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Faith Bryant has two problems. One, she can’t stand her neighbor, and two, she can’t stop thinking about him. Hunter Graham is sexy, sinful, and totally off-limits. For a year, he’s played the main role in all of her fantasies. Only now, she doesn’t want him there. After seeing a few women—and a couple of men—leave his apartment crying, she knows he’s a bad guy.

Then he even wants to borrow some of her sugar. How dare he?

All he wanted was a cup of sugar!

Hunter is a life coach. He breaks all the rules to help his clients any way that he can. When it comes to his beautiful, curvy neighbor, he’s played the gentleman, even though he wants to do nothing more than fuck her.

Now he thinks she’s a bitch, and she thinks he’s a womanizer. When the truth is revealed, who will cave first? Can two people overcome their first impressions to find passion beneath, and maybe even love?

47 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 11, 2017

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About the author

Sam Crescent

498 books5,085 followers
Sam Crescent is passionate about fiction. She loves a good erotic romance and so it only made sense for her to spread her wings and start writing. She began writing in 2009 and finally got that first acceptance in 2011 by Total-E-Bound.
She loved creating new characters and delving into the worlds that she creates. When she’s not panicking about a story or arguing with a character, she can be found in her kitchen creating all kinds of havoc. Like her stories the creations in the kitchen can be just as dubious but sometimes things turn out great.

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683 reviews
March 23, 2017
Hot fast safe read

-Both not virgins
- Kinda got a man whore vibe from H, but nothing in detail, he basically says "I like a lot of sex"
-No OW or OW Drama
-H hasn't been with anyone since before meeting h
-end was off for me. H was like " I think I'm falling in love with you" and then was like " marry me"...... he seemed not sure about it.... yay not the greatest build up between characters
- didn't love the characters either, they weren't horrible but not great either
-HEA with epilogue

Over all an OK read
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4,195 reviews480 followers
January 20, 2018
"Some Sugar" is the story of Faith and Hunter.
We have a curvy heroine who loves to cook/bake as expected- this time working in a casino as a waitress.
We have an asshole sounding hero- who for once isnt what we expect as is a counsellor/life coach.
Mild misunderstanding.
Some hot banging.
Short story with nothing special except a few well written sex scenes.
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758 reviews4 followers
October 29, 2020
Super engraçada


Sam arrasou nessa story, muito divertida... 🤣

Faith Bryant e Hunter Graham 🥰🥰

Esse casal, realmente começou com o pé esquerdo, mas claro que se acertaram e colocaram os pingos necessários no "i" para conseguir aproveitar a felicidade que um trás para o outro...

Adoreiii... I love it...


#BoaLeitura🎀 #GoodReading🎀
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6,132 reviews50 followers
March 14, 2017
3.5 Stars
I liked this short romance and read it in one sitting.
I liked the tension between Faith and Hunter. I was rooting for them to get together. The sick scene between Faith and Hunter was cute. Not the throwing up part but the looking after each other. I couldn’t help but chuckle at how whiney Hunter was whilst he was sick. Although I liked Hunter and Faith as a couple I would have liked a little more depth on their relationship. A wanted to see more of their relationship other than sex.
The storyline for this book is easy to follow and an enjoyable read.

Faith Bryant wants her neighbour Hunter Graham. She is attracted to him but she tries to fight it. Having seen women leave Hunter’s apartment crying she doesn’t want to want him. Hunter has wanted Faith for months. When he runs out of sugar he decides it’s the perfect time to formally meet his neighbour. When Hunter makes and assumption on Faiths career she chucks him out in anger. Hunter is a life coach. He enjoys helping people even if it makes them cry. When Hunter puts Faith in her place she decides to apologise and start over. When Hunter asks Faith on a date will she agree? Will Faith get her happily ever after?
Profile Image for Neus Gutiérrez.
1,011 reviews556 followers
July 27, 2020
Sí, reconozco que el gancho de ponerle a la saga el 'curvy women wanted' surtió efecto conmigo. Fue un, ¡oh gordis! Pero claro, ya que todas sean gordis en la trama.. pues no sé, creo que me gustaría más si fuera algo normalizado que meterlo un poco como indispensable. Pero bueno, si los libros estuvieran bien escritos y tuvieran un qué,.. lo aceptaría. Pero es que son historias cortas llenas de clichés, que sirven un poco para desconectar, pero que muchas veces encima te ponen los ojos en blanco de la de mierda, incluso gordofobia, que tienen.
No gracias.
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282 reviews17 followers
September 28, 2017
Book three of Sam Crescent's Curvy Women Wanted series stars Faith Bryant and her sexy neighbor, Hunter Graham.

Hunter has lived across the hall from Faith for over a year. She sees a constant parade of women -- and some men -- in and out of his apartment, some of whom are in tears as they leave. She assumes he's some kind of man-whore. It doesn't stop her from fantasizing about him, but she's placed him in the off-limits category. Hunter can't understand why his sexy neighbor, one he's wanted since he moved across the hall, is so mean.

Sparks fly when the truth is revealed.

I really like this series of shorts -- this entry is listed at 69 pages. I'm instantly drawn into the characters and into their story. Insta-love and HEA, you gotta love it!
Profile Image for Granger McGringot.
1,440 reviews175 followers
September 27, 2018
This book is quick read filled with romance and sweetness, just like its title. No angst. HEA. And the love story just flow flawelessly, too flawless at times.

Both hero and heroine had a crush since yhe beginning. Undeniable attraction. Butttttt.....
Hero thought heroine was a prostitute, since she worked at night. The fact was she's working at casino serving tables and dealing cards sometimes. Heroine thought hero was heartless womanizer, seeing women came and left everyday crying. The thruth was he's a life coach and those women were his clients. When the misunderstanding were clear up, nothing holding them up to run for each other arms. As we can guess, panties ripped, shirts flying, and temperature rising. Oh definitely rising.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Flavs is Mrs David Gandy♥~♥’.
3,023 reviews2 followers
March 13, 2017
I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book

This book was so cute. I loved Faith and Hunter.

This story started with both these people having assumptions about the other. Faith thought Hunter was a heart breaker and Hunter that that Faith was a prostitute, lmao...
But through all of these miss communication they still couldn't deny the attraction between them

This story was Hot and Sexy and so sweet. Definitely loving this series. Each one is sweeter and cuter than the last one

Profile Image for Jan.
1,629 reviews7 followers
March 11, 2019
Faith gets the wrong idea about Hunter but he sets her straight. Now Hunter just has to try to get her to go on a date with him and more. Because he wants more with Faith. Let’s face it, if you saw crying women coming from a handsome neighbor’s house we would have thought bad things. But things got resolved on that and then a date. I love these short stories. You get the romance and the sexiness and HEA all in one but quickly. If only life could be that way.
Profile Image for LaBlue.
881 reviews5 followers
March 4, 2019
This book made me smile

and that is the best praise I can give. I only gave 3 stars (which is an okay rating) because it was short. It had the usual grammatical issues. To say “the usual” on that is not okay in my book. An author should be getting better with each book and not keep making the same mistakes.

Besides that, it was a sweet funny story and I did enjoy it.
Profile Image for Karim.
140 reviews15 followers
March 16, 2017
This really wasn't my favorite one from this series. I felt it needed more. The story didn't excite me. The interaction between the two characters needed much more to reel me in.
Profile Image for sammie.
198 reviews
March 19, 2017
Eh Kinda read. A little bit of sass with tons of alpha. Very shot.
Profile Image for Carla Navedo.
164 reviews4 followers
March 21, 2017
Some sugar...

Short, Sexy and sweet. Loved every minute of Hunters interactions. Love tjis books that show that Curvy women can also have fun, are Sexy and adventurous.
Profile Image for Heidi.
3,957 reviews2 followers
May 18, 2017
What a fantastic read the story line was on point fun yet romantic and sexy I lived the heroine snarkiness and Hunters oomph. This book is a quick fun read.
412 reviews1 follower
August 13, 2017
Some Sugar

Who new that a misunderstanding between neighbor's may lead to something more. Faith & Hunter story was not only entertaining but sweet. Overall enjoyable read.
Profile Image for Vic.
1,167 reviews4 followers
October 5, 2017
3.5 stars... He was too cute in wooing his neighbor.
Profile Image for Nina.
61 reviews1 follower
July 13, 2020
Wow!! A guy assuming she’s a whore because she works at night and even calling her a whore in her face and apologizes once and gets angry because she kicked him out of her apartment and keep bitching to his friend about how she hates him and treat him poorly and when she assume the same about him he call her out on it and tells her how rude and horrible person she is and she keeps apologizing to him and trying to convince that she’s nice person for half of the book and what was worse that she forgot that he called her a whore and he has to remind her that he also assumed the same about her like really how can you forget about something like that!? 🤦🏻‍♀️
This was a MESS even the smut wasn’t that good 🤦🏻‍♀️
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377 reviews1 follower
June 9, 2022
Faith has the hots for her next door neighbor Hunter but thinks he's a womanizer after seeing lots of women leaving his apartment. Hunter has his eye on Faith but can't understand why she avoids him. When he asks her for a cup of sugar, she overreacts and now Hunter thinks she's a bitch. They both underneath it all are attracted to one another. They need to overcome their first impressions to find out if they can have a relationship. I liked this very short spicy read...a bit forgettable but I enjoyed it in the moment.
1,009 reviews2 followers
April 4, 2018
Hunter and Faith

Sugar. What a sweet novella. This book introduces the reader to Hunter: a life coach and his neighbor : Faith, a waitress at a casino. Hunter and Faith start off on the wrong foot but slowly get to know each other. Gradually but surely they start to fall for each other. A quick but enjoyable read. The reader will love 💘 Faith, Hunter , and their friends with a HEA.
Profile Image for Misty.
1,075 reviews18 followers
July 5, 2023
Faith (not a virgin) lives next door to Hunter (not a whore). They both make assumptions about the other. When they find out the truth, some hot sex happens. It's sappy and sweet and a typical Sam Crescent book.

I typically rate SC books higher because I simply enjoy them. They don't require my brain to think a lot. I just enjoy the cute little tale that has some sex. Fun times are had by all.
Profile Image for Lit Reader.
429 reviews30 followers
November 6, 2017
Now I remember why I did not go on reading this series... it was a short read, instead of delivering the easy vibe it promised, it starts dragging from the start, and what is supposed to be satisfying turns into a chore.
Terrible dialogue, lack of structure and narrative arc, no tension and not much chemistry either. Bummer.
Profile Image for Micaela.
251 reviews2 followers
December 10, 2021
Esta es la cuestión... no tengo un vecino sexy a quien pedirle azúcar, bueno si lo tengo pero vive con su padre y que tan raro seria que se aparezcan a pedirte una taza de azúcar teniendo al lado una mini tienda??

Una historia corta otra vez, pero tan dulce que hizo hornear un pastel solo para compensar mi falta de romance en la vida...
Profile Image for Gianina Diaz (gianina.books).
202 reviews3 followers
July 22, 2022
Faith tiene una idea equivocada sobre Hunter, pero él lo aclara. Ahora Hunter solo tiene que intentar que ella tenga una cita con él y más. Porque quiere más con Faith. Seamos realistas, si vieras mujeres llorando saliendo de la casa de un vecino guapo, habríamos pensado cosas malas. Pero las cosas se resolvieron en eso y luego en una cita!
Profile Image for Victoria Craig.
495 reviews2 followers
March 15, 2017
Perfectly Sweet

This is a really sweet story that has an amusing start, a sexy middle, and a very happy ending. All in a short read. Another job well done . It's a great series and I recommend reading the other two books as well.
Profile Image for Rosy.
139 reviews2 followers
March 16, 2017
Love me Some Sugar!!

I think each story of the Curvy Women Wanted gets better and better!!

I gotta say Hunter and Faith are pantie melting deliciously hot!!

Cant wait for the next quick read in this series!!

Profile Image for Sheila.
1,740 reviews4 followers
April 5, 2023

Ahhhh love this series. I just love how their relationship started Faith and Hunter definitely made some assumptions about each other’s life. But they agreed to start over and they got their HEA
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