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Rachaya #1

Fyrebyrne Island

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-With a thunderous roar it fell from the sky, all gleaming yellow scales, talons the size of broad swords with fanged teeth to match, wings held out from its sides like sails, magnificent and glorious.-

The time has come for thirteen-year-old Rachaya to embrace her dragon heritage. Not everyone is pleased by her arrival on the dragon sanctuary, Fyrebyrne Island, however, and her mother's enemies may well have become her own.

Will Rachaya live long enough to take on the mantle of Queen of the Dragons or will her enemies prevail?

190 pages, Paperback

Published March 9, 2017

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About the author

Ash Oldfield

3 books22 followers
Ash Oldfield is a fantasy fiction and children’s writer from Melbourne, Australia. She is the author of The Rachaya Series and has several short works of fiction in various publications.
When she is not working on her latest piece of fiction, Ash enjoys drinking good coffee, taking her dog for walks on the beach and hanging out with her two cats.

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Profile Image for Julia Blake.
Author 17 books163 followers
August 27, 2021
What I enjoyed about this book was its immediacy. With no long-winded introductions or slow burn up to a plot, it plunged straight into the story with a young girl, Rachaya, being accused of sorcery and subsequently being rescued by a dragon who turns out to be a family member.

For lovers of the Harry Potter books, this is a series that will be comforting and familiar because it basically is a retelling of Harry Potter but for dragons – and what’s not to like about that? Rachaya discovers that not only was her mother a dragon but was a princess, which means that Rachaya, far from being a nobody village girl, is now heir to the dragon throne.

Sent to the dragon equivalent of Hogwarts, Rachaya makes friends and allies along the way and even had a shield of invisibility that allows her to roam about the school unseen. However, Rachaya and her friends soon realise that there are factions who are not at all happy with Rachaya’s newly found royal status and are planning to do away with her.

From then on, it’s all action and excitement as the plot romps along at a cracking pace and the book delivers a very enjoyable read. The ending is rather abrupt, so much so it had me flicking pages back and forth to see if I’d missed any, and cliffhanger haters will grind their teeth over it. But this is just my opinion and others may not feel the same way, and it in no way detracts from the solid four stars I am awarding the book.
Profile Image for Cal Grant-Smith.
Author 3 books52 followers
April 8, 2022
What a brilliant book!

I cannot wait to continue the series to find out what happens. Brilliantly written, imaginative and detailed with a cast of characters so impressive yet quite endearing. Absolutely loved it!
Profile Image for Christina.
7 reviews
September 4, 2021
The beginning of the book had me interested and slightly disturbed. To think that that type of stupidity and ease of acceptance with no real proof is what started events like the salem witch trial. That start of the book was probably the most interesting part of the book in terms of scenes written out.

The rest of the book was a little rushed. A lot of the story is rushed through. I felt a little bit of whiplash. If we want to be able to feel the one day our princess was not a princess and then the next day she is a princess, this pace certainly made you feel it. I would have liked a little more word building or scenario building. Situations started so quickly and then ended just as quickly and the next event started.

Characters needed more depth to them. Chia I cannot make sense of. Shes a go with the flow type. Not really too deep and because there is no building to her personality its hard to tell what type of main she is. Her friends. Naz, Mo and Zeb were also flat. Naz had a good introduction but as with a lot of the characters, she fell flat. Mo was the worst intro of the three. He was upset at her because she knew the shadier and sadder side of his lifestyle and then once she states she doesnt give a hoopla thats all it takes and they are besties. Literally within that moment. That was the best relationship of the three friends that could have been built so hard. A situation where they get in trouble together and Chia lies for him or pretends she didnt see him doing x,y, and z because she knows hes doing it for a good reason or something. So much opportunity. Zeb is the friend she helps because helping him is something she can do with her abilities. So his existence as a character is just to give her reasons to level up. Other than not wanting to crush his dreams she is working on developing a dangerous practice to help him achieve his dream. A dream that is so whimsical and innocent that it makes me more aware of the lack of depth to the characters.I wont mention Mi and her pops. My point is already clear that the characters just need more depth to them.

I can see the potential in this series. It has dragons vs wizards. Unjust wizardly law enforcement. Mythical species. Taboos. Secret political plot twists. It just needs to slow down a little bit and build on the situations more in the book to give us a chance to get to know and understand the characters more. I dont like books that use a page to describe a blade of grass but I needed a little more build up.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Profile Image for ems_booknook.
144 reviews9 followers
April 15, 2023
I read this way back at the beginning of last year and I realised I’d never written a review for it!

I read this one purely because I think the author is a beautiful person, and truly deserved some readers for her book. I really did enjoy it, however I didn’t know at the time it was aimed at an audience who is my daughters age.

In saying that, the content is very age appropriate, it is a very interesting storyline and the world building was just fantastic. I would describe it as Harry Potter, but the students are shifter dragons. I would have zero issue with my 10 year old reading this one. If you’re looking for an easy chapter book for your child, this one is it.
136 reviews6 followers
October 31, 2021
Dragons have always seemed so scary and evil, but not after reading Fyrebyrne Island. I didn't even know before that they went to school!

This is my final read for October and it was a splendid way to end the month.

This fantasy book is aimed at YA, but for lovers of this genre, it is a easy, enjoyable addition to your reading list.
The story follows Rachaya as she discovers the new world of dragons and Fyrebyrne Island. She is half human, half dragon and a Princess as well, quite a complicated life for a 13 year old.

The first book of a series introduces the reader to the Wyvolds, the school for dragons. Here our MC learns all things a dragon princess must know. There is an element of mystery and danger, as not everyone is happy about her sudden appearance and royal lineage. The scene is set for the next installment, where some of the answers Rachaya has, hopefully will be answered.

Plot – straightforward without surprises, but sets up the next book very well.

Pace – moves at a steady pace and I feel it is building to something exciting for the rest of the series.

Language/writing – easy to read and flows very well. I love all the 'magic/dragon' words that give it that extra other-worldly feel.

Character Building – excellent. I feel we have been properly introduced to our main list of characters in this book and have gotten to know them well enough so far, but it leaves room to discover more. These characters are quirky and interesting. I love all of Rachaya's friend group and am keen to see where her relationship with Morhol goes. Maybe some romance there?

For Fantasy fans, if you are after a lighter fantasy story, you should check this one out. I am seeing dragons in a whole new light. This is also a perfect read for a YA fantasy fan or a great introduction to the genre for anyone. I have the remaining two books on my list to buy – just got to get through a few more on my TBR pile – 59 and counting.

Profile Image for Kylie.
Author 11 books26 followers
May 10, 2018
This is the perfect book for a thirteen year old girl - and if I was thirteen year old me again I would have adored this book, drawn pictures of the characters, and become lost in the magnificent world that Ash Oldfield has created.
The story is about thirteen year old Rachaya who - very quickly discovers that she is of dragon heritage and this knowledge sweeps her into an incredible new world of dragons and wizards - learning their ways and laws, but also the perils that await one of royal birth. I was actually really pleasantly surprised by the tension between Dragons and Wizards and the 'reasons' for these tensions.
Being that I am not thirteen anymore, I am was rather particular to Rachaya's sorta 'uncle' character Prince Mikel and I'm looking forward to reading more about where Ash takes his character. ^_^;
I am overly fond of political intrigue in fantasy, so that may have been what tickled my fancy about this book - as I felt it was political enough that I could enjoy it, but I could also feel comfortable enough to pass it onto nieces and nephews in the future.
It's a lovely mixture of what makes fantasy beautiful and exciting. There is a bit of Harry Potter "boarding school", a bit of Narnia's "magical land", along-side really good world-building and interesting characters.
I'm looking forward to picking up the next book in the series.
Also, Dragon's are just awesome...so...it's a win for everyone, really. :D
Profile Image for Emily Pennington.
16.5k reviews207 followers
September 5, 2021
Rachaya's Adventure . . .

Ah, a Harry Potter type tale set in the world of dragons, and dragons are my absolute favorites! Thirteen year old Rachaya has a sudden introduction to the fact that she had a dragon heritage and actually comes from royalty! She is taken into the world of dragons and wizards, enrolled in Wyvold the Fierce School for Dragons, to learn the new rules of their society and the dangers to someone of royal birth who doesn’t know how to navigate around the power-hungry who want to snatch it all from her. We share Rachaya's journey to growing into her new abilities and finding a way to survive to prepare herself for her future, assuming she lives that long! Even though she finds a few friends, her enemies are watching from the shadows and awaiting their opportunity. Will she adjust to her new life quickly? Will she be able to fit in? Will she ever be accepted?

I thought the story was an intriguing coming-of-age tale with a naïve young girl trying to make sense of her new world and how to fit into it. I enjoyed meeting the characters as well, especially Mikel who befriended her even though he would not be king now that she had shown up, and his mother Lady Persefone who was also kind to her. I am looking forward to the next book as well.
Profile Image for Sarina Langer.
Author 16 books100 followers
August 19, 2021
This was my first book by Oldfield and consider my intrigued!

This may be aimed at a younger audience--and what an introduction to fantasy this could be for someone!--but that doesn't result in weak world-building or boring characters. In fact, the world-building was excellent. I love that Oldfield has made dragons the focus of this book, and I love that they have a school where they learn dragon-y things! The differences to the wizards is also interesting and already adds a lot of tension, so I can't wait to see how things will escalate.

The characters were fun to read about, too, and I think any young teen will love reading about what they get up to.

The only thing that didn't work as well for me was the overly passive tone. For me, a lot of detail and info got lost because of this. I'd have loved the author to show more than tell, but that's a personal preference.

If you enjoyed the series about a certain young wizard by that author I won't name, I think you'll adore this series. And if you also love dragons, you'll find even more to love in these pages!
Profile Image for Leearna Shaw.
70 reviews1 follower
August 24, 2021
What isn’t there to like about “Fyrebyrne Island”?Dragons and wizards and Harry Potter-style school adventures - this book has it all for young readers.

Ash Oldfield has created a fascinating world woven with gentle intrigue and heart-warming friendships, and, of course, shape-shifting dragons.

An easy and enjoyable fantasy to escape into, skirting the edges of both middle grade and young adult fiction.

“With a thunderous roar it fell from the sky, all gleaming yellow scales, talons the size of broad swords with fanged teeth to match, wings held out from its sides like sails, magnificent and glorious.”

The time has come for thirteen-year-old Rachaya to embrace her dragon heritage. Not everyone is pleased by her arrival on the dragon sanctuary, Fyrebyrne Island, however, and her mother's enemies may well have become her own.

Will Rachaya live long enough to take on the mantle of Queen of the Dragons or will her enemies prevail?
Profile Image for Shayla Morgansen.
Author 6 books60 followers
May 7, 2019
I was fortunate enough to meet Ash Oldfield in person some time ago at a convention in Melbourne, where I bought Fyrebyrne Island, her first book. I found this a delightful and wholesome read of magic, intrigue, friendship and families. The story is steady in pace and playful in its approach, never overburdening itself in detail, angst or drama at the expense of moving the tale along. Rachaya's friendships are sweet and their scenes together at Wyvold's were among my favourite in the book. A fun children's book, the characters are accessible to both boys and girls in the middle grade reading range, and the action and suspense are present without being confronting or frightening. I thought as I read that it would be effective both to read independently, or to read aloud to a class. Can't wait to see where this wonderful adventure goes next :)
Profile Image for Mandy Schimelpfenig.
Author 2 books22 followers
January 29, 2022
Very imaginative first installment in the Rachaya series. When 13 year olds Rachaya is attacked in her village under suspicion of witchcraft, she twists the ring her mother gave her before she died and a dragon appears to rescue her and her father. Turns out, she's a princess. A DRAGON princess.
She and her father are whisked away to Fyrebryne dragon to the delight of many. Rachaya's mother was a beloved princess, and the dragons are happy to accept her. All of them except her cousin, who wad expecting to inherit the crown. And a shadowy figure that threatens Rachaya's life.
The majority of the book takes place at a school for dragons. This admittedly isn't my thing. I don't care for books that take place at school, but the characters were delightful and I feel my kids would enjoy the story. I plan on adding this story to their repertoire.
Profile Image for Jenna.
274 reviews38 followers
January 11, 2020
This was really not a great book 😅

The plot (when there actually was a plot) was nothing but a giant cliche with very little originality thrown in. The characters were also incredibly cliched and none of them experienced any sort of growth over the course of the story. Our main character Rachaya is a complete Mary-Sue who should have died multiple times but doesn’t because of convenience that pretty much has nothing to do with her.

The writing is also quite juvenile but at the same time I am so unsure as to who this book was aimed at. I feel like it should be children/middle grade but it also felt like the author was trying for a more YA feel. Whatever it was, it really didn’t work.
Profile Image for Luke Courtney.
Author 6 books30 followers
November 12, 2020
Something very different from what I usually read, but an entertaining story involving shape-shifting dragons (Which is forefront in my mind at the moment!). The opening drops you in the action from the word, go and Rachaya's journey to come to terms with her newfound abilities, heritage and responsibilities is a thoroughly gripping one. The characters are truly engaging (I thoroughly enjoy Mikel, and Lady Anjela and Hektor are so odious and obnoxious, I eagerly look forward to them getting their comeuppance!).

Anyone who enjoyed the likes of Harry Potter, the Worst Witch or Miss Peregrine's School for Peculiar Children will definitely enjoy this!
Profile Image for S.J. Pratt.
Author 1 book45 followers
December 8, 2021
Rayacha is an awesome heroine that I would totally want my daughter, son, niece, nephew, kid next door reading about and falling in love with. Her journey is so captivating and you just can’t help but route for her and her friends. Oldfield has created this incredible fantasy world too, a sort of Harry Potter meets dragons type school environment, and it was fun to discover the depth of this world throughout the book. The writing is beautiful to read, both in the way that there are great descriptions but also in the way that it isn’t distracting from the awesomeness of the story and characters.
Profile Image for Caroline Noe.
Author 6 books64 followers
January 2, 2022
Thirteen year old Rachaya and her father are rescued from a mob by a monstrous dragon, only to discover her extraordinary heritage, kept secret, bursting into life. A whole new group of friends soon form around her, but enemies lurk in the darkness, determined to thwart her destiny.

Reading much like Harry Potter for dragons, most of the narrative takes place in a school and follows a similar pattern of weird teachers, seemingly kind mentors, younger and older generation enemies and the obligatory squad of close friends. Familiar, maybe, but also great fun, gaining in momentum as the gang forms.
Profile Image for Helen.
Author 3 books12 followers
July 13, 2022

Oldfield has created an exciting and vibrant world for her Middle Grade series and a fast paced school based story. But this time its a school for dragons and the wizards are the bad guys!! Perfect for fans of Harry Potter.

Younger readers will really connect with the characters and situations and will love the high stakes and drama.

I was a little bit thrown at the start by the break neck pace but once the main character, Rachaya, got to the Dragon school I had settled in. However I don't think this will be any issue for the intended audience.

I can't wait to see where the story goes next!!

3.5 stars, rounded up to 4
Profile Image for David Folker.
Author 7 books8 followers
August 26, 2021
Fyrebyrne Island is a warm coming-of-age fantasy story that will immediately feel familiar for fans of Harry Potter.

When Rachaya is swept away from her home by her estranged uncle, she discovers that she is royalty. And also the heir to the dragon throne. And that various parties are out to kill her! The story explores both the political intrigue caused by her unexpected arrival and her growth as a leader as she studies the heritage of her ancestry and her burgeoning powers.

If you enjoy schools of magic, dragons and a bit of (mostly political) drama, you will be right at home.
Profile Image for Charlie F..
1 review
August 28, 2021
This is the charming, whimsically magical book with a dragon cast that I wish I would have had growing up. All of the characters had something to offer, and I couldn't help but love the headstrong Rachaya, her father, and her friends.

Each new plot element introduced made me curious to see where Oldfield would take the story next, and I was not disappointed.

The only reason this book did not receive a 5 Star review from me was due to its striking resemblance to another Young Adult fantasy series, but it was still enjoyable to see those elements refashioned.
Profile Image for Kylie ward .
388 reviews3 followers
March 9, 2022
This book is definitely aimed at a younger audience. It was a cute middle grade story that had a cat in it witch made me happy. It was a quick story that was sweet and innocent. I would love my niece to read this.
Profile Image for Felicity.
66 reviews4 followers
May 1, 2018
Fun in the vein of Harry Potter

This was a hugely enjoyable, light hearted read. I look forward to reading more of this series, or as anything else by this author.
Profile Image for Luciana Carvalho.
8 reviews5 followers
July 25, 2021
Such a great book! I loved to be able to scape to this new amazing world with dragons and wizards!
Profile Image for Emily.
508 reviews9 followers
July 20, 2017
What a really cool book. I have not read many dragon books but after reading this I want to read more. I love how the characters change from human to dragon form - I want to be a dragon. I met Ash Oldfield at Melbourne Supanova where I found out that I was a fire dragon.

There are elements of this book that remind me of others I have read - it reminds me of Harry Potter as the majority of the book is set a magical school. The school that Rachaya attends, Wyvolds the Fierce School for Dragons, has an interesting and possibly smart schooling system where the students do not move up a grade until they have built up the skills.

Ash Oldfield has done an extremely good job at building of the world of Escoria and Fyrebyrne Island, as well as the characters. I am really excited to read more of Rachaya and her friends' adventures in the next book!
Profile Image for Elisa Menz.
Author 2 books33 followers
May 8, 2022
Beautiful and exciting story, perfect for children and young adults.
It reads like classical fantasy, and it's easy to follow. The characters are charming, and the plot of this first book leaves you wanting more.
It is a bit fast-paced, and I would have loved to read more about the dragon school but overall, I truly enjoyed it.
Profile Image for Sarah.
28 reviews14 followers
May 2, 2017
What a fantastic book. Can not wait for the second book to find out more.
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