s never gotten over him, and pretty soon all their secrets are about to be blown sky high.

Domestic psychological suspense featuring neighbours from hell are a hot topic right now, and initially this one wasn’t even on my radar. Then I heard from other reviewers that it had a super twisty ending, and being a big fan of those, I added it. And I’m thrilled to report that the ending did live up to my expectations – there were one and a half twists I guessed correctly (still good ones though), but the other three and a half really threw me for a loop. One in particular, the author really led me down the garden path, and another was so shocking that I still can’t believe it really happened.

This is another book that I would classify as more contemporary drama, rather than crime, suspense or mystery. It had all those elements but the main focus was on family secrets, love and loss. Thankfully, I really enjoyed those parts as well, and all the drama was enough to hold my interest.

What really stood out for me though were the characters, in particular the way every viewpoint was distinctive, and that the language used reflected the personalities, views, beliefs, experience, age and gender of the individual. It was always abundantly clear whose POV you were in, or who was speaking within a POV – chapters in Nate’s voice came across as ‘blokey’, while Sarah’s diary entries were crammed full of teenage angst. Even minor characters like Abby’s mother, only needed a line of dialogue to figure out that she was an uptight and cold woman. I must also plug the audio version – the narrators went above and beyond and nailed each character’s voice to perfection.

Even though the novel is related in a light, amusing style, it still has its fair share of heavy, emotional moments. For me any flashbacks and memories featuring Abby and Tom, and their close brother/sister teasing, affectionate bond, really got to me. The short chapters, and as I mentioned, easy-to-recognise switch between POV’s, made this a quick, easy read.

Read it! Read it! Read it!
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December 10, 2020
I finished the whole thing in less than 24 hours. I didn’t mean to at first, I went to sleep but got up three hours later, realizing I was actually dreaming about these characters so I did what every normal, clear-thinking person would do - I picked up my Kindle at 2 in the morning and polished off the last 50 pages...

And now I have so many feelings! They’re of varied kinds and I don’t think I can process them all for some times just quite yet...

rating: ★★★★½
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April 11, 2018
You never know who your neighbors will be!! Wow!! What a story this was and the ending - holy cow, I did not see that twist(s) coming at the end. If I hadn’t gotten confused in the last part of the book I would’ve given this 5 stars but for that reason, it’s 4 stars. Great characters! Great book! Great story!
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March 5, 2020
Find all of my reviews at: http://52bookminimum.blogspot.com/

3.5 Stars

See that cover with all those cookie cutter houses on the front? Yeah, when it comes to Mitchell and me . . . .

Most of the time. Except for this one . . . .

My hatred for face covers has so far overpowered my addiction to house covers. Dilemma!

Anyway, house cover = I usually channel my inner Veruca Salt and go in blind without bothering to even sneak a peek at the blurb. Thus was the case here and when I discovered this was going to be about a woman who accidentally killed her brother while driving drunk who is married to the dude who pulled her from the wreckage but whose old boyfriend from the time ends up being the new next door neighbor. Well that made me do the . . . .

Once again, when it came to the big reveals that would have some readers saying . . . .

I wasn’t really surprised. Buuuuuuut, I’m someone who actively seeks out the most wretched Lifetimey goodness for my viewing pleasure and obviously gets my jollies off of reading books that can only be categorized as . . . . .

I thought I wouldn’t enjoy this one so much after just coming down off my John Marrs high, but I was mistaken. I liked it quite a bit as well. The only thing I was a titch disappointed in (and trust that I'm disgusting for even mentioning it) was the very last little reveal at the end. Since I am oh-so-accustomed to that final GOTCHA, I was totally expecting ACTUAL SPOILER AHEAD . Because I am a garbage human . . . . .

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July 29, 2020
Nate, Abby and teenage daughter Sarah have new neighbours in Bromley in Liam, Nancy and son Zac. Nate welcomes them but Abby has a very strange reaction and it transpires that her and Liam have history from their early twenties which they hide from their respective families. The story is told from the perspective of the adults Then and Now with diary entries from Sarah.

This is an enjoyable domestic noir though with predictable outcomes as keeping their past hidden is inevitably going to cause problems one way or another. The characterisation is excellent and they all have traits you can like. Nancy is very attractive but full of self doubt as Liam is successful as well as good looking , Nate is very kind just wants to fix everything but sometimes things are so broken they can’t be fixed even with good intentions. Abby is fascinating as a tragedy in her life causes her to punish herself in every way she can, so when Liam re-enters her life you know she can’t keep things suppressed indefinitely. Sarah’s diary is good and I love the word of the day at the end which makes you smile! The story comes together well, the dual timelines flow, there are moments of suspense and tension, there are plenty of twists and it’s full of dramatic events some you see coming and some you don’t.

Overall, this is a well written and entertaining novel about love, denial and tragedy.

With thanks to NetGalley and Hodder and Stoughton.
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Author 9 books1,350 followers
October 7, 2019
How odd that Goodreads asks me to review my own novel! Well, of course I'm going to give it 5 stars :-)))))
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504 reviews250 followers
November 28, 2018
This book met and exceeded all of the expectations I had for it so I'm giving it a full 5 Star rating!! So incredibly fast paced it was near impossible to put down, and I found myself fully invested in all of the characters, wanting to know how their stories ended.
The ending was COMPLETELY unexpected and I was frankly blown away by it. Very sad story overall and it hit close to home for me, as I was also involved in an accident in which a family member was killed. There was a valuable lesson to be learned in this book and can say it's one of my favorite domestic thrillers to read yet!!
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2,029 reviews528 followers
December 26, 2020
After reading Sister Dear earlier this year, I was keen to read more books by Hannah Mary Mckinnon and The Neighbours came highly recommended. Once I started it I knew why.

What a completely twisted and addictive story - and that ending!! This domestic thriller/drama has it all and will shock you.

Abby and Nate have new neightbours, and are looking forward to meeting them. Abby is in for a shock when that neighbour turns out to be her former boyfriend and the love of her life, Liam and his family. Years ago Abby and Liam were everything to each other, until an accident that changed both of their lives forever.

Between the 2 couples there are so many secrets and lies to keep straight. Told from multiple points and views and timeframes, this book was just fantastic. Absolutely one I recommend for all.

Looking forward to May 25th and the release of Hannah's new book You Will Remember Me.
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June 15, 2018
This book! It was totally different than I expected and it grabbed me on the first page and didn’t let go until the last! It had a little bit of everything - lies, regrets, secrets, sex, suspense - and it all worked for me! Like many others, I expected this to be a thriller but it was more of a family drama which I love! I had read other reviews that the ending was a surprise and a surprise is an understatement!
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April 17, 2018
A SIZZLER! An entertaining story filled with a web of secrets and scandalous escapades that complicate the lives of the Jefferson’s and the Morris’s. Suspenseful and twisty, and THAT ending just flew out of nowhere. Wow. Enjoyed - a must read.
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1,317 reviews
August 8, 2018
4 solid stars to this tale full of deception - I stayed up late to finish it!

The book opens with a heartbreaking scene of a car crash with one surviving sibling. Hannah Mary McKinnon feeds us the tale with alternating POV chapters and flashing backward in time and then to the present day.

Abby is the surviving sibling and we learn about her wonderful relationship with her brother Tom. This truly feels like a before/after book as Abby's life is dramatically different after the accident. I think I liked the characters much more in the before chapters, but I'm fine with an author getting me to dislike a character.

In present time, Abby has a wonderful husband Nate who adores her. The story is also populated with Abby and Nate's daughter, Abby's boyfriend/ex-boyfried Liam and his wife Nancy. There's also a tortured backstory with Abby's parents. I don't want to give much more away with the plot, but there are several big twists at the end. For once, I figured out one of the twists, but still surprised by a few things in the ending.

I'd recommend this to readers who enjoy a bit of a thrill-ride and some steamy scenes. I don't know if I'd go so far as to say there are unreliable narrators, but not everyone tells the truth . . .
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March 13, 2018
The Neighbors was an entertaining story from the first page to the very last. New neighbors move in next door, and everything just unravels from there. Lies between husbands and wives. Tension between mothers and daughters. Old flames coming back into your lives. Secrets that you’ve kept buried for years and years. Lies you’ve told yourself to keep yourself sane. Deceit. Dishonesty. Unfaithfulness That’s what this book is.

This story is told in multiple POV’s, and also jumps from present to past. I think the author did a great job unveiling things slowly, but giving clues that made you start to narrow your eyes and ask questions. There are honestly so many secrets and lies in this story that it was hard to keep them straight. By the end though... I was screaming at all of the revelations. MOST of them I pretty much had figured out, but wasn’t sure until it was all confirmed.

I honestly spent so much of this book YELLING at all of the characters. They are all extremely flawed, and extremely human. For me that makes them some of the hardest characters to read, but that also shows me how WELL this author has written this book. The characters make poor choices. They will make you feel uncomfortable, and in the end you may still not enjoy any of them, but I have to say I ended this book smiling.

If you enjoy characters who lie, cheat, keep secrets, and honestly just in general aren’t perfect. The Neighbors will be a perfect read for you.

^a fan edit on instagram!

*ARC provided by NetGalley*
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April 28, 2018
This story is being marketed as a domestic suspense novel with review blurbs on the cover from authors such as Mary Kubica and Kimberly Belle, but what I read doesn't fit that genre well and setting expectations for such left me confused and ultimately disappointed. The tone of the story is striving for suspenseful, but it leans much more towards dramatic soap opera-y, complete with one dimensional characters.

At the end of the story we arrive at the promised twists, but it was hard to appreciate them what with the dramatic soap theme music playing in my head while I eagerly anticipated Erica Kane popping in to slap somebody. (Spoiler: no Erica Kane cameo, womp.)

Was this a contemporary read about the relationships of husbands and wives and exes? Was it a domestic suspense? Because without the twists thrown in at the end and a few tidbits of foreshadowing crowbared in it wasn't very suspenseful. I don't know! It was just okay and I'm left feeling let down because it wasn't the "graphic, gritty", "edge of your seat" story I was promised.
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June 29, 2021
This was quite entertaining for me and I was hooked from the start.
It’s a good drama about family, friends and relationships, and how some events can totally change the course of a life.
I enjoyed the writing, which is very simple, clear and direct.
The storyline was well developed and well structured, built with believable characters.
The flow is terrific and I don’t think that there was a moment of boredom for me, even though there wasn’t a lot of action or suspense, but the way the characters were displayed with their POV was interesting and clever.
Perhaps there was nothing new about the plot (I think it’s been done several times in different ways), but that ending was clever. I really enjoyed this book.
I’m looking forward to reading some other books by this author.
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