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Owned by the Alpha: Manlove Edition

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NEW Dark Paranormal Romance Stories by International Bestselling Evernight Authors!

The Alpha lives for the hunt...

Driven by instinct, an Alpha shifter recognizes his fated mate from one scent, one touch. He'll pursue his man, regardless of the cost, and anyone else would be smart to get out of his way. He won't stop until he takes possession of his prize.

Although the hunter doesn't need convincing, his mate certainly does. The Alpha will have to prove himself as a lover and convince his man that he plays for keeps.

A Tiger’s Luck by Maia Dylan

Last Alpha Standing by James Cox

Mooncrest by Jules Dixon

His Guardian Panther by Elena Kincaid

The Scarf by L.J. Longo

A Matter of Trust by Pelaam

Conflict of Interest by L.D. Blakeley

357 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 25, 2017

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Audrey Bobak

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Profile Image for Janis F.
382 reviews3 followers
April 25, 2017
This box set is 7 Dark Paranormal anthologies. They each contain an Alpha male falling hard and fast for his man.
I have three favorites: A Tiger's Luck by Maia Dylan, Conflict of Interest by LD Blakeley and Last Alpha Standing by James Cox. All of the stories are hot and sexy and ranged from good to great. I'm sure there is something in this anthology for every book lover. I would highly recommend it.

I received a copy of this book directly from the publisher.

Check out more of my reviews on my blog: www.bookreviewsjanisf.com
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1,452 reviews125 followers
February 6, 2018
A Tiger’s Luck by Maia Dylan
Xander has the IQ of a turnip, there's no way this guy is a detective. If I ever get robbed, please don't call Zander for me.

Last Alpha Standing by James Cox
LOVED this story. It was full of COX snark and had a unique take on the shifter dynamics.

Mooncrest by Jules Dixon
Romeo and Jules shifter style. There was a lot of story for the length here and I would have liked some more pages but it was still a good tale.

His Guardian Panther by Elena Kincaid
I really liked the world building in this one but would have really liked more page time for the MCs together.

The Scarf by L.J. Longo
Basically ditto on the last story. The world building and setup were great, there just wasn't quite enough balance between that and the relationship between the MCs to appreciate them together. This would make a really good novella length tale at the least.

A Matter of Trust by Pelaam
I didn't buy the relationship in this one at all. I liked Rylan, but Tudor was a caricature at best. I'd love Eirian's story though.

Conflict of Interest by L.D. Blakeley
I liked this one a lot and would have loved a longer tale for these two.
Profile Image for Theresa.
2,986 reviews
July 3, 2017
All of the stories were extremely short even for an anthology. Thus, their plot lines and character and/or relationship development suffered accordingly. I only enjoyed 3 out of the 7 stories.

1 star - A Tiger’s Luck by Maia Dylan - DNF. Xander was TSTL. Enjoyed the writing and would read more by this author if the MCs are stronger.

3.5 stars - Last Alpha Standing by James Cox - A lot of fun and sweet too. Nice definition of an alpha MC - very masculine, strong, compassionate and loyal. Writing was very good - able to weave in relationship development in the midst of an alpha mate challenge. Loved the fight details. Would like to see this rewritten into a longer story. Want to read more by this author.

1 star - Mooncrest by Jules Dixon - DNF. Lost interest. Not much romance. Spirituality, history and pack politics were the focus.

2 stars - His Guardian Panther by Elena Kincaid - Story was nice but ending was rushed. Writing was rough and awkward. Sex was just meh.

3 stars - The Scarf by L.J. Longo - Wonderful fantasy world building. Great relationship development. Sex was hot and sensual. Story was quite detailed until huge time/plot gap at end. Huge cop out. Very disappointed in the ending and my rating dropped dramatically. Still want to read more by this author.

1/2 star - A Matter of Trust by Pelaam -Sucked big time. Felt like I was in the Twilight Zone reading a 1970's M/F Harlequin Romance. Lame story. Dull. No emotional development. Sex was really bad.

2 3/4 stars - Conflict of Interest by L.D. Blakeley - Really liked the writing and story and wanted to give a higher rating. Nice strong likable MCs. Relationship not developed enough. Abnormally short with abrupt ending which lowered my rating. Would like to see this rewritten into a longer story. Definitely want to read more by this author.
Profile Image for Tina.
2,583 reviews16 followers
July 2, 2017
Owned by the Alpha Manlove Edition this anthology has a little something for anyone who loves Alpha males and mates. I did find a lot of the stories in this series to be more unfinished and hurried rather than complete stories. However there were a couple of standouts for me that I will include this review.
I am a huge fan of anthologies because it is a great way to try out authors you might not have heard from before. See what they write like and perhaps pick up another story written by them in the future.
The following stories and authors are in this anthology:
A Tiger's Luck by Maia Dylan
Last Alpha Standing by James Cox
His Guardian Panther by Elena Kincaid
The Scarf by L.J. Longo
A Matter of Trust by Pelaam
Conflict of Interest by L.D. Blakely
My personal favorite is the story by Elena Kincaid, His Guardian Panther. I picked this story because I usually read Ms. Kincaid's MF works. I really wanted to see what she could do in the MM world. Also this story is complete. Very well rounded and I felt a great ending too. I didn't feel there could be more or should be more. In this story Tom is heading out to help his parents out. He sees someone on the side of the road as he is driving. He stops to help, and well his life changes forever. A good deed never goes unpunished might sum up how things go after that.
Tom is a doctor and now he is being threatened for interfering with pack business.
Luke our Alpha hero he is the town sheriff. He finds what remains of Tom on the side of the road. The only way to save him is to claim him. But will Tom thank him or run from him once he is healed?
This story is full of love, action and two men you have gotta meet. I would love this one to be a series. It has all the elements I love in a story. Highly recommend it.
My next story I liked but felt it was rather rushed is A Tiger's Luck by Maia Dylan. She is a new to me author. I really felt connected to this story. But I also felt it was extremely rushed. I think if the story could have been slower this would be a stand out read.
We have Xander and Yuri in this story. Xander is a cop who is at the wrong place at the right time. Yuri is a powerful shifter bent on protecting his mate even if his mate doesn't know him yet.
I loved that both men have very strong personalities. They have to temper themselves a little to blend and become the mates they were meant to be. Lots of action and great connection in this story.
Over all most of the stories in Owned by the Alpha anthology are great starts to what could be longer stories. I loved them and really had fun reading this anthology. I would definitely be looking for more from these authors in the future they are all brilliant story tellers and I want to read more from them all.

Five Shooting Stars
Profile Image for Joyfully Jay.
7,385 reviews418 followers
June 8, 2017
A Joyfully Jay review.

3.75 stars

What is an alpha? An alpha is a man strong enough to dominate the beast within… and those without. He is the undisputed lord and master of shifter-kind, ruling with tooth and claw and mind and will. You know him by the way he walks into a room, taking charge with effortless ease, be he king of the lions or leader of the pack. An alpha will never give in, never back down, and never lose a fight.

It’s lonely at the top of the mountain, and even alphas need someone to stand at their side. Someone they can trust with their all-too human sides, their vulnerability… their hearts. But even an alpha can’t simply wave their hand and command someone to love them. To win the love of their destined mate, these alphas will have to plot and plan, woo and charm, and do anything and everything it takes to win the hearts of the men they love.

For those lucky men who somehow mange to catch the attention of an alpha shifter there are only two choices: fight, or flight. But whichever choice they make, there is no force in the world that will stop an alpha from getting what he wants. Alphas don’t give up, they don’t give in, and they certainly don’t intend to lose.

Read Elizabeth’s review in its entirety here.
Profile Image for SiKReviews.
1,242 reviews5 followers
June 15, 2017
One of my favorite stories in this collection of hot reads was "A Tiger's Luck" by Maia Dylan.

I have been a fan of Maia's since the beginning. With every story, no matter the length, always give gives you a to die for Alpha and a mate that makes him check his ego. Yuri and Xander are a hot couple who compliment each other. They are perfect together.
Profile Image for Lada.
865 reviews11 followers
May 14, 2017
Each story was too short, and just like when you took too many shortcuts to achieve something, the quality suffered.
Profile Image for Merissa (Archaeolibrarian).
3,438 reviews93 followers
May 9, 2017
Owned by the Alpha: Manlove Edition is a brilliant group of short, steamy, shifter stories that are guaranteed to delight. There is one theme that runs through them, and that is finding your fated mate. Some are already shifters so they know the score. Others are human and didn't have a clue. Regardless of which way the story goes, all of these stories are individual enough to 'stand out from the pack', whilst keeping the flow from one story to the next.

All of the stories in this collection are very well written, with no editing or grammatical errors to disrupt my reading flow. Some of the authors were already known to me, but I know have others to watch out for. For a quick steamy coffee break book with one story at a time, or for a long session involving all of them, this is a wonderful collection that is definitely recommended by me.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *

Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!
1,058 reviews8 followers
July 20, 2018
I bought this anthology because it included Jules Dixon, whom I have read before. I enjoyed all the stories here but there were 2 that stuck out for me. A Tiger's Luck by Maia Dylan and The Scarf by L. J. Longo. I haven't read either author before, but I will be reading more from them in the future. In the story by Dylan, it's the characters and their interactions that caught me. Yuri is powerful and a little arrogant but he does that in a way that doesn't alienate Xander, who is strong in his own right. Their journey together is smooth despite the bumps of a bank robbery, attempted homicide, an arrest, and an alpha challenge. The story by Longo was so original - it had the feel of an old Sam Spade crossed with a western with just a dash of steampunk or Mad Max. That's not the story at all, just the feeling it evoked in me. Dimi and Truman are great characters and work to understand each other in the dangerous and precarious world they live in. I enjoyed witnessing their beginning.
Profile Image for Nessa.
1,858 reviews18 followers
April 20, 2020
This was such a fun and entertaining read. The stories were very well done, however, my favorite was, A Tiger's Luck, by Maia Dylan. The characters were enthralling with such intriguing and intense personalities. I'll definitely be looking up some of these authors. Absolutely compelling anthology. =)
Profile Image for Harper Miller.
Author 6 books437 followers
May 18, 2020
I had high hopes for this anthology, but I was extremely disappointed. It’s not easy writing short stories, but there has to be a beginning, a middle, and an end for the story to feel complete. It seemed as if a lot of plot points were sacrificed to meet word count goals which is unfortunate. There’s potential here, but I was left unsatisfied.
Profile Image for Josette Reuel.
Author 77 books383 followers
May 4, 2017
An amazing collection of stories

An amazing collection of M/M romance that anyone who enjoys the genre would enjoy. I'm definitely going to search for more by these authors.
Profile Image for Sarina.
766 reviews1 follower
August 10, 2017
Review written for Love Bytes Reviews.


On the whole, this was a good anthology that showcased a nice variety of stories all within the set Alpha theme. There were things I liked about all of the offerings presented here and while some stories were more successful than others, there wasn’t a story that I didn’t like. If you enjoy paranormal books, namely shifter stories, and like your men dominant and in charge, I’d recommend checking this book out.

A Tiger’s Luck by Maia Dylan 4.5*

This was my favorite story in the set and was a great way to start off the book. I really liked the set up and thoroughly enjoyed the interactions between the two main characters. I will admit to thinking Yuri was in the mob for the majority of the book and was therefore surprised, but not disappointed when I learned the truth. Really enjoyable story with believable characters and reactions.

Last Alpha Standing by James Cox 4*

Another winner in the book, this was probably one of the more unique stories and I liked it a lot. The characters were well done and I liked how ‘winning’ the competition became less important than the two men wanting and getting to be together in the end.

Mooncrest by Jules Dixon 3.5*

This one had a kind of Romeo and Juliette vibe only better because there were shifters and no one died at the end. I do wish that I had been able to see the main characters spending more time together, especially before the first declaration of love, but I also understand that they knew each other, at least a little, previously so it wasn’t completely implausible. Nice story with good pacing.

His Guardian Panther by Elena Kincaid 3*

This was the shortest story in the collection and I’m sorry to say that it showed in not so great ways. I did really like the premise of the story and the beginning was great for setting things up but the rest kind of failed to deliver in any meaningful way. Things were way too rushed and the get together between the main characters wasn’t believable, especially seeing as how they initially parted ways. It was a nice story in general but more for the premise and what could have been rather than what was actually there.

The Scarf by L.J. Longo 3.5*

I had mixed feelings about this one. Firstly, the premise and world set up was great! I loved the differences here between the shifters I’m used to seeing and what the author actually did; it was also nice seeing a few different kinds. When Tru started his little daydream about what he’d do when he found the owner of the scarf, however, I rapidly began to lose interest. I honestly didn’t care much for the bulk of the story past the beginning and it was only at the end that I regained the desire to read the story. I can totally appreciate the unique elements and the fact that this was a nice start to finish case, but I would’ve liked a bit less fantasizing and more seriousness on Tru’s part, especially during the part where his character was being established.

A Matter of Trust by Pelaam 4.5*

Another great story; I really liked the character development and interactions here. It was also great having a character that wasn’t a shifter but that at least was familiar with shifters in general, even if he hadn’t had any meaningful interactions with any before this point. It was fairly obvious what kind of shifter Tudor was but it was nice that his ‘alphaness’ didn’t overwhelm all of his interactions with Rylan. Enjoyable story that made use of miscommunication effectively without wanting to make me bang my head into the wall. Definitely one of my favorites in the book.

Conflict of Interest by L.D. Blakeley 4*

This was a good story to end the collection; I enjoyed the opposites attract aspect of the story but would’ve liked a little more push/pull between the characters as a result. The reason for the frame up is never explicitly stated but I got enough of an idea that the overall story and ending made sense and I got a nice happily ever after to walk away with. Good premise and interesting characters; it would be great expanded a bit but I was happy with it overall.
Profile Image for Anne.
727 reviews
April 9, 2018
Hot collection of sexy alphas
I love this collection. The different characters, hot alphas and their sexy mates to be alike, are great and each story of its own is sexy, suspenseful, intriguing and sizzling hot. A few authors were new to me and I think I want to read some more of one or the other. And the authors I already know and love, well, love your stories and can't get enough of your work.
Profile Image for Alison.
328 reviews14 followers
April 27, 2017
Length: 88,780 words
Flames: 3

As an anthology, it is definitely one of the better anthologies I've read. Each story was individualistic enough that they didn't run or merge together, and yet each stuck to the main theme. I wasn't sure whether it would be a bland take on the overwhelming mate-bond, a bit of soft reading, or something better, and I was pleasantly surprised. The stories each stood on their own, they all had a clear background and 'verse, and the characters were well written.

A Tiger's Luck by Maia Dylan started out strongly the hero's bad luck putting him smack dab in the middle of a bank robbery for the first scene, followed by James Cox's Last Alpha Standing, in which the beta, only son of the wolf shifter king is the prize. Jules Dixon's Mooncrest offers us the politics surrounding an alpha's death, and His Guardian Panther by Elena Kinkaid has a good Samaritan finding himself being hunted by panthers in reward for stopping to help someone. I must admit, though, that The Scarf by L.J. Longo was one of my favourites, only partially for the unusual world and the fact that humans weren't really mentioned at all. Pelaam's A Matter of Trust, set in New Zealand, has a landscaper paying for his brother's lack of care in his work, in a rather unusual way, and lastly, L.D. Blakely's Conflict of Interest shows us just how narrow the line between love and dislike truly is.

I am definitely going to be keeping these stories on my ereader for when I need an enjoyable, well-written reread, and suggest if for anyone who likes slightly dark stories with a dash of sweet, mixed with two men who are strong in their own rights. So, excuse me, but I've got some new-to-me authors to look up.
Profile Image for James Cox.
Author 59 books306 followers
April 28, 2017
I'm rating this for the others stories, besides mine. Fantastic! I'm lucky to have been accepted into such a talented group.
Profile Image for Phoenix.
138 reviews14 followers
May 1, 2017
Several of the stories ha consent related issues. It's still rape if they don't consent. Or characters gave in way too early. 2.5 stars.
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