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Airports, Exes, and Other Things I'm Over

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A bad storm, two canceled flights, stuck in an airport with a hot stranger and the guy who broke her heart... what could go wrong?

After Sari caught her boyfriend Zev cheating on her, their romantic Florida vacation was ruined. She can't get back to NYC soon enough. Unfortunately, mother nature may have different plans. A huge storm is brewing in the Northeast, and flights all over the country are getting canceled—including Sari's. She winds up stuck at the airport for hours. With Zev!

When another stranded passenger (a hot NYU guy) suggests a connecting flight to Boston, Sari jumps at the chance. But when her mom freaks out about her traveling alone, she has no choice—she has to include Zev, and somehow survive being trapped with the guy who broke her heart!

216 pages, Hardcover

First published May 15, 2018

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About the author

Shani Petroff

16 books300 followers
Shani Petroff is the author of the YA novels Romeo and What's Her Name (Macmillan/Feb. 2017) and My New Crush Gave to Me (Macmillan/Oct. 2017) and the tween series, Bedeviled (Penguin). She is also the co-author of Ash.

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2,709 reviews703 followers
April 3, 2018
I’m not sure about this rating. 3 stars might be too high.

Sari and Zev are interesting characters. She’s driven and he’s nerdy and together their relationship seemed sweet. There are some other characters who were lovely and I wish we would have learned more about them {Fitz and Dylan, I’m looking at you}, but this story is 10000000% The Sari Show.

Plot wise it was a sort of lackluster. The blurb says “cheating” and I was expecting sex, but Sari does walk in on a kiss and her 2 second view of that is what drives the entire story. There are a few threads and bits of conflict, but it was all very over dramatic. Especially when if either of them would have listened to the other for just a minute {Sari wanted some space, Zev wanted to explain}, things could have gone differently.

Overall, it was a super quick read with a lot of potential. I did like the slice of time, but wished we could have gotten less arguing and pushing and more listening and actual talking.

**Huge thanks to Swoon Reads for providing the arc free of charge**
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May 17, 2018
*HUGE thanks to Swoon Reads/Macmillan for the early review copy in exchange for my honest opinion

RTC on Lair Of Books (Link is in the bio) this was such a cute fun read with beautiful supportive parents & friendships 😄



I’d like to preface this review by stating that I am a sucker for stories set in airports…it’s my #1 setting of preference for cute rom-coms & so naturally, seeing a book with airport in the title meant I was going to have to read said book,No Regrets here! this was exactly what was pitched, a fun fast easy read that got quite a few giggles out of me along the way. Our MC Sari does catch her boyfriend Zev kissing his ex girlfriend at a house party. Sari doesn’t stick around for explanations, she’s ghost in nano seconds and decides to keep her vacation plans. Plans she had with Zev to go visit her grandmother in Florida. This is the perfect way to get away from the hurt & pain of Zev’s betrayal and also a chance to prepare for her upcoming performance at one of the hottest clubs. Sari is a signer/composer who travels with her guitar Ruby in hopes of one day being a break out star & this seems attainable when she gets the call to perform at a club known to be the the home of many famous singers. Focused on nailing her performance, Sari tries her hardest not to think of Zev. The only problem is Zev refuses to let her throw in the towel before he can explain. We see Zev follow Sari to Florida & later get stuck together at the airport due to inclement weather.


Strangely enough, I found myself enjoying all of the characters in this book. From the MC and her determined ex to her parents, grandmother, and BFF there really wasn’t a shortage of awesome people in Sari’s life. Although I do wish they were more fleshed out, I was happy to see how much of a positive support system Sari had at home. Her best friend never seemed judgmental and seemed genuinely concerned for Sari, dropping everything at a moments notice to talk some sense into Sari. The Parentals were actually visible in this book, yeah they seemed like the typical parents who obsesses over the safety of their children but I found this made them all the more realistic. They also reminded me of my parents who at one point formed a tight bond with an ex of mine, so much so that they’d bypass calling me as a whole which also happens to Sari. Along the way Sari also meets Fitz & Dylan, two college guys who are super chill and left me wondering if after they parted ways, would ever meet up with Sari again once she’s in college. Sari herself had me feeling like she couldn’t catch a break. No matter where she turned, she couldn’t escape the guy who up until recently only had eyes for her. Zev on the other hand is the guy you don’t want to believe capable of cheating. They’re the picture perfect fairytale high school sweethearts who may just have to accept a different future where they aren’t meant to be together…

Did I think things could’ve been handled better with some communication? YES. However, I also felt Sari’s reaction & coping mechanisms were pretty accurate for someone her age who is basically with her High School sweetheart. I found it so hard hard to dislike Zev, the guy is pretty charming in a nerdy way that makes you shake your head while mouthing “how could you”? although I do wish we’d had more time with these characters, I really enjoyed my time with this book. Sari’s efforts to put distance between her & Zev in an airport proved to be challenging & offered up some comedic relief. The text messages between Sari’s mother & Zev had me wanting to call her mom & beg her to STOP! haha! This is one of those books I’d love to see adapted as a Rom-Com on the big screen if only for another chance to see all of these characters together again. If you’re looking for a cute, fun, fast read about trust & taking a risk on love then this is one you’ll want to give a go <3
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548 reviews3,654 followers
June 23, 2018
This was 216 pages of miscommunication and frustration. No, really. That is basically the plot.
After Sari catches her boyfriend cheating, it deals with her back and forth emotions of hurt, pain, and acceptance. I get that, and that's what I would expect from the situation. However, these emotions are really the only thing that is focused on in this story.
There's a weird side plot about her musical career that honestly didn't add much to the story. I think it was meant to make her a little more dimensional and to fill some gaps in the story, but I honestly couldn't have cared less about it.
There are 2 side characters that are introduced that felt like the same people but cloned. It was hard to tell their personalities apart. All the men kind of felt the same to me and had this weird "bro" vibe that just didn't feel natural, not even "bros" are that bro-ish.
I also didn't think this was the best portrayal of a relationship. Sari reminisces on maybeee 3 good parts in their relationship, but it wasn't enough to counteract the way he was acting. He didn't give her personal space, refused to respect her boundaries, and was incredibly pushy. He also was a pretty lame excuse maker. For young readers, I felt nervous that they would think this kind of behavior is acceptable in relationships.
The plot was fairly forgettable and I don't see myself really remembering much about this in the future. It seemed like it was written in a rush and felt immature at times.
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October 5, 2017
Swoon Reads has done it again....this book had me laughing out loud in several parts and cringing with discomfort in some parts. Sari is the character that I didn't know I needed and the whole concept of trying to get home, no matter how it is done, continues to entertain me.
Zev is just as adorable as Sari, and I love how he continues to make sure that Sari knows she is a priority to him, no matter how she treats him.
Thanks Swoon for the ARC!
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3,385 reviews73 followers
April 6, 2018
Sari Silver is having a bad Spring Break. First she walks into a party to find her boyfriend Zev liplocked with his ex-girlfriend. Then she realizes that they had both planned to head to Florida for Spring Break to visit their grandparents and spend some time together. Now, she doesn't want to be anywhere near him. He keeps texting and calling and saying that he can explain, but she doesn't give him a chance.

She hitches a ride to the airport with her best friend Trina and manages to get on an earlier flight. She spends the first part of her vacation holed up, broken-hearted, in her gram's house. But her gram sends her out to spend some time at the pool where she meets Fitz who is also down from New York to spend some time with his grandfather. They hang out together and Sari is glad to make a new friend but isn't interested in anything more.

She gets a call from the booking agent at a club where she hangs out listening to music offering her an opportunity to perform on Saturday night. She can't miss this opportunity which is what she has always wanted and could be the start of her musical career. She can't convince her parents to change her flight and a storm is coming.

She gets to the airport to find the Zev and Fitz are also trying to get flights home. After hours and many cancelled flights, they have a chance to fly to Boston where a friend of Fitz's has offered to drive them the rest of the way. But that means that she will have to travel with Zev! Besides, her mom is blowing up her phone, and Zev's when she can't get Sari to answer hers, because she is worried about her daughter. Her mom just doesn't understand how much she hates it that her mom is still communicating with Zev.

This was an emotionally intense story about young love, trust and betrayal. While I did think that Sari should have given Zev a chance to explain, I could understand how much what she saw as his betrayal hurt her. Fans of romances will enjoy this story.
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796 reviews39 followers
April 7, 2020
200 pages about failure to communicate.
May 19, 2018
This was always going to be a risky book for me to read because it mentions cheating. Cheating is a big no-no for me. I've dealt with it enough in reality that I try to avoid it in fiction. Despite this, I was drawn to this book, though. Admittedly, what I expected was nothing like it turned out. I thought everything would happen on the trip home, as in some big, bad cheating would happen during the holiday. But actually, it all happens before, and it's a kiss. Sari decides to still go on her trip, as does Zev, so the airport reunion on the way home does fit the blurb. I also thought the Airport Guy would play a bigger role in things. But ultimately, this was a story about Sari figuring things out for herself.

For the most part, I liked Sari. She liked to have fun, but she wasn't irresponsible about it. She was also so sure about what she wanted to do in life (I'm jealous), and she was prepared to work for it, not giving up even when venues said no, and applying specifically to a music school. For all her zest, she did bug the hell out of me. But not (always) in a bad way. Yes, I wanted to shake her. I think she should have handled things differently, and she was so stubborn. (If only she just listened.) But at the same time, that seemed both appropriate for her as a character, and for her as a teen. She was also hella confident; I would not have been able to handle the airport situations as well as she did. I'm not even sure if I could keep my cool like that now.

Because of said cheating and my personal feelings about it, I did struggle at first with Zev. I couldn't reconcile what he did in that one moment with how he was the rest of the time. If I were Sari, I would 100% react badly, I won't lie. I know from experience. Not in the same way that she did, but then I was living with said cheater at the time, so it wasn't so easy to get away. If anything, even despite my frustrations, I must admit to admiring her. She was confident and secure enough in herself that she immediately cut Zev out. Maybe a bit too quickly, but hey, it's better than letting a cheater walk all over you, right?

Anyway, back to Zev. He was really sweet and clearly very cute, definitely my kind of guy: tall, nerdy, dark hair, hazel eyes. Swoon. Aside from this one thing, he seemed perfect. I didn't know how he could make things better, though. It was almost like a challenge: I dared the author to convince me that Zev and Sari were meant to be together. By the end, I wasn't 100% onboard, but it definitely made me think.
"Who said I was pretending?"

His eyes bore into mine. "I did. Because I know you still love me as much as I love you. That doesn't go away just because you want it to."

I wanted him to be wrong.

"Love isn't everything," I said.

He shook his head, his eyes still on mine. "Yes, it is."

Special mention should go to two people. First was Sari's mom, who was very mom-like. Man, that woman could worry, but in a very loving way. The incessant texts – including to Zev – plus the guilt-tripping were so relatable. The weather obsession was a nice little touch. The second person who stood out was Sari's best friend, Talia, who was sassy and loyal and ready to back Sari up no matter what she decided. And as a romance reader, I loved this little exchange:
"You read too much smut," I told her.

"You call it smut, I call it a how-to guide," she said.

Somehow, despite my hesistance, I did end up enjoying this book. It was quick, a little dramatic, but also a strong, confident teen main character setting her mark on the world while dealing with a very relatable problem.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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December 30, 2020
Es que no se como sentirme con esta autora porque siempre empareja a la principal con el que no quiero y me molesta mucho. Demasiado drama, mucho lloriqueo y su tu novio se besa con su ex no loo perdonas, fin, ponele fin a esa relacion hermana.
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3,433 reviews234 followers
May 28, 2018
I was all heart-eyes for Petroff's last book, My New Crush Gave to Me, and was eager to read more of her work. She has a knack for creating a story that is fun, humorous, and heartwarming with just the right amount of drama to keep it interesting, and she has done so once again with Airports, Exes, and Other Things I'm Over.

• Pro: I liked Sari a lot. I didn't necessarily always agree with her avoidance tactics, but when she listened to her heart and her conscience, she made some good choices.

• Pro: I found the anxiety and frustration of being stranded at the airport so relatable. I've totally been there, more than once, and just like our protagonist, I was trapped in the subpar terminal with no good food options.

• Pro: The connection between Sari and Zev was undeniable, and I know I was rooting for these two to work it out. There were definitely things revealed, which made me doubt Zev, but I at least wanted to hear him out.

• Pro: Believe it or not, I really liked Zev. He would do all these little things, which showed how much he cared for Sari, and she would relate things he had done for her in the past, and I found myself really wanting Sari to let him explain. He was also willing to fight for her, and as a hopeless romantic, I love seeing someone fight to save their relationship.

• Con: This story was told via Sari, who had a great voice and all, but I would have liked to have had a little look inside Zev's head at times. I feel like that addition POV may have pushed this one over the top for me.

• Pro: Dylan and Fitz were fun additions. They diffused some of the tension, and Fitz was just all sorts of Captain America awesome. I would have loved to get to know them better.

• Pro: Sari was someone to be jealous of, because she had a fabulous grandma, great and caring parents, and a friend who put the "best" in best friend. It was wonderful the way they all rallied for her in her time of need, and she was lucky to have them all.

• Pro: The ending actually elicited a few tears from my eyes. I liked it a lot, but would have liked it to have been a little longer.

• Pro: This story deals with relationship drama, so it had its weightier moments, but Pertroff kept it on the lighter side by injecting lots of humor, heartfelt interactions, and fun antics.

Overall: A light hearted story about following your heart and fighting for the things that matter with rom-coms bits which made me laugh, heartfelt bits which made me smile, and even some tender bits which made me swoon.

*ARC provided in exchange an honest review.

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430 reviews285 followers
May 23, 2018
I definitely don’t feel like this book lived up to the first of Petroff’s books that I read, which was My New Crush Gave to Me. However, I still thought this was a very cute contemporary, and it was very fun. I wished that some things had happened differently plot-wise, but of course that’s just my personal opinion that others may not agree with. Overall enjoyable and a very quick read, great for summer and for contemporary lovers!
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Author 3 books619 followers
May 31, 2018
I was so excited when I heard about a new book by Shani Petroff .. her stories are simple and almost drama free, this book is no different, it's about a messed up situation where Sira is stuck in a road trip with her cheating ex .. but I was really bored when we reached the half point and nothing was actually happening .. Sira is so annoying and judgmental to no end and I really didn't connect with her at all .. the story could've been better if the ending was different
but overall it was kind of a disappointing read for me
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1,395 reviews153 followers
July 5, 2018
Three stars: A romance with a lot of drama that lacks the light and fluffy.

Sari is thrilled to be seeing her idol at a music concert, even if that means missing the party of the year that her boyfriend is attending. After the amazing concert, Sari and her friend, Trina, decide to pop into the party. At the party, Sari gets a heart shattering surprise. She finds her boyfriend, Zev, kissing his ex girlfriend. She flees in tears, vowing to not speak to Zev again. Their romantic spring break trip to Florida is off. She heads to Florida on her own and spends the week with her grandma. While on her trip, Sari gets the opportunity she has been waiting for, a chance to sing at a popular club. She can’t get back to NYC fast enough, but the weather has other plans. A huge storm may put a kink in her plans, and she soon finds herself stranded with her ex. Will Sari figure it out?

What I Liked:
*Airports, Exes and Other Things I Am Over is fun read even if it did lack the light, fluffy feel good vibe I was craving. Still, I liked the characters and I enjoyed watching the story play out.
Sari is a driven, headstrong protagonist. I admired her drive and her determination. She is all about her music career, and I liked that she knew what she wanted. Granted, she is stubborn, but I couldn’t help but to respect her firm stance.
*Big props to a great secondary cast. I adored Fitz, Dylan and Trina. Fitz is a potential love interest, and he has a heart of gold. I loved how he was there for Sari and how he picked her up time and time again. Dylan is a sweetheart too. I wish that he had a larger part in the story. Trina, Sari’s best friend, is the kind of best friend we all need. She is willing to drive long distances for her friend and she brings donuts. Loved these characters. I wanted more of all three of them.
*I loved the family support. Sari’s mom and dad were funny, especially her mom. I liked that they were involved in Sari’s life and that they supported her. The conversation that Sari has with her mom at the end is heartfelt and wonderful. Her parents, brother and Grandma are amazing. Big props for an involved, supportive family.
*Zev was a conundrum to me. I didn’t know whether I was supposed to like him or hate him. I will say that he was certainly a good guy and he tried over and over to make things right, even though Sari kept knocking him down. He was incredibly patient and kind. I ended up liking him when it was all said and done.
*The ending was nice. It ends in a good place, no drama or unanswered questions.
And The Not So Much:
*I wasn’t into the romance, probably because there wasn’t much romance. Instead the book is all about Sari being angry over Zev kissing another girl. There is a lot of drama that could have been corrected with a conversation. I wanted more warm and fuzzy, and it just wasn’t there.
*I wasn’t sure who I was supposed to be rooting for as far as the romance. I liked one of the guys way better than the other, and I have to say I was disappointed when things didn’t play out the way I hoped.
*There just isn’t much to this one. It basically is all about drama over a kiss and getting stranded in the airport. It was predictable and a bit boring.

Airports, Exes and Other Things I Am Over is a book I picked up wanting a light, fluffy, feel good romance and instead I got a book that was overly dramatic and a bit boring. I did like the characters, especially the secondary cast of characters. This is a quick read if you want something entertaining, but don’t expect a swoon worthy romance.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own, and I was not compensated for this review.
Posted@Rainy Day Ramblings.

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109 reviews79 followers
April 16, 2019
If I ask my eighteen-year-old self and put my own shoes on Sari, I would also feel terrible and cheated. But the rational part of me would kick in to do a gut check before setting the score and make myself swallow in pity or be miserable for a potential breakup.

I understood that Sari was hurt but if only she had listened, plain and simple, everything would turn out differently. She, herself said that she trusts Zev but she instantly jumps into conclusion that he was cheating when she chose that exact moment to find him from a pool of partying teenagers and caught him kissing someone. Worst was, it was Bethanne, Zev’s ex-girlfriend

I felt the same frustrations Zev had. No matter how he explains to Sari that he loves her, she was too stubborn without giving him the benefit of the doubt. Even when Zev did everything — chasing the mad storm on her and trying to prove himself, she was too caught up with her emotions that it’s so hard to reason with her.

In the first place, if Zev really cheated and didn't care for Sari at all, he won't follow her down to Florida just to apologize, right? Gaaaaahhh! See my own frustration there?

There were enough swoon-worthy and cheesy moments for me to like this book but for the most part, Sari confuses me because her reactions are exaggerated and insensitive to Zev’s feelings. When she met Fitz, there’s this one moment I wish they could have ended together instead but I’ll give Zev credit and an A++ for the effort wouldn’t still be enough. I know you could tell by now how much I rooted for him but man, if only you have read the story, you will totally understand.

I love how patient Zev was and even if the story was written on Sari’s POV, I could feel so much of him. Same goes with the supporting characters that added fun to Sari’s drama, like Trina who gave her all-out support and always there ready for FaceTime when she needed someone to talk to. I also love the concern on Sari’s mom, sending her a million texts just to know how she was and in the end, her wisdom was what Sari needed to finally realized what she’s missing.

Special mention to Fitz and Dylan for being a good friend to Sari who gave her and Zev a ride to NYC even if they didn’t really know each other that well. After the awkwardness they had of knowing that Sari and Zev were a couple, being inside the same car in the middle of a storm, I found them cool and hoped that there’s something more for them in the story.

Airports, Exes, and Other Things I’m Over is a fun, fast-paced story about trust and relationship in a setting where disaster happen, flight got delayed there and then or people tangled and caught in a string of unfortunate events. I could say that the chaotic experience Sari and Zev in the airport was identical to the emotional mayhem their relationship had.

***Thank you to NetGalley, MacMillian Children’s Publishing Group – Swoon Reads, Xpresso Book Tours and Shani Petroff for providing me an eARC in exchange for a fair and honest review!

Full Review at Tale Out Loud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Tale Out Loud
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489 reviews13 followers
May 4, 2019
“This isn’t a rom-com, you can’t buy my forgiveness, you can’t play a song outside of my window or do some half-baked gesture and have me fall into your arms.”
“This is bigger than that.”

Another example of a beginner’s guide to relationships. I laughed it off because of how accurate and relatable some problems were in the story. Where are you my Pinoy friends? Quite surprised that this pretty short book turned out to be not that dramatic as it seems. This is one of those stories where it’ll annoy the s*** out of some people with common sense.

Because most of us have been through the up’s and down’s with a significant other. There’s the do’s and don’ts behind the life of a couple.

And let me get this straight. Sari’s whole relationship thing has been resolved all because of a one-on-one parent advice. I thought she was smart enough to point out her direct thoughts on whether she should pursue second chance love or not. In fact, she should have told this towards Zev in the beginning instead of her own mom bringing it up.
“....if this isn’t about him, and it’s about fear—fear of getting hurt, fear of the unknown, fear of what you can’t control, fear of whatever, you’re going to miss out.”

That would take a different approach on how Zev would figure out why and react. Man, Mrs. Petroff should have extended the chapters because I care enough for the characters till the end.

No offense to anyone but I knew guys like Zev don’t even take the slightest hints often. They’re also not mind-readers. Thanks to how my Dad and brothers behaved around me and Mom.

Whilst us, girls, are emotionally sensitive over some things personal. Guess we may have overreacted a bit because some guys don’t understand on what we feel. Just trying to remind that both Sari and Zev are neither right or wrong.

I understand their situations and wanted to get this problem done and over. But I just can’t help but get it in their heads that they’re a little bit stubborn and clueless to what they’re thinking through.

Let’s all jump to the conclusion that both guys and girls can never understand each other sometimes. Even the smallest things the other won’t get. But that doesn’t mean it stops their relationship from falling despite some obstacles.
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479 reviews179 followers
May 3, 2018
I think it's more of a 3,5? Still thinking about it.
This book was a quick, fun and fast-paced read for sure and I enjoyed following the main characters' struggles and appreciated the original setting and short time frame of only a couple days, too. I just felt a bit, frustrated because I would have loved to know the characters a little bit more, so many were interesting and had potential, but we only got to know them on the surface.
Still, it was an entertaining read I'd recommend if you're looking for something quick and summery and fun :)
Full review coming soon! :)
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391 reviews71 followers
December 31, 2018
* Thank you Raincoast books for sending me a copy to review in exchange for an honest opinion *

This story follows high school senior Sari, as she deals with heartbreak over her cheating (ex)boyfriend. To make matters worse, she is then stuck with him for hours in the airport after a cancelled flight home from spring break. This quick read was fun and carefree. It was enjoyable, and the characters were easy to follow. Sari's personality was realistic and I liked the touches regarding her passion for music. The plot was simple, but also relatable for many high school readers. It was simple and cute, a typical sweet contemporary!
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1,168 reviews34 followers
May 16, 2018
I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this book for a spot on the blog tour! I want to thank the author, publisher and Xpresso Book Tours for that :).

I have read My New Crush Gave to Me and loved it and this one sounded amazing as well. I wasn't disappointed! I read this in one sitting (except for some kitten cuddles in between)! Sari was a fun character, and while this book was predictable (not a bad thing), it went ways I didn't expect. This is a great book to read this summer.

My full review can be found here: https://thebookdutchesses.com/2018/05...
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1,866 reviews417 followers
May 17, 2018
4.5 stars really. This was one that I really ended up liking a lot! It honestly felt really realistic in how the characters behaved for the most part. It had a lot of humorous bits, and pop culture references, which I really enjoy. For example, it even mentioned Goodreads! I picked it up, and couldn't seem to put it down, it kept me turning pages (digital pages on my Nook, so a lot of tapping on the side of the screen). I like the way the "new/rebound" romance actually ended up going, it seemed perfect for how I was rooting for the story to go. I definitely wanted to smack Sari a lot, I mean she wasn't giving Zev ANY chance at all for the longest time. And then, the next thing that set her off, well, I feel like she totally overreacted once again. But when she did break down, that was so real to me, I can remember times I've felt the same way. And I loved the guy from NYU, Fitz, he was funny and pretty much a good guy. I definitely look forward to reading more books from this author in the future.
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138 reviews2 followers
August 7, 2020
Debo decir que este libro fue para mi una COMPLETA decepción. La cosa que me hizo decidir leerlo, fue la sinopsis y lo que prometía, al leerla ya me estaba imaginando algo, y lo estaba esperando. No lo encontre.

En principio esperaba encontrar a un personaje principal más maduro, y me sorprendió a la vez que desconcertó cuando vi que no era así, luego el hecho de cómo sucedieron los hechos de la separacion me parecieron bastante dramáticos, ademas de que todo ocurría TAN RÁPIDO que apenas tenías tiempo para procesarlo. En las primeras páginas ocurrían mil cosas para luego encontrarse con las siguientes y ver como alargaban lo que ocurría en el aeropuerto, todo era DEMASIADO dramático para mi gusto, y solo podía suspirar y en algunos momentos desear que acabara rápido. La insistencia de su ex me molesto bastante, entiendo cuán importante era ella para el, que no quisiera perderla e hiciera todo por eso, pero sentía que no la dejaba respirar, no me dejaba respirar a mi como lectora, la mayor parte del tiempo queria que desapareciera.

Algo que también esperaba era que se desarrollara una relación amorosa con el desconocido, debo decir que este libro fue todo lo que no esperaba, y no fue algo que realmente me gustara. Aunque debo darle puntos por su final, creo que esto fue lo único que de verdad me gustó.

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1,138 reviews
December 20, 2017
I am adding this author to my instant buy list. Her books are so good. They're super quick to read (they're hard to put down). They're cute and cheesy but in a good way. I have to admit though after reading this I think I'll avoid the airport for awhile (I haven't flown for probably 4 years so I think I'm safe).

*received a copy through netgalley to review.
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May 16, 2018
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The basis for the book is about heartbreak and stress, but the random bits of humor and lightheartedness were what really made me like the story. It's hard to get too down when your bestie turns your evil ex into Voldemort in your phone because you don't want his name mentioned. Or when said evil ex and your mom have a text relationship with inside jokes you know nothing about. I am a huge fan of humor in every life situation so this resonate with me.

"I felt like I really was in a horror movie, stuck on a trip that would never end.
I buckled up, because I had no idea what I was in store for next.

I found Sari to be one of the most relatable girls that I have read in a book recently. Everything she said and did would be EXACTLY what I would do in that same scenario- regardless of how over the top or irrational it seemed at the time, even the pretending to be into someone just to get a reaction, I cheered her on. Her denials, her reactions, her relationships, her attitude- Sari and I, we would be friends.

​"Ok, I'm sorry, but quit pretending you're into him."
"Who said I was pretending?"
"I did. Because I know you still love me as much as I love you. That doesn't go away because you want it to."

​The cast of supporting characters in the book were so wonderful and really helped with the character development of Sari. Trina, hands down was my favorite character, besides Sari of course, ​seriously the best most loyal friend a girl can dream for. Her support was one of the reasons Sari could handle the week from Hell- a friend who would drive over an hour to save you from the most awkward car ride is a true friend indeed. And I am pretty sure my bestie has said this exact phrase in reference to me:
"Some people went to Goodreads for recommendations, I didn't need to. I had Trina."

And Fitz with his zen and calm was 100% needed in almost each situation he came to save. He was a good friend too, especially when Sari was not expecting one. Even her overbearing, weather obsessed mom was sweet and interesting in their relationship dynamic and wisdom.

​So I have been avoiding mentioning Zev, because he was the hardest part of the book, probably for both Sari and me. I wanted to hate him and never forgive him, for her to find a new guy elsewhere, but that was not this story. This story was about trust, relationship hardships, misunderstandings, and real love... and I really did end up rooting for Zev. The heart of this book is a romance, and boy did Shani nail that message home.

​This was a feels book, and emotions that I wasn't expecting just kept sneaking up on me. There were so many feel good talks in the book from people that really cared about Sari that I could not help but get sniffly about it. I got completely lost in the story, ended up staying up way too late so I could finish it and see what choices Sari made. It did not hurt that there was so much extra going on to keep me guessing what would happen next. ​ With this read alone, Shani has now become one of my favorite YA contemporary authors. I can't wait to read more from her and I highly recommend this adventure of love!

​I am voluntarily reviewing an advance, complimentary copy of this book.
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May 15, 2018
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My favorite thing about Young Adult Contemporary books is how relatable they are! Airports, Exes, and Other Things I’m Over is a quick, cute read that threw me back to young high school love and how shattered the smallest thing could make me feel then.

Shani Petroff is no stranger to authoring well-loved YA Contemporaries — her lineup includes My New Crush Gave to Me and Romeo & What’s Her Name. Her writing is smooth, easy, and enjoyable. Personally, Petroff is quickly becoming an author I can depend on to deliver in this genre.

Airports, Exes, and Other Things I’m Over follows Sari, a high school Junior trying to make it as a musician, as she experiences the roller coaster of emotions that a breakup triggers. Thanks to her recent split from her boyfriend, Zev, her Spring Break plans don’t turn out quite how she imagined. *Cue swoon-worthy college guy* Sari catches a break that could help make her dreams come true only to run into every obstacle trying to get back to New York to see it through.

It’s been a while since a book has evoked vivid memories! While reading Airports, Exes, and Other Things I’m Over, I recalled similar experiences with family, friends, and exes from my high school years. I also recalled the emotional turmoil that I felt during breakups and when things didn’t go my way; when I swore my whole life was falling apart. My gosh…I do NOT miss high school! Seriously, though, it is so great when books make you feel something, and this book did just that!

If it’s not obvious, I did enjoy the plot of Airports, Exes, and Other Things I’m Over. I felt a little like some scenes were cut short, though, so my only wish is that it was a little bit longer and some things were more fully developed.

I have a lot of love for the main characters and Sari’s BFF! Sari is a character I connected with since she induced so many old memories from when I was her age. And, it’s very hard to not like Zev! He’s even described that way, and it’s completely accurate! The side characters play their part well, thus leaving me in a happy place.

Overall, I would recommend Airports, Exes, and Other Things I’m Over to YA Contemporary Romance fans or anyone looking for a fast, breezy read! I’m partial to this genre in the warm months, so its release is perfect timing!

*Thanks to the publisher for providing me with an advanced copy of this book. Please note that it, in no way, had an effect on my opinion or review.
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May 10, 2018
Grade: D+
An ARC was provided by Macmillan in exchange for an honest review.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Romances that begin at airports can be great fiction fodder. The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight is one of my favorite examples of this trope. Unfortunately, where that YA fave succeeds, Airports, Exes, and Other Things I'm Over falters.
From the start, I expected Sari and Fitz to have more of a flirtation and an almost-relationship at the very least. Instead, Sari's romantic attentions are entirely focused on her ex who can't take no for an answer. Spoiler alert: no, he technically didn't cheat on her. But the fact that he kept following her and wouldn't take no for an answer kept me from rooting for them. There was little-to-no character development for Sari, Zev, Fitz, or anyone else. And my word, Sari's mother was ridiculously overprotective. She took overprotective YA parent to a whole new level.
I also would've liked more airport culture as opposed to so much drama. YA still tends to be my favorite age category because of how creative and fun it can be, but as of late, the drama in YA books tends to exhaust me. But anyways, airports can be such fascinating places besides causers of stress, so it would've been fun to see how Sari views all of that beyond the stereotypical long lines and unhelpful help desks.
I'm also ready for the heroine-who-plays-guitar-and-sings trope to fade. Musically-talented YA characters are a dime a dozen these days, and I'm ready for some characters with more unique interests. (Or at least, maybe they could play another instrument besides guitar.)

Content warnings: There was some mild language if I remember correctly? Also the ex-boyfriend has a panic attack on the plane.

The Verdict: Disappointing.
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October 26, 2019
Sari is excited for spring break. A week with her boyfriend, Zev, in Florida at a retirement community. The possibilities are endless...until Sari catches him cheating on her the night before they leave. Distraught, Sari catches an earlier flight the next morning and spends the week moping and hanging out with the new hot boy in her life, Fitz. Then, on the day of her departure, a terrible storm passes through, leaving her stranded at the airport with Fitz...and Zev. After finding an earlier flight to Boston, Sari can only fly on it with Zev. The one person she can't stand to see. What else could possibly go wrong?

Good novel. It seemed cheesy at first, but after getting into it, I started to enjoy it. What frustrated me was Sari would never listen to what Zev had to say. What if Zev wasn't in the wrong? What if she was making a bigger deal out of it than it actually was? The plot line flowed well, and the story was captivating. I was largely annoyed, though, how petty Sari was throughout the whole book.

I would definitely recommend it. It's a quick easy read. Happy reading!
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July 4, 2019
Like the best song lyrics, this love story is bittersweet. Sari caught her boyfriend, Zev, kissing someone else. She’s heartbroken but still flies to Florida to visit her grandma but because of bad weather, ends up traveling home with her ex and two guys. She has to get home in time to play/sing at the Meta. Fitz, aka Captain America, is a hottie and is friend Dylan is a sweetie, but she still loves Zev. Sari’s emotional journey parallels her physical one as she reaches her ultimate realization about herself, exes, and airports.
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June 6, 2018
Overall, a quick cute summer read! I really liked Zev as a character. He was constantly doing cute things for Sari even though she kept getting mad at him. The cheating scandal with Zev was very predictable and was mostly made to be the issue of the book because of the way Sari reacted, but I don't blame her for not trusting him for a while after. As for Fitz and Dylan, I loved how they were super nice and they added another element to the story. And Trina was such a good friend to Sari! At times, Sari was a bit too dramatic for my liking.

I loved the premise of the book and how it took place mostly in airports and on the road.

Great quick read!
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November 28, 2018
AIRPORTS, EXES, AND OTHER THINGS I’M OVER by Shani Petroff is such a delightful YA contemporary romance! The characters are well-developed and relatable and will have readers falling head-over-heels in love with them. The plot is filled with adventure and entertaining escapades (not to mention some wonderfully swoon-worthy moments). This book will have you wanting to chase your dreams and follow your heart!
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January 2, 2019
This was such a cute, tender read. I love the stranded airport romance. This one on the other hand had the twist with the ex and all the drama. It brought back so many memories for me.. I was actually dumped while on vacation, in Florida of all places, and had to fly back home with him. Awkward! I love the characters and the challenges they go through and the light heartedness of it all.
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