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Matchmaker #1

Mine, Forever and Always

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Alternate cover edition of ASIN B06XP9Z5T4

Just shy of fifteen years old, and during a fake and impromptu wedding ceremony, Lily Scott married her best friend's brother, Henry Dalton.

It seemed harmless enough until he leaned in and whispered to her his true feelings, amorous words she has been unable to forget: Now you’re mine, forever and always.

Unfortunately, growing up pulls them apart and transforms Henry into a pompous scoundrel. When they meet again at a house party hosted by Henry’s sister, will Henry remember his once faithful promise to Lily?

124 pages, Kindle Edition

Published March 16, 2017

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About the author

Tammy L. Bailey

7 books475 followers
Tammy L. Bailey writes both historical and contemporary fiction with clever, romantic, and unexpected escapes combining delicious tension and laugh out loud humor.

Before she began writing romance, Tammy served in both the active Army and the Air National Guard. She was once asked if she wanted to become a navigator on a C-130. However, after getting lost to the recruiter's office, she was persuaded to choose another job.

Today, she lives with her husband and two sons where she balances her time between family, hockey, her full-time job as a nursing secretary, and being a writer. Whether it's historical or contemporary romance, for her, there must always be a happy ending.

If you want to connect with Tammy or want to know when she'll be releasing her next book, please visit her website at https://www.tammylbailey.com and sign up for her newsletter. She can't wait to hear from you.

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6,765 reviews577 followers
April 10, 2017
It was just in fun when two young teens held “starring” roles in a fake wedding, but Lily Scott knew that Henry Dalton would hold her heart forever when he whispered, “Now you’re mine, forever and always.” The fantasies of youth can’t last forever as adulthood comes, they go their separate ways and life transforms Henry into a less than desirable man. Fate and a house party will bring them back together, but has the blush of young love been drown in the quagmires of life? Lily still feels the pull on her heart, but Henry is not the boy she once knew.

Times certainly change life and Lily is about to be promised to another, a man unaware that her heart is not part of the deal and Lily is determined she will not spend her life in a loveless marriage. Henry has a secret of his own, while he feigns disinterest in Lily, he has never forgotten the girl who holds the key to his heart.

When Henry’s sister decides to play Cupid, she assures that Lily and Henry will be with others throughout the gala. Will the green-eyed monster show up as a special guest? Can Henry and Lily ignore their feelings for each other or will they find the vows they made in fun mean even more now?

MINE, FOREVER AND ALWAYS by Tammy L. Bailey is a delightful historical romance that avoids the trappings of heaving bosoms, serious angst and even some social proprieties as two souls finally bare their feelings and will do anything to have their happy ever after.
I loved this quick and fun read as love, once again leaves me with a smile on my face!

I received this copy from Tammy L. Bailey in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

Publication Date: March 15, 2017
Publisher: Tammy L. Bailey
Genre: Historical Romance
Print Length: 121 pages
Available from: Amazon
For Reviews & More: http://tometender.blogspot.com
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145 reviews14 followers
June 6, 2017
Original review at The Book Portal.

5/5 stars
Just read it if you are into romance. This is a lovely story about the love of two people which has to pass the test of time and society. Life forced them to go on their separate ways regardless of what their harts wanted. And, now, they meet each other again. There is angst and there is tension. Question is: Does the love between them still exists? Or is it just a beautiful memory of the past?
What can I say? The feelings... are so overwhelming. I do not have enough words to praise this novella. Despite it's length, we get a lot of content about the main characters and the other players in the story. It is a torturous, genuine love. Your heart will melt, ache, get butterflies, mushy, and - finally - teary. I do not want to say too much about the plot cause... spoilers. Obviously! The author has a beautiful writing because everything floated nicely. No boring part. No excessive descriptions. Right words were used to ensure the reader that there are a solid background to the narrative and well rounded characters which are not just flat instruments of yielding a romance. I wished this was a full novel because there is so much room for expanding and exploring; although, I am afraid it might cut the beauty of the novella in some parts.
Sometimes the short length might give a writing work a feel of unresolved or anticlimactic endings. Like, there has to be more to it than what's already published. Thus, I understand why some readers may give this one a lower rating. But for me, a strong impression on my mood while reading it's enough sometimes. Not every good piece has to be lengthy. The information is there only not in so many words as you may like it to be.
Now, I am waiting patiently for the next story in the series. The author promised a new story in the future regarding other characters who were introduced in the book. She said that time is of the essence for her inspiration to come and the final product be good.
This was definitely my cup of tea. And, it might be yours too. Do not get mislead by the cover.
Ah... Just read it!

This is my sole opinion. ^_^

I would like to say thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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1,463 reviews137 followers
February 16, 2018
Series: Standalone Novella
Publication Date: 3/15/2017

I’d actually give it 4.5 stars, but the system won’t let me.

What a delightful read! Tammy Bailey is a new author to me. As far as I as I can tell, this is her third book and her first historical romance. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and look forward to reading more of her work.

This is an almost perfectly perfect novella. It hits all the marks with very likable characters, a compelling, emotional story and a happily ever after. All of the questions were answered – well – all but one question was answered. What is going to happen between Jane and Mr. Waverly? This is a standalone novella, so a next volume in the series isn’t planned – but – there wasn’t any sort of resolution for them. I couldn’t figure out if they were just good friends or if they had an affection for each other but were in denial. The author did let one modern word slip into the story – maybe more, but I only noticed one. She used the word 'viral' toward the end of the story. Frankly, the story was so well done that it didn’t bother me at all.

Lily Scott has loved Henry Dalton almost her whole life and has considered herself ‘married’ to him since she was almost fifteen. They were humoring Henry’s sister, Jane, and performing a play where Henry was the groom and Lily was the bride. At the end of the ceremony, Henry leaned down and kissed Lily and told her ‘Now you are mine, forever and always’. Lily loved Henry with all her heart and was hurt and confused when he suddenly left and then pretended that he didn’t even remember her name.

Henry Dalton loved Lily, but when two events shattered his belief in love and marriage he decided to just put her out of his heart, mind, and life. He could manage to put her out of his mind for periods of time, but she was always in his heart. Imagine what happens when he goes to a house party at his family estate and Lily is there.

Mr. Waverly, Henry’s best friend, and Jane decide that it is time to get Henry and Lily together and make them deal with their feelings one way or the other. The entire house party was geared toward that end. You’ll love the maneuvering Jane and Mr. Waverly does to bring the two together, to cause jealousy and to see that they get to be alone together from time to time. Jane is a born manipulator and her parlor games are really good.

I sincerely hope you’ll give this author and this novella a try. It is a short, sweet and quick read that I really think you’ll enjoy.

"I received this e-book at no cost to me and volunteered to read it; my review is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or publisher."
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2,647 reviews351 followers
March 24, 2017
Henry the self pitying fool and Lily the woman wronged.
Gotta say I had low expectations going in to this one but ended up loving it. In fact I read it in one day every chance I got to sneak in a few pages. i would have given it 5 stars but for the ending, which could have used a bit of a grovel/apology from Henry (you know... own your mistakes dude!). Still... the reader knows he feels remorse and loves her like crazy and it was cute, the comedy of errors before they finally kiss.
My first time reading this author and she did a fine job of playing the characters and their prejudices against each other, (well mostly his prejudices) without making him irredeemable.
When Henry and Lily were kids, they had a mock marriage that stole Lily's heart. They had been the best of friends and then, inexplicably, Henry drifted away and became a dissolute rake.
But Henry had his reasons and though there is no real villain (which was nice for a change in a historical romance), things were out of his control. His way of reclaiming control was to push everyone else away.
His sister, who has remained Lily's close friend, is an incorrigible matchmaker, decides to have a house party with all the friends she would like to pair up. Henry comes, but he brings with him a floozy. Don't worry, it was all very entertaining and the angst is low, because at heart, everyone is a decent if misguided person.
Will definitely read more by this author!

Profile Image for Sometime.
1,674 reviews113 followers
June 9, 2017
I must have been in a grumpy mood when I started this book because Henry made me mad right from the start.

This book wasn't all bad. It had great banter between and H and h and I liked the writing.

Maybe this book would have benefited from being a little longer so that the character development was a little more drawn out. Or maybe I really was just in a grumpy mood before I started this book.
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389 reviews238 followers
September 14, 2017
This is a sweet story of a love that never died. Two people once got married in a play but it was more serious for them than it should have been. There’s still hope for them but first they have to tear down the wall that separates them. Misunderstandings, stubbornness and denial (especially on his part) are the bricks with which they built that wall. But love is the strongest force of nature, stronger than the hardest of men or the thickest of walls.

In their childhood Henry and Lily were in love. She was (and still is) Henry’s sister Helen’s best friend and childhood sweethearts as they were, they got married one day. Of course they were playing and the union wasn’t a real one, but it felt real for them. That was the day when Henry whispered in Lily’s ear “Now you’re mine, forever and always”.

Seven years later they meet again at a soirée organized by Helen and they realize that they’re total strangers to eachother. Life got in their way as is natural. Lily’s love for Henry is stronger than ever but she thinks he doesn’t correspond. That’s why she allowed her parents negotiate her betrothal to someone else, but now that they meet again they both realize that where there was fire ashes remain.

This is an excellent historical romance debut for Tammy L. Bailey. Of course it has its flaws, like the change of pace towards the end and also I think a few more pages would have been perfect in my opinion. This lovely book should have been a proper novel and not a novella, if only to develop a little more the characters’ depth, especially Henry’s . Yet the narrative style was incredibly engaging.

Lily is a truly remarkable female protagonist; she’s strong, talented, good natured, she knows her worth but she’s not self-important at all, on the contrary, she’s quite humble. Also, the secondary characters are loveable and fun to read (perhaps even more than the protagonists) ,especially Helen, she’s wicked!.

Henry is the Mr Darcy sort of man, denying himself the right to love the woman he loves. As a character he’s likeable enough but sometimes I wanted to know more about him. And, of course, his friendship with Weaverly seems to me a bit odd. That’s why I think a few more pages would do this book good.

Having said all that, I honestly think that a good romance is the one that either puts a smile on your face once you’ve finished reading, or the one that leaves you wanting more. This novella did both for me. I had a huge smile when I reach the end but at the same time I was wondering what would happen afterwards, and if and when Helen would have her own love story stead of playing the matchmaker like she’s always doing.

Extra points for:
Lily writes romance plays
She kisses him first
Helen is a wicked matchmaker
Unexpected plot twist
Dangerous parlor games
Henry believes in her despite everything that stands between them, he knows her worth, her talent… and actually does something about it
The letters and notes towards the ending
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538 reviews41 followers
March 24, 2017

**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book.**

This book left me smiling!

Lily gave her heart away years ago when a play marriage ceremony to her friend's brother, Henry, left her longing for the day that she could say those vows for real. After Henry's departure and coldly distancing himself from her, she's given up on ever winning the affection of her childhood crush. Instead, she's well on her way to marrying another man, one who she knows she'll never be able to love.

Henry may pretend to be aloof where Lily is concerned but it's all an act. He isn't as indifferent to her presence as he'd like everyone, including her, to believe. In fact, she's the only woman who has been on his mind since he left home. Drowning himself in alcohol and women never did quite cure him of the heartbreak of living without her.

Their reunion isn't an easy one. Starting off with the mystery of a love letter penned by Lily, Henry is left trying to figure out which man among them has won her heart. And Henry's sister's party games up the ante by pairing our couple with other partners, causing jealous feelings to emerge. There are waterfalls, play theatrics, and accidents along the way. When the truth comes out, Henry and Lily must decide if their childhood nuptials should be repeated... for real this time.

This novella was a quick read. I think it took me all of like 3 hours to finish it, but I found myself either smiling or gushing the entire time. I loved that there was so much emotion packed into such a short read. I felt excited, heartbroken, anxious, and may have let out a few happy sighs from time to time.

I'm glad this was dual POV. It helped to see both sides of the story as our couple reunite and face haunting memories while making new ones to keep them awake at night. I was surprised to see some spice in the romance here, too. It's not overtly scandalous but more than I typically see in a novella where things are usually skimmed over.

There was also some behind the scenes scheming going on and I caught on to it about halfway through. Yet, there were still several twists that I wasn't expecting. Henry's run-in with his parents was a little "convenient" but I let that slide because what came after was romantic bliss and I couldn't put it down.

In closing...
I'm not sure if there are more stories to come with this group of characters but I very much want to see Jane find a match. I'd even be thrilled to have her hero turn out to be Waverley all along. Five suns!

Full review on blog: http://uptildawnbookblog.blogspot.com/2017/03/review-mine-forever-and-always-by-tammy.html
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373 reviews18 followers
April 8, 2017
[I have received a free copy in exchange for an honest review]

After some time away from books, this was just what I needed to get back on track. I quick read, full of emotions, with some smart and funny characters. Set up in a time of arranged marriages, gossip that weighted a lot and women with a reputation to defend, “Mine, Forever and Always” is a story than blends very well!

Lily Scott has been waiting since her fifteenth birthday for Henry Dalton to honor their vows that she will be his, vows said in a pretend marriage ceremony. This was a moment that weighted a lot in her heart, but that created confusion when Henry left without so much as an explanation. Now being face to face with him again and with an arranged marriage with a man that she did not love, Lily will have to keep her feelings in check.

I loved the way the story develops and how the main characters come to rediscover each other. Even though it is not a long read, the pace is steady without rushed moments. There are also some funny scenes that will definitely bring out a smile – but the smart kind of funny. The language was adequately used to suite the era. Having the POVs of both characters gives the reader a complete image of the relationship and a better understanding of why one of them took certain decisions. No complaints from this perspective from my end!

Characters are amazing! Lily, though still young and inexperienced, has an intelligence that make her stand out. Her quick mind finds a way to steal a lost love letter from Henry’s pocket, though this has cost her an emotional turmoil. With a passion for books and a secret writing career, she still aspires to have a loving husband (maybe her dream husband). I liked that she was portrayed like independent somehow and strong enough to understand her obligations to her future husband. She was not the whiney type, not even too rebellious either. On the other hand, Henry is somewhat of a mystery for the beginning of the book. We do not receive right away his explanations, though his feelings are quite clear. He wants to see if Lily is the same innocent girl he’s left years ago. He is strong, firm on his decisions and equals Lily in intelligence. They make a great couple! Let’s not forget the matchmaker of it all, Henry’s sister. For me, she was the surprise of this book. An exuberant character that brings more life into the story. I think she outsmarts everyone!

As a conclusion, obviously 5 stars are in order for a book which features smart characters, an amazing love story with a dose of amazing writing! Congratulations to the author and can’t wait to see how Henry’s sister will do with her own romance.
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1,666 reviews41 followers
April 13, 2017
4.5 Stars!

I so wish this was a full-length novel rather than a novella. I want more of these characters. - More back story. More slow burn romance. More secondary character development. Just more, more, more! I typically do not gravitate towards novellas, because wanting more is usually my dilemma. Most often, it's quality and story development that I usually want more of. On the contrary; in Mine, Forever and Always, the dilemma was not yet wanting to leave these characters and their story behind. The overall story and quality of writing was what made it compelling enough to read in nearly one sitting. I always enjoy a brooding hero and Henry was all that, but Lily Scott was the heroine who softens his hard edge. Their romance was a joy to follow, but it was the meddling of Henry's sister and best friend, Mr. Waverly, that added some comic relief. The author was able to give me a full and satisfying historical romance in 120 pages. To me, that is evidence of a skilled writer. I'm now looking forward to tackling Bailey's back list and look forward to her future works.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary ecopy of Mine, Forever and Always via Reading Alley. This review is my honest and unbiased opinion.
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3,461 reviews86 followers
November 10, 2018
A delightful story of two people who pledged themselves to each other when young, in a fake wedding and he whispered to her "Now you're mine, forever and always". Yes it made my toes curl because that is just so romantic! But as often happens, youthful feelings do not always last and they go their separate ways. But as life and fate often dictate, they meet again at a house party.
Unfortunately Henry seems to have changed but Lily still feels her senses engaged as she sees him. Can the feelings of youth be resurrected and bring them together after all this time?
This was a sweet story that warmed the heart and pulled at my emotions. Do not miss it!
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163 reviews5 followers
June 12, 2019
Sweet romance, a little steamy

Enjoyed reading this romance. I love when they main characters know each other as children and find love when they’re older. I’m also a huge fan of falling in love with your best friend’s brother. They encounter several difficulties along the way but with some plotting by their relatives and friends and some funny moments Lily and Henry get their happy ever after. Looking forward to reading book 2 in the series.
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1,091 reviews73 followers
January 5, 2020
A childhood make-believe wedding leads to the development of real feelings on Lily's part, but as they grow up, her pretend groom, her best friend's brother, Henry, turns into a rake. Now, though Lily is still friends with his sister, Jane, she and Henry have grown apart and rarely see one another. During a house party Jane convinces Lily to help her write a letter to her own potential suitor, so Lily taps into her own feelings for Henry in order to pen Jane's love letter. Of course, the unsigned love letter winds up in Henry's hands and he seeks to cause trouble, as he's taken a dislike to Lily, believing her to be fake, and assuming the letter is meant for her lover and she must be a loose woman. Though he'd wanted her when they were younger, his father reminded him of his duty to marry well and keep the family estate financially solvent, for which Lily's modest means are not suitable. Since that time he's met many women and had some experiences that have nurtured his distrust for all women. But seeing Lily again brings all of his old feelings for her rushing back to the surface. Spending time with Henry again has quite the opposite effect on Lily, who has no patience for his cynical attitude, although she's still madly in love with him; perhaps too much time has passed for them to ever be together again.

This was a quick novella, but I really enjoyed it and would love to see it fleshed out into a novel.

I received a complimentary ARC via NetGalley. Thank you! All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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50 reviews16 followers
August 23, 2019
I was received this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. I definitely have to give this short cute book 5 stars.

This book had me hooked from the beginning to end, the story was very captivating and interesting. I loved the romance games that Jane Dalton loved doing so she could be matchmaker. I was happy that Henry finally came around and understood what was going on. I was a little shocked that Lily didn't know what was going on with Jane and Mr. Waverly because Lily knows how Jane is a major matchmaker.

The author did a great job with the characters. The writing style was exactly what I was looking for in a shorter book. The story flowed well and ended perfectly. I would recommend this book to anyone that needs to get a quick read in.
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108 reviews23 followers
October 11, 2017
Once in a while as a reader we are lucky enough to come across a book that is written with such creativity and passion, that the story resonates far past the ending. "Mine, Forever and Always" by Tammy L. Bailey, is a beautiful and heartwarming historical novel based in the Regency era. The story perfectly captures desire, history, jealousy, love and much more, making this a 5-star read.

The narrative interchanges between the lead characters, Lily Scott and Henry Dalton, giving readers the perspective of both sides of the love story. Lily, like many women in her era, was due to wed in her social standing to a man that she would have a family with, and unburden her family. Henry Dalton, and heir, requires to marry for money to save his family heritage. Their feelings that have grown between then over the years are redundant, with both having to follow what their families want. Love didn't come into their equation. so what happens when Lily and Henry's attraction and long standing feelings begin to show through the cracks at a society get together. Will the kiss they share be their last? And will their love ever be accepted and embraced by their families? Will Henry ever be able to say be "Mine, Forever and Always?

There are many reasons that this novel has become my favorite historical romance novel are listed below:

*A story that evokes an array of emotions that follows the plot. As the love story begins to develop, jealousy, desire, affection and new love is captured. Tammy L. Bailey's writing is so powerful that readers will sway between these heartfelt emotions as the story develops.
*Both lead characters are portrayed in all stages of love, bringing a fragility to their story, and making their love more realistic, even though in a different era.
*A plot rich in historical detail from the regency era, capturing social gatherings and etiquette at the time, how time was spent at these gatherings including games and plays, how love letters expressed feelings and emotions in that period, and even courting etiquette in the time, plus much more. The story also captured the differences that gender plays in the regency era, from their clothes to social etiquette, and their interactions together. How a reputation for a woman was everything.
*A plot that hooks with the dance of attraction and love, and the many twists that the couple face in their relationship development, including letting each other go regardless of their feelings to meet social requirements....the heartbreak bleeds from the pages.
*With an alluring front cover, with an illustration of a couple in regency clothing showing their full desire, to a title "Mine, Forever and Always" that captures the main focus of the story, and words that resonate in the story, that has wonderful strong characters and a plot that captivates and entices, to an ending that is full of surprises, this novel is the entire package, easily a 5-star read.

I recommend "Mine, Forever and Always" by Tammy L. Bailey to all readers who love a heartwarming romance, regardless if they enjoy a historical read of not. I look forward to reading more of Tammy L. Bailey's range in her historical collection including "Lord Bachelor" and her Christmas addition "In Mistletoe". I hope that "Mine, Forever and Always" becomes part of a series, possibly looking at a love story for Henry's sister?

I voluntarily reviewed this book from an advanced copy.
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1,716 reviews233 followers
May 3, 2017
** ARC provided by the author an exchange for honest review **

Mine: Forever and Always by Tammy L. Bailey is a short light hearted historical romance that was a delight to read.

Seven years prior to current time, Jane, Henry Dalton’s sister promised Lily Scott to him til death part on an impromptu wedding. Since that time Lily has remembered those infamous words that he muttered to her “you are mine, forever and always”, she has never gotten over him. At the age of one and twenty, she is set to be wedded off, but her heart has always been to Henry. Any time however, he has come back to town to visit his home he forgets her name and treats her like a nuisance. All things take a turn when her friend Jane hosts parlor games for the week and she comes face to face again with Henry.

Henry thinks that Lily is too naïve for her own good, but his sisters parlor games proves him wrong. He always had his sights on Lily, but family matters got in the way and her dowry was no match for his goals he had set. Off to London he ventured but events of his life left him distrusting females.

During the week events, both Lily and Henry banter back and forth. So much angst between the two that Lily questions why she ever loved the man. When a love note and a play book get in the wrong hands things turn around for the pair.

Stolen breaths rekindle their flames for one another… heart melting historical romance that I devoured and enjoyed tremendously! Ms. Bailey knows how to write a sweet short page turner of old friends revisiting their feelings to one another!

5 Stars!!
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3,492 reviews30 followers
May 2, 2017
Jane Dalton likes parlour games & always has done six years earlier when Jane & her friend Lily Scott were just shy of fifteen years old, she held a fake and impromptu wedding ceremony, between Lily her brother, Henry Dalton. It seemed harmless enough until he leaned in and whispered to her his true feelings, amorous words she has been unable to forget: Now you're mine, forever and always.
Unfortunately, growing up pulls them apart and transforms Henry into a pompous scoundrel who barely seems to remember Lily’s name. They meet again at a house party hosted by Jane where notes fall into the wrong hands.
A quick, easy, clean & enjoyable read, that was a nice way to pass a rainy afternoon. The characters are well developed & likeable. Henry & Lily have both formed differing opinions of each other but when they are paired with other party members jealousy rears it’s head. There are also misunderstandings to be rectified. The pace of the book is good. The lively conversations keep you smiling. I look forward to reading more from the author

My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read

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511 reviews5 followers
September 16, 2017
Mine, Forever and Always is a cute novella about two teenagers, Lilly Scott and Henry Dalton. Lilly is best friends with Henry's sister, Jane. Jane convinces Lilly and Henry to participate in a "wedding ceremony" when they are teenagers. It is all play but during that ceremony Henry tells Lilly she is his, forever and always. Those words revealed the depth of how much he cared for Lilly. Eventually they grew older and apart but Lilly's heart fully belonged to Henry.

When Lilly and Henry are brought together for a party, their two friends, who know that they both still love the other, set up circumstances that bring Lilly and Henry face to face with their feelings. One kiss is all it takes to bring back the depth of love they have for one another, but Lilly has a fiance and Henry is expected to marry a wealthy titled lady which Lilly is not. Can a wedding done as teenagers really bind two hearts together? The book is cute and well written. Very enjoyable read.

I voluntarily received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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24 reviews2 followers
August 14, 2017
Awesome historical romance

I was absolutely in love with the set up here: two kinda friends becoming lovers. Lily is a great heroine and I find myself completely rooting for her. Henry was a bit passive at first, preferring to let "circumstance" bring him and Lily together for some intimate moments, but he made up for it in the end.

The story is told from both Lily's and Henry's POV, which I thought is great as we get to see where each character is at, as well as their thoughts and feelings about the other. Love the secondary characters of Jane (Henry's sister) and Waverly (Henry's friend), who were great in their supporting roles. I'd love to read their story and hope they end up together after all! Overall, a romantic story that's going on my keeper shelf!

Reviewed at Reading Alley
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1,482 reviews4 followers
January 4, 2018
I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

This was a great read. It was light and very enjoyable. It was not long and I was able to read in one sitting. The characters and the plot were wonderful. I just loved the dual POVs. Henry and Lily were a great pair. The sub-characters, were wonderful as well and I hope they also get their story told!!! Both characters suffered and I truly felt for them and the situation that they were in. I love historical but some tend to be bogged down with details. I tend to get lost and skip over items. Not with this one. You get adsorbed into the story and then it is like you can see the action taking place in your mind. I highly recommend.
2,666 reviews18 followers
August 9, 2017
I usually do not read historical romance but thought I would give this one a try. It was delightful.
If you have ever been a fan of the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas ( Pirates of Penzance) or have seen the play The Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder, you will love this one.
The author transports you to London of the 1800s and the parlor dances, and soirees.
Both Henry and Lily were fun to read as are the rest of the characters. At times you will laugh and at others you will feel your heart being squeezed, but in the end we end up with a romantic period novella that will entertain you for a few hours.
I was gifted this copy. The opinions expressed are solely my own.
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March 29, 2017
I received a complimentary copy of the book. I loved the innocence of Lily, her hopeless romantic heart and her perseverance if not giving up on her hope to spend her life with her dream man. I loved the step back in time when men and women were cordial and proper. This author is a rising star. She could write the phone book and it'd be a page turner. I highly recommend this book as well as her others. She has a way of bringing you into her fantasy world with her in her journeys. just fantastic.
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September 11, 2017
Having meant to read only a chapter or two i was unable to find a place to stop. I really enjoyed the pace of the story and the narrative and recommend this book.
The premise is that a boy and girl in a bored moment played at getting married and Lily, the girl, has been in love with Henry ever since. Henry having been told he needed to marry money to keep the estate had avoided Lily since that time. The way this was resolved was beautiful.
I look forward to reading more by this author.
I was given this book by NetGalley and the publisher. This is my voluntary review.
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March 23, 2017
I have read many Historicals, but this was a breath of fresh air! Its characters felt alive and the females, I'm thrilled to say, were decisive and not at all wishy-washy! (Lily has been in love with Henry her entire life. Henry, once he's made to realize it, loves her back. Therein lies the problem!)

This was a steady read with solid characters taking front-and-center that kept me hooked to see what happens next.

I received this book via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest opinion.
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May 18, 2018
Despite its small size, this novella surely packs a punch. Stuffed full of raw emotion, this novel follows childhood friends that come together later in life to find their childhood crush has changed. The novella moves rather quickly, as novellas tend to do, but lacked for nothing and felt like a complete story in the end. With complex characters, a developed emotional plot, and a romance worth rooting for, fans of childhood friends-to-lovers with adore this historical romance.
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June 8, 2018
I enjoyed the story of Lily and Henry. Jane's sense of matchmaking was a nice twist to draw our H/h into her plans! A nice, short read!
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January 17, 2019
Mine,Forever and Always

This was such an enchanting story I loved all of the characters and their adventure.Thank you for such an awesome book.
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January 27, 2020
Fun and fast read that makes you want to believe in true love.
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April 12, 2017
Well written with plenty of witty dialogue/banter. I liked the genre and believe the author did a great job of keeping the book true to the time period. I wouldn't say this was a clean read because there is a very sensual moment in the book between Lily and Henry. Although there was no sex, which seems to be an issue with a few people, I thought the sexual tension was spot on. So, if you want to read this book for the sex, you might want to look elsewhere. However, if you want to read a very entertaining novella with wonderful characters and great conversations, I would highly recommend this book.
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May 20, 2017
A great story to read in one sitting to get your Regency Romance dose in. It's a nice beezy read without major issues but with a lot of misunderstandings. Worth the read.
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