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Graffiti City: Cummageddon
Issue 5

Four Sexual Liberation Underground Taskforce operatives down.

Three ancient carnal artifacts stolen.

Hundreds of men violently robbed of their nut caviar.

This perfect storm of fuckery can only add up to one thing: the Ballistic Armament Logistical Load System (B.A.L.L.S.) is live.

Lilith Maximus is doing her best to track down her fellow S.L.U.T.s who’ve been captured by the evil Legion of Absolute Domination (L.O.A.D.), but it’s hard to accomplish much when she’s afraid to leave home. Cursed with a deadly coital power, she refuses to put anyone else in danger after the accident that killed four of her friends.

When she scores a lead from a L.O.A.D. traitor about the missing S.L.U.T.s’ whereabouts, Lilith has no choice but to venture into the field to rescue them, or watch helplessly as villains raze her beloved Graffiti City with a devastating weapon constructed from the very artifacts S.L.U.T. was supposed to protect.

Whether by her archenemies’ hands or her own, tonight, heroes will die.

Griffin City is ballin’, motherfuckers. Long live Graffiti City.

144 pages, Kindle Edition

Published October 3, 2017

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About the author

Thor Cox

7 books7 followers
Thor Cox spends his days hunting frost giants in the land of ice and snow. When he’s not slaughtering jötnar, wrestling polar bears in the Svalbard, or carving magical runes from the bones of his enemies, he writes superhero smut.

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Profile Image for Rie Warren.
Author 51 books681 followers
March 5, 2018
Ok. The last book in the erotic, insane, wildly entertaining Graffiti City series by Thor Cox . . . and I just checked out the SLUTs website at fucklocker.com ←No, for real. It’s entire site dedicated to the series. Fo Real. With Misty Mountain Tits, and character profiles, and a map of GC. I’m dying. I’m fan girling!

I don’t want this to end. And have I touched on the mastermind magnificence of each book title yet? Bring on the Jizznation ←I want a t-shirt.

I have to admit Mr. Cox saved the best surprise for last with Head, the ‘head’ of SLUTs. I’m not even gonna say any more about that, because y’all just need to read to figure it out.

With every SLUT operative captured now by LOAD, Head’s the only one who can save the day.

The sex, the surprises, the freakin’ finale are so completely off the hook I’m still hooked! There’s no questioning, there’s no fear here, and Thor Cox writes Graffiti City balls-out through every comic book deviation.

One of the SLUT superheroes has to sacrifice their life to save humanity. Who’s it gonna be?
Profile Image for Kendall Grey.
Author 60 books1,614 followers
November 22, 2017
Parting is such sweet sorrow ... Sad to see this series end, but damn, it was a hell of a ride.

In this final issue, we meet Lilith Maximus, a mysterious member of S.L.U.T. (Sexual Liberation Underground Taskforce) who desperately needs to save her fellow superheroes who've been captured by the evil L.O.A.D. (Legion of Absolute Domination). There's only one problem. She's afraid to leave the safety of S.L.U.T.'s underground grotto (complete with magma viewing chamber, btw--SPOT-ON SUPERHERO SHIT right there!) due to a dicky memory and some Really Bad Shit that she DOES remember that happened back in the day a hundred or so years ago.

The truth about everything comes out in this issue: the missing artifacts, L.O.A.D.'s nefarious plot to take over the world with B.A.L.L.S. (Ball-istic Armament Logistical Load System), and the evil leader behind it all.

This series needs to be a movie. Or a miniseries. Or a Broadway play à la "The Book of Mormon." Something. Anything. SOMEONE MAKE THIS HILARIOUS, FILTHY SEX MAGIC COME TO LIFE ONSCREEN, PLEASE!

I walked away from Graffiti City: Cummageddon with more than a little on me. Thor Cox thoroughly doused, hosed, flamed, rammed, and most importantly, JIZZED me but good. And I'd take it in the face a thousand more times just for the laughs.

Well done, you dirty Norwegian bastard.
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