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Finding out that the man she may have accidentally fallen in love with has an undeniable link to her past has Scarlet Woods convinced that normal no longer exists for someone like her.

Hunter Keaton was hired by her enemy to find her, but instead he warmed her bed and thawed her heart, only to discover a secret that has the power to break her for good.

Now, surrounded by threats, lies, and soul-shattering revelations, Scarlet tries to survive by doing what she does best—pushing everyone away, including Hunter. Especially Hunter. But he wants to help her, be her knight in shining armor, and prove to her that there might still be hope for them.

But she’s lived in this nightmare long enough to know that fairy tale endings don't exist…especially when the big, bad wolf comes knocking, ready to claim his 'Little Red.'

322 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 30, 2017

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About the author

Bella J.

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Bella J is an International Bestselling Author who loves writing dark and gritty romance with alpha-holes who have absolutely no redeeming qualities...until they do. Maybe.


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2,188 reviews631 followers
May 26, 2017

4.5 "shattered secrets" stars

Another gripping turmoiling sequel to the closure of Hunter and Scarlet's story...or is it?

Torment - Book #2 in the Shattered secrets series continues right where Regret - book #1 ends giving us a whole new spectre of characters and more complicated plot with twisting intertwined blurred facts that change the course of action in the non-favorable direction for our main characters - Scarlet/Blanchette Wolfe and Hunter Keaton.

Scarlet finds out that she in fact is not completely parentless, that she has a father - James Baxter who is leading a deep undercover organization, along with Colton Riggs, his right hand man, them both being linked to the sex slavery ring but working against it, pretending to be the high power buyers, that in fact are saving the bought girls, rehabilitate them and letting them go back into the society.

Scarlet is learning this information on a go, trying to cope with all the notions turmoiling inside her - lingering danger from the monster, she's been running from - Brent Wolfe,assumingly wants her dead, cause she's a solitary heir of the whole Wolfe estate and inheritance; now learning that her sister Willow didn't die in a car accident per se but that she was murdered by the same monster; and that she will soon have to face him to end this once and for all - and just to add a few more things to the tension - Hunter's torment from the haunting regret of Willow, the only woman he ever loved,
No matter how hard he tried, he would never be able to let go. Her ghost would follow him wherever he went.

and his undeniable passion and desire for Scarlet leads to more torment, more regret, more blurred emotions in denial...
"We're just too fucked up for each other. Two broken souls can't make a whole."

but then Scarlet is thrown into a dangerous and life threatening situation set by a betrayal from their close ranks, which sets Hunter off into a wild rage of actions as his feelings linger somewhere on the borderline of sanity, he won't let another woman he cares about down, as he will keep his promise to Scarlet to protect her and save her...
Scarlet was there, in every memory, every moment, it was Scarlet's face he saw. It was her...and now it would always be her.

I'm going in. Even if I have to fucking kill every goddamn person on the motherfuckinh estate with my bare hands. I'm going to go get her. Now.

BUT it's not that simple, there's a hidden agenda, a ploy being unraveled in fornt of them all, and the main players are not all known in their true capacity - Hunter and Scarlet will be forced to act out a dangerous game - a role play of domination, punishment and undulated sexual, carnal indulgence

through out which they will finally realize, acknowledge and admit their true deep feelings to each other, as a display od supposed deception of higher stakes takes place in front of the most dangerous & ruthless man of the underground mellieu, the man they call King - Rex Cain, in order to leave the scene somewhat and hopefully unscathed...

but will they be unscathed after all?
"I'm slaying one last demon for you, Scar."

After everything they had been through, Hunter was finally letting go of his regret, and Scarlet watched all her torment go down in flames.

being able to fully immerse into the new found wholeness...
"Let's go home, Scar."
"And where is home exactly, Ace?"
He placed a soft kiss at the corner of her mouth and whispered, "Home is us."

and Bella J ended Hunter and Scarlet's story with a new found hope, redemption and a glimpse of healing BUT then she leaves an open door for another thrilling, dangerous, twisted and dark yet still alluring experience, by giving us a truly devious glance into the darkness that is Rex Cain.

...a smile which hid the purest form of evil imaginable

I'm sooo ready to meet him in his full atire, or without it [insert a devious smirk] so Bella J keep the fire burning...*wink*

***ARC kindely provided by the author in Exchange for an honest review***
May 30, 2017
Bella J left us on such a jaw dropping precipice in the first book in the Shattered Secrets, Regret, that I was overwhelmed with unanswered questions and more than ready to see the rest of Hunter and Scarlet's story play out in Torment. If you think we have seen all of their secrets laid bare and all of the wicked depravity that could happen between these two then you have more surprises coming. Bella keeps us pinned to our seats with a case of emotional whiplash from the sparks and feelings that ignite. Hunter and Scarlet take us on a whirlwind through the criminal underworld to right some wrongs from years ago.

Hunter Keaton has me tied in knots all over again with his inability to overcome his past and grab a hold of his future with Scarlet and never let go. That is until Scarlet's life is threatened and she is back in evil's clutches and he realizes that she is the one he can't live without. Just when you think you are ready to strangle this headstrong hero, he digs deep and shows you what he is really made of and you are starry eyed and swoony all over again. Hunter is a prince with a dark and twisted soul that I love to see tear apart the room in wild abandon when him and Scarlet are getting down and dirty.

Scarlet Woods is the most feisty, heroic, fictional, damsel in distress that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She never lets her circumstances defeat her or wear down her strength from within. She often had me shaking my head and wondering what outrageous thoughtless actions or insults she would throw out there next to make her predicament even more dangerous and deadly. I couldn't help but admire every ounce of fire that resides inside of Scarlet's fierce but tiny frame and hope that just a piece of her would live inside of me forever and help me to be strong.

Bella J delivers another brilliant, soul gripping read full of wicked decadence, shattered secrets, and a love that overcomes the worst of perversions. I highly recommend both Regret and Torment for a tumultuous love story that will leave you addicted to both twisted fairy tales and Bella J's writing. Bella has such a gift with words that you can't help but hear every whimper, feel every caress, and experience every ounce of tragedy, desire, and joy that the characters go through. And just when you think it is over, Bella surprises her readers again with a tantalizing tidbit that will leave you craving yet another book by this very talented author!
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3,638 reviews215 followers
May 30, 2017
Bella J continues to be the queen of all endings. My mind is still spinning after finishing this book.
Torment is the continuation of the Shattered Secrets story. We pick up where we left off in book 1, when Scarlet's father is aiding her and Hunter while on the run from her psychopath cousin Brent. While Hunter and Scarlet's relationship quickly turns into love, there are several factors competing against them. They both are completely and utterly tormented by their past, and without getting over it they can't move forward together. When Scarlet is finally captured by Brent, hell essentially breaks loose. Brent has ties into the underground sex slave world, and intends on breeding Scarlet-the one that got away in his mind. Bella J takes us, along with Hunter on a crazy adventurous ride in hopes of rescuing Scarlet, whom he realizes he is ready to commit to whole heartedly.
Like I mentioned above, Bella J is the queen of all book endings. I sincerely hope this series is continued because it's absolutely amazing! It's full of hot alphas, crazy adventure, and just the right about of dark torment for the characters. This series has absolutely everything skillfully incorporated into one amazing book!- By Victoria
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728 reviews123 followers
June 16, 2017

“Two broken souls can’t make a whole.”

GUILT. REGRET. TORMENT. HOPE. PASSION. PAIN. PERIL. EVIL. TREACHERY. AND A SOUL-BURNING LOVE THAT CANNOT BE EXTINGUISHED. Those are the recurrent themes that bubbled beneath the surface as I dove headfirst into TORMENT, the EPIC conclusion to the Shattered Secrets duet!

After having devoured three of the insanely talented Bella J.’s dark and ravishingly sexy novels, she has become one of my go-to authors for spellbinding romantic suspense that makes you feel--INTENSELY--and that keeps you literally on pins and needles till the very end. She is the queen of jaw-dropping twists and this book was no exception. Mind-blowing revelation after mind-blowing revelation lurked behind every creepy corner, and OMG there was darkness too....at times it felt like Scar and Ace were flailing in a cesspool that was contaminated with such vermin that I wondered how they would claw their way out.

I am not going to divulge any juicy plot tidbits because this book is just one you have to immerse yourself fully in without any Intel. But I will tell you to brace yourself for the worst as Scarlet and Hunter are confronted with SHATTERING SECRETS and UNDENIABLE TRUTHS, forcing them to stare down evil beyond their worst nightmares.

So many conflicting emotions slammed into me throughout. I felt the ACHE of sorrow at all the agony that Hunter and Scarlet were forced to endure. I felt FRUSTATION for the misery these two headstrong on-and-off-again lovers kept putting each other through, due in large part to their ever-present scars that they wore like a badge of honor. I felt the BLAZING HOT PASSION radiating off the page like an electric current to my heart. I felt FEAR...the kind of paralyzing fear that freezes you in your tracks, leaves a cold shiver of dread creeping up your spine, and has you wanting to squeeze your eyes shut tight. And finally, when all was said and done, I felt RELIEF mingled with HOPE and PURE, EUPHORIC JOY when love eventually does conquer all.

This uber angsty romance was toxic, tempestuous and oh-so-titillating. Scarlett was a fireball of strength, righteous indignation and vulnerability encased in one dangerously beautiful package. She had a STORM OF EMOTION raging inside her yet deplored showing her weaker side, which she kept camouflaged under a mask of bravado and barbed anger.

HOLY SMOKES! The sensual sparks were OFF THE CHARTS! I had mad love for Hunter...Scar’s strong, commanding, infuriatingly sexy protector whose fierce, in-your-face dominance both comforted her and ignited her fire, her passion, her fury. I found their insatiable craving, red-hot lust and delicious discord as intoxicating as ever. “Ace” kept pushing Scar to trust him, to SUBMIT and SURRENDER, and proved time and again he was the only man on earth who had the power to soothe her body, mind and soul with a single searing touch.

And SWOON! Hunter's dark, primal need to protect his “kitten” made me weak in the knees. He would "rip, tear, claw, destroy, and f*kin incinerate" if it meant keeping her safe from Brent Wolfe, the sadistic monster who was bound and determined to recapture his prey. But, alas, Hunter was just as broken as the woman he was hell-bent on protecting. They could either be one another’s final ruination or sweet salvation. What would it take for these two lost, shattered souls to banish their demons, heal from their losses and learn to love, to trust --to FEEL--again?

Umm…my lips are sealed but just prepare yourself for plenty of danger, mayhem, dark, gritty suspense, gutwrenching emotional turmoil and a plethora of PASSION/PAIN before you get your mind blown by an epic finale that will leave you REELING!

I only have two critiques to note in an otherwise flawlessly executed plotline. First, I felt a bit let down that a certain traitorous bastard got off scot-free after his unforgivable betrayal. I just feel that despite the mitigating circumstances, the end did NOT justify the means and he should have been made an example of for all the pain and suffering his duplicitous actions caused. OFF WITH HIS HEAD, I say! ( Cue the sinister laugh. )

And secondly, I felt like Scar and Hunter’s HEA was too rushed. After two books of TORTUROUS push-pull, I felt readers were kind of robbed of the chance to bask more in their hard-earned happiness, and getting a more in-depth glimpse into what their future holds would have provided a more satisfying romantic payoff. That said, those two plot quibbles did not in any way detract from my overall enjoyment of this SENSATIONAL story!

Final Impressions: Bella J's talent is absolutely astonishing and the explosive conclusion to the SHATTERED SECRETS duet enraptured me from start to finish. Now I will be chomping at the bit for the dastardly King Rex’s story!
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3,352 reviews35 followers
May 24, 2017
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Stephanie's Book Reports.

Torment is the second book in the Shattered Secrets Series from Bella J. You must read Regret before you dive into Torment.

Scarlet has found out the man she is possibly falling in love with has a undeniable link to her past had her convinced that normal no long exists for someone like her. Hunter was hired to find her by her enemy. He ended up though protecting her and thawing her heart only to discover a secret has the power to bring Scarlet to her knees for good. Now with so many secrets and danger lurking around every corner Scarlet does the only thing she knows how to do....push people away. Hunter though is determined to be her knight in shining armor and prove to her that there might still be hope for them. However Scarlet has lived this life long enough to know that happily ever after doesn't exist especially when the big bad wolf comes knocking ready to claim his "Little Red"

Oh my goodness. I so could not wait to get this book in my hands. I absolutely loved Regret and could not wait for the rest of Scarlet and Hunters story. This book picks right up where Regret ended and takes off and doesn't slow down to the very end. There are so many huge secrets everyone is hiding that it will have your head spinning and you not seeing things coming. I do not want to give a thing away but I will say this book took a turn I sure didn't see coming. But, I loved every single second of this book and fell more in love with Scarlet and Hunter. Just grab this book and dive in. Going in blind is the best way to go. I promise you won't regret it.

Once again Bella J has written an amazing book that I devoured. Hold on though because the Epilogue is going to blow your mind. I for one can not wait for more from that!!
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1,630 reviews63 followers
May 26, 2017
You need to read Regret before you read this book as the story continues from that.

Poor Scarlet has been through a lot already but the shocks, surprises and betrayals just keep coming. Scarlet has never been one of those weak female characters and this book is no different. Shes stronger than people think and she proves that in this book. When she's made to face her past and it feels like she's nothing left to fight for, she still manages to find her inner strength and keep going and I was cheering her on the whole book. Although she's a strong character she also has this tragic, sad side that made me want to cry.
Honestly, I want to wrap her up in cotton wool and keep her forever. You feel her pain and it bloody hurts!! After finally letting some of her walls down, when her past comes back to haunt her she needs to put her walls back up in order to survive.

Then there's Hunter. I adored Hunter in the first book. I sympathised with his pain, I understood his mindset and I loved him for doing the right thing. That changed in his book. I hated him. Straight up detested him. His actions and words were like been stabbed through the heart and I felt Scarlets pain so much that it really did make me hate him but that didn't last. He did manage to change my mind and make me like him again but Scarlet will always be my favourite character.

I really enjoyed this book. It's fast paced with everything I was hoping for. Super hot chemistry, a bond between the main characters, twists, surprises I didn't see coming, plenty of action, betrayal and characters I fell in love with. There were times I hated every single character except Scarlet and times when I loved them. Ohhh and there's Rex!!! I'm really going to be needing Rex's book. The sooner the better. That man intrigued me so much. I need to know if I'm going to love him or hate him.
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1,001 reviews77 followers
May 30, 2017
4 dark stars!! Wow, another WTH kind of ending. I need more!!!

This is the second book in the "Shattered Secrets" series. I'm not sure it would be wise to read as a stand alone you would miss quite a bit of info. Just read them both trust me!!

This is the continuation of Scarlet and Hunter. Two broken souls not looking for love. We left off on one hell of a cliffy with the last book and started right back up there with this book. I mean Scarlett's Dad?!?! Where the hell has he been? Is he crazy too? Did he know what happened to her? All these questions are answered in this book and more. Scarlett apparently has nothing but bad luck! With her past catching up with her present will Scarlett find her way out?!!!

"Two broke souls can't make a whole"

This book kept me on my feet! I enjoy these two. My heart broke for these two at the end of the last book so I was worried with this one and though I feel better now. It's still a hot mess. So much happened in this book. James...hurray we found him!! Riggs...I am up in the air though at the beginning I wanted her to give up on Hunter and get her a new man. Brent...sick SOB glad shit happened the way it did. Hunter...oh how you break my heart and make me so angry but then have me falling for you all over again. Scarlet...bless your souls. You are one hell of a woman. Rex...damn this is crazy so don't think I am a psycho here but I think I may have the hots for him. But that last sentence of the book. Hot damn!! I can't wait for the next book.

This book was well written and suspenseful. If you are sketchy with rape or triggers if that nature this may not be the book for you. But if you like dark romantic suspense this is the read for you!!

**I received this book as an ARC and in return gave my honest review**
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914 reviews
May 23, 2017
5 Holy F$#k! Stars!

Yes- this was violent, crude, offensive and mainly just perfect! Bella J. never fails to mind f$%# her readers with her creative and brilliant writing style. Her book releases always fall perfectly when my brain is in a reading rut (he he "rut") and needs a complete overhaul! Torment completely fulfills that and much, much more.

Left on a cliffhanger in Regret, Torment quickly takes up where it left off and adds even more twists and turns. I loved Batman and Robin. The quirkiness of the dialogue is perfect. What I also loved was James Baxter! Okay I loved Colton Riggs too even though he disappoints me so BAD at one point! Thank you Bella J for well, you know, I don't want to spoil it!

There were parts of this book that I had to literally pick my jaw up off the floor. How Bella J comes up with this stuff blows my mind! I wanted Hunter to cherish and adore Scarlet, but there was one time I wanted to castrate him! UGH! All the emotions I felt in this story- I can guarantee you that you won't want to lay this book down. When I did I was afraid something was going to happen that I missed! Yeap- that good!

I always read these warnings on books and think now how bad could they be? Well, this one lived up to the warnings! Rex and Brent definitely merit the warnings. These two are complete deviants! However, I found nothing offensive in the writing, merely two heathens needing what was due them.

While I loved how this turns for Scarlet and Hunter- I WANT MORE! LOL! I know Colton Riggs is getting his story so BRING IT ON!
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989 reviews3 followers
May 22, 2017
*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Stephanie's Book Reports.

**Carla's Five Star Review

This is the second book in the Shattered Secrets series, and it is the continuation of Hunter and Scarlet's story. Before reading this series, you need to be aware that this is a dark romance that may contain triggers for some readers.

Regret, the first book in this series, ended with a couple of pretty big cliffhangers. First, James, Scarlet's dad, yes you read that correctly, Scarlet's dad shows up. Where in the heck has he been, and what has he been up to? He comes with a sidekick named Riggs who is chasing his own demons, and I am not sure what to think of him just yet. The second cliffy reveals how Hunter and Scarlet's pasts are intertwined. I was just devastated for them when this truth came out. I really thought Hunter would just walk away, but he was determined to keep the promise he made to Scarlet to keep her safe. I was happy with his decision, but then he really ticked me off. Sure, Scarlet played a part in the whole debacle, but I totally wanted to ring Hunter's neck! My heart just broke for poor Scarlet! She just couldn't catch a break! Of course, Wolfe was back, and he was as evil and sadistic as ever. Then there was Rex. He has his hands into some pretty depraved activities. And Holy Balls, the last sentence of the book? Crazy for sure! I can't wait for the next book!

This book is very well written and contains many twists and turns. I fell hard for Hunter and Scarlet. If ever two people deserved their happily ever after, it was these two! If you are a fan of dark romance, this is a must read series!!
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411 reviews84 followers
July 13, 2017
Bella J. left me once more with my mouth hanging open and my heart in my throat!. I am still thinking about the story even after finishing the book.

Torment is the second instalment of the Shattered Secrets story. The story begins right where we left off in book 1, we have just found out about Scarlet's father who comes in guns blazing doing his best impersonation of Bruce Willis LOL. Between Hunter and her dad they attempt to outrun Brent and his men. Hunter and Scarlet becoming even closer in this book but all the events of their past and the knowledge about Scar's sisters puts a bit of a strain in their relationship. The Torment that surrounds their hearts and souls prevents them from truly moving forward. As things become more difficult and Brent manages to capture Scar, we see a new side of Hunter and I loved how Bella completely transformed him and makes the reader fall madly in love with him.
Bella J is a smart cookie and she always manages to leave us wanting more, I am addicted to this series, to the characters, to the angst that comes with each story and to the scorching passion that leaps out of the pages.

5 STARS. Joandisalovebooks
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478 reviews15 followers
May 30, 2017

I love Bella J as an author and this second book in the series is even better then the first one Regret!!

Scarlet and Hunter are back and the secrets twists and turns in this second book leave you on the edge of your sit and all you can do is keep reading to find out what happens. In this book we get some new characters along with those twists and it is hard to know how you feel about them...just like in Book 1 I had a hard time wondering if I liked Scarlet and Hunter and in the end I can say yes I do like them!! There is a major twist in this one I did not see coming and all I can say is please do yourself a favor and pick this book up you won't regret it!!

This book is so dark, suspenseful and so well written that I devoured it very quickly and true to Bella J's MO she has left me hanging in that Epilogue and I can hardly wait to see what is coming next!!!

I volunteered to review an Advance Reader Copy of this book for Rockstar Book Muse
September 18, 2017
If I thought Book one blew me away then this one just broke me up into million pieces of emotions. Oh My God.. This book was just oh so intense and books like this are my utmost delight. Like that super spicy, Yummy dish that is just so sizzling hot you know it's gonna fry your senses. This book takes off right where book one ended, right in the middle of mind blowing action. We get to meet Scarlet's father and along with that there are so many questions that arise about her past. Then there is this twist that had me like OH NO HE DIDN'T, HOW COULD HE.... That had me cringing and biting my nails. I was so scared for Scarlet as it seems like life pushes her face first into the biggest fear and the battle of her life. Also this book made me MORE CRAZY ABOUT HUNTER THE TOO HOT TO HANDLE KEATON. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat. Wow... and then there's the Ending. Just Smashing. 10+Stars loved it 💖
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7,457 reviews17 followers
May 31, 2017
Torment gets 5-stars and is a definite must read!! This book is the second in the Shattered Secrets series and starts where the first book Regret left off. After the cliffhanger in the first book I was anxiously awaiting the second book. This is a raw, dark, dirty, suspenseful book that will take you on an emotional ride with twists and turns that keep you guessing till the end. Scarlet and Hunters story took my breath away and exceeded my expectations. I can't wait to read the next Bella J book. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
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698 reviews19 followers
June 7, 2017

After the way Regret ended, I could not wait to get my hands on Torment. I suggest reading Regret before diving into this one. Torment picks up right where we left off. It takes you on an emotional ride that will leave you feeling raw. Scarlet and Hunter’s story is raw and pure emotion. This is my second book by Bella J and it will not be my last. I love how she pulls you in!!!
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369 reviews2 followers
October 16, 2017
Chandra's Review

I couldn't wait to read this second book! I was in the edge of my seat! This book was full of mystery, romance, intrigue, and so sexy. I would definitely recommend this book to read!🙌🙌😊😊😀w
652 reviews3 followers
June 6, 2017
After the nail biting cliffhanger Bella J left me with in REGRET, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the conclusion in TORMENT, and I was not disappointed!! From the very first page, I was sucked back into the dark and sordid world that surrounded Scarlet and Hunter!! So many questions which I had from book one were answered and as the pieces of the puzzle started to fall together, I felt myself sink deeper into this spine tingling, on the edge of my seat story!! The narrative was raw, gritty and yet heart wrenching!!! I could not get enough as I inhaled this book in one sitting!!!! I did however have one small quibble and that was that I would have liked an epilogue for Hunter and Scarlet - after all that they had been through, I needed closure that they continued to have their HEA in the future! Having said that, I thought Bella J did an awesome job of piquing my interest in the mysteriously sexy Rex...!
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838 reviews6 followers
May 29, 2017
Torment by Bella J. is the second book in the scattered hearts series picking up right where book 1 left off...thank goodness because that was some cliffhanger the reader was left with.

The story of Scarlett, Hunter, and their newest helpers James and Colton enters an even more dark and sinister world than I could have imagined. When it appears that the only way for Scarlett to escape the past she has been running from for 7 years is to confront Brent head on and claim what is rightfully hers, she steps up to the challenge knowing that it could very well break her. But she is already broken from years of abuse at the hands of Brent and just when her heart began to thaw she learned the truth about Hunter and his Blue which only makes her retreat further into her cold, feelingless world.

When everything goes to shit Scarlett has no hope and become the helpless girl that Brent abused all those years ago. But what she doesn't expect is Hunter's resolve and how he would go to any lengths to save her, even participating in something he knows is wrong and a trigger for Scarlett.

Will Hunter save Scarlett from Brent? Or will she be broken for good by someone who was her family? You need to read to find out.

3 stars
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63 reviews5 followers
May 30, 2017
Torment is the perfect end to Scarlet and Hunter's story. Bella J never ceases to amaze me with her writing. She has the ability to make you feel what the characters feel, experience what they experience. I totally fell in love with this couple!
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185 reviews2 followers
May 30, 2017
You need to read Regret before you read this book as the story continues from that.
Another what the hell kind of story. I loved loved loved it. Can not be read as a standalone.
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215 reviews18 followers
July 25, 2017
First of all, if you haven't read Regret - stop what you're doing and go read that first. This is book 2 of the Shattered Secrets series and you need to have read that book before you read this one.

Scarlett and Hunter's story concludes with this gripping, highly emotional roller coaster of a book.

The emotions you feel are all over the place. Your heart breaks; you get angry, frustrated, sad, anxious. This is one of those stories that just grabs a hold of your heart and pulls you through the journey. This intense story is full of tension, angst..And all. The. Feels.

Loved this book, and highly recommend the series to anyone looking for a highly emotional, completely captivating story.
487 reviews4 followers
October 5, 2018
This book is about a woman who was raped repeatedly when she was young. It starts dramatically with a rape scene then skips right to more dramatic action - shootings, lots of blood, an escape, etc. When she falls in love with her dead sister's boyfriend the big questions become: Can she face the rapist and stop the threat to her life he has become? and Can she face the man who loved her dead sister? As it says in the book, one will risk her life and the other will risk her heart. The book continues with lots more action, adventure, and romance, with some great sex scenes along the way as she attempts to find her HEA. I highly recommend this book.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
1,136 reviews2 followers
July 11, 2021
This book is beyond great!

Hunter & Scarlett are so angry all the time, but with good reason. This story is about a subject that is very present today in this world. What Scarlett goes through is so true to the subject. Hunter has one big issue from his past which are slowly melting away. He is determined to protect Scarlett with whatever it takes. Action from beginning to end. You feel every emotion with both characters. What a well written book this is. It deserves way above five stars, for sure. Just know, this book is not for the faint of heart. This is one of the best books I’ve read.
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1,876 reviews6 followers
February 5, 2022
Part 2 of the Shattered Secrets is just as explosive as part one was. This is one the best duets that I’ve read in a loooong time. It’s full of drama, suspense, love, hate, deceit, pain, sorrow, action and emotion. There are so many twists, turns and surprises. The plot is very well developed and heartfelt. Hunter and Scarlet are a perfect couple. They had demons from their pasts to overcome and My heart hurt for them. My next read is going to be Cruel God. I can’t wait to read Rex’s story.
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121 reviews
January 11, 2019
Carrying on from Regret, we get the foundation of Scalet's story. With the rollercoaster going at full speed, and the past busting in on Hunter and her, and the evil that goes by the name of Brent, welcomed her with open arms. This should have a warning sign, don't forget to breathe. Yes did it for me super read

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May 1, 2020
She does not believe in happy endings as she has too many nightmares about what men have done to her. He has been hired to find her by her enemy. He knows he should not take her to his bed but he has and now he hopes to help her. She learns a secret which could ruin it all. Can he keep her safe? Will She be left broken all over again? See if he can

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September 8, 2021
Decent ending.

The conclusion to Hunter and Scarlet's story, but, to me, the final showdown was kind of ridiculous. It was difficult to believe that Red didn't hear everything that was going on between Hunter and Scarlet and he just went along with it. Hunter's attitude was getting annoying as well. I really liked him in the first book, but as this one went on his charm started to wear off. Overall, if you enjoyed the first book, this one is definitely worth the time.
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January 9, 2019
This is the 3rd book I’ve read written by Bella J; she has done a good job at writing a good book. I can’t wait to read more of her books.

The story line caught my attention at the very beginning and kept me interested throughout the entire book.

I loved the chemistry between the characters.

I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.
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December 1, 2018
The book is a good romantic suspense read. The story is a well written read. The characters are good. The story is an emotionally edgy read.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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January 5, 2019
This has to be read in order. It pulls you in makes you sit on the edge of your seat, cringe, and wonder what next. It makes you feel like you are part of the story as it comes to life. The characters are fascinating. I recommend it to all. I got it from booksprout and voluntarily left my review.
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June 6, 2019
Whoa! So amazing!

Just found Bella J. - holy s...! Shattered Secrets series is dark, hot, twisted, romantic and WOW!
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