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The Fall of the Altairan Empire #2

Priestess of the Eggstone

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Pursued by the Targon Crime Syndicate bent on revenge, the Patrol intent on recruitment, and the Sessimoniss who want their god back, the last thing Captain Dace needs is a handsome copilot with romance on his mind.

It isn't Dace's fault she leaves chaos everywhere she goes. She didn't know Belliff, the company who hired her to courier sensitive materials, is a front for the Targon Crime Syndicate. Now Targon is after her for stealing their shipment of smuggled goods. The Patrol is chasing her for piracy, smuggling, and disruption of trade on a dozen different planets. But that's nothing. Her copilot, Jerimon, has an entire sentient species chasing him for stealing their god, the Eggstone. The two of them set off on a desperate chase to get the Eggstone back to avert war with the Sessimoniss while evading the Patrol and the Targon Syndicate. But the Eggstone isn't just any rock. The Patrol isn't chasing her for the reasons she thinks. And Targon's days are numbered.

321 pages, Kindle Edition

First published August 4, 2012

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About the author

Jaleta Clegg

75 books88 followers
I write numerous genres including space opera, science fiction, fantasy, and comic horror. I've even dabbled in romance.

Find my space opera series at http://www.altairanempire.com and all my writing at http://www.jaletac.com

My day job involves a planetarium, a starship simulator and lots of school children.

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October 5, 2012
Book Info: Genre: Space Opera
Reading Level: Adult
Recommended for: Fans of Space Opera, those who enjoyed Nexus Point, those who enjoy romance

Disclosure: I received a free ebook ARC through the LibraryThing Early Reviewer’s Program in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis: It isn’t Dace’s fault she leaves chaos everywhere she goes.

She didn’t know Belliff, the company who hired her to courier sensitive materials, is a front for the Targon Crime Syndicate. She finds out when she steps into the middle of a Patrol raid on Belliff’s offices. The Patrol and Targon both want her. But that’s nothing. Her copilot has an entire sentient species chasing him for stealing their god. The two of them set off on a desperate chase to get the Eggstone god back to avert war with the Sessimoniss while evading the Patrol and the Targon Syndicate.

But the Eggstone isn’t just any rock. The Patrol isn’t chasing her for the reasons she thinks. And Targon’s days are numbered.

My Thoughts: A fast-paced and entertaining space opera; this book opened with action that continued throughout the book. It was also very funny – the way Dace and Jerimon interacted, while somewhat cliched, was absolutely hilarious. In a more traditional romance novel it would have left me headdesking, but in a space opera it somehow works for me.

I also realized I’ve been using “space opera” wrong by saying the Honor Harrington series is space opera – it is not; it is military science fiction. This is space opera. And a very good example of the sub-genre.

The book read like a sequel and I ended up actually checking to see if there was a previous book to be found. And what do you know, I was right – this book is the 2nd book in a series! The first book is called Nexus Point and I picked it up, because I badly need to know what happened to Dace in it – there are so many tantalizing little hints thrown out in this book that it’s driving me crazy! So, I’ll be reading them out of order, because I was more than a third of the way through before I realized this.

The characterization was wonderful – I really loved Lady Rina, especially. Dace is such a constant source of chaos that I had to laugh – it might be terribly stressful to live her life, that’s for sure! The plot was fast but fun, and it was actually a fairly quick read for an almost-400 page book. Recommended!
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Author 5 books218 followers
June 12, 2012
It isn’t Dace’s fault she leaves chaos everywhere she goes.

She didn’t know Belliff, the company who hired her to courier sensitive materials, is a front for the Targon Crime Syndicate. She finds out when she steps into the middle of a Patrol raid on Belliff’s offices. The Patrol and Targon both want her. But that’s nothing. Her copilot has an entire sentient species chasing him for stealing their god. The two of them set off on a desperate chase to get the Eggstone god back to avert war with the Sessimoniss while evading the Patrol and the Targon Syndicate.

But the Eggstone isn’t just any rock. The Patrol isn’t chasing her for the reasons she thinks. And Targon’s days are numbered.
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Author 89 books190 followers
July 31, 2012
Priestess of the Eggstone is the second book of The Fall of the Altairan Empire. I didn't read the first book, Nexus Point, but had no trouble picking up the novel and jumping right into the story. Dace is a lively and compelling protagonist with a penchant for finding trouble and fortunately, the wits to get out of trouble. The novel initially focuses on two characters, Dace and her co-pilot, Jerimon, but eventually the cast expands to include a former love interest (Tayvis), Jerimon's sister (Jasyn), and a tarot-card reading benefactor (Lady Rina).

Jaleta Clegg has clean, descriptive prose, and she slips us easily and effortlessly into Dace's head. The pace of the story is generally brisk, but felt uneven at times. It seemed to take awhile for Dace to realize just how much trouble she was in, but the later sections felt rushed, especially toward the end of the novel. The sniping conversations between Dace and Jerimon in the first half of the novel got tedious quickly (as a parent, I can put up with "Did not" "Did too" for only a very short period of time) but mercifully, that tapered off in the second half of the novel. The ending, although it made sense for the story, lacked the heightened tension of most of the novel and felt like air slowly deflating from a balloon.

The novel itself is primarily science-fiction, with a light brush of fantasy through the introduction of the more primitive Sessimoniss race and their god, the Eggstone. I enjoyed the Priestess of the Eggstone and would recommend it for anyone seeking a fun "Indiana Jones" style adventure through space. I received this novel for free to review through LibraryThing.
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November 2, 2012
In full disclosure I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway.
Dace is finding trouble again, or perhaps more accurately it is finding her. She is now a transport pilot for Beliff Inc. With the opportunity of owning the ship at the end of her contract her dream of being an independent pilot is once again alive.
Dace hires Jerimon to be her co-pilot he seems better than her last one, but when they get boarded by Sessimoniss, eight foot tall lizard aliens who are demanding the return of their God in the form of an Eggstone it turns out that he is trouble after all.
Dace's problems don't end there, it turns out the company she works for is a front for the Targon Crime Syndicate and Dace has been transporting illegal weapons for them.
Their various activities soon bring them to the attention of the Patrol and our heroes are on the run from the law as well.
Dace and Jerimon are now on the run from Targon, the Patrol and the Sessimoniss in a desperate attempt to trace the Eggstone before one of the groups catch up with them.
Meanwhile Tayvis is trying to track down Dace, he still has feelings for her, but he is under orders to convince her to join the Patrol on a mission that will return her to her dreaded homeworld.

I thought the writing was a lot stronger than the first book. There was much more detail included. Not only the depth of detail but how often we are giving the details. This makes the story much easier to follow and easier to visualize the world.

One small detail was lacking, and that was recapping of who characters were. A couple of people were introduced early in the book, not talked about for most of the book, when they turn up near the end of the story, I found it hard to remember who they were. It took me a couple of pages to remember who Luagin was, and I still have no idea where Leon was in the story.

There were less unwritten jumps in this book compared to the first one, when the story jumps forward in time we are given a short summary of what happens. This made the story easier to follow and didn’t leave me feeling like I missed something.

There weren’t any big plot holes in this book, and just a couple of hard to believe plot points

One thing I really liked was just how dirty and grungy the world is. The characters are regularly in the engine room, getting covered in grease, scrapping their knuckles, hair covered in filth and getting bruises over their body. This makes the world see real, it reminded me of shows like Battlestar Galatica and Star Wars.

It was great seeing the various worlds in the book and they were all diverse and interesting. The Sessimoniss world was particularly interesting.

The story was a bit too romancey for me. It was also fairly clichéd; she has a fluttering heart over the men, thinks about what it would be like to kiss them, she also internalizes things rather than talk about them and plays the “guess why I am annoyed with you” game with the men.

There was a bit more humour in this book. It worked nicely adding something but without over doing it or making bad jokes.

Dace is a stronger character in this book, similar to how she ended in book one. She doesn’t get pushed around and stands up for herself. She still has a smart mouth on her. Although I thought she spent too much time thinking about kissing the guys and her emotions about them.

There were a few secondary characters and this time they stuck with Dace for most of the book. This allowed the reader to learn their personality and get to get attached to them. Jerimon was an interesting character to begin with and the dynamics between him and Dace was entertaining, although he lost something once he fell in love with her. Jasyn was an excellent character and provided a great sister role for Dace. Lady Rina was a fun character as well, a real firecracker of an old lady. One of my favourite characters was the Eggstone itself, the way it talked seemed so alien.

There were several nods to the first book, such as the fact Dace now has a fear of fire or not having boots. It would probably be a good idea to read the first book before this one as it would be easier to follow the story although it probably isn’t essential.

The cover for this book is much better and more appropriate for the genre.

Overall I really enjoyed this book, the story and characters are excellent, the writing style is much stronger than the first book. It was a little bit too romancey for my tastes. I am really looking forward to the next book.
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August 25, 2012

This is the second book with with Dace but I did not realize it when I read it. I like her. She has a hard life and made herself into rising above it. I can tell that
there will probably be more novels with Dace into the future. I will want to read it.
Dace is Capt of the ship Twinkle and she has a new piolet working with her Jerimon.
Dace runs into trouble all time. Everytime she thinks it can't get worse it does.
She finds out that Belliff the company that hired her and if she works for them for 7 years she will be owner of Twinkle. Dace does not know that they are using her ship to smuggle stuff all over.
Jerimon is a handsome flirt. He is in lots of trouble too. He stole a rock and it ends up being the Eggstone that is worshipped by 8 foot tall Lizard people that no one really knows anything about them. They destroyed the ship he was working on last time.
Dace and Jerimon end up with smuggled weapons and jewels on thier ship when the company she works for is busted. Her boss tries to hijack their ship so he won't get caught.
As they are flying away they are chased by Patrol and then the Sessimoniss, the lizard are chasing them too and firing on the Patrol ships too. In that battle the ship gets damaged so they go to another planet to make repairs.
Commander Grant Lowell wants orders Tayvis who works for him in Patrol to find Dace and convince her to work for him one job on her home planet for 3 months. He will protect her and get her out of the mess she is in.
Tayvis I gather really liked Dace in the first book he planned to meet her when he was done doing his time in the service in two years. He follows Dace and sees all the havoc she is making. He follows his orders but is trying to figure out a different way to get her out of trouble.
This story is non stop action we really don't see too much of the different planets and people. It is a engaging novel that I got lost into thier lives for a bit.
Jerimon is not used to women not falling for him he did manage to give Dace her second kiss. Tahvis was the first and she not sure what he wants in two years if anything.
Jerimon sister and Aunt end up joining with them to try and find the eggstone so the Sessimoniss will stop chasing them. The Aunt is a rich gypsey who tells fortunes and thinks that Dace and Jerimon will be together.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Librarything.
Publisher: JournalStone (August 10, 2012) 278 pages
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September 23, 2012
I received this novel from the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program.

While it is the second book in a series, Priestess of the Eggstone works well as a stand-alone story with plenty of material inserted to explain what has happened previously for those new to the story. This is definitely meant to be an "all ages" story, but it could do with some tighter editing to make it work without inducing eye-rolling among older readers ("I said a bad word").

The main character reads rather like a female version of any of the old pulp heroes where success has as much to do with luck as actual skill. She manages to surround herself with the right mix of people to get her out of the trouble that she finds everywhere she goes.

Fans of the Bechdel Test will be happy to know that there are conversations between women that don't revolve around male characters. Granted, at times, it does seem to be all about the male-female relations. And I often found myself wanting the heroine to push her co-pilot out the nearest airlock (the eight-foot tall aliens chasing you might be worth mentioning to your potential new boss. Add in the fact that he seems to think he is the universe's gift to female-kind, and... yeah, airlock.)

I won't get into the plot itself as plenty of other reviewers have done that. Overall, Clegg has managed to pull off an interesting story in the style of a Golden Age space opera with only a few minor problems, some of which may be due to the stle she's chosen (Golden Age pulp space operas aren't exactly known for perfectly even plots or nuanced characters).
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November 5, 2012
An amazing cast of likeable characters. Fast action with exciting, entertaining story. Would like the back story about what happened to Dace and Tayvis while they were escaping from Dadilan. The strength of character of an small orphan who survived the harsh environment of her home planet, Tivor, after her parents were killed and was able to emerged as a space pilot and engineer from the Academy. She attended the academy based on merit (not payed by a rich relative or political connections). Her skill level, toughness and just plain luck mark an unlikely success story who is able to succeed in spite of herself and in spite of her approach to achievement. While her ethics at time seem questionable, there is no doubt that her way is the shortest between disasters and adventure. Enjoyable book, I'm looking forward to more adventures with the bold orphan and her collection of friends including her gypsy partner and associated gypsy family. Is the Egg Stone really in her past or are the Serrimonians still trying to track down Dace and Jerimon Pai to punish them for their handling of their sacred Egg Stone? Tons of directions to proceed from the end of this story. Will Dace and Jasyn Pai make it as partners? Will Dace be able to find love? Will Tayvis or Jerimon be part of Dace's future. Will Lady Rina's fortune telling cards prove accurate? Get your hands on this book and the ones sure to follow to answer these sure to be exciting questions!
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100 reviews11 followers
September 3, 2012
**** Priestess of the Eggstone by Jaleta Clegg is a written in the style of 1950's science fiction. Priestess of the Eggstone is about Dace and her adventures in space. The book begins with someone from Dace's past wanting to recruit her to be in the patrol. Dace is a courier working for Belliff on a spaceship called "The Twinkle" She has a co-pilot named Jerimon Pai. Jerimon ends being nothing but trouble. An alien race called the Sessimoniss are after Jerimon because the stole a religious object called "The Eggstone"
To complicate matters, the business Belliff is brought up on criminal charges and Dace is caught up in them. Dace's ship is hijacked by Leon. Nothing goes according to plan for Dace or anyone else on her spaceship.
Priestess of the Eggstone contains the story of a wild multiple planet adventure. It involves conflict with alien beings called the Sessimoniss. This book has many unexpected twists and turns. Poor Dace just keeps getting deeper and deeper into trouble. This book also has some romance and even a love triangle involving poor Dace. (Adding to her many troubles.) I enjoyed reading this book. This book has a little something for everyone. Sci-fi, romance, and action all rolled into an action packed story.
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2,631 reviews51 followers
August 8, 2012
First let me say that this is the second book in the Fall of the Altairan Empire. I received a free ebook copy of The Priestess of Eggstone. I had started the book before I realized that Nexas Point was book one and I had not read it. While this does function OK as a stand along I did wish I had read Nexas Point first.

This is Science Fiction like I like and so seldom find it today. Dace is a great character. She thinks on her feet, is great in any situation, and inspires the people around her. Her co-pilot, Jerimon is nothing but trouble. They do not really like each other but then by a great plot twist they become a love interest. But then Tayvis, the love interest from Nexas Point, shows up and you have a get set up for fun and games.

The plot is great. There are two elements. The first is the Targon Crime Syndicate and the second is the Eggstone. Both keep the characters hopping. As Dace finds out being a Priestess is not all it is cracked up to be. It is fun to see who she works around all of the problems and how all the characters rally around to support her.

This is one I have no trouble recommending. Pick it up for a fun read.
3 reviews
August 9, 2012
I am a big science fiction fan going clear back to the mid-1950’s. I like aliens, technology and action. Priestess of the Eggstone has all these and more. The more includes characters that you will like, though they seem a bit “young” in the way they handle relationships and social situations given the responsibilities they each shoulder. But, I decided that young is okay because that attribute allows the characters have more room to grow.

All through my own life I have known people who draw trouble. The heroine is this book is a representation of many of them. That propensity for trouble gives the story the energy it needs to get from one situation to another.

The story uses the interface between people and technology to develop both the characters and the story, which I found really very interesting. And who could not like an intelligent alien artifact thrown into the middle of everything that provides a way for the characters to use their talents?

This is an easy, and very fast read. I liked the story, the characters and hope that this is one of the first of many stories with this character set.
2 reviews
August 30, 2012
I started the book and could not figure out who the target audience was, but when I just couldn't get past chapter 5, I assumed it was written for 8 to 12 year olds, definitely not adults. I got really bored really fast with all the constant "yes you did... no I didn't" type of bickering between Dace and Jerimon... just like 8 to12 year old kids. Then there was the "I said a bad word" or "Jerimon said the same bad words I'd said just a minute before"... I guess it is definitely for a young reader. As an adult I would have rather seen "@#%&/!" rather than "I said a bad word", if the author could not think of the "bad word" and actually use it. I tried to FORCE myself to finish the book, but I'm sorry, I really did have a hard time doing so, really slow reading with the constant bickering, and a plot that just didn't do it for me. I just decided to close the book for good and move on to another book.
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3,109 reviews2 followers
November 1, 2012
Dace grew up in an orphanage on Tivor and vowed to never go back when she became of age. Once she had a ship of her own, her stupid crew blew it up. Now she was desperate for work and signed up to courier for Belliff, Inc to delivery cargo to Tebros, but once she got on the planet she ran into problems. The agent in charge walked her back to her ship then pulled a gun on her to fly him out as Belliff was just a front for organized crime.

Sector Commander, Malcolm Tayvis was ordered to bring Dace to Tivor by any means and left infiltrate that could get her killed, but one death over thousands was a noble cause. Tayvis didn't like the order as he cared very much for her, but orders were orders and he went to find Dace on Tebros hearing of chaos and just knew Dace was in the middle of it!

Jaleta Clegg spins a riveting story that reeks of Pandora as every where Dace went she caused chaos!!
19 reviews2 followers
August 3, 2012
It was the first time I had read any of the authors works, and it was a pleasant surprise. For those of us brought up on the "Golden Age" SF, who enjoy "Space Operas" it was fun to discover that people do still write books like that.

This is the second book of an intended series, but worked perfectly well as a stand-alone novel. The plot was well paced, and you came to care about what happened to the characters. This was a nice pleasant read, and did make me want to come back to this series again, if only to see where the author takes it.

As with most space opera, this is more about the characters and plots than about science, and the plot was well thought out, with enough suspense to keep me reading until the end - and enough loose ends to make me want to read the sequel.

If you like good old-fashioned sf, then I would thoroughly recommend this book.
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17 reviews1 follower
August 24, 2012
This is the second book in the series. I have not read the first, but quickly found out, it wasn't necessary to get into this one. This story was fun and sort of reminded me of a Star Trek episode where Picard lives an entire lifetime of an alien race in 20 minutes. Dace winds up in trouble and on the run from a xenophobic and reclusive race of (Gorn-like) lizard people. After arriving at their homeworld, she inadvertently touches their egg-stone and gains past memories of numerous priestesses before her becoming their new priestess. She has to user her influence and knowledge to help her friends and her escape the clutches of the murderous Sessmoniss.
Easy and fun read. I caught only 1 typographical error and 1 confusing sentence which didn't flow. I feel like I should go back and catch the previous novel in the series and the next one as well when it comes out.
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1,642 reviews52 followers
February 23, 2013
Another romp, featuring space pilot Dace and adding a second Man In Her Life so she can have even more arguments to mask her emotional turmoil. Here she manages to cause massive disorder on a succession of planets as she discovers that the company she works for smuggles weapons, and the second pilot she hires is being pursued by ravening lizard aliens because he stole a holy relic (which turns out to be considerably more than a pretty stone). Once again she takes an awful amount of physical damage but the story's a droll mix of comedy and terror. Onward!

Money quote: "Lighten up. Just because we're being tailed by the Enforcers and eight foot tall lizards with a death wish, and are currently in the same ship with your aunt who has her mind set on romance, doesn't mean we should be scared." "Put that way, we have nothing at all to fear."
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972 reviews59 followers
November 1, 2012
First line:

"The office on Herifon was the same as a thousand other Patrol offices."

This book is a quick, entertaining read. Ms. Clegg told me this was one of her favorite to write and I can see why. Dace is smart and strong but trouble follows her everywhere. And this moves the book along.

Good world building and interesting storyline.

Keep up the good work!

Rating: PG13

V: Fighting

L: No

S: No




Story needs tightening
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5 reviews2 followers
August 9, 2012
This book, Priestess of the Eggstone, was a very interesting read. It pulls you in and you can't put it down. You just can't wait to find out what is in store for Dace. The ending left you wanting to know more. It was a really good book, I'm so glad I won it free through GoodReads. I would definitely recommend it!
September 13, 2012
Nice read.Interesting in the proposition of characters.They are fun and believable as themselves.Good timing and rithm of the thriller part.
Creative regarding the different worlds.Really easy to read( I did it in 4 days).
It was fun.
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97 reviews
January 11, 2020
This is a fun, fast-paced space romp featuring a young female pilot who seems to find trouble no matter when she goes in the galaxy. Fans of Ann Aguirre's Sirantha Jax books should enjoy this series as well. Highly recommended.
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17 reviews4 followers
March 28, 2015
“Priestess of the Eggstone” by Jaleta Clegg was very interesting, but labored. I cannot tell who the target audience is, ten year olds, teens, or adults. It is not at all a challenging read, but I am going to review this as an adult’s book. The book was very descriptive; I could see every second in my mind's eye. In advance, I am sorry about all of the negative points I bring up. I really did enjoy the book! However, by the time a book is for sale, I want it to be finished. This book could be good, with a harsh editor and a few rewrites. I am going to hit the negative points one by one.

First of all, when in a high stress situation, instead of going for it, Clegg wrote, "I swore." Either go for it or leave it out. Some more examples are: "Jerimon ran his hand through his hair and swore." "I said a bad word..." "Jerimon said the same bad words I'd said just a minute before." "I said a few choice words..." It was hard to tell if the author was being prude, or if she could not think of creative enough swear words for the future.

The artificial gravity on such a small ship cannot handle water, but it could hold chicken soup in a bowl? I understand that chicken soup is slightly more dense than water, however I don’t find this believable. Even if it were scientifically accurate, later in the book, the gravity is “doubled” on the ship. Therefore, it is clear that there would have been a way to turn up the gravity, so to speak, and make it so gravity was completely “normal.”

At one point, Dace’s character thinks the following: "We couldn't do anything else, except maybe pray." What are the religious stances of these characters? Is divinity a thing? Do they believe in a god or gods or is Dace just using the word “pray” as a reflex? The author never clearly states what the humans believe, and it makes it hard to completely connect and understand the characters.

Dace calling an item a "drink container" and later just a "cup" seemed ambiguous and unnecessary. Perhaps Clegg was trying too hard to convey the unfamiliarity of the time and place.

When it came to the part when Jasyn was reading to Dace, I found myself laughing. Dace says about the first sentence, "That is the worst thing I've ever heard." The reading from the book is very similar in style and not much cornier than "Priestess of the Eggstone" itself. The only thing making the story cornier than "Priestess" is the goopy romantic bit.

I was exhausted with the constant bickering between Dace and Jerimon, or Tayvis and Jerimon. In fact, by the end, I wanted Jerimon to end up dying somehow so the constant fighting would stop.

Overall, I give this book a C. It has a good story line and was hard to put down, but I often found myself snickering at the writing. If this book had a good rewrite, it could be a good tween book, or if rewritten another way, a good YA/adult read. One of the first rules about writing is to “know your audience.” If Clegg got a strong editor, someone who doesn’t care about making her happy, this book could be a solid B+ in no time. I am interested to read the other books in the series.
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1,087 reviews129 followers
September 23, 2012
Opening Teaser

"Captain Dace?"
I glanced up from the stack of papers piled on the table. I'd been sitting in a tiny room of the local branch of the Independent Traders' Guild for the last three days looking for a co-pilot. Out of the thirteen applicants so far, none of them were qualified to tie their shoes much less fly a spaceship. I'd been stuck on Rucal for almost two months, long enough to work out a contract with Belliff, Inc., but their contract didn't include a copilot and regulations required one, so I was looking on my own.


Dace is starting over after loosing her last ship is destroyed she signs up as a courier for the Belliff company with the deal that after seven years she will own her ship to start her own business. However they don't provide her with a copilot so she sets out to hire her own but none of the candidates have what it takes to do the job until the last Jerimon. He has the credentials plus Dace also finds him attractive, he doesn't even bat a eye at the name of the ship she was given Twinkle.

The pair set off for their first mission only to be attacked by a reptilian species hunting down Jerimon who stole the eggstone and sold it. As we learn in the story the that eggstone is like a god. As if dealing with the reptile guys isn't enough their ship that was supposed to be carrying tools, and parts is actually loaded with illegal weapons. So they are stuck running from the reptilian race that wants their God back as well as running from the patrol.

I received this book in return for a honest review in a giveaway on Librarything. I didn't until I was over half way done that it was the second book, so I didn't read the first one. I didn't have a hard time getting into the story even though I missed the first one. The characters are mainly Dace and her co-pilot Jerimon they seem to have a knack for getting each other into trouble.I found this the type of story since it's a easy read anyone who likes a sci fi space adventure would enjoy it. I picked this up over the weekend and didn't stop till I was finished because I wanted to know if they would happen to Dace. She has issues everyone does, she's not a perfect heroine which I think is why I liked her even more.Even though I read this one out of order I may pick up the first one to learn more about Dace.
490 reviews6 followers
January 31, 2016
Overall this was a fun book, I had a few problems here and there but none serious enough to derail the book or my experience reading it. For me this book has the feel of the old style science fiction adventure books I first started out on in the 80 19s and I really enjoyed that.
This is the second book in a series and I did not read the first one. Every once in a while I got the feeling I was missing something that I would have known had I read Nexus Point but the book really does work well as a stand alone. Mostly I felt I was missing some insight into Dace 19s personality, especially where Jerimon was concerned.

I really enjoyed the time spent delving into the Sessimoniss culture and could easily have read more and it will be interesting to see if they show up in any future books in the series. There is a lot of potential with their species.

I actually found myself enjoying how little of the technology was explained, there was enough realism to the science that I was able to get caught up in the story without feeling bogged down by technical terms and such that would have probably have caused me to skim parts, once you convince me your world has hyperdrive I don 19t need to know how it works.

I did have issues with some of the language, it felt stilted at time, a bit flat and forced and then others it flowed perfectly, it felt as though the author hasn 19t quite found her voice yet but once I got caught up in the story this was easily overlooked.
There were more than a few times where things felt like the fell into place a bit to neatly, her luck a little to good but that actually does seem to be something of a theme in the book so I just let it go, plus I felt it added to the overall feel of an old style adventure book.
I may or may not read the first book, but I will definitely look for the next one and check it out and I really hope the author continues to write in this vein for awhile as there just aren 19t enough pure scifi adventure books out there these days.
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September 25, 2012
I received this ebook free in exchange for a review. This is an interesting science fiction tale set in an empire that spans space and worlds. Dace desperately wants to own her own ship and earn a living as an independent trader, but there are just a few problems in her way: she has no ship, no money, and has just discovered that the company she is working for is a front for a galactic mob. Now the patrol is after her. If that was the worst of her news she might be able to deal with that. But her new co-pilot has stolen a religious artifact from a reclusive race of lizard like warriors who are intent or retrieving it, and since he is on her ship, they are also holding her responsible. But that still isn't the worst of it...

Clegg spins an interesting tale that takes several very unexpected turns as Dace tries to solve an ever growing list of problems. Her characters are interesting, but I would have like to have seen a bit more development on some of them. Some fairly important characters need a little more to make them as full as they need to be. In addition, I think this would have been a better read if she had streamlined some of the struggles - at times the plot seems almost too convoluted, though I admit that Clegg does do a good job of resolving it. The book is a fairly easy read and is well written with an engaging story and good character interaction. If you enjoy science fiction that is heavy on space flight and alien interaction, this is a very readable book.
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September 9, 2012
This story follows Dace in her wish to escape her previous dealings with the Patrol by owning her own ship and having her own life. This starts by captaining the ship Twinkle for the courier company Beliff who turn out to be running illegal items through space and her new co-pilot is running from a species of aliens from who he stole their Eggstone. And until this is returned they will kill anything or anyone in their way.....life does not seem to be going in the right direction now does it.

This is the second book in the series which you pick up on as references are made to her previous run ins with the Patrol and the fact that Tayvis is following her to bring her back for one last mission. However this does not fully impact on the story in this book. The story revolves around getting the stone back to the Sessimoniss which does come at a cost to Dace as she has to share the life of the stone and also her past with it to help everyone escape.

A bit obvious in places (i.e. the jealousy between Jerimon and Tayvis) and the fact that the story was leading to a third book from about the last third did not really spoil the read for me.
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January 26, 2014
Zeresthina Dasmuller changed her name to Dace trying to leave behind the horrors of Tivor behind her. Commander Grant Lowell wants Dace for one mission to Tivor no matter the cost to her physically and emotionally. It's up to Marshall Tayvis to recruit her for Commander Lowell. Dace wants to be free to have her own ship and little peace of mind is that too much to ask for. Jerimon Pai, a pilot, searching for a crew that won't ask too many questions about his past. When both Dace's and Jerimon's past both bite them in the butt truth is needed more than lies. Jerimon admits stealing fist size black shiny rock for his own gain. An alien race searches for The Eggstone pursuing Jerimon and Dace wherever they go. Will Tayvis find Dace? Will Dace work for Lowell? Why is The Eggstone important? Your answers await you in Priestess of the Eggstone.

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January 21, 2021
I recieved this book through Librarything's Early Reviewers Program.

THe story of Dace and her intergalactic adventures continues. Along with Tayvis,Lowell, and some new faces.
Dace hires a new co-pilot, who then causes them to be hunted by 8 ft. tall aliens with poisonous claws. Leaving a trail of destruction in their wake as they try to avoid the creatures and the Patrol, who are after Dace in hope of recruiting her.
The plot was easy to follow. The characters were likable. I felt that the story got repetitive, as if the author didn't trust her readers to remember what trouble Dace and Jerimon were in or why. We are told over and over again what Jerimon did to get the attention of the Sessimoniss.
All in all, I liked the book. And I'm looking forward to the next installment in the series.
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May 6, 2013
Review: Priestess of the Eggstone by Jaleta Clegg: Aaaggg! Not the ending I was looking for exactly, but it was still a good ending. Full of hope and now I can use my own imagination to fill in the blanks. Oooh. Steamy. Ha ha. I enjoyed the book thoroughly, even if I wanted to take Dace and Tayvis and shake them until all their engine parts fell out. And Jerimon was seconds away from being bashed over the head quite a few times. Jasyn is a treasure and dumb ass Leon turned out to be quite a good fish. The Sessimoniss must just stay their side of whatever galaxy they come from, because they sound very mean. Dace’s experience with the eggstone was well written and I love the engine ‘talk’. Food for thought. I really hope there will be another book, because it think there is definitely room for one more.
This is an honest review given in exchange for reading the book
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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May 5, 2015
I was not sure what to expect after reading the first book in this series. I didn't mind it but it didn't leave me shivering in anticipation for the next in the series. I finally got around to reading the Priestess of the Eggstone and now wish I'd done it sooner. I enjoyed this one much more than the first, particularly the protagonist. The main character really grew on me as did a few of the other characters. Finding out more about the background of the main character really drew me into the story and I'm finally at the point where I can't wait to find out more, including how the other characters will fit into the story, particularly Tayvis and Lowell. I'm hoping we get to find out more about the main character's home world in future books. I look forward to reading the subsequent books in the series.
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August 28, 2013
It took me a chapter or two to get into. I liked the bit where Dace was on the alien populated planet best. I've spent a lot of real time dealing with people who seriously believe every conspiracy theory out there. To the point that I've developed a knee jerk suspicion that kicks in with over the top space opera style politics and legal systems. When Dace is off with pure aliens I can get that part of my brain to suspend disbelief easier. Besides, I'd much rather figure out a new alien culture than deal with entrenched human red tape. Even if one is slightly more likely to be deadly. =)
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