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The Extinction Trials #1

The Extinction Trials

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Betrayal. Sacrifice. Survival.
Welcome to the Extinction Trials.

In Stormchaser and Lincoln's ruined world, the only way to survive is to risk everything. To face a contest more dangerous than anyone can imagine. And they will do anything to win.

But in a land full of monsters - human and reptilian - they can't afford to trust anyone. Perhaps not even each other...

384 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 2018

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S.M. Wilson

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384 reviews1,214 followers
July 8, 2018
Currently watching Jurassic Park to try and bleach out the travesty that is this book.

This book is advertised as “The Hunger Games meets Jurassic Park” so I was expecting, you know.. THE HUNGER GAMES MEETS JURASSIC PARK! Some Battle Royale, fight to the death gore where the competitors not only have to worry about humans but also being eaten by terrifying dinosaurs. Instead this is a sad, sad hodgepodge of both books. I’m honestly annoyed for the dinosaurs. They did not get good exposure with this one.

There will be spoilers in this review which I try not to do, but this book is garbage so I don't feel bad about it. If I could sum this book up in one word it would be simple. As. Fuck. Everything about this book is SIMPLE. The world, the "trails", the characters. This book is a beige ass bitch.

The Extinction Trials are told through the point of views of Stormchaser Knux - let's take a pause here.

Stormchaser. Knux. That's her motherfucking name. I don't understand this new trend of giving characters weird ass names. Maybe it helps with the dystopian world but making me snort, roll my eyes, and think of a My Little Pony every time I read a MCs name does not help me get immersed in the story.


So, this book is told through the POVs of Rainbow Dash Stormchaser Knux and Lincoln (so ordinary) who live on the continent of Earthasia, while the dinos live on the continent of Piloria. Why do they exist on separate continents? Apparently humans evolved on one continent while dinos on the other. So simple and yet, if we learned anything from Jurassic Park it's that LIFE FINDS A MOTHERFUCKING WAY AND THIS MAKES NO SENSE!! There are sea dinosaurs and flying dinosaurs, and islands and god damn it there is no way they wouldn't have migrated!


Anyways, Earthasia is desolate, they're running out of food, space, there's no health care, yada yada, normal dystopian YA shit. As a "solution" to this, every year they have "The Extinction Trials" in which they send 100 finalists to Piloria in search of food. But, you guessed it, this year is different my friends! Why is it different? Because they just discovered human DNA (what the fuck?!) and therefore want the finalist to focus on stealing the eggs of specific dinosaurs: raptors, t rex and pterodactyl (this last one might be wrong but it’s definitely a flying dinosaur), so they can genetically destroy them. SO. You’re telling me that scientist WHO JUST DISCOVERED THAT DNA IS A THING now think that they can easily unleash genetic warfare on some dinos by simply stealing their eggs.

Twilight Sparkle Storm joins the Trials originally because she want more food but then decides that going to Piloria will be "fun" and that she wants to save the dinos.. even though she knows nothing about them.. WHICH IS ANOTHER THING. They have been sending Finalists to Piloria for 9+ years and still know like nothing about them, yet they can name them all by sight?! AND HOW?! I mean, a lot do die but some come back. Ugh.

Linc is going because he is the hero and obviously going to use his reward to save his sister who is dying. Duh. While we are on the topic of Lincoln I would just like to say that the "romance" was old YA and honestly, I didn't think this shit was around anymore. Lincoln's literal thoughts: "Fluttershy Storm is soooo pretty, look are her hair, and her eyes and.. NO! I have to focus, I have to win. For my family. They are the only thing I have, I can't get distracted by pretty girls! Look at how the sun glistens off of her biceps. She is just so so pretty, but probably smart too. I'm not an asshole who just likes girls for their looks. Focus, Lincoln!"


So they have these pretrials? To see if you qualify for the actual trial.. which is going to Piloria. And let me tell you, they are stupid AF. Reading a map, climbing a cliff and then some weird collecting boxes/team work/swimming one. All super simple and super boring. Our MCs qualify and yay, off to Piloria we go.

I guess I should take a pause here to explain the "Hunger Game" aspect. Only the person who collects the most eggs gets all the awesome prizes.. This leads to competitors trying to kill each other.. Except not really.. It's just one baddie who is the worst most cringeworthy baddie there is.
"This isn't over," he muttered over his shoulder. He's truly terrifying.
So yeah.. the competition honestly makes no sense, and isn't really present. You'd think they would all want to work together while trying to steal eggs from freaking dinosaurs but WHATEVER!

They get to Piloria and everything is, you guessed it, S.I.M.P.L.E and S.T.U.P.I.D. They are to be there for 7 days and not one time in the night are the attacked by dinosaurs. Dinosaurs don't hunt them, they don't pop up unexpectedly, they aren't terrifying and it makes me so mad. Stealing the eggs is so freaking simple and so annoyingly stupid. For the raptors, the most brilliant and badass dinos, they light a fire to distract them and then Pinkie Pie Storm runs and grabs the egg. Surprise! The raptors notice and chase them into a tree. There is some roaring, jumping, hissing but the raptors eventually give up and leave. THAT IS IT!! THAT IS THE WHOLE EXTENT OF THE RAPTORS, THE MOST INTELLIGENT AND FREAKING TERRIFYING DINOS!!

I would also like to say that dinosaurs don't even pop up until 50% through this book.

ALSO, I would just like to point out that Finalists have been coming on food hunting expeditions for YEARS and the only thing they have very found is the bland corn stuff. TWO days in Rarity Storm is like "I'm going to scavenge for food!" leaves for five minutes, and comes back with an abundance of delicious fruit that they don't even worry about being poisoned (of course it isn't but should have been) and gorge themselves on it.

Next they try to steal the flying dinosaurs eggs, which is unsuccessfully, so they move onto the T Rex, have a run in with the baddie, hide in a cave from the T Rex and what do they hear while in this cave?! Someone calling them young fools because OF FUCKING COURSE there is a person who has been living on this island the whole time. And that my friends, at 80%, is where I pulled the plug but I read in other reviews that there is some simple and stupid AF conclusion.


This book shouldn't have happened. I'm sure you've seen me mention that everything about this book is simple. The characters are only 15 (should have known then) so I'm thinking that this is targeted at a much younger audience? Some of my all time favorite books, Howl's Moving Castle and Harry Potter, are targeted at younger audiences and they are still amazing. Maybe if I was 12 and hadn't grown up watching Jurassic Park every day after preschool (90s kids amiright?!) I could have enjoyed this... Probably, mostly likely not.

Jeff Goldblum said it best when it comes to this book:
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November 29, 2018
5 Words: Friendship, trust, family, betrayal, survival.

When I opened this book, I stepped into a different world. I could see it all play out before me as I read.

I loved both of the main characters, their motives and beliefs. But I think Storm just beat Lincoln in being my favourite. I loved the steady build up of trust and friendship between them, and how a romantic relationship wasn't overshadowing the story,

The writing is rich and vivid, the story intense and twisting. The pace of The Extinction Trials is just incredible. I couldn't stop madly turning the pages, wishing I could read faster to keep up. I couldn't help but rush through this, gripped by the story and the action.

I did find myself Googling a few of the dinosaurs as they were new to me (I've always been a strictly Triceratops kinda gal with little room for anything else) and it really brought forward the research that had been done.

I cannot wait for the next one!
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June 22, 2018
5/5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Piloria was a completely different land. The land of the dinosaurs."


"Everything they'd been told about dinosaurs was a complete and utter lie. Unintelligent creatures didn't track you for thousands of sectars across a continent. Creatures who only acted on instinct didn't know how to put out fires. Tiny-brained dinosaurs didn't put themselves in harms way to save a human life."

FIRST OF ALL I can't believe this book existed as long as it did without me knowing about it. As I'm writing this there are less than 500 ratings, and under 200 reviews. WHY haven't more people read this book? I'm actually baffled.


-This took me on an adventure! I didn't know I needed a YA novel featuring dinosaurs, but now that I've read this, I couldn't imagine my life without it! ♡

-I enjoyed Lincoln and Storm's perspective's equally. There wasn't one I preferred over the other, and this rarely happens when there are multiple p.o.v's in books. (At least for me)

-You all know I'm a sucker for competitions now, and The Extinction Trials delivered!


-I can honestly say that there were no cons in this one for me, I just wish everything would stop being compared to The Hunger Games, because, while it has SOME similarities they're also really different, and in comparing the two I feel like there are certain expectations, and those expectations may or may not be met.

Final Thoughts/Comments:

THANK GOD the second book is out, because I'm gonna need to read it in the near future! ♡


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Want to read
June 4, 2018
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July 19, 2018
✨4 stars✨
I absolutely adore Jurassic Park, so I was a bit nervous going into this as it’s marketed as ‘The Hunger Games meets Jurassic Park’ and I didn’t want it to be a let down. I needn’t have worried, as it definitely wasn’t a let down. Granted, it wasn’t the most amazingly written book ever, but it was so fun to read and I sped through it. I’ve never read anything quite like it, and now I really want more YA books about dinosaurs- if you know of any, please feel free to recommend them to me!!

So the book follows our two main characters: Stormchaser Knux and Lincoln Kreft. Classic dystopian names, amiright. Seriously though, she’s referred to as Storm for the majority of the book, and I can deal with that, so why bother with the ridiculousness of ‘Stormchaser’ in the first place?? (Weird names are the one thing that irritate me most in YA, I love obscure names but some of them are just so ridiculous. I don’t think your character is unique and cool because of their weird name, I just think that you want me to think so). Aside from the name, I did actually quite like Storm, as she was complex and realistic. She spends a lot of the book unsure about things (can relate), and it was so captivating watching her interact with the dinosaurs- mainly the Plesiosaurs, but I adored her positive and wondering outlook on a lot of them, as I imagine that’s what I’d be like too. (I have such a soft spot for dinosaurs and it’s 100% fuelled by the amount of times I’ve watched the Jurassic Park movies😂).

I liked Lincoln less, simply because there wasn’t much reason that I could see for him keeping his family and intentions a secret. Sure, he wanted to win the help for his sister, but why not let the others know? Especially since Leif, Rune and Kronar expressed similar reasons for being there. He just wasn’t that fleshed out, and whilst I didn’t hate his perspectives, I definitely preferred Storm’s. The Nordens were the same, they were all fine and I didn’t dislike them, but I just felt they weren’t developed all that much. The only character that had any kind of arc was Storm, as despite Lincoln apologising to Storm at their final trial to select a winner, he still follows his plan from the very beginning. Regardless of being sorry, he still has the same attitude that he started with, showing little to no real development or change throughout the book.

A lot of the book explores the ambiguity in their aims and intentions, and also in Storm’s own decisions and actions. She doesn’t believe that the dinosaurs should all be killed- a lot are harmless, especially her beloved Plesiosaurs- and she’s uneasy about stealing the eggs. It takes her quite a bit of the book to come to a final realisation of where she stands, and I was so enthralled in her journey to that point. She stands up for what she believes in, and even when it goes a bit wrong she manages to turn it back around in her favour. I really enjoyed the ambiguity, as there isn’t necessarily a clear answer- they should leave Piloria alone, it’s the dinosaurs’ continent, but it’s not as though everyone will suddenly agree with Storm over night. I’m intrigued as to where the next book is going to go with it, hopefully the ambiguity stays as prominent.

I freaking love the dinosaurs in this book. Like, so much. I love that Storm has named her saviour Plesiosaur Milo. I love that Storm sees the Hadrosaur baby and instantly notices its bond with the mother, rather than the fact that it could easily crush her. I love that the dinosaurs’ intelligence is acknowledged. I really loved it all. I always love trials being used as a plot point, and they were fast paced and enthralling, I was hooked so quickly. I’m so interested as to where Storm’s relation to Reban Don is going to go (although every time I read his name I thought of Ray-bans, damnit), and I’m excited to start the sequel. Again, it’s not the best book ever written in the world, and it hasn’t changed my life or anything, but it was really entertaining and I had so much fun reading it.
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1,147 reviews153 followers
February 15, 2018
T/W- Scenes of Death

When this became available at the library, I was the first to reserve the copy. Imagine my delight when I discovered that dinosaurs are heavily present in the story, I felt super excited to dive into a new adventure. All I will say is, I need the second book please! The Extinction Trials is set in a world where the birth of babies is controlled by the ruling elite and schools don't exist. A set of trials is created to see who can travel to the land of the dinosaurs and collect the highest number of eggs for testing. The winner will receive the best prizes: Unlimited food and lots of money. The characters Storm and Lincoln both want to win but for very different reasons. Their actions and how they survive the brutal trials will change their worlds forever, that is, the dinosaurs don't attack them first.

It was an adventurous and brutal ride with great world-building and an array of characters. I'm not quite convinced by the romance at this moment in time but if you love The Hunger Games (which I do) or Jurassic Park (which... I personally haven't seen or read the book for) then The Extinction Trials will be your next favourite book! The pacing wasn't choppy and the ending did leave me wanting more, I thought overall that the last chapter was a great set-up for the next book. Please can we have more dinosaurs in YA?
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430 reviews860 followers
May 8, 2018
Dinosaurs and The Hunger Games? Reminiscent of Fire & Flood? SIGN ME UP!

I read this book in one sitting. It was a fast-paced, dystopian, dinos-munching-people delight! The way it's split up into six parts, and then the alternating POVs really helped me fly through it, and I'm excited to see where this series is going to go! The sequel comes out surprisingly quickly after the release of the first book, and even that feels like too long a wait!
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543 reviews220 followers
May 10, 2018

The Hunger Games meets Jurassic Park and they make a half-baked baby that possesses the remotest resemblance to each parent, is annoying as shit and makes you wonder if it was even necessary for it to be born.

I’m not really surprised at how much exaggeration an attractive book cover, a grand title and an equally dramatic and well-put synopsis can create. The book, sadly, doesn’t always live up to the resulting expectations.

I have a very distinct impression of The Extinction Trials after finishing it and I’ve already expressed what it is: HALF-BAKED. This book is half-baked, it’s so under-cooked I’m a world-class chef by comparison.

Hunger Games? BITE me. Jurassic Park? Nice try.

For starters, I found the narration bland. And that, naturally, made everything else bland as well, the characters, their relationships, the story. It wasn’t descriptive enough, it wasn’t detailed enough, it just wasn’t good enough. All telling and no showing.

-The book would be like, ‘this situation is very dangerous’ and I would not feel it, catch my drift? It didn’t make me feel. It told me to feel a certain way and expected that I would but I didn’t because I wasn’t convinced.
-Similarly, if we look at the character dynamics, there is a half-baked (that word again) relationship between two people and I say that because again, it wasn’t developed at all but I was supposed to think it was and care. After slight hints and a long nothing, both of the people were like, “oh, I feel more about this person than I did before…” and I was like, do you really?

Another, rather significant instance of this blandness is the shoddy world-building. That’s right, you heard me. I said shoddy. It’s poorly built and that’s infuriating double-time because the book boasts of being similar to the Hunger Games. Gurl, you can’t hold a match to how impressively the Hunger Games’ world was constructed. Here, though, even though it’s entire continents we’re talking about, the sense of grandness of scale is evidently lacking. There is also no graspable sense of surroundings, the few descriptions we get of the Shelter and housing blocks and tree-top houses was woefully inadequate in conjuring the imagery in my mind.

Moreover, it lacks some serious backstory. Dinosaurs exist, deal with it, is what the book appears to say. I caught a single line, ONE SOLITARY LINE, in the entire book that sounded like a potential backstory bit and it said something like this: humans evolved on one continent, Earthasia, while Dinosaurs evolved in another: Piloria. So I’m guessing this isn’t a futuristic dystopian world gone to extra hell, it’s just the way it is? And this by the way, comes up after reading like 2/3 of the book.

Also, and more weirdly, even though these people aren’t primitive (they have weapons and buildings and electronics), they have next to no knowledge about dinosaurs? I mean, okay, we’re talking about a vastly different world altogether but that sounds so far-fetched to me. How old is this world that when we get to the current situation of diminishing space, food and power, people still have virtually no idea or knowledge about dinosaurs? Only for the past nine years, since the start of the “Trials” (which I will get to in sweet time) have they begun to get some sort of information about how the dinosaurs live? Which makes NO sense to me because clearly they already know the names of all the dinosaurs! WHAT is the deal?

And to make it even more confusing, somewhere in the beginning a scientist announces on behalf of all the others to the population that they’ve discovered the building blocks of life, DNA and they can use this information to get hold of the dinosaur DNA and manufacture some sort of disease that only targets dinosaurs. HOLD THE FUCK UP. You know the names of all dinosaurs, but you don’t know anything about their anatomy or their intelligence, you claim you’ve only just figured out what a blasted DNA is and yet you boast you can manufacture a disease that can kill creatures of a specific DNA straight up. WHERE, IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, DO YOU EVEN LIVE?

Now, these awe-inspiring trials. The purpose of these, for the past nine years since they’d been commenced was always to help the people of Earthasia to survive, finding new food sources, mostly and this year, it’s egg-hunting and all the DNA shit so they can wipe out the dinosaurs and take over Piloria as that would give humanity plenty of space, food and other resources. Right. So, why are these trials “trials” again? Why aren’t they an ‘expedition’? These are yearly trips and the survival of humanity potentially hinges on them so why the effing heck did they make this a all-serious competition? Not only is this a YA cliché and pointless here, it’s incredibly counter-productive, not to mention colossally stupid.

• These people know nothing about dinosaurs.
• All past expeditions have less than a 10% survival rate.
• Piloria is an entire fucking continent.
• Charting the terrain requires food, supplies such as medicine, clothing, weapons and information about what they’re facing.

So how is sending a 100 people with no useful bit of knowledge, weaponry and a whole lot of ration they can’t spare, pitted against each other in a competition to find whatever they’re looking for a clever idea? Shouldn’t they be going for, oh I don’t know, stealth? And team work? Okay, so a hundred people cover a lot of ground, okay, they are eventually gonna divide themselves into teams, and okay sending a whole lot of people to what is essentially a suicide mission once every year is a great idea in the grand scheme of things (the less people, the better) but why do you have to make it a “trial”? That makes it unnecessarily sinister and severe.
Some of them are sure as heck going to turn on each other, which again defeats the purpose of working together and trying to survive and be stealthy in a place full of monsters that can smell a cut and chase you for miles and miles. Which happens here. Not only did the Stipulators not give them any coherent bit of information they didn’t even bother to ask the ‘contestants’ to be discreet and quiet and perhaps not kill each other?

They add this tournament/arena-fighting/trials/games shit in every book now even if it makes no sense.

The main protagonist’s name is “Stormchaser Knux”….

While the second one’s name is Lincoln.

Stormchaser has violet eyes. Sure, it’s a strange world people can have violet eyes, yeah? Except the color is apparently unusual even for people who come from far reaches of Earthasia so she’s most likely the only one with eyes this color. She has no parents, mother died a few years ago, never met her father, her mother didn’t allow mention of him. Usually that’s a sign the father is alive and evil. So who else could have violet eyes but the chief Stipulator sending a hundred people to die on a deadly continent? This guy gives her weird looks throughout the book, this coupled with the fact that they both have the same “unusual” eyes, it still took someone else politely mentioning it for her to realize that this guy may be her father. Not the ripest apple on the tree, this girl.

The moral dilemma going side by side with all this, was honestly not appealing. You need the space, you need the food, you need new resources, medicine and a shitload of things your continent has run out of. People have been dying of a Plague (without being quarantined?) so colonizing Piloria is possibly the only choice they’ve got left. But noooo. Storm’s like, we’ll just leave the dinosaurs alone and let the humans all die and suffer. If you’ve got any bright ideas, girl, humanity is listening.
However, I am interested to know what the writer’s solution to this is.

If there’s an no-man’s land filled with dangerous creatures and certain death at every step, chances are there’s a lone survivor living there for years and years who’ll conveniently show up and save your ass from being eaten by said dangerous creatures. Hello, Kong Skull Island.

The guy had a proper reason to be there but I was annoyed by everything in this book.

And finally, let me talk about how abrupt and anti-climactic the ending is. The last couple of contestants are subjected to a pointless ‘trial’ yet again which involves swimming, climbing a cliff and throwing knives at people. This particular part screamed ‘half-baked’. It’s was such a sloppy, spur-of-the-moment, ‘put there just for thrills’ thing, it made me eye-roll extra hard. The winner found a loophole so the losers could win as well which only just proved the pointlessness of it all.

Suffice to say, I’m pretty pissed at this book.

P.S: Grudgingly giving it 3 stars which is actually 2 point something because the writing was bearable and I read this quick.

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May 24, 2018
Such an entertaining book!! I loved the rush I experienced while reading about this dangerous adventure. It's exactly what it's promised out to be; a mix between Hunger Games and Jurassic Parc!
the Story-line
Reading this story gave me all the Hunger Games feels, in the best way possible. I really liked the twist the author gave to this story even though there are quite some overlapping feels with the hunger games concept - I normally don't like books that have a lot of resemblence to other popular series but this is one of the exceptions. Finalists traveling to this other continent that's been inhabited by dinosaurs, with a lot of them being very dangerous of course. So that's promising, right? RIGHT <3

They're set out to complete a task; find the eggs of these three dangerous species; the T-rex, velociraptor and the pterosaurs. The ones who return with the most eggs, will be granted a luxurious life - whereas the rest of the people on the continent of Earthasia live in poverty, barely survive with what little food there is and the sickness that's spreading throughout the population.

So, we're following Stormchaser and Lincoln - I loved reading from different pov's and reading about their different intakes on everything regarding the story-line and it's development - who form a team with some other finalists to expand their chances of succes. Each of them having their own motives to being a part of this group that gets send off to the dinosaur continent. And even though they form a great team, no one is to be trusted...

the Writing
The author's writing is addictive and vivid. Make sure you don't eat/snack anything while reading, because I can't garantee you'll keep it all inside,lol. Rhere are some really detailed scenes in which you get to read about the predators among the dinosaurs doing what they do best; hunt and killing people. It was awesome! Really! Not so much for some characters obviously, LOL, but I really liked that the author didn't sugarcoat anything and that I got what I was hoping for beforehand; a thrill of a reading experience with dangerous dinosaurs, whoop whoop.
the Conclusion
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It has crooked politics -as you come to expect with a world building/setting like this one, lots of secrets, adventure, DINOSAURS!!! I mean: DINOSAURS! What's not to love about dinosaurs? Exactly! And there's more than enough of them present, so YAY!

Regarding the story-line, it was often quite predictable, and that's why it got a 4 star rating instead of a 5 star rating. But it didn't bother me, because I was so scooped up into this adventure, too excited and extremely curious to explore more of this dinosaur content, to be really bothered by it. It was just awesome and I'm really looking forward to continue this story in the next book; Exile! Seeing how things ended in this first book, it promises to become even more intense in the sequel!

If you're a fan of adventure, awesome world building, dinosaurs, vivid writing and fast-paced reads, you need to pick up this book asap!
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1,791 reviews35 followers
February 27, 2018
Not bad, I wouldn't read the next one again but overall I had fun.

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888 reviews175 followers
June 4, 2018
You would think I would not enjoy Hunger Games rip-off but you'd be wrong. Throwing in Dinosaurs...a clear formula for success.

Hunger Game meets Jurassic Park. 'Nough said...I am in!
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234 reviews92 followers
August 16, 2018
[3,5 stars]

Really enjoyed it!
Overall I think the story was a little rushed, the potential was definitely there but I found myself wondering about some stuff that felt simply out of place or questioning the trail of thought quite often. I think the world-building was a little lacking as well as the descriptions. It felt a little...blunt? As I said, it was not bad by any means but it could have been so much better. I mean dinosaurs? Hellooo? That itself is already awesome so I would have liked a little more...excitement I guess while reading? Because the action scenes felt rather short and they didn't grab my attention as they should have. I also found the element of repetition annoying at some point, there were several facts or observations that had been repeated like five times in the book; it was bothersome but it fortunately only happened a couple of times in the last part of the book, so no biggy :)
Oh and I loved the fact that there was no romance because there could have been some lovey dovey stuff but I'm glad that I was spared this whole "we're alone in a strangle place so let's just hook up" shit.

On the whole it was an enjoyable read and I'm really curious how everything will come to a close in the second book!
January 10, 2018
Rating: 4.5 stars

Another one of those reviews I struggle with because I enjoyed the book so much. You know the ones. I read this book weeks ago, and it's taken ages to put thoughts into words. So instead of a coherent review, here are my top 5 reasons for loving The Extinction Trials.

Stormchaser & Lincoln

Wilson could not have picked better main characters for her novel. We're told the story in (almost) alternating chapters by Storm and Lincoln.

Storm is an orphan, living in government housing. She loves the outdoors so much she'll willing dumb down her scores at school so she can continue working outside. She cares about one person, Dell. While everyone is scared of the water, she swims in a lake with her dinosaur buddy. And to top it off, she is curious and questions everything, especially the things the government wants her to believe. I love her.

On the other hand, Lincoln doesn't care about the dinosaurs, not really. All he cares about is getting his family the healthcare and food that they need. He's observant and prepared, steady and sure. Plus, he's one of those people who just gets on with other people, you know? I am in awe of those people.

Which brings us to my next point...

The relationships

Yes, there is something brewing between Storm and Lincoln. What did you expect? BUT you know what? Wilson didn't let it overpower the story. There was something slowly building in the background, but it wasn't the main focus. Both characters had to much else to worry about than each other, and it was more a growing of trust than of romantic feelings. There are too many hurdles in this book and in the future for a real romance to bloom easily.

However, that's not the only relationship in this book. I liked Dell and Storm's friendship, how they were tight. I do hope there's a bit more about their friendship in the next book, because Dell could be developed some more. Then there were the friendships between the trio from the north, who worked as a team and had each other's backs, even when the worst happened.

And then there's the whole complicated thing going on with Lincoln and his family, the admirable dedication that leads to tough choices during the book. It left me with mixed feelings about him...


Basically, I love biology and evolutionary science. So a YA novel that takes me into a rich world with dinosaurs is going to be a winner. I mean, it would be tough to fail with dinosaurs. I liked the variety in the book, even though I did have to do some googling for a couple of the species. I also loved the debate about dinosaur intelligence, which can be extrapolated to animal intelligence in general, and whether we have the right to kill them and take over their land.

The world-building

Ok, so which would you prefer? This...

Or this?

Wilson painted an interesting picture with her two continents, one overpopulated with humans and very little else. The other was lush and vibrant...and filled with dinosaurs. I could see it all in my mind.

My heart rate

But amongst all of the greenery, Wilson kept a sense of danger and suspense. Everything could be a threat, both dinosaurs and humans. While the first half was just build-up (fair enough), the second half of The Extinction Trials kept me on high alert, right through to the very last page. No one was safe, even when you thought it was over. Somehow Wilson managed to get my heart racing in the final pages while still ending this first book in the series in a satisfying way.  MAGIC .

So yes, I've already added book 2 to my Goodreads TBR. 

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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April 9, 2018
I have to be honest, I was hesitant about reading this book because it just didn’t seem like my kinda thing. HOWEVER, I am SO glad that I did, because it is amazing, fantastic, incredible, brilliant, everything! This book is now one of my favourite books because it is just so inventive and different and just enjoyable to read! When it read this, I felt like Piloria was an actual place out there somewhere, and it was so beautiful in my mind.

Everything about this book is great, from the beautiful cover, to the interesting characters, to the intense main story; it’s just amazing. I love both the main characters: Stormchaser and Lincoln (I have to admit, that I like Storm a little more), they’re both just an interesting pair of characters, who are contrasting but complement each other at the same time. I also found it interesting that the book is told from both their perspectives but seems to be more of a story about Storm.

I loved all the characters, apart from Galen of course, although I love the way he was portrayed. All the character names were so creative and different, I loved that! That was one of the main features of the book that made me feel like I was really in a different world and time with these people, living in a deprived world, with dinosaurs only a boat ride away. The names gave the book a certain element that other books don’t have, which just adds to the amazingness!

Th story itself was dramatic, intense, compelling and just down right awesome. I love the concept; living in a world that’s so deprived and overpopulated that the human race want to wipe out the dinosaur continent of Piloria in able to survive. The journey we follow with Storm, Lincoln and their friends is emotional and action packed, and never once felt boring.

It was also actually quite gory which took me by surprise! But I felt that this just made the book even better as the scenes were so detailed, well written and I just felt that they were perfectly spread throughout the book, so there wasn’t too much or too little. The dinosaurs were awesome, well described and just fun to read about.

It didn’t end how I had expected it to, which I guess is only a good thing. It was simple, but I felt this was a perfect end to their story, and left it nicely open for the sequel.

Overall, this book is just incredible, exciting and the perfect novel for dystopian fans who want to try something different. I am amazed by how much I loved this book, and it might be a little early to say, but I think this will be one of my favourite books of the year!

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January 16, 2018


"The Extinction Trials" is literally a Jurassic Park meets Hunger Games story: we live in a world where the dinosaurs exist during the human-era. We live in a world where births are control by the government because the food is limited. There are no schools because this world needs all the working-hands that it can get. The entire world is grey except for the continent of PILORIA where grows trees and all kind of vegetations but it is also inhabited by the most dangerous dino-species: T-REX and raptors. But the govern wants PILORIA. It wants to transfer all the population on the green continent but in order to pursuing this goal it needs to wipe out all the dangerous dinosaurs species: the eating-human ones. How? Rectruiting kids in a suicide mission: stealing eggs from Trex, raptors and pterosaurs.

The story has been told with two different POWs: Lincoln and Stormchaser. Two different characters who arrives from a different background. Lincoln will do anything and risk is own life to protect his family, instead Storm has no family and she is developing relationship with dinosaurs. Will this stop her in completing the mission? -- Also, can we just hold on a bit and admire the choice of the name Stormchaser? She becomes one of the best name-character EVER! Also I quite relate with her on her love for dinosaurs.

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March 3, 2020
Star Rating:—> 3.5 Stars

So this is a little complicated. I AM SO HAPPY THAT I FINISHED THIS! It was one of the longest books to sit on my “on hold” shelf, because it just didn’t do any of the things for me that I was looking for. Two years later... BOOM! I consider this a serious personal accomplishment. Haha.

SO; Approx-
First Half: ⭐️⭐️ —> 2.5 Stars
Second Half: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ —> 4 Stars

Basic Plot: Resources are scarce, a vast understatement, on the continent of Earthasia, where the entire human race, or what is left of it, lives. There is, however, another continent, Piloria, with all the resources and land that they would need & much, much more! Only problem? It’s inhabited by ONLY dinosaurs. But no biggie, right? The mysterious Stipulators, the sort of governing group of individuals in society, hold a competition yearly, made up of trials to whittle people down to those most likely to survive in treacherous conditions (in which the winners receive security that they & their families will have unlimited food, the best housing available, health care, & power). One catch- they to go to Piloria, to bring back food & other helpful supplies & information to make Earthasia a better place... which is part of the competition as well. Some may not survive, but the winning group, depending on the stakes, has always received their prize. This year the stakes seem much higher- this time 100 lucky winners of the trials will get to compete on Piloria, which is WAY more than ever before... to gain even more important intel for the Stipulators... but with 100 competing, just how many people do they think will survive this time around that so many are needed?

I was pulling my hair out getting through the first half of this novel (don’t worry, it got SOMUCHBETTER, which I will talk about after I discuss the first half of the novel🙂) It is what made me put it off for a year, and then another. I mean, THE PACING WAS JUST SO DAMN SLOW! The characters seemed SO dull, ugh. I had a hard time empathizing with the characters, which is honest to God craziness as I am a beyond empathetic person, to a fault. It just didn’t feel... real. Tangible, as stories are meant to feel, when written well. I felt practically zero connection to the two protagonists, Lincoln & Stormchaser (wtf kind if name is stormchaser?! Just saying; I’m sorry if i’ve offended any Stormchasers on good reads, although I think thats pretty unlikely because I don’t think I’m friends with anyone named Stormchaser? I definitely would’ve remembered😛)

The most I think that I can say about that is that I felt badly when I found out that Lincoln’s family lives in a cave & that his sister is dying. I’m not a complete monster.

I didn’t LIKE that Stormchaser was living miserably, and has next to nothing, but so many more are worse off (although to her credit, she works her ass off doing hard labor)... and ahhhh if the author’s writing- the world building, the character development, the plot pacing, all of it- was just a bit more, well, THERE, a bit more immersive... I think I could’ve felt a lot more.

The only thing that I LOVED about the first half was Storm’s relationship with a wonderful Plesiosaur named Milo who lives in a Loch near Storm, on Earthasia. My goodness, what a beautiful & amazing bond; I was transported, in those moments when they were together, to that world.💙

Oh, but ugh don’t even get me started on Dell, Storm’s best friend and the only person she’s had that cares about her since her mother died when Storm was young.
But yeah, he’s basically a recycled Gale from the hunger games. I never liked Gale. Sorry, not sorry.

I truly don’t even have anything to say of the Trials. To me, they weren’t anything special. 🤷🏼‍♀️

But man! The second half held ALL OF THE EXCITEMENT, BETRAYAL, & DINOSAURS that I could’ve ever asked forrrrrr/ that I was BEGGING for!It was literally JAM PACKED with action. With dinosaurs, death, survival, & yeah... As I said before, Stormchaser & Lincoln are our protagonists here; so logically they are both competing, each won a spot as part of the 100, and are now on Piloria. Although Stormchaser was hesitant to “let anyone in,” she & Lincoln sort of form a bond during the trials, so they both find it pretty logical to join forces now, when death is lurking around every corner. Their group ends up including 3 of Lincoln’s other allies that he made during the trials... but who will survive, who will win, & who will meet their end?! YOU’LL HAVE TO READ AND SEE!

I know the first 150, give or take, pages are a bit... bleh, but i don’t know, maybe if I had reread that part I would’ve thought differently of them (also maybe not), BUT. If you love YA dystopian/ adventure/ fantasy elements? PLEASE pick this up and give it a fair try! I promise the second half makes the first MORE than worth it!

Only other criticism is a typo where the wrong character’s name was used, and I just kept thinking “am I going nuts or...” 😂😂😂
Turns out, contrary to prior evidence that may speak otherwise, I am NOT, in fact, going crazy! But meh, a minor blip.


August 2019

So this book has been on my “on hold” shelf (I started reading over a year ago, and haven’t been able to get myself to finish it) because halfway in, it was like nothing had even happened yet? Wtffff where are my dinosaurs??? The world building and character development are also lacking. I refuse to DNF! Haha so it’s “on hold.”

I may be in denial.
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July 9, 2018
I was honestly sitting how much I thoroughly enjoyed this, it’s described as The Hunger Games meets Jurassic Park, and I can see where they’re coming from that: survival of the fittest on an island full of dinosaurs. I however, have never read those two books (but I have seen the Jurassic Park films).
I loved the characters, I loved the plot, I loved the Dino continent.
I hope to pick up the second book soon!

Side note: this is the first book I’ve read since my slump started in May, and it was fab!
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Shelved as 'nope'
July 4, 2018
Another DNF... story of my life.

This was supposed to be an awesome buddy read with Hayley but sadly, all that excitement evaporated pretty quickly. The world building was just so simple, I felt like this was written for a really young audience.
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January 8, 2018
When this book was first sold to me as ‘The Hunger Games meets Jurassic Park’ I was in some kind of disbelief. That is one heck of a big statement to make and so I was REALLY excited to get into this book and see if it lived up to my high expectations and I am absolutely THRILLED to say that it did just that and MORE. That’s right, this book was just THAT good.

The plot of the book was really interesting and drew me in straight away. A world where humans live crammed onto one continent whilst dinosaurs (that’s right, real, actual dinosaurs) live on the other. The human continent is hugely overcrowded leaving the people struggling for food, water, energy, accommodation, everything. In a bid to save their race, the humans decide they need to learn more about the dinosaur continent of Piloria in order to take it for themselves. This is where the Extinction Trials come in: a Hunger Games style contest where 100 people are sent to Piloria and encounter a number of gruelling missions and tasks (and that’s aside from the dinosaurs!). I really don’t want to say any more than that about the plot but let me assure you it will keep you flipping those pages and twisting and turning until the very end!

I really liked the characters in this book. The story itself is told from two POVs: Stormchaser is our leading lady. Storm’s upbringing has been far from easy but her character says it all. She is independent, sassy, fiercely determined and competitive but she is also loyal, compassionate and intelligent. I absolutely adored reading her chapters and I especially loved the way she saw the dinosaurs. Lincoln, our other POV, hasn’t had the same difficult start to life as Storm but has much more to lose due to an ill younger sibling. He has a lot more weighing on the outcome of the trials than Storm does and it’s interesting to see how that dynamic pans out during the story.

Of course, there are plenty of secondary characters involved in the story too from some competitive villain types to Storm’s best friend Dell but my favourites of all had to be the blinking dinosaurs. I mean when do we ever find YA books with dinosaurs in? I just loved reading about them and got excited every time a new one was mentioned. Plus, not all of the dinosaurs were terrifying beasts (although plenty of them were!) and I really liked that this was shown too. An element that really interested me was the way in which Wilson set about showing a varied attitude among the human characters towards the dinosaurs. Some of the characters hate the dinosaurs and want nothing more than to see them all dead, others are interested but rightfully wary and a few believe that the dinosaurs should be treated just as the humans would want to be: with respect. I really liked how this was gently explored through the dialogue and reactions of the characters.

The world building is absolutely exquisite! I felt like I was stepping into a full formed world that was vivid and easy to imagine thanks to the gorgeous writing. I felt like I was stepping through the pages into Piloria with Storm, Lincoln and the others for the first time too. Every step they took in their dangerous new surroundings both thrilled and terrified me: I really didn’t know what would happen next but I loved every second of it!

The ending of this book was superb! It has perfectly set up for the next book in the series and the surprises kept coming at me from all directions right up until the end. I really, really loved this book, the characters, the concept, the world building, everything about it was fascinating and exciting. It’s a book I know I will read over and over again. Marvellous!
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471 reviews
February 5, 2018
Actual rating- 4.5 stars.

This book is advertised as The Hunger Games meets Jurassic Park and that's certainly true. The chapters are told in more or less alternate chapters between Stormchaser and Lincoln, who both have their own reasons for wanting to take part in the journey to Piloria, the dinosaur planet. I related to Storm wanting her own space and hating being in a crowded place, as resources on their home, including space, are scarce.

Other secondary characters were all different and there should be some interesting things come up in the next book, particularly relating to Storm.
One thing I noticed about the names of Leif, Rune and Kronar were that they came from a different place to most of the others and, if I'm right, their names come from various Scandinavian sources. Leif named after Leif Eriksson, the first person to discover Vinland/America; Rune from the old Nordic runes that made up the alphabet; and Kronar is a variation on the currencies of Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

There were a huge mix of dinosaurs in this book, both herbivores and the ones who would gladly eat humans. Storm named one of the friendlier ones Milo and I loved him- they have a history which is explained well and it stands in contrast to everything the people are told of dinosaurs being mindless and who only eat people. The Trial finalists find this out first hand when they get on Piloria and meet ones such as T-Rex's. I definitely would not want to end up on Piloria, no matter how different and beautiful it is!

The only thing I found a little annoying at times was the way little bits of information seemed to be repeated once or twice in various places over the course of the book, which didn't seem necessary.

But overall, it was a fun read, with the different parts of the book split up into sections as well, and I'm very much looking to the second book coming out later this year, in summer.
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February 5, 2018
When I saw this book is marketed as 'Hunger Games meets Jurassic Park' I had to give it a try.

The story is set in a world where humans and dinosaurs live at the same time. Earthasia. the continent where the humans live, is getting crowded and food is getting scarce, so they have set their eyes on the continent Piloria. One problem: it's full of dinosaurs.

When a trial is being organised to see who would be fit to go on an expedition to Piloria lots of people enter. Some - like Storm - for the food the entrants get, others - like Lincoln - for the promised rewards those who actually make it through the trials will get.

The first part of the book is about the trials. I liked getting to know Storm and Lincoln, and the trials were fun to read about as well. Still I was waiting for the moment they would get to Piloria, as I wanted some dinosaur action.

And when the story finally gets them to Piloria I was not disappointed. There's lots of action, perils, and of course dinosaurs! I especially rooted for Storm to succeed in her plans and to survive the dangers of Piloria. The scenes with the dinosaurs were thrilling and had me on the edge of my seat.

The book ended in a way that makes it readable as a standalone, but it also left me hungry for more. You bet I will get my trotters on the next book once it releases.
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June 9, 2018
This book was soooo good! I loved the whole plot of this book and the characters were really well written.
I need the sequel!

Update 09/06/18
Moved my ranting from 4 stars to 5 stars because I read it again and I noticed how much I did enjoy this book.
December 12, 2017
My rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Yes, you read this right! The tag line of this books is indeed that sentence. I have no idea about you but when I read those words I was like heck yeah need it in my life! Imagine me freaking-ly typing my yes yes yes to the available review copy email.

Anyway. The Extinction Trials is a story about a fictional earth where humans and dinosaurs exist together at the same time. But on two different continents. The humans occupy Earthasia and the dinosaurs occupy Piloria.

The humans as they do (clears throat) over used and mistreated their land. And now keep looking towards Piloria to solve their food, land and accommodation problems. Sigh yeah typical human thing to do. Destroy other for their own needs.

The two main characters of this book are Lincoln and Storm Chaser. The story told in their dual perspective with alternatively voiced chapters They both are starkly different from each other. Lincoln is nice and caring but he also had this determined streak to him to get things done and complete his mission. He seems to have a lot of inner struggle going on.
Storm chaser I quite like her and connected to her. Alone, on Earthasia because her mother has died and she has no other family she has quite a shield around her. She has a lot of compassion(not just for humans but for other creatures, for earth for her environment) and emotions. She constantly questions things around her and notices a lot. She is strong, adventurous independent and driven. Also a dinosaur is her best friend ( I mean winnnnnnnn).

With some twist and turns and some survival needs or adventurous need (counting of the character you talk about) Lincoln and Storm Chaser and well a few others (100 to be exact) end up on Piloria with a special little task to complete....

The story is full of action, drama, survival and......... betrayal. It highly fast paced and very unput down able.

The world building and imagery is top class and it is done so beautifully. The dinosaurs were researched so well and I loved that she didn't stick to general research she did add different to bits of her to the dinosaurs and made them different. The description of the world, the forests, the sea at Piloria ....the buildings, the stuffy environment at leaves a very well sketched world in your mind.

Yes as some stories go its also very quite predictable sometimes. But also brutal. You will loose quite a lot of characters by the time you are done with us so yeah.

Also another thing about the dual voices was you could see how Stormchaser see the dinosaurs. With compassion and with respect she doesn't think of them as mindless predators. Where Lincoln thinks exactly that. It's intriguing to see as their journey through the story progress and to see them go through their beliefs and questions things around them.

One of my only complaint would be I would have liked them to spend more time on Piloria The place was so beautiful ( and deadly) I just wish I could have read more about it (ahh maybe the sequel will full fill my need for that land)

This book is vivid. And with a lot of twist and turns by the last chapter you are left breathless for the sequel because you are left with a bang and really need some answers so yeah for me the waiting game beings. For you? You should totally try this book out. I mean come out. DINOSAURS. KICK ASS FEMALE LEAD. NEW WORLD. POLITICS. PUNY HUMANS.

Well what more I can say. I just think you really need this in your life..

Thank you to Usborne Ya for the arc..

My Original BlogPost
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584 reviews111 followers
February 18, 2018
I just want to preamble this by saying that if you put dinosaurs in a book, it's pretty damn difficult to disappoint me. Somehow, this book did.

The whole time I read it I was thinking, this is a 2/3 star book, but all it has to do is the bare minimum for me to give it a much higher rating. I don't know, guys. I was happy about the dinosaurs, but I was frustrated by the first 150 pages being relatively dino-free and the sheer corniness and muddiness of the whole thing.

This book is given a lofty description: The Hunger Games meets Jurassic Park. IIIIII dunno that I agree. This book revolves around Stormchaser Knux (there is legitimately no explanation for this name, I cannot defend it) and Lincoln Kreft. Both are pretty unhappy people, Storm because she's an orphan and she's starving and Lincoln because his sister is dying of some kind of disease that really wasn't appropriately talked about. Neither was his sister, for that matter. Their only chance at climbing out of poverty is to qualify to go to an island and retrieve dinosaur eggs because apparently they yield the best DNA and the powers that be want to figure out how to exterminate them. Yeah, IDK, the plot is flimsy and a little silly.

So anyway, Storm and Lincoln attempt to qualify to go to this island by doing some trials that I didn't really care about tbh. They climbed a cliff, they did something else I forgot about. The Hunger Games part of this book was boring, I wanted to see some dinos.

The second half of the book ending just before the last 20 pages or so was infinitely better, though the best way I can talk about that chunk of story is that I wish that the writing had been better. Yeah, there was death and blood and dinos and RAPTORS but I didn't really care about anyone dying, I just wasn't really that excited. Stuff got wrapped up too quickly, the descriptions were weird and I didn't really know what was going on. But, like I said. Bare minimum. It was pretty standard 3-star reading, but I'd have bumped it up to 4-stars for that chunk of reading alone.

Then the ending happened. And there was actually a cool surprise in that Anyway so all that plus throw in some random plot about Storm's parents in the last 20 pages that clearly the author made up at the end because she was looking for "layers" in her story and you have a meh read. I couldn't give it the extra star. :(

There were a lot of things about the book that I didn't understand. So all these hopefuls to go to the island? Yeah, so they're throwing food at them. All day, every day, all-you-can-eat-buffet. But at the end of the story the rewards could only be received by one of the winners because they had a food shortage? Yet you had plenty of food to throw at like 6000 people? Then there's some weird stuff about authority people not having families and I don't know. I feel like the author was trying to go for nuanced and thoughtful (she posed a philosophical question about the difference between killing t-rexes and herbivores and how it's wrong but tbh with you I have seen Jurassic Park I am good with killing t-rexes) but it came off muddy, a little juvenile, and disorganized.

I also cared about NONE of the characters. Did I mention that there wasn't really a dinosaur sighting until 150 pages in????????? :(
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668 reviews26 followers
January 7, 2018
Op het continent Earthasia is het overbevolkt. Medische zorg is nauwelijks beschikbaar, mensen hebben honger omdat voedsel schaars is en ze werken in shifts om zo de bewoning van huizen te kunnen verdelen. Oplossing biedt het andere continent Piloria, alleen is dat het terrein van gevaarlijke dinosauriërs. De regering komt met een idee en heeft hiervoor vrijwilligers nodig. Storm en haar beste (en enige) vriend Dell zijn net oud genoeg om zich aan te melden en de gedachte aan een paar dagen lang een volle buik door vorstelijke maaltijden, zorgt ervoor dat ze zich aanmelden. Er zijn tal van aanmeldingen en deze eerste beproeving zal vrijwilligers elimineren. Geen probleem voor Storm en Dell, omdat die stiekem alleen voor het eten gaan. De zware proeven zien ze als bijkomstigheid, een volle buik is het belangrijkst! Dan blijkt dat Storm het beter heeft gedaan dan verwacht en de groep van 100 winnaars wordt naar Piloria gebracht. Hun taak is om zoveel mogelijk eieren van dino's mee terug te nemen naar Earthasia. De winnaar zal rijkelijk beloond worden...

Ondanks dat dino's en gevaarlijke beproevingen zeker niet nieuw zijn in de boekenwereld, is Susan Wilson erin geslaagd om een tof boek neer te zetten. Het begint wat standaard, maar neemt als snel wendingen die erg leuk zijn en die je ook zeker niet altijd aan ziet komen. Storm is wees en leert tijdens deze beproeving wat het is om andere mensen in je wereld te laten. Vriendschappen bloeien op, maar tegelijkertijd huist er gevaar, manipulatie en verraad. Want niet alleen zitten de deelnemers elkaar op de hielen om als eerst de eieren terug te kunnen brengen, maar ook schuilen de gevaarlijke dinosauriërs in de dichtbegroeide bossen.

Het is zeker niet het meest originele plot, maar de realistische kijk op de dino's en de geloofwaardige acties van de deelnemers laten je hart smelten en zorgen ervoor dat je door wil lezen. Ook is het verademing om eens een Young Adult te lezen waarin liefde níét het middelpunt van het boek is!

Het is erg fijn en toegankelijk geschreven en het verhaal vlot snel. De personages zijn leuk en geloofwaardig. Ze worden in mate uitgediept, wat genoeg ruimte geeft om hier in het tweede deel, wat in juni 2018 uitkomt, verder op in te gaan. Je nieuwsgierigheid en verlangen wordt in The Extinction Trials nét genoeg gevoed. Goede manier om je uit te laten kijken naar een tweede boek!

Verwacht geen boek waarin dino's tot op het bot uitgediept worden, want dan wordt je teleurgesteld. Maar heb je zin in een leuk Young Adult boek dat je door de pagina's laat razen? Dan is The Extinction Trials een absolute aanrader! 4*.
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August 8, 2018
Gotta love a book with some dinosaurs! This book was really fun and fast paced. Definitely very enjoyable and entertaining! However, my only issue with the book was the writing. I wasn’t particularly attached to any of the characters and wasn’t worried about them during scenes with a T Rex or any other dangerous dinosaur. I also found the dialogue to be quite unrealistic. Apart from that the book kept me invested in the plot and the constant action was great. I need to read book two, because that ending!!
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