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Erin Blake #2

To Right the Wrongs

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Barely three weeks after catching the killer of Erin's mother and their biology teacher, Erin and her crew are back, up to their elbows in forensics projects. But this time it's with the full approval of their parents.

With Uncle Victor at the helm, Erin and her best friends, Spam and Lysa, are prepping a new classroom for CSI summer camp, where they will serve as camp counselors. Meanwhile, Erin's super-hot new boyfriend, Journey, is graduating, just in time for him to take a position as Victor's intern in the new CSI lab on campus. Journey and Victor are going to take another look at the evidence in the murder trial that sent Journey's father to prison. The girls are under strict orders not to meddle with the murder case, but that's easier said than done...

320 pages, Hardcover

First published February 27, 2018

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About the author

Sheryl Scarborough

15 books231 followers
SHERYL SCARBOROUGH, an award-winning writer for children’s television, is the author of To Catch A Killer and To Right The Wrongs, a YA mystery series with Tor Teen. The appearance of a habitual Peeping Tom at her home when she was twelve, sparked an obsession with forensics. After each visit, Sheryl diligently photographed his footprints and collected the candy wrappers he left behind. Unfortunately, he was never caught. But the desire to use evidence to solve a great mystery was sparked inside Scarborough all the same. She holds an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts and lives with her husband and writer-cats in Washington state, across the river from Portland, OR.

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698 reviews1,023 followers
March 20, 2018
Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.

If you like quick reading murder mysteries, To Right the Wrongs is a great book to pick up and enjoy on a nice rainy day. The title character, Erin Blake, is a smart, modern day detective who has a habit of getting mixed up in CSI-like cold cases. Her friends, Lysa and Spam, always along for the ride, as these precocious teens find a lot more to occupy their time than keeping a streak alive on social media.

Picking up shortly after the events of the first book (To Catch a Killer), Erin is trying to readjust to life after she gained local fame last time out. Not only did she catching the killer of her mother and teacher, but she brought loads of attention to herself when all she has ever wanted to do was blend in. Sure, there were some good things that had come out of everything like her new boyfriend Journey actually noticing her, but other than that she wishes she could just flip a switch and finish the last few weeks of her sophomore year of high school like nothing out-of-the-ordinary has happened.

Things aren’t that simple for Erin though. While she tries to focus on her summer forensic class, mysteries keep coming her way. From a new principal who is seriously crazy to Spam’s boyfriend acting strange to the girls’ digging up information to help Journey build a case to get his dad out of prison, Erin and her friends find themselves drawn into one dramatic twist after another.

Going into this read, all I was seeking was a fun murder mystery. The fact that the characters here were all young adults in high school gave me a bit of a pause, since I’m not in that age category anymore, but Sheryl Scarborough’s writing made me feel right at home among these teens, able to thoroughly enjoy the sleuthing and snooping. Plus, this is a fast-paced, quick narrative, one any avid reader will find easy to get sucked into.

The element I enjoy most about the book was the camaraderie between the characters. Erin, Lysa, and Spam are good friends, and it shows. They play off one another well, work great together, and find time to laugh, act like the teens they are. Sure, there are moments when the YA quotient gets a bit too high, but it always comes back down, as the detective business shifts to the forefront of the story.

My main criticism of the story would be Journey. Now, I didn’t read book one, so maybe he had more of an impact there, but here he seems a fairly throwaway character. Yes, his mission to clear his dad is what drives a lot of the narrative, but mostly he shows up in the story to alternate between making Erin feel uncomfortable (as shown by her constant blushing or giggling when he is around) or annoying the hell out of her. Like I said, this guy seemed really underappreciated.

Overall, To Right the Wrongs was a fun, fast-paced novel which did a great job mixing adventure with mystery and with teen friendship. I won’t go so far as to say it is the best YA mystery I’ve ever read, but it was really enjoyable and surprised me by how easy it was to slip into even though I hadn’t read book one of the series.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. I’d like to thank them for allowing me to receive this review copy and inform everyone that the review you have read is my opinion alone.
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1,150 reviews1,289 followers
March 13, 2018
I had very high hopes going into To Right the Wrongs by Sheryl Scarborough since I loved To Catch a Killer so much. This book is just as action-packed and twisty as the first, and Erin is still the same clever sleuth. The use of forensics in this series really adds originality, and I would definitely recommend it to those with an interest in this field.

Full review on The Candid Cover
4,685 reviews48 followers
June 25, 2018
I won this book in a goodreads drawing.

A teen sleuth, rocked by the events of the last book, goes away from the summer. Meets the usual oh-so-mysterious love interest, and finds herself trying to solve another mystery.

Nancy Drew was better.
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222 reviews78 followers
May 31, 2019
This novel begins right after the events of To Catch A Killer, and was just as engrossing as its predecessor.

To Right The Wrongs begins three weeks after the first book. They’re back in the forensic scene, and with permission from their parents. The girls are asked to help with CSI camp at the school over the summer, but find themselves wrapped up in a cold case, one that hits close to home. They are asked not to meddle in the case, but that’s easier said than done, right?

I loved the growth of the main characters in this novel and how they grow together. Again, I couldn’t guess the killer, maybe I’m just bad at it. TOR teen, can we please have a third in this series?
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2,264 reviews215 followers
November 10, 2018

Erin Blake and her friends are back solving crimes with their amateur forensic work. This time her uncle-maybe-father ex FBI guru Victor lives with Erin and her pseudo-mom Rachel. Cases include trying to free boyfriend Journey’s father, falsely convicted of murder and an a mysterious new guy in town.

TO RIGHT THE WRONGS picks up three weeks after TO CATCH A KILLER ends. In the second book of the series, the perp(s) are less obvious with logical red herrings based on their history in the small town.

Once again Sheryl Scarborough gives Erin a whip-smart voice. Suspension of disbelief is necessary to fully buy into TO WRITE THE WRONGS, the characters and plot are so engaging it’s easy to do. I bumped down to four stars because although I read TO WRITE THE WRONGS in one sitting, I didn’t love it as much as TO CATCH A KILLER. I thought certain DNA resolution was cheesy too.

I hope Scarborough has more Erin Blake in store.
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55 reviews12 followers
January 8, 2023
I absolutely adore this duology. The mystery is always compelling and interesting. And, this book was definitely less predictable than the first. And the way this book wrapped up is making my heart melt.
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5,103 reviews458 followers
April 4, 2019
*Source* Library
*Genre* Young Adult, Mystery
*Rating* 3.5


To Right the Wrongs is the second installment in author Sheryl Scarborough's Erin Blake series. The story takes place shortly after the events of To Catch a Killer. Protagonist Erin Blake and her best friends Spam and Lysa are more popular than ever. You could say that they are celebrities for their part in solving not one mystery, but two. But, Erin isn't use to the spotlight, and actually prefers to remain somewhat anonymous as long as she has her two friends at her side.

"One thing I've learned, is that it's never too late to do the right thing."

*Full Review @ Gizmos Reviews*

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236 reviews3 followers
February 2, 2018
I am obsessed with Erin Blake. She's a modern day Nancy Drew with a whole lot more sass and a keen talent for getting herself mixed up in CSI cold cases. I'm not much of a murder mystery lover, but I am addicted to Sheryl Scarborough's signature writing style, and I hope that she makes a dozen more of these!

"'We're not doing the right thing,' Lysa says. 'But we are doing what we always do, which is the thing that feels the most right.'"

Erin and her pals are back in the thick of a mystery, only this time it's Journey's father's cold case that they're trying to get their crime-stopper paws all over. Only Journey doesn't want them involved because he doesn't want it to jeapordize his father's chance of having the case overturned once and for all. But Erin can't really help it that evidence keeps falling into her lap, can she? On top of that, Spam's new boyfriend is displaying plenty of sketchy behavior and the girls have a new principal who is seriously crazy. But the real question is, can they solve the cases that are surrounding them... before it's too late?

I can't stress enough how fun this book was to read! I zoomed through it lickety split and wanted more the second I was done. It would be the perfect book to pull someone out of a reading rut, that's for sure! Erin is such a firecracker, and I love the comraderie she has with Lysa and Spam. They make a dynamic duo, and honestly I just wanted to be friends with all of them while I was reading.

To Right the Wrongs also adds more depth to Erin's personal life. We get to pick up where the last book left off, wondering if she's going to meet her dad soon. That story arc does not disappoint! I don't want to give anything away, but I was very satisfied by how it played out.

If you're looking for a fantastically fun high-stakes adventure/mystery/friendship novel this is THE BOOK for you! Don't miss out on these wonderful mystery books!
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1,878 reviews1,311 followers
May 12, 2018
Erin would love to become a professional forensic scientist and is thrilled that her uncle Victor's home to stay. She admires his work and the fact that he's turning the school lab into a professional lab that can also be used for forensics is a dream come true. Especially because Victor has asked Erin and her friends to help. There will be a CSI summer camp and Erin and her best friends Spam and Lysa will work as camp counselors. There's a lot of work that needs to be done and Erin enjoys every single step.

Erin's crush Journey is now her boyfriend. After graduation Journey will continue with forensics and Victor has asked him to become his intern. For Journey this isn't just a summer job. There's a lot more at stake, as Victor has promised to help Journey with his mission to free his father. Journey's father is in prison and Journey hasn't seen him in years, all because of a murder he didn't commit. Victor and Journey have asked Erin and her friends not to get involved in the case, because they want to make sure they follow the exact right protocol, but Erin can't help getting involved. She tries to respect Journey's wishes, but strange things are happening in the lab and Erin can't seem to avoid trouble. Will she be able to keep herself and the people she loves safe this time?

To Right the Wrongs is another amazing Erin Blake story. I was immediately captivated by Sheryl Scarborough's gripping writing style. Erin's sleuthing skills are magnificent. She and her friends are fabulous at uncovering the truth. I loved how Erin keeps finding herself in the middle of the action, even if she means to stay out of a situation. She's a brilliant main character and I loved every single page of her story. She's incredibly clever and I absolutely love it when a heroine has admirable skills and is brave at the same time.

Sheryl Scarborough knows how to write a suspenseful story. She plays with tension in a wonderful way. I like how surprising her stories are. They are creative, informative and compelling. To Right the Wrongs kept me glued to the pages from beginning to end. I read this book in one sitting, I didn't want to put it down. I love it when a story completely mesmerizes me. Sheryl Scarborough has written another terrific Erin Blake book. I highly recommend this fantastic series.
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251 reviews148 followers
May 4, 2018
I'm torn between giving this book 3.5 stars or 4 stars. When I finished book one, To Catch a Killer, I REALLY wanted a sequel. I do love that To Right the Wrongs tied up some loose ends, but it also left a few things dangling. It makes me wonder if there will be a book three - and I'm totally okay with that! Despite some hiccups with this book, it was still really enjoyable and the ending had me like WHOA!! But also... totally called it!

I've never been a huge fan of Erin. I love the forensic sleuth side of her, but otherwise she's just.. childish and selfish. I understood her reasoning for her behavior, but that didn't make it okay. I was disappointed with the way she treated Journey in this book. It felt like their relationship took a backseat to everything else. Part of that was definitely Journey's fault - he was very distant with Erin, behaving as if he didn't trust her and he should have. I still 100% shipped them, but I really wanted MORE from them as a couple, and I'm disappointed we didn't get that MORE.

Also, side-note: I had MAJOR Rob (1-800-WHERE-R-U) vibes from Journey.. Anyone else read those books and notice that? Just me?

I liked Lysa and Spam a LOT more in this book than I did in book one. In book one, they kept oscillating between acting like loyal friends, and acting as if Erin was purposefully leaving them out of things. But in To Right the Wrongs, they worked WITH Erin, and they both definitely had a lot of character growth because of that shift in attitude.

I really didn't trust ANYONE in this book. Like, it would be faster to list the people I DID trust 100%. But as I got further into the book, I started looking at each suspicious character in a more critical way. And then I was able to narrow down who I thought was TRULY suspicious, and who seemed like they were suspicious just to throw readers off the mark. In the end, my instincts regarding the person I was MOST suspicious about turned out to be correct. And when the big reveal happened, I was just like "I KNEW IT!!!!!!!"

There are several characters I'd like to mention by name, and discuss in greater detail, but that would end up being super spoilery and I'm trying to keep this review to a spoiler minimum. But let's just say: I despised Blankenship until the end; I didn't trust Arletta Stone or the coach, and was shocked by the way their stories ended; I loved Lyman, though we were clearly supposed to be suspicious of him; and I was indifferent to Clay but had this weird gut feeling...

Anyway, that's all on that subject, lest I spoil everything with my vague descriptions.

Overall, this book definitely started out slow. And I honestly enjoyed To Catch a Killer a LOT more. However, To Right the Wrongs was still very intriguing. It kept me on the edge of my seat, trying to guess who the killer was and how things would end. The characters all experienced a lot of character growth, and the book definitely tied up a lot of loose ends. I'm anxious to see if there will be a third book in this series, because I love the forensics and Nancy Drew/Veronica Mars feels. Also, the "90s/00s feels - by that I mean, as stated in my review of To Catch a Killer, "It completely reminded me of a 90s/00s teen novel, and I LOVED IT!"

So if you love books about forensics, Nancy Drew, Veronica Mars, or thrillers in general, I HIGHLY recommend you pick this series up! It's definitely a wild ride and, slow bits aside, will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

You can also find more from me on my blog: Pandora's Books
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2,005 reviews340 followers
March 21, 2018
Mon avis en Français

My English review

Here is a series that I was curious to try and even if I did not read the first volume I was very intrigued to discover this second one. I must say now that I had a great time and I can not wait to read more (including the first volume!)

Erin, Lysa and Spam have investigations in their blood and even when they try to be wise and discreet, this is something they can not escape. Yet they know that they can not make waves, that they have to be careful, especially as they are being watched by their parents. However, this time, good news came out, they were invited to become advisers for the new CSI summer camp. How to refuse such an offer? Especially when it’s Victor who is organizing it! But in addition to being able to look only from outside the progress of Victor and Journey’s investigation (something that is more complicated than expected, especially for Erin, Journey’s girlfriend), they find themselves embarked in a new story featuring a mysterious young man.

I really had a good time with this novel and I loved following our three heroines in their research and suspicions. We understand perfectly well that it is difficult for them to stand back. In addition to the vagaries of life, we follow the two cases in parallel and it is true that I was impatient to discover the truth behind all these events. I must say that I was really surprised by the end of the story because I really did not expect it!
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109 reviews1 follower
January 25, 2019
Did not finish. I read the first few chapters and then started skimming. I heard all the interesting parts are towards the end but I couldn’t make it that far. To Catch a Killer was so good but this one not so much. My 13 year old warned me...I should have listened to her. :(
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400 reviews1 follower
October 30, 2019
A good read, but did not have intrigue and magic of the first book. A few things felt forced here in relation to the mystery and the personal dynamics; wish I'd stopped after the first book.
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315 reviews50 followers
April 1, 2018
It was ok, unlike in the first book I didn't guessed or expected who the killer was, but with that said I didn't really liked Erin in this one and all the action and interesting stuff happens in the last 5 chapters the rest of 42 chapters nothing really happens. I expected more for this.
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542 reviews107 followers
March 31, 2019
To Right the Wrongs captures how danger is really never too far from Erin and her friends. We once again get to see how Erin’s mind works, in that Erin is capable of finding clues and connecting the dots to things that would have otherwise been overlooked. Erin’s a teenager in her junior year of high school, but has already solved one murder, and now in To Right the Wrongs, she ends up helping her Uncle Victor and her boyfriend Journey, try to acquit Journey’s father from prison.

Along the way Erin and her friends end up indirectly helping another case.

When I first heard about To Right the Wrongs; the sequel to To Catch a Killer, I knew i had to get my hands on a copy ASAP. So I was incredibly happy and over the moon when I saw that my library had acquired a copy. I didn’t want to get my hopes up and have my expectations fall through, so I read To Right the Wrongs with very little expectations.

The expectations I started reading with were: 1., I wanted and hoped we would learn who Erin’s father is. 2., was that I hoped everything would turn out okay.

Before I even started reading To Right the Wrongs, I was pretty excited about this story. Not only is the cover absolutely gorgeous, but it reminds me of Autumn. I mean, how could it not? The whole cover is varying colours of orange.

When I started reading To Right the Wrongs I didn’t know what to expect.. Would we find out who Erin’s father really is? What would happen if she did? In To Catch a Killer we were clued in to who Erin’s father may be, but it wasn’t specifically talked about. So I’m glad that what happened regarding the mystery to whom Erin’s father may be was solved.

The story gets under way pretty quickly, and by page 100 I was already gripping the book because; if you’ve read To Catch a Killer, then you know how suspicious and how un-coincidental almost everything that happens around or to Erin actually is.

I liked seeing bits and pieces of romance in this story. What I enjoyed in this sequel was that the story seems to be more focused on Erin and her friends.

I didn’t think To Right the Wrongs would end up being a book that I enjoyed, (since I enjoyed reading To Catch a Killer so much) but I’m glad that I held on hoping that I would enjoy it — and I did.

Even if I had tried to predict a few things, To Right the Wrong has a few plot twists that I don’t think even I would have expected.

I’m very happy with how the story played out. There were a few moments here and there that felt like the writing was kind of forced, but that’s okay! Ultimately those scenes pushed the natural flow of the story going again.

I loved getting to read more of Erin’s story. I especially loved seeing her though process and how she found clues, and connected the dots to things that otherwise would have been overlooked.

I give To Right the Wrongs, 4 stars.
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510 reviews99 followers
December 21, 2020
I really like To Catch a Killer which is a fun and fast pace mystery YA novels with details of the forensics stuff. I had such high hopes with this book but it turns out the mystery is less intense and I don't feel the suspension as high as the first book. In fact, I feel bored in the middle of the story.

The writing style is still the same as the first book and I also like the character's development especially Erin. Even with the plot twist in the end which really took me by surprise because I didn't see that coming unlike in the first book, there are some points which makes me dislike this sequel than the first book.

The lack suspension and forensic details which I really like in the first book in this sequel also might have been another minus point which leads to me feeling bored, annoyed and disappointed.
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29 reviews3 followers
May 3, 2018
I loved the first book in this series but this one was just, a lot. The entire synopsis is about how they’re solving journey’s dad’s case yet I forgot that was even apart of the story most of the time. More and more mysteries kept getting added and I got confused. The characters also didn’t really solve anything at all... everything was coincidentally put together in the last 30 pages when all the sketchy people just admitted why they were being weird. I like some of the characters and I was intrigued at points but a lot of times it was boring and I feel like nothing really happened.
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946 reviews7 followers
June 20, 2019
I really hoped maybe this one would be better than "To Catch a Killer." Nope. Same song, second verse. I liked the forensic science aspect, but I figured out the killed really early on in the story... and it was pretty stinkin' obvious. Again. So, will I read "Erin Blake #3"? Nope. No need for this song to go on.
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315 reviews2 followers
April 4, 2018
*I received this book from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own!*

To Right the Wrongs picks up after the events of To Catch A Killer and finds Erin more famous than ever but, still desperately trying to blend in. She's trying to readjust to her new life, especially after the unexpected events that took place during the previous book in the series and is still extremely interested in forensics! Things aren't that simple when you're Erin Blake though and things take an interesting turn, when Spam's new boyfriend starts acting strangely, their new principal turns out crazier than they expected and Journey wants help digging up clues in order to build a plausible case and get his father out of prison! With that being said, things are pretty hectic and Erin's dreams of being able to blend in kind of take a major backseat!

I'm going to start this review by saying that, I enjoyed To Right the Wrongs much more than I did To Catch A Killer! It was so much easier get into the story this time around and things progressed in a relatively fast and suspenseful pace. I love reading Mystery novels and was very interested in seeing how the author incorporated the Teen YA element into this one, especially since it's an actual sequel and not just a companion!

I really enjoyed the dynamics in this book and the characters' relationships! The friendship aspect was quite impressive since the reader can tell right away how much the three girls care for each other! They worked together so well and had each other's back throughout the novel, without letting any setbacks they came across deter them or ruin their friendship! I also liked Journey but wasn't really in love with him. It felt like he just existed and had no actual purpose in the novel. He did have an impact on the narrative since it was his father's innocence Erin was trying to prove but, at the same time, his presence either served to annoy Erin or make her uncomfortable. I still haven't figured out whether I like him as a character or not but, I have to admit that he made a better impression in To Catch A Killer.

The writing was great and the pace of the story fast but not rushed, which is always a bit hard to get right! It was so much more engaging than its predecessor since we've already been introduced to the main and secondary characters! The first book successfully set the pace for this one and the author did a great job with it! I loved all the forensic elements and investigation techniques used in this one. It's unpredictability really kept me going and I couldn't wait to finish it and join Erin and her friends in uncovering the truth!

Overall, this is a suspenseful sequel definitely worth reading and I cannot wait to read about Erin's future adventures! I have no idea if there are going to be any more books in the series but, I have to say that it just got better!
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265 reviews38 followers
March 4, 2018
I was pretty impressed with Sheryl Scarborough’s debut novel To Catch A Killer last year so when I was offered a chance to review the sequel I jumped on it. The first book was a great YA mystery and it read like a fun introduction to modern forensic techniques. Definitely something that would have interested my younger self – I mean really, it interested my adult self.

To Right the Wrongs picks up not long after the events of the first book and shows how the characters are readjusting to life after their brief stint of local fame. They’re wrapping up the school year, prepping for summer forensics camp, and generally trying to act like normal teenagers. Except of course they just can’t because they’re precocious crime-solving YA book characters. The whole premise of this book is that Journey is trying to build a case to free his father from jail and of course Erin, Lysa, and Spam want to help. Whilst they’re trying to research and dig up old information people around them who may be connected to the case act suspicious, snoop around, and generally lead the reader to conclusions.

This was a really entertaining book but I don’t think it was quite as good as the first. It just didn’t leave as glowing an impression on me To Catch A Killer did. One thing in particular that stood out to me was that the characters all acted a little too YA for my tastes. It seems that Erin and Journey’s relationship has detracted from the quality of their characters. Erin turned into a character that alternated between blushing and giggling and acting like a petty little witch. Journey mostly shows up to annoy Erin and be a source of tension – his character felt under-utilized. Lysa and Spam continued to be entertaining side-kicks. Another thing that bugged me was that the ending wrapped up way too fast – I mean, where did that come from!? You can’t just lead me on with clues and suspicion if the murderer is someone who had ZERO shade thrown their way for the entire book. Is our crime solving trio really awesome if they almost get murdered and that’s how they solve the whodunit? No. It makes them seem pretty lame actually!

Aside from these two points I thought the book was pretty good, though not of the same caliber as the series opener. It’s definitely not a series you can jump in the middle of, so I would definitely start with the first book if you’re interested. One thing I particularly enjoyed were the subplots - they were really well executed and added substantially to my overall opinion of this book. I’m unsure the planned length of this series, but I would consider continuing on with it despite my lukewarm feelings toward this installment.
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Author 19 books58 followers
March 28, 2018
First, I want to say thank you to Jean Book Nerd for the opportunity to be a part of this book tour. I want to also thank Tor for the book so that I could review it. What follows is my honest opinion of the book. I wasn't compensated in any way. With that out of the way, let's get to the fun stuff.

To Right the Wrongs is one of those sequels that ups the ante from the first. In the first one, we meet Erin and her group of friends. The main mystery dealt with Erin's science teacher's murder and the friends were more of just supporting sounding boards. In this one, they not only kept with their supporting role, but also grew as characters themselves.

We get to see more of Lysa and Spam's genius. Which I absolutely loved. Some of Spam's inventions do seem a little advanced, but given with today's technology, they aren't that out of reach. I wish I had a girl like Spam in my high school. That would have been fun. Really, I wish we had a Lysa and Erin too.

The trio's friendship is only stronger in this one. You see little mannerisms and inside jokes that don't leave you out of the loop. They are a real group of friends and I wanted to join in. Add their incest need to solve a mystery and they are awesome.

The mystery is definitely upped in this book. In the first, we only really have one murder to solve that happened to solve another. In this one, we have the mysterious identity of "The Skateboarder"  and the investigation of freeing Journey's father from prison. As if that wasn't enough, we also have the girls prepping for CSI camp and the normal every day family drama.

Just like with the first book, it was easy to start and run through the whole book. I seriously enjoyed myself with this book. The characters only become that much more interesting as the world unfolds. For fans of the first book, they won't be disappointed. For fans of crime books and snarky teens, you won't be disappointed.

The downside about this book? That the third one isn't in my hands yet.

Final Rating: 4/5
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1,360 reviews63 followers
June 13, 2020
It's been a while since I read the first book in this series, but I remember enjoying it and started reading this one expecting to enjoy it just as much. This picks up shortly after the first book ended, with Erin Blake having solved the murder of her mother and her biology teacher in the first book. Now, her school is getting a full forensics lab that will be used by the police, and Erin and her friends have been asked to be camp counselors for a CSI-like camp that summer. The lab will also be used to help Erin's boyfriend try to prove the innocence of his father, who's in jail for a murder he claims he didn't commit. Despite promising to not get involved with another investigation, Erin and company can't help but get involved with the cases that come their way.

This was quite entertaining! I liked the focus on forensics and evidence collection, and I also really liked how clever and resourceful Erin and her friends were. The author did a great job of showing each step that they took and why, and the story kept moving forward at an exciting pace. While this wasn't creepy by any means, it was certainly exciting and I continually wanted to keep reading to find out what might happen next.

Some parts of this book seemed a bit odd, and I could pick out a few red herrings that I think were slightly too obvious; I also guessed who was guilty well before anyone in here was suspicious of them, although this didn't lessen my enjoyment of the book. There were a few things in here that seemed to be included only to increase the action, as they wrapped up a little too quickly or neatly to feel truly noteworthy, but it definitely kept a quick pace and made me curious what'd happen next.

While this book does stand alone, it references things that happened in the first, so I wouldn't recommend reading this out of order. Definitely read the first book in this series first so what happens in there isn't spoiled for you! But if you've read the first book, this is a great follow up that kept me entertained and engrossed throughout. Very clever, smart, and engaging.
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1,174 reviews115 followers
April 5, 2018
3.5 Stars

'To Right the Wrongs' is the second installment in a young adult mystery series that fans of the genre will definitely enjoy. Although you technically don't need to read the first book in the series before this one, I highly suggest that you do. There are already established relationships that were made in the first book and obviously a huge amount of events that went down. You might be a little confused in parts if you don't read them in order, but you can go either way. Again, I suggest reading the first book in the series before this one.

The characters were interesting and I enjoyed getting to know them even better. Especially our main character, Erin. We see how she's changed and grown since the last book, along with how the other characters have grown together and changed as well. The secondary characters were fascinating and I enjoyed getting to know them better. They all had realistic personalities and flaws that made them easy to identify with. Erin's character was easy to connect with and I loved feeling like I was right by her side as she faced another deadly mystery. One thing I want to mention is the writing style, which is a huge aspect for me. The author chose to write the book in the first person point of view, from Erin's perspective. This is by far my favorite style for several reasons, and I'm so glad the author went in this direction. I don't think I would've liked the book as much if it had been done in another way. I wasn't able to connect with Erin as deeply as I would have liked, the first person narration really helped hold my interest and kept me in the story. The plot wasn't really anything highly original or unique, but the author added great details and her own touches to the story to make it her own. Definitely recommended for fans of the genre along with fans of suspense, thriller, and contemporary fiction.

Disclosure: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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June 6, 2022
Listen, I'm normally a very nice person when it comes to reviews, but this is an exception. This felt like the longest book I've ever had to read where NOTHING was happening. The last 50 pages are the only thing exciting about this entire book. Honestly, the skateboarder's life seems WAY more interesting. There were no clues leading up to the--out of nowhere--ending.
I really don't see what these other reviews are saying about how it's a "fast read" if you want a fast read--as well as real investigating-- do not read this series. Like the other book, the three main friends did absolutely NOTHING to figure out the crime. This book just felt like it wasn't planned at all, and was just written because "Sequels are fun" I guess. This entire book just felt as if you were reading from a different perspective in a way, like the main character's friend (if that makes sense?). Like I felt like I wasn't getting any answers, but also Journey's perspective seemed way better than Erin's. This book could have been twice as better if it had both POVs, that would be an awesome read.
The back of the book seems a little misleading, knowing that within less than 100 pages, Journey literally tells Erin that he doesn't want her to help him work his father's case, which she kind of does, but she always acts as if she totally going against her promise to him, but literally shes doing nothing. I honestly wanted to hear a bit more about Rachel and the Chief's relationship and how Erin was facing it, but I didn't get that.

*Spoiler alert*

And btw, the main character says this sentence that changed my whole perspective on her. She finds out that her stepmom is FINALLY happy with a guy she loves and that she's going to marry, and this girl says "What about me?".... what. the. hell. Could you be any more self-absolved? Like literally, are you kidding me? You find out someone is getting married and you ask "What about me?". If I were Rachel, I would have kicked her out as soon as those words left her mouth. Could she not at least PRETEND to be happy? That's so stupid.

That was my rant, and now I got to go babysit.
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