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Billionaire Ever After

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22 men with everything you might ever desire.
22 all-new ways to fall in love.
22 Billionaires to fall in love with.

Feel the sparks fly off the hot romance and action-driven pages of these EXCLUSIVE TITLES—unavailable separately in ebook format anywhere else!

From sweet to sensual, they’ll satisfy your most indulgent fantasies as you fall in love with an array of billionaire beaus in this contemporary romance collection by some of today’s hottest New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors.

Quench your book-boyfriend addiction with page-turning stories overflowing with decadent luxury, heart-warming love, heated adventure, steamy scenes, and happily-ever-afters.

Featuring billionaires from bad boys to Marines and CEOs to cowboys, this set will take you around the country and jet-setting around the globe with intense, passionate men who always get what they want and fulfill the desires of the women they crave.

Relish each journey in this LIMITED-TIME collection PACKED with novels and novellas that will provide over one hundred hours of reading.

Grab your copy today before these hot billionaires fly off into the sunset!

2109 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 12, 2017

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About the author

Margo Bond Collins

293 books1,079 followers
USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times bestselling author Margo Bond Collins is a former college English professor who, tired of explaining the difference between "hanged" and "hung," turned to writing romance novels instead. She now writes urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and science fiction romance. Sometimes her heroines kiss aliens, sometimes they kill monsters. But they always aim for the heart.

You can learn more about her at http://www.MargoBondCollins.net and follow her on all the usual social media outlets:

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/author/margobon...

Website: http://www.MargoBondCollins.net

Blog: http://www.MargoBondCollins.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MargoBondCollin @MargoBondCollin

Google+: https://plus.google.com/1164845554481...

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228 reviews1 follower
August 15, 2017
I received an ARC of this collection. It only had 5 stories in it. Damaged Love: This story was interesting. Lord Richard Smith lost both his legs in Afghanistan. He broke up with hid finance Guilianna by e-mail. He lied to his family and said she broke up with him. When they met again the lies all come out. It was great how his family helped them get back together again.
The One: This was my favorite story. I loved how Kooch's staff banded together to keep him from finding out his daughter was playing with Ginger. The interaction of the characters was awesome. The best part was when Adrienne confronted his ex-wife. A well written story.
Saved by Him: Sierra was injured in a car accident that killed her husband and both sets of parents. She is afraid of going outside the house.I loved her friend Thomas and how he helped her through it. James owns a P.I. company that Sierra goes to work for. Their chemistry hits it off right away.After a misunderstanding the group works together to get them together again. Great Story.
The Reluctant Billionaire:
This is a story about Jace who is re-covering from a bad case of pneumonia. His father makes him take a vaccatio to heal. He goes to his families island and falls for Nessa. He wants her to like him for himself and not his money. Thet have ups & downs in their relationship. It has a HEA.
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1,436 reviews25 followers
September 12, 2017
What a great boxed set! Billionaires in all kinds of situations. Great way to try new authors. Love Courtney Hunt and her novella "A Bridesmaid for the Billionaire" is a wonderful, quick read. If you love billionaire stories then get this set. There is something for everyone!!
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1,708 reviews11 followers
August 31, 2017
I make no secret of liking collections of stories such as this. The stories are enjoyable, and I always discover a new author or two, it's a win all around. The stories in this collection have one thing in common, billionaires. The stories themselves vary in spice level as well content, really, there is something for everyone. Since there are quite a few stories to this collection, I'll just mention my favorites.

Billionaire by the Sea by Traci Hall: This story quickly pulled me in and had me wanting to know wha was going to happen next. There s a little bit of a mystery, romance, and likable characters. This is a new author for me, I can't wait to read more f her books.

How to Rock a Billionaire by Talia Hunter: This is a fun story with a little bit of mystery. I really like these characters and enjoyed getting to know them. I have not been disappointed by anything this author has written. I look forward to reading more from this author.

Love Struck by Michele DeWinton: A fun story, I enjoyed these characters and getting to know them. I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.

I received a review copy from one of the authors, my review has been voluntarily submitted.
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1,772 reviews8 followers
August 8, 2017
Cristiane Serruya Damaged Love
Richard Smith lost his legs in Afghanistan. He did not want his fiancée Giulianna Foreman staying with him out of loyalty so he did not tell her about his legs, but a lie to leave him. Two years later she is working as a pastry chef for Your Perfect Wedding and has to go to Lakeside Manor where Richard lives to cater a wedding. Giulianna has never stopped loving Richard and when she sees him, her heart beats faster. When Richard sees Giulianna his heart stops as she is so beautiful and he has never stopped loving her. The two have a hard few days to get through. This is a good story that melts your heart.

Tierney O'Malley. The One
Kooch Kilpatrick is raising his daughter alone and owned the Louisa Mae Foundation. Adrienne is hired to catalogue Mr. Kilpatrick's collection, and the whole staff love her. Adrienne had something bad happen to her, so she was glad to get away from her town. Kooch's daughter had a condition that she could not see well, so he kept her in the castle so no one would take pictures or say something bad about her. Her mother signed over her rights and divorced Kooch as she wanted nothing to do with a handicapped daughter. What a witch! Kooch's daughter was smart, beautiful and full of life. It was wonderful seeing his daughter and Adrienne together. This was a good book that made me feel good.

M.M. Chabot. Saved by Him
Sierra found after she was married that her husband didn't want children even though they had talked about it. They had argued along with his and her parents. All of them are on their way to see the couples new house when they get in a car wreck. Sierra is the only one to survive. James had a company with his brother and friends. They have come a long way and are rich now. When he first started dating Sarah, he had no money. Now she has changed and acts like she is the one with money and deserves it. One day James answered her phone and finds out she is seeing someone else. Their relationship is over. A couple of years later James' company is hiring a PI and Sierra's best friend sends in her application. She interviews and gets the job, and has to work with James. Everything gets really interesting when these two get together. This was a good Novella.

Caitlyn Lynch The Reluctant Billionaire
Jace Hunter is on Sunfish Island Resort recovering from an illness. He meets Nessa who is a psychiatrist turned bartender. He doesn't want anyone to know he is the son of the family that owns the island. The only one who does know is Luke, the manager. He is resting and trying to get his strength back. He likes talking to Nessa and ends up asking her out. You can imagine what happens when she finally finds out who he is since he never told her. It is a good novella.

I voluntarily read an Advanced Reader's Copy of this analogy.
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1,827 reviews39 followers
September 27, 2017
This was an HEA Billionaire Bonanza! Every story was captivating, but my very favorite was Bridesmaid for a Billionaire by Courtney Hunt. You can't go wrong with this boxed set of 22 different billionaires and 22 ways to fall in love!

*I received a complimentary ARC of this story set in order to read and provide a voluntary, unbiased and honest review, should I choose to do so.
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7,004 reviews135 followers
August 27, 2017
Billionaire Ever After is a mixture of humor, heart and hope. Emotions that play a central part on the road to happily ever after. From charmingly sweet, combustible heat and emotionally raw this anthology delivers it all. Never has there been so many winners in one bundle.

Tempting Harry by Victoria Pinder - The sweetest of stories can often prove the most sexy. Harry and Roxanne have seen their share of loneliness and loss. Can a chance meeting bring them hope for the future?

A Billionaire in The Bargain by A.E. Easterlin - An act of betrayal forces a desparately, determined woman into a marriage of convenience and the love of a lifetime. Moira and Jackson's have to learn to listen to their hearts at a time when their heads keep getting in the way.

The Billionaire's Catch by Debbie White - Two little girls with a penchant for mischief and a skill for matchmaking steal the show in the heartwarming adorable tale of second chances.
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24 reviews1 follower
August 30, 2017
Review for Damaged Love by Cristiane Serruya
I am a fan of Ms. Serruya and when she offered me a chance to read 4 books of this set for free, I jumped in!
So, from charming to sweet, from hot alphas to...hot alphas :-) I read:

Damaged Love by Cristiane Serruya - She did it again!! OMG. Where does Ms. Serruya find these characters?! Lord Richard Smith, who I met before in Love Painted in Red and whom I knew was a double BK amputee is the star of Damaged Love. And he is as sexy and hot as Alistair Connor from The Complete TRUST Series, Tavish Uilleam from Love Painted in Red, and Markus Blackthorn from So Much More!!
And Giulianna Foreman is a lovely counterpart for him. Giulianna is sweet and strong and loves him to distraction! What was Richard thinking when he ditched her with a lie?! But I understood his reasons very well and this is part of the charm of Ms. Serruya's stories; she knows how to show the characters' thoughts in a way we throughly understand why they did everything.
I was moved by this heartwarming story!

The One by Tierney O'Malley - Such a refreshing story!

Saved by Him by M.M. Chabot - good read

The Reluctant Billionaire by Caitlyn Lynch - really liked this novella
1,357 reviews32 followers
September 8, 2017
I reviewed two books from this collection: HOW TO ROCK A BILLIONAIRE by Talia Hunter and LOVE STUCK by Michele De Winton

I give 5 stars because on the strength of Talia Hunter’s fabulous book.


Meghan Paige is down to busking and sleeping in her car, after a string of bad luck. Meghan is a musician, she still hopes to make it, and what she needs is to get a gig, get a recording deal, and not to get sidetracked by men. Unfortunately, her luck doesn’t seem to improve as she crashes into a very expensive car. And it’s none other than Jackson Brent, whose brother Meghan had dated in high school, and Meghan is the reason why Jackson quit the music business. Jackson is now a very wealthy tech entrepreneur, as Meghan was slightly hurt in the crash, Jackson will set her up in a spare room in his home, even though they hadn’t seen each other in twelve years. Jackson is working on a prototype and he is paranoid, not without reason, that someone is out to steal it, most likely his fiercest competitor: Lex Baine. Jackson has a party the following day, he wasn’t sure if he wanted an escort, but he knows Meghan will be able to entertain a client’s wife. How could she not?

Ms. Hunter describes Meghan so well, I couldn’t help but see Joan Jett in her prime, but with dreads! Meghan is a lovely character: I loved her integrity, her love of music, and her determination to succeed at doing what she really loves and never compromising. Talia Hunter really understands the soul of a musician: Meghan thinks in songs, music is everywhere and means everything to her. I also very much appreciated that Jackson is not your typical billionaire: he actually works! He might be super rich, but he remains humble and appreciates what he has. It was nice for a change to have a billionaire who felt like a real person. He is not a player, he is not a cad; Jackson is simply a man who made it big doing what he is good at.

There had been some attraction in the past between Meghan and Jackson, it’s still there, and thankfully, nothing was rushed. The romance bloomed nicely and organically; it was all so very nice and normal! Jackson does have trust issues, which Meghan understands, and again how wonderful to see believable conflicts handled so adroitly. HOW TO ROCK A BILLIONAIRE is a rather simple story, but extremely well done, and Ms. Hunter never falls prey to the genre’s pitfalls. And I couldn’t be happier that the story took place in Australia, as I could enjoy vicariously Sidney’s wonderful sights. HOW TO ROCK A BILLIONAIRE is an intelligent story with very engaging characters, very well written, and so enjoyable; it’s lovely!

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

LOVE STUCK by Michele De Winton

Sarah “Sass” Hunt recently got fired, and now she’s starting out on her own as a stylist consultant. One month, and she’s about to have her first client. The husband of her best friend Cara recommended Sarah to his friend Kirk Anderson. Kirk is brilliant, owns a successful business, and he is dull. Kirk is launching a new software package, and for the press conference, he needs to dress for success, but also to impress as a person, and not just as a human calculator. Sarah has been evaluating Kirk on paper, and upon meeting her client, she is almost struck by a metaphorical bolt of lightning, and so is he. Sarah is so not what Kirk expected, with her modified Mohawk, but he thinks she has a certain something, until she pulls out clothing choices! Alas, they definitely don’t see eye to eye when it comes to sartorial decisions!

Talk about opposites attract! I admit, had I been in Kirk’s place, I would have been wary of Sarah too. I mean, a velvet jacket? Really? Michele De Winton’s trademark colourful prose shines and dazzles in LOVE STUCK, and I never expect anything less from this brilliant author. However I had serious problems with Kirk; he seemed fine at the beginning, if staid and stuffy, but he had a definitely rude and disrespectful moment that stuck in my mind, and personally, I would not have given him the time of day ever again. I would have made peace with him in the end and shut the door on the whole thing. Sometimes there are “issues” that I can overlook in a book, sometimes I can’t ignore them, and that was one of them. Also, the “electricity” between Sarah and Kirk was out of control here, and how the sexual relationship began required quite a bit of suspension of disbelief on my part. It had been looking up before that moment, but I felt it was too much too soon, and it ended in the misstep that I found rather unpalatable. Overall, it was a fun read, fast-paced and superbly written, with great dialogues, but the romance never worked for me, although fans of Alexa Riley might like it; it’s rather over the top. Or I might have been having a “Kirk Anderson” day (without the rudeness!).

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.
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3,842 reviews32 followers
October 16, 2017
In this set I enjoyed 12 books out of 22. BILLIONAIRE IN BLUE JEANS 👖 by Margo Bond Collins, TEMPTING HARRY by Victoria Pinder, BEACHCOMBER BILLIONAIRE by Stephanie Queen 👸, BILLIONAIRE BY THE SEA by Traci Hall, BILLIONAIRE IN THE BARGAIN by A.E. Easterlin, AT HIS COMMAND by Allison Gatta, THE BROKE BILLIONAIRE by Ann Omasta, RUTHLESS BILLIONAIRE by Cheryl Phipps, DRAM GOOD BREW by Blaire Edens, THE BILLIONAIRE CATCH by Debbie White, SAVED BY HIM by M.M Chabot, & HOW TO ROCK 🎸 A BILLIONAIRE by Talia Hunter. I'm happy I was introduced & read the other authors.
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928 reviews52 followers
Shelved as 'id-prefer-not-to'
March 8, 2019
Author Cristiane Serruya accused of plagiarizing multiple authors in multiple books, who claimed then she'd paid a ghost writer to write the books for her.
Don't know if this is original or not, don't care. Not reading anything by her.

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676 reviews7 followers
January 17, 2018
Billionaire Ever After
I was given the opportunity to read some of the books in this new series and this is my voluntary and honest review of the 5 stories that I have read. I enjoyed the stories and found them very entertaining and as some authors were new to me I hope to take a look at their other works. Each story has its own HEA and some great sexy Billionaire to fall for.
Beachcomber Billionaire by Stephanie Queen
Megan is an ex-Marine who has taken a last minute personal protections joy to protect billionaire CEO Jack Collins. He was not what she was expecting he was young fit and attractive not old and bald. If Jack knew that she would be his personal protector he might have agreed to have a bodyguard much earlier than he did. Will their personal attraction get in the way of doing the job at hand to protect Jack from whoever was after him and his company? This was a lovely story with a bit of romance, action, suspense and humor. I have never read anything by the author Stephanie Queen but after this I will have to go check out her other works. I would love to read more about these two interesting characters in the future please.

A Bridesmaid for the Billionaire by Courtney Hunt
If you have read the Happily Ever Alpha: Falling for the Billionaire series of books in which “A Teacher for the Billionaire” was included you will already be familiar with some of the characters of this next book in Courtney Hunt’s Billionaire series. This book is a second chance of Love 5 years after Finn left town to explore the world, he is reunited with his one lost love Jenny at the elopement of their best friend Callie to her Billionaire on a Caribbean island. Best Friends at Collage the 3 were very close until Jenny was left with a broken heart, when Finn left the day after their one night together 5 years ago. Can they be friends again even just for the friend’s wedding? What has Finn been doing for the last 5 years? Jenny has been living her dream to be a search librarian but she is not happy what is missing…. A Billionaire of her own like Callie has found. Courtney Hunt always gives me a great feeling after reading one of her sweet stories.

The Broke Billionaire by Ann Omasta
Trey Donovan is a billionaire but he feels like a broke man when I comes to Love, intimacy and desire. Ellie Thorne is the owner of Snickerdoodle Bakery which was her dream to open since she was 8 years old al that was missing in her life was her Prince Charming. On her way to work one morning after her staff member called in sick at 3.30 am, Ellie was reaching for her ringing phone when she heard a thud and stopped her car. Thinking she had hit an animal she was shocked to learn it was a man a handsome man. Ellie thought she had met the perfect man but then learns who he is and know he would not be interested in her. Can the Billionaire win the heart of the local baker?
This was a very flirty funny story where an accident can save your life.

Breakaway Description by Christine Kingsley
Colin Caldwell is a bit of a playboy how has returned to Breakers Bay to escape, relax and to have a great time. He has been coming to Breakers Bay each summer for the last 7 years and has had his pick of summer flings except on the one he wants Hadley Hendricks. Hadley has kept Colin in the friend's zone all this time as she doesn’t want to be left with a broken heart when the summer is over like all the others. Can love change it all? I loved these two characters and their friends I have not read anything by this author before so I hope I can read more about the people in this great book.
At his Command by Allison Gatta
Charlotte (Lottie) Strong was everything that he didn’t like in a woman but this didn’t stop Jake Prescott from wanting to claim a bit of revenge on her at the Bachelorette Charity auction. Jake did not realize she was not the woman he believed her to be coming from wealth and a powerful family. The things Lottie will do for her cause or is it just the power her mother as over her? I love reading about strong will females characters.
Will it be Hate to Love for these two?
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1,633 reviews2 followers
September 12, 2017
Courtney Hunt and Ann Omasta: 5 stars! Allison Gatta: like. Stephanie Queen: didn’t like.

I’ve only read A Bridesmaid for the Billionaire by Courtney Hunt (loved it!), Beachcomber Billionaire by Stephanie Queen (didn’t like), The Broke Billionaire by Ann Omasta (loved it!), Breakaway by Christine Kingsley (DNF) and At His Command by Allison Gatta (liked).

My review per book that I’ve read:

- Courtney Hunt A Bridesmaid for the Billionaire - amazing, loved it!

Always having to make her budget balance, Jenny decides she wants a billionaire. And then Finn walks back into her life. Five years ago, he broke her heart so casually…

You’re immediately drawn into the story. I loved it! A very quick read, but even though it’s short, it does have depth and that’s no small feat! And even though the bedroom door stays closed, it is sizzling hot! And also super romantic! This is a very skilled author. Because I liked it so much, I would have liked it to be a bit longer though; it was very short and fast. A more leisurely pace would’ve been nice :) But definitely a favorite!

- Stephanie Queen Beachcomber Billionaire - didn’t like it much

This story lacks depth. When Megan and Jack meet, the instant attraction on both sides is too full-on for me. I really don’t mind physical attraction in a book, but it can’t be ONLY about that. You need to see another side of the main characters too, but in this story I don’t feel as if I got to know them at all aside from how they looked and how they were turned on. And when there is nothing to balance that out it becomes too one-sided, too shallow.

I hoped it would get better, but I had to give up when I was about halfway through the book. Sadly, this is not an author I’m going to be reading more of.

- Ann Omasta The Broke Billionaire - amazing, loved it!

Owning your own business, however tiny, is a LOT of work. Ellie needs a day off badly, but when the help calls in sick, she has no choice but to go to her bakery. In the very early morning, she is not paying enough attention to the road. She hits a man with her car… That man is Trey. He is a billionaire (which Ellie doesn’t know to begin with), but he feels broke as regards love and intimacy.

A delicious story! Lots of physical attraction and steamy kisses, all in good taste. I had never read anything by this author before, but now she’s on my radar :)

- Christine Kingsley Breakaway - DNF

I started reading, but I didn’t like Hadley. Then the POV switched to Colin and I didn’t like him either. I didn’t like the writing style and I didn’t like the setting. I just couldn’t get into it… it didn’t grab me. But to be honest: I didn’t give it a real chance; I stopped somewhere in the middle of chapter two… So I read too little of it to judge fairly. I’m not going to count this in my average score of this box set.

- Allison Gatta At His Command - I liked it

Lottie is all about preserving historical buildings. Jake is about tearing them down. When Jake sees Lottie’s name at the bachelorette auction, he knows he’s gonna bid. I slightly disliked Jake, but I think I was supposed to. He’s smug, evil almost. Lottie hates him with a vengeance. In her eyes he’s ruining the town she loves. But maybe, just maybe, there is more to him than meets the eye and she’s judging him too harshly?

This was very steamy! But aside from that, it was also original and intriguing. I liked it, it was fun. One thing that’s left hanging: did the bell tower get saved or was it torn down?

- - I received a complimentary copy of 5 of the stories in this book and voluntarily posted an honest review.
24 reviews
July 13, 2017
I have pre-ordered this bundle but got an ARC (advanced review copy) from one of the authors. This only had 5 of the stories.
Tempting Harry by Victoria Pinder; The Description did explain that this was a story that tied up loose ends from two series based at Christmas when miracles can happen. There were several typo's and missing words because phrases didn't make sense. Those aside, the timeline to me was very rushed and I know it's fiction so a week can make anything happen but in less than an hour they have negative opinions of each other then they sit down to a large family dinner, say nothing to each other, then get up and make out. I also felt the action, romance balance was off as the romance really all happened at the beginning and the action at the end. Over all I would not recommend this story.
Billionaire in the Bargain by A.E. Easterlin; The Description gave you a bit of the back story so when you jump into the story it doesn't seem like it's such a middle. There were a few typo's but not as noticeable. This is a much more a classic fairy tale style romance. There are some twists and turns as we move it to modern day but over all I really enjoyed this story and will read more by this author.
Acquired by K.L. Brady; The Description really turned me off to this story because I am not really interested in stories about revenge and overly ambitions/do anything to reach partner type stories. There is really too much of that, the back stabbing and under handedness, in real life and is not something I love to read about. However, I was won over by the blatant matchmaking and the character development. Now it's a bit far fetched in the Male May-Female December romance but it was cute and I ended up enjoying it. Not sure I will read more by this author but it was not what I expected.
Bad Boy Billionaire's Lady by Mary Hughes; The Description was short but gave a great hook making you want so much more. This story and the previous seemed similar except both main characters were really looking to redeemed and change how a bad business was run. This I felt was an excellent balance of action and romance though out and the characters admit things are going fast. It was easy to get lost in this story as you applauded the character growth and see the stumbles along the way. I would give this story 5 stars and recommend it to everyone!
The Billionaire's Catch by Debbie White; The Description again gave a bit more of the beginning of the story so you really jump in with both feet when you start chapter 1. I didn't feel like this was very well paced. This story seemed very slow because it seemed to be trying too hard to keep these two single parents apart so they set a good example. To me it seemed more like they offended each other each time the were alone together until they started making out or ended up together. There was one very short section that we tried to get to the hero's emotions but that really felt awkward to me. Over all it was not bad but I would not seek more work by this author.
124 reviews1 follower
September 11, 2017
I received a partial ARC of this collection from Courtney Hunt in return for an honest review. I found the stories to be fast-paced and entertaining. Because they all are novellas, there’s not a lot of room for history or character development, but they are a great length for reading on the train while commuting. Beachcomber Billionaire (4*) has an incredibly powerful woman as the lead: Megan is a retired Marine Corps pilot, and Jack repeatedly underestimates her skills. It’s lovely to see her put him straight, and while I thought they fell pretty fast, the stories are limited in length. Bridesmaid for the Billionaire (4*) was a nice story of second chances and the dangers of miscommunication. The story is told very well by Courtney Hunt, mostly from Jenny’s perspective. Which, in the end, emphasizes how quickly things go awry when people make assumptions and jump to conclusions. I like Ms. Hunt’s work, and this was a nice entry for the anthology. I really liked The Broke Billionaire (3.5*), though it was less well written (not enough character development, things moved pretty unrealistically fast), because of the premise: the heroine meets the hero when she runs him over. Now that is a strange place to experience love at first sight, but it’s a little loopy and fun to watch Trey convince Ellie that he’s for real. I will have to read more of Ann Omasta’s work. In fact, I’m sure that this anthology will provide a few more authors to get acquainted with, and has something for everyone who likes this genre.
205 reviews
September 12, 2017
Like a billionaire smorgasborg with a few precious gems.
If you love romance as much as I do, this box set is a wonderful way to indulge with little financial pain, and a chance to try out many different authors.

I received an ARC of a few of the books in this collection, and this is my honest and voluntary review of Courtney Hunt’s story: A Bridesmaid for the Billionaire.

This story is one of the gems in this collection. It’s about a destination wedding and a couple who get a second chance at loving each other.
Finn and Jenny have a lot of anger to work through, and a lot of misunderstanding. People can be miserable, even in the most beautiful places on Earth. Can they mend their hearts and move forward together?

Finn and Jenny’s story was very short (7 chapters) and sweet. If I had any wish it would be just a little longer… maybe a little more to the ending? But otherwise Courtney worked her magic again, and Finn and Jenny found a place in my heart.
4 ½ stars.
130 reviews1 follower
September 12, 2017
This collection has what I consider perfectly sized and deliciously various "snack" books in it. Long enough to satisfy but not so long as to bog you down. Something for everyone. Courtney Hunt's "A Bridesmaid for the Billionaire" is especially cute. It's a little predictable and not as background detailed as I'd like, but otherwise a fun, fast read about two people-Jenny, a.k.a. "jellybean" and Finn- rediscovering each other during a friends wedding after an angsty past history. I did receive this book as an ARC by Ms. Hunt, but I can truly recommend it-good bang for your buck with all the books included:) So get a cup of coffee, put your feet up, suspend reality, and just enjoy this snack series which has something for everyone.
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955 reviews6 followers
September 11, 2017
This is a review for Courtney Hunt's A Bridesmaid for the Billionaire. I received a complimentary copy of the story, in exchange for an honest review but I would glafly recommend this story to any fans of this genre.
This novella is a fast read and one that left me wanting more. I liked it so much that I reached out to the author to discover that this is a follow up to an out of print book she wrote involving Jenny's friend whose pending wedding brought her and Finn back together. Now, I have to wait patiently for it to come back into print so I can fill in the blanks to their love story as well.
In the meantime, add this set to your collection. These are always great fun reads and introduces new authors in a reasonable cost effective way.
Happy Reading...enjoy!
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September 8, 2017
I received a arc copy of billionaire ever after and only read saved by him by M.M Chabot. This book was a very spicy sexy read I honestly didn't expect it to be like that. I thought it was going to be a love story without that much of explicit words and actions of the characters intimacy with each other, but I liked it. I liked the little humor involved in it also. A good book always have a little bit of humor. I was so sad about what happened to Sierrah husband and her parents.

Some things that Kinda put me off was the misspelled words; there was some character errors where in one part she said Sarah instead of sierrah and the fact that it was short. I think this book would have been good if it was a little longer and the author took her time to write a decent lengthy story. I'm a fan of lengthy stories. I think it should have had more detail could have been added and flowed better.

A in all I gave this book 4/5 stars because it was a good read that I enjoyed .
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2,756 reviews20 followers
September 5, 2017
Damaged Love by Cristiane Serruya
Love is a strange thing - you can do almost for the one you love. Even separate yourself from them...
Gulliana is a Young woman that try to find her way in the mansion of her former fiance. What is going on There? Why don't people like her? What secrets hide Richard?
Richard wanted everything for Guilliana even when he needed to left her. He is destroyed but he still loved her. Will she Awake his feelings?
Will their damaged love find its way? That's read full of misunderstandings, love, hate and being hurt.

The One by Tierney O'Malley
A woman that comes to the royalty looking house. Everyone seems to try to hide something from her - will she manage to discover it?
Kooch is a man that will do everything for his beloved daughter! What will happen when Adrienne will start walking around his mansion. What will happen if she would find his little secret? And what about his inward feelings?
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February 16, 2020
I must say, after finishing this whole compilation, these stories were all unique and different, and those at the end, were as good, or better than the starting this listing.

#1 Billionaire In Blue Jeans by Margo Bond Collins

A very confused woman, who was the Town's real estate agent, but didn't want billionaires to purchase property, is faced with a man who had swept her off her feet, only to find....
Yeah you need to read this adventure for yourself to find out what happens.

#2 Tempting Harry

Billionaires appear to have strange morals. Like fake fiancee and spending a week together, even if they hadn't known each other 24 hours.
Okay, it is a fantasy world, so I suppose anything goes.

#3 Beachcomber Billionaire

He needed a bodyguard, she needed a job. Her marine training worked well for this type of position, except when he's a hunk, and had taken her breath away at first sight. He, on the other hand, was a player, but she was under his skin, like no other. The attraction was off the charts.
There was a real threat, and they had to stay on task, but it was so difficult..

#4 Billionaire by the Sea

To merge or not to merge, that was the question. He decided no, and the next thing he was washed up on shore, with a woman, Maggie, trying to wake him.
He couldn't remember, then gradually things came back...
He needed help to remember exactly what happened.
Interesting tale, with a romantic overtone to it.

#5 Billionaire in the Bargain

He had a problem and needed a wife, she had a problem and needed a husband.
They individually decided to take time out, and encountered the other, with immediate attraction.
A couple days... they were ready to work things out. However, hearts weren't on the table (or were they!)

#6 At his Command

Two people on opposing views of old versus new and updated, are thrown together through a bachelorette auction.
Once they are out together, they realize they were assuming about the other person, without really trying to find out who they actually were, and what their early life had been like.

#7 The Broke Billionaire

Hitting anyone in a motor vehicle could be traumatic, but then finding out the person is a billionaire, well, life would feel very cruel, if you were the type of person to take responsibility for hospital bills etc.
This little tale is about such an incident, but there's lots more to the story. Well worth reading.

#8 Dram Good Brew

A coffee broker needed a wife for a weekend, a waitress needed money for a new furnace, so he convinced her to help him out.
Read how this worked out for them.

#9 The Reluctant Billionaire

Money doesn't necessarily make you a happy person. Yes, you can buy anything you want, if you have enough of it, but you never know if your friends are there for you, or what you can do or buy for them.
Also the stress of a high end life, can literally kill you.
This is a story of taking stock, looking at life and what is best for you and then going for it.
Great story!!

#10 Ruthless Billionaire

A brother that needed a date at the last minute, for his sister's wedding. He literally falling over a woman that intrigues him, and proves to be so much more.
A wedding that goes terribly wrong, but a relationship that starts to blossom.
Another excellent read!

#11 Breakaway

Two people with an incredible attraction that they have denied, year after year.
Yes, he's a player, and she didn't want to be another notch on his bed post. However, he had seen her vulnerable self, when she was only sixteen, and never wanted to crush that part of her.
Their friends could see it, and finally his best mate, acting to force him into making a stand.
Off course life has it's dramas, but it is a heart warming read.

#12 A Bridesmaid for the Billionaire

Three old friends reunite for a wedding. Two had had a fleeting moment, five years earlier, but both had different futures planned, and it didn't work out.
Now, they are thrown together through the third friend's wedding, so suddenly they have a 2nd chance.

#13 From the Baroness's Diary

You get the impression that this story begins in the eighteenth century, but will be surprised at the actual time period.
A young naive girl is courted and married to and older baron. She is seeing a love match, he is seeing a bearer of heirs.
This may be the most erotic of these stories, so far.

#14 The Billionaire's Catch

Two little girls are best of friends, contrived to bring their single parents together, to make a family.

#15 Acquired

Billionaires doing billionaire dollar deals, are all very well, but sometimes, someone has to remind them to give back to the community. To put need before greed, and help those on hard times, to turn their lives around.
Yes, an excellent tale!

#16 Bad Boy Billionaire's Lady

When a person dies, we each have our own individual image of who that person was, and how they affected the life of the person remembering.
Sometimes, the person who has passed, had changed over time, so, depending when a person's last encounter was, may not be the person, prior to death.
This book is a grandson coming to take up the legacy of a grandfather, who was a harsh and ruthless exploitator of people and their weaknesses. The grandson had walked away, signing up for military service, to get away from the monster trying to mold a young man into his own image.
However, his grandfather had changed, in his latest years alive, and new legacy might be something worth saving, from the power brokers that were the board of directors, each with their own grasp for power.

#17 Love Struck

A stylist that gets to inner core of a person, so they feel the best about themselves, and what they wear. However, her first client is a bit staid in his way, and although there's attraction between the two of them, she is too forthright and,dare we say, on the mark, with her assertions, that he retreats, rather than embraces the new concept.
Yeah you need to read this great and at times hilarious saga for yourself to get the full impact.

#18 Saved by Him

This story is where two people have problems within their own lives, that make it hard for either of then to face each day. So to sum the story up, in the author's own words, "Two people barely existing brought together to save each other."
Again an incredible tale, well worth the time to read.

#19 Rescue Me

Waking up at the bottom of a ravine, Jackson Burke, wanders until he finds another human. Amber and her brother Derek are stunned when this man collapses out of exhaustion, and then tells a fantastic tale.
Being a Billionaire can be dangerous to one health, for always there are those that want to reap the rewards, without putting any or no effort in.
This is a story of a person, lucky to be alive.

#20 How to Rock a Billionaire

An Australian billionaire, literally running into his old school time flame, finds that she is on hard times. He takes her home and then offers her a chance to earn some money, being his plus one, at a set of conference events he had to attend.
Lots of looking back, being muddled about relationships and possible espionage of new technologies add up to a very good read.

#21 Billionaire Puppy Love

A billionaire who worked too much, a woman needing a better job, to pay for her car, before it is repossessed, and an aunt that has sent a basket full of puppies, to her nephews, to give them something that they could share love with.
Off course, the woman ends up looking after puppy and billionaire, causing him to start to understand that work and no play makes him unhappy.
I enjoyed the rest of the tale, to the stage of looking for the next book, which doesn't seem to be on Amazon. (Pity!).

#22 The One
After her cheating ex was videod, in compromising situation, and having it posted to the internet, Adrienne was pleased to escape the scrutiny of her neighbors and work colleagues. A job, on an island cataloguing artifacts for a Billionaire, was just what she needed.
However, the Billionaire had other ideas for her, after seeing her picture, and finding her even more appealing, in person.
Off course, there's far more to this romantic tale, but you are best to read it as the author has written it.

#23 The Billionaire Cowboy's Speech

A billionaire with a speech impediment, caused by a head injury whilst saving a toddler from a raging bull, encounters a woman, obviously trying to escape something, by hiding off the grid.
If I say more, I ruin a good story, another one worth reading.
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October 3, 2017
I will be adding more reviews to this set as I read the individual stories. It's safe to say that the other 20 stories in this set will be great.

The first book I read was M.M.Chabot's "Save By Him." The heroine in the story has lost everything in a deadly car crash prior to the accident, she discovered her husband had lied to her. The hero finds that marriage to a woman he thought loved him was nothing but a sham and is able to divorce her when he accidently finds out what she's been up to. So here we have two people who want nothing more than to be as far away from love as possible. She became as close to a recluse as you can be, whereas he was happy playing the field. But fate always has it's way and a girl can't go wrong with a gay best friend to help you go out into the world. Low and behold, these two end up working together; he the rich owner of a detective agency and she, a newly hired investigator. That's it I'm not saying one more word, I don't do spoilers so if you want to know how these two damaged people find love among stakeouts, you'll have to pick-up this set of great stories

The second book I read was Talia Hunter's "Hot to Rock a Billionaire." A snarky humorous, lost everything, has everything, met again love story. She's crushed on him forever and while playing together in a band in high school he left without a word goodbye. All she wanted in life was to sing and all she found was frustration and hurt along the way and now, due to a car accident, she has lost everything. He was the lead guitarist of the band back, with a knack for technology, in their school days, and in love with her; but then left without a word of explanation. Their reunion is less than perfect when his car hits hers and they find each other again. She has her pride, he has money. Neither will admit their true feelings or circumstances. He insist on helping her, she says no; so he offers her a job pretending to be his date during an important meeting. I don't do spoilers so this is it. I will say that the unfolding of their story is worth the read and shows that rich or poor you can't get around loving someone.

The third book was Michele De Winton's "Love Struck." I don't want to give any spoilers, so this is going to be hard. This story was absolutely wonderful, emotional, sad, happy, all in one great read. We have a struggling fashion stylist on her last leg of starting her own business and fighting for her life. We have a man at the top of his game in business, rich, good-looking but deep down never satisfied or happy with himself. They both have troubled backgrounds that have led them down the paths they've traveled; roads of fear, self-doubt, dissatisfaction. Their first business meeting is a disaster, making their first social, unexpected second meeting one as well. Words that hurt are hard to take back, so are actions taken. The author takes us through a mean spirited beginning, unexpected pleasure, then pain and hurt, to an eye opening change of inner self. All these steps lead to a beautiful love. That's enough, can't say more, except to say you must read their story and I hope it leaves you how it left me, JOYFUL and HAPPY with the world they discovered.
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September 13, 2017
This is a great box set of 22 romances involving our favorite billionaires by a wonderful group of authors! Below is a selected book from this set to give you an example of the great stories they have compiled for us here!

>>> Reviewing “Bad Boy Billionaire's Lady” by Mary Hughes <<<
Elizabeth Rothschild hurried along the dark street with a rescue kitten she would be taking home from the shelter. She was late for a board meeting and took a shortcut through an alley. In New York City, that’s not a safe decision.

Landon Lovless III, known to his SEAL buddies as “Rebel” or “Reb”—the new Chairman of the Board due to his grandfather’s death -- was angrily sitting on his motorcycle, stuck in the heavy traffic. He looked over to the sidewalk and saw a beautiful woman hesitate at the alley entrance. He wanted to yell at her not to go down there, but she turned and did just that! Minutes later, he heard an animal’s terrified yowl and threaded his bike through the condensed traffic to the alley. Two muggers were attacking the woman. Landon skidded to them and stepped off his bike. He made short work of taking down the muggers, with the woman angrily kicking out the knee of the one who held a knife to her so that Landon could finish him off. Then without a word he got back on his bike and rode away!

Elizabeth rushed into the board room late. She had promised the former Chairman “Landy” before his death that she would save his charities, which she had been running for him. With hostile glares surrounding her for being late, she took a seat as the “sharks” made plans to vote the new heir out before he even got to the meeting! But the doors burst open and the heir strode in, fully in command and authority. He announced they would be spending a week at a Caribbean resort for teambuilding exercises. Although he had considered stepping down, the horrible business reports made him see that he needed to get them working together or get rid of them all. The battle was on – and Elizabeth was included!

What kind of surprises awaited the men and Elizabeth? Would they survive this abrupt change? This story was great, and I highly recommend it! You just know there will be tons of fireworks, especially when Elizabeth learns who her rescuer is! Don’t miss out on the fun! And enjoy the rest of the stories as well! You can’t lose on this one!
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September 12, 2017
In my humble opinion, anthologies are the best bang for your buck in today's market. When I looked at the list of contributors for this one, I knew it was going to be a great read, so when I was offered a selection of the stories in advance and in return for an honest and unbiased opinion, I jumped at the chance. I definitely wasn't disappointed. Here are just a few of the great stories you can expect to find here.
Love Stuck – Michele De Winton
A light hearted and heart-warming story about a struggling personal stylist, an uptight captain of industry and a malfunctioning elevator. Sweet, spicy and uplifting.
Billionaire by the Sea – Traci Hall
A man is rescued by a beautiful marina owner when he wakes up on a beach wearing nothing but his underwear and can't remember who he is or how he got there. A well written mystery that provides a little romance and plenty of subterfuge
Ruthless Billionaire – Cheryl Phipps
Billionaire Benjamin Knight needs a date for his sister's wedding. Jenna Molloy needs money to fix up and reopen her florists shop after a fire. A business arrangement could solve both their problems ... until the wedding goes sideways. Phipps tells a story about love and all the ways it can go wrong with tenderness and humor.
How To Rock a Billionaire - Talia Hunter
This latest installment in Hunter's series of stories about Sydney billionaires finding love even features a cameo appearance from Gina, the proprietress of the G Spot adult toy store. When down and out singer Meghan Paige literally runs into an old friend from her high school days, his offer of short term employment could change her life. This poignant story of what was, what might have been and what might yet be will make you laugh, and smile, and shed a few tears. A great read.
Billionaire Puppy Love - Tia Morris
The first in Morris's new series about billionaires finding love and puppies finding their forever homes. When Emma Parker applies for a new, senior assistant's job, she didn't expect to end up puppy sitting for her wealthy boss, but that's exactly what happens. Gizmo the Shih Tzu steals the story, but I loved this one.
One- click while you can. This is a great buy.
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September 13, 2017
Billionaire Ever After is a set of 22 Stories that lean more to the passionate side than the sweet side. Anthologies are a great way to read new author or enjoy a story by an old favorite. This one is packed with plenty of both. Of the 10 that I read most I liked. One of the strengths of this collection is the unique plot and writers style that stands out in each story. Much better than I expected this huge anthology to be and the price is certainly right.

Beachcomber Billionaire by Stephanie Queen is a wonderful entry into the world of security for the wealthy. I especially liked Megan, former Marine, now Beachcomber Investigations bodyguard who oversaw the personal protection duty of Jack Collins.

A Bridesmaid for the Billionaire by Courtney Hunt is a lot of fun with reunited loves attending a close friend’s wedding. One of my favorite is the stories I read.

I really liked the idea of The Broke Billionaire by Ann Omasta; not broke financially but emotionally. It made a great story; another of my favorites.

Breakaway by Christine Kingsley is a “friends to lovers” story concerning a bartender and playboy. It is a good story but with profanity in it.

At His Command by Allison Gatta is a modern Taming of the Shrew story. Funny at times while being enjoyable.

Billionaire by the Sea by Traci Hall is a romantic suspense with Marina owner Maggie Kohl finding Michael washed up on the beach. Danger and love in a beach setting makes for an intriguing read.

Ruthless Billionaire by Cheryl Phipps has a business owner Jenna Molloy agreeing to be the wedding date for cold billionaire Benjamin Knight. Another man who wants what money can’t buy.

Love Stuck by Michele de Winton is about a stylist (New career choice for a character to have by a new author for me to read) and a CEO who desperately needs her help but doesn’t know it. This well-done story kept me reading to find out exactly what would happen between these two.

How to Rock a Billionaire by Talia Hunter has tech billionaire and musician meeting again after many years.

Billionaire Puppy Love by Tia Morris has a CEO I thought I would much like when I started reading the story. How wrong I was. Another new author with a delightful story that includes a cute little dog.

4.5 Stars for the ones I read.

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September 10, 2017
If you like Billionaire stories, you have to get this anthology! My ARC (review) copy only had five of the set, but they each were absolutely the cream of the crop.

Talia Hunter's "How to Rock a Billionaire" was an intense (sorta) second chance love story. Meghan's music career hasn't taken off like she hoped, while Jackson has put his high-school-band days behind him and focused on making his mark on the business world. A chance encounter thrusts them back into each other's orbits and brings back all the questions about why they'd separated years ago. The way they bring out the best in each other as their love story progresses is beautifully done with amazing clarity of emotion delivered through music. This story alone is worth getting the entire book.

Michelle DeWinton's "Love Stuck" was a hilarious enemies-to-lovers story that truly showcases the concept of "opposites attract." Sarah (Sass) is as sassy as her nickname, while Kirk is the poster-boy for controlled success. Their circle of mutual friends throws them together long enough for sparks to fly, and when they do it's like a hundred roman candles going off at once! The effect this has on both Sass and Kyle is brilliantly explored and the end result is very gratifying.

Traci Hall's "Billionaire by the Sea" is a rescue/mystery story with an insta-love story that is absolutely mesmerizing. The author does a fascinating job of growing the emotional attachment between the two main characters, not just relying on the physical chemistry they share. While the story did end with all the loose ends wrapped up in a nice HEA, it was such a wonderful story I was sad to see it end.

This ARC also included "Ruthless Billionaire" by Cheryl Phipps and "Billionaire Puppy Love" by Tia Morris, both of which are also riveting love stories with well-developed characters and engaging, captivating stories.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book, but I also pre-ordered it so I can get ALL 22 stories!
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September 17, 2017
I'm still reading this but here's what I got so far. The book has stories for everyone. Some you will like, some you will skip. Well worth the price of the box set. I'll update as I read more.

Billionaire in Blue Jeans
Margo Collins
4 stars
The first story in the box set starts out ok. I liked the idea of the story and enjoyed Sierra and Cash as characters, but the towns hatred of rich people was a bit off putting. The ending wraps up too fast, but it's a short story so you expect that. Good building of Sierra as a character and a great background on cash. Would have loved some more of them.

Tempting Harry
Victoria Pinder
3 stars

I spent a good part of this book confused on the nationality of the characters. I believe they are Americans but the actions are rarer British along with sone of the sayings.
I could not connect with Roxy and her family comes off as horrible. It's emplied at the beginning that she is rich but she's not.
Harry gives up too easy on things and again is not a favorite character, but he does treat Roxy right.

I skipped multiple stories here, couldn't get into them

At his Command
A. llison Gatta
5 stars.

This I loved! Finally. I always say big box sets are worth it because their is a story inside for everyone. This was my first one. The power play love/hate, steamy relationship of Lottie and Jake grabs your attention and doesn't let you go. The feisty back and forth along with the build up of passion is well done! Love both characters and will look into more books by Ms Gatta

The broke Billionaire
4 stars

Cute story. I enjoyed reading this one. Ellie is a bit too good to be true, her opinion being swayed the opposite way most people would be when faced with large amounts of money and Trey seems a bit too free with his money. Regardless it's a nice short escape from everyday life.
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September 12, 2017
I read an Arc in exchange for honest review

Damaged love by Cristiane Serruya

 I was a little hesitant reading damaged love at the start. I was worried it would end up being like a lot of other novels where the hero is so absorbed in so much repetitive self pity and you pretty much expire from long drawn out boredom and annoyance from the pity party. I was however, surprised that this was not the case! It was well written and not over the top. I found the characters very likeable!! They are strong, kind and understanding characters. I was hooked pretty much right from the beginning. It was easy to get lost in the story and connect with them. This was my first Cristiane Serruya novel and I found that I liked it very much. I will definately be reading more books by her!!

The one by Tierney O'Malley

Also a new to me author. I enjoyed her writing style and sense of humor.  The book was fast paced but there weren't any holes in the story. I liked the characters but I felt the story moved too fast mixed with the fact that kirkpatrick threw the word love around too much which made it less believable in the possibility of basically love at first sight. It was a bit hard to establish his deep feelings of love for Adrienne in so short of time. I don't think it was described as well as it could have been, his emotions I found focused more on Louisa than Adrienne. The rest of the story though A+. I loved the all the characters and the story line.

Saved by him - m.m chabot

Haha! I really enjoyed this one! Another new to me author... I am a little disappointed it had to end so quickly but all good things must come to an end seriously though... great story!

Reluctant billionaire - Caitlyn Lynch

Jace and Nessa... loved them. Again... the book ended to soon!
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September 12, 2017
Billionaire Ever After is a wonderful anthology of 22 short stories by various authors but this review will focus on How to Rock a Billionaire by Talia Hunter

Down on her luck singer Meghan Paige left home with big dreams but 12 years later is sleeping in her car and busking for change. Meghan's luck finally turns around after her Toyota lurches into the path of an Aston Martin driven by the gorgeous guitarist in her old band who'd skipped town right before they were supposed to perform for an agent. Billionaire inventor Jackson Brent lets the beautiful Meghan, his first crush, stay in his spare room after the car she's been sleeping in is smashed by his car. Jackson hires Meghan to be his date for a technology conference and by the time the conference is over, her car will be fixed, she'll be $2000 richer and be able to move on. The time that Meghan and Jackson spend together rekindles their feelings for each other and they agree to see where things might lead ... until Jackson's secret designs are leaked to his biggest rival and he questions Meghan about the theft. Too late Jackson realises that he loves Meghan but she's not taking his calls. Is this the end of the road for Jackson and Meghan?

Talia Hunter delivers a fun, sweet, angst-ridden and steamy story that will keep you hooked

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book
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September 12, 2017
What a great collection of 22 Billionaire stories! This collection has something for everyone no matter how choosy you might be!

"How To Rock A Billionaire" by Talia Hunter
Talia Hunter knows how to write a story that makes the reader feel like they are standing in a room watching as the story unfolds between the characters! The great storyline flowed effortlessly throughout the whole book and the characters were so well developed that Meghan and Jackson made me turn the pages like a mad woman to see what was happening on the following pages!

"Saved By Him" by M.M Chabot
Well written storyline that peaked my interest from the turn of the very first page with the well planned out plot and the characters were so fleshed out that I was totally enthralled by this story!

If you like stories about Billionaires and the women they love, then this is the collection for you!

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. However, I enjoyed this collection so much that I purchased a copy and you should too!
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