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Behind the Bar #3

Betting the Bad Boy

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Self-confessed perfectionist Paige Thomas isn't used to failing. But when a critical error in romantic judgment sends all her big city career dreams crashing down, she scrambles to find a job--any job--to make ends meet. Noah Reid may as well have trust issues tattooed on his forehead. Being raised in the foster system didn't give him a positive outlook on relationships, but now he's looking after his best friend's bar for one month, and he can't do it alone. Things get steamy when Noah hires Paige, but she's determined not to repeat her mistakes and she bets Noah that she can keep her hands to herself while they're working together. Too bad for her, Noah is an expert at breaking the rules . . . Contains mature themes.

252 pages, ebook

Published May 8, 2017

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About the author

Stefanie London

103 books907 followers
Stefanie London is a multi-award-winning, USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romances and romantic comedies.

Stefanie’s books have been called “genuinely entertaining and memorable” by Booklist, and “elegant, descriptive and delectable” by RT magazine. Her stories have won multiple industry awards, including the HOLT Medallion and OKRWA National Reader's Choice Award, and she has been nominated for the Romance Writers of America RITA award.

Originally from Australia, Stefanie lives in Toronto with her very own hero and is doing her best to travel the world. She frequently indulges in her passions for good coffee, lipstick, romance novels and anything zombie-related.

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1,744 reviews433 followers
May 6, 2017
This delightfully entertaining read will bring a smile with its flirty, sexy and fun protagonists.
“You think you’re so charming.” She folded her arms across her chest…
“But I hate to break it to you, I’m immune.”

Paige Thomas had a life plan to achieve perfect happiness. She was unwilling the deviate from it until she losses her dream job because she unwisely mixes business with pleasure and now Paige desperately needs to find a job to help her stay afloat in the big city otherwise she’ll have to go back to her small town home. Rather than face defeat, she takes a barista job under the management of sexy Noah Reid. Can she resist from blurring lines and stray further from her grand plan?

Noah would like nothing more than to keep his life simple, unattached and free from big responsibilities. Raised in foster care, he’s afraid of letting down and being let down. But when his best friend leaves his bar to Noah’s care for a month he has no other choice but to hire help in the form of a gorgeous, outspoken aspiring accountant. Can he convince Paige that being flexible and having some fun is a good thing?

“You might not be looking for it, but you want it. I’d put my last dollar on that.”
“You want to make a bet? Fine… From now on I’ll keep my lips to myself.”

This was a fun, fast pace, lighthearted read. Paige and Noah have some witty and steamy verbal foreplay going on right from the start which is fueled by their competitiveness. There were very few limits to what they would bet each other on, but they tended to stick with the steamy kind which were doomed to fail because of their undeniable chemistry.

She wasn’t only attractive to him physically – her attitude, her spark, her quick wit all appealed to him at the deepest level.

Paige is a determined goodie two shoes. A bit naïve and indecisive, whose mixed signals gave me a bit of whiplash. But her steadiness helps Noah with his trust issues, even though at first glance you wouldn’t detect any chinks in his delicious armor. He’s a sexy bad boy with a gooey middle. He’s protective of his three foster sisters and loyal to his friends. I liked how Paige and Noah meet each other half way, he shows her how to enjoy life without it having to be perfect and she shows him that having someone to share life with is wonderful.

Betting the Bad Boy is book #3 in the Behind the Bar series by Stefanie London. It is a cute and sweet standalone contemporary romance told from both points of view with a happy ending.

Amazon -> http://amzn.to/2p7Dn1V

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via Tasty Book Tours PR. The excerpts taken from author's FB page. *

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1,104 reviews
April 18, 2017
I loved this book. A great light hearted read, plenty of romance, a little angst and coffee. Doesn't get much better than that.
Paige always the good girl from a small town comes to Melbourne, college degree in hand and is trying to find a job. She's a bit rigid and knows what she wants for her future and failure is not an option. She doesn't want to be the girl who goes home unable to make it. She's living with a friend who is now going to move in with her boyfriend and Paige is still jobless. Stopping in to get coffee at a local cafe, they just happen to be hiring a barista. When Noah mistakes her for the next job applicant, she wings it. When she admits that she isn't the applicant he kind of blows her off, but she bets him she can make him the best cup of coffee he's ever had. Since her family owned a cafe, Paige can handle any kind of coffee. Des has left Noah in charge of running First, Paul and Libby are busy doing their mixology. Des and Gracie (book one) are on vacation and Des is grooming Noah to run a second cafe he wants to open. Noah has huge commitment issues due to his upbringing; having been bounced around the foster home system. He refuses I think for fear of failure among other things. Many of the same reasons he refuses to have a relationship although he wants Paige in the worst way. It's cute the way these two bet their way through many things. Their seriously competitive.
Noah's last family left him with 3 sisters he still has a relationship with, but not his foster parents. Noah left their and never looked back after an incident you need to read to understand the dynamic.
Paige finally caves into her desire for Noah and Noah is happier than a pig in proverbial poop. Until she tries to talk to him about it. And there is where my review ends because you really need to read this book to appreciate the full story. It's a good read and one I think many can relate to.
I read this book in one sitting. Stefanie writes a great story and this one is no exception.
Nice work Stefanie!! I loved it.

**arc from NetGalley and Entangled in exchange for a fair review**
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705 reviews59 followers
May 9, 2017
3.5 Stars

Paige Thomas headed for the city with a shiny new accounting degree, a plan and big dreams of landing the job of her lifetime, but one misstep brought everything to a halt. She needs a job to pay the bills and keep a roof over her head but rather than admit defeat and head back home, she's willing to take a job as a barista while she looks for a new job.

Noah Reid defines the term commitment-phobe, likes his life free of attachments and responsibilities. With his friend away for a bit, he's had to step up and manage the bar, including hiring new employees and he's about to throw in the towel, until Paige walks in the door. With the sparks they strike off each other, can Noah convince Paige to relax enough to have some fun with him without any strings?

The previous book in this series did not leave me with any warm and fuzzy feelings for Noah but his back story in this book makes it easy to sympathize with him and want some happiness for him, which Paige brought to his life. I liked that she steadied him and quieted the part of him that was always itching to run away from any kind of responsibility. Plus, they affection he had for his foster sisters was really sweet and showed a depth to him that he hid from people.

For Paige, she needed Noah to show her how to be more flexible and enjoy life, instead of living a life filled with rules. As different as they were, they brought out the good in each other as well as made each other do some soul searching. While the mixed signals Paige gave off for most of the book drove me nuts, I enjoyed the chemistry between them and their dialogue. Overall BETTING THE BAD BOY was a cute, fast and entertaining read.

Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely mine.

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157 reviews1 follower
April 16, 2017
The perfect story for Noah's HEA and to end this series.
So clearly descriptive of the areas that I know that Stefanie, the author, is very familiar with.
Paige and Noah are just so perfect for each other.
Several good chuckle points - including a few references to unicorn vomit after the use of sprinkles on coffee and cocktails.
Only disappointment was how quickly I read this story.
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1,193 reviews18 followers
April 7, 2017
This is a fun and sexy romp that I just loved. Paige is still nursing her wounds from a date gone awry that had a long lasting impact. It leads her desperately searching for a new job as an accountant, but without much luck. After one poor interview, she pops into First for a much needed cup of coffee and meets Noah, who mistakes her for someone else. One thing leads to another, and soon she's working there as a barista.

They have an immediate attraction, but Paige wants a committed relationship and Noah won't commit to more than a night. What follows is an entertaining romance that fans of the genre will love. This novel made me smile and root for them to find their happily ever after, even while smiling at the situations they got themselves into.

While part of a series, this is a stand alone novel, however, it's so good that you really owe it to yourself to read them all. The author is on my must read authors' list.
413 reviews3 followers
April 22, 2017
This is technically book three of the Behind The Bar series, but it completely stands alone. That said, you really should read the first two books because they are fabulous, and because they will introduce you to Des & Gracie (who aren't in this one very much), and Paul & Libby who play a nice part in this story. This story does not end on a cliffhanger, but there is both cursing and on-screen sex, so if those will cause you to leave a bad review of the book, you should skip this one.

I loved both of the previous books in this series and was intrigued by Noah when we met him in Pretend It's Love, so I was thrilled to find out that he was getting his own book. Noah is a guy who had a difficult past, and is damaged because of it. Paige is a woman who is struggling to find her place in an unwelcoming new city. When she walks into the bar/restaurant/coffee bar known as “First” and meets Noah, she starts to realize that she might just belong in the big city after all.

I am so incredibly sad that this will be the last trip to First to visit with the amazing characters there. Stefanie London has an incredible way of writing characters that as a reader, I just want to be friends with. I would happily hang out at First, and be friends with these characters even though I don't drink coffee or alcohol. I loved the interactions between Noah and Paige. Their chemistry between them was undeniable from the very beginning, even though Noah was too stubborn to admit it. And that first kiss? Was a total 'WOW' moment for me because it showed just how explosively hot they would be together (and they were). Although there is some really hot sex in this book, that isn't the main focus. There is none of the “having tons of sex = falling in love” that is prevalent in so many books these days, Paige and Noah actually develop a relationship – a friendship – that is really fun to watch grow.

If you like a book that has humor, romance, and sexual chemistry, and that focuses on incredibly likable but slightly imperfect characters who just flat out belong together, you definitely should read this book and this entire series.

I requested and was generously granted an ARC of this book via NetGalley. I was under absolutely no obligation to write this review or to pre-order this book. I did both things because I enjoyed it that much.
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1,454 reviews113 followers
May 24, 2017

“You think you’re so charming.” She folded her arms across her chest…
“But I hate to break it to you, I’m immune.”

I love bad boys one way and another.

What I liked about this story is that the heroine was sassy. It is a book with beautiful main characters inside and out.

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342 reviews21 followers
May 12, 2017
Heather's review from Smut MattersThis is the third, and I believe final, book in Stefanie London's Behind the Bar series, but it can easily be read as a standalone. One of the things I really like about Stefanie London's books is her ability to write hot, romantic stories that make me laugh without actually crossing the line into straight up romantic comedy. This was a perfect example. Opening with a discussion of a cupcake latte that looked like "unicorn vomit", this book was everything I've come to expect from this series. Paige and Noah's meet-cute involved mistaken identities that were quickly cleared up, and they moved pretty quickly into the wanting-each-other-and-refusing-to-admit-it stage of their relationship, which is where the titular betting came in. But to be clear, this is not a book-defining "I bet I can sleep with that chick" bet. Paige and Noah bet on a lot, but none of it is mean-spirited.

Noah bets that Paige wants him. Paige bets that she can keep her hands (and lips) to herself. There's not much substance to the bet, though, and it's usually only referenced in a jokey "Oh, right. We're not doing this" kind of a way.

Paige was intriguing. She's a transplanted country girl, recently moved to Melbourne to escape the life she didn't want. She worked in her parents cafe, which is where she learned the skills that convinced Noah to hire her even though she wasn't actually the interview he had lined up for that afternoon (which they also bet on). She was determined to leave the country and make a life for herself in a large city, but that is not as easy as she expected it to be. She's sleeping on a friend's couch while she tries to find a job, but she's not having any luck with the job and the couch suddenly has an expiration date. The job at First, the bar Noah is currently running, is supposed to just be a way to get some money coming in while she continues her job search, but she quickly finds the job to be a lot more enjoyable than she expected. And the eye-candy certainly doesn't hurt. But she can't imagine telling her parents that she broke their hearts by not wanting to work in their cafe only to move to Melbourne and work in a cafe there. So she continues the job search.

Noah was... I liked Noah. I got a picture in my head really early on and I liked what I saw. I just felt like there was a little less to him. He's the perpetual single guy, no commitment for him, thank you very much. He hasn't seen commitment work out for very many people in his life, and he's decided not to bother going after it himself. He likes women, he likes sex, he's just not trying to keep either of them around for very long.

But he was clearly a good guy, book title notwithstanding. He still has a great relationship with two of his foster sisters, and an rocky relationship with the third. He wasn't sure if he wanted to run the bar in Des's absence, but he stepped up to do it so his friend go on a babymoon with his wife, and he was really good at it. He was great with Paige, when he was with Paige. When they weren't actually together, he had a tendency to let his inner demons get the better of him and he did and said some really dumb, hurtful things. Which he would always own up to, I'll say that for him, too. So I did like him, I just felt like he was a little less of a known quantity than Paige. There was just a little less there there.

This was a perfect wrap-up for this series. Everyone from the previous two books was here, they're all well on their ways to their own happily-ever-afters, and the bar is even going to open a second location. I was happy to hang out at First for the brief amount of time we spent here, and as usual, I'm excited to see what Stefanie London will do next.

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2,145 reviews12 followers
May 20, 2017
This is one book that I have really been looking forward to and MS London has nailed it with a sexy sizzling fun story that did such justice to Noah who we had met in the first two books in this series no worries if you haven’t read them this one can be read as a stand- alone (but I do highly recommend the first 2 as well). So clear the decks and sit back and get comfortable as we see Noah meet the woman that will change his life.

Noah Reid has been through a lot growing up and has left him with issues but he is now a man who is comfortable with himself he does not like commitment he is gorgeous, caring, hard- working and has the best personality he loves his job at the bar and restaurant First that is owned by one of his best friends Des. Des is off on holidays and Noah is in charge and he needs to hire a new staff member and when Paige Thomas walks in for a coffee and ends up getting an interview for the job Noah does not see that his life is going to change in a big way, Paige will break down those walls he has built up around him.

Paige has moved to the big city from the country she is the one who wants perfection she comes from a loving family that brings her up positive and ready to go out and get what she wants and says things as they are but getting that accountancy job that she really wants is not as easy as she thought so maybe fate has a way of stepping in and a coffee will change her life with meeting the gorgeous Noah. Paige wants it all love, family and commitment she has been hurt before and is determined that no one night stands will do for her.

This one had me cheering Noah and Paige on very loudly I laughed and sighed throughout this story Paige was everything that the sometimes vulnerable Noah needed in his life she made him feel that everything was possible and he taught her that perfection might not be all that it is made out to be. This is really a very sensual and steamy and moving journey to such a beautiful HEA woohoo MS London I loved it from start to finish a keeper and a must read thank you 
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470 reviews98 followers
May 8, 2017
Read full review HERE


I wasn’t expecting to actually like this book as much as did, mostly because I knew nothing about this series or the author. But I did enjoy it a lot, and this book is different from most of my reads in one thing: the SETTING! Betting the Bad Boy is set in Melbourne, Australia.

The writing was pretty good on this one, even though it is told in dual POV in the third person, the characters’ inner thoughts were different enough that I was able to always know who was “talking” at a certain point. I do think this would have been even better if it was told in 1st person, but I always thing 1st person would be better in romances…

I loved Paige and Noah. Paige was an independent girl, who was fighting for the future she wanted, and wasn’t afraid to do whatever she had to to follow her dreams. While Noah had been burned so much in his past, that he thought he didn’t want to set roots, depending only on himself and afraid to be hurt by the people he loved. While Paige wanted commitment and a set plan, Noah wanted none of that. It was interesting to see how such different personalities meshed. Noah helped Paige be more open to possibilities, and Paige showed Noah how it was ok to want more from his life.

I really liked the romance, because the chemistry was very much there from the very beginning, and these two were so cute and right together. My only issue about it happened by the end of the book, and I really wish that the author had found some other way to “solve” their issues. But overall, I really really enjoyed Betting the Bad Boy, and I highly recommend this book. I now want to get my hands on book 1 and 2 of this series, because want to know more about the characters.
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1,984 reviews17 followers
May 19, 2017
Paige has a plan. Move to the big city, find the perfect job, the guy who is going to make her his everything, get married, have kids and live the perfect life. And so far... she's running nil on all accounts. Who knew that one date could ruin her plans and have them all going up in smoke. After being let go from her job that was going to take her places, she's now sleeping on a friend's sofa (which she has to be gone from by the end of the month) and no job or prospect of a job in site. So when she walks into a coffee shop and accidentally highjacks an interview, she at least can put down she has a job... right?

Noah can believe the nerve of this girl, walking in and pretending to be someone else to get a job. If he wasn't so desperate for a barista that knows what they are doing, he would have kicked her out. Although, she is pretty hot. So maybe this won't be so bad after all.

Paige has a rule... don't date someone from your work. Especially after what happened last time. But Noah has other plans. Paige bets Noah that she can hold strong, but Noah never loses a bet.

This was a fun book with a lot of heart and soul. Paige and Noah each need to learn to let go and trust someone, but both have ghosts from their pasts that are holding them back.
I really enjoyed the banter and ease between all the characters and will definitely be checking out the other books in this series!

May 20, 2017
Paige has her future all planned out. She’s getting an accounting job, getting married, and having babies. Preferably in that order. Her mind is set, and she will not deviate.

Noah’s trying hard to forget his past. The fact that his mom left him, her family didn’t want him, and the number of foster homes he’d been sent to (and rejected from). He has three foster sisters and 2 best friends. As far as he’s concerned, he has everything he needs.

Paige is all about relationships.
Noah avoids them at all costs.

Do they have anything in common?

How about intense physical attraction, straightforward honesty, and the unwillingness to play games.

Sounds like a match made in heaven right…at least if they could get past that pesty commitment thing.

Should they? Can they? Will they?

Well you’ll have to read the book to find out. With witty exchanges, the coolest BFF’s, an original premise, and well-developed plot, and sex just has hot, steamy, and milky as the coffee, I promise you won’t regret it.

Grab a cup of joe and see if these baristas can make you want to go back for more. I know I want to.
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2,936 reviews122 followers
May 12, 2017
So cute!

I loved both Noah and Paige, and the bet motif was abso-freaking adorable. I can't imagine why I haven't read the other two books in this series--yes, it worked just fine as a standalone, but still--but you'd better believe I'm going to soon. I'm really going to enjoy watching Noah be all smug in his non-commitment-dom, knowing exactly what is coming in his future :)

Rating: 4 stars / A-

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
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2,556 reviews
May 9, 2017
This is a great book, this is the third book in the Behind the Bar series written by Stefanie London. This is a great book with a wonderful story and well developed characters. This book will keep you reading long into the night and you will not want to put this book down until you finish. This was such a great read and full of surprises. I am looking forward to reading the next book by this great author. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader’s copy of this book. The free book held no determination on my personal review.
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9,520 reviews148 followers
April 8, 2017

Noah is one sexy man, and he knows it, "she ran her hand slowly up his chest, her breath catching as she felt the hard ridge of his piercing. “You like?” he asked. His breath was warm at her ear, his nearness overwhelming her senses." Noah has a way with compliments, “all you have to do is stand still and let me kiss you all over, then I’ll be happier than a pig in ****.” I loved this book, loved Noah.
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663 reviews9 followers
November 19, 2017
A Coffee Barista, a bet, and one hot boss. This story of discovery, romance, and the ability to find love is the perfect pairing with a fresh brewed cup of coffee or a shot of vodka.

Noah is searching for the one thing he can't find, a place to call home, permanently. Paige is ready to prove to her family that she can make it despite what happened to her brother. Will they both find what they are looking for?

Stefanie London always delivers must read romance. I loved the tension, banter and one-liners. There are other books in this series but it reads great as a standalone.

The perfect balance of spicy and sweet make this one-click worthy.
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260 reviews8 followers
May 6, 2017
ARC generously provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

4 stars

Betting the Bad Boy is the 3rd book in a series of stand alones. I have not read any of the other books in this series.. yet, but didn't feel like I was missing anything! So feel free to read this without reading the other books first if you so wish!

Paige has graduated university with basically perfect scores. She has left her family and the country to pave her own way in the city of Melbourne. Paige knows what she wants and isn't afraid of the hard work it takes to get there. However, she is far from where she anticipated she would be. She is jobless, living on her best friends couch, and contemplating throwing in the towel, swallowing her pride, and heading home with her tail between her legs. That is until fate intervenes! You have to love fate!

Paige is a great character. I thought she was fun... even though fun really isn't a word you would think to describe Paige; because she is very much the uptight perfectionist who has no idea how to actually let loose and have fun! However, when it counts she is willing to take some chances! She is quite lovable. Sure she has some baggage that shapes some of her not so great qualities.. but who isn't carrying around a little baggage?

When Paige walks into a coffee shop just expecting a little caffeine pick me up, the last thing she expects is to find a job and someone who makes her want to tear down all her walls and break all her rules.

Noah is an amazing guy, if you over look his truck load of baggage, commitment phobia, and self deprecating views. He is truly beautiful inside and out. When Paige walks into Firsts and bets him for a job, she is perfect, in so many ways... except Noah is not perfect and Paige is the antithesis of what he is looking for.

Noah and Paige's sexual tension filled friendship was so much fun to watch develop. I loved their wagering and their banter. I loved their heat and their flirting.

Overall Betting the Bad Boy was a great developed story with fun characters, a smidgen of angst, some heat, and characters you connect to. I will definitely read more by this author and plan to read the other books in this series.
May 18, 2017
I fell in love with this book and with Paige and Noah! Nothing gets much better than a sexy Aussie man who definitely knows how to set a woman on fire, an intelligent, sassy heroine, romance, angst, and yes, coffee!

Paige is a girl from the country who came to the big city to make a life for herself. She has had her life mapped out for a long time…a good job in an accountant’s firm, a great apartment, and a sexy, successful husband. She learns the hard way that life has a way of messing up those plans. Instead, she finds herself sleeping on her best friend’s couch, out of a job after an unwise decision, and definitely no sexy boyfriend, much less a husband. Now, she’s begging the hot guy at the coffee shop/bar for a job. She’s about to learn that life’s little surprises can be the best treasures, and sometimes what you weren’t expecting ends up being just what you need.

Paige and Noah are complete opposites with the exception of their inability to walk away from a bet. After Paige begins working with Noah, who must be one of the sexiest barista/bartenders in Australia, the heat between them continues to build. After one unforgettable kiss, yes it even made my toes curl, Paige insists that it doesn’t need to happen again. Her poor decision about a guy is what landed her in her current position. But, sweet, dirty talking Noah bets her, she won’t be able to resist him in the few weeks she will be there. Could this be her most unwise decision yet? Who could work with Noah and not touch him, especially when he is whispering such naughty things in her ear?

Noah is a player who has HUGE trust issues. He can’t ever stay in one place too long, and only allows only a select few into his inner circle. In fact, he prefers being alone. His belief is it’s hard to disappoint people if you don’t ever make them any promises. He does have a rather painful past with most of the people he cared about never sticking around. Paige somehow is making rethink his philosophy though. The question is: will he listen to his head or his heart?

Paige may be a girl from the country, but she’s a tough as they come. She left everything she knew and came to the city for school and to make a new life for herself. Instead of giving up, she digs her heels in and is determined to make it. Even though Noah gets under her skin and makes her want to give into that bet, she certainly works hard to let him know that. She is a girl I would definitely want in my corner.

Once I started this book, I literally didn’t stop. Now, I was in the backseat of a car on a trip, but in my mind, I was thousands of miles away in a bar in Australia with a front seat watching one heck of a romance unfolding before my eyes. The angst and anticipation of Paige and Noah was INCREDIBLE! The build-up of the deed between the two of them was HOT! When he was whispering those naughty things in Paige’s ear, I was getting butterflies! I love when a writer takes control of my emotions, and Stefanie London certainly did that. It was the PERFECT mix of sexy and sweet. If you are looking for a romance to make you swoon, READ THIS ONE NOW!!!
4,576 reviews16 followers
May 23, 2017
Paul’s older brother was Des the bar/restaurant where they all worked. Noah was a close friend. Des oversaw the operation and finances. Paul managed the bar and Noah was the head barister who also inducted and trained the new hires. Des was in Hawaii with his wife Grace, Paul was knee deep in getting his mixology school off the ground that left Noah to be boss for the month Des was to be gone. Des was to soon expand his business and dropped hints he wanted Noah to manage it. Paul had a girl he was crazy about - Libby so Noah was the only bachelor left. Paige had just been trying to get a job and had been for awhile. And she was stressed about her future. Paige was trying to get an accounting job. Paige had been staying with her friend Sally. Sally just left her know that in a month she would be moving in with her boyfriend. Paige had already been looking for a job for a month. Paige stopped at Des’s bar/restaurant First for a coffee and fell into an interview as another girl. Then Noah was told the other girl wouldn’t be in Paige bet Noah a job she could make him the best cup of coffee he had ever had. Noah thought Paige looked like sex on a stick in a kind of girl next store way. Paige thought Noah looked hot. On Paige’s first day she brushed shoulders with Noah and felt sparks go through her. She hadn’t felt those kind of tingles since her first kiss. Paige had moved to Melbourne about four months ago before that a country girl born and raised. Paige had a different job in the accounting field but had dated a coworker but when she wouldn’t sleep with him he spread it all over the office she was a floozy and she lost her job. She had learned never mix business with pleasure. Noah had been brought up in the foster care system and had several foster parents and he felt he had let them all down but Paul and Des were his best friends. Noah also had three sisters not blood but sisters nevertheless. Noah had a policy to always set the bar low when it came to commitment. That way he didn’t expect much. As a kid Noah had been kicked out of every foster home he had been in. Being a lone wolf meant security. Noah was always desperate to be the one leaving when it came to relationships as he was never in it for the long term. Paul and Noah had been friends since third grade.
I enjoyed this story. I liked how Noah and Paige tried to control what they felt. I was glad when they came together. I liked the plot and thought this was well written. I thought this dragged a little at different times but didn’t stop me from finishing the story. I liked how close Noah was to Paul and Des. I also loved how Noah loved his sisters. I loved Paige’s determination . This was just a good read I loved the characters and the ins and outs.I recommend.
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April 26, 2017
Betting the Bad Boy by Stefanie London is scheduled to be released on May 8, 2017 by Entangled Publishing, LLC and is a romance novel. I really enjoyed reading this book because it is a great light hearted book with plenty of romance. The main character in this book is Paige. She comes from a very small town but decides to move to Melbourne after getting her college degree. She is determined to make it on her own and failure is not an option for her. At the beginning, she is living with her best friend, but she is moving out soon to live with her boyfriend. This move will leave Paige not only without a roommate but jobless as well. This is where she happens to be in the right place at the right time and gets mistaken for the next job applicant at a small coffee café. Here she meets Noah while being interviewed. When she admits that she isn’t the applicant he kind of blows her off. She then bets him she can make him the best cup of coffee he’s ever had. Noah bounced around the foster home system while growing up and this has made him fear commitment. This fear makes his attraction with Paige even harder. This I feel is why Noah and Paige bet their way through many of the things they face both with flirting and maybe a relationship. The writer creates a lot of back and forth between Noah and Paige. This competiveness is what makes this romance novel one to read. I really enjoyed reading London’s book and look forward to more
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May 8, 2017
Sexy and fun is the motto when country chick meets city dude! He's hot, down with the ladies and out for a good time always ... she's a unique take on sexy, sweet and dedicated to finding her perfect life. Total opposites right? So why do they mesh so well? He finds himself feeling more for her than he ever imagined was possible ... but can she accept less than she was looking for and learn to trust in what he's offering?

Paige Thomas disappointed her parents by taking off for a life in the city instead of staying closer to home, so there's no way she can fail and have to run crying home again! She had a job she thought was going to take her places, but she mistakenly trusted the wrong person and now she's crashing on her friends sofa with no job and no money! What's a girl to do?

Noah Reid is a fun guy to hang with, but he doesn't take anything too seriously. Growing up in the foster system and having disappointment after disappointment taught him not to trust in anything being there when he needed it. He has some great friends, loves his job and has a blast cruising through life ... but that's all he's looking for.

He is filling in for his buddy while he's away for a month and ends up hiring Paige at the coffeeshop/bar temporarily. Instant attraction is her worst fear realized, so she playfully puts a bet in place to make sure they don't fall into the lusty trap! Will they be able to hold out, or will she be pushing her rules to the side faster than she can recite them?
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May 22, 2017
Betting the Bad Boy is the third in the Behind the Bar series, boy did I enjoy reading this novel. It was just as good as the first two and didn’t lost the quality that some novels do in a series. Paige has been burned by a work place romance so bad that she on the hunt for a new accounting job because of it with no luck. Needing a pick-me-up-coffee she pops into First were she is mistaken by Noah for his new barista applicant. In need of a job ASAP she goes along with the confusion but once Noah realizes the mistake he is disappointed that the one candidate good at the job isn’t actual an applicant or willing to stay one permit if he did hire her. With no other choice, he decides to give Paige a shot to work until she can find an accounting job. Noah is a commitment phoebe, while Paige is looking for a solid commitment. Paige fights her attraction for Noah because she’s already been booted from a job because of a man but Noah is persistent and the chemistry is too strong to deny. I was completely entertained by this romance novel. I loved the fact that while reading I felt emotionally connected to the hero and heroine. I could laugh and cry while reading. I was rooting for their HEA as I read! 5 stars

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April 22, 2017
* Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review*
Betting the Bad Boy was really cute and funny! I enjoyed reading this book a lot. The banter between Noah and Paige was perfect and chemistry felt so natural between them. Noah is a bad boy with a heart of gold and a dirty mouth. Paige is the good country girl who is a little naive and stubborn. She makes him realize settling down with someone isn't so scary and it's okay to want more in life and he helps her realize that there is no such thing as perfection and it's okay to live in the moment and just simply enjoy life. They make a great couple and I felt like the book moved along at a good pace. This is the first time I have read anything by this author and I am excited to check out her other books. I recommend this book if you are looking for a cute and funny romance!
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March 6, 2019
I’ve loved this series from the start and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book. ALL the covers are #win for me. They're flirty and fun and they match the book inside perfectly!

Noah Reid does not do commitments in any facet of his life and he likes it that way. No responsibilities. No attachments. Free bird baby … that’s Noah. Until Paige happens and maybe he reevaluates :) (you’ll have to read and find out lol)

Paige Thomas is the polar opposite of carefree. She lives in structure and order. Free bird she is not! Until Noah maybe teaches her how to fly. Until they both maybe learn that life is about balance :)

I gotta tell you guys, the three books in this series have been super fun and cute and sexy in their own way. They’re fun sexy. Flirty sexy. Not a whole lot of angsty drama either. Super great afternoon reads!

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July 16, 2017
This one was just okay for me. I had a hard time connecting with the characters and didn't really feel their connection with each other, either. I thought the plot was cute, and I liked the characters' backstories, but the rest fell a little short for me. With that being said, the book is well written--no weird storyline gaps or out-of-character actions going on. So, I would recommend this book to others; just because I didn't personally connect with these characters doesn't mean someone else wouldn't feel a deep connection. And I certainly laughed out loud more than once, which alone made this worth reading.
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May 9, 2017
This was a fun light-hearted romance with lots of sweetness and swoonworthy moments. I loved the characters and the storyline. The banter was well-written. It was sexy and made me smile. I enjoyed every minute of reading this book and was definitely entertained. I am new to this author, but will definitely be looking for more from them.
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June 2, 2017
Betting the Bad Boy by Stefanie London is an easy, fast-paced, lighthearted read. In Betting the Bad Boy, Stefanie London introduces Paige Thomas. She's a country girl at heart and a perfectionist with dreams of a happily ever after.

Noah is her complete opposite. He lives life and never commits to anything, that is partly due to his history with trusting others and what not.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read. In my opinion, Paige is a little too persistent (almost annoying) and a bit repetitive. She doesn't believe in casual sex and keeps reiterating it through her monologue and in her conversations with Noah.

After one night of passion, she immediately wants Noah to commit. It made her too pushy and unrealistic I thought. Sure, Noah needs a shove but not the way she handles it. She sends Noah running the other way even though he kind of wants to give things a try. But again, it feels as though she wants a ring on her finger after sleeping with him once.

Again, at the risk of sounding repetitive myself, this was an enjoyable light read. This is part of Stefanie London's Behind the Bar series, but it's stand-alone so you can totally read it out of order.
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May 8, 2017

Paige Thomas is struggling to find a position as an accountant after being fired from her job. But she's not wiling to admit defeat, not just yet, otherwise she'll be heading home to work at her parents café. So instead, she hijacks someone else's interview, and manages to secure herself a job working at First, a Bar & Restaurant. Except Paige has the Been There, Done That T-Shirt when it comes to getting involved with someone she works with, and she knows she must keep her distance from Noah Reid. However, things aren't that simple. Is she setting herself up for heartbreak by growing closer with Noah, or will Noah realize that he wants a future with Paige before he loses her?

Ms. London is a brilliant author and this third book of her Behind the Bar series was a delightful, fast-paced, charismatic read that I could not get enough of. The way this story started had me sympathizing with the heroine, as she's a woman down on her luck. She didn't deserve to lose her job and the news her friend gives her on top of that had me wondering whether the heroine would be better off returning home to re-assess her situation. However, I liked that she didn't give up, and actually resorted to the measures she did to get a job.

Both the main characters were captivating, and I loved the playful dialogue between them. Both are determined to win the bet they've waged of whether the heroine will give into their attraction. Will she cave to the hero's charm? However, the main characters weren't the only ones that had me smiling or laughing, which is proven by the comments Nina -- one of the secondary characters -- makes about how women should stick together.

As for the heroine, I could understand why she was so hesitant to get involved with the hero, because of what she went through at her last job and the fact that she got involved with someone she worked with. However, I liked that she took a chance on Noah, even if he does let her down at one stage. Also, Paige is strong and brave the way she doesn't give up on trying to find a job, even though her efforts seem hopeless. I also liked how determined Paige was to win the hero over when she first meets him, because she's just the person he needs both professionally and personally. Since she's not afraid to stand up to him when he's being all charming and thinks she'll cave to the bet.

While Noah, he's a delightful hero and a total charmer that I wanted more of the moment I finished this book. He has serious trust issues that stem from the fact he was raised in the foster system, but I liked that Paige managed to rattle him and make him realize that forgiveness of things that happened to him in the past is the key to finding happiness in the present and for his future. Then there's the close relationship he has with his foster sisters, and I liked how he helped Amanda; the sister that did wrong by him, but is now focused on making everything right. Yet, what I liked most of all was the challenge the hero faced from the heroine. They want different things when it comes to relationships such as the heroine wants commitment and the hero doesn't do commitment. Will Paige be able to convince Noah that happy ever after isn't a bad thing?

Overall, Ms. London has penned a fantastic read in this book where the sex scenes were hot and showed the strong chemistry these two had really well. The way this story ended had me cheering for this couple's happy ever after, as Noah is determined to use any means necessary to win Paige back, even if it means tricking her with a little help. However, it was the epilogue that wrapped this story up perfectly, because of the teasing banter between the hero and heroine about the bets; and Noah's serious words about the past and future when it comes to the surprise he has for Paige. I would highly recommend Betting the Bad Boy by Stefanie London, especially if you enjoy the opposites attract trope or books by authors Avery Flynn, Naima Simone, Sarah Ballance or Marissa Clarke.
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