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Grip #2


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**STILL is the conclusion of Grip & Bristol's emotional journey. You must read FLOW, available for FREE, and GRIP before beginning STILL.**

I'll be there.
Through thick and thin.
Ride or die.
You can count on me.

The promises people make. The vows we take.
Assumptions of the heart.

Emotion tells us how we feel, but life... life has a way of plunging us in boiling water, burning away our illusions, testing our faith, trying our convictions.
Love floating is a butterfly, but love tested is an anchor.

For Grip and Bristol
Love started at the top of the world
On a Ferris wheel under the stars
But when that love is tested, will they fly or fall?

434 pages, ebook

First published September 24, 2017

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Kennedy Ryan

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I write contemporary romance and women's fiction. I always give my characters their happily ever after, but I love to make them work for it! It's a long road to love, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

I am wife to the love of my life, mom to a special, beautiful son, and a friend to those living with autism through my charitable foundation.

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3,920 reviews33.1k followers
March 28, 2023

I want a love with no walls.

I have one word to describe Still: PERFECTION. There was nothing I didn’t love about this book. In fact, it’s the best book I’ve read so far in 2017. It consumed me. I laid down to read it and read for 5 straight hours, cover to cover. It’s one of the most emotional books I’ve read and gave me ALL THE FEELS!

Grip and Bristol are a couple that defy all the odds being together. They’re a couple that most people on the outside don’t understand, but they work. In fact, they only work when they’re together. Words can’t express how much I loved this couple and their journey. Still is a continuation of Grip, and as much as I loved Grip, I loved Still even more.

Bristol and Grip have a love like no other, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. There is so much fighting against them, they have struggles and heartbreak like you couldn’t imagine, but through it all, the one thing that never changes is that they have each other.
“I won’t ever want someone who isn’t you.”

The loyalty, the bottomless pit that is her heart, her sense of humor. The toughest girl I know is also the most tender, and I’m so honored I get to see both sides, all her sides.

Grip loves Bristol something fierce. He loves her the way we all want to be loved. He loves the person she is, respects her, and she gives him the same right back. Both of these characters are exceptional. Their love story is something to strive for. I could go on and on about these two and their epic love. It’s easy to love someone when everything is good and easy, but to love someone this fiercely through the hard times, it means even more.
“What I feel for you is not optional, Grip. It’s a mandate, a demand I have no problem meeting. I have to be wherever you are.”

I was not prepared for the level of heartbreak I would experience while reading this story. It was one of those books that took me there. I had to leave the bed so my sobs didn’t wake my husband and finish out reading the book on the couch. It had such an effect on me. Bristol and Grip have a deep strength and having each other feeds that strength. If their love wasn’t so strong, I don’t know if they could have gotten through all they did.

Both of these characters are so special. Grip is the best kind of man. He has the biggest heart and is truly a poet. There is nothing I don’t love about Grip. He always stands up for what he feels is right, and he’s an exceptionally good person. Bristol is his perfect match in every way. She’s just as loyal as he is, and her love can never be questioned. She always sticks up for Grip and has his back. This couple is truly a power couple and have a forever kind of love.

Kennedy Ryan’s writing blows me away. It’s extraordinary and has such a poetic feel. I highlighted so much in this book! Grip’s poetry, the love this couple shares, there is just so much greatness. Still is profound. A masterpiece. It’s a book that needs to be read. It’s a truly epic love story, but it’s so much more than that. It’s real, raw, and thought provoking. It touched my heart, made me think, and gave me hope. Seriously, if I could have you read one book this year, Grip and Bristol’s story would be that book.
Dwell in possibility.

A love like ours is only satisfied by forever.
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2,417 reviews14.2k followers
October 9, 2017
FREE Prequel! | AMZ US | AMZ UK |

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! Still, book 2 of 2. The beyond epic, lyrically told, conclusion to Grip & Bris’s spell-binding love saga!

“Still?” she asks with a watery smile.
“Yeah.” Always. Evermore. Even after. “Still.”

Books in the Grip duet should be read in order:
Book 0.5: Flow - FREE!
Book 1: Grip
Book 2: Still

In the FREE Prequel Flow college student and heiress Bristol Gray, Bris met rapper and poet Marlon James aka Grip. A friendship was forged that blossomed into more, only to be crushed by circumstances and poor timing.

Grip, book 1 picked up eight years later with Grip on the verge of music super stardom and Bris as his ambitious manager. It detailed the aftermath of their brief affair and their increasingly strained professional relationship. Together they faced prejudice, jealousy, self-doubt, regrets and could-have-beens.

Still, book 2 follows Grip and Bris post-book 1’s euphoric ending and takes us on a journey a few years into their future. A power couple blessed with fame, fortune, success and a beautiful love. As the world looks on they use that as a platform to address prejudice and indifference. Yet what defines them will be when, in their darkest moments, they must face paralyzing set-backs that will test their love, purpose and faith.

“We feel the things we need to know instead of say them. With my chest pressed to his back, forgiveness, love, understanding, and tenderness transfer noiselessly between the layers of our clothes, an emotional osmosis through blood and bone, through hurt and fear.”

Nine words to describe Marlon James aka Grip: patient, loyal, honest, reflective, noble, remorseful, possessive, captivating and oh so sweet!

Nine words to describe Bristol Gray, Bris: Strong, fierce, motivated, strategic, closed off, stubborn, broken, secretive and focused.

Still, told from dual POVs, is the epic conclusion to an against-all-odds love. It ends as poetically as it started.

Legacy, life, love, loss, purpose, happiness & closure!

“Dwell in possibility.”

Hero: ★★★★★
Heroine: ★★★★★
Plot: ★★★★★
Storytelling: ★★★★★
Sexual tension: ★★★★★
Sex scenes: ★★★★★
Story ending: ★★★★★
OVERALL RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Angst: | HIGH FOCUS |
Darkness: | MEDIUM FOCUS |
Humor: | LOW FOCUS |
Kink: | LOW FOCUS |
Romance: | HIGH FOCUS |
Sex frequency: | MEDIUM FOCUS |
Suspense: | MEDIUM FOCUS |

ARC provided to me by author Kennedy Ryan in exchange for an honest review.

FREE Prequel! | AMZ US | AMZ UK |
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1,018 reviews2,089 followers
October 17, 2020
5 stars

Loved this more than Grip (the first book) and it’s the first time I’ve ever found the second book in a duet to be better than the first.

While the first book was about them finally getting together (that’s an oversimplification- the book tackles a lot of issues about racial inequality) the second was about the journey that they have ahead of them. What happens after the “ever after”.

It was emotionally exhausting but worth it.

I don't even know what to say or how to say it in order to explain that I really, truly loved this and that it's a book that should be read.

I loved how this explored the idea that a relationship is always a work in progress but especially in this situation where the world is against it. Being in the public eye, comes with consequences and those take the form of unwanted opinions.

I loved how both Bristol and Grip never wavered in their commitment and love no matter how hard it used to get. They always talked it out and made it clear that in order for their relationship to work, they always have to trust each other.

This was so real. All their struggles, their arguments, insecurities, loses.. all of those shaped their relationship over time and it made it indestructible.

It was such a difficult journey but a beautiful one nonetheless, and that's maybe because nothing was glossed over. I loved every minute of this book.

It made me think, question, debate, understand but most importantly, it made me feel so many things.

This is a romance book, sure, but it did so much more than tell us the love story of two people. Much, much more.

Flow - Novella Review

Grip - Review
October 6, 2020
STILL is now part of the - 𝗚𝗿𝗶𝗽 𝗧𝗿𝗶𝗹𝗼𝗴𝘆 𝗕𝗼𝘅 𝗦𝗲𝘁
Read all 3 books? There's NEW CONTENT!

My review thoughts for STILL:

I have read many, many romance novels over the years and there are few that take my breath away and my emotions to such an intense level that the story stays with me, the characters become so real that they don’t leave me. STILL is one of those stories. I met Grip and Bristol in FLOW, the prequel, and fell in complete and utter love with them in GRIP. I experienced the issues of race faced by this couple and watched as their love developed into something deep, something immeasurable. I thought their story was complete, thought I knew everything I needed to know, they had their happy-ever-after, but I was so very wrong. Flow was a dusting, Grip delved in, explored the issues of race further and gave us an incredible love story. And then Kennedy Ryan wrote STILL. And, oh my goodness this book. I needed this book, we all needed this book and we didn’t even know it. STILL rummages deep in the foundation of the bond shared between Grip and Bristol. Tests their love, shows us their struggles, their incredible relationship and each and every raw layer that life throws their way. We thought their story was done with GRIP, but seriously it wasn't. STILL is the story we needed about them and didn't even know.

The ethos of the narrative is deeply thought provoking. Ryan once again offers a candid telling treating readers to a story full of heart and the thoughtful exploration of issues that I needed and wanted to know more about, in a sensitive and measured manner. This author showed me perspectives that I had not considered, perspectives that I did not really appreciate until this series and for that I am so very grateful. I think readers will feel the thought provoking quality as Kennedy Ryan is impressively eloquent at expressing all points of view fairly and thoughtfully in a prose that is richly crafted giving this story a canvas littered with beautiful descriptions and imagery that takes this story to a higher level of magnificence demonstrating the talent of this author.

Nothing can prepare readers for the emotional fallout from this story it held my heart in the palm of its pages. I lost count of the number of times various characters and situations deeply touched my heart. Characters who totally enhance the texture of the storytelling creating additional layers and thought, enhancing the rich feel of Grip and Bristol’s world. I thought I knew where Kennedy Ryan would take me, I highly anticipated and looked forward to the exploration of certain themes but I never could have predicted where the author would take me on emotional level with STILL or what exactly would happen to this beloved couple until pivotal moments organically unfolded in the narrative. My heart burst with love and then broke into a million pieces. I sobbed. I was a complete mess. The book hurt so very, very good and had a healing power of the most exquisite nature. I basked in the sheer evocative essence of the storytelling. The narrative and characters sculpted to affect my sensibilities in such a majestic manner. This couple will remain forever in my book heart, their story cemented in my mind. They touched me deeply.

Grip and Bristol are perfection. Their strength and integrity shine through the prose and the growth of their relationship is incredible. I could wax lyrical about them as both individuals and as a couple but my small review will turn into a thesis. The essence of their story is awe-inspiring. Deep. Sexy. Thought provoking. Gut wrenching. A forever-favourite multifaceted contemporary romance that transcends the boundaries of romance stories, goes further than the exploration of important issues. This book is everything. Don’t seek out what STILL is about, don’t worry about the tears people are shedding. This is a story that should be uncovered as the reader turns each page. I basked in the richness of this love story, I relished every second of the emotional ride and hope romance readers everywhere chose to grab this story and immerse themselves in a fictional world full of love, hope and inspiration.

It is essential to read FLOW (the prequel) & GRIP before starting STILL!
My review thoughts for Flow --> https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...
My review thoughts for Grip--> https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...

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Beta copy provided for my honest feedback and review

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*Gif belongs to the author*
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798 reviews2,831 followers
October 8, 2017
The Grip series by Kennedy Ryan is one of the most unique, thought provoking, poignant, and compelling romance series I have ever read. Flow began my love affair with these characters, Grip pulled me in deep, and Still consumed me completely! This book was not what I thought it was going to be. I assumed based on the previous installments that what was to come would be similar to what I had read thus far. While that was true, it also took a turn that I never would have expected. Hold onto your hat, grab a box of tissues, and break out the hard stuff, because you’re going to need it!

Upon finishing this book, I swear I felt like my heart was hemorrhaging! I included my status update to further illustrate this fact.

I'm finished with Still: Omg! I need time to recover! I don't remember the last time I cried so much reading a book! 😭 I wasn't expecting a certain aspect of this book, and it gutted me. My eyes are going to be swollen shut tomorrow. If I can tell you one thing about this book right now with my emotions all over the place, it's that this book will make you FEEL! More than anything! There is no way anyone could ever say differently.

Seriously, if you have a weak heart, proceed with caution! I’m not trying to scare you away by any means. The honest to God truth is that I’m a chick that avoids books that are going to make me bawl the way I did reading this. I am not one of those girls “that loves a good cry.” If I had heard someone else say the things I said above, I would have run the hell away with both middle fingers in the air. That being said, I am SO GLAD I READ THIS BOOK! It made me hurt, but above all else, it was amazingly beautiful! Not only are the author's words damn near poetry on every page, but the love these characters share can be described in no other way.

Still reached into my chest, bypassed my heart, and grabbed ahold of my soul! This is a story that I will never forget, and I promise you that you won’t either. The topics discussed in this book and the series as a whole are extremely difficult, but they are real, relevant, and important.

I want to talk about something that happens to Bristol and Grip in this book that affected me the most, but doing so would give too much away. I will say that it brought me to my knees. I can’t imagine going through what they did, and the strength and love it would take to survive it left me in awe. It left me in awe, because even though this is a work of fiction, there are people in this world that go through the exact same thing. I thought of those people when I read this book. Even as I am typing this right now, I’m crying. Kennedy Ryan, I am in awe of you, too. You are easily one of the most talented authors I have ever had the pleasure of reading. If you ever happen to read this review, I want you to know that. What you managed to do with this series, the awareness you are creating, the hearts you will touch and maybe even change is nothing short of extraordinary. For that, I applaud you, and for that, you will always have a fan in me.

ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

**I want to add that there is a definite trigger in this book, but I didn't include it due to the fact that it's a huge spoiler. If you still want to know what it is, you can message me.**
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1,227 reviews570 followers
May 1, 2018
I've followed Grip and Bristol since they were introduced in Soul, the two books about Rhyson and Kai where they were secondary characters. What a journey Grip and Bristol have been on and it concludes in this phenomenal book STILL. I was one of those who was left wanting more of Gripstol when I finished Grip, so I was pretty darn happy when Kennedy Ryan announced STILL.

I'm not going to dive too much into the storyline cause I don't want to give anything away. If you're a true Gripstol fan STILL is a delicious dessert that'll explore this beautiful couple further, give us fans what we can expect from Kennedy Ryan and a closure that left me satisfied and satiated.
My expectations for STILL is fulfilled by a 100%. I was only a couple of pages into STILL and I was back in that warm cocoon exactly when I read the Soul series, Flow and Grip. I didn't want to leave. I just wanted to be in this cocoon with Gripstol.

Grip and Bristol's friendship is what drew me to them in the first place. They build such a strong foundation in Flow and Grip that only continues to grow in STILL. As lovers there's so many intense emotions that still comes into play. They are both fiercely possessive and protective and I enjoyed to see that side of them especially Bristol.
They're both honest and eloquent when it comes to what they want and need from one another in their relationship. They've matured so much and it shows in their actions. Their love surpass anything and there aren't anything they won't do for one another. They both bravely dive into new challenges. Bristol wants and tries wholeheartedly to understand Grip and his culture. To be a part of his world. Grip uses his fame to educate himself so he can help others who are in need. They both kept surprising me and I fell more in love and in awe of them.

Their friendship and love is unparalleled and in STILL both are being put to the test. Grip and Bristol both fight tooth and nails to protect and save one another. No matter the cost. They are each other's constants and confidents.
While I read STILL I felt how impervious their love was. It showed in their words and actions. No matter how broken or vulnerable they both were they persevered because of their unconditional love and theirs was truly epic.

Kennedy Ryan penetrated my soul with STILL. Her flawless and poetic prose kept me spellbound. Her narrative is strong, powerful and with STILL Ryan captures and explores clearly what's current in the world today, questions it and brings awareness to it with authenticity.
How she intertwined those topics into Grip and Bristol's story was executed effortlessly.
STILL left me content and very satisfied. I had my own hopes and dreams for Grip and Bristol and Kennedy Ryan delivered. I'm saying goodbye to them with my heart and soul filled with love and joy. What a journey since Soul. They will definitely not be forgotten.

5+ BadAssDirtyPrettyBirdStars

ARC generously provided by the author for an honest review
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337 reviews1,008 followers
October 8, 2017
All the stars in the sky!

Review & Excerpt at Of Pens and Pages.

My heart speeds up every time I think of Bristol and Grip, the poems, their love, and of STILL. This book made me shed so much tears—joy, pain, sadness, you name it. But it also made me smile so much. I don’t think words will ever be enough to convey my love for this series.

STILL shows us what life is like for Grip and Bristol after GRIP. Despite their busy schedules—with Grip going on tour and venturing in new projects in music and his advocacies and Bristol managing her talents into success and fame—their love continues to grow stronger than ever. While they’ve gained acceptance and support from their loved ones, there are people who still believe they don’t belong together.

This fuels their desire to make a change and use their voice to speak out even more, and Bristol supports Grip in his quest to know more and do more for his community. Insecurities, jealousy, prejudice, bias, and pain test their relationship as they continue to fight the good fight and find their happily ever after.

I love Grip and Bristol. Plain and simple. Their strength, will, and love never failed to amaze me, and I never stopped rooting for them from FLOW to STILL. Marlon "Grip" James is a man I only dream to be with. He is kind, passionate, sexy, and loyal to the core. I thought I couldn't love him even more than I did when I read GRIP, but then I read STILL and that's that.

I believe Bristol is the character that grew the most in this series. From a slightly ignorant, stereotypical woman raised in a life of privilege and wealth, she turned into a woman determined to learn about the injustices in society and color. She's always been kind and strong, but as the story progressed, I saw her strength grow tenfold as she opened up and let Grip in. My admiration for her grew even more when she fought her demons—her self-doubt, jealousy, the people who are against their relationship—and came out a better woman.

I give five stars to books that leave my heart feeling full. This series managed to do that and so much more. It sneaked its way into my heart, my mind, my soul. But STILL? STILL is now a part of me. The poetry, the pain, the love. I surrender wholeheartedly. For me, STILL deserves all the stars in the sky.

I won't get into the story too much because I want you to go in as blindly as I did. All I will say is it lifted my heart, broke it, and mended it again in the span of five hours.

Like Grip and Bristol, Ms. Ryan used her platform to speak out about prejudice and racism but still managed to tell an unforgettable love story. Thank you for fighting the good fight and for sharing Grip and Bristol's story with us.

Tropes: Celebrities—Singer, Married Life
POV: First Person, Dual POV

*ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

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Author 56 books22.4k followers
September 14, 2019


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"Still is a masterpiece of love, lust and human feeling. Poetic and sexy beyond compare, Still will have you turning everything you know upside down and laughing, crying and panting through Grip and Bristol's journey. Five 'bruising' stars!" -- Sierra Simone, USA TodayBestselling Author

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Author 66 books13.7k followers
September 3, 2017
I can't even with this, so I'll just bullet-point it for you:
* I swooned harder than I've ever swooned.
* I laughed so hard I dropped my iPad.
* I cried so hard I couldn't breathe or see in a fashion I've never done in a book before.
* I giggled like a school girl.
* I fanned my face like I was on the face of the Sun.
* I felt my heart crack into a hundred thousand pieces ...
* And then felt it heal with the strength that only true love can manage.
Grip (the main character and the name of the first book which you MUST READ before you read Still) is my ultimate. There are no words to even begin to express the depths of my love for him. He's everything and if I was forced, gun-to-head, to make one book boyfriend real to be mine, it would be him. No questions asked.
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874 reviews554 followers
September 24, 2017
5++++++ Still Stars!!

Best of 2017! This book!!! Absolutely amazing. There’s not enough stars, no words to describe it.😩😩😩😩. I'm legit sitting here at my laptop trying to figure out just how I can write a review worthy of such a read. I don't believe I've ever highlighted so much, felt so much, hurt so much, thought so much. This book did it.

"When we are alone, you and I, through years, through pain, my heart will answer again and again, still."

When I found out Grip and Bristol would have a part 2 I was beyond excited, but I wondered, hmmmm it is the second book, so what can it possibly be about? Well that question was answered...the detailed issues, the storyline, the feels, (ohmygod the feels!) hit me like a mack truck.


I love books that do that to me. Books that take me for that unforgettable ride. A ride that takes me on highs, on lows, twist me up, turns me around, makes me laugh, makes me ponder and makes me fall in love with the characters. And let me tell you I fell in LOVE with Marlon James aka Grip! Trust me, if there was a build-a-man I would build him. Gah this hero made me swoon. I feel like I'm not finished with him...he needs his own social media, twitter, instagram. I know I sound crazy, but when you read this story you'll understand my desire to have more of Grip!


Kennedy's writing is like stumbling upon a precious treasure that ends of being worth millions or a piece of art that you didn't realize was actually an original Van Gogh. This book is lyrical, it's poetic and I'll never ever forget it. The realism hit me hard. I was not expecting to read what I read and it was so thought provoking. Kennedy Ryan was able to highlight things in life and I saw different angles that I never before considered. Scene after scene was a beautiful prose and I didn't want it to end.

Just prepare your heart and mind cause this story is gonna awaken you. It's going to unglue you.

My verdict:

Meet Grip in Flow and Grip...must reads!
Flow Review
Grip Review
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362 reviews881 followers
November 15, 2018
"Anything that ended would never be enough for a love like ours. A love like ours is only satisfied by forever.”


I'm not going to speak on the storyline with this review. I don't want to give anything away, especially since I've been recommending this series to everyone and threatening bodily harm if they don't read it. :)


But like I said in my review for book 1, Grip, I want to bow at Kennedy's feet. This woman was born to write.

"Ask me in a million seconds, ask me in a billion years,
Do you love me? And I will say still.
Ask me when we toil, when we rest,
when we fuss and fight.
With the taste of anger burning my lips, I will say still."

THIS is what a romance should be. THIS is the type of romance I imagine every person on the freaking planet aspires to have. What romance authors aspire to WRITE.

"I will worship you.
My eyes will never stray.
My heart will never wander,
gladly leashed to you all my days.
I am fixed on you."

Do you hear that? Oh, that's just the sound of my heart ripping out of my chest and throwing itself at Grip. That's just the sound of my sniffling the MILLION TEARS I shed while reading this epic story.

"And when the years have passed,
and we have watched a thousand sunsets,
and we are bent, our bodies crooked with age ask me again.
In the twilight, in the shadow of the life we have shared,
ask me if I love you, and my heart will answer before my lips can part."

This book is magic.
It's despair.
It's love.
It's passion.

"My love, my life, my heart never left your hands.
Always, evermore, even after.

I cannot recommend it enough.

Flow (prequel and FREE) | http://amzn.to/2yq2Rfh
Grip (Book 1) | http://amzn.to/2ypoM6n
Still (Book 2)| http://amzn.to/2gcBLxk

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1,209 reviews19.7k followers
February 14, 2021
“I have to ask myself when I come home, do I want someone who completely understands the struggle? Or someone who understands me? Someone I can’t wait to come home to, someone who makes me laugh on the hardest days of my life? Every single decision isn’t filtered through my race. Love isn’t.”

Easy 5 stars. No brainer.
Love really does conquer all.

It’s a great feeling to finish a book before bed and wake up thinking about it the next day. It was such a visceral reading experience, all thanks to Kennedy Ryan’s impeccable writing skills.
It was perfect start to finish.
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1,868 reviews2,245 followers
April 6, 2018
4.5 stars!

If Grip was angsty and intense, Still is emotional and heartbreaking.

I should have known going into this book based on the person who recommended it to me *ahem* CHRISTY *ahem* how utterly tender and heartbreaking this book would be. Christy is the Queen of the ugly cry books and I don't know why I didn't remember that.

Anyways, this book was beautiful. I thought Bristol and Grip's story had wrapped up pretty well in the book before, but this one was a look into the happily ever after and them working on keeping their love intact. If Grip was about getting to the love, this book was about what you do with love once you've found it.

Kennedy Ryan has such beautiful words! Nothing is half done in this book, you can tell the author poured her heart and soul into this story and these characters. Ryan has found a forever fan in me, and she doesn't even realized the level of fangirl she has activated in me.

Top recommendation and this series is one of my favorite I've read this year. I'm going to be pushing Bristol and Grip's story onto anyone and everyone who will listen!

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May 4, 2023
#0.5 Flow — 4 stars
#1 Grip — 4 stars
#2 Still — 4.5 stars

“A love like ours is only satisfied by forever.”

nothing couldve prepared me for what happened in this book. since this was supposedly an extension of the epilogue we got in GRIP, i was expecting it would all be sunshines and rainbows. i was WRONG. this book hit me like a TORNADO.


“There’s something helpless about truly being in love, the kind of love they write songs about, that inspires poetry and launches ships and wreaks havoc. It leaves you slightly off balance, controlling when you mean to cherish, smothering when you mean to hold close.”

this part of the book was ripe with jealousy, drama, hopes and dreams, and a lovely wedding. we get to see how Grip and Bris navigate their life together in the midst of all their busy schedules.

Grip was attending school, learning more about his roots and the justice system in America. he was also getting more involved in events and charities. Bristol was dealing with her self doubts and insecurities while also trying to mend and strengthen her relationship with Grips family and hers.

i loved how posessive and protective both Grip and Bris became of each other whenever they felt threatened or were in danger. i also loved how they always stood up for one another when one of them was being chastised or criticized or insulted or patronized by other people.


“We feel the things we need to know instead of say them. With my chest pressed to his back, forgiveness, love, understanding, and tenderness transfer noiselessly between the layers of our clothes, an emotional osmosis through blood and bone, through hurt and fear.”

part I was just the quiet before the storm. this part, however, was where the bomb was dropped. it was extremely heartbreaking, devastating, depressing, miserable, uncomfortable, and hopeless to read. i HATED it. why couldnt i just get my happily ever after with like ten “choco milk” grandbabies?!

on the other hand, as much as it was heart shattering to see, we also got proof of how enduring Grip and Bris love was. i loved seeing how they break together, save each other, and heal each other. i also loved seeing how supportive the people closest to them were. most of all, i loved that ultimately i got the happily ever after i wanted.


this conclusion was profound, eye opening, tear jerking, alluring, magical, and all around EPIC!!

Kennedy Ryan has officially cemented herself as one of my favorite romance authors. she can write beautifully no matter the narratives. her writing is poetic and effortless and real. her stories are raw, hard hitting, and powerful. her characters are diverse, flawed, and well rounded. it goes without saying that you should definitely read this series.

“Still?” she asks with a watery smile.
“Yeah.” Always. Evermore. Even after. “Still.”

(Note: Originally Read in 2019, but Shelved on the “2018 Reading Challenge”)
April 18, 2022
did I read this entire trilogy in one night? absolutely yes. have I slept? not even a little bit. AND IT WAS WORTH EVERY DAMN SECOND. this book hurt a lot, and I did shed quite a few tears.. but I regret nothing. amazing. Grip & Bristol have this disgusting HOLD ON ME. I refuse to hear slander. I adored the plot of this entire series!!! it dove into racism and police brutality & many other important topics which made it way more than a romance to me. I have few series that really stay with me until the end of time, and this one is officially one of them.

“Always. Evermore. Even After. Still.”
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September 18, 2017
5, "Don't waste time when you know it's real," stars!

Sometimes with fiction you want to escape, and sometimes you want to feel. Still, and the two books you need to read before it Flow & Grip, are books that without a doubt demand that you feel when you're reading them. If there really is such a thing as "meant to be," Kennedy Ryan captured it with Grip and Bristol. An interracial couple who love each other for what's inside and not out. Because of Grip's fame and Bristol's proximity to it, they are constantly being scrutinized by the public eye that watches them so closely. I LOVE this story and their love. The way Grip defends his love and Bristol so beautifully even though he shouldn't have to. The way Bristol loves Grip so damn deeply and nearly without falter. The way these two work out their VERY REAL issues together. Their lives are not easy and it is not perfect, but the way they navigate together is beautiful. I just feel like I'm falling in love with them.

Some people may consider this a book about inequality in race, which it is, but isn't JUST that. It's a book about both sides of prejudices. Kennedy Ryan does a great job of presenting all sides, and having dialogue that is not always easy. I feel like this book has a message about how opening your eyes and seeing all sides can sometimes be the answer. It's also a book about a man and a woman who love each other so passionately. About the devastating things people can go through in life, and how having just one person on your side can make all the difference.

I appreciate these three books and the messages that Kennedy Ryan has put in them. The fact that she explores topics that others wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole, because they may make someone uncomfortable, is amazing. Why? Because the topics are real no matter how devastating or hard they may be to hear.

There are plenty of other books about interracial romance, but this one just resonates in my gut. On top of that the writing is flawless. The story is engaging. At some points I was cheering and clapping at the dialogue. Asking myself if it was normal to be proud of a book I didn't even write, and that's written by someone I don't actually know. Regardless. I'm proud, haha. If you're looking for something emotional, with messages that will make you feel, make you laugh, and even has some hot naughty bits.... Still is it.

^check out a fanedit I made over on Instagram!
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September 22, 2017
5 IsNotEnoughStars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

First of all ......Still is not a standalone....the reading order is as follows:
➜FLOW, The Prequel: http://amzn.to/2jxSy22 - #FREE
➜GRIP (Grip #1): http://amzn.to/2fsTZL1 - #99cSale
➜STILL (Grip #2): http://amzn.to/2y741bB - $2.99 #PreOrder

STILL is a beautiful story about an interracial couple. A couple that doesn't see color. But as wonderful as the world would be if no one differentiated, there are people who are prejudice and bias, who are bigots and who voice all those thoughts. But through it all, the nastiness that is thrown at them, they create a stronger than normal bond because of the love they share. A couple whose central core is Believing, Trusting, and Loving One Another. True invincible love......brought to life by words that are thought provoking as they are intimate, expressing love, joy, sorrow and sensuality. There is no way to read this book without having your soul exposed to every emotion under the sun.

Grip and Bristol are an extraordinary couple. Each are strong, ferocious, passionate and loyal. But their extraordinary comes from the strength the two empower in one another. And their strength shines on the intense and deep love they have for one another. Their passion soars in both deep devoted sensuality and unbridled adoration.

They have many trials and tribulations but as long as they have one another, there is nothing that they can't conquer. But life isn't perfect or fair sometimes. Life can beat you and break you. And the author both beautifully and emotionally let's you into the most intimate of moments. There is one in particular that is raw, gritty, gut wrenching, soul searching moment. I have never felt so in the moment as I did with that scene.

I know I sound like a broken record but what I really loved about the book, this series, is the connection that these two characters feel for one another. Being an interracial couple comes with stigmas but Grip and Bristol don't buy into them. There are those against them, those for them, and those that placate them because they believe they won't last. The issues that they face are real, ugly, and hurtful at times but because of their deep commitment towards one another, they are able to rise above it all. It's not easy at times but they forever Feel, Trust, and Believe. I felt it, I believed it, and Grip and Bristol totally demonstrated......
Always Evermore Ever After STILL

I implore everyone to pick up this series. It's a series that will make you think, make you love and make you a better person. Kennedy Ryan writes with convicted passion and her words will seep into your soul and truly touch you.

#Gripstol #STILLSquad #BestSeriesOf2017 #MustRead #RomancePerfection

*advanced copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
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1,199 reviews298 followers
September 17, 2017
This book. Wow. I don't think that I can fully explain how I feel about Still, these characters, and this story.

I thought that Grip and Bristol's relationship couldn't get any better, but I was very, very wrong. Everything you loved about Flow and Grip is magnified and amplified in Still. I feel like those books told the story of Bristol and Grip's emotional journey to find each other, while Still is the story of growing and nurturing that love in the face of life's most challenging situations. Still is book 2 in the Grip series and should be read only after enjoying Flow and Grip.

This is a powerful and heartfelt series that is so much more than a love story. It will challenge what you believe and grab your heart and not let go until the very last word. It may be a work of fiction, but make no mistake that the issues addressed and the situations our characters face are very real in our world today. One of the things I love most about Kennedy Ryan's writing is the raw and brutal honesty. This is real life. It's messy and complicated and can bring you to your knees, but it can also lift you higher than you ever dreamed possible. I'm not going to lie. Have those tissues ready because this story will gut you and leave you a blubbering mess at times.

But fear not my friends, because there will also be times you will need those tissues because your heart will be filled with so much joy that you won't be able to contain it. We already knew Grip was an incredible poet, but you haven't seen anything yet. His words will reach inside your chest and wrap around your heart. They will make you fall even more in love with him. Bristol too, will show you her strength and conviction and you will cheer for them through all their triumphs and despair. So have faith - faith in love, faith in Grip, and faith in Bristol.

I could say a million thanks to Kennedy Ryan for writing this masterpiece and it still wouldn't be adequate. We may technically read these books, but in reality you are experiencing them. I truly cannot recommend this book and series enough.

*I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book*
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October 4, 2017
It's LIVE & on Blog Tour!! http://bit.ly/2youaql

Always… evermore… even after… still

This story was poignant… passionate… emotionally consuming… perfect. I wasn’t sure how Kennedy Ryan could improve on the perfection that was Grip. I was already enamored and thoroughly satisfied with the way Bristol and Grip’s story concluded. But after reading Still, I’m now even more in love and enchanted by this couple.

Initially I imagined writing a review that was both lyrical and magical to do this story justice. However, I realized that there was no way I could come up with something as poetic and impassioned as this book. Once again, the author plucked out issues that are still oppressing many in our society today, whether it be racism, general bigotry, or injustice. If you thought Grip was passionate before, you ain’t seen nothing yet. In Still, Grip really comes into his own. With Bristol by his side, they could conquer anything. Negative thoughts, negative words, and negative people don’t stand a chance against the ferocity and certainty of their love.

It’s not to say that everything was sunshine and rainbows for this couple. They stood up against those who had nothing nice to say about their relationship. Those that viewed it as unnatural (it’s so sad that there are people who still think like this) and those who tried to force them apart. They withstood loss and the grief that goes along with that. They even continued to fight for each other, which I thought was the most beautiful thing about this couple. In their hearts, there was never any doubt that they belonged together. Never any doubt that they would love each other forever.

Always… evermore… even after… still

This story made me laugh, cry, weep, sob, think, hurt, and sing. It made me FEEL!! There was so much passion and compassion throughout each page. There was understanding, misery, kindness, generosity, purity, honesty, openness, vulnerability, intelligence, and so much fight. This journey wasn’t easy. This journey wasn’t fun. However, this journey was made even more beautiful and worthwhile because of how hard Bristol and Grip worked for it.

Dwell in possibility.

This was by far the best book I’ve read in 2017. A story that I will not soon forget. This was a book that will be read over and over and over again. A story that I picture to be timeless. A book that should have the “classic” status attached. A story that I recommend to everyone, whether you’re a fan of romance or not. Because although this was a romance novel, it was so much more than that and I think anyone who is aware or “woke” can definitely appreciate it. I could only reward this story a max of 5 stars, but it was worth ALL the stars!!

Book 2 of the Grip series
Release Date: September 24, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance - Interracial
POV: Dual - 1st person
Heat: 4 out of 5

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October 16, 2017
This book made me cry like a baby but it was so worth it... ❤

"I will worship you,”
“Still?” she asks with a watery smile.
“Yeah.” Always. Evermore. Even after. “Still.”

Ps. This series are must read!!! You should seriously meet with Grip ASAP! 😏
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February 22, 2019
I have reached my quota of reading emotional books. It was a bad idea reading this in a public transportation (in spite of the heads up given to me). I was an EMOTIONAL MESS. Grip and Bristol may be officially together but this finale is just the beginning of their journey as they met trials and inevitable situations that test them as a couple and as individuals.

It's no question Bristol Gray and Marlon "Grip" James love each other. They are the endgame and I'm proud how strong and mature they've become. As an interracial couple, people have preconceived judgments against them and thought Bristol isn't the right woman for Grip. People thought she wouldn't understand their culture because she's a white woman.

Bristol struggles seeking acceptance from these people and she sometimes feel isolated. She doesn't want to experience the loneliness again when she was growing up. She's flawed and at times ignorant but through Grip, she learned a lot from him about the injustices and discrimination against people of color. I love her willingness to learn and support Grip's platform fighting racism. 

Grip. Wow. Just wow. His passion for music, his love for his family, friends and significant other is beyond words. He's one of the best heroes in literature I have encountered.  I'm in awed for all the things he'd done and his songs left a huge impact in the music industry and in the society. Sending a message to everyone it's all about respect, justice and tolerating differences.

Still is a powerful conclusion. It has its blissful and heartbreaking moments I wasn't prepared for. It's beautiful, passionate and exquisitely written. Ms. Kennedy Ryan outdone herself for writing this series. The previous book-- Grip-- sets the bar high but Still broke the scale and stepped it up to perfection in spite of the bumpy roads our characters went through. I love it. Gajillion stars for this finale.  Once again, many thanks to the ladies who recommended this series to me: Ari and Britt (Check out their merge review at The New Romantics)

Thank heavens I saved this finale for 2019! If you haven't read this book / series. YOU SHOULD READ THIS.
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September 21, 2017

I’m speechless after finishing this book, it’s absolutely brilliant! I’m one of those readers who clamor for more Bristol and Grip. Overjoyed when Kennedy decided to write Still and it became one of my anticipated releases this year and she didn’t disappoint. Kennedy didn’t write just for the sake of writing a sequel but she wrote this book with finesse; her words are heartwarming that will touch you to the core. It’s beautifully written through and through.

In Still, Bristol and Grip continue with their life together, some people still doubt their love for each other. What I like about this couple is their open communication to each other they may have some arguments just like any other couple but at the end of the day, they were able to resolve it.

There’s a particular scene that totally wrecked me that, I need to stop reading for awhile because my vision went blurred with tears. It’s one of the most heart-wrenching decisions Bristol and Grip have to make. Will they make the right choice? How will this decision affect their relationship?

Still is an endearing love story of two people, who knows what an unconditional love is. That no matter what life throws at them they'll face it together.

This is one of the best series I've read this year. Kennedy Ryan just blows me away with this book. A real page-turner and those sexy times, sizzling! Grip can be such a dirty talker. *fans self* I greatly recommend this series, because the time I spent reading this series, was time well-spent!

***Note: ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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September 26, 2017
One of the most realist, flawlessly, educating books I have ever read. How does one function after reading this story? How does one touch life and love after reading this story?

I'm not sure.

It's truly unbelievably hard to be able to put into words that even make sense how unreal this story was for me. I have followed these characters from the start. And I mean from the start. I didn't know if Bristol was a character that could keep a man like Grip, and I didn't know if Grip was a character that would be able to calm the ugliness that would be raised with being with Bristol.


This story comes together like a beautify flawed piece of art. You might not understand it a first, but it goes, it fits, there is no question it could ever be anything else.

This man is the most purest, loyalist, driven characters I have ever read about. His love transcends all loves. It's in the air, you feel it, you taste it, it breaks you, it heels you, it's quite possibly one of the most touching Love's I've had a chance to read.

This woman. You have to applaud, and feel for her. There were chapters that went by that I myself started saying, if that were me ... I'd be up and out. Just like Grip, her love never waivers, it's true, it's bold, it's forever.

Still has touched my soul in ways I didn't ask for, in ways I wasn't prepared for, in ways I'm not sure I even can truly comprehend just yet. I feel more educated after reading a story like this. I didn't just read a boy meets girl, girl falls in love, bla bla bla. I read a story that I hope opens eyes, touches souls, makes people realize the color of our skin does not Define us, our hearts define us, how we carry ourself that's what defines us.

I could go on and on.

This is the book to read in 2017, this is the eye opener, the heart opener.

Kennedy Ryan, I thank you for this one. Your words have made me feel so much for this story, and it's impossible to EVER forget this beautifully crafted masterpiece.

 photo 8C24476E-9FD2-4EC0-B0B2-AF17ECA0D4F9_zps2quhzsmh.jpg
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September 22, 2017
I loved this! The relationship and attraction between Grip and Bristol is so intense, that you feel yourself being completely consumed by them and their story! I laughed, cried, had my heart broken, and put back together! There is a part in the book that's so damn sweet, awesome and just perfect that you couldn't wipe the smile off my face!

I was hooked pretty early on with the easy flow of writing and the fun banter between the characters. I truly enjoyed every part of this book as it unfolded. Oh and did I mention how hot this book was? The romance between Grip and Bristol was pretty 'delicious.' I did enjoy their chemistry and I think they are two people that complement each other nicely....and that need each other.

Still has some tough moments that had my heart breaking to pieces for both H and h but once you get past the hard stuff, you get rewarded with a beautiful conclusion. Overall, Still is an emotional hot and steamy read. It is very well written and you can't help but be drawn into the story. Read this book, it's fab!

In short:
Hero 5/5 | Heroine 5/5 | Plot (Point, Originality) 4/5 | Writing Style 4/5 | Steam 5/5 | Romance 4/5 | Angst-Suspense 3/5 | Darkness 0/5 | Humor 3/5 | Secondary Characters 4/5 | Drama-Conflict 4/5 | Mystery 0/5 | Twists 4/5 | Pacing Steady | Action 3/5

 photo 18009131_816557981827901_1142461593_n_zpso3xlzmkr.jpg
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1,891 reviews1 follower
September 25, 2017
This book will forever be the standard that I compare all love stories from now on. It is not often that I fall more in love with two characters, or am surprised by the direction of their story, and by the passion and emotion it will draw from me. Grip and Bristols epic love story did exactly that and more for me. They had already charmed me and captured my heart from their struggle to be together in Grip. I wasn't sure Ms Kennedy could add more to their story and do them justice without minimizing the significance of their hard fought union or their connection and spark. Oh why did I question where she would take me, because I have learned that Ms. Ryan never disappoints! I loved the direction she took us on in Still! It was so compelling, passionate, emotional, and honest. It made me love Grip & Bristol even more for their strength, love and devotion. There were those who weren't happy about their relationship, and tried to plant doubt with them and the world. But their bond was beyond that. They support one another, challenge each other and have fun together. Their passion and chemistry only gets more explosive. This story was about life and the twists and turns it throws at you but can rise above together. Ms Ryan's writing style is beautifully poetic. It is so alluring and seductive that you feel like you are right there and experiencing every emotion. She takes us on an exhilarating journey that will leave you raw and breathless and totally satisfied. I loved every word of this beautiful, passionate, poignant, and sexy epic love story! Bravo! <3
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September 30, 2017

 photo 3A2A13C7-2938-4C8A-A8DE-19244A0F22B0_zpswlpjrjfs.jpg”width=“400

Gah amazing just amazing, I honestly don’t know where to start with this review but this is the perfect ending for Grip and Bristol.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet as there’s no other way with this kind of read. Buttt this book is an epilogue if sorts, they are together throughout this read and you just FEEL their love and unity throughout. This is truly a book where their love is tested at times, but where they are a team together. Through thick and thin..

 photo 614ED4D2-9281-4695-B56A-FE04C567E01D_zpsedzoydm5.jpg”width=400

Grips career is at its peak he’s doing well and just continues to thrive. And Bristol is finding her feet with being in Grips world and life.. he’s someone to be reckoned with right? I mean he’s an Alpha to the core but in the most, sensual caring loving way. He loves Bristol to the core.. he adores her and her him and they just LOVE.. But they also know how to fight. I love their banter, I suppose this book is as real is it comes. They are already together so this story is about them as a COUPLE.

 photo BB5B1B6D-1661-4076-85B8-B63E93658549_zpsnoinm9hf.jpg”width=“400

Again sorry if I’m not making sense. There’s just no other way. This book consumed me, when I sat to read I turned page after page. I savoured parts and re-read parts and loved every poem, every poetic sentiment and how the pages just kept me on my toes. Kennedy Ryan’s writing style is poetic but addictive. I just love this series.. and I love Grip and Bristol and how far they have come. But this book just blew me away I can’t recommend it enough.

That is all.. enjoy Xoxo

ARC generously gifted in exchange for a honest review

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1,408 reviews17 followers
June 30, 2019
I usually don't have a difficult time writing a review for a book that I've read.....but other books weren't this one. Kennedy Ryan truly created a work of art with Still. You can tell that every ounce of her heart & soul went into making sure that Grip & Bristol's story was done in a way that truly honored the characters and how we have come to know them. When I first finished Grip, I wanted more of #gripstol, yet I wasn't sure how Kennedy could top that story. And with Still, she knocked it out of the park. There is so much emotion in this story - you will laugh, cry, and cry some more.....but there is absolutely nothing that I would change about Still. I fell more in love with Grip, and I fell more in love with Bristol.....and with them as a couple. They truly represent what true, unconditional love is all about. I wish I could give more than 5 stars for this book, as it was that phenomenal. Thank you Kennedy for creating these characters and sharing them with all of us. Grip & Bristol will always hold a special place in my heart.

**I received an ARC of this book**
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December 20, 2019
Re-read #2 (12/20/2019) I cried twice today, once in the morning after my dentist’s appointment, right after telling him that I hope we never see each other again! (I hope he won’t hold a grudge till our next appointment) The second time, in the evening while reading the last 30% of this book. Because that was just so freakin heartbreaking!! Reading those last 30% was so hard, it still hurts!

5+ “still” stars!!

even after.

This isn’t a book about falling in love. It’s about falling in love with a book. Oh my heart! I can’t get over it. I’ve felt every single thing in this book. I’ve felt it deeply in the bottom of my heart. I spent the last 30% of the book crying. Not just crying, i was sobbing. That ugly crying, you know? Grieving. By all means I wasn’t the same after finishing it! This is one of my all time favorite books! Kennedy Ryan, you’re freakin brilliant and amazing.

”We feel the things we need to know instead of say them. With my chest pressed to his back, forgiveness, love, understanding, and tenderness transfer noiselessly between the layers of our clothes, an emotional osmosis through blood and bone, through hurt and fear.”

In ‘Still’ we follow the epic journey of Grip and Bristol. Their story wasn’t done yet. Their love is tested, their faith is being provoked, and their whole world is being shaken. Despite their busy schedule, the rejection their relationship get, and the world trying to turn against their love, they’re still fighting. Still moving on. Still going stronger than ever. They’re it for each other. They are so compatible. One can’t exist without the other. It’s so damn easy with them, their banter, their chemistry, the perfect rhythm for their conversation.

”Dwell in possibility.”

Grip is so passionate. God how I love how passionate, poetic, brilliant, honest and understanding he is. His love for Bristol is so heartwarming. He doesn’t settle with what he has. He grow. I though I couldn’t love him more than I did in ‘Grip’ but man how I was wrong! He’s a man who has been through a lot, but still remained as noble and as pure as he could. His loyalty is amazing. He’s loyal to his friends, his mother and family, his community, and to his love.

”Don’t waste time when you know it’s real”

Bristol might be one of the strongest characters I’ve ever seen. God! Her strength could fuel an entire army. She was tested in the worst way possible. My heart broke for her. I cried for her. I grieved for her. She made choices that were never easy. I can’t imagine how was that for her. I felt like I just want to hug her, to cry for her. She loves fiercely, and would tear herself to pieces for those she loves.

”And it still isn’t enough. Anything that ended would never be enough for a love like ours. A love like ours is only satisfied by forever.”

Even though this is a fictional book, it couldn’t be more real. It changed me. I wasn’t the same person after finishing it. I fell in love with the book and the characters. I Got high on their emotions. And was drunk on the words and writing. Grip’s poetry is so heartwarming. So beautiful. I felt his words. I didn’t just read them. I swear I felt them! This book would have never been as perfect as its without kennedy Ryan’s writing. She’s amazing. She writes in such a lyrical poetic and heart warming way. Her writing has the ability to melt hearts. She’s such an extraordinary person who was born to write books.

Ask me when your belly is full like the moon,
and our love has stretched your body with my child,
leaving your skin, once flawless,
now silvered, traced, scarred,
I will worship you.
My eyes will never stray.
My heart will never wander,
gladly leashed to you all my days.
I am fixed on you.

This book melted my heart. Provoked my emotions. Made me feel. It made me think. It inspired me and gave me hope. This book is everything. Even the book cover is beautiful! I could never recommend it enough. Kennedy Ryan, you deserve a standing ovation. A round of applause. Your message has been brilliantly delivered. Everything you wanted to tell and aware people of has been done perfectly. You’re a great author. An inspiration. You touched my hear, my mind and my soul.

When we are alone, you and I, through years, through pain, my heart will answer again and again, still.

Song recommendation:

Surefire by John legend
At last by Etta James
Where’s my love by SYML
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