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Champagne for Breakfast

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Rosa Taylor is celebrating her fiftieth birthday with champagne. By the river. On her own.

After finishing her six-year long affair with her boss, Rosa is desperate to avoid him in the workplace and determined to forge a new life for herself.

Harry Kennedy has sailed away from a messy Sydney divorce and is resolute in kick-starting a new life on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Thrown together at work, Rosa and Harry discover a secret. One that their employer is desperate to keep hidden. To reveal it they must work together, but first they must learn to trust not only each other but their own rising attraction.

Are these two damaged people willing to risk their hard won independence for the promise of love again?

256 pages, Paperback

Published April 26, 2017

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About the author

Maggie Christensen

36 books125 followers
After a career in education, Maggie Christensen began writing contemporary women’s fiction portraying mature women facing life-changing situations. Her travels inspire her writing, be it her frequent visits to family in Oregon, USA or her home on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast. Maggie writes of mature heroines coming to terms with changes in their lives and the heroes worthy of them.
From her native Glasgow, Scotland, Maggie was lured by the call ‘Come and teach in the sun’ to Australia,where she worked as a primary school teacher, university lecturer and in educational management. Now living with her husband of thirty years on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, she loves walking on the deserted beach in the early mornings and having coffee by the river on weekends. Her days are spent surrounded by books, either reading or writing them – her idea of heaven!
She continues her love of books as a volunteer with her local library where she selects and delivers books to the housebound.
A member of Queensland Writer’s Centre, RWA, ALLi, and a local critique group, Maggie enjoys meeting her readers at book signings and library talks. In 2014 she self-published Band of Gold and The Sand Dollar, Book One in the Oregon Coast Series, in 2015, The Dreamcatcher, Book Two in the Oregon Coast Series and Broken Threads, and in 2016, Madeline House, book Three in the Oregon Coast Series

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993 reviews192 followers
March 28, 2020
Turning fifty should be a time of great celebrations, but for Rosa Taylor it was more of a somber occasion. Whilst sitting on her own finishing the last bit of her champagne her thoughts turned to her six year affair with her boss that had ended the night before. Coming to her senses and facing the fact he was never going to leave his wife like he kept telling her, Rosa was now looking forward to getting back to being independent and doing the things she desired.

Working in the same department as her boss was no longer an option and Rosa was relieved when she proceeded to another one. When Rosa discovers secrets being hidden inside the department, she feels it's time to quit, but could Rosa also be mixed up in what she discovered?

I have now read a few books by Aussie author Maggie Christensen and have loved all of them including this one. Her stories are easy to read, but keep the reader well and truly entertained with characters you can warm to and settings you can easily picture. Highly recommended.
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1,915 reviews272 followers
May 2, 2017
Champagne for Breakfast is such a catchy title that I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take Maggie Christensen, the author of this book up on her offer to review her latest novel. Maggie does fantastic things for the mature readers market in Australia, tapping into a niche in the publishing world. Maggie’s books, which I have had the pleasure of being introduced to last year, show us how the mature woman has the ability to love and enjoy life again, after life’s complications get in the way.

Champagne for Breakfast brings us the story of Rosa Taylor, at a pinnacle moment of her life. Celebrating her fiftieth birthday with the essential glass of champagne, Rosa decides to end a six year relationship with her married boss, Ken. She also decides enough is enough and also seeks out some essential changes to her career. It is a process she hopes will distance her from Ken. Soon after requesting a change in her position at work, Rosa is forced to take a redundancy package. Unfortunately, Rosa has uncovered some financial discrepancies in the accounts of her employer. Rosa worries that she may become implicated in these dodgy dealings and as a result, makes the difficult decision to jump ship. This process leads her into the arms of Harry Kennedy, a man who helps Rosa in exposing the secrets her ex employer is trying desperately to hide. Harry has only recently moved from Sydney, after his marriage broke down. A scandal involving wife, who ditched Harry for his business partner, brings him to the sunshine coast. Rosa and Harry soon find they are attracted to one another, but it is unclear as to whether these two damaged souls can find the strength to love again.

It was nice to be reminded of Maggie Christensen’s embracing style of storytelling, through the experience of reading my second novel from this author. Fans of Maggie’s books will be pleased with her latest offering, as there are some familiar faces that appear, while her new characters are very likeable indeed. The best way to describe Maggie Christensen’s books is like visiting a dear friend after time apart and finding nothing has changed. Newcomers to Maggie Christensen’s work need not be concerned at all, Champagne for Breakfast can easily be read and enjoyed as a stand alone novel.

As with the previous novel I read by Maggie Christensen, her characters are warm, realistic and well formed. Rosa was a great lead to get to know as the book progressed. Although Rosa is older than me, I was able to see many of her traits and could relate her experiences to those close to me. This enabled Rosa to come across as an authentic character. I found myself infuriated with Rosa’s ex Ken and cheered Rosa on as she made the important but difficult break from him. The entry of Harry into the fold added interest, as well as an extra layer to the storyline. I enjoyed how Rosa and Harry’s relationship played out. I also want to point out that the attraction between the leads, Rosa and Harry, is handled tastefully by Christensen.

My favourite aspect of Champagne for Breakfast was the location. The setting was simply stunning. We are provided with a set of beautiful and vivid descriptions of Noosa, a part of Australia I have not had the chance to visit but I would dearly love to in the future. I like the relaxed way of life and local community that emanates from the pages of this novel. I could easily imagine myself with the characters in the novel sharing a glass of champagne… for breakfast! It sounds delightful!

It isn’t all sunshine and hearts in Maggie Christensen’s latest novel. There is a sub plot of suspense that runs quietly in the background, adding further intrigue to the storyline. It also kept me turning the pages fast, as I wanted to know if Rosa and her former company would be implicated in the questionable financial problems. Further complications to the story also come from the arrival of Harry’s daughter and the baggage that the leads carry with them, jeopardising their chance at future happiness.

Champagne for Breakfast was a gentle tale of two mature souls taking a risk in love and life again, after mistakes in the past are realised. Maggie Christensen’s easygoing tone and engaging writing style, makes Champagne for Breakfast a book I would happily recommend to contemporary women’s fiction fans.
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4,111 reviews2,668 followers
April 17, 2017
Feeling a little sad and sorry with the dregs of champagne to keep her company on the morning of her fiftieth birthday, nevertheless Rosa Taylor was also feeling relief. She had ended the six year affair with her boss the night before, finally realising he was never going to leave his wife as he’d continued to promise her. She was looking forward to her new life – to being her own person again. Her best friend Jenny was returning from Oregon soon and she couldn’t wait to see her again.

Moving departments to take her away from her old boss’ circle was the best thing for Rosa to do – she would certainly feel better if she never saw him again. But it seemed there were secrets in the upstairs hierarchy – secrets that those keeping them didn’t want found. And when independent consultant Harry Kennedy appeared on the scene Rosa felt uncertainty and confusion. Her decision to quit the company she’d been a member of for the past thirty years wasn’t taken lightly, but it felt right…

Noosa on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast had never looked brighter and Rosa was determined to enjoy everything about her life from then on. After all, she didn’t need a man for happiness – her friend Jenny as well as new friend Alex would keep her life filled. But would fate step in to change her plans? And when Rosa was threatened, it seemed that things weren’t going to be as easy as she’d thought…

Champagne for Breakfast is another fabulous read by Aussie author Maggie Christensen which I absolutely loved! The author writes her older characters with such depth and insight so as to make them real and genuine. The placing of this novel is in such a beautiful area of the country; set on the coast of Australia in one of the most pleasing and alluring settings, it is easy to feel the laid back atmosphere, the camaraderie of the locals and the glorious sunshine. I have been there – it made me want to return! Champagne for Breakfast is another which I highly recommend.

With thanks to the author for my digital copy to read and review.
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2,691 reviews170 followers
July 14, 2017
This made a lovely fresh change from my usual reading, its great to get a different genre and break things up a little as a regular reviewer.

I was so glad to get the chance to read this. It was gifted to me in the post. My first thoughts were for the cover, a pretty mature young woman on the cover with the water and boats behind. Nice open blue skies. So first off the cover was inviting, and being a "mature" woman myself of a certain age, it was refreshing to read that yes, older woman [and men] still can pull!!!

Rosa is celebrating her 50th birthday alone after breaking up with her boss, a relationship that lasted 6 years. Like so many affairs with married men, do they really leave their wives? The percentage is low on that one. So of course, her Boss was never going to leave and marry her.

She can't stay in the same firm working for him can she, so she needs to look for another job. She finds a new job but within the same company and now meets Henry. Henry escaped some scandal, which we later find out.

Its not just a mature love story this, its a great read with some hidden agendas behind it which made it much more than 'just a romance'.

The writing is well thought out as is the story line.

And what a great title.

If you are looking for a nice easy read, something to curl up with, then you won't get far wrong with this.

Profile Image for Janine.
597 reviews30 followers
April 20, 2017
When you read one of Maggie's books, you feel like you are catching up with family & friends, so good and so comfortable to be with. There is no secret that I adore her writing. She has tapped into a market that celebrates life after a certain age with sensible real-life people living in real-life situations.

Rosa has been having a relationship with her boss for 6 years with him promising to leave his wife. Of course this doesn't happen! Rosa discovers that there are discrepancies in the accounts at the firm they work and when he realises that she may be about to blow the whistle on a scheme that has been going on for a while, Rosa finds herself without a job. Meanwhile Harry has just moved up from Sydney and is trying to start over after his wife ran off with his business partner and is trying to take him to the cleaners!

Can two lost souls find happiness again after their disastrous relationships, you will have to read Maggie's book to find out!

This can be read as a stand alone, but I would strongly recommend that you do read the books in the order that they are written because characters from those books pop up in this book and its nice to see how they are all getting on, as I said, its like spending time with family. Couldn't put it down and so looking forward to the next book!!
8 reviews
February 13, 2023
Only redeeming feature of this book for me was location in which it was set. As a Sunshine Coast resident I liked that I knew places mentioned. However, the story was boring and predictable with no real plot or twist or even anything to keep me interested in finishing it other than the fact that it was Book Club reading. The main 50 year old female character was portrayed as quite needy and not how I feel today’s women should be being portrayed, particularly by a female Author.
Profile Image for Mommysmoose.
298 reviews2 followers
March 19, 2017
Maggie writes amazing mature books. Just because you are over 50 doesn't mean there isn't any romance and fizzle left to be had. Rosa just turned 50 and makes a few changes to her life. Some long overdue and others completely unexpected. After running away from his soon to be ex-wife Harry needs to start over. Preferably somewhere where the gossips haven't reached yet. Meeting at pivotal times in their lives lead Rosa and Harry on a rollercoaster of a ride. Beautifully written. This book makes you believe in second chances and never giving up no matter how old you get. And you can always have "Champagne for Breakfast".
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251 reviews2 followers
April 21, 2017
This is Maggie's latest publication!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it!
The story is set on the Sunshine Coast here in Queensland and it was lovely to read about events happening in an area with which I am familiar! (I had dinner last night in that area and half expected the characters from the book to appear!!!)
I liked the way Maggie tied the title into the book, starting with Rosa having champagne for breakfast alone beside the river, and ending with a plan to have champagne for breakfast with her newfound friends!
The story is primarily a love story between 2 couples who are middle-aged and starting again after failed relationships. The book also has a delicious element of suspense thrown in when fraud is discovered in the company for whom Rosa used to work. Will she be implicated? Will the threats thrown her way come to fruition or will justice prevail?
One of my favourite quotes from the book was when Rosa and a friend set up a book store and a customer got irate when Rosa couldn't find a book described by her as "the cover's green and I think it has a face on it". (p 203) It reminded me of my time as a teacher-librarian when children would offer a similar description!!! Surprisingly, I often knew to which book they were referring!
I highly recommend this book. I found it an easy, and most enjoyable read.
I eagerly look forward to Maggie's next publication.... (assuming there will be one!)
Profile Image for Badass Lioness.
375 reviews14 followers
August 21, 2017
She is the other woman and after several years of waiting on her boss to leave his wife as he promised, she has finally had enough and dumps him. I put that upfront because some people refuse to read books about cheaters. In this case, I understood her low self-esteem choice of coming in a distance second in her boss' life. She transfers out of his department to make a fresh start as he doesn't want to let her go, and she finds discrepancies in some invoices. Her fear of whistleblowing is realistic as sadly the protections don't usually protect the whistleblower.

Rosa has recently turned 50 and has never married and has no kids. I appreciated that because most romance novels that I have read about mature heroines (40s - 50s) are mothers. Instead she meets Harry who is a divorced, single dad repairing his relationship with his 20 year old daughter. I liked him and his misguided sense of chivalry for taking the blame for his ex-wife's cheating. Harry is on the run from his past, starting a new business, and consulting at the same company that Rosa works at. It becomes a question of whether they can trust each other because of what each has uncovered.

As Rosa questions whether she ever knew Ken, her ex-boss and married ex-lover, she is also questioning whether she will find love. She is also dealing with her mother's declining health. There was also her friend and their bookshop. It was nice to see new beginnings at this stage in Rosa's life. She was not too old to fall in love, change her mind, or start something new.

The romance builds between Rosa and Harry nicely. They pull away, banter, and find ways to trust the other person. This romance started slow and built up from there. There are some short sexy scenes too. With all of their baggage, love manages to find a way.

The story is set in Australia, and I found a few unfamiliar terms. I liked that she had curly hair that often misbehaved.

I borrowed this on Kindle Unlimited, and this is a new-to-me author that I would definitely read again.
1 review
April 30, 2017
champagne for Breakfast was such an excellent read. It bought me also back to beautiful Noosa where I spend 15 wonderful years. I wanted to turn every page with excitement. Thank you Maggie Christensen a highly recommended book to my friends. Maro Preece
8 reviews
April 11, 2017
Loved the book, once more Maggie Christensen has let the reader into the lives of people who become so real that you are sure if you travel to the area where the story is set, you will meet them. Thank you.
September 26, 2021
For some bizarre reason this novel (?) ended up on the Noosa library book club list. Written in 2017, it is a cross between Mills and Boon books from the 1970's and teenage romance stories depicting women as helpless, sad creatures who only enjoy life when they have a man by their side. This goes for the main character who is 50 to the 20 year old daughter of her boyfriend. No woman in this novel is complete without a man. The poor main character, Rosa, is not even able to face her ex employees to stand up for herself and a crime she did not commit, the man has to do it for her. The plot line is almost non existent and the characters are unrealistic and stereotyped. This book should not be anywhere near a book club reading list. could rate as one of the worst books i have ever read. And I read a lot....
May 4, 2017
From Sunshine Coast author Maggie Christensen comes another gentle romance about mature characters which she does so well.
No romance comes without rocky beginnings and this is no exception. How Rosa and Harry deal with the problems that face them and try to forge new lives makes absorbing reading.
With Maggie’s story-telling skills her characters become friends to the reader and in this book we catch up with old friends Jenny and Mike from the Oregon series. New characters fit well and the whole comes together to make a very enjoyable read. As always, friendships and relationships are the driving force behind the story.
What shines through is the author’s love and knowledge of the Sunshine Coast as she brings her setting to life. With a stunning cover and an inviting title this is a book that should fly off the shelves and with a story that does the cover justice, it’s a book that will appeal to women of all ages.

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Author 15 books3 followers
March 6, 2020
Set on Queensland's glorious Sunshine Coast, this book continues our acquaintance with Alex and Jack from A Brahminy Sunrise while introducing Rosa and Harry and their families and friends. It is a heart-warming story of new love the second time around between two people who, having already lived full lives, have reached a turning point. Harry comes to Rosa's rescue when past betrayal threatens to ruin the new life she has built for herself.
Good and bad, all the characters in this beautifully written story are true to life, even the secondary characters who make no more than fleeting appearances. By the end of the book these people have become friends of mine and I can't wait for Maggie's next book to bring me a few more new friends.
Profile Image for Avalon.
383 reviews1 follower
October 27, 2021
Beach romance

Rosa is sitting on the beach by herself on her birthday sipping champagne after having finished her affair with Ken her boss after 6 years. She was doing the books and found discrepancies and wondered what she should do about it. The health firm employed Harry to do the books after she left and he also found it didn't add up and wondered why Rosa had abruptly left. They manage to hook up for a coffee and discussion and Rosa finds she can rely on Harry implicitly. His daughter Lucy also takes a liking to Rosa. Feel good well written novel.
3 reviews
July 19, 2019
What a nice easy read. I took this book to the beach with me and it was very pleasant and light hearted. I wish I had read her other series before this one as it was mentioned that some of the characters in this book were from previous books. I would have known the history on a few of them. I am going to go back and read her series. Very delightful books.
92 reviews1 follower
September 10, 2020
Champagne for Breakfast

Enjoyed this story,lovely surroundings,good characters, very pleasant story to read. Had to know the ending,kept me interested to the end.
111 reviews2 followers
February 5, 2021
This was a different style of story, but it kept me interested, though I was a little frustrated with the main character. However, I found it to be quite an enjoyable read.
1 review
September 6, 2021
Holiday read

Quick easy read. Characters are credible so too is the story line. Takes you to Queensland. A good chill out.
741 reviews
July 20, 2018
I liked the characters and this story line, I just wish the ending wasnt so abrupt.
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Author 0 books114 followers
July 26, 2017
Three point Five Stars.

Champagne For Breakfast is a mature romance set in Queenland, Australia.

Rosa is celebrating her 50th Birthday alone after she broke up a six year affair with her married boss. Ken was never going to leave his wife, and she eventually saw through his false promises.

Wanting to avoid seeing him at work, Rosa applied for a new job at the same company, which involves checking financial data. When she finds some strange anomalies she takes her questions to her Ken, who dismisses them, and her, rather abruptly. An opportunity to resign and help a friend open a bookstore is more appealing than dealing with potential fraud, so Rosa hands in her resignation.

Harry Kennedy moved up to Noosa to escape a scandal in Sydney. He’s been hired to initiate the new data storage system at the hospital and was originally working with Rosa, so he’s surprised by her swift departure. However, he too spots the potential fraud, and once he’s finished the job he reports his findings.

Meanwhile, Harry is determined to seek out Rosa and get to know her better, as a friend. The arrival of his daughter adds a complication to his life but Harry soon makes room for both women in his life.

This is an easy read romance for those seeking older characters in their romance reading. For me there were a few too many overly descriptive sections which slowed the pace of the book, but this is just a personal taste.
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