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The Sergeant #2.5

The Sergeant: A Christmas Story

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This is an alternate cover edition for B00R6C77WE

Sergeant Logan Pierce and Senior Corporal Clay Foster have fought past all the obstacles that stood in the way of their relationship. Now, they are in love and committed to each other as Dominant and submissive.

As the holidays approach, all they want is time to enjoy each other away from their demanding jobs as SWAT officers. But someone threatens to ruin their first Christmas together.

Logan refuses to let anyone or anything destroy his submissive's happiness. What can he do to save Christmas for his love?

A Christmas Short Story for The Sergeant. This story can be enjoyed as a stand alone, but your experience will be enhanced by reading The Sergeant first.

60 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 17, 2014

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About the author

Christa Tomlinson

33 books427 followers
Christa Tomlinson is an exciting up and coming author in erotic romance. Christa graduated from The University of Missouri-St. Louis with a degree in history. She loves to create stories that are emotional and lovely with sex that is integral to the characters' romantic arc. Her books include straight couples, curvy couples, gay, and multicultural couples. Love is love and everyone should have their story told.

Christa lives in Houston, Texas with her two dogs, and is a retired roller derby player. She enjoys hearing from readers, other authors and aspiring writers. For more on Christa's work, including deleted scenes, excerpts, and free reads, visit www.ChristaTomlinson.com

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Profile Image for Val ⚓️ Shameless Handmaiden ⚓️.
1,862 reviews30.1k followers
January 8, 2015
3 Super Meh Stars

Show us how it looks Superman Henry:


Well done Cavill.

This was a cute, short read. It was fun catching up with Logan and Clay.

However...this book was plagued by the same long-winded-ness that the first one suffered from. Now, while that worked for me in the first one - being that, although filled with A LOT of superfluous scenes, it was at least also filled with a lot of substance - I cannot really say the same about this one.

In fact, the superfluousness in the first book, while redundant, at least had a point. In this book though, there were scenes that were really just filler, added nothing to the story, and didn't even feature anything even remotely entertaining.

For example, I really don't need to read - in detail - about how Logan went into a hotel, checked in, talked to the desk clerk, got their keys and directions to their room and then returned to Clay...who was asleep in the car the whole time this was going on.

I mean, really, what's the point of including this boring, pointless scene?

If I wanted to read about the ins and outs of daily life, I could look at these:




Or read this:




Then again, at least in that, Jane likes dick.

But I digress.

There were a couple other things that irked me in this, but they aren't important enough to mention.

Otherwise, this was a cute little holiday read and I enjoyed reading abut Logan and Clay again. I really loved them in their book.
Profile Image for Antisocial Recluse.
2,712 reviews
January 16, 2017
Christmas fun

This was quite short and features Clay and Logan finding snow for Clay, for Christmas. It's more of their D/s dynamic and bit of being in public as Dom and sub. Not public play though. It's still essentially sex scenes. I would have liked to see more of their time and a solid conclusion. It ended rather abruptly. I can't say I felt too much Christmas in it. I'm thinking it might be a bridge to another story for them in the future.
Profile Image for Cadiva.
3,468 reviews319 followers
April 22, 2017
Christmas catch up with Serge and Clay

This is a festive short with Clay and Serve on holiday at a BDSM resort in Colorado with some really sweet relationship stuff and a whole lot of hot sexy stuff.
Profile Image for Andrea AKA Catsos Person.
792 reviews103 followers
December 19, 2016
Hidden connection between this story and the novel where the full history of the MCs is covered

MMRG Xmas Bingo 2016: team 07-"Naughty"

Week 3.5: "Decorations on Cover"

I started this book on Friday, the day that the category was called.

After I selected this story, I thought, hmm, 52 pages? A piece of cake!

Well it took me until Sunday to finish this because it was very "put downable," hence the 2-star rating.

This seemed more than 52 pages.

Also, there is some sneaky marketing going on with this title.

This xmas story features MCs from the author's 585 page novel--The Sergeant, that features these two ranking members of a swat-team, falling in love and entering into a D/s relationship.

However, there isn't any information given to the unwary reader that the full history of the two MCs of this 52 p story is told in an earlier and longer book.

This stor, however, can work as a stand alone but I couldn't find any info to indicate that this xmas story was a part of a series.

The fact that there is an attempt to hide the connection between this story and the novel to get readers to buy the story if they don't know about the novel--I really don't like that kind of duplicity.

The story itself didn't really grab me.

Profile Image for Stacey.
623 reviews9 followers
December 23, 2014
Thanks for the Christmas story!

This was a really good Christmas present from Miss Tomlinson. If you are a fan of The Sergeant you will absolutely love this short, but hit Christmas story.
Profile Image for Sue Milkovich.
1,255 reviews12 followers
December 22, 2014

What a wonderful first Christmas for Logan and Clay. They get to go away together and get some much needed sexy time in. Merry Dom Christmas!!!
159 reviews42 followers
December 1, 2022
This was short but sweet....and rather sexy. I enjoyed seeing these characters in a holiday setting, though I think it would've been better if it was a bit longer, a bit more developed, especially considering the setting. I understand wanting to write something short for the holidays, but when you put them in a specific setting, I would've loved to see more of the 'activities' that were planned there. But, it was still a good short.

Points off for spelling and grammatical errors.
11 reviews
August 22, 2018

I really love this set of book was able to get the 1st 3 back to back to read. Now upset I have to wait till pay day to get more. These have really drawn me in. Such really good charters and story line, and don't forget the really hot moments either! Can't wait to get the next ones.
Profile Image for CB.
3,131 reviews6 followers
August 31, 2023
A very entertaining series. 5 books out with 3 of them (2 novels and 1 novella) focusing on Clay and Logan. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the other 2 books about their teammates (Sam/Ryan and Miguel/Hector). Overall a great series with sexy MC's and lovely stories with some drama and angst but a lot of them working together.

Definitely best read in order.
Profile Image for M..
476 reviews2 followers
June 16, 2019
Omg, such a fun read!!! A Christmas vacation at a hotel that caters to the BDSM community. Loved seeing this side of Logan and Clay: snow ball fight, attempting to watch a movie, and torturing Clay a little in public. Really worth the read.
1,081 reviews8 followers
September 7, 2017
A nice surprise for Clay makes a good read for us.
2,320 reviews7 followers
November 9, 2017
A great short and quick read revisiting Logan and Clay. Very cute storyline as they take a vacation together for Christmas. Loved seeing this couple again!
Profile Image for John-Torleif  Harris.
2,641 reviews12 followers
November 27, 2017

This was an ok short set in the Cuffs, Collars, and Love world. I was a bit disappointed that nothing really happened here; it just just a scene in the life of Clay and Logan.
1,050 reviews1 follower
September 1, 2019

What a cute little Christmas story!! Love these two and their story!! Can’t wait to read more about them!!! On to the next!!
Profile Image for Teena.
143 reviews1 follower
June 28, 2020

Was a nice little Christmas short story for these two characters. Was nice to see Clay further embracing is submissive side.
Profile Image for kerryann williams.
262 reviews1 follower
April 9, 2015
Two rough guys can be so great together

A great addition to an already great read. I really really hope there's more coming between these two and their team. This short story let you peak into both Clays and Logan's heads again. While on a short vacation to a place they could really let lose with their relationship. You read watching them get even closer with each other. They don't disappoint except the story was too short (lol). Get this book it's worth the pennies spent, you'll be wishing for more as well.
Profile Image for Debi.
653 reviews
April 7, 2015
I really enjoyed meeting up with Logan and Clay again but I'm always somewhat disappointed in novellas because they rarely give much to the reader beyond that brief glimpse. This is no different. Plus, we don't even get to finish out the vacation with the boys and/or I would have liked to know what they got each other for Christmas. Even this seemed to have unfinished business and I really didn't like that. I love these guys and their story but give me something new that is stimulating.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Whitney.
423 reviews21 followers
August 8, 2019
Almost 4 stars

This was a short and sweet novella. I actually liked it a lot. But having read the other books in the series, it technically wasn't as well written as the others (I'm not sure why). I was also kind of bummed the only D/s interaction in the story didn't involve Logan and Clay. Still enjoyed it through and there were parts where my cheeks hurt from smiling so much so three stars.
Profile Image for Kim.
401 reviews2 followers
December 30, 2014
Merry Christmas Sir

Love Logan and Clay. Their struggle to get to where they are in this novella was one amazing ride. They deserve it. Loved seeing Logan let loose but really love his constant attention to making sure Clay is happy. Can't wait for more from Christa.
Profile Image for Erin.
273 reviews1 follower
February 21, 2015
The Sergeant: A Christmas Story

I just loved this short story about Clay and Logan. These two have been through a lot of up and downs. Their relationship is strong and so is their respect and love for each other. I can not wait to see if their is another book in this series. Erin
Profile Image for Inca.
165 reviews2 followers
February 23, 2016
Only bad thing this book was extremely short.
What to say about the the rest, it was 5 star HOT.
Tho if you haven't read the main book, I would guess that this one wouldn't make sense.
But if you want a HOT and fast follow up of the main book, here it is. And what a merry Christmas.
Profile Image for Anne.
729 reviews
December 2, 2015
Awesome to meet these guys again. Logan and Clay are an amazing couple and I love to read more of them. This sexy little christmas story is right perfect for the cold holidays, so get your copy. And really, Dom Santa?! Love it!!
Profile Image for Jenny Wood.
Author 26 books310 followers
February 27, 2016
I love love love these two! This one was a re-read for me and they are still one of my favorite book couples.

The chemistry between them is still so hot and I love the way they love each other. sigh....perfect short read before bed!
921 reviews6 followers
December 26, 2014
Love these two men!!
Such a sweet hot sexy read!!
Just what u want for Christmas!!
Profile Image for May.
125 reviews10 followers
December 31, 2014
What a bonus, I loved The Sergeant and this was a delightful Christmas present!
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