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(Suncoast Society book 49, MF, BDSM)

Brita was a cop, until an on-duty injury while protecting a child forced her retirement. Now her days are spent teaching firearms classes, shooting skeet, and doting on her young niece, Jordan. She knows her relationship with Ethan is for life, it’s just a matter of forcing her brain to label it.

The moment Brita got shot is forever seared in Ethan’s memory. She’s the woman he loves, but he’s no dumb Dom. He’s patiently awaiting the day she can finally accept he’s not going anywhere.

Then an incident during a school outing, where Brita makes a split-second call to protect Jordan and her classmates, changes life forever. Legally and morally, Brita made the right decision. Unfortunately, the man’s rabid fans paint a bulls-eye on Brita via Jordan. When Brita disappears in hope of protecting her family—and her and Ethan’s secret lifestyle—he knows he has to find her. First, he has to catch the bastards stalking her.


First published April 17, 2017

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About the author

Tymber Dalton

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Lesli Richardson is the writer behind the curtain of her better-known pen name, Tymber Dalton (her "wild child" side). She lives in the Tampa Bay region of Florida with her spouse, writer Jon Dalton/Haley Jordan, and too many pets. When she's not playing D&D with her friends or shooting skeet, she's a part-time Viking shield-maiden in training, among other pursuits. The USA Today Bestselling Author (as Tymber) and two-time EPIC award winner is also the author of over two hundred books and counting.

She lives in her own little world, but it's okay, because they all know her there.

She also loves to hear from readers! Please check out her website for links, and to sign up for updates to keep abreast of the latest news, snarkage, and releases. There you'll also find reading order lists, and more information about her different series.

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6,949 reviews827 followers
May 24, 2017

This is a love story, pure and simple. Oh, there's plenty of drama, tons of suspense, and some smoking hot sex, but ultimately it is about a man who loves a woman through thick and thin, good and bad, and is always there for her.

Brita was injured while on duty as a cop and suffers through pain every day, some days worse than others. She also suffers from PTSD, and other issues, including a reluctance to lean on other people. It is this latter trait that drives Ethan, her boyfriend and Dom crazy. He wants nothing more than to care for her, but her independent streak prevents that from happening as much as he would like. However, much to his joy, things are moving forward in their relationship when Brita is involved in a shooting. Although the shoot was justified, the man she shot has internet supporters who work hard to make Brita's life miserable. Can Ethan live with Brita's choices for dealing with the aftermath?

We meet some familiar faces in this story, and some new ones.

In some ways this was a tough book to read, because the reader feels Brita's pain. But she is a very strong person who finds her own way of coping with her problems-with Ethan.

Then there's Ethan-what's not to love about Ethan? He's a strong Alpha type, who is willing to mitigate his demands to accommodate his woman's needs. And while he is a Dom, he knows when to back off. As a book hero, he is one of the best ever.

This is a definite five star read with compelling characters, and a great story line.

Review copy provided for a voluntary review.
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2,936 reviews65 followers
April 19, 2017
This story from Tymber Dalton was beautifully written as to how someone might feel after taking a life while protecting others. The emotions Brita felt were raw and terrifying! My heart was hurting for her. Ethan, her partner in work and in her personal life, was sort of at a loss but he knew he would never give her up. This is a story about a couple who are affected by a tragedy and how they deal with it. Wonderfully written."
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401 reviews2 followers
April 30, 2017
Tymber Dalton is, without question, one of the best, most knowledgeable authors of BDSM fiction currently published. Pretzel Logic is the 49th book in the Suncoast Society series. But just in case you haven't read the previous books in the series, don't worry! Each of the books in the series is a standalone novel, although you will understand the backstories of all the characters involved in each book better if you do read them in order. To that end, there's a complete listing of the entire series, in order, at the beginning of each of the Suncoast Society books.

Pretzel Logic is the story of Brita and Ethan. Brita's a 42-year-old former police detective for Sarasota County, forced into retirement due to a disability after she saved a child from her parents during a domestic abuse call. Even though she's "recovered," Brita has severe pain on a daily basis, and can no longer hold a full-time job. Sure, she's a licensed firearms instructor and is able to work part-time at a local gun shop but that doesn't keep her mind occupied. And her mind is her worst enemy. She can't shut it down. She's taken up skeet shooting with Sachi, a sarcastic New Age Tarot card reader and part-time paranormal investigator with other "woo-woo" powers (as Brita puts it). Brita doesn't care about Sachi's day job. All she cares about is Sachi's expertise with a skeet gun and her incredible teaching talent. To Brita, skeet is just another way to occupy her mind.

Ethan is an active-duty Sarasota County detective who's been involved with Brita since four years
before her disability retirement. He was with her that day when she sustained the injury that changed her life forever. He's with her still, now four years since that devastating injury. He loves her. But Brita isn't the type to trust easily. Add to that the fact that her mind never shuts off, she doesn't want to label their relationship, even after eight years together, and her chronic pain that often interferes with just about everything. Ethan wants a relationship with Brita. But will she ever be ready for that kind of commitment?

Recently Ethan and Brita have met members of and joined the Suncoast Society munch group. Ethan is definitely interested in learning more about the BDSM lifestyle. If Brita is honest, so is she. But her disability and inability to connect well with others holds her back. Ethan is patient, not pushing too hard and letting Brita set the pace. As they begin to build their own unique dynamic, things seem to be looking up for the couple.

Neither Ethan, who already has a stepson from his prior marriage, nor Brita, want any children of their own. But Brita adores her niece, Jordan, an eight-year-old who sparkles with energy and loves her AuntieBee with her whole heart. Jordan's very high-end private school schedules an outing to Mote Marine, a premiere and famous aquarium/research laboratory in Sarasota. But, at the last minute, neither Jordan's mom nor her dad are able to chaperone. They call Brita to see if she'll take their place. Of course, Brita is thrilled to spend time with her niece and agrees to chaperone. But, things take a dark turn at the field trip, and Brita's and Ethan's lives are upended. Not only is there real danger to Jordan and her classmates but the repercussions of the events continue to affect both Brita, Ethan, Jordan, and their entire family long afterward. Will Brita be able to handle the fallout and aftermath of the class outing? How will the aftereffects change Brita's and Ethan's relationship? Can the perpetrators of the threats to Brita, Ethan, Jordan, and their entire family and circle of friends be caught and stopped? The action is nonstop and will leave you guessing right up to the end.

The characters in Pretzel Logic are so real and well-crafted you'll feel as if you're actually experiencing the events alongside them. The emotions are overpowering. I both cried and felt overwhelming joy and happiness. And while the BDSM aspects of the book are spot on, what makes the book so excellent isn't just the truthfulness and accuracy of the BDSM. It's the genuineness of the relationships and emotions expressed. When you're reading Pretzel Logic, you're immersed in the lives of the characters: their emotions, relationships, every aspect of their world. It is rare for an author to find the perfect balance between character development, relationship dynamics, and accuracy in every detail but Tymber Dalton does it in every book I've read. And, once again, she has done it perfectly in this book.

Ms. Dalton has an intimate knowledge of the BDSM lifestyle, having been involved in it herself for a number of years, and the entire Suncoast Society series, as well as her standalone books and other series, reflect that knowledge. Many other authors try to achieve what Ms. Dalton does but, in the end, it's Ms. Dalton's personal experiences and knowledge of human nature that reflects her total understanding of the nuances and intricacies involved in each individual dynamic possible in the lifestyle. There is no one specific way of living the BDSM lifestyle. Each relationship is as unique as the individuals involved in the relationship. Ms. Dalton not only understands this but exhibits it in her writing, and that's what makes her books so intriguing and true to life. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to read a fantastic, well-written, emotionally involving romance. The BDSM scenes just add icing to the cake of a perfect story.

I realize this is a long review but I have one final comment. This is an ADULT book and contains adult BDSM themes, explicit language, and sexual scenes. If you don't enjoy erotic romance with explicit sexual and BDSM scenes, PLEASE carefully consider your purchase before buying any book in a genre you know you won't enjoy. There's always a synopsis of the book at the seller's website and book reviews available on Goodreads, sellers' websites, and many Facebook review pages. PLEASE avail yourself of these resources so you're certain the book you're purchasing is what you want to read. PLEASE DON'T LEAVE A NEGATIVE REVIEW OF A BOOK YOU PURCHASE WHEN YOU KNOW YOU WON'T ENJOY IT. IT'S NOT FAIR TO THE AUTHOR! Ms. Dalton works extremely hard to provide a quality work product. If you know before you buy a book that you'll object to the subject matter contained therein, you're doing not only yourself, but the author, an extreme disservice. But if you enjoy engaging and captivating romance with BDSM elements, I highly recommend Pretzel Logic. Believe me, you won't be sorry you read it! I give it my highest rating without reservation!

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!
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418 reviews
April 26, 2017
Britta is struggling to accept the changes in her life which were caused by an injury when she was on the job in law enforcement. Ethan is her partner in life as he was on the job who has struck by her as she learns to deal with her new reality. Britta is very protective of all the people she loves so after she uses her skills to protect her niece and her classmates begins to cause them problems, she does what she needs to do to keep them safe. When one of my favorite characters from another series explains how she sees things with pretzel logic, Britta connects with that and begins to create her new reality. The sex was hot and showed once again how BDSM is different for everyone. Another great read in one of my favorite series!
116 reviews
April 22, 2017
Another great book in the series. Tymber Dalton writes characters that make you care and feel for them as they go, and grow together through their book. You end up living and loving right with them. This book is no exception. I immediately felt for the main characters, as they worked their way through their story. Loved the book from beginning to end. Can't wait for the next book in the series to come out.
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27 reviews7 followers
April 21, 2017
Every SunCoast Society book I read I love seeing how the book relates to the title. This book explores Brita's thought process after making a life saving critical decision; makes me realize we all have had moments with our own pretzel logic. And seeing Ethan's love for Brita through thick and thin will make you want your own Ethan.

Another great one in the SCS series.
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6,668 reviews1,282 followers
May 10, 2021
The Romance Review

When it's love, waiting for the right time could take years. In this book, Ms. Dalton shows how patience can finally pay off. This book can be read as a standalone in the series.

Ethan is a sexy dom who happens to be a cop. Two of my favourite combinations and it matches up to Brita's favourites too. Brita used to be Ethan's partner until she was injured in the line of duty. Her injuries force her to retire on disability. For someone whose life is more or less defined by their job, this crushes Brita. Unfortunately for Brita, she already has mental issues due to a past altercation that makes it even more difficult for her to be with Ethan.

Brita is a complicated character. At times I wanted to smack her upside the head and demand why she is putting Ethan through so much anguish. Does she have to be so selfish? The title of this book explains Brita. Her logic makes no sense to those of us who are straightforward. Brita's brain takes her down a twisted rabbit hole and screws her up. She basically ties herself up and makes her fears more or less come true. Self filling prophesy is something Brita completes all too often. This side of her, I cannot fathom and it's because I'm not in her shoes. I pity her.

Yet in other ways, Brita is amazing. She's a wonderful aunt and she is a protector. She wants to protect others. Her view of herself is as a defender and I think sometimes, this is what causes her psychosis. She is too hard on herself and places herself last. And this is what is sad and depressing about Brita. She isn't pathetic; she needs help.

Still, Brita does a kick ass job taking care of her niece, Jordan. I'm with the characters in this book. I hate pranks and the one pulled in this one is all too easy to see happen in real life. What jerk goes around dressed up like a monster with a huge knife to scare children crossing a street? Brita's reaction to this threat is awesome! I admire her skills and how calmly she took down the threat.

What I liked about this story is Ms. Dalton's not so subtle messaging about self doubts, pranksters and trolls. These are three issues I see in society. How this story plays out in what happens to people in these scenarios is admirable. It may be hard to witness and stand aside as a strong person wrestles with self doubt, but it helps to see from their point of view. Ms. Dalton does show both points of view with pranks. I tend to lean more towards why it is bad and a disaster waiting to happen. The last one, trolls - it is a sad commentary of our society that we allow people to behave so badly. More consequences for these keyboard warriors turned bullies would be sublime. What happened in this story gave me utmost satisfaction.

This story contains little kink. It is a love story more realistic with the ups and downs. This erotica novel is recommended to readers who enjoy stepping into someone else's shoes.
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776 reviews95 followers
May 21, 2018
Another win from Tymber Dalton! I love this series and this one really spoke to me. Brita has chronic pain from an injury. Even with that crhonic pain, Ethan and Brita manage to have their "time" together. I love how Tymber is able to take characters with different problems and show how they can still enjoy life. They're not all perfect people.

This is a great story that will keep you engaged. It's not a real heavy story. It's not light and fun either but it's not dark. It's fun and flows nicely. Another win!
895 reviews
November 5, 2021
Widening Britas circle of friends was greatly written with this one. What a nut Sachi turned out to be. I was a little surprised that noone thought of baiting him sooner, but each situation is different. Good for Ethan for letting his inner Dom out. Pretzel logic is such a great way to describe it.
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61 reviews
May 20, 2017
Really liked this book! Great characters. Hope we see Sachi and her guys in the future.
Profile Image for Toi.
3,557 reviews
May 23, 2017
Loved It

What happens when your partner has to shoot someone - can she deal with the aftermath and not totally freak - Ethan's about to find out if Brita can deal.
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503 reviews8 followers
September 13, 2020
Make sure pranks are funny

An idiot looking to be internet famous triggers a string of events that trigger Brita's PTSD and put her hard work recuperating from a work injury in jepardy. Fortunately her Dom is very patient. He does what is necessary to help her recover and resolve the issues the prankster stirred up.

Update in 2020 I know with the ongoing issues of excessive force leading to riots many people don't like or trust police anymore and would give this book a skip because this couple is law enforcement. Don't skip it. While I re read it I was thinking Brita is the kind of cop we want. She was permanently injured saving a child and while injured she put herself between a threat and children to protect them. this is the kind of person we need to encourage to become police.
May 19, 2017
Ethan is a cop and Brita used to be a cop. Well you all know I love cop books. We take a look into the lives of when cops when things go wrong. Brita had been shot awhile ago, now she has to shot someone to protect a group of kids. We are right there with both Ethan and Brita as each one deals with the aftermath.
April 19, 2017
Brita has such a big heart but has had a tough time dealing with problems from a debilitating injury but Ethan has loved her before and after. He is so very patient with her. Question is, is patients actually what she really needs? They go on a roller coaster ride of emotions and discovery. I felt this was an excellent book!
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848 reviews33 followers
April 19, 2017
Pretzel Logic is the 49th book in the fantastic, stoopendous, Suncoast Series. This one tripped all of my happy subbie buttons as well, so I particularly enjoyed it! And, we get to see characters from Tymber’s Coffeeshop Coven series here as well, which just adds to the fun. Sachci and her guys get a bit of air time. (Think a non-kink version of Tilly)

We meet Brita, who is a detective with the police until an incident forces her into early retirement. Her ex-partner, current lover, sometimes dom Ethan has been by her side for almost 8 years, but Brita doesn’t like labels. She also lives her life in pain and anxiety and has a hard time letting Ethan take care of her. Ethan takes whatever he can.

But another incident at her niece’s school causes a backlash that has Brita making a huge decision to keep those around her safe. Ethan has to catch the stalkers after her or he could lose her.

Tymber again pens a spectacular book hitting drama and suspense with real life issues. You honestly feel as though you are part of the extended kink family that is Suncoast, and putting the book down once you start is never an option. It’s just THAT incredible.
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3,965 reviews41 followers
April 30, 2017
This Suncoast Society installment has us explore the life of an established couple. They are both strong individuals and seem to be meeting needs for each other. Yet Britta holds herself back and fear makes her react with "pretzel logic". We are shown Ethan's strength, patience, and caring. It was rewarding to see how they are able to work out their relationship for a win-win.
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