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Best Worst Ever

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Carey English spends his days planning extravagant parties and lavish weddings and generally making people’s lives brighter. He spends his nights wishing for a man he doesn’t have to share and who won’t try to drag him back into the closet. It doesn’t help that the man he wants most doesn’t need a closet to begin with — his straight best friend, Sky.

Skyler Wood has been dumped — again — just days before the holiday season, leaving him with an ex-fiancée, a nonrefundable New Year’s Eve getaway rental, and nothing to ring in the New Year but a broken heart. For Carey, rushing off to offer Sky a shoulder will either be the best decision he’s ever made—or it will lead to the worst heartbreak he’s ever experienced.

This is an edited & revised version of a previously published story. It has been expanded by approximately 1,400 words.

104 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 31, 2014

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About the author

L.D. Blakeley

15 books133 followers
A pragmatist with a romantic soul & a dirty mind, L.D. is a fan of horror movies, hot sex, and Happily Ever Afters. Easily distracted by shiny things, she's a slightly neurotic, highly ambitious dreamer who enjoys dabbling in photography & pretending she can carry a tune.

In another life, L.D. was a newspaper reporter, an entertainment & music writer, travel writer, website content editor, and a marketing shill. Now she prefers to spend her time writing hot, steamy fiction with a healthy dose of romance.
can carry a tune.

Although she dreams of living some place isolated with an endless supply of wine and an infinite number of titles on her eReader, she currently lives in downtown Toronto with her husband and their rock star cat.

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Profile Image for Serena Yates.
Author 96 books769 followers
August 10, 2016
This is a charming friends-to-lovers story with two main characters who are adorably clueless as to how to go from years of deep friendship to more. While I don't think they act their age, Carey (the narrator) got me with his determination not to ruin the friendship and to do whatever it takes to make Skyler happy - including planning the guy's wedding to a woman. Skyler, while a little less accessible, charmed me with his determination, clumsy though it may have been, to finally do what he's been secretly wanting all these years and come out of the closet.

Carey wants to make people happy. A successful wedding planner, he gets to witness others' happily ever afters on a regular basis and is still awaiting his own. His head knows Skyler is inaccessible, but the heart wants what the heart wants...

Skyler sees his opportunity when his latest relationship ends and he gets stuck with a reservation in a luxury cabin. Carey selflessly offers to help by keeping him company, and,even though it still takes Skyler a while to act on his suppressed desires, the game of "best ever - worst ever" brings out the truth.

If you like sweet stories about two clueless men who finally get a clue, if you enjoy reading about best friends fumbling their way to more, and if you're looking for a light, fun read that might cheer you up, then you will probably like this short story.

NOTE: This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review.

Skyler Wood has been dumped — again — just days before the holiday season, leaving him with an ex-fiancée, a nonrefundable New Year’s Eve getaway rental, and nothing to ring in the New Year but a broken heart.

For Carey, rushing off to offer Sky a shoulder will either be the best decision he’s ever made — or it will lead to the worst heartbreak he’s ever experienced
Profile Image for Ro.
3,006 reviews17 followers
August 28, 2016
Days before the holiday, Skyler’s fiancé, Elise, has dumped him and the weddings off. Hurt and sad, he calls the one person he can count on – his best friend, Carey. For his part, Carey is a party planner extraordinaire who just happens to have an unrequited thing for his best friend. Ouch for both of them.

At thirty-two and friends since their first year of university, the two have shared a lot, including quite a few break-ups. This one really sucker-punched Sky, who had planned on a romantic getaway in the mountains as an “almost married”. No refunds available, so Carey does what any best friend would do; offers to go with, get drunk in the snow and help Sky.

Helping Sky includes playing the game Best Worst Ever, which is how things start to come out in the open and it’s sexy and lovely. I like the banter between these two and the comfortable way they interact.

The problem for me was the phone call from Elise. One phone call, now Sky won’t look at Carey as he states he’s going back to the city, staring at the floor. I needed to know about that call (because I don’t care how fast Carey was, Sky had two seconds to say something and didn’t) because it made the ending seem “less” for me, like Sky’s feelings weren’t true or clear, that he’d drop his best friend in a second for Elise.
Profile Image for Meggie.
4,778 reviews
August 25, 2016
This shorty was acceptable, I liked everything in it. There is only one or two negative responds. One, it was to short, way to short and second, the main storyline isn't as developed as it could be. I wish it was longer!
Profile Image for Nicola Cameron.
Author 26 books136 followers
June 16, 2014
An absolutely lovely story -- Carey's unrequited love for his best friend Sky was realistic and well-handled, and the way they got together was totally believable (as well as extremely hot).
Profile Image for Monika .
2,024 reviews30 followers
February 10, 2020
-- Holiday/Christmas -- fast easy read -- best friends to lovers -- first time -- didn't knock my socks off -- just okay -- struggled believing the OFY story line -- really liked Carey -- not sure about Sky
Profile Image for France-Andrée.
584 reviews21 followers
June 30, 2014
We have seen the basic story of this short many times before: a half of a best friends coupling pining for the other half. I do have a problem with the concept of best friend one longing for years for best friend number two, for one thing it doesn't feel very mature to be not to move on after years and years of just yearning without hope; here Carey, the in love party, has a very successful company and I would expect him to have move on from his college crush a long time ago.

The thing about the best friend fantasy is I don't really buy into it, I've had my own experience with it - yup, being the longing one - and it didn't have a happy ending (my jealousy and possessiveness of the friendship killed it), I was an 13-18 year old at the time so that's why I think someone like Carey who is 32 should be a little further in his life than still being a teenager.

I just didn't find a lot of originality in this story and was mostly disappointed. There is some sexy moments and it is decently written, but when you cannot appreciate the main premise of a story, it is hard to enjoy it; I think someone who likes friendship turning into more stories might find something to like here.
Profile Image for Anke.
2,457 reviews84 followers
June 29, 2014
Finished. Annoying dialogue, the whole thing another one of my 3-star-reads. And somehow I had problems to believe this GFY.
Profile Image for Arlyn.
1,137 reviews86 followers
May 7, 2015
Great read. Combination of my favorite aspects of M/M romance...Gay for you, Friends turned lovers and explicit naughty sex combined with tender feelings and affection.

Definitely recommended!
672 reviews2 followers
January 27, 2019
j'ai beaucoup aimé cette histoire, où être amoureux de son meilleur ami et devoir le cacher jusqu'à ce que jouer au jeu du meilleur du pire permette de voir la situation changer
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