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Comics Will Break Your Heart

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Miriam's family should be rich. After all, her grandfather was the co-creator of smash-hit comics series The TomorrowMen. But he sold his rights to the series to his co-creator in the 1960s for practically nothing, and now that's what Miriam has: practically nothing. And practically nothing to look forward to either-how can she afford college when her family can barely keep a roof above their heads? As if she didn't have enough to worry about, Miriam's life gets much more complicated when a cute boy shows up in town . . . and turns out to be the grandson of the man who defrauded Miriam's grandfather, and heir to the TomorrowMen fortune.

In her endearing debut novel, cartoonist Faith Erin Hicks pens a sensitive and funny Romeo and Juliet tale about modern romance, geek royalty, and what it takes to heal the long-festering scars of the past (Spoiler Alert: love).

340 pages, Hardcover

First published February 12, 2019

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About the author

Faith Erin Hicks

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Born in the wilds of British Columbia, the young Faith frolicked among the Sasquatch native to the province before moving to Ontario at age five. There she was homeschooled with her three brothers, and developed an unnatural passion for galloping around on horseback, though never without a proper helmet (because you only get one skull). After twenty years of suffering through Ontario’s obscenely hot summers, she migrated east, and now lives beside the other ocean in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She worked in animation for a bit, and now draws comics full time. She’s not sure how that happened either.

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511 reviews327 followers
July 6, 2022
Comics Will Break Your Heart is a young adult romance between two teens whose grandparents were caught up in a legal battle over the rights to a comic series. Despite their rough family history, Mir and Weldon find that they’re both stuck in a small Canadian town over the summer and they can’t help but feel drawn to each other.

I loved Faith Erin Hicks’ Pumpkinheads, so when I saw that she’s going to a comic con that I’m going to later this summer, I knew I needed to read more of her books. Unfortunately I chose this one to start with… I hated everything about this book except for the small town setting. I forced myself to read this as fast as I could so that I could just be done with it.

The major issue with this book was that everything was very bland and boring. While the synopsis of this book sounded interesting, the execution fell flat and I couldn’t get myself invested in the story. Characters have to have interesting personalities to keep me interested in the story, but all of the characters were so bland that I could care less about them. There wasn’t really a plot in this story either, so there was no action and there weren’t many romantic scenes. There needed to be high stakes or even angst between the love interests, but there was none of that in this story so the story moved along at a snail’s pace. The writing style was also another major reason why this story was bland. It felt like I was reading something that was written for school when it should’ve felt like I was reading something that was written for entertainment purposes. I think Faith Erin Hicks thrives when she’s writing graphic novels and comics, so this format didn’t work well for her. This story could’ve been awesome if she’d told it in the format that she’s best at writing.

I can’t believe I’m even saying this, but this story felt forgettable. It wasn’t so bad that I will remember every piece of the book and continue to criticize it for the rest of my life, but it was bad enough that I can’t see myself remembering any details about the plot in the future.

The characters were all a big issue for me. Most of the characters seemed two dimensional. The only character I semi-liked was Walden, but he sometimes annoyed me because he could get cocky. Miriam got on my nerves nonstop and her whole personality was annoying. The parents of Mir and Walden were frustrating. Whether it be the overabundance of postiveness or just being straight up toxic, there wasn’t one parent in this story that I liked. Jamie was perhaps my least favorite character though. He was awful and I wished he would just leave everyone alone. His girlfriend aka Mir’s best friend wasn’t great either. At least Raleigh felt realistic to me because I’ve had several friends who I lost due to their choice in partners. Evan started out as a character that I liked, but he soon became problematic. Here’s the exact quote because I want everyone to see exactly why he’s problematic:

“She is my nonsexual girl crush,” Mir said.
“Aw, I was hoping it was entirely sexual.”
“Boys!” sighed Mir, rolling her eyes.
“We do tend to like it when hot girls make out with each other,” Evan said, grinning.

Evan has a lesbian fetish and instead of just staying silent about it, he voices his fetish to the girl he has a crush on. I’m not happy with Mir either because she let him off the hook with the “boys will be boys” statement that’s extremely problematic, but maybe Mir didn’t know how to respond to that comment. Also, that quote is a great example of another thing I hated about this book: the dialogue. None of the dialogue felt realistic.

Speaking of the characters, this was a romance book yet there was no chemstiry between Mir and Walden. Mir and Walden’s conversations were so awkward. I preferred the scenes where they weren’t together. All the romantic actions were so forced, but I guess that can’t be helped when you’re trying to force two bland characters to fall in love with each other. The fight between the love interests toward the end of the book was awful, too. The characters were fighting over things that they didn’t seem like they truly cared about and the whole fight was over something small that wasn’t worth their energy. When they got back together, it wasn’t much better because they didn’t really acknowledge their feelings and the breakup. They just said “I’m sorry” without elaborating on what they did wrong then they immediately got back together. It was so awkward and it made no sense.

I honestly feel sort of bad leaving a negative review for this book since I genuinely like the author, but this book was honestly such a massive disappointment for me.
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1,053 reviews215 followers
January 9, 2019
When I realized this book was going to be a kind of modern version of Romeo Juliet with conflict centering on comic book copyrights, I was thrilled. Who doesn’t enjoy a well done enemies to lovers story. This one turned out to be an okay experience though, enjoyable enough but not very remarkable or maybe I just hoped for too much.

The writing was simple enough that I finished it pretty quickly. However, the conversations between the characters didn’t always feel realistic. It’s probably the first time I actually liked the characters’ internal monologues more than the dialogues because it helped me get to know them better. It was also quite unique to see this book set in rural Canada, which I know nothing about. The small town feel, the contrast between the rich and not so rich part of the town, the helplessness of living in a place where there are not many opportunities - all of this is captured quite well. I also liked the idea of so many people, both old and young finding such joy and contentment with comics. However, the main conflict of the book is supposed to be about the TomorrowMen comics and how Mir’s grandfather was not given his due by Weldon’s and I think the whole past issue was not really explored at all. We only get small glimpses from both the families but we never get the full story and I kinda felt cheated because of that.

Miriam was not an easy character to like initially. I thought she was being difficult, but it took some time for me to understand her perspective and struggles. She was just being a very confused teenager, unsure about what to do after graduation, how she would pay for university and if leaving her small town meant losing all her friendships. I obviously didn’t realize her obsession and anger about the comics, considering she never even met her grandfather, but it was nice to see her slowly realize the futility of it and let it all go.

In the beginning, Weldon seemed like a spoiled teenager just doing bad things for the fun of it, but soon it was clear he wanted to be noticed and not feel so invisible in his own family. However, he too slowly realizes that isn’t the way to go and becomes slightly more responsible and confident about what he wants for his future. I also enjoyed his changing relationship with his mother and the possibility of them being closer again.

There was only a slight conflict between the two of them and I thought it was resolved fairly quickly. There wasn’t much angst and perhaps I was expecting more of it. The development and progression of their friendship was very cute but I truly didn’t feel the chemistry, especially not enough to warrant the decisions towards the end of the book. Everything seemed to resolve fairly quickly and easily too, neatly wrapped up in a bow, which was okay I guess but also made me feel like the stakes were never too high.

I would recommend this book if you are looking for a cute high school contemporary with nerdy characters, some fun moments and not much angst. I would suggest not going into it with too much expectations, specifically for the enemies to lovers trope. It was entertaining while I was reading it and left me feeling pleasant.
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2,289 reviews1,832 followers
April 30, 2020
This will be the book with the most insufferable main character I have ever read in 2020 hands down. She is a child! She blames everyone for the life she was dealt with. She wants solutions like whether or not she goes to University solved for her. She wants people to figure out how to pay for university for her. She is NOTHING like teenagers nowadays and is a poor imitation of what the author thinks teenagers are. The final straw of me hating her was when she randomly chucked a cup of coffee at a yoga pants store because she got mad nobody bought comics.

Is she insane?

Note to reader of this review: I have no finished the book yet but these are my thoughts so far. Because I am a masochist, I will finish it.


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1,552 reviews904 followers
February 13, 2019
I am really not a comics fan but I loved this!

A cute Romeo and Juliet story that's also about family, about valuing art and creators of art, and, yes about comics (I'm sure I didn't appreciate that part as much as I could have.)

Review on the blog Feb 13 and a giveaway on Feb 15!

Read more of my reviews on JenRyland.com! Check out my Bookstagram! Or check out my Jen In Ten reviews on Youtube - get the lowdown on current books in 10-30 seconds!
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602 reviews811 followers
April 2, 2020
this was really cute and geeky? geeky romances are just. my fave. if you like Geekerella, Kat & Meg Conquer the World, & similar books, please check this one out!
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3,773 reviews208 followers
December 19, 2019
3.5 stars. An interesting and contemporary YA take on (idiot)Romeo and (much smarter and more interesting) Juliet. We have the granddaughter and grandson of families whose lives have been enmeshed because of comic book characters and the legal fight over intellectual property rights, and well, bags and bags of cash.
Miriam (Mir) and Weldon meet in Sanford, Nova Scotia. She was born and raised there, while he grew up in Los Angeles after his father left Nova Scotia. Mir and her family were on the losing side of the legal battle and aren't wealthy, while Weldon and his family are well off, and his father is in fact in the process of making a movie about the superheroes at the root of the legal problems.
Mir and Weldon like each other and gradually grow closer, even while the spectre of the legal case keeps getting between them.
I'm more familiar with Faith Erin Hicks' comic work, which I like a lot a lot. I liked this story, and though it's essentially a retelling of the classic, I liked HIcks' characters and how the anger and frustration of many years on both sides is handled. Though I wasn't sure if I fully believed Mir's mother's views on the legal situation (and their family's consequent lack of money), I liked that Hicks gave us different views on the fallout of the case. And on fandom, the families' superhero legacy and its impact on culture, and how this affects all their relationships (e.g. the terrific friendship between Mir and Evan, Raleigh's boyfriend's derision, Mir and her mother, and Mir and Weldon, of course.) And, hey, the story's set in Nova Scotia! Yay!
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436 reviews218 followers
August 2, 2021
Премилий літній янґадалт. Ну, знаєте, з категорії: "Я скоро закінчую школу - як жить?", "Дружба тріскається під тиском реальності - як жить?", "Чи мої батьки мене насправді люблять, бо точно не розуміють - як жить?", "Перше кохання - як жить?" - і тисяча інших дотичних питань космічного масштабу і значення, коли тобі шістнадцять (та й не тільки тоді).
А поміж численних братів/сестер за жанром Comics Will Break Your Heart таки виділяють кілька моментів.

По-перше, це книжка про супергеройські комікси. Про Ромео та Джульєтту коміксового світу (їхні діди започаткували серію разом, але один з них продав усі права на персонажів й поринув у малювання за зарплату, а опритомнів тільки на стадії "мерч і мульти", а йому фіг). Про те, як працює коміксова індустрія. Про те, хто такі "справжні" і "несправжні" гіки, на чому заробляють гроші, а що роблять для душі, як на індустрію вплинули стопіццотмільйонні кінофраншизи, де шукати віддушину і все таке. А ще трішки про той самий THE коміккон.

По-друге, це книжка не просто не про ту Америку, котра США, і не просто про Канаду, а ще й про глуху канадську глибинку. Їйбо, незвично було читати про країну першого світу в контексті "Ми не можемо собі дозволи��и не діал-апний інтернет" та "В нашому містечку мало хто їде отримувати вищу освіту, а якщо їде - не повертається, ця damned країна завелика".

По-третє, вона якось так спокійно й невимушено ставить перед читачами-підлітками питання важливості творчої самореалізації, керунку власних амбіцій, "гроші чи все ж таки творчість", трохи іронізує над ґраалем нинішніх часів - пресвятим пасивним доходом, дуже не трохи співчує творчій інтелігенції, підштовхує, підбадьорює, але визнає: просто не буде - кароч, я - сильно не підлітка, але моя прекаріатська душа розчулилась і попросила ще.
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3,546 reviews234 followers
February 7, 2019
His family had made their fortune from the TomorrowMen, while her family watched from the sidelines. Can Mir and Weldon rise above their family history and forge a relationship?

• Pro: I was actually a big Weldon fan. He had quite a bit of baggage to unpack, and I was glad Nova Scotia was a hospitable place for him to do it.

• Pro: The romance was very sweet. I liked how Mir's feelings for Weldon snuck up on her, while Weldon was sort of gooey from the start.

• Pro: The Hendricks were such a fabulous family, and Mir's household may have been physically shabby, but it was filled with love and parents, who were genuine and supportive.

• Pro: Hicks has an obvious love for comics, and some definite feelings about the comic and superhero industry. There is some intriguing commentary in the book that had me nodding my head. I also really liked getting a peek at what goes into writing and illustrating a comic. We got to hear from an artist in the book, as well as tagging along as Mir and her friend attempted to write a comic script.

• Con: Don't get me wrong, I really thought the ending was nice and sweet and I was rather happy with the resolutions, but it felt a little rushed to me.

• Pro: This wasn't just a romance. Both Weldon and Mir were struggling with some issues relating to letting go and moving on, which were definitely themes for several characters in this book. Mir and Weldon grew over the course of the book, and it was clear in the way their approach to this issues changed.

Overall: An adorable romance with a side of coming-of-age and geekery, which was fun and light and smile inducing.

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

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1,654 reviews207 followers
February 10, 2019
Comic and graphic novel writer Faith Erin Hicks makes her debut in young adult fiction with Comics Will Break Your Heart, and does it beautifully! In this sweet YA novel, two teens from families with a long-standing grudge meet and connect one summer in Nova Scotia. Miriam's grandfather co-created the TomorrowMen comics with Weldon's grandfather, but sold his rights to the brand for only $900 many decades earlier. Since then, TomorrowMen has blown up with a huge fandom and a blockbuster movie in the works, and while Weldon's family stands to profit hugely, Miriam's will see not a dime, despite the 20-year lawsuit waged by her grandfather to undo the shoddy deal he unwittingly agreed to.

When Miriam and Weldon meet, they each carry their families' baggage, but their mutual love of comics as well as their own personal struggles to figure out their futures draw them together and help them move past the animosity that's lingered for so long. This is a quick, fun read, with touching moments too, and has some lovely scenes that highlight the intricacies and quirks of best friendships, relationships between teens and their parents, and the heartaches and worries that come with making decisions about where to go in life.

Comics Will Break Your Heart is also a terrific ode to the glories of fandom, culminating in a visit to (of course) San Diego Comic-Con. I'm sure everyone with a secret geeky obsession will relate to the characters' reactions to entering geek heaven:
In a flash he saw everything as she saw it, the madness and energy but also the joyful heart of the convention.

"Oh, wow," she whispered. "Comics made all of this."

Highly recommended!

Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley. Full review at Bookshelf Fantasies.
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Author 3 books628 followers
April 29, 2019
2.5 stars
So I decided to read this book in the spirit of The Avengers movie and I wanted something nerdy and related to comics and this seemed perfect for this mood
Sadly it wasn't that good, I mean the story is fine but nothing was really happening and I couldn't get myself to like any of the characters, I was really sad that Evan never got his shot but I was really bored and uninterested through out the story, I guess I wanted something more of ( Geekerella ) vibe
So the story is about Mir and Weldon who happens to be from two feuding family over comics and such and how will their love story unfold .. it's light and no drama whatsoever
I expected better but alas .. didn't enjoy it
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302 reviews43 followers
July 12, 2019
3.5 stars - This was cute

I listened on audio, and while I liked the narrator, her voices all sounded too similar. At times I'd lose track of who was speaking. I still enjoyed the narration though, aside from that problem.
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482 reviews28 followers
April 27, 2020
This was...fine. Deeply similar to every other G-rated contemporary romance complete with a breakup for a stupid reason 85% of the way through and completely unnecessary friend drama to pad the page count
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708 reviews3 followers
December 9, 2018
“Comics Will Break Your Heart” was a book I got at YALLFest and was really looking forward to. The premise of two teenagers—who have an ongoing “family feud”— meeting and potentially falling in love (with the addition of comic books) sounded like so much fun! I was super excited to jump into the book, but I was sadly disappointed. I didn’t love this book nearly as much as I was hoping to.
I do stand by the fact that this was a very original plot, what with the comic book writing and all, but it was handled in a very common way. We’ve got the hate-to-love trope thrown into the mix, which wasn’t done exceptionally well. I personally thought that a lot of the plot changes didn’t have good transitions. If an event occurred, something would change, but the author didn’t make it very clear what caused things to change. I noticed this in many different circumstances throughout the book. I also felt that the dialogue didn’t flow with the book— it felt very scripted and stiff. Dialogue between characters is one of my favorite elements in any book, and the enjoyment factor wasn’t there for me with this book’s dialogue.
Another thing I think could have been improved upon was the timeline. We get a lot of history about the Warrick/Kendrick comic feud, but the times aren’t clear. However, this is an ARC, so this is subject to change. I just noticed that, in this copy, there were lots of contradictions in terms of when comics were made, when people were alive, etc.
My final critique for this book is the pacing. I wasn’t enthralled with the book. In fact, I unfortunately found it pretty boring for the most part. It’s a 340 page book, but I think it could���ve been condensed to around 300, if not less than that. There were a lot of periods in the book where nothing happened. While I didn’t expect lots of action, considering this is a contemporary novel, I expected more overall.
I did quite like how Miriam, a main character, struggled with a variety of different issues, relationship, friendship, and future wise. She was struggling with losing a friend, what she wanted to do in the future—stay home or go away to a university— and what she wanted with Weldon. This part of the book was handled very well, although there were some elements they didn’t quite wrap up at the end.
I love the setting in Canada. I don’t read much Canadian fiction, whether the author is Canadian or the book is set there, but I liked reading this book. I believe it is set in Nova Scotia.
Finally, I thought the characters were developed really well. Miriam and Weldon were both very fleshed out and they were written to seem very real. While their dialogue was uncomfortably stiff, other than that their relationship and their individual personalities were done well.
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329 reviews187 followers
January 4, 2019
~*Check out my blog at The Bent Bookworm!*~

Comics Will Break Your Heart was an adorable story with hattips to geeks of all kinds - from the greats of British literature to, obviously, comic book fans! The plot is loosely based on Romeo and Juliet, only the two families in question are descendents of patriarchs who together birthed one of the greatest comic book franchises of all time, only to have a bitter falling out.

Mir and Weldon are both likable characters, young people approaching the end of high school with the usual amount of trepidation and flailing about as they try to figure out their place in the world and what they want to do with their lives. They meet by sheer accident, when Weldon's misbehavior prompts his high-powered, fame and fortune focused father to send him away for the summer, to his aunt and uncle's house in the small town he has rarely seen. Despite his undercurrent of resentment and propensity for lying, Weldon is charismatic and charms just about everyone he meets. Mir has a work ethic to rival most adults, desperate to rise above her family's extreme economy of existence. I liked that she didn't seem embarrassed by her admittedly rather eccentric parents, but she knew that their choices were not going to be hers. I could understand her resentment of being forced to the extremes of frugal living - such as buying a second hand Monopoly and painting rocks to replace the missing pieces.

The cast of side characters was endearing too, even if I felt that their stories were left unfinished. I loved Mir's friends Evan and Raleigh, and I hope maybe the author plans to write more about them at some point. Evan especially! He was just so sweet and kind and clearly cared so much about Mir. I really liked that even though he wanted to care about her in a more-than-friends way, when she said made it clear she wasn't interested he completely dropped it, but remained a great friend. A lot of guys could take a lesson! :P

The Romeo/Juliet plot was a little weak, mostly because of its predictability. The adults of the two families have had some hard feelings in the past, but their reasons for estrangement sound weak, especially the way Weldon's aunt presents her case.

4/5 stars. I loved the descriptions of fandoms and comics, and Comic Con. It definitely appeals to the inner (and not so inner) nerd!

Blog | Twitter | Bloglovin | Instagram | Google+
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1,035 reviews248 followers
June 12, 2019
This was a quick, cute, and enjoyable read. I thought this book was going to be similar to "Fangirl" except more related to comics; however, that wasn't really the case. It did have hints of the comic related 'fandom' or 'nerdy-ness' but overall it felt more like an average contemporary coming of age romance.

Although the novel did have an underlying tone of seriousness related to the characters' familial history, it was also a fun read including some humour. It wasn't overly funny but there were moments.

I also loved how the majority of the novel was set in Canada and featured some jokes quite typical of the Canadian stereotype, such as our frequency in apologies and the intensity of a Canadian winter.

It was a quick, cute read and I will look for more written by this author in the future.

***Thank you to Raincoast Books for sending me an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review***
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1,567 reviews133 followers
February 24, 2023
This was so adorable and cute! But after re-reading it a few times i felt like Miriam was such a pain, annoying whiny and waiting around for solutions and i am not sure how they fell for each other? Plus the whole Evan with his comics felt a bit unessesary, i think it is because it felt rushed in and out.
But i actually think it could have been longer? maybe a dulogy? i really want to know more on how it goes with Miriam and applying to univeristy and her relationship with Weldon.

3.75 stars.
May 15, 2019
The story starts with a girl named Miriam. Mir is smart, funny and is trying to save up enough money in order to leave her small town called Sandford by working in a comic store called Emporium of Wonders. Weldon has been shipped off to Sandford from LA so he wouldn't be a distraction to his father. Soon they find out that Weldon is the son of the David Warrick; the guy who won the rights for his grandfather from his co-worker owns the famous TomorrowMen Series. But the problem is that the other co-worker was Mir's grandfather.
After a few accidental encounters, they finally warm up and get closer to each other. As the story progresses the characters find themselves laughing, crying, becoming friends, forming relationships, and confused. This heartwarming book will teach you how to forgive and overcome the past in order to progress into the future.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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10 reviews9 followers
May 19, 2019
3.5☆ but I rounded up. The plot was good, but a few of the characters annoyed me. It's still worth a read though.
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157 reviews33 followers
December 11, 2021
Як продати мені книгу? Хай персонажі трохи поговорять, що мистецтво має значення і митцю потрібен читач/слухач/глядач. Панімаєтє:
- And actors need audience... Maybe that's something you don't need if you're a painter.
- Sometimes you do, - said Mir  thinking of her grandfather. He had longed for people to read his comics. He had wanted it so badly he had signed away the rights to his creations.
- Тhe way your grandfather drew Skylark and Skybound, it was like he was drawing people he knew and loved, not characters he made up.
"They were people he knew and loved, - Mir thought. - They were his creations".

Коротше, жили були двоє чуваків, які створювали комікси разом, а потім один в іншого викупив права на персонажів за безцінь. Сорок років потому комікси популярні, виходить фільм за всі гроші світу, а онук і онучка цих чуваків стають такими собі Ромео і Джульєттою від Марвела:D
Вони мілахи і тут всього раз було те, що я терпіти не можу в ром янг-едалті: коли мімімішкова сцена зображена її очима, а потім та сама сцена ще й його очима, патаму шо ж треба точно знати, в кого коли серденько стислося, хоча це й так зрозуміло.
Воть. А ще тут був небісячий любовний недотрикутник (і так бува, ага), балаканина про комікси і взагалі мені зайшло прям дуже.
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212 reviews28 followers
February 15, 2019
Actual rating: 4.5 ★

When I first read the synopsis for Comics Will Break Your Heart, I thought that it was just my typical romance story that was filled with angst and witty banter that comes with the trope. I mean, what was I to expect? There’s a heroine, a love interest, and an age-long conflict / tension. That, to me, screamed HATE TO LOVE. Is it just me? After a more thorough research, though, I found that it was an easy favorite for contemporary readers who are in the market for stories that were equal parts sweet and savory, but all in all romantic. And that’s exactly what I thought when I read it. Read on to know my thoughts about Faith Erin Hicks’ new book.

I see no point in denying that I came and stayed for the romance aspect of this book. Miriam’s grandfather, Micah Kendrick, co-created the famous, crowd-favorite comic, the TomorrowMen, with Joseph Warrick, who happens to be Weldon’s grandfather. And after a messy legal case that lasted for years, the Kendricks lost possession of the said comic, leaving Mir and her family with practically nothing. Mir had every right to avoid Weldon just because of the looming history that their families undoubtedly share, but fate obviously had other plans for them. Once they met, sparks were literally everywhere. And I very much appreciated the fact that lots of forces were driving them apart, but against all odds, they still found ways to be together. (Wow, that sounded cheesy, but I CANNOT HELP IT, I’m sorry!) I enjoyed reading this love story not just because it was sweet and romantic. The whole narrative is original, and I feel like I’ve never read anything quite like it. Their banter was also enjoyable to read, paving the way for me to fully appreciate this rom-com.

The A+ family dynamics were quite noteworthy too! Mir’s parents, Stella and Henry, were supportive, resourceful, content, and frugal, and I actually felt like they were Filipino parents just because of the traits that they possessed. There’s an admirable thing in living a simple life and I can’t help but commend them for it—even though, just like Miriam, I have an undeniable need for reliable internet. And even though they weren’t fully able to pay for every single thing that Mir wanted, and yes, I’m talking about a secure college plan, they still made it a point to instill her with good values and show their love and support in what little way they can. As for Weldon, the fact that he came from a broken family added a new perspective and a lot more depth into the story. I appreciated that, even though he was practically banished to an isolated area in Canada for most of the story, he learned to accept and love it in the end, turning a punishment into a positive thing, and he even found love in the process! As for David and Emma, Weldon’s parents, they might not have lots of exposure, but I knew that they had their own battles to conquer and so I loved their presence all the same.

Another thing that I loved about this novel was the fact that it tackled the hardships that come with being practical and dreaming big, especially in terms of tertiary education. Lots of students, whether they be Filipino or not, are confused as to what they want to do after high school. The future can sometimes be a scary topic for lots of people, especially for the youth, and so I very much appreciated the way that this was somehow brought to light through Miriam and her struggle in finding and honing her passion. There’s a certain part of the story that shows just how conflicted Miriam is about what she’s going to do after HS, and even though she had her heart set in studying out of province, she still didn’t have any concrete plans as to what she actually wanted to do and pursue. However, just as I predicted, she later on works things out for herself, ensuring an exciting future for herself. In my own personal way, I felt like this was the author’s way of telling her readers that we don’t need to think about stuff too far ahead and sometimes, it’s okay to go into the future without well-thought of plans. Life’s all about experiencing the ups and downs in making decisions and that’s what makes it fun and memorable.

Audiobook Review:
Thanks to the generosity of the people from Macmillan Audio, I was also approved to listen to the audiobook program of Comics Will Break Your Heart in advance as narrated by Carly Robins! Now what I absolutely adored about the program is that the narrator did such an amazing job at breathing life into every single character in the story. From Mir, to Weldon, to Stella… Name it and Carly Robins probably gave him / her a unique voice. I breezed through it because I easily fell in love with her parlance and diction and I was amazed at how she turned all of the confrontation scenes into such lively and tense moments.

“Comics Will Break Your Heart is an awesome novel perfect to read for the summer. It features a cute, conservative, and very relatable romance, and a coming-of-age topic that I’m sure lots of teens will appreciate. Miriam and Weldon, at least to me, seemed realistic because of their problems and so I didn’t have a hard time believing in them and their story. It’s a fast-paced masterpiece that reads like a centuries-old rom-com that no doubt fans of Morgan Matson, Jenny Han, Maurene Goo, and Siobhan Vivian would certainly enjoy.”

Huge thanks to my friends from Macmillan International and Fierce Reads for sending me a review copy and Macmillan Audio for letting me listen to the audiobook program of this title in exchange for an honest review. This did not, in any way, affect my overall opinion of the book and/or the story.
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April 6, 2020
This was a good YA romance.

It is marketed as a Romeo and Juliet retelling but I wouldn't go into this thinking that. There's like one thing that just makes it somewhat like R&J but it isn't an actual retelling.

There were some things that I didn't think were fully resolved.

Editing and writing could have been a little bit better too. Sometimes I got confused with who was talking.

Despite the issues with the book that probably make it 3 stars, I really liked the nerd culture. I liked how it was so pro-comic and they show how comics are for EVERYONE. We all have our fandoms and we shouldn't shame each other for what we like.

I also appreciated the criticisms with comics/Comic-Con.

And the parents, while they had their faults, were supportive of their kids but were parents when they needed to be.
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May 4, 2019

Comic Crush Saturday: May 4, 2019

Welcome to Comic Crush Saturday, our bi-weekly feature focused on the graphic elements of the book world. Comics became a huge part of my life a few years ago when I started reviewing them (and comic related TV shows) on Forever Young Adult. I’ve maintained a pulllist through my local comic shop, Isotope Comics, and even got Kelly to start one ;). You’ll find mini-reviews, what we’ve read recently, and more so check it out!

Featured Book of the Week


Ok, so not a comic but I couldn't resist sharing this one on Free Comic Book Day!

Just give me all the con/comic books related stories. I love them all! Especially the ones with romance ;).

Comics Will Break Your Heart is a modern day Romeo and Juliet story crossed with a "what if" Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's dynamic went terribly wrong and one party got left out.

Some of the things I loved about this book:

A sweet romance between Mir and Weldon despite their family's decades old feud. Yes, Mir's grandfather was wronged by Weldon's family but these two find their way to each other. Depth beyond the romance. Mir and Weldon are dealing with their futures and separating self from family. This plays out on the page just as much as the romance. Comics, comics, and more comics. The industry is laid bare in this book but that doesn't mean non-comics fans won't enjoy. It's not all industry speak. Solid plot and characters. If you're in the mood for cute with a little depth, this is a book for you.

What We Can’t Wait For

Debian Perl: Digital Detective: The Memory Thief is a middle grade graphic novel series created to help kids learn about coding. The art looks so beautiful!

Best News of the Week

FIRST AND FOREMOST - it is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! See the full list here and get yourself to a local comic book store!

This is everything I've ever wanted. KATE BISHOP ON THE SCREEN. Can I have it now?

Marvel is reportedly developing a Kate Bishop-centered Hawkeye show for Disney+, featuring Jeremy Renner https://t.co/XZTOGUVX0a pic.twitter.com/LeN1lAZ0Zm— io9 (@io9) April 10, 2019

The Eisner nominees (the Oscars of comics!) are here and some of our favs are on the list, including Runaways , Man-Eaters , The Prince and the Dressmaker .

What comics will you pick up today?
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July 7, 2022
3.5 Stars

So this book was cutesy. Borrowing from the Romeo & Juliet trope but throwing in comic books and comic con, this book had me written all over it. And while I found myself enjoying it as I read it, I didn't fall in love the way that I wanted to.

The book follows Miriam and Weldon - two kids from opposite sides. Weldon is your typical bored rich kid who gets sent to the small town in Canada that Miriam lives because he just can't get his shit together and his father doesn't want to deal with him. Miriam is the smart mouthed, sassy girl who works at the comic book store. The two meet and insta connection, until they find out about their families past legal trouble involving rights to a comic book.

I really love the Romeo & Juliet trope but I felt like the author really only scraped the surface of this families feud. Yes, it was brought up every time they were together but the extent of it was "you should stay away from her". And then at the end when I thought we would get some sort of confrontation between Weldon, Miriam and Weldon's father, nope, smoothed away in a paragraph and end of book. So a little underwhelming.

As for the love story, it was all right. The characters spent more time wallowing in their own self-pity then actually connecting so it was hard to really root for them. I just wanted them to give more.

So overall, it was cutesy but not as nerdtastic as I would have liked.
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August 24, 2019

Miriam should be rich. Her Grandpa was a co-creator of the hit comics series, The TommorowMen, but in the 1960s, he sold his rights to his co-creator for almost nothing. now Marion that has nothing. Life is hard and only gets harder when a boy named Weldon comes to town. Their families have very long-standing issues.

Will Mir and Weldon rise above their family's feud?

Two kids stuck at the time in life when everything and nothing happens. A relationship rises out of the ashes of two family's damaged history.

Miriam, was the first of our two narrators. It took a little time, but I began to feel for her. She was confused, and very anxious about her future. For a while, she held onto a lot of pent-up feelings, but she slowly let them go over the course of the book.

Weldon also had a lot of baggage to unpack. He wasn't easy to like at first, but as he revealed more of his secrets, he truly seemed to grow up.

The romance was a lot lighter than I expected. Not without its sweet moments, it felt a bit forced.

Family was a huge theme in the book. Mir and Weldon's were wonderfully different. Mir's family was lively and effervescent. Weldon's were distant and under construction. The tension between the two family's was there, but certainly not as aggressive as I expected.

Faith Erin Hicks's prose was light, yet filled with a bit of pressure. Her modern twist on Romeo and Juliet was fun. She crafted a tale of comics, family, friends, a small town, and love. Her characters were authentic, as they faced problems big and small. I also loved how she managed to give a bit of insight into the real world of comics in her fictional tale.

A very light and modern take on a timeless tale of love and fate, Comics Will Break Your Heart was sweet.

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January 31, 2019
Super cute story with a hate to love vibe and comic book characters a-plenty. Miriam has a great family and a group of friends that cause frustration and an interesting character arch. However, the Romeo and Juliet style vibes between Miriam and Weldon make for a great, slow burn romance that readers will get behind.

Fellow Canadians will also get a kick out of the Canadian setting and must-be-a-Canadian style jokes.
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June 27, 2020
This book is perfect for fans of Geekerella. Its cute, light hearted, and full of geekery. Though it does take about half the book till it gets really good, after that the book practically drowns in adorable cuteness.
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January 10, 2019
3.5 stars - Cute read but there was one nagging question that was never answered and OCD-me needed it answered . It stayed true to the comic genre and never appeared fake so major props for that :)
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May 3, 2020
three stars ∗ this was such a cute and fun read! i definitely needed to read something like this after experiencing a lot of heartache (thanks, evelyn hugo and spinning out) and as a comic book fan myself, i found myself relating to this book more than i thought!
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September 7, 2023
Çerezlik bi kitap. Başlayınca çabuk okunuyor. Konusu fazla basit geldi çok monoton bir kitaptı, enemies to lovers olma potansiyeli vardı yapmamalarına üzüldüm baya.
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