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Hearts #6

Hearts on Air

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3 weeks. 5 cities. 15 impossible stunts. One reality show.

Trevor Cross came into Reya Cabrera’s world with a bang and faded out with a whimper. They vowed to make it work, but life had other plans. After chasing his TV dreams for years, Trev finally became the UK’s next big reality star, but he alienated his family and friends in the process. Now he finally has everything he ever wanted. Women. Money. Fame. But none of it means anything when he doesn’t have the one thing that matters most: love.

Money leaves a gaping hole. Fame surrounds him with loneliness. And no woman makes him feel like Reya used to before the whirlwind of success pulled them apart.

He has a plan to get her back. However, with a hectic filming schedule looming, the only way to do that is to convince her to come on the road with him. Reya has been stuck in a rut for a while, and the opportunity to travel across Europe and play her music for new audiences seems like heaven. The only catch? She has to do it with the one boy who ever got close enough to break her heart. But he’s not a boy anymore, and as she gets to know him again she can’t deny her respect for the man he’s become.

Every time she’s around him her heart feels full of air, like a balloon about to pop. Little does she know, Trev’s feelings are just as tumultuous as hers. One thing’s for sure, these three weeks on the road together will either make them whole again or break them irrevocably.

**Hearts on Air is a contemporary romance and book #6 in the Hearts series, however it can also be read as a complete standalone.**

414 pages, ebook

First published May 23, 2017

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About the author

L.H. Cosway

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L.H. Cosway lives in Dublin, Ireland. Her inspiration to write comes from music. Her favourite things in life include writing stories, vintage clothing, dark cabaret music, food, musical comedy, and of course, books.

She thinks that imperfect people are the most interesting kind. They tell the best stories.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LHCosway

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LHCosway

Mailing List: https://lhcoswayauthor.com/newsletter/

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/lhcosway13/

Website: www.lhcoswayauthor.com

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Author 13 books512 followers
July 18, 2017
I'll admit, when I first started this I was scared.


For a few reasons...

1. It's a second chance romance, a trope I'm extremely picky about.

2. The story revolves around a reality show. I hate reality TV, and although the few books I've read with this storyline have been 4-stars and I enjoyed them, I still get twitchy whenever I start one.

3. I'd been waiting for this book for TWO YEARS, so my expectations were pretty freaking high. And I've been let down a lot by sky high expectations before--something I think we can all relate to.

Individually, these aren't too bad. But all three together?!??? And yeah, I was panicky. Thankfully, I ended up really enjoying this!! And I don't know why I was worried because it's L.H. freaking Cosway. She's AWESOME and has written a couple of my all-time favorite novels, so I should've known she could pull it off.


So, like I said, I've been waiting for Trevor and Reya's story since we met them in Hearts of Blue. They're best friends, but she's secretly in love with him. After sharing one night together One Epic Night, she starts to believe it's finally their time. Unfortunately, circumstances have other plans. The next day Trevor receives a phone call that his reality television series has been given the green-light. It's the chance of a lifetime and despite his feelings for Reya, he takes it. They do try to make it work, but eventually life pulls them apart.

Normally I don't like time jumps, typically because I find them unnecessary. But their separation (of two years) felt warranted. Trevor needed to grow up and I felt he did that. He took her for granted. Part of it was his age, but another part was his ADHD. It almost sounds like a copout if you don't read the book. But ADHD does affect relationships and even though I only have minor personal experience with it, I thought Cosway did a good job of illustrating it. I don't believe his indifference came from a cruel place. He really just needed to grow up.
"He's been adamant about making a change. I've never seen him so determined. There's a new maturity to him."
He didn't have time for the truth.
I think this is SPOT. ON. While in previous books I was mad about his dismissal of Reya, Cosway truly made me believe in their love. I felt his regret...
"Because you're the best friend I've ever had, and losing you is my biggest regret, the worst thing that ever happened to me."
"It pains me to think of how careless I was with you back then. If I hadn't been so messed up I swear I would've treated you like a princess."
And I truly believed he had changed by the end...
"I'm not missing any more of your birthdays. Not a single one," he said, his tone adamant.

I LOVED Reya! Cosway writes some of the best heroines in my opinion, I always find myself relating to them. I think what I love the most is how down to earth she was. Yes, she had insecurities, but she wasn't ruled by them << THAT was awesome to see. But my heart still broke for her.
Why couldn't I ever be the main priority in someone's life? Was it selfish to want to be number one to just one person?
She was also really funny, which is another trait I love about Cosway's heroines.
If somebody makes it so I can get away with wearing slippers outdoors, I’m all for that shit.
I was curious. Okay, nosy was probably the more appropriate word.
There's no stopping these slutty ovaries. All they seem to want to do is make babies.

There were times when some might label her a "doormat," but I never felt that way. I truly believe she loved him, but she was also young and didn't realize how much growing up he needed to do. Rather than being frustrated, I was impressed with how she held onto her love and waited for him.
He smelled like home. He embraced me like love.
She didn't pine away or immediately forgive him, but she didn't deny her feelings either.
I never had any other choice but to love you, did I?
And she eventually came to see she deserved more.
Trev was the boy you loved who never noticed you existed. I needed to love a boy who would make me his entire world.
My worries turned out to be unfounded. Overall this was a pretty successful second chance romance, for my picky tastes. The reality TV didn't play a huge, or annoying, part. And I wasn't let down after two years of waiting :)


There were only two things that kept it from being 5-stars.

1. One of my biggest pet peeves in a second chance romance is lack of communication, and extra unnecessary drama at the end. I was so happy that neither was the case here. Ironically though, the slow burn was a little too slow for me. The first (reunited) kiss didn't happen until . Now before you call me ridiculous and indecisive, both of which I am anyways, I want to point out that when Cosway writes her romances, she really focuses on the couple. So where other novels might have the couple meeting at 10% and have other random scenes interspersed, her characters are together in almost every scene. It's one of the reasons I love her writing, because sometimes I just want to focus on the couple. That being said, it meant I waited a really long time before any action happened between them. Like I mentioned, I LOVED the communication. But I still wanted them together a little sooner. Apparently I'm goldilocks when it comes to timing in a second chance romance. There's like a 5% window, and too much either way throws me off.

2. The lack of Trevor's perspective. I know all the books in this series are told in the heroine's POV, but I think I've just become spoiled by dual POV. I'm constantly craving both sides of the story. And since the story is told with only a few flashbacks, we would have primarily gotten a mature Trevor's POV, which is something I would've loved to read!

These are both personal preferences and in no way would keep me from recommending this book or series <3




Before reading, when I was (im)patiently waiting for this novel ;)

I know Stu's story is first, but honestly, I need Trevor and Reya's story...


So if you could write it super fast please?


Thanks :D
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1,260 reviews10k followers
June 21, 2017
*****4.5 STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

I nodded in an effort to convince myself it would be easy, a piece of cake, and yet still, I had that distinct, unsettling, dreadful feeling that despite our best efforts to make this work, the world was going to tear Trev and I apart.

 photo HOA6_zpsetxpm0ys.jpg

I’m absolutely in love with L.H. Cosway’s writing! Her characters are always so unique and vibrant. I’ve only read a few of the books in this series but I can tell you that there hasn’t been one Heroine or Hero that I didn’t love. The Heroines have had a rough start in life and somehow have been left alone to face all of life’s challenges, but they persevere. Each Cross brother is charismatic in their own way and will steal your heart! Get ready to be dazzled by Trev and Reya’s love story!!

Trevor and Reya have been the best of friends since the day that they met. Although, Reya was a little more than disappointed that things never went any further as she was smitten with Trev from the moment she first laid eyes on him. Little did she know that Trev was harboring a crush on her as well. Reya is a singer/songwriter and Trev would show up to all of her performances. Whenever she spotted him in the audience she sensed something in his eyes that had her heart racing! One night Trev asks Reya to go out on an adventure with him – that they should do things they’ve never done before. On this night, feelings that the two bottled up for so long come to the surface and they share a passionate night together. Reya was hesitant to cross the line between friends and lovers with Trev because she feared she would end up with a broken heart which is what happened when Trev gets the role of a lifetime on a reality TV show. The show becomes a huge hit making Trev an overnight celebrity and Reya decides to break things off so that she isn’t holding him back from living his new and exciting life.

 photo HOF_Teaser1_zpsvhodbtqf.jpg

Fast forward to about two years later, present day, Trevor is back home for a visit and he’s looking to have Reya back in his life. They haven’t seen each other for nearly two years. While things have changed drastically for Trev, Reya’s been stuck in a holding pattern. Her feelings for Trev never truly dissipated but she tries as hard as she can to remain a bit aloof whenever he’s around. Reya’s plans to avoid Trev are thwarted when he helps her get a temporary job as the PA for his show. For three weeks she will be traveling across Europe with Trev and his fellow cast mates.

Throughout the story, we are taken from the past to present so we get to experience all of the butterflies when their relationship is just starting and then the heartbreak when it all falls apart. But their love for each other transcends time and distance, and even Trev’s behavioral disorder, ADHD. It is what caused him at times to be unavailable when Reya needed him the most. During their separation, Trev was going to counseling to learn how to manage his ADHD. He wants another chance with Reya and will go to great lengths to make that happen.

 photo HOF_Teaser2_zpscaut36uo.jpg

Trev is not the only one with issues in the relationship. Reya’s family chose to abandon her when she went through a traumatic experience and they all accused her of being a liar. She feels as though she’s never been anyone’s first priority and expects that the people closest to her will inevitably let her down, and when Trev isn’t there for her during a couple of rough patches it only convinces her that she’ll never come first in his life either. Reya let her insecurities rule her which led her to push away the one person who truly loved her the most, but working on the show with Trev might just give them their second chance at happiness.

Get ready to fall in love with the latest couple in the HEARTS series! HEARTS ON AIR is currently available and those of you who enjoy the friends-to-lovers/second chance romance tropes will definitely want to check this one out!

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071JC49TG
Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B071JC49TG
Nook: http://bit.ly/2nctzy5
iBooks: http://apple.co/2ociIWl
Kobo: http://bit.ly/2mLHYFX
Smashwords: http://bit.ly/2mLNloM

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1,868 reviews2,246 followers
June 8, 2017
4 stars!

“Trev was the one thing in this world I could never, ever resist. I’d always want him. Only him. Even when I know wholeheartedly that I shouldn’t.”

Trev and Reya were best friends, until they became much more. After years of pining for the guy she always wanted, Reya had him. Until he signed on to a parkour reality television series and the two drifted apart. Now, two years later, Trev reenters Reya’s life, and he is determined to bring her back into his. And he does this by bringing her on the road while his show is filming throughout Europe.

Reya is determined not to let Trev get under her skin again, but being in close quarters through some of the most romantic cities in the world make it difficult to resist him. Little does she know, Trev has been harboring some serious intentions for Reya, and this time he’s not going to let her go.

“Happiness was a stranger, but misery was a dear old friend.”

I love the Hearts series so so much. Each book brings something unique and special to the table, every story something new, and every character a breath of fresh air. While this can be read as a standalone, we got brief glimpses of Reya and Trev in previous books in the series, and I have always been intrigued by their dynamic and have wanted to read their story.

I love reality television romance, it’s something we rarely see in the book world, but when we do it adds a little something extra to the story. That and Reya were my favorite parts of this book, I loved her as a heroine. She was alluring, curvy, and fierce. She had her issues and her insecurities, but they were what made her wonderful and she didn’t let them hold her back from living her life. Trev and Reya were explosive together, a delightful and beautiful couple. I know readers will love their story.

“He smelled like home. He embraced me like love.”

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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June 9, 2017
3.5 - "Be brave with me." Stars!

L. H. Cosway returns to the Hearts series for the final time, and in Hearts on Air we are finally given Trevor Cross’s story, two years on from the novella One Epic Night

Buy now on:

AMAZON US: http://amzn.to/2rurWl4
AMAZON UK: http://amzn.to/2simXlu

It’s hard to believe just how long this series has been going now, and having been with it from the very beginning, there have been a lot of highs interspersed with the occasional low.

For me, Hearts on Air was a fifty/fifty read, in that I really enjoyed the first and last quarters of the story, but I did struggle a little between 25-75%. The story between Trev and Reya basically goes like this –

• Best friends
• Lovers
• Estranged for two years
• Friends again (but Trevor wants more)
• Lovers again.

The first three points are pretty much covered in the first 25%, although you do get a few flashbacks throughout the mid stages of the book.

"I need you… just for tonight. Just give me tonight and then you can decide if you want to keep me…"

The 25 to 75% portion of the story is basically focused on the rebuilding of their friendship after two years of pretty much avoiding each other, and here is where I struggled somewhat. It was mainly because it seemed to be dragged out far too long, felt a little repetitive, and I found Reya to be a bit of a prick tease in relation to knowing how Trevor felt about her, and using it to bolster up her own confidence on more than one occasion.

I loved his unpredictability. I got off on his wildness and spontaneity. And I adored how he always surprised me with what came out of his mouth.

She also seemed to have absolutely no problem eavesdropping on people in situations that were wholly not her business. I could understand the author’s reasonings behind this in a way, because Reya (and the reader) is given more insight into Trevor because of it, but personally I think I would have just preferred to have a few chapters from Trevor’s POV, it becomes more obvious as the book progresses that there is a lot more going on with him, than his happy-go-lucky persona would initially have you believe, and I would have loved to have gotten into his head and got it first hand, over Reya essentially ear-wigging on him.

"Words without music are far too revealing…"

That-said, it was great to catch up with pretty much everyone from all of the previous books in this story. The Cross family all-together are a pretty entertaining bunch, and the hairs literally lifted on my arms when we are taken for a visit to the Circus Spektakulär and a certain Magician and his Fire Breathing brother took center stage. The ending and epilogue, made me smile as well. I hope the author is looking to start a new series at some point in the future based around Trevor’s Parkour crew, you learn quite a lot about most of them in this one, and it would seem the author is teasing her readers a little in that most of them seem to have stories to be told.

"Sometimes the best songs are the quiet ones."

I have high expectations of this author, and apart from the pace being off in this one a little, it was in general an enjoyable read. As always, I cannot wait to see what’s in store from her in the future.

ARC generously provided by the author via Wordsmith Publicity, and it was, as it always is, my pleasure to provide the above honest review in exchange.

**This review will also appear on Straight Shootin' Book Reviews -
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2,565 reviews1,249 followers
June 9, 2017
It's LIVE & on Blog Tour!

Trevor... oh Trev... be still my heart. He was everything in this story. Everything!! His mischief, his candor, his friendship, his hotness, his heart. He filled me up with so much glee.

So... while I didn't hate love Reya... She rubbed me the wrong way. I hated how she treated Trevor, for the most part. I hated the emotional games she played. He didn't call or come round for a bit and she was all "Oh, you're on the way to being famous and while you're busy, obviously you couldn't care less about me. Woe is me." Alas, this turned me off of her the most. She didn't fight. She didn't support him. I hated how she interpreted every. single. interaction as another notch on her "poor me" belt. It was all about her. How things affected her, her feelings, her altruistic musical dreams, her etc... I hated how she refused, quite brutishly, to see anything from Trevor's angle. What was so obvious to me, she needed to be hit upside the head with it, time and time again. However, I did admire the clarity of her purpose. It shone true through her music and her dreams. I just wish she was a better person. In my opinion, her distrust for and her rudeness towards Trevor was excessive. But then again I have a huge bias when it comes to Trevor and I pity the fool who would ever try to bring him down.

Obviously I adored Trevor's story. It was fun, full of adventure, and held tons of angst. I loved Trevor and every part of him, whether it was his irresponsible and impulsive side or his more mature and grounded demeanor. He was so amazing and I kept wondering how much more incredible he would have appeared had I been blessed with his perspective.

Release Date: June 8, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Second Chance Romance
POV: Heroine - 1st person
Heat: 3.5 out of 5
Book Type: Standalone - Book 6 of the Hearts series with character crossover
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965 reviews1,248 followers
June 8, 2017

Title: Hearts on Air
Series: Hearts #6
Author: L.H. Cosway
Release date: June 8, 2017
Cliffhanger: No

Seeing this book land on my kindle was more than a little bittersweet. Though I'm always excited for a new addition to the Hearts series, this sixth installment completed the Cross family stories. It's been three years, and countless hours of romantic bliss after first reading Six of Hearts. I'm not quite ready to accept the fact that there will be no more stories to look forward to. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, but luckily they've been sent off in grand style.

Trevor Cross and Reya Cabrera were best friends, but Reya's feelings secretly always ran deeper. He never showed the barest hint of interest in her beyond friendship, so she kept her yearnings locked up tight. That is...until their one epic night. The night they threw their caution and inhibitions to the wind and danced on the edge of more. But unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be for them yet. She let her hopes run away with her, only to be devastated when their fragile relationship eventually crumbled under pressure. Trevor was signed to do a Parkour reality show, and two years later, all she has are bitter memories and loneliness to keep her company. Running into him again is the last thing she wants or needs. It only chafes the burn of their failure once again.

I ached. I realised with stark clarity how much I still felt for him. This was bad. It was worse than bad. It was dangerous. Because if he pushed even a tiny bit more, my defences would crack. He’d manoeuvre his way back into my life and I’d repeat the cycle of falling for him and being devastated all over again.

I really felt for Reya. She clearly had her heart broken and her life had hit a rough patch. Stuck in the same apartment, and just scraping by, she wasn't making a success of her music career like she dreamed of. So although being in Trevor's presence is not the most comfortable place for her, he makes her an offer she simply can't refuse. He offers her the chance of a lifetime: PA by day for his parkour team as they film their reality show around Europe. By night, she's free to play her music in new, exciting cities and gain more exposure for the career she seeks. She can deal with a little angst. Right? Right?

Trevor seems to be a changed man now that they've reconnected. He's calmer, more grounded, and focused. After discovering his high energy and sometimes impulsive behavior was caused by ADHD, it was an uphill battle learning to conquer his own personal challenges. But now he seems healthier, happier, and determined to convince Reya to give them another chance.

He made me feel electric, like I might be hurtling off the edge of a cliff but I was going to enjoy every single second before I hit the ground. It was illogical and dangerous. Fatal, really. But I still jumped every time.

As she meets his partners and gets integrated back into his daily life, they get to know one another all over again. Their attraction was stronger than ever, and becoming harder and harder to suppress. I especially loved Trevor's fascination with her songs and watching her perform. He had an intensity about him when he saw her in her element, he was absolutely entranced and couldn't look away when she bared herself through her music.

He wanted me. He always wanted me . . . when I sang. Maybe it was because I was absorbed in a persona. I wasn’t Reya: insecure, worrisome, weak. I was Queenie: confident, bold, strong. Was that why I wasn’t enough for him? Why he didn’t try to keep us?

Trev has come a long way, and matured in their time apart. He made mistakes in the past that led to their separation, but I also feel as if it just wasn't the right timing for them. With his television career taking off, the demands of his job had a big impact on them. He didn't have the tools or the capability of balancing everything properly. But he really proved himself, supported her, and lifted her up this time around. He went out of his way to prove that she was the most important thing in the world to him.

Cosway's trademark witty humor, originality, and unique characters made their presence known once again. I relished revisiting all of the past couples as they made their appearances in this book, it felt like I was giving them one last group hug. If you're like me and don't want to let go yet, there's very good news. L.H. Cosway has announced that she's writing a spin-off series to be released next year called Running On Air! It will feature Trevor's Parkour partners that we meet in this book. So all hope is not lost. Who knows? Maybe we may get a cameo or two from some of our beloved favorites. The first book will be about Callum and Leanne, and I am unbelievably eager to read more about them.

Even if you haven't read the others in the series, this CAN be read as a standalone. I highly recommend checking this one out in preparation for the upcoming series.


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June 11, 2017
✮✮✮ 4.5 STARS ✮✮✮

Review @ Vanilla & Spice Books

Two years ago Reya and Trev moved their friendship to another level. It was also the time when Trev's dream of his own parkour reality show came true. This should have been the happiest time of their life but real life crept in fast and their budding relationship fizzled out. Reya was left broken hearted over the loss of her best friend and her love.

Two years later Trev asks her for a second chance to fix their friendship. He offers her a job as a PA for the parkour team for their Europe tour and after a lot of hesitation she agrees to take the chance. It helps that her own career as a musician is stagnating and obviously going nowhere. It stings that Trev is successful and her own career is going nowhere.

The prospect of playing in joints of different European countries holds great appeal and would mean more exposure for her music. But there is the issue of not letting Trev in again. Spending three weeks with Trev and being close to him for an extended period? It will take everything to resist this cheeky, charming and intense guy. Reya still hurts and Trev makes it hard to keep him at arms' length. How long will she be able to resist?

Because that was the person I’d fallen for in the beginning, and I didn’t think I’d ever get over that mischievous blue-eyed boy, no matter how much I tried. I loved his unpredictability. I got off on his wildness and spontaneity. And I adored how he always surprised me with what came out of his mouth.

Reya's pain is so obvious from the start, I felt it with her. She has never moved on from Trev. As long as they were friends she'd always avoided letting her feelings for Trev venture into a territory they have no business to go when you want to stay friends so there is a lot of regret on her behalf. On this trip she doesn't only learn a lot about her best friend, she learns about herself and that she misjudged Trev's flightiness and unreliability. He impresses her with his new maturity, she gets a whole new appreciation for his condition.

I looked down at my plate, a smile curling my lips. “Since when did you become the mature one?”
His look was direct. “Since I spent two years without you. I don’t plan on going another two.”

Above all though, she still loves Trev - it has always been him. She stands loyal by him even if she is at odds with where their relationship should go. Reya is a tender-hearted girl but she has a backbone of steel even when she feels she is weak.
Reya also has to deal with her estrangement from her own family. Her story is sad and you can only shake your head when you see the sanctimony and cruelty of her own flesh and blood. I was sad for her and offended on her behalf.

Trev has come a long way from the cheeky, flighty, hyperactive, thoughtless guy he used to be. Learning about ADHD and how to deal with it on a daily basis has made him more mature and calmer than he used to be. He still has that cheekiness about him that I have come to love from the first time he appeared in Hearts of Blue but there is a new depth to him. He is grounded, solid and he kept impressing me with how much thought he gave to the things Reya said. When it comes to her he would give up everything, his selflessness was beautiful.
Trev tries so hard to become the person Reya needs and it is obvious to everyone how very much in love he still is with his girl, except to the woman herself. It is tangible how he is pining for Reya and how much he worships her.

“One thing you never realised about me, Reya. I’ve got an incredible poker face. I can make it seem like I don’t care when I care too much. I can make it seem like I’m not paying attention when I’m really watching your every move. I know. Because that’s what I used to do.”

When it finally works out for them they both realize that the separation was actually a blessing - neither of them was ready back then and had the tools to deal with the consequences of Trev's condition.
I adored Reya's and Trev's relationship and how their love was so obvious. It was understandable that she didn't want to fall into old patterns and (unsuccessfully) kept an emotional distance from Trev.

LH Cosway knows how to write some extremely steamy scenes and let me tell you, Trev is a freaking beast. I think he has a little sex addiction going on ;).

I loved the dynamics between the two main characters. Their friendship has always been beautiful to me and while Trev sometimes came across as a bit of an airhead throughout the series I kind of figured there was more to him and I'm happy to say that I was right.

The last two chapters will make every fan of this series super-happy. You get to catch up with your favorite characters and I really really loved the developing bromance of two of the characters. This book also sets the stage for the new series which will be about the rest of the parkour team. The first couple will be Callum and Leanne who we get to know a little bit and let me tell you...that way lies a lot of angst.

This book is a worthy conclusion of an amazing series and I say goodbye a little teary-eyed. I have come to love the uniqueness of L.H. Cosway's characters. She has a way of evoking deep emotions with and for them. I was enraptured and completely immersed in the story from the first page. And now? Now I can't wait to see what this author has in store for us with her new series. I hope that we get some cameos from the Hearts series. I'm sure she will take us again on a fun ride.

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March 30, 2021
I seriously LOVE this series hard and I really wanted Trev and Reya have their happy ending, so I totally enjoyed this torturously angsty story.

Trevor Cross thought fame and fortune would make him happy. He even withdrew from his family and the only woman who’s truly made him feel whole and content to pursue his TV dreams. He found out the hard way that these things are no substitute for love and now he’s determined to make things right and he’s going to make his tight schedule work in his favor. Or at least he’ll try. Can he convince Reya to come with him and his crew on a trip across Europe?

Three weeks. That’s all the Reya Cabrera has to withstand being in close quarters with the man who broke her heart. It’s really just a blip of time considering all the time and backstory they have together, it’ll give her a chance to get out of the tedious routine she’s been stuck in and give her the chance to play her music for new listeners. Can she survive being in Trevor’s presence, or will the forced proximity allow her to get to know her former best friend all over again and perhaps provide them with a second chance?

Second chances tend to be bittersweet, but there’s also beauty in understanding, forgiveness and love, all of which are wonderfully shown in Trevor and Reya’s story along with strong family ties and brilliant happy ever afters.

L.H. Cosway’s stories always score big with me. She has mastered the ability to create complex characters you can relate with, creating a story that’s impossible not to love. Hearts on Air is classic L.H. Cosway with just the right amount of angst, romance, sexiness and action all woven into an original plot with parkour masters and changing backdrop full of beautiful imagery without forgetting the Trevor and Reya’s story is about pursuing a second chance at love however complicated that may be.

Reya very easy to like. She’s a regular gal with issues she’s worked through with the help of her friends, holding on to what she knows is true, surviving and coming out the other end fairly well. And although she’s self-deprecating, she also has a good dose of self-respect and knows she deserves to be someone’s first priority. I loved that she loved Trev but wouldn’t let him treat her as an afterthought.

You may know that as orphans, Trevor and his brothers struggled as kids to get by. Even though Trevor was one of the youngest Cross siblings, he was still embroiled in illegal activities in order to survive until his late teens. Add to that the fact that he had undiagnosed ADHD until he started the reality TV show and you have one very complicated and intense man. And although the story is told from Reya’s perspective the strength of Trevor’s feelings towards her come through.

I really enjoyed the friends to lovers and slow burn nature of their relationship, building up a passionate romance. I loved every single interaction between them.

There’s so much awesomeness to talk about this book. The locations, the new characters that help set the stage for this series spinoff, the amazing tricks, but what I loved the most apart from the romance was reading about all the other characters in the Hearts series. I don’t want to spoil anyone so I’ll just say that is was really fun having Trev and Jay hit it off and that L.H. Cosway comes full circle with all the stories and closes the series marvelously.

Hearts on Air is book #6 in the Hearts series by L.H. Cosway. It is a standalone romance and the last in the series. Told from the heroine’s point of view with a happy ending.

Amazon -> http://amzn.to/2rXyKry
Author's pinterest board -> https://es.pinterest.com/lhcosway13/h...

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via WordSmith Publicity. *

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June 12, 2017

The Hearts Series has always been one of my mini obsession romance series and every time another book is released I just flip, leave everything aside and enjoy the story which I know will be amazing, great, you know it:)

Hearts of Air follows Trevor Cross and Reya Cabrera in a fantastic adventure of self discovery and second chances, leaving us quite satisfied by the end of the story. The two of them have been friends for a long time, but both nourished other type of feelings, deeper and more solid. However, they are too afraid to admit it and fear their relationship will be harmed after having other type of commitment between them.

They engaged in a short and lustful romance, but life separated them eventually. Trevor has been offered the job of a lifetime, to film a reality-show based on his favorite sport, parkour, and Reya is left back in London, only with her hopes and dreams. Now, after 2 years, Trevor is back with an unique proposition for Reya, an adventure which will get them closer again and maybe this time, together forever.
Did I mentioned I loved this book? No? Let me explain. I loved the characters, the plot, the secondary characters and the amazing scenario that was brought to us.

Reya was my kind of heroine, strong when needed, but fragile inside. All her life she wanted to become a singer, but feared of fame and the spotlight. She just wanted to live in her little bubble of joy, singing for others and being an inspiration. She wanted her music to mean something to her audience and for that dream she kept on booking gigs, writing her own songs or singing covers in an original way. She was independent, beautiful and had a crush on her best friend, Trevor.

Trevor Cross is TROUBLE and ENERGY combined in one hot package. He loves parkour, driving and having fun. He is also secretly in love with Reya, but because of some issues he is not honest with her about his feelings and prefers to keep her close only as friends. When his biggest dream comes to life, he makes the big mistake of forgetting his priorities and gests suck in the fame twister, leaving Reya heartbroken and alone. Now, he is back for a second change and won't allow NO for an answer. He fights for Reya with everything he has, to show her that he is a changed man that will always puts her first.

Their chemistry was unbelievable, like with all the couples in the series. The scenes between them were full with tension, love, friendship and I laughed so much, it made my heart melt.. They were incredible, I enjoyed so much their push and pull, the way they wanted to do the right thing but failed miserably because their feelings were stronger. I liked the way they evolved, especially Trevor. From the dreamy and careless boy, he truly became a man that saw beyond the material and fame. He saw a future in Reya, something to hold on too and make it his. He became reliable and I sincerely loved him for that. His struggles and torments were real and all of this was made to show his best friend that he is worth to be in a true relationship.

Reya as well broke different barriers to become a better person, more at ease with herself and her past. She managed to put aside insecurities, take chances, be more bold when wanting something. The two of them were amazing together and I couldn't imagine of a more fitting couple for this story, that found each other no matter what, in a perfect unity.

A major bonus was the changing in scenario, from Brussels, to Paris and Barcelona. I loved to read the description of some famous places and to imagine Trevor and his team doing parkour there. It was extremely original and I praised for the author for nailing it completely. Oh, and the secondary characters were amazing. I loved Trevor's team and not to mention that I got to see some old characters back in action, including my crush, Oliver King.

To conclude with, an extremely romantic adventure, with two characters that find their way back to each other and discover the importance of friendship that manages to surpase everything.
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Author 101 books25.7k followers
June 8, 2017
Smart, likeable, vulnerable, strong, heroine you want to be friends with. Check.
Outside the norm, interesting setting/premise. Check.
Cocky but real, likeable, hilarious, witty, sexy hero with brilliant character arc. Check.
Throw in the fact that HEARTS ON AIR explores my favourite trope in romance - Second Chance Romance where the H or h has to fight to win back the h or H's affection - and LH Cosway delivers another outstanding winner! Seriously. I've said it before and I will continue to say it for years to come: I will read anything this fabulous author writes.
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725 reviews
Shelved as 'hell-fucking-no'
October 19, 2016
After reading about Trevor and Reya in Hearts of Blue there's no way I'll be touching this book. What a complete twat. Who wants to read about a hero that doesn't even notice the heroine has left because he's too busy flirting with other women? Or 2 years after meeting her he's still banging (or trying to) other women (read in the epilogue of Hearts of Blue). And the excuse is that he has ADHD. So he can't keep his dick in his pants because he can't concentrate on just one woman? Pfft. No thanks! Won't be touching this book.

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942 reviews587 followers
June 6, 2017
4.5 STARS*****

Be still my heart****

Trevor... (*sighs)

Bold, colorful and totally exciting. Hearts On Air is a beautiful adventure that transports the reader to beautiful places and experience emotions that will make our hearts jump with the flip of every page.

 photo EE690CF3-FB4D-42D2-B8F6-B03147BEB0A9_zps0vliyiz9.jpg

Trevor and Reya have been best friends for years. Reya's always had a major crush on the younger of the Cross brothers, but she's had to hide her feelings after Trevor put her in the friend zone. These two always have the best time together; their banter is hilarious and totally contagious throughout the book. The truth is that Trevor also has feelings for Reya but he doesn't feel worthy of her so he's never tried to show how he really feels.

Trevor's dream to become a reality star, showcasing his Parkour talents has finally become a reality. He's been given the opportunity to travel from city to city doing amazing stunts, quickly becoming a household name. Fame, women, and money are what Trevor always thought he wanted but all the success doesn't taste as sweet when he doesn't have his family and friends close to him. Trevor has learned a lot about himself in the time he's been away, he's been fighting hard with the demons that haunt him. He misses Reya, and even though he doesn't have it all figured out, one thing he knows for sure, that he doesn't want to spend one more day without her.

The chaos that is Trevor Cross was feeding the deep insecurities that Reya's always had. She hides behind her music, creating beautiful songs that are the armor that protect her from the pain of her past. Now Trevor is back in her life and she's feeling overwhelmed by the fierce need to be close to him, and the fear of getting her heart broken.

Will Trevor and Reya finally take the jump together and make their hearts whole again?

I was on cloud nine reading this book. I've been in love with Trevor since I first started reading this series and his story was as colorful and heartwarming as I knew it would be, perhaps even more. Reya was just the perfect heroine for him. She was the peanut butter to his jelly and their love story, the perfect treat for me. Reading Hearts On Air felt like having a million butterflies fluttering around my heart, giving me the biggest smile ever. Just perfect!

My Hearts On Air music playlist:
*The Night We Met by Lord Huron
*Unconditionally by Katy Perry
*Nervous by Gavin James
*It's Gotta Be You by Isaiah
*Symphony by Clean Bandit

 photo CD947C1A-8251-43A0-B6B5-72D4A0A4EE37_zps3rgiutfu.jpg
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1,076 reviews244 followers
June 18, 2017
3.5 stars!

It's always bittersweet having to read the last book of a beloved series, especially from one of my favorite authors as is L.H. Cosway.

The wrong way to do parkour:

The right way to do parkour:

What worked for me, parkour of course! I find it incredibly fascinating all the flips and twist and dangerous heights. The awesome writing of LHC and finally having Reya, and Trevor deal with their relationship issues and misunderstandings. I have to say I'm not a fan of going back from the present to the past but with this one I was actually glad. It helped me understand the why's of what went wrong with them and imo they were both to blame.


What didn't work for me was that it drag in some parts or maybe there was too much going on especially with the secondary characters. I wanted the story to be more focused on them, on how they could mend their hurts. I also missed the old Trevor he wasn't the same daredevil and I understand it had a lot to do with his condition. But I still missed his carefree and playful attitude. Reya I didn't like how she treated Trevor in a particular scene, to me it was unfair. I thought it was something really important she had to do, to face that part of her past. I wished she would of told her family off, they deserved it.


Still I did enjoy this last of book in the "hearts series" like I said bittersweet but all good things come to and end. The epilogue was pure perfection.❤️
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1,299 reviews701 followers
June 10, 2017
Release Date: June 8, 2017

Title: Hearts On Air
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense

 photo LHCHeartsonAirCover3D2.png

My thoughts

"5 - When you leap it's like I have no breath stars!"

This story absolutely slayed me!
WOW! What an intense roller-coaster ride!

I'll start by telling you what I loved about this book: I loved Trevor and Reya's characters.
Let me explain. I don't know if you've ever met a person who shines so bright, you feel like you're a moth being drawn to a flame. This person is charismatic, exciting, spontaneous, smart, witty, charming... but who also seems like they have a death wish. They act like their invincible and aren't afraid to take extreme risks - if anything they thrive on it.

 photo HOF_Teaser1.jpg

This person also gives you their undivided attention when they're with you and acts like the world revolves around you, but you feel like you can never reach the core of that person because they just don't seem to be wired to let anyone "in".
This is Trevor's character.
Reya's character is beautiful.
She loves Trevor Cross but knows nothing can come of it. She sees the effect he has on people and is in awe of him sometimes, but she also doesn't let him get away with shit either.
She's an extremely talented musician and a wonderful friend.
She's smart, funny, strong, doesn't like to be the focus of attention (unless she's on stage performing) and when she loves - she loves with all her being.

This book is their journey, this book is their song.

 photo HOF_Teaser2.jpg

I true L.H. Cosway fashion the story is unique, interesting, and not at all what you expected when you open the first page and begin reading.
The characters attract you, the story grips you and before you know it you're on this amazing journey.
In the end, you feel satisfied with their story and delighted you had the opportunity to go on this journey with them.

 photo HOA6.jpg

This is my favourite book this year!
I want to re-read it again because it's one of those books that when you read it again you like it ever more.

 photo LHCHeartsonAirCover6x9_BW_MEDIUM.jpg


3 weeks. 5 cities. 15 impossible stunts. One reality show.

Trevor Cross came into Reya Cabrera’s world with a bang and faded out with a whimper.
They vowed to make it work, but life had other plans. After chasing his TV dreams for years, Trev finally became the UK’s next big reality star, but he alienated his family and friends in the process.
Now he finally has everything he ever wanted. Women. Money. Fame. But none of it means anything when he doesn’t have the one thing that matters most: love.

Money leaves a gaping hole. Fame surrounds him with loneliness. And no woman makes him feel like Reya used to before the whirlwind of success pulled them apart.
He has a plan to get her back.
However, with a hectic filming schedule looming, the only way to do that is to convince her to come on the road with him.

Reya has been stuck in a rut for a while, and the opportunity to travel across Europe and play her music for new audiences seems like heaven. The only catch? She has to do it with the one boy who ever got close enough to break her heart.
But he’s not a boy anymore, and as she gets to know him again she can’t deny her respect for the man he’s become.
Every time she’s around him her heart feels full of air, like a balloon about to pop. Little does she know, Trev’s feelings are just as tumultuous as hers.
One thing’s for sure, these three weeks on the road together will either make them whole again or break them irrevocably.

**Hearts on Air is a contemporary romance and book #6 in the Hearts series, however, it can also be read as a complete standalone.**

Buy Links

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071JC49TG
Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B071JC49TG
Nook: http://bit.ly/2nctzy5
iBooks: http://apple.co/2ociIWl
Kobo: http://bit.ly/2mLHYFX
Smashwords: http://bit.ly/2mLNloM

(1) A signed paperback copy of the book
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Link: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/disp...?

About L.H. Cosway
 photo L.H. Cosway Author Pic.jpg

L.H. Cosway lives in Dublin, Ireland. Her inspiration to write comes from music. Her favourite things in life include writing stories, vintage clothing, dark cabaret music, food, musical comedy, and of course, books. She thinks that imperfect people are the most interesting kind. They tell the best stories. L.H. is represented by Louise Fury at The Bent Agency.

Social Media Links

FB: www.facebook.com/LHCosway
Twitter: www.twitter.com/LHCosway
Instagram: www.instagram.com/l.h.cosway
Website: www.lhcoswayauthor.com
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/lhcosway13/

"A copy of this book has been provided by Wordsmith Publicity in exchange for an honest review."
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2,099 reviews316 followers
June 25, 2017

If the air is a street.
Then the clouds are a path.
And your feet so easily close the distance.

Reya and Trevor have a complex relationship. With such subtle nuances that it is hard to pull it all apart at once. A book to be read more than once to fully understand how they are feeling. I was torn between reconciling between what happened in the past and to what happened in the present with our two star crossed birds.

A battle between head and heart. I felt Reya's struggle every step of the way. Although blown away I personally didn't need to have read That One Night in parts it ruined the book for me. I also didn't particularly need to see flash backs to the past. On the one hand, it added to the story of the book but it also tore me away from how their friendship/relationship developed in the now.

How this book touched every part of me. With so many feels involved Ms. Cosway manages to tickle all the unwanted and wanted emotions out of me. I was fascinated by these two right from the beginning. They have a unique friendship where they fought for a very long time against crossing that line.

This book won't work for everyone. A lot of readers have a problem with Trevor throughout the other books. It is hard to get a read on him. He did string Reya on for a long time and Reya tried to come to terms with it. But by the time Trevor showed interest it was all torn apart. He gave up Reya for fame and fortune. I actually get Trev’s reasons behind where he tried to keep his distance but the road to hell is paved with good intentions but however noble is intentions were meant to be they ruined a lot for both of them. Trev is strange, unpredictable, beautiful flawed man.

Reya had stability she needed until that one night where everything changed. She lost everything. Trevor didn't have the best upbringing but the Cross family is spectacular to watch together. Whereas Reya had no family to turn to.

Astranged yet they get reacquainted with Reya accompanying them on shooting through Europe as one of their PAs although she really didn't do a lot. It's time to make amends. Trev goes above and beyond. If somebody makes it so that I can get away with wearing slippers outdoors I'm all for that shit. Believe me Reya so am I.

L.H Cosway is one of my favourite authors. Flawless writing with characters where you'd think it wouldn't work but it does. I can’t wait to read more of her awesomeness. I loved that the books are based in London. I love all her characters and we saw all the characters from previous books here. It was good to catch up you know. But the best thing?

New series, happy days peeps.

Off the Air - Callum and Leanne
Floating on Air – Paul
Castles in the Air – James
Airs and Graces – Isaac

Review can also be found @ http://jerisbookattic-reviewblog.blog...

 photo New ARC_zpsdpyxs3wn.jpg

I know that not everyone will feel the way I do here but I'm so going to read this book. We get further insight into Reya & Trev. And Trevor is adorable in a puppy kind of way.

“Right, that’s it. We’re going inside,” said Reya, grabbing Trevor by the arm and dragging him into the house as she shot me a look of apology. “I’m sorry about him. Sometimes he just doesn’t know when to shut up.”

I should have known. Trevor’s special little non-girlfriend was the only one who could make him smile like that. Like the cat-that-got-the-cream-who-knew-your-darkest-and-saw-you-naked-and-discovered-your internet-search-history all rolled up into one single expression of smug fuck.

“Yeah, the graduation’s at two. Then we’re all heading out for dinner. You coming?” Another pause. “Okay, great. See you then. Smooches! Liam screwed up his face while Trev slid his phone back in his pocket. “Smooches? Who are you Paris Hilton?” “I’m my own special flavour of exceptional.” Trev shot back. “Don’t be jealous.” Liam gave him the finger.
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635 reviews394 followers
June 6, 2017
4.5 Stars!

Slow burn romance, check! Sexual tension, check! Friends to lovers, check
❝Don't pretend like you can't feel this. Imagine how it would be. All this tension that's been building up for years finally having an outlet. I bet you'd blow my mind. I bet it would be fucking epic.❞

I have been excited for Trevor and Reya's story since Hearts of Blue where we first saw Trev flirting with Reya. They were dynamic and exciting. He was electric and she was grounded and I just knew when they got together they would explode!

And I was right.
❝Ruined. You're going to ruin me for anyone else, Reya Cabrera.
Trevor had been the wild one of the Cross brothers. The one who couldn't settle down, who needed excitement to feed his energy. Thinking fame and fortune would be the answer to his need for security, he gladly agreed to be a part of a reality tv show that focused on a group of parkour experts. Leaving his family and friends behind, he set out on what proved to be a thrilling, life-changing adventure. As with any reality show, the camera followed the group nearly 24/7. They became a huge hit in the UK. So why did Trevor feel like something was missing?
❝Good. Lord. His smell. He smelled like home. He embraced me like love.❞

Reya had been on her own for years. Her family shunned her and betrayed her by not believing the truth. Barely making enough to survive, yet determined to make her dreams come true, she worked in a club and busked. Material things weren't important, but survival was, so when she lost her job at the club and was offered the job as a PA while Trev's team was on tour, she realized this was an opportunity of a lifetime. She could play her music worldwide while making money. But could she keep Trevor at arm's length or would she be sucked in by his charm?
❝You came in like a wrecking ball.❞

❝That was Trev down to a T.  Destructive. Addictive. Fascinating. Frustrating. Too full of energy to pin down. At times he wrecked me. Other times he built me up. Our relationship was complicated.❞

One of the things I love most about Cosway's books is her ability to bring out the fragility in her characters. They are flawed, they are real, and they are always redeemed. I have yet to read a book from her where drama is fabricated for the sake of drama. The circumstances of her conflict are derived from the ailment of the flawed character. Just like real life. Her writing is fluid. Her characters divine. Her stories captivating.

Hearts on Air was a dazzling, thrilling adventure!

**I received an Advanced Reader Copy. This did not influence my opinion of the book, nor my review.**

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2,102 reviews749 followers
November 4, 2019
3.5 Stars

This is a second-chance romance with a hero and heroine who have not only a complicated past, but complicated issues together, as well as individually.

Reya was a bit broken from the very beginning but as the story progresses she begins to see things in a clearer light, helping her to find self-healing along the way. Her thoughts and decisions weren’t always those of a strong heroine, but what she has survived definitely deserves the title of strength and endurance.


Trevor was harder for me to connect with as we never get his point of view. However, the one tiny speck we are given helped me to respect him when prior to that moment I had not really seen anything about him that earned it. While I understood why he behaved the way he did, it was difficult to like him without seeing it through his eyes. By the time I had a full picture it was almost too late.

Related image

I’ve enjoyed every book in this series but I struggled with this one. I found myself skimming the heroine’s introspections as they became repetitive at times. The story itself is solid and the problems this couple faced was realistic. I’ve been anxious to get Callum and Leanne’s story but after seeing Cal here, I’m not sure how I’ll respond to it. We do get a great look at all the couples from the previous books and I absolutely loved seeing them all again.

Heroine POV
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291 reviews86 followers
June 16, 2017
Finally, We Get ReyRey And Trev's Story

Second Chance Friends To Lovers Told Through Flashbacks

Reya Is A Singer Songwriter With A Secret Past

I love her retro makeup

Trev Is A Parkour Reality TV Star With A Shady Past

Image result for parkour gif

Reya Gets Hired On Trev's TV Show

We Are Treated To A Tour Of Europe Parkour Style

Atomium Brussels
Image result for atmx atomium

Viaduc Des Arts Paris

Image result for Viaduc Des Arts parkour

Pont Alexandre III
Image result for pont alexandre 111 couple

Pompidou Centre
Image result for pompidou center free run

El Retiro Spain

Image result for el retiro park

Sweet Friends To Lovers

Image result for bed couple gif

Epilogue Playing Catch Up With Characters From The Series

It Lost A Star For Me Because
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2,101 reviews1,263 followers
June 19, 2017
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

 photo 97e282811800040990359b1da2b7b6_zpso7t5adzx.gif

An epic colorful emotional heartfelt journey where friendship, lust, love, and passion collides in such a visceral manner. Hearts On Air is the sixth book in the Hearts Series and like the previous books, Hearts On Air will make your heart leap out of your chest as you feel the tangible and palpable bond of Trevor Cross and Reya Cabrera as they try to rebuild and rekindle their friendship and love for each other.

Trevor Cross has it all. Fame and money but what he doesn’t have is the girl that he walked away from. The girl that makes his heart beat wild and so this time around, he will stop at nothing in getting Reya Cabrera back.


Reya Cabrera loved Trevor. She was his best friend and her feelings for him ran deep. She may have loved him with such vigor and intensity and so when he left, it left her broken and bitter. While Trevor’s life is on the up, Reya’s music career is at a standstill and so when Trevor offer’s her an opportunity to join him on tour, it was an offer that she couldn’t refuse.

 photo 21d35f8a9847bff228768b69c3656d_zpsgexvzffh.gif I loved his unpredictability. I got off on his wildness and spontaneity. And I adored how he always surprised me with what came out of his mouth. ”

As Trevor and Reya reconnects, slowly pieces of their friendship begins to be pieced back together. They soon began to see each other in a whole new light. Trevor is more grounded and this time his feelings for her has intensified. Soon it was inevitable for them to not fall back into each other’s arms as their love for each other began pulse around them. Having experiencing heartbreak will Reya be able to push away her fears and old memories? And how far will Trevor go to earn back her trust and show her this is it for him?

Hearts On Air is a beautiful emotional second chance romance that is a testament of love and friendship and the depths of how far one will go for love. While Reya can be a little frustrating at times, I understood her because she was just protecting her heart. As for Trevor, I absolutely adored him. He was the ultimate hero trying to win back the girl he loves. With Cosway’s beautiful imagery, bold characters, and palpable prose, she captivates her readers to feel the magnitude of Trevor and Reya’s love. So if you are looking for a second chance romance with all the feels then I would suggest you read this book.

 photo MICHELLE1_zps3515xymk.jpg L.H. Cosway

 photo goodreads_zpsqkmj4xhi.png  photo facebook_zpservm9hwu.png  photo twitter_zpsej9wbgnz.png  photo instagram_zpsmgarmzby.png  photo networked-blogs_zpswmifyr5u.png
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1,526 reviews368 followers
August 30, 2019

Este fue de los libros más esperados de la serie.
Yo vengo vislumbrando este romance desde el libro de Lee, es que #kemocion un Frends to lovers de mi hermano Cross favorito.

Y sí venía con las expectativas hasta el infinito y más allá. El libro me gustó en general pero no era algo que yo esperaba sinceramente.
Yo pensé que sería el típico Frends to lovers de que están con el estira y afloja con la tensión sexual, de que no se pueden confesar sus sentimiento por temor a perder su amistad y todo eso lo tenemos en un relato corto anterior a este libro que vendría siendo el background de la historia.

Aquí la historia de ellos viene siendo que pasó dos años después de esa noche entre ellos porque se distanciaron.
Y esta historia viene siendo una combinación rara entre frends to lovers y second chance que ustedes saben que esto último no me agrada del todo.
Trevor trata de recuperar la amistad y porque no, el amor de Reya, su confianza y demostrarle que ha madurado.


Reya a pesar de ser una buena protagonistas no me convenció su comportamiento siento que le hechó la culpa a Trevor del fracaso de su noviazgo cuando ella también tuvo culpa fue muy cobarde, siempre pensaba cosas negativas de él siendo que era su amigo, no digo que él era una perita en dulce pues la verdad que no pero tampoco era del todo negativo.
También cargaba con muchos problemas familiares y de autoestima, pero en general no estuvo del todo mal, no la odié pues.

Y Trev definitivamente él SÍ me gustó, yo soy demasiado subjetiva con él LO AMOOOO!! Y es que me pongo a pensar en todas sus cualidades de chico sexy as hell YAAAS FUCK!! , blue eyes, british accent, o sea GUUURL, MY PERFECT MEN.

Había perdido un poco la esperanza de que salieran los personajes de la primera parte de la serie pero SÍ SALIEROOON!!! No saben de que manera me emocioné cuando salió Jay porque su libro es mi favorito y él sigue siendo MI FAVORITO!! Y de ahí Trev.

Y amé con locura el bromance de Jay y Trevor, mis dos bebés siendo amigos y admirándose mutuamente fue un regalo LO MÁXIMO y lo mejor del libro.

BTW.. amé el epílogo pero nomás la parte de Jay, Fin.
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June 27, 2019

Hearts On Air es el sexto y ultimo libro de la saga Hearts y es el encargado de narrar la historia de Reya y Trevor, personajes secundarios en las novelas anteriores.

Esta serie empezo de forma muy interesante y entretenida pero con el paso de las historias ha mejorado aun mas, cosa nada despreciable ya que como ya digo las primeras partes fueron muy muy buenas, tal vez por eso esperaba que esta ultima novela fuera inmejorable y aunque si fue una lectura amena y agradable, si siento que pudo haber sido mejor en algunos puntos.

Uno de los mejores aspectos que tiene es que la evolucion que sufre el protagonista masculino es muy coherente y realista, practicamente inicie la lectura sin que me agradara demasiado y termine totalmente conquistada por Trev.

Con Reya tuve mis mas y mis menos pero en general me agrado como personaje exceptuando algunas ocasiones en las que desee sacudirla para que reaccionara.

En fin, Hearts On Air fue un cierre muy aceptable para una saga muy memorable y recomendable, todas las novelas son distintas y eso hace que sea ideal para muchas personas sean cuales sean sus gustos.

3.5 Estrellas!
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June 19, 2017
3.5 stars

Hearts on Air is an enjoyable second chance romance involving two former best friends turned lovers.

Trevor and his friends are thrill seeking freerunners who develop a reality show that follows their adventures around Europe. What the heck is freerunning (also known as parkour), you ask? It’s basically an extreme sport where participants run like a bat out of hell through complex and risky obstacle courses in a public setting. Think jumping between rooftops, scaling fences, climbing light posts, etc.

Reya and Trevor are total opposites. While Trevor is spontaneous and loves the spotlight, Reya is a cautious and introverted musician. They’ve been best friends for two years, and all the while Reya has suffered from a case of unrequited love. Just as their relationship changes from friends to lovers, Trevor’s show takes off and becomes a massive success. Soon their romance and friendship fade to black.

The key word here is fade. There’s no explosive argument resulting in a breakup. Trevor isn’t even a complete douche. He may be clueless and a bit careless, but Reya doesn’t express what she needs and she barely puts up a fight to save their relationship. Trevor also accepts their split with too much ease. They’re both to blame, so I didn’t understand her two-year grudge against him. I needed more of a reason to dislike Trevor. I can’t say I sympathized with Reya very much, and that kept me from connecting with the couple at first.

My favorite parts of the book involve filming the TV show. The behind the scenes aspect is quite exciting. I also thoroughly enjoyed Trevor’s entertaining friends and co-workers, even though there’s a relationship that, while dynamic, makes little sense at its core.

I began to understand Reya more as the group travels, and watching her experience life instead of merely existing was a pleasure. I especially loved Trevor’s zest for life and I appreciated his transformation into a more steady and thoughtful man.

Although the book lacks the wow factor I wanted, Hearts on Air is still an entertaining story. I think fans of the series will be pleased.

Recommended for fans of:
Second chance romance
Friends-to-lovers trope
Reality adventure TV

**ARC received in exchange for an honest review.**

Reading Frenzy Book Blog
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Shelved as 'no-way-jose'
June 6, 2017
the blurb make me gagging.. He has the cake and now wants to eat it too... with a side of fries and soda.. maybe an expresso to complete the meal
TCHAU.. nem a pau do aderbal.
Definitely not reading.
Specially after this, nothing good comes from this cycle:

• "Best friends
• Lovers
• Estranged for two years
• Friends again (but Trevor wants more)
• Lovers again."


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July 24, 2017
Originally posted at Booklovers For Life

I adore LH Cosway’s quirky stories. The feel of her books are different from what I’m used to, and I’m always so happy to read another book by her because they’re like a breath of fresh air. I was incredibly excited to get the chance to read Hearts on Air – I remember the youngest Cross brother, Trevor, and his friend Reya getting close in one of the previous books in the series and couldn’t wait to see how their friends-to-lovers romance would end up. It turns out, their story is more of a friends to lovers to friends to lovers kind of romance – a second chance friends to lovers romance. In their novella, One Epic Night (which is included in this book), we get the beginnings of a newfound love story between these two long-time friends. But Trevor, the adrenaline junkie who can’t seem to ever focus on one thing at a time, always took his best friend for granted and never saw Reya as a priority. So starting Hearts on Air, I was not a fan of Trevor and needed a lot from him to make up for what he did to Reya. I’m glad to say LH Cosway didn’t disappoint!

Hearts on Air takes place two years after the events in One Epic Night – Reya and Trevor tried to make their new relationship work, but with Trevor gone all the time thanks to his new parkour reality TV show, they never saw each other and Trevor never made the effort to try to see Reya. Heartbroken, Reya leaves Trevor in favor of focusing on herself and her goals of being a musician while Trevor galavants across Europe for his show. Two estranged years later, Trevor is in need of a PA for the show and wants his former best friend and girlfriend, the one girl he never stopped thinking about, to take on the role – and he won’t take no for an answer.

In two hours we’d be in another country. I’d be in a strange place and Trevor would be the only familiar thing. I needed to prepare, needed to steel myself. Trev Cross was like honey. I was naturally drawn to his sweetness, but was wary to get too close. We needed to stay friends. I wanted him in my life as a friend, because everything else aside, I had missed him. But I was wiser now. I’d been scarred before by his neglect.
I wouldn’t melt for his charms like I always used to . . .

To say Trevor Cross is Reya’s kryptonite would be an understatement. He was her first love and the boy she never forgot about. She wants to refuse to be his team’s PA, because that would meaning being around him… but since he says that he only wants to be friends again, it wouldn’t hurt, right? So Reya travels with Trevor and his co-stars to different countries, all while Trevor is trying to show Reya how much he’s changed. He’s not the same flighty, immature, taking-things-for-granted kind of guy anymore – he knows how much he lost when he lost her and didn’t fight for her. This time, he’s not giving her up again without a fight… She just doesn’t know it yet.

“…you’re the best friend I ever had, and losing you is my biggest regret, the worst thing that ever happened to me.”

I really appreciated the way LH Cosway showed us the amount that Trevor has changed. I had a hard time believing he could, but he really did learn to appreciate what he had and lost. I loved the way you could obviously tell he still loved Reya, even though we never get his POV – it was so clear with every action and word that he is 100% fighting for Reya this time. Reya is a fantastic heroine who knew how much Trevor hurt her and didn’t make it easy for him to win her back. A large portion of the book was Trevor earning back Reya’s trust and friendship – it’s a fantastic slow burn that has you frustrated and aching in the best way. I literally couldn’t wait for Trevor and Reya to get back together because I knew it would be SO worth it this time around.

“You’re a goddess. I love you. I’ll never stop loving you.”

This second chance friends-to-lovers romance is another fantastic addition to this wonderful series. The Hearts series is honestly one of the most unique ones I’ve ever read, and I can only hope there will be more from the author. Trev and Reya’s story is one that fans of the series don’t want to miss. If you love slow burn that is fresh and exciting, you’ll definitely enjoy this one!

Thanks to the author for generously providing me an ARC to review.

Quotes are taken from the ARC and are subject to change in the final version.

Amazon Ebook: http://amzn.to/2r87faI
Amazon Paperback: http://amzn.to/2uqbpzE

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June 9, 2017
This one was bought on a pre order! But I'll admit that I wasn't as excited to start it as I have been about the previous books in this series. I really had to trust what an amazing author L H Cosway is.....and put my faith in her!

There's things about this book that I didn't necessary like......but were needed!
The break in their relationship for 2 years was one! Now I'll admit that I normally hate when people break up for such a substantial timescale but Trev and Reya needed that time apart to both grow up a little! (And because this time apart is explained at the start of their journey it wasn't that bad......and was all off page)

The past chapters didn't put Trev in a very good light at times (he was easily distracted by work...never OW) and Reya was always a little too eager to please/forgive him after! Which is why the break was needed .....to understand what they were doing wrong and how to fix it!

He wasn't my fave Cross brother (Stu wins that hands down) but I did love reading about how much he loves Reya! And the money I spent on this was well worth it! Plus I loved getting to know the new group of people that will be in the new series!!

I can't wait for Callum an Leanne!!

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June 3, 2017
Aah Cosway, you never disappoint.
*sighs contently*

review to come.
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1,232 reviews2,066 followers
June 15, 2017
4.5 stars!

Full review to come.

ARC provided by Wordsmith Publicity
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